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I’ve been to endless places where I have been hunted harassed and threatened because I have a camera on me. Where normally. No buddy would remotely care. Especially with someone they don’t even know or are not friends with.

The reason these people have such a problem is simple. They are involved in one of the largest crimes in the history known to man. Riling a world wide campaign to kill one man with all day and night psychological torture tactics since I was 10 years old. Some days as many as 10,000 harassment’s per day.

The reason they don’t want me with any photo equipment is they don’t want proof of such a horrendous crime they have to keep covered up. Of course, I got into photography to create art, but when billions of people are trying to kill you for trying to have a life, of course your going to do anything to stop them. And they know this and want to end my life refusing to take responsibility for their 30 year all day and night actions.

At first, they will all say “You have a nice camera” then they will proceed by saying stupid things to try to get diss information. Then they will threaten me. But I know by now, it doesn’t matter what I say, because no matter how much sense I make, they will spin it and threaten me, basically telling me that it is not about fact or what is or isn’t. It is about a hidden agenda to dictate my life. While this is one example, this happens with each detail of my life. From my hobbies, jobs, who I date, you name it.

And while if we look at any other persons life, this does not happen, unless you are in a concentration camp. In other wards. My haters are like Adolf Hitler. But since it is a world wide united campaign, it is really about brain washing someone while trying to remove me from society since 10 years old due to my families endless hate and rage working with the police and social workers with some delusion they accuse me of around the age of 10 years old.

Cupids Hot dogs

– starts selling me raw hot dogs and telling me that is how it is, because he didn’t like hearing that I don’t care what he thinks about me being into photography


– Bus boy harassing me because I have a camera

Dans Super Subs

– Herman and other person

Rite Aid

-Blonde employee

Coffee bean employees – Tarzana

About 8 years ago I was at a Starbucks location by my house in woodland hills where they spend 10 years almost every day having 100’s of peopel mob and provoke me to death. Eventually having the Starbucks friend attack me, then in order for the employees to cover it up, wrote reports to the corporation saying I had attacked him. A common practice in this 30 year world wide campaign to remove me from society. As well as hiring black girls intentionally to endlessly provoke me and try to make it look like black people which my family and police have been working on that angle since I kissed a black girl in 4th grade or something and are ashamed of me because I like black women, so decided to smear my name. amongst 100’s of other things this location has been working on to rid me of the

The Lady


Notice the black and purple which she started wearing at the encino location, then told teams of people to come in teams doing the same to create mental illness. Also as she walks by me she keep combing her hair as she has a man a minute later walk by and do the same trying to provoke me into a reaction to sue or put me in jail.

Since I am generally a nice person, a lady came up to me targeting me and told me she needed $20 and she had no money for her medication. I felt bad, although extremely skeptical, I gave her the $20 either way and figured, since I believe in Karma, if she is lying, nature will figure out it’s balance. And not the people who have been hunting me’s version of Karma.

Needless to say, this lady posing as a homeless person was targeting me and has followed me to 3 coffee shops.

The first location where I gace her money

5422 Topanga Canyon Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

After this Starbucks tried to blackmailing me into signing paperwork they would not show me. Years later I found out it said I had attacked a man, which they turned around on me and he had attacked me and was the employees friend, they didn’t want me there and tried to trick me into signing this paperwork agreeing that I had done this and refused to show me it telling me if I don’t sign it, I have to leave. So I left and went to another location in Enino

16461 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91436

She then proceeded to follow me here befriending me and working on trying to get any confession possible, which I would assume she wants to sue me because I was nice enough to give her money and predators usually pray on the nice and weak to scam what they want. And clearly, her working with this mass group saw opertunity by trying to troll me into situations to sue.

She is not working alone, but with these large groups that have been targeting me trying to continually and endlessly terrorize me to push me into a sitatuation where she can take my money.

Eventually after maybe 3 years of continual terror attacks, I’m guessing again about 100 per day in encino, once they found out that I knew what was going on, they asked me to leave this location as well. So I sat out on a bench in the shopping center because I liked the location and I knew this would happen everywhere world wide. At one point I found out they were working with a police officer who went by a fake name Officer Toro hinting about a person I knew in college, who told me “If I ever take a picture of a person, he will exercise the law in his own way” because he did not want any proof of this mass world wide mobbing.

This same lady would endlessly try to get me to come inside Starbucks because they told me they did not want me in there, and she wanted to set me up. She tried and tried, and so did the employees and people working with her. But it did not work.

Just recently, I ended up going to Coffeebean in Tarzana

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
18505 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA 91356

And I noticed her showing up working the same old angles. As you can see in her other posts. It is clear what this women wants is someone to sue because she doesn’t want to work for a living. She’s exerted endless energy and never stops, from having black people harass me, to trying to make it look like I’m violent, you name it.

What is strange is that she is not working alone, and this mass group who has been working on me world wide since 10 years old are all helping her. From the Metro complex across from my house, to the people who come out and attack me at the park. You name it.

For all I know it’s not about the money, but it appears that way to help remove me from society, but a crime is a crime, and trying to set someone up, kill them or remove them from society, or provoke them into a station with a conspiracy is a crime any way you look at it and these groups have been working on me my whole life.

Today I went to court on what was called a progress hearing in regards to an incident that happened at the restuarant My Brothers BBQ.

I was harassed and provoked endlessly in a 30 year campaign with my brothers BBQ until the point I had to protest about the continual lies and 30 year terror campaign to remove me from society since early childhood.

I was harassed and provoked by officer Jenson until I asked for his Badge number because of his actions, he decided to write me a misdemeanor ticket for sitting on the sidewalk because he was not successful with setting me up.

When I went to court, the first arraignment was ple

aded to an infraction because they knew they could not set me up and had nothing on me. The next court date, the court MAGICALLY lost the paperwork and the arraignment had to be redone while they knew I was going to plead not guilty.

After that, Each time I plead not guilty, I’m guessing 3 or 4 times, they kept setting a new date, and in between writing up false allegation after allegation to keep me quiet. Not only were there false accusations but they were the things that were being done to me by the employees

At this point, I realized, they were not going to stop piling on fabricated accounts and they said they would have an officer help me put a stop to their crimes. I took the deal regretting it, but I figured maybe they would stop what they were doing even though that does not right the wrong they did.

Of course, this officer did absolutely nothing but harass me to get rid of me and they did not hold up their end of the bargain.

But the plot thickens, in the initial court session my attorney found out I was seeing a therapist and they spoke, and decided to try to collect anything possible to not only use against me to give to the public, but also find any dirt possible as my therapist Karine Echigan was working with my judge to get anything possible to keep me quiet about this mass 30 year campaign to end my life started by my family and the police.

Karine Echigan, Johnathan Franklin, Officer Jenson, and Judge Shellie Samuels are are not only guilty of keeping a 30 year targeting to kill a man going, but also trying to blackmail me quiet about ti.

The judge ends up telling my attorney to tell me that under this years time for the plea, I have to go see a therapist for that year. Which is not in any documentation or sentencing  sheet, and i don’t think it’s even constitutional to do so. But I do it anyway to honer the agreement.

At this 6 month hearing, in front of the judge, first she does not even know why we are there because it’s not standard. once you take a plea, if nothing happens for a year it’s taken off the record. But my attorney and the judge want to scare me quiet about the mass targeting,

So the only reason I was in court was for the judge to try to blackmail me quiet. She proceeds to tell me that I have committed a crime. But of course, I’ve been hearing the same thing for 30 years, I have committed some crime, I need to be killed because of it. Yet, not one person when asked what this crime is, that is so horrible a 10 year old can do is, I’m told I’m crazy and imagining it.

In this instance it was said directly in court

(show transcripts)

Not only this, the judge then proceeds to tell me, I have to go to therapy my entire life, which is unconstitutional especially since they’ve been trying to get dirt to keep me quiet about the targeting and give lies to the public to mob me to death is I speak out.

I tell here, I don’t know anywhere where it says I have no civil rights.

the Judge Shellie Samuels flat out says “You have no civil rights”

This shows what is going on exactly what it is. At a young age my family and the police decided they were going to kill me or remove me from society. So they hunted me always using the excuse, I’ve committed a crime. But of course, nothing specific and no actual crime. It’s just what they say to justify their crimes to hunt me down.

Why? I do not know. I spent my life being kind, generous, friendly, open, etc with everyone in my life.  I have no clue why my own brother and mother have spend every waking minute since I was 10 trying to set me up and hunt me down.

But with my website which shows less then 1% of this mass murder campaign all day and night to end my life and her flat out direct statements with video of police thugging and harassments, as well as everything being sone, it is clear, they are riling up the masses world wide to end my life or remove me from society.

Shelly Samuels probably thought this was the point I’d stay quiet about their 30 year murder campaign to end my life or remove me from society sending every person imagineable after me for the last 30 years, but it will not.

It just proves beyond any doubt what is going on. Like she said “I have no civil rights” I am the victom. No matter how nice I am to people I will be hunted because they want me dead for knowing what I know. That just like adolf hitler did, they hunted me down since childhood out of whatever reason, fear, or whatever.

The truth is, it does not matter why, it just matter that these people like Karine Echigan an unethical therapist, Jonathon Franklin, an unethical attorney, Judge Shellie Samuels an unethical Judge will do anything as they think they are above the law to kill someone or coverup crimes for personal gain disregarding the law.

These people should be fired immediately and never work again. they should also go to jail for hunting someone for 30 years violating every law imaginable with a never ending terror and torcher campaign using every psychological terror tactic imaginable to end someone life or remove them from society.

The only person that committed the crime, is them, and all the people involved in trying to rid me of the world. Even if I did commit a crime, which I did not, I would be protected by the constitution and their is no excuse as to what theyve done to my life and the damages involved.

For details on my targeting go to

After the original Paperwork was magically displaced and we went back to anarraignment whichwas already decided it was a infraction for sitting on the sidewalk, the court, judges, prosectuters, and corrupt police did everything in their power to keep me quiet about this 40 year crime to end my life for no reason or justification. not that it would be legal anyways.

In the court room, everyone there from the bailiff to the judge and prosecutors were working every covert angle to covertly get an outrage in the court to make me look crazy.

As I’m waiting to go in, a person sits down next to me and starts whistling to intimidate me.

The prosecutor says their more to the case, which in reality is a dirt digging scam to get anything possible to shut me up about the horrendous crimes that have been inflicted on me which is a mass coverup as the world knows to keep me silant about what has been done to me and my life.

two weeks prior I get calls from the police trying to intimidate me quiet so I’d plea guilty.

During the judge taking a brake, the bailiff starts whistling at me as well to provoke me into a fight to figure out ways to get rid of me.

Also read some of the cover up arrests to try to divert me, thug me quiet with Officer Sean Dinse, and Detective Angela Stewart so that I can never talk about what was done to me here, and everywhere else growing up

LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, working on their mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy, then wanting a psych evaluation, which is really an ANGLE to remove me from society to cover up their endless crime spree against me –

Which links to

Gang Stalking – Bullet hole put in fathers Mercedes 300E and pinned on me, Eric Christianson, Rodie Morales, Victoria Walker sent after me by the Police to remove me from society and make it look like I did it –


These people are also working with Officer Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stuart, and many others in the LAPD in these setup attempt and frame job operaitons to remove me from society, which actually go back starting from 5 – 9 years old with a family who makes up every lie known to man about me blasting it to the world. And one being that I am a violent paranoid schizophrenic. Latest arrests to cover up these crimes against me, and a lot more.

Illegal  Arrest with Sean Dinse and and showing the cover up charges to try to thug me quiet after calling lawyers for a civil suite for destroying my life –

This has been going on all day and night since I was hired something like 14 years ago, is now world wide since she was hired,here at this company with these people, then discriminated against and fired for speaking out what was being done to me, so Lorena can keep her job and continue her illegal activities.

And after being fired, people are still following me from place to place to try to intimidate me me quiet. She also was involved in this way before I was even hired at this company, following me to colorado while in college, working with women to try to set me up as well.

Just one of the endless office frame job attempts with a black girl Elita pretending to be paranoid and saying I was doing it to her

The Elita Golden State employee frame job –


Patti Googin10391991_10207121418265524_371051989366372294_n

Lorena Escobar


Gwen Suazo


Shanna Briantseva

Elsie Sandoval

Some links about her involvement

Due to the nature of a campaign started at 10 years old to hunt you down for no actual reason and end your life out of a families hate and rage with government support because they just want to dictate my life and smear my name to rile the world wide masses to do their dirty work it is hard to know where it starts, ends, etc.

Their is not one person doing this 30 year murder campaign but an organizied world wide campaign with full government support using their resources as well as the masses working togethor.

Clearly this starts from my racisit closed minded family who doesn’t like me being different from them and try to tell me I have to be a perfect person or they will hunt me with covert operations and their so called “LAUNDRY LIST” to clean me up saying such things as dating black women is a crime. And getting into arguements, or breaking up with women they try to force on you is somehow crimes and I need to be cleaned up.

The I’m a horrible monster and I need to be watched and tortured into a good person is just an elaborate excuse my family and the masses use to justify their real agendas. Which really seem to be. How do I go out and live my life, do those things they deem wrong, don’t understand, or don’t like which are perfectly legal, and nobuddy has any problem with it, unless it’s me.

It’s hard to say, what the exact motive of this operation is about, but clearly, removing me from society seems to be the motive. Rile the masses against me, terrorize me, torture me, every single person make up an excuse why they are doing it as if it is ok, and then hunt me with world wide covert terror operations telling me it’s somehow my fault with suggestive messages and ending my life.

The goal is to torture me to the point I kill myself, or they can try to push me out of control working with the police to try to do so. Despite the fact their is obviosly nothing I have done wrong. Even if I had a world wide campaign since 10 years old to kill me is a violation of civil rights, and clear government and family covert operations to end my life since 10 years old.

I do not know why. I just know that I come from a racist white surpremecist family that is mad at me for things like. Liking black women, liking person women, asking out a stripper, building adult websites, creating art, you name it.

Anything that is different from that covert mainstream, white callar label or anything less then their class.

So, their anger and rage seems to stem from me being different. Example, At 16 I get into building cars, and while living in a rich neighborhood, my family didn’t like me for buying $300 car, putting an engine in it, and driving it. I’m guessing I don’t look like the average 16 year old with their new BMW and how dare I. I’m an embarrassment and they are ashamed.

So they decided they need to stop me with their mental illness tactics and smear operations. I can remember some of my mothers earlier world wide smears. That I hid the neighborhood kid Josh Burnum in the head. I can’t imagine why my mother would make up lies like this is then fund world wide smear operations. But it is clearly hate and rage.

Anyways, lets get back to some of the these people in my fathers office. Lorena Escobar, Patty Googin, Gwen Suazo.

In the office I am guessing the are about 25 people. And all have been involved in this 30 year covert all day and night mental illness mobbing since 10 years old. But, I want to talk about my teen years. When I was around 16 and getting into building cars.

As I said earlier. My family did not like this. It was a crime that I needed to be cleaned up. So, in the Office was Lorena Escobar. I believe at that point. She was an X-ray tech. Lorena is not an educated person. I am not speaking down about uneducated people. But she has no college degree. She has no business experience. She knows some things about their day to day work comp medical business, but that is about it. She is not a proactive person. She is not a visionary. She is closed minded and to this day, refuses to do simple paperless office things like email attachments, or scanning as she says that it take longer then print outs and faxing.

She runs around claiming she can get jobs paying 400,000/yr. but I do not believe any legit company would pay her a thing as she has no background, education, or anything to provide to any real company. She might be able to find a niche work comp medical company and get a job for under 100K if she was lucky, but I doubt it.

Lorena has other talents though. She is a liar, and manipulator, a smear campaigner, murderer, and will pay of people to commit crimes. Their is no low she won’t go for money. Lorena doesn’t actually do much from her daily operations in the office. And we have a 2nd office manager who actually does the work. 90% of Lorena’s time is following me from place to place. Keeping tabs on everything I do. And if she or my father don’t approve of it. She works with people to try to set me up and smear my name. Not only this, she adopts my families covert psychological warfare and mental illness tactics to inflict psychological pain for punishment. Example, You dated someone we don’t approve of, now we are going to have people follow you around terrorizing you. Maybe it’s 100 people per day walking by and whistling at you. For years she had half the office walk behind and whistle all day as they got in a 10 foot radius, while she walked around singing welcome to the jungle to threaten me.

These are all tactics my family came up with when I was a child to figure out ways to dictate my life. The same reason my father would buy shock collars for his dog. Because in my family, they inflict pain to try to get you to do what they want. Their is no communication.

This is the real reason Lorena Escobar was hired. This is her job. Lorena Escobar seems to have all the knowledge and information of all my relationships, from Oregon to Colorado. And all the spooky things that were being done to me which were all setups and smear operations.

Example, Meeting a girl named skylar on the IRC internet who later on, I found out was trying to make me look crazy. Not only this, she and Lorena were working with the police to try to scare me into confessions. They were working on every angle imaginable. And when I realized that this skylar wasn’t a good person. I believe this person told me. “If you want to be my friend, I’m going to treat you like shit” I walked away from this person. But years later Lorena Escobar was hunting me down with the masses saying I was playing mind games with her, and treating her like crap and that is how I treat women, to coverup Skylar (Stephanie’s) police operations to try to set me up, scare me into false confessions. So Lorena went around with these people saying things like. See what I did to this person, etc, working with the police.

It was a coverup, just like the 1000’s of other operations they were involved in. After they did this over and over trying to reinforce their lies and smears. As it didn’t matter how nice, kind genereous I was, Lorena wowuld go around with World Wide Smear operations saying things like. See look what I did to this person. It’s my internet past, etc.

Why was this done? it is simple. Lorena and my family did not like me meeting people off the Internet. I would chat with people on IRC, then we would meet at parties, etc. Just like today, game groups, or social groups all meet off the internet. Or even Internet Date services. But because my family are close minded racists and control freaks.

It was deemed unacceptible that I do this, which is now a norm, and my punishment, or their pain infliction is to have mass world wide terror operations with millions of people working on me all day and night from Lorena and my families lies. to inflict pain, to “CLEAN ME UP” while they walk around saying. It’s your fault. the internet is a shady place, I hope you learned your lesson. etc.

This didn’t just happen with the internet. When I got into building cars, I bought a $600 1971 barracuda, and I spent all day and night in my father file room working until my fingers practically bleed to buy a 426 hemi. In return for this, what my family deems reckless and a crime, or out of control. My punishment, was for Lorena Escobar, Patti Googin and my father to tell the world, I had stolen 10,000 dollars from him.

A normal father would have been beyond proud of this son for working his ass off for a vision and trying to make it happen. But I come from a family of sick demented racisit psychotics.

Once again, the punishment for doing something my family didn’t approve of was to tell the world I am a criminal, have the masses and police hunt me for the confessions, and say. I hope you learned your lesson for what you did.

When I was young, Patty Googin was always chatty and seemed like a decent person. I can recall creating art, giving it to her. Or just talking about things like music and such. It’s all pretty vague it was so long ago. But after Lorena hired me back around 34 years old or something. Patty was still there.

And now things were coming out that I could not conceive of.  Patty was using my art trying to say they were acts of confessions. Not only this, but patty was into music, yet she and my family were mad at me for listening to music. They were mad at me because some of the names of the bands I don’t believe they approved of. Example, They were coming after me for buying Guns and Roses albums, or singing songs.

Can you imagine? Guns and Roses is a vulgar name, you are shady, can’t be trusted, you committed a crime, we are going to clean you up? At one point when I moved to Oregon. Two people befriended me after buying a joke shirt at the same time.

I bought I shirt I saw someone wearing last month in hermosa beach. It said “Lords Gym, you pain, his gain” after this. Two people under the deress of my family and the police came after me at the same time. Eric Christianson, and Sherri Christianson. From the dorm across from mine.


A shirt that you can even get at the Christian Store

showing that normal rational sane people know it’s just a joke. And it’s not something that world wide groups get togethor and kill people over. Maybe some psychotic loon, but not a mass conspiracy over. Even the christianbook Store, knows it’s a joke.

They I believe then started making up lies how I wronged them while becoming my friend and hunting me down with smear operations, and attempted setups. One of Eric’s profiling tactics was to show me a band called “Cherry Poppin Daddy’s” although the name is vulgar and some of the songs were vulger or about abusive fathers, They were a damn good band and I liked them.

After this, Patty Googin, Lorena Escobar, Eric Christianson started working on the. I’m a pedaphile, because I liked the band. As well as other various smears.

Once again, what is going on? well normally nobuddy would care, unless your so conservative that you say rock and roll is devil worship. Hence my family. So once again, they want to punish me and “CLEAN ME UP” for this so called horrible choice in life which nobuddy could remotely care about unless they were nutjobs. So they start profiling me telling the world I am a pedaphile, or that I am violant because I like the music, etc.

Now, there is nothing I have done wrong. But Patty googin would then try to take my artwork, with the music I listen too, using it as leverage making up every lie imagineable. If I was in a good mood and sang. They would say I was threatening people. If I created art, they would say they were confessions of guilt, or it should this or that about me.

But this wasn’t gossip and drama. These are world wide funded smear operations about my life to the masses world wide. Because you could got through anyones music they listen too and say anything. But the lies were being told? why?

Clearly, because my family wanted me to be like them. Listen to frank sinatra, he is wholesome. etc. Then I am a good person. But the reality is. Nobuddy could care about these things. Unless being presented in such ways to smear my name. And the question of why would you fund an operation to do so.

After I was hired at around 34, Lorena, and patti worked on me 24/7 with every terror mental illness tactic imagineable. At one point, Patty was demanding a confession from me. But yet, in covert hinting messages. And like usual, nothing directly asked. So she wanted to know if I had done it. But to this day I don’t know what “It” is. All I know is they started on me at 10 years old and won’t specifically say why they have been hunting me all day and night.

When you step back. It’s not about anything I had done. It’s about inflicting pain in such a way to control, or punish. tell me who I have to be and do. And be a white surpremecist control freak like the rest of my family.

Eventually they staged an operation where someone pretended to steal some meds from the office and a girl on camera with a hood who knew where everything was, stole it on camera but never saw the face. My father would say it looks like Patti Googin, to try to get me to agree so he could use it against me but it didn’t work.

After this, people started following me to coffeeshops, and when they saw me would put their hoods up, inside showing it was about me. And them sending suggestive message.

Now in Comes Gwen Suazo. Lorena Escobar a while later hires this person Gwen Suazo. Who is friends with Patti Googin. Not only this. But while my family and Lorena are preaching that they think Patti stole the meds. And that she quit when asked about it. Lorena was still friends with Patti as if nothing had happened.

At one point, the old outdated dos based medical system crashed because it was so old and past it’s time. I said I couldn’t fix it it was so old and hacked to work with novell. I said nobuddy knows this system but patty. within an hour, Lorena has Patti text me. and she says “Do the right thing for your father”

I was not directly told to call patti. and the question of her texting me is strange. But it clearly showed that everything was lies, and elaborate attempts for some weird spooky things. Maybe she wanted me to have her look at the systems so they could say. Kevin let Patty into our systems. I do not know.

Now, since the moment Lorena had Gwen Suazo, come into our business from the first moment, she has been hunting me working with Patty, and Lorena. Lorena has her sit by me so she can try to figure out way to provoke me into anger. She will work every angle and tactics all day.

Everywhere I go, they have tabs on, collect it, hint about it, try to create mental illness. Gwen will stand up, walk by, as she does, sing to try to get reactions. Or sometimes, use lyrics to threaten. She will mimick things in 2’s or 3’s over and over.  You name it, the list of things are endless and in my tactics list. Of course it is not just Gwen, but the rest of the office work on me all day and night as well. But Gwen seems to be more tied into Lorena and Patti.

Eventually Gwen will try to get reactions or confessions to her setups. And her motive is obvious. the same motive as always. Work on me all day and night. Which has been going on world wide since 10 years old. Get a reaction, then use it against me crying wolf. Look at what Kevin did to me.

Same tactics Lorena, Patty, all their friends, and people sent after me for the last 30 years are trying to do.

This is just an example of what has gone on every day every time I’ve ever been to our office since the first day hired. The terror operations go from thing to thing and never stop. This is world wide, but this give you an example, and I am guessing this now has been at least 10 years, every time. in just this office alone.

Information goes from this office, to the world and back. To give you an example, 100’s of strangers per day pull their cars in the business parking lot alone, directed at me to create mental illness. From the same types of cars parked in 2’s over and over, or parked backwards or crooked. All based around in me in argument that I once parked my car crooked or imperfect, or I once parked my car backwards.

To give you an idea of what happens when I go outside. Weather it be to leave, to take a smoke break, you name it. People are waiting for me in cars trying to intimidate me. Parking cars crooked, or in patterns of 2’s. Some people will get togethor parking the same cars in 2’s like at my house. Some backwards. and some backwards in 2’s. Sometimes mass groups with no plates will park their cars. And sometimes it will just be them using the names to create hidden messages to try to create schitzofrenia. This is not a small group doing this. This is done all day and night forever. Started at the age 9 years old. But not only that. There are 1000”s of these tactics directed at me. I just mentioned a few. This never stops. It goes all day and night 24/7 until I am dead. And at any other place I go in the world, people will then start doing it there as well. A lot of times, people on social networks will know I stepped outside, and start posting hidden subtweets directed at me to let me know they are watching me. Things like this to create paranoia, and mental illness. And these people are world wide. Meaning that the data wherever I go in the world is being given out to the world to take turns on me with this mental illness campaign. These pictures is just me stepping out for a couple of minutes a few times. But this goes on all day and night. And has my entire life.

Also, when they kept making up endless lies about me to get me fired, I blocked them, I did this to them, I did that to them, I am trying to take over the company. every lie known to man. But never was it. This doesn’t work, can you fix it. Which is how things normally are.

So we had to put up a trouble Ticket system to prove that 99% of what was said were lies. Because their argument was. That they could not work. So I wanted a system to show and document what was really broken and the time it took to fix. Showing that, their is no real issue. It was all people getting togethor just making up lie after lie about me showing their discrimination and hate towards me. Which was the first second I was hired by Lorena approaching me, and asking me to work there, and I walked in the door.

And once their was a system showing the TRUTH, they used the system as a mental illness weapon towards me. As you can see in the trouble ticket system how they don’t post once, but in patterns like 2’s and 3’s. As you will see they have been doing with the cars in front of my house, and office parking lot as well for over 16 years.


What they are doing with the cars outside the office. This is all day, every day, and directed towards me.

Patterns of 2’s














Sometimes across from each other if they can’t get the spot next to it


Also, 2 people waiting for me to leave at 5:00 pm sitting in their cars parked backwards



Parked Crooked




Schizophrenia Intimidation Thugging Tactics


There are several things going on here in these schitzofrenia thugging tactics. First, The bus which parked behind my car who was waiting for me left their lights on. This is done to me on a daily basis. People will wait for me at certain places, and if they see me, turn their lights on, or leave them on, letting me know, we are waiting for you, and watching you, in covert hidden messages to create terror, aggrivation, and the feeling of being watched. Also, it never ends, and them knowing the ramifications of what it would do to someone. Obviously thought up by people with psychology degrees which is why the psychology community has tried to blackmail me quiet for telling them and the police what I found out was being done to me. Also, Not only is there a school reference, but also, their is a man in a black trans am waiting for me trying to intimidate me. A very similar car to what I bought at the age 16 years old and worked on. So, they are trying to send me hidden messages about school, and me and cars. And then the man watching me as I go to my car to intimidate. Obviously the messages aren’t about anything specific. Just to create mental illness and kill.

But they are not just doing it at the office, Shanna has been notifying groups to follow me to every coffee shop I go to in the world and attacked with them. Elsie Sandoval is having people follow me to coffee shops while she tells the police I hit her. Also telling people over and over to walk by and run their hands through their hair. While their are 1000’s of these tactics. That is one example. They are also having people do these car parking tactics wherever I go.


But also, I have been told. For some odd reason, that I have to leave the country. And they are also doing this at my house and surrounding areas where I live.

in 2’a. Just a couple of pictures of what has been going on all day and night for 16 year every single day where I live.











4 grey Lexus’s in a row







2 focus, 2 elantra pairs alternating. one is a genesis, but same car as the Elantra

Also, you can see here, that usually I take pictures of the more obvious proveable things going on so there is less despite. But there are a lot of more subliminal things going on. Such as idea of reference tactics. For example, here you can see, that most of the street looks normal, yet their are 2 pairs of red cars parked togethor.

Which of course, an hour later turned into 2 Kia’s

While Lorena, sings “Welcome to the Jungle” belittles me saying I am too sensitive, and have no grasp on reality, and puts a tree at my desk. There are no other plants in the entire office, just the ones put at my desk, while having her family and friends, which are most of the employees take turns on me every few minutes for over 14 years and contact every person world wide I tried to work with to move on and get away from the company with.

As well as making up endless lies on daily basis and keep giving them out to the world in secret. My neighbors, the places I go, hobbies, Possible friends, Possible women to meet. You name it. A world wide Smear operation, with endless lies. While they just keep making up newer and newer lies.

AND! showing that they are working with CORRUPT police trying to keep me quiet. Just as an Officer who claimed his name was Officer Toro, from a latin person in college always saying “if you fuck with the bull, you get the horns” then the police hunting me because he said that. Which is strange that, they even know of that insignificant non criminal act. Showing their invovlement


Parked in 2’s about a Bike Smear they made up and gave to the world saying I hit a homeless man with a bike tire. Who they had squat in my apartment, not pay and rent, and move me out. Kind of like the movie Pacific Heights. When I went to university of Colorado.

They are also involved in paying off someone I believe to have been a prostitute named Jen Hess, working with Paul Humphry, Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Lorena Escobar, to come in my life, try to endlessly set me up. Running around saying I would not leave her alone, although was pregnant with my baby, and by trying to address the issue, and get annoyed with the weird things she was doing like pretending she was schitzo, having my baby to sort of keep me around while telling everyone I would not leave her alone, to find out she was married cheating on her husband, and her telling the world I hit her with a mask on, and am breaking up her marriage, to cover up targeting me while Mike Huntley and Paul Humphrey were giving me bogus advice to try to get me to follow the wrong path and lead me into their setups to remove me from society. And when I moved on with my Life a person named Rodie Morales was sent after me by them, saying “lets go to strip clubs” and having some strippers say they danced down by the airport in the same city as she lived trying to make it look like I was trying to take over her territory which they have been doing these things to me since 9 years old since I became friends with some of my brothers friends which I guess he thinks is a violation of his space and a crime or something. Showing that when I moved on, they wanted to keep the lies and smears going while they frame me to the world.

They also had her do things like call me on the phone, as well as Rodie Morales doing this, and asking me to check their emails, giving me the login and passwords on the phone, and having people hacked into my computer collecting the fame jobs making it look like I was hacking her email accounts. obiously working with Lorena and the office, because they keep trying to torture and blackmail me into false confessions about it, to try to make it look like it was my fault. And it wasn’t elaborate setups. Especially with Lorena Sending an employee Adriana Olivarez after me telling the office “I am going to get the doctors son” while she befriended me for 6 years taking journalism classes and trying to get any info possible to use against me and give to the world. So she blasted lies and out of context information to the world with Lorena Escobar.

And these lies are from things of complete insignificance. Example. You screen name is Vertigo, so you are trying to make people mentally ill. Your servers name is Alcapone, so you are mobbing us. Your computers name is Shadow Cat, so you are shadowing us. A name Mike Huntley gave to me to use as he then helped with these lies. Do you no how many CB names, Screen Names, Computer Names alone I’ve had? especially building who knows how many computers? each and every single one was taken out of context, use and a lie and criminal accusation and given to the world, then saying I am schitzo. Nothing based on fact. Just Knit Picked lies from every aspect of how I sit, if I tap my foot, snap my fingers. All turned into lies and somehow given to the world that I did this or that to people from these things. Sound absurd, but when the world is given lie after lie on a daily basis to the world and you have a world wide campaign saying weird things like

“It is your behavior and you need to stop” really makes no sense. I parked backwards once. is it my behavior of not always being perfect a crime? But 100,000 people a day parking backwards directed at me saying I committed a crime sound RATIONAL? as freaky and unfathomable as the situation is. It is beyond any level of  demented known to man what she is doing and is involved in with her claims about everything in moderation! Meaning if you ever go back to the same restaurant more then once in your life, people will be waiting there for you with mental illness tactics. Things like this in every aspect of my life. If I smoke, if I smoke pot once, she will tell the world I am addicted to pot, and contact all the dispensaries. How she has the power to do this, I have no clue.

This type of thing, just from leaving my house to go to work is done about 70% of the time. Almost every day. Someone will be waiting outside for me, or by my car to try to provoke, intimidate, create paranoia. Sometimes they do things to send hidden messages to let me know they are stalking me. Example, after talking with a security guard who befriended me to help with these world wide 35 year operations, I was in mid sentance and snapped my fingers to make a point about something I was saying. The next day, coming home, a man was waiting for me. And as I got out the car, he sat, watched me, and snapped his fingers in front of me. Now these types of things are done to me all day and night, and have watched it now for 16 years since I found out. Stranger after stranger world wide will take part in this mass murder operation.

At one point. Lorena was trying to set me up saying, I am trying to take over the office. This was right after she hired me. I can recall a family friend named Debbie Grooveman calling me up to fix her sons computer. After I fixed it. Her son comes in harassing me with these tactics. So you know they are trying to figure out how to set me up for child abuse.

But after this, Debbie wants to talk to me. She goes into this whole song and dance how Lorena is worthless, and I need to take over and run the company. Of course I tell her the obvious. I have no clue about work comp medicine, nor do I care, or am I a doctor. I want to do bigger and better things. and this is just a stepping stone and I am gone.

But what was really going on, is Lorena was working with Debbie for a setup to try to manipulate me into a situation to use against me. Of course it did not work, but then Lorena had to cover up her lies saying that I am trying to take over the office.

And of course, me putting up a firewall. keeping the hackers out, which were working on me with mental illness tactics, and endless intrustions into the systems while Lorena was having people hack in to make me mentally ill was then called. Me taking over the company. Which I did what I was hired to do. And we all know it.

Not only this. Lorena would DEMAND, I take down the firewall when she got desperate, and when I would try to show her the endless hack attempts. She would say. I don’t want to see it and do what I say. But because I didn’t want to spend all day and night fixing the system over and over. it wasn’t acceptable.

Another thing they do, is they figure out exploit sites to try to go to. For example, they will go to a fake website, or some kind of spam hijacking link to office depot, and the firewall will see it is not legit and stop it. Instead of addressing their issues. It is “Kevin blocked us, and is stopping us from working” Now this is done intentionally. Especially after asking Leonor to send me the email link so I can make sure it was ok to go to. And she didn’t send me the email of course. But this is done over and over and they play stupid refusing to accept the obvious and then telling the masses, especially city and world wide. WHICH IS ODD! and civilly ILLEGAL! that I am doing this and that to them, and I think I am the Boss. And then I am attacked by strangers world wide, and told I am imagining it. I supposedly think differnty, and this is the way the world works. When we ll know it isn’t!

If I was Mark Zuckerberg with billions, that might be the case. And people don’t tell him they don’t know him while attacking him world wide.

So Lorena and the rest of the office would make up lies to try to get me fired. Kevin’s blocking us. Kevin won’t let people in from home. Kevin’s stopping us from making money. Eventually she shut up with her lies when I put logs on the system showing them logged in and working.

Their lies, could not beat the FACTS. But the fact that my father is playing stupid from the obvious of what he is paying these people to do is the sickist part.

Example. When shown video footage of half the office walking by and whistling to provoke me into situations. He would cover for them saying. Oh they are just happy. Knowing exactly what they are doing. Not only this. On some conversations with my father at lunch, I would call their bluff, and Lorena would look right at him waiting for feedback. Showing that he knew damn well what was going on.

Also, he takes part in the endless psychological bashing once in a while when he breaks and gets desperate. But then tries to go back into the stealth, I love you and I don’t know what your talking about mode.

I can tell you this. Lorena didn’t just take the job to hunt me and nobuddy knows what’s going on. Lorena was hired to hunt me and try to torture me into the life my father wants to dictate. She is getting paid, and I guarantee, she wouldn’t be doing it for sport or secret hate. Because nobuddy there would help her.

She is doing it because she was hired too. And she will make up any lies such as “Kevin is trying to take over the company” “Kevin is crazy” “Kevin is out of control”  “I am trying to protect the company”

and the first obvious is that the lie keeps changing. Well which one is it? is it because of skylar? or is it because I’m trying to take over the company? because the truth is. these are just made up lies which go from one thing to the next to rile people up against me. That is why I am accused of 1000’s of lies world wide.

Anyways, these specifics of what is being done is much to vast to talk about. But it is clear, that these are sick people being paid to commit crimes. They are doing it. They are trying to cover up their crimes any way possible. It has been going on since I was 10 years old. They are smearing my name to mass news organizations, media, Government, social workers, and the world in secret out of hate and rage. Just like the KKK.

They don’t like me because I’m different. They want to dictate my life. They want to tell me what I can and can’t do. Who to date. etc. This is not about anything I have ever done.

They even spy on my social accounts, trying to make everything about them to use against me. Pretty much to intimidate me off social media. But of course then it goes to public places saying that is wrong as well. They will work their spy games like if I am in an office and I tweet. “I pooped” Fernanda might instantly come out and check the bathroom, with some kind of, hidden covert, we are watching you type of thing. This of course will go from employee to employee, working every angle and tactic on me.

Just sick demented racist control freaks, which it all starts from my family. hiring and paying people to hunt me. while smearing my name to the masses.

Also, when trying to move forward with my life and working on my own projects, all the programmers and people I tried to work with world wide were contacted by them and told to do the same things to me. So walking away and pursuing something else was all destroyed by them. Stopping me from moving on. Having friends, relationships, or making any sort of money aside from them. With enormous damages to my name, making money, or having any aspect of any life. WORLD WIDE!

Another thing Lorena is involved in, is when I got into Studio Photography, she found out. And asked me to do a photoshoot of her. And while I did a photoshoot like she asked me too, and created artwork in my style which she came to me for. She seemed to get mad at me for creating it as If I had committed some crime. With the, you have my pictures, and you it is on your photography website or something. As if a photographer who does your shoot isn’t going to have the pictures for their portfolio.

She was also telling everyone I was in love with her and would not leave her alone most likely in the office. It’s hard to keep track of her lies. But the point is. People generally don’t ask you to do photoshoots, then come after you for it most likely working with Aubrey Fisher and Model Mayhem who they were involved in ruining my reputation with lies world wide. For doing what they asked. and you doing what you do. Where I think she didn’t seem to like the Pattern ones. Are somehow a crime to her I guess, just like listening and singing music apparently according to her. She was also somehow getting the conversations of the people I was working with, taking them out of context and giving it to the world to use to smear my name and destroy my life.


Probably with the “I am protecting the company” murder justification

Also, she is involved in contacting restuarants world wide so any where I go get food, I will be endlessly provoked for trying to eat, and be alive

Lorena contacting restuarants having them try to set me up to get me fired –

this seemed to start after the hired me, and my father would invite me to lunch with her. It seemed fine to me. Since they came to me for the job. And I was asked to go out to lunch when my father was around and by him. So the argument of me intruding doesn’t really make sense if I am the one invited. Unless ANGRY ENRAGED Lorena is having one of her MURDER tantrums with her Pit Bull like territorial issues.


I was fired because I was like usual fixing the network, and then once again accused, of BLOCKING people, instead of respectfully asked to fix the problems

while keeping the hackers out, and repairing what was going on. But what is weirder, which I have no proof, is that the Hackers seem to be working with George Escobar, and sabotaging things, which I am watching go on and keep fixing. Such as them crippling our active directory servers. Me rebuilding them. Then then instantly doing it again. Then I restore the backup OS, then it is fine. Showing it was someone doing something. Or the DNS hijacking in our name servers. While I have to try to keep the network secure, the employees keep saying he is doing this to me, he is doing that to me. Then having more and more people follow me and terrorize me with their mental illness tactics. Just before being fired, someone put a note on my desk. “You are an easy target” or something like this.

Now this is after I was fired, Lorena texts me trying to collect the response as you can see a group list, and she states, I m BLOCKING them from Daisybill. but of course, nothing has anything to do with You can read the block on the firewall and it says nothing about


And of course more lies and manipulations to get what she wants. In this case the admin and everyones passwords. This is a person who barely knows how to open up word. I would think that would be for the new IT person. And not her, George, Brandon, and their IT friend in the system screwing it up most likely. Or at least someone they have working to screw things up to get what they want or sabotage me, with Georges lies that I deleted files which I showed he never saved. using the shadow copies and creation date. (also known as versioning) a type of backup.


This is a tactic they use over and over and then say I am stopping them from working. “They can’t work” it’s my fault. Any way to get rid of me possible. For simply doing whatever it took to make their life and work, and safe, and good work environment. Because of Lorena Escobar. The last time our main software was updated was about 3 years ago. Which really should be updated monthly. But she does’t tolerate imperfection or change. So when you update something, which a lot of times introduces glitches. They all get togethor with the same guerrilla warfare tactics, trying to get rid of me.

Instead of being proactive and letting me maintain the network and keep it healthy by riling these mass groups to work on me all day and night and attack my health.

She also, in our meetings had problem with us switching from using emails, instead of fax machines, and things like this not wanting to change with the times and technology. I really don’t care if all her meals every single lunch is salmon. But computers and an office and efficiency are a different story.

So if someone like me comes along making their lives easier and faster, and more profitable, they go ballistic because their might be imperfection, and their perfect world is destroyed. Then coming after me, in their ANGRY RAGES.

Then I am told, that this is how offices are. And that is a load of shit!

For specifics, you can go to

My World Wide Targeting info

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Woodland Oaks Neighbors Working with Gregory Allen Koenig in my complex heavily involved in this terror campaign –

Last week! 5/3/2018 – While dinse got his way in his arrests and frame jobs while helping try to blackmail me quiet and destroy my life when they sent Rodie Morales after me trying to get a murder confession for some reason and taking me to strip clubs. Dinse last week actually gave me a parking ticket for 1.5 inches in the red. While I will agree that is a parking ticket.

Linking back to my own family in paid off operations

6/7/2018 – Officer Sean Dinse has my car towed from in front of my place for no reason with Howard Summers Towing while having one of my neighbors slash my tires, linked with 5/19 someone pops tire while on my way to court to take the stand and the Starbucks/Gas Station owners threaten the tow truck driver trying to stop him from towing me on Oxnard/Canoga who are friends with the Police

Officer Sean Dinse, working with my father, Lorena Escobar, and Karine Echigian, a therapist I hired to get help, who was disseminating fragments of our confidential conversations to Lorena Escobar and the world to use against me to stop me from being healthy and getting help. Still working with the LAPD and these recent arrests 6 tears later showing this is about them not wanting anything truthful coming out –

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life  –

Officer Sean Dinse and Jensen’s mass stalking against me with the LAPD nd worldwide groups which starts at a very young age

The real issue is the obsessive knit pick behavior of stalking someone his entire life of things like you farted wrong or rested your feet on a chair so he must exercise the law in his own way with Fabricated name Officer Toro who followed me to encino starbucks with their mass mobbings

Dinse Ticket – PDF

Officer Sean Dinse – Ticket and Impound tire slashings working with Dinse – PDF


Which links to

Gang Stalking – Bullet hole put in fathers Mercedes 300E and pinned on me, Eric Christianson, Rodie Morales, Victoria Walker sent after me by the Police to remove me from society and make it look like I did it –


When you read this, remember Mike Huntley’s Threat to me at the age of 29 “We are using the system against you” while my life in my mind went from perfectly normal to, something is very wrong, met observing endless worldwide setup and frame job operations, as well as endless slander and defamation in my name to the world to rile the masses against me in angry mobs, as they are now trying to cover up with labels that I am a crazy violent paranoid schizo.

Also, keep in mind, being Hired at Golden State Sports medical, my fathers company where they wanted me to do his IT, I was severely mentally battered with Lorena Escobar, Shnna Briantseva, and the entire office that time to figure out ways to remove me from society working with people like detective Angela Stuart and Officer Sean Dinse, as well as many others. Which eventually after being fired, still being hunted by them.

12/20/2017 Hurricane Jada(Jada Fire) thugings black community connected with NSA/FBI showing their operations since early childhood to remove me from society –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know #cnnireport  #FoxNews –

These events link back to 17 years from simply walking into a Topanga/Ventura Starbucks, and getting some coffee which they had a problem with and are Discriminating against me. But things link back further and further once you go down the rabbit hole back to childhood. These are all connected events all across the world. City to city, College to college, with full police involvement in these setup attempts and frame job operations.

At 29 years old, With Mike Huntley and Rodie Morales when I was 29, as I found out, Mike, who I knew for about 25 years, and started a company with me went from a good friend to endless threats and attempts on my life working with the Police which are still going on all day and night worldwide today:

Mike Huntley (Working with my Brother and family): First saying “Your OK!” like he was doing some kind of psychological evaluation one me, then he switched in anger and rage “You are an out of control for California and a monster”,  “Its your Behavior”, Whatever that means since i am the only one who is professional and sane around these people who analyze every imperfect hiccup in life. “We are using the system against you”, “I’ve given you enough rope to hang yourself with”, “Have a good life now”, Dropping papers on my desk about South Korea and making people mentally ill to control them. While walking around our office singing “World of Paranoia” saying  “You had better live a careful life”  and telling me something while working in my fathers office something like “You are not allowed to defend yourself” of course, me wondering what the hell was going on, and to this day, 17 years later, don’t really understand any of it or why a world wide extermination campaign in secret against one man since earlier then 9 years old, is supported and tolerated and is remotely going on with world wide groups telling me I had better not say anything about it.

They are now trying to cover up these operations labeling me a Violent Paranoid schizophrenic to get larger and larger groups to help with their agenda. What they refer to as their SKULLFUCKING.

Make sure those words stay with you the whole time you read this, showing that I am being targeted, hunted, stalked by the Police, and mass groups helping their agenda. This isn’t about any type of actual crime.

Remember when you read this blog, with the endless proof, of photos and videos of things being done to me which don’t come close to .0000001%. The LAPD, and people working with them are claiming that they have done absolutely nothing wrong in any way shape or form starting at a young age. The car tire and top slashings, the endless assaults and battery on me, the endless systematic psychological terror operations to torture and rid me of the world. Absolutely nothing at all as they say is going on. Also telling me that I am not allowed to report the crimes, defend myself in any way shape or form, even verbally, or tell anyone anywhere world wide what is being done to me on any level. Ever. Or even stand up to bullying verbally. “You are not allowed to defend yourself” from the Police, and my own father. In any situation on any level, ever!. 

Also, keep in mind that, Terrence Scroggins threat to me with the LAPD is, “GET BACK IN YOUR HOUSE!” because they don’t want me out living my life, and they want me in a cage. Which is why I am mobbed to death every day of my life for simply leaving my house each and every day. Trying to jail me or cage me.

Also, Anyone involved will play the game that I am crazy avoiding to take one second to process, take the time to understand, or look at the proof. A lot of times even trying to weasel excuses about how it does not pertain to me. Even in discussions refusing to take sometime let me explain the complexities of what is going on with  instant judgements based on thin air, usually while taking part in it and try to make me look crazy.

Some of the documented psychological terror events

This is still going on, just don’t have the energy to document it
Some of the Terror events done to me at Encino Starbucks

What they are trying to cover up as these types of things done to me growing up in the San Fernando Valley, In Southern Oregon State College, At University of Colorado, and back in California. On IRC endless people sent after me worldwide with Cyber terror crimes. All sorts of attempted setups like a girl on IRC who said she drove a jeep back in 1996 telling me to come over and telling me to just come in, in hopes she could set me up for breaking and entering while when knocking, a black person opened the door and told me there was no one by that name. To find out that this person was magically working with Kelly Hatch who was told to follow me from Calabasas High to Southern Oregon State College to stalk me with the police, back in 1992. 

Once you realize that all these endless events are connected worldwide, and people are being disseminated information to poison the well and work on me. You can understand that in order for the police to cover up what they are doing, they are working with the psychology community attacking me credibility with mental illness labels like, I am a violent paranoid schizo, and things like this to get what they want. Removing me from society.

They have worked every angle known to man, from my CB names, IRC names, Blog names, my actual given family last name. Endless accusations of crimes and abnormalities that are complete fiction. I am a pedophile, I love my aunt, I am causing chaos, My art is confession of guilt, crimes, or death threats, Around the age of 12, I kissed a black girl and the world was told I am a white supremacist at that age for it, The music I listen too shows I am a racist because some lyrics, or fragments of song or band titles could possibly be construed racially depending on the way you look at it, I am a car thief, I am a hacker, I am trying to make people mentally ill, I am reckless on the streets, I supposedly hit multiple women, I am a troll, I’m supposedly thugging and trying to blackmail people, I think differently, If I look at a girl or smile at them, it is a death stare and threat, I’m supposedly stalking women, the list is endless and in the 1000’s since early childhood. And the accusations change on a daily basis to try to get what they want which is to lock me away for some reason. But that reason isn’t based on anything I’ve ever done wrong. But that is not their story to the world, just like it was Edward Snowden when he came forward. Showing illegal operations and illegal information dissemination to defame, slander, and rile the masses against me to mentally batter me to death to try to get reactons to use against me and try to make it look like I am like the Vegas Shooter as cover ups. This is not drama and gossip. This is data-mined and manipulated out of context information on propaganda systems to the world. And done behind my back to try to make me look crazy while met with almost every person I am in contact with in an angry rage. Then told I am imagining it so that I cannot defend myself, and so they can leverage themselves in a position to try to make me look crazy.

The first thing you must understand when reading this, is that the police and government are not all good people. And to blindly believe that means you are naive to reality. Also, you need to understand that the magnitude of the situation is so disturbing because it violates peoples constitutional rights and freedoms and protections  from child from simply flagging someone without a horrific terrorist crime that FISA would take away conditional rights. It’s all based on someones insecurity.

Not only this, but a lot of the Lawyers, are working with the police, just as Mike Huntley told me “We are using the system against” you figuring out ways to remove me from society in such a way that ironclad setups are being down using the grey areas of the law to set me up so that I cannot get a fair defense.

Example, Lets say someone and with the police, in this case worldwide strangers taking turns on you and you don’t know any of them, spend 17 years all day and night whipping you to death. Which someone would say is way beyond any level of demented known to man. Or maybe they lock you in a small cage, and shock you for every 5 minutes for 17 years. Try to imagine the pain, eventually something is going to happen based on you reacting. It is just a matter of time. So lets say you can’t take the pain any longer, with those same people lying to your face that you should go see a shrink, and take medication saying you suffer from mental illness, are a violent paranoid schizo. while whipping you, because they don’t want anyone helping you. Eventually you are going to scream in pain, or maybe piss yourself. Now, those  very same people, and everyone working with them who are witnessing this event, or taking part in it, are now going to arrest you saying crazy things that, you are arrested for pissing yourself and leaving it on the ground in public or maybe your screams are a disturbance to the neighbors and are you are a public nuisance, and that is unacceptable to them. Yet insane, demented inhuman acts of violent mobbings against a person their entire lives until they die, is not in their minds. But not only that, everyone knows of the crimes being committed, but nothing in their mind registers that torturing and severely abusing a human being like this is somehow ok, because they just don’t like them. Especially all the police officers involved who refused to stop it or take part in the first place. Not only this, lets say you have photos and videos of these events but while the crime is in progress, or at any stage across 17 years since finding out at 29. The police while knowing it is going on, tell you that these mass conspiracies and mobbings that never end, or stop from mass it isn’t a crime and isn’t going on, turning a blind eye. Or telling you weird things that because it isn’t one single person who has physically touched you, but strangers in mass groups, intentionally inflicting pain with pre meditation and execution is perfectly legal and you just have to learn how to deal with it.

Now, things get even worse because you are being charged with who knows what crimes, maybe disturbing the peace from loud noises from screaming in pain from being INTENTIONALLY tortured to death with police working with worldwide communities you can’t walk away from leaving you no choice, being IMMOBILIZED, but to just sit and be tortured to death until your dead, and eventually you are going to scream in pain or something like this. So after you are arrested, for punishment of being tortured to death for no reason your entire life, which no one is saying anything about, even though their is no reason to torture and kill people, most of the Lawyers get together telling you things that sound insane.

That even though you have proof of these unfathomable unprecedented inhuman crimes against you that are in the history of humanity, with worldwide torture/terror operations done in such a way you have no defense according to them, nor can you walk away from these worldwide operations. That the Lawyers are all telling you that the photos and videos of you being tortured to death across a 17 year period, NON STOP, and actually going on since young childhood for 35 years are inadmissible as evidence, and have no relevance to the charges of things like noise disturbances because they are somehow not relevant. To ones actions, because it isn’t a direct action from one person. It is actions from mass groups, which you have no clue who they are. And cannot do things like file bulk restraining orders to strangers in mass mobs all day and night.

Which I myself find hard to believe, but that is what I am being told even though the charges are pretty much bunk to begin with. Example. You are a public nuisance because you wont stop screaming, but their is no place in the courtroom as far as relevance for self defense for things like mass groups who won’t stop whipping you to death, because it is not one specific identifiable person which you cannot call the police on. According to most the lawyers I have spoke with so far, people can whip you, and you just can’t scream, or you can be arrested, charged, sentenced for noise disturbances, and the admissibility of the proof of the endless whippings with mass mobs cannot be used in court in self defense and is inadmissible as evidence. Or come the labels that you suffer from mental illness because you keep screaming every time your whipped, and the whipping part is somehow irrelevant, and people don’t scream like this. Leaving out the reasoning behind the entire situation or full story. After all, according to them, the whipping part is inadmissible because you were arrested for a noise disturbance, so that isn’t relevant to the charges even though you have proof of it.

Bottom line, if you are not being whipped by community groups endlessly for 17 years with them saying things like “It is what it is”, “you better learn to accept it, or things will get a lot worse for you”, “No relaxing for you nigger”

While I am not a lawyer, I have good common sense, and talking to a lot of them, I caught most of them in all sorts of lies. But my common sense says that, their is no doubt in my mind that, that is entirely admissible and relevant. What is the point of a judicial system that could not protect someone from something like that? It doesn’t make sense to me. Even some kind of special circumstances to get the flat out undeniable proof and evidence, just like this blog shows.

Some of their reasoning behind it, is labels that I am crazy! well, I can’t imagine mass groups killing off someone because they label someone crazy. Because that is what Adolf Hitler does. Crazy is not a crime. And the definition of crazy from one person to another varies in opinion. Example, Someone who is clean cut, and a perfect square in life might think someone who has lots of tattoos is crazy, which, their actions then will lead to extermination because, afterall, they would be saying someone with tattoos is crazy.

Or lets say they have been labeled crazy by someone with a psychology degree? still, don’t they have enough problems if they haven’t done anything wrong? You get the idea.

So, either our judicial system does not work and is pointless, or people with ulterior motives and agendas are flat out lying. The one thing I can tell you is that the police did lie to me saying they could not report mass groups conspiring to stalk me, or refused to take reports of what I could show and prove of a conspiracy to commit murder or whatever you want to call it. More then one person trying to hurt, harm, mame you.

So I have a feeling I am being lied to, since this is worldwide. But you need to understand the complexity of these well thought out operations with worldwide support and how the System is being used against me, or I should say, how mass worldwide groups are doing whatever it takes stepping around the law to get what they want which is my existence gone.

I find it hard to believe what I am being told by most the lawyers, Police as well as pretty much most people. Especially watching all the illegal activities going on directed at me, which never stop.

While I have probably spoke with 1000’s of lawyers of the last 17 years, as well as Police, Private Investigators, and worldwide people, and all turn a blind eye, or are in an angry rage about endless fictional propaganda as they take turns in anger on me to the world met with endless setup operations, One attorney showed that he is honest and is able to access the situation based on factual evidence, and common sense who seems to be a good person acknowledging the situation and what is really going on from the standpoint of the bigger picture and honesty

Take special note to the part about “Cop with a Vendetta” which would have had to be around 5 – 9 years old

And the only aspect I can think of that the police would want a vendetta is that I am the Doctors Son, and my father mouthed off to an Officer Romo maybe when I was around that age. But I find that hard to believe that this much resources are invested on me from 40 years ago, my father mouthing off to Romo. Especially when his entire office and wife are involved helping them. So, they have a Vendetta against me for the crimes of turning 29, and finding out they have been hunting me my entire life! HOW DARE I!

Talking about someones vendetta against me as a young child. Which seems very strange that someone is that angry at a 5 – 9 year old. But psychotic murderers comes in all shapes and sizes, I am sure. And this one has billions in government resources. While things don’t really make much sense here. Some situations, are just out of the norm, and extremely complex. And this is a historical crime against one person in the history of humanity. Which their is no simple answer or explanation too. I think he is hinting about 1 or 2 things in this conversation. But that is just more fiction the world  is given to make it look like there is a question as to me supposedly doing something to someone or controversy around my name. Non of it really exists as to the things I am accused of. They were frame job operations to create an illusion.

Example, Mike Huntley and the Police having Rodie Morales to befriend me to take me to strip clubs then telling the world I am stalking someone. Is really in the end of the day based on facts and reality, not the fiction the world is illegally given by the government.


-No less

      Kevin went to strip clubs

-No more

This can be applied to my entire life, yet each intricate aspect is data-mined by the government and turned into fiction and given to the world with people trying to set me up or frame me over and over endlessly

And keep in mind,  from the age 20 – 27 4 different people, Oregon, Colorado, California, befriended all wanted to take me to strip clubs with the same agenda.

And keep in mind, no one could care less normally if someone goes to a strip club

Officer Toro “If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way”

He is going to bypass the judicial system and rid me of the world is what the statement means, showing that my constitutional rights were taken away from me at childhood, and anyone known to man can get togethor with these worldwide groups and do whatever they want to me, and are protected with a hidden agenda and ulterior motives.

this situation In layman terms – An all day and night, setup operation with worldwide support to lock me away or rid me of the world with some kind of strange message to me that people like me and the jews in concentration camps have to be perfect or they committed crimes. So you can understand the personality types I am dealing with.

Who’s next?

You think you are protected by the Constitution of the United States. You are not! If this can happen to someone like me, the nicest, most giving person out there, who do you think is next? While the world may have been fed endless lies about me. And you think you know me based slander and defamation given out worldwide in secret AKA Propaganda, you only know of me, and have no clue who I really am. My point is, that any good decent person could be next. And also, any person who has made mistakes in life could be next. Because the whole reason our founders created the constitution, is to protect all of us! no matter who you are or what you’ve done wrong. Unless your talking about some rare instance where someone built a nuclear bomb and blew up countries, this applies to us all!

Hence why people like Edward Snowden saw what is going on and sacrificed his freedoms for us so that we could have a glimpse into the future. Trust me, as technology gets better, things are going to get a lot worse is there is not awareness and checks and balances. I suggest you research what is known as “Deep Learning” if you really want to go deep into the future of computing and the algorithms being written.

I am not saying that technology is bad, I am saying that more checks and balances are going to be needed to be put in place, and government employees regulated to protect the citizens.

IS THAT ACCEPTABLE TO YOU? who’s next? you? your children? Edward Snowden sacrificed his life so that all of us are aware of what is really going on, is getting worse with our government. And I am the example of what happens with these flaggings. And whoever is the next target with be severely tortured to death or locked away and punished for being tortured to death if they can get the reaction they want.

Now one of the things you need to understand since a young age from my family all with psychology degrees and the police and government launching this witch hunt since 5 years old has labeled me with Trichotillomania around the age of 13 year old. This is true, at around the age of 13 I did start habitually pulling my Eyebrows. While this is fairly rare, but not the end of the world.

But what you need to realize, that in my families thought process is that if you smoked a joint in college, it is a gateway drug and you could built a atomic bomb and blow up 100,000 people in a football stadium. While that makes no sense at all, their are a lot of people on this planet, especially hollywood actors who have OCD and no one thinks it is a big deal.

Now, if you are a Hannibal elector type, you might analyze Trichotillomania until it is the end of the world. Or you accept that it is a simple hair pulling habit, like biting your nails.

Now, in my life, every lie known to man had been made up about me to cover  this all up. For example, Starbucks corporation, and Coffeebean corporation say I have been masturbating in their bathrooms. At one point trying to force me into a false confession Starbucks who kept turning off the lights on me in the bathroom until I let them know I knew what they were doing by giving them a sarcastic response. The resulted in the Starbucks banning me for saying the word “Masturbate” to defend my self from their suggestive accusations. Because I stood up for myself, they banned me at every location worldwide with all sorts of slews of lies.

The other question you need to ask, is with these accusations, how would they even know unless they put spy cameras in the bathrooms. Even though it is a complete lie about me. And as you have seen from my website their lies change from thing to thing. I am a car thief, pedaphile, hacking people and trying to make them mentally ill, you name it because these slander and defamation worldwide is in the 1000’s

One of the Police and Governments arguments is that I have absolutely no self control, am a danger to myself or others. With these cover up operations in the largest Witch Hunt in history, that I am a violent paranoid schizo to lock me away in mental institutions based on me showing my entire life I have not only great self control, but have proved that I am the only one around me that seems to have it. Hence why Officer Sean Dinse wants to cover up these operations to try to throw irrelevant labels on me the stalk me with these mass groups to rid me of the world which is now a 40 year government operation.

So you can imagine, right now, this is a beyond very stressfull time for me watching worldwide extermination operations, court trials coming up with every person, lawyer, judge, you name it lieing that I am imgining this and refuse to help me with all sorts of threats of locking me away for life. The same threats as my brother when I was 16 that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental instition after I stopped him from bashing Greg Waughs head in with a crowbar by jumping in the way of it and watching Mike Huntley start a company, originally my brothers friend, to finish their job with the government. While all the lawyers worldwide have been contacted by Detective Angela Stewart told to not help me and refuse to be honest about the situation.

So as far as self control goes, I wanted to prove a point to the world. As this type of situation is so large, and has never happened to anyone showing that the amount of stress and anxiety someone else would go through, they probably would already be dead.

So, in the last month, I decided to take my focus off being tortured to death by worldwide groups, and focus on making a point about SELF CONTROL. While the average person would have knawed their jaw off from what I have been through for the last 17 years in the first year. Here is me growing my eyebrows back to prove that not only do I have self control. But in the most horrific situations imaginable.

One waitress at the Restaurant Bobby’s in Woodland Hills who takes turns on me in her anger and rage because they don’t want the truth coming out, and the crimes she is involved in coming to light, tried to ask me a question if I was drowsy, because she wanted people to think I was on medication. Because the truth is that Medication has nothing to do with anything but make someone with insecurities feel better. But it has nothing to do with my health. In other words, what these people want, has nothing to do with how I feel, or function. It is all about their Narcissistic behaviors, and getting what they want. Then trying to call it love, or help. But no matter how much the argument comes out that at 29 years old, before finding out about a global stalking campaign, I had a normal life. High School, College, Worked for Universal Studios, Modern Video Film, Had my own company for 6 years with Mike Huntley, until finding out about his Ulterior motives, my life did a 180. All this is left out when it comes to the arguments that are kept away from the one person they matter from. With lame excuses that I can’t see myself so they can justify making up their endless crime spree of lies with creative writers. Probably even Darin Moiselle who writes for the entertainment industry. a friend of my brothers since childhood.

Of course, then they will try to flip the argument to the opposite. That because I can grow my Eyebrows back, I am supposedly fucking with people or playing mind games. Especially government employees or the psychology community. Showing that it’s about ridding me of the world no matter what it takes. But nothing based on how life really is. It’s either this way or that way to these people.

4/1/2018 (4 weeks growth time)

There’s another name for people like this who hunt you for imperfection. they are called PREDATORS who prey on the weak. They see imperfection like Adolf Hitler does.

Now, normally people would just label this as a simple habit that is strange, but because the government has gone off the deep end, and destroyed my life and name every way known to man trying to cage me. This makes the simple statement that they are FULL OF SHIT! and at 29 after sending Rodie Morales after me in endless setup attempts and frame jobs which didn’t work trying to get me to go ballistic on women and things like this. Didn’t work. Met with Mike Huntley’s threats at 29 to cover up the worlds largest FUCK UP in history to one man.

Hence one of the reasons the don’t want me talking. So, here is me proving a simple point about self control against all odds. While not only in the last 40’s of endless attacks, They have not gotten the violent reactions they wanted. I can tell you, most people without psychological labels would have broke by now. Showing that they destroyed my life by trying to prove theories, and cover up their operations. Which are also known as setups and frame jobs. Things that aren’t done to people. Especially all day and night 24/7 which never ends.

But yet, here I am with the impossible, because I have no self control and am a danger to myself and others. Also showing that any DAMAGES to my life, is not my doing, it is their doing.

Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stuart, Toro, Jensen, and the rest, all know this, and will do what it takes to cover this up!

Which they somehow label a System or something. A terror system directed at me in someones anger and rage for some reason. Take special note on one thing as well. Their claims to the world are things like I am an angry enraged out of control monster, acting out, doing horrible things to people, in my anger and rage. I have also for some strange reason been labeled a violent paranoid schizo with no self control who is a danger to myself and others. While every person I have ever been in contact with since a young age have made up endless lies about all the non existent horrible things I’ve done, lashing out. And people saying don’t talk to me because I am angry and violent. Yet, despite all I have been through, which I was much more friendly before. I wan’t you to pay attention on video to my friendly personality, despite the situation where these people are going ballistic. Because the video shows what their lies don’t during my interactions. And show who I really am. Showing that what is illegally disseminated to the world is coordinated lies, defamation, slander, and propaganda to rile the masses against me in criminal activities. At no point do I shout out in craziness or anger. At no point do I show violence. And their mere fact that they are telling the world that I am on edge, and nervous and a ticking time bomb, is their agenda, but it is not who I am. Showing Motive to set me up for some reason.

Sound kind of strange?

Police locations I’ve gone to, to try to get help with the police over the years which they are obligated to do, refusing anything that involves what is being done to my life being put in their system to protect me and show what is really going on. I tried to report it on and off for 17 years knowing they would not help me. But recently, I wanted to prove a point, that they still will not do anything that tells the truth in my favor no matter how much evidence I hand them or no matter what form it is in, it will never get submitted as the crime that it is while they try to give disinformation telling me it is normal, and within the scope of legal, which what has been and is being done to me is way beyond any level of illegal known to man. Not even a simple piece of paper in their system that says “Groups of people are harassing and stalking this person”

Sandiego Police showing they will not lift a finger like everyone else to protect me, violating my constitutional rights since childhood showing their guilt, and involvement of these mass lifetime of crimes against me.

Keep in mind, I’ve endlessly over the years tried to get the police to document in reports the endless crimes against me over the last 17 years at this location. They REFUSE!

Now, Notice in the Discovery for this arrest! What Dinse flat out admits that he is involved from his own words with “NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH GROUPS” out of revenge for his original setup and frame job operations not working.

Dinse Neighborhood Watch Groups.jpg

Now, the first things you have to ask yourself what the definition of a Neighborhood watch groups is? The definition is normally to get community member observant and if something happens, call the police.

It is not to tell the community to follow someone from place to place threatening him over and over with hidden message or some direct messages “We are watching you”

Think about this for a second. You are 30 years old, spent your life being the best person known to man, and helping everyone in your path. You go to a 9 – 5 job, and are trying to meet people, socially, and have hobbies, and do what most people world wide do. Now, you have police, working with Dinse for 35 years nd your business partner Mike Huntley go from, I’m a really good 25 years friend, to. Kevin, your a dead man.

Now, in your confusion, everywhere you go, not just the local neighbors. You notice people waiting for you, following you, and then hinting with suggestive messages that they know you, and are watching you.

Example, Lets say each time you go somewhere, someone see’s you and snaps his fingers while looking at you and watching you, but he does not say anything. Letting you know that he is watching you.

This does not fit the description of policing, neighborhood watch groups. This fits the description of STALKING!

Now, you then find out, that this is worldwide, and wherever you go. And starts from 5 – 9 years old. Now, ask yourself, a question. If your trying to live your life, and you notice people doing these freaky passive aggressive things with cryptic messages as they tell you that they are watching you, like the movie 1984.

What happens to your mental health? You get paranoid! Now, the definition of paranoia, is thinking something is going on, that is not. But finding out something freaky is going on, is the opposite of paranoia. And a criminal act by the LAPD, police, government working with these people.

But now keep in mind. These people are just watching me and following me in mass groups worldwide which is still pretty much an attempt to create paranoia. They have created all sorts of passive aggressive provoking terror attacks that are endless.

So once again, the concept of a neighborhood watch group is if something happens in your community to report it. Not follow someone in mass groups from place to place to try to set them up, get reactions, and if they can’t do that, frame them. Showing the this isn’t about anything I’ve ever done wrong.

Also, Dinse goes into all sorts of lies about my driving. While me dodging all sorts of setup operations where drivers were told to launch vehicles in front of me to try to get me to hit them.

Other strangers worldwide told to monitor every intricate driving. Example, lets say, you move in inch to the left in a lane in Hollywood like last week. A person will honk at you for no reason, because they know who you are. Then it will be put on their imaginary wrap sheet of fiction to the world. Once in Defamation and Slander. privacy violations, and endless constitutional violations.

In other words, what Dinse is really trying to say is. You blinked wrong, you farted wrong, You burped wrong. And we are going to lock you away. THIS IS UNHEARD OF!

So then you need to start asking the important questions of what this is really about which starts between 5 –  9. And it all comes back to one single thing. Someones hate, rage, or jealousy against me.

I see all sorts of people swerving and doing things, I can assure you, they do not have Neighborhood watch groups!

Also, while this massive worldwide extermination operation is going on, Dinse with his vigilante groups, whine and cry that I am somehow making them stalk me with their Neighborhood watch groups, actually trying to play VICTIM!

He is the one with all the power! he is the one on LAPD, working with NSA/FBI with billions of resources on one man who has been the nicest person known to man to everyone in his whole life. Showing that he is basically the same type of person like Adolf Hitler who then cries like a baby with his murder army that, oh poor him, I am making him hunt me down with my family, and Mike Huntley with ulterior motives to lock me away or rid me of the world.

When did I ever have any power to do anything? I am just a average citizen trying to live my life.

Also, there is another important thing going on here, notice one of the angles Dinse is playing is“Traffic Issues” trying to cover up all the people they had launching vehicles at me which I avoided almost all of them showing I am an exceptional driver. And what kind of police officer has worldwide neighborhood watch groups stating that you veered an inch right or left once in a while? Get me point? He is basically a Nazi, trying to tell me I have to be a million percent perfect, which is impossible or they will lock me away.

But the plot thickens, with  days of this arrest, One person who managed  to wedge his car in between me and a right turn, which I caught several people doing do me within weeks out in Hollywood. Causing almost no damage to his car, and tops, $500 to mine which went through insurance. Common accidents which happen every day of our lives and normally no one would care about. The next few days upon going to repair the Vynal wrap sign on the sides of my car that says “” which is their real motive to stop me from talking.

My mother calls me, up on the way to the Vyanl Wrap repair shop. At one point she says “You aren’t driving are you?” And me saying, “Why, do you have a problem with  that?” she then gets angry, says, “I need to talk to Arnold” and hangs up. Arnold is her rich husband, and they live out in Vancouver Canada.

Now, within days of this, I am arrested on the original arrest where in the jail I am sarcastic, and when the person who pretends he is sort of on my side or believes me says they are taking me to jail and booking me, I say “NICE” being sarcastic that he isn’t nice, just as I already knew about.

Immediately after this, Arnold Silber, my step father out in Canada, with my mother had the conversation and were mimicking “NICE” showing that these arrests are things like my family, the police, and everyone involved

NOT WANTING ME TALKING about the endless crime spree against me, especially done to me at childhood from them.

In otherwords, they don’t want me to have signs on my car, just like Greg Koenig in unit #2 kept ripping them off my car working with my family, and they don’t want me driving around where people can see them. And they don’t want me passing out cards telling people worldwide they’ve been lied too. Hence, Kevin does not talk. Kevin does not have the 1st Amendment freedom of speech!

Kevin is not allowed to protect himself from tyranny, murderers, criminals, you name it. I do what I am told. What job! who to date! where I can go!

Do you get the idea? this isn’t really about anything they say I’ve done!

But I want you to notice how my family is intermingled in these terror/torture propaganda operations to remove me from society and lock me in a cage like my father did his dog Maggie.


These people right here, not only don’t have neighborhood watch groups in my community. They are part of the hypocritical groups coming after me! What does that tell you about these people and their real motives?

Believe it or not, this is part of Officer Dinse’s Neighborhood watch people. And also the one, and types of people claiming if I forget to turn off a blinker, I am a reckless driver and things like this.

And, across the 35 years of drivers they had doing things to me, as well as the ones who tried to aggressively set me up launching vehicles at me that I avoided. Shows that I am an impeccable driver, and always have been.

I don’t have many of the more obvious aggressive ones on video, but I suspect these are by the nature of how the people working with them are operating.

But on one accident where I avoided someone launching their vehicles at me, the police officer started giving out my reports in those neighborhoods trying to make them think I was an out of control driver. And had one even call me up on the phone asking about it and saying he has my report.

Example, one kid working with  the police would follow me to coffee shops with his friend. Also to the park as well trying to keep me inline. And each time they came to the park, he had a big bong smoking marijuana, then asking me things about if I had weed hinting that I may have too much legal marijuana and things like this. Keep in mind, they are working with the police. So why are these kids supported by the police having weed in public, but if some ash falls off my cigarette, I am being hunted?

Not only this, but I can recall the day before Bailey Bernard followed me home, blocked my gate, and attacked me, telling them about how the security guard Paul Naranjo Attacked me at the Topanga Starbucks and hit me in the head, something like 7 times in a row and the first one from the back of the head. Showing that most likely, they didn’t want me talking. Which has always been the case.

Do you really think this is about me being crazy or anything I’ve done wrong? Or is is about what I know?

Obviously, it is about what I know, and locking me away for it.


The Police sending a girl named Stephanie (Skyler) after me on IRC having her send me a message, telling me that they were going to SKULLFUCK me to death for some reason. And their ACTIONS show that, that is exactly what they are doing. And it has been going on since young then 9 years old, as I found out at 29. This is just one of the endless operations of theirs to end my life and rid me of the world for some reason. When I told Skyler, I didn’t want anything to do with her when she got abusive towards me. The LAPD went ballistic coming after me more for walking away. Showing these are all cover up operations for their endless crime spree against me since a very young child.

Take Note: One of their tactics since childhood is to label me a Paranoid schizo, and notify the masses wherever I go poisoning the well. Then working on me to try to flip me into paranoia. It’s been going on my whole life, and I found out at 29, something wasn’t right, with all sorts of threats and freaky behaviors. The Paranoid Schizo is just a endless label for them to try to get away with their crimes to remove me from society.

My own brother when I was 16 years old, threatening my life that he and his friends were going to put me in a Mental Institution, after I stopped him from bashing Greg Waugh, my friends head in with a crow bar after my brothers girlfriend Jen Yang cheated on him with Greg. Yet the LAPD are helping him hunt me down for some strange reason with these mass worldwide groups. for saving my friends life. Then he wanted me to spy on Greg for him, which I said no. After this, he gave me the Mobster, Blood is thicker then water speech. Little did I know what would happen to my life, by simply saying I would not support that type of behavior, or what happens when you walk away, or the further you get from my family.

The deeper you connect the dots, the more the truth comes out. While all these events in my life are conncted all the way back to before 9 years old to remove me from society with every resource known to man.

Why is LAPD, the Police, And Government helping them with their endless Rage towards me? I don’t exactly know, but most likely they are being paid off.

And you will notice this entire thing is about endlessly, all day and night doing continual subtle passive aggressive things to me that look almost invisible in insane number then saying, I am crazy and imagining it. And if their is any type of reaction, no matter how small, or they think their is a reaction based on thin air, I am punished even more, for things that people don’t care about making the murder operations, grow larger and larger.

Example, if someone is joking around and throws an Ant on you. You’d say that, that is a weird prankish thing. But then you are punished with them saying you committed a crime, and the rest of your life, 1 million people per day throw ants on you. Then you go to the police, telling them what is going on. They throw ants on you, saying it i not a crime to throw an ant on someone, damn well knowing that their are 1 million ants thrown on you a day.

Now, any person that knows that 1 million ants thrown on someone per day is going to eventually kill them. And to try to play stupid shows that someone in the position of being a police officer, or anyone else involved is catering the information to try to make someone look crazy while invovled in a mass crime.

Sure, they might say that their is nothing in the law books about a ant thrown on someone. But they sure as hell know that their are things on the law books about people getting togethor trying to kill someone. called “Attempted Murder” or probably things like “Conspiracy to commit murder” however I am not a lawyer. But I do know that their are crimes of all sorts of nature with mobbings and groups involved and you see it all the time on the news.

So anyone who tells you that having 1 million ants thrown on someone per day, and they have to learn how to live with it, is not a crime, is a murderer who wants someone dead. Because we all know, that would kill someone.

Now, the only thing I can really link this too, as a young child is my fathers Story about Officer Romo pulling him over, making a right turn too close to the curb. And my father telling him that if he ever came into the emergency room, the he would not get any help.

But where things fall apart for me is my fathers behavior towards me, also taking part, and throwing me under the bus saying I am imagining what is going on. But needless to say. These subtle things that are being done to me by almost every person I am in contact with worldwide all connected across the Internet and then me being punished for almost every single thing I do.

You smoked a cigerette, you didn’t sit perfectly straight, you said “Hey” you said “Hello” you said “Hows it going”  ate more then 3 meals a day and are out of control, you left your city, you waited on the side of the road by a house, therefore you are a stalker. Applying to any house in the world.

You get the idea, are all down the ally of, you made a right turn to close to the curb, and “We are watching you Perelman” just like this video below of me being threatened by a police officer. And this is where someone told me he was going to call the police, because he didn’t want me smoking a cigarette.

“We are watching you Perelman” around 210

You will notice, this worldwide wide neighborhood watch groups are collecting and trying to get anything possible with the police to use against me. That all these subtle things that normally a police officer gives you a ticket for, example, you littered so an officer hands you a ticket because he saw you. In this case is world wide groups with such things like, I saw Kevin do this, I saw Kevin do that, I saw Kevin get in a accident or bumper tap and he’s the devil, I saw Kevin argue with someone so he threatened someones life and tried to kill them, I saw Kevin waving his hands while talking to a girl, so he tried to hit her. Things like this. But nothing really based on any type of crimes, being caught for a crime. Just people trying to create some kind of Perfect Nazi environment while torturing me, and telling me that I am not allowed to react, say anything, and better accept being tortured and killed. And if their is any reaction they don’t like, like blinking my eyes too fast, they will do their thug arrests.

So when people from all over California start coming on the stand to be cross examined, it might look strange that random people all over California are calling the police on me for things that no one normally would care about working together.  Example, one person claims Kevin was speeding in Los Angeles, and exerts the energy to come on stand, another person claims Kevin’s voice levels in Encino california, were a tiny bit raised and says he is a danger in Encino California, all working together, establishes that my constitutional rights of privacy are being violated, and normally no one would care. Showing mass thuggings and blackmail by the LAPD for finding out what I know at 29. Of their Propagand/Terror/torture systems they have built around me as a child because I simply started pulling my eyebrows and things like this.

Also these people getting together all over shows that these random strangers worldwide do know me, and their lies that I am imagining it and no one knows me, is a cover up operation. And them knowing me is way before any website or card existed.

Violating my constitutional rights of the use of excessive force. And not even for a crime. Normally, no one would stand for this, so It is strange that it is being supported worldwide. And no one is coming forward saying this.

So lets take a trip down the Rabbit hole a little, My websites show you about .00000000000001% anyways but it’s way to vast and complex for a blog or to people to understand the big picture of these endless terror operations to remove me from society.

This is an audio of one of the neighbors saying “That’s the person I want to kill”

While this is not necessarily direct threat, and people say these things out of Anger all the time. The context of the situation is that, he is not mad about me passing out the cards.

While politely passing out cards in hopes they stop.

To give you an idea of what I’ve watched all day and night 24/7 in these police terror operations to SKULLFUCK me as they have sent Skyler after me in the late 90’s when I lived in Colorado sending me this message, clearly working with them and Kelly Hatch. As you can see here, now working every angle known to man with the black community.

Showing when I went to go see a Lawyer Arnold Gross, he, like most others who have been contacted by the Police and LAPD to stop me from getting any type of help or Defense. Back to the “You are no allowed to Defend yourself” for some strange reason. A black person was working with him and as I left the office, watching the Lawyer lie, just like the Police, that nothing is going on to try to make me look crazy. A black person was waiting for me and tries to thug and intimidate me in a passive way.

The Lawyers I’ve contacted so far who REFUSE, just like the police to represesnt me for a fair, honest trial contacted by Detective Angela Stuart, and all told to send me cryptic messages with the secretaries “Bye Bye” to let me know they are all going to work togethor to lock me away. Violating their Oaths to the bar association. And conspiring to remove me from society. Blatantly ignoring all evidence of defense, if I can even get it in front of them. Some even trying to make me look crazy.

As we have a dialog while he plays stupid trying to control the situation, instead of address the situation. I proceed to a nearby Coffeebean, and a different black person follows me there with the same type of tactics. While giving him a card, and once again having a friendly dialog. It ends in a cryptic message about mass groups once again taking turns on me in retaliation for what I know and found out at 29 years old with the police.

You can watch this hour long video which shows his conversation and then these mass thuggings at multiple Ralphs, especially the Shopping center on Topanga/Ventura where they worked on me for 17 years, and are desperately trying to cover up and lock me away on something much larger.

Keep in mind, that Paul Humphrey is the conduit to this shopping center sent after me by the police around the age of 14 years old. This also involves a black porn Star Named Jada Fire
who seems to be heavily involved in these operations, as well as making money off the fact that I have NSA/FBI, police, and worldwide operations in secret to remove me from society or put me in the ground. Which is even stranger but seems to link back to the fact my family was mad at me for kissing a black girl around the age of 12 years old.

12/20/2017 Hurricane Jane(Jada Fire) thuggings black community connected with NSA/FBI Full Version – Lawyer Arnold Gross, People in the black community following me and threatening me with mass attacks  to try to keep me quiet about what I know –

The cards are a result of their terror operations in self defense. The cards and website did not exist until way after me finding out and being tortured
to death. Probably like 10 years later. And that is a pretty passive defense in being hunted and tortured to death by world wide groups.

Keep in mind, that since somewhere between 5 – 9 years old, my family decided they didn’t like me, and want one thing of me. Kevin in a cage, a cell, or in a Mental institution. It has nothing to do with anything but their bitter, hate, rage, and disgust for their child because i am a good person, and different then them. They is nothing I have done wrong, but be the nicest person known to man, and have great common sense. So they will use their psychology and pathological lying, and psychotic personalities to do what it takes to get what they want. And spew every lie known to man out to the larges circles of the world.

Some of these attacks are literally 100,000 to 1 million per day with the Internet and the psychological terror operations.

Even a simple 10 drive to a 7/11 will result in maybe 100 cars coming out doing things, and maybe 10 – 20 people sitting in their cars turning on their headlights directed at me to try to get reactions. Just one of 1000’s of these world wide passive aggressive tactics in mass enraged mobs in one of the largest witch hunts in history. It does not matter where I go world wide. It is done by almost every stranger I am in contact with.

And those who are neutral, still do not address the situation or address me as Kevin or if they know me. They might try to send a positive hidden message. But a hidden message is a hidden message, and weather it be positive or negative, it is to try to make someone look like a paranoid schizophrenic or someone who is mentally ill. And they know this.

I found out at 29, this campaign since 9 years old was going on, and the cards existed around 40 years old or so. Which shows you that I am not the problem. I am the Victim.

And no matter what, they REFUSE to stop, tell me what it is about. With all sorts of enraged threats letting me know this is forever, and then try to make me think it is my fault.

So in this case, and context, that is their motive. And this shows their anger towards me. Also, the “That’s the person I want to kill” in this context, pretty much means. That is what they are trying to do. Because that statement with a psychological terror operation to give me all day and night nervousness breakdowns, and do it until I die, is attempted murder. And obviously their motive. Why they will make up any lie known to man that I’ve committed some crime and deserve this. It is all based on fiction and their excuses have changed daily since 9 years old.

Also, while the Police are trying to turn things around on me, saying that I have some kind of personal vendetta against them according to my Attorney Richard Barnwell, and that I am screwing with them. I am somehow doing something to them.

They have also told Richard to tell me, I am not allowed to call them unless it involves a life or death situation, and of course, on this last assault and battery against me, once I called them they arrested me later on after speaking with Detective Angela Stewart with the proof and what was going on, while slipping in these fake charges on supposedly a warrant arrest that no longer exists. Out of all the endless calls for them to take reports of crimes against me, fraud and stealing my money, or setup attempts, endless vandalism, followed from place to place, trying to get them to take reports of the things I could easily show them happening.  They showed no interest for some reason and tried to thug me quiet saying I am 5150, and a Paranoid Schizo and things like this. And I can assure you my only crime is turning 29, and finding out what is going on. With endless Death Threats from Mike Huntley in my office working with them to try to endlessly set me up.

Even the last visit to the Police Station, where one detective tried to hint to me that because my middle name is Micheal, it is somehow my fault or I am a schizo, showing how calculated these activities with the psychology community are.

Translation: We don’t want any record of what is being done to Kevin Perelman

Sound strange?

I thought the Police were about keeping the peace, and keeping the streets safe. Yet they are following me from place to place my entire life trying to lock me away. So are they being paid? most likely. Who knows, Maybe large donations with favors being asked.

Also, they are telling the world I am a violent paranoid schizo, but of course, do I sound violent here? Of course not. I have always been the nicest person known to man and completely un-impulsiveness. Especially with my judgements about people. Then they will work on me with verbal coordinated terror tactics to try to provoke me into anger to make me look violent if I try to be friendly with people. My point is, that whatever they say is a cover up for their ulterior motives which starts at a young age

Some of their other lies,

I am a Narcissist, and I think I am God, or Jesus. I think I am a Hero, working on the Kevin is crazy and has delusions of grandeur. But of course I watch people telling me weird things over and over that I am God, or the messiah, or trying to MANIPULATE me to be a Hero. Or a leader. A lot of times, even using movies to try to make me conform to them. Things like this. With mass groups working on me togethor to try to flip me out or make me look crazy.

And every time I prove someone wrong, they get even angrier showing that this isn’t about any type of concern.

And it is not about my website or cards. While they might want it to appear this way and say I am a nuisance, it is not. My point is, if I am being hunted, and they don’t think it is wrong, then, clearly, this is about something I found out, or don’t want coming to ligt.

THEY ARE THE NUISANCES and refuse to leave me alone, and they will say and do whatever it takes to try to lock me away. Not because I have done anything wrong. But because of what I know and found out was being done to me around 29 years old.

I haven’t asked anyone for anything. And they are the ones pursuing me every way, shape and form. I’ve pretty much accepted most people. And those I don’t like, I stay away from.

The websites explains the situation so people can understand what is going on. The lies being said about me, and how they operate. And why wouldn’t anyone want the TRUTH coming out about who I am and what is really going on? Unless they are involved in a crime.

I will start around 2010 I believe, after Rodie Morales was sent after me by the police in endless frame jobs and setup attempt operations, just lie most people in my life since a young age. Rodie Morales was the Gym Manager at my gym who befriended me after Mike Huntley wanting to sign up to a Gym and work out.

Which I had been doing on and off my entire life. Another thing my family is mad at me for some reason which is odd.

The only problem with this was little did I know that Mike, originally my brothers friend, and my 25 year friend who wanted to start an Internet Company was working with my brother to try to put me in mental institutions, or jails,

Why? well, that type of behavior comes from psychotic lunatics who just don’t like people and want them gone. And as I get older, the more he would want to cover up this information to look like the Wholesome Urologist he wants to be. Which he is not.

Keep in mind, I have been told during the arrests that “They are aware of what is going on at my fathers office” yet then why are they arresting me and refusing to put a stop to what is being done to me. Showing they have always been aware, and me being hunted doesn’t seem to be a concern with them. As I have watched them pursue me for 17 years, and realized I was always being hunted. No matter how good of a person I am.

because around the time I was 14 years old, Jen Yang, Cheated on him after he went off to College with my friend Greg Waugh. At this point in his psychotic rage, when Greg came over to see me, he went after Greg Waugh in his psychotic rage and tried to bash his head in with a crow bar. I jumped in the way, and stopped it.

After this, he give me some kind of Mobster Blood is thicker then water speech how I should have spied on Greg for him letting him know everything, and support bashing peoples skulls in I guess. Which I told him, I wanted no part of his activities like this. Little did I know, in my family, you don’t walk away, and you don’t tell them that those types of behaviors are wrong, or you are not one of them, and a threat to them. It’s kind of like trying to walk away from the Maffia.

Oddly, my neighbors when they hear I told him I want no part of doing harmful things, then try to turn it around on me, saying they are not going to be honest about the situation, because I told my brother I want no part in hurting people. This is how calculated these people are.

At this point, he proceeded to tell me that “He and his friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and they have a bug in my room and are listening to everything I do”

I did not realize the amount of resources my family had, as I just figured he was mouthing off crap. Like his license plate frame “I swerve and hit people like random” just trying to act tough. With their road rage Chaos things with his friends he’s been pinning on me for 30 years. As my friends were all told to do the same things.

Which will help you understand why the MOTIVE is to make me look mentally ill and like a paranoid schizophrenic.

Around 1994 when the Internet came around, My brother was the first to call me up while I was at University of Colorado and show me the Internet which was very basic Telnet Session. Little did I know he was playing both sides of the fense in endless frame jobs to try to make me look like a hacker, stalker, and whatever else he could to to rid me of the world. Showing me News Groups, IRC, and when the web became visual. All harmless things that everyone did, and does. Yet these were frame job operations, and setup attempts to try to put me in a bad light to the world.

While I can go from endless, lies, smears, Frame Jobs, Setup attempts my entire life from this, I will skip past Rodie Morales from my Gym sent after me by the LAPD and Mike Huntley. Who was working with them to catch someone with a double life who killed someone in another country, and then supposedly went to our gym. Then befriended me taking me to strip clubs and trying to pin things on me with Mike Huntley, and try to to about 2010. Although, that being said. Why did Mike Huntley want me to go to this Gym, and meet Rodie at Burbank and Warner Center Lane, in Woodland Hills.


People need to look at what is really going on here with Rodie Morales, Paul Humphrey, Mike Huntley, the LAPD, and why they are so interested in me. Especially after Mike Huntley wanting me to sign up to this Gym with him.

Aubrey Fisher working with Rodie Morales and the LAPD to remove me from society for some reason Introduced to me by Rodie Morales.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

While being hunted all day and night 24/7 since 9 years old, and not knowing until 29. You can imagine the all day and night world wide attacks up until around 2010, while still trying to start my life over and going to an Encino Starbucks. Being hunted by Aubrey Fisher, and a Heather from Yankee Doodles pool hall in woodland hills.

All coverup operations for what I was starting to find out.

Following me there, and claiming I am following them. A common tactic done to me that goes as back as Cory Bixbie, and Kelly Hatcha and 1000’s of others in High School and my entire life told to do these things to me.

I have a History with Aubrey Fisher, in that Rodie Morales sent her after me, having her befriend me working with LAPD to remove me from society as I knew her for several years. Why? Who really knows other then my family had it in for me starting around 9 years old with government support. Maybe I farted wrong. I cannot answer the question, because it is an absurd question to ask in this situation dealing with psychotic murderers hunting you down your entire life.

Normally, The Police, And Lawyers see crimes and damages, and want to stop them or sue for damages. Not force you into false confessions, then continue hunting you and causing more damages. Showing that everyone is being approached in a mass extermination campaign. Because normally people say this is wrong, on all levels.

And I can assure you, it has nothing to do with my personality, thought process, or anything else.

What is interesting is that at the age of 29, and me starting to realize something wasn’t right with my life. From strippers named Bentley, saying “you will get yours” to me starting to think that something might be strange with Bob Sandler my partner saying he couldn’t afford a computer at home, and wanted to use my new laptop, while maybe he might be up to something. To all sorts of other events of me noticing that people seemed to know of me wherever I went, but I didn’t really notice it at the time.

Noticing that things were being taken off my computer and put on fake similar accounts on the Internet, and all sorts of weird things coming to light. I recall calling up Rodie Morales kind of freaked out and telling him something was wrong. Although I couldn’t really comprehend this worldwide wide extermination campaign and what was going on.And I can recall Rodie Morales  changing from a friendly voice, to an Interrogating voice and his words, very dominant and aggressive were “It’s not like you’ve killed someone, have you?”

Now looking back with Mike Huntley’s lies about his friend Brian, who killed himself at Amgen, because they found he was surfing his computer on how to kill someone if I recall. Which I never thought of until right now.

Keep in mind, I did not see this article until something like 2010 about Rodie Morales. Yet, Mike Huntley seemed to be working with Rodie Morales for some kind of bunk Murder confession. And I find it extremely strange that Mike Huntley and the LAPD wanted me to go to the Gym so that he could have Rodie Morales befriend me to get some kind of murder confession. Yet based on what?

Here, once again, we have the LAPD working on me with all sorts of suggestive messages about Lilly Love, and me having a gun, and the possibility of murder, with DNA tests, and all sorts of weird things going on in thug, scare, intimidation tactics.

But like usual, no one has been hurt, no one has died. There is no body. There is no crime, their is nothing but maybe blinking my eyes at my parents incorrectly at 9 years old. If someone was killed, I’d be arrested for it, and told that I am being accused of a murder, and this is the person who died. Yet non of that exists meaning that the Police are mad at me for who knows what reason between 5 – 9 years old. And have just gone on one of the largest worldwide rampages known to man to rid me of the world. Yet they have no actual reasoning for it.

And when you watch their accusations switch all day and night for 35 years from thing to thing, That is the behavior of a liar that can’t get their way and keep making up newer and different lies to try to get what they want. In this case, me rid of the world.

Now what is it about? With my father telling me weird things that he is trying to protect me from myself when talking about money, yet he is really applying it to my personality, suggesting I am a danger to myself or others. Because I know his personality and what he is capable of. And what he is involved in. Yet I am the one who hasn’t done anything at all to anyone my entire life on any level known to man, and he and the rest of my family have done everything known to man to me, and with worldwide support.

And being that my neighbors have been in communication with my family on their terror networks with the police, and Terrence Scroggins telling me at the time of the Original Arrest that I better not leave my house. Pretty much coincides with the my fathers thought process of locking me away in a cage like his dog Maggie. As he says, to protect me from myself to cover up the shit storm he created with his controlling paranoid psychotic behaviors withthe rest of my family.

Another one of their lies to the world is that I have no self control. If you haven’t figured it out yet. They will say and do whatever it takes to rid me of the world. But yet the Police and Government are helping them every way shape and form to accomplish this.

But then, we can ask oour old english sheep dog Maggie who spent half it’s life in a cage what he did, and if he could talk, would tell you that he didn’t do a thing wrong either but lick someone in happyness.

Even if I really did think backwards, or were crazy, this still wouldn’t be justified because most people in this world base their judgements on actions.

But also, I can recall some of Mike Huntley’s well crafted lies after me finding out something was wrong like I tried to choke him and things like this which are consistent which each and every stranger I’ve been in contact with for 35 years as well as the amount of people I have watched actually launching vehicles at me since 16, trying to cause accidents and things like this showing that I have been a really good person my entire life. And someone wants me dead and gone, or in a cage or mental institution.

Things that we all know Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stuart, Officer Jensen, and Officer Toro, with the rest of the Police force don’t want coming to light, so they are trying to tell the world, that I am a violent paranoid schizo who is a danger to myself or others. Why is my family supporting these operations in secret?

Because I started pulling my eyebrows at 13? God forbid I was born with a big mole on my face or something, then what would my fate be?

You get he idea. These are all cover up operations because they don’t want me talking or knowing about what was done to me my entire life. Especially during childhood and growing up.
and most of all they don’t want to look bad or be sued for damages to my life. And that is why Rodie was sent after me by those involved.

It also isn’t a question anyone normally asks. They just stop the crime, or say being killed is wrong for whatever reason. Not ask you why or they aren’t going to stop the crimes against you doesn’t make sense unless they want you dead and are part of it.

So after getting into Photography, and Studio Photography trying to start my life over, for some reason, Aubrey Fisher took offense to me having a camera, with everyone else, and wanted me dead. Following me to Starbucks in Encino with Heather from Yankee Doodles working on me every way shape and form with Mike Huntley and the LAPD.

At one point, after watching 1000’s of people per hour working on me with mental illness tactics for YEARS! 10 years for that matter. I started documenting it as proof.

Of course, like usual, they say, well he has a camera, he is causing problems. But people don’t say things like this. Photography has been around since the mid 1800’s. I have never seen someone being hunted for merely buying a camera, or having one on them.

Also, if they exerted, 1% of their obsessed rage on me and my camera. They would look at and know why I have the camera. And I assure you, they already do. INTENTIONALLY ignoring the obvious.

Are you saying my photography website is criminal activities? I don’t think so, it is the same as the other billion photographers who aren’t having any type of problems like this.

But they don’t not like this.

Which they even had a problem back in 1995 for simply taking a Photography class in University of Colorado, working with my Professor Nick.

Also, Aubrey had a problem with me getting into Studio Photography because she got into after I did, and then wanted me dead for some reason.

The same thing Brian Weaver did to me at 16, when I got into building cars.

Although, this isn’t about a girl really, because it goes from person to person since 9 years old. That is just another excuse to create fake situations to cover up the bigger picture with NSA/FBI operations to remove me from society, for things like picking my eyebrows at 13 years old. And a psychotic Neurotic family all with psychology degrees who don’t tolerate imperfection.

So after years of torture with world wide groups, and especially Starbucks, from LAPD having black people hit me at the Encino Starbucks, and having JonPaul Narnjo attack me at the Topanga Starbucks with endless blows, the first one even being from behind in the back of the head,  in the Right Aid next door, and their psychological terror operations with world wide support, while sitting on a bench outside of Starbucks an Officer Toro comes up to me. Of course he freely gives his name, which instantly I knew he was lieing, and also was hinting about Kelly Hatch they sent after me to follow me up to Southern Oregon State doing the same exact things they are doing now, all day and night 24/7 since 9 years old. And also trying to turn it around on me like everything else.

It’s strange that I called the police, and like usual, they knew of the incident, before I even called, and like usual, they are never concerned about what is done to KEVIN, only ways to cover up each and everything done to Kevin.

Trying to hint I had done something wrong then, just like if I blink wrong, they will follow me for the next 35 years. He tells me “If you ever take a picture of someone he will exercise the law in his own way” of course, Internal affairs was called, and they knew of me, and didn’t care that some guy is being hunted by the LAPD, with world wide support since 9 years old, and not even for a legit reason. Which their isn’t one, showing that, They have taken away my constitutional rights and want me dead and gone, or in a jail cell or mental institution. Who knows why. Probably because what I know.

Also, the LAPD is helping and supporting these operations

At the Ecino Starbucks alone they had YEARS of mass groups in the 1000’s per day with backwards cars in parking lots, People in all black, and all the clothing colors working on me. When Officer Toro Threatened my life because he didn’t want proof of this mass Gang Stalking against me coming out.

I have over 6 months of documented and video of these all day incidences, which the same exact things were done to me at Topanga Starbucks for 10 years prior. Not one concern from anyone about any of these except, Kevin might react! and if he does, we will put him away.

That would be considered the largest setup in the history of humanity!

Keep in mind, this is all day and night world wide for 17 years trying to torture and kill me, with world wide support trying to make me look crazy, and like a paranoid schizo. So when you see the few pictures online, you need to realize this is mass world wide groups all connected through the internet. and the pictures of what you see, you need to understand that these things are really about 100,000 to a million per day directed at me.

Difficult for someone who doesn’t know what is going on to believe, but the majority of the world knows it is going on, and they just won’t come forward.

In other wards, I am about 10 times more infamous then Donald Trump, except there is nothing I have done.

This is an example of the Encino Starbucks things done to me, just one out of 1000’s of tactics, and upwards of 100 – 1000 per day.

This is them all getting togethor city wide, and following me to Encino Starbucks. Just a couple of pictures.

All Black4 11_22_2012All Black3 11_22_2012All Black2 11_22_2012

This is probably about 1 hr. I would literally see like 100 people in all black per hour directed at me, then changing tactics, that still happen.

I actually have 6 months of surveillance video and all the events documented by each incident. Some more obvious. And guess what happened when I walked into The LAPD with a Hard Drive of 6 months proof? NOTHING! like usual. They knew about it, did not want to help me. And then the suggestive harassing messages. Sometimes whistling at me that I am a whistle blower. Which is one of the tactics done over and over to me, after someone asks me about my life.

But wait? aren’t they about keeping the peace? is this peace? Mass mobbings to kill one person and rid him of the world for finding out things were being done to me my entire life? And observing them.

Sure, you could say your not seeing it. But it’s world wide. But the other proof I have is undeniable. Especially with people saying they want me dead and things like this.

Now keep in mind, during these larger attacks, their are all day and night psychological gang stalking operations going on to try to torture me into reactions non stop to arrest me. So almost every single person I am in contact world wide are passive aggressively provoking me with psychological setup operations to more me from society. Upwards of 100,000 attacks per day with clothing colors, and internet terror operations. But honestly, it might be closer to a million a day which I have documented. While it sounds unrealistic and crazy, it is happening and I have proven it. And most people world wide know about it. They just don’t want to say anything for some reason.

People are even trying to convince me of things like. Well you tapped your foot around Aubrey Fisher once or twice, and I am a troll, and that is it! Ok, so what is the punishment for calling someone a bitch then? Disemboweled and hung on the ceiling like a cross? After all, it would be my fault for calling someone a bitch according to the LAPD and everyone else.

So the Death Threat by Officer Toro, in 2010, working with Kelly Hatch from back in 1992, Aubry Fisher, Heather from Yankee Doodles, and a lot more people. trying to rid me of the world. One of the things LAPD is in an Angry rage about, or to put it a better way, looking for leverage to rid me of the world is this pictures these pictures which will be explained later. Keep in mind, out of all the shoots I did, they are just selectively trying to go through each one, just like my Art, and put some fictional story to them.

Around this time, I did a photoshoot with a Christina, who called herself Lilly Love, one a community Photography Website called of course, her contacting me in a photoshoot post like usual, on the site which is done all day and night by millions.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life –

The site is geared towards all aspects of the Photography community. Especially people who are learning and have no experience on what is called TFP, Time For Print. While I originally signed up to, Aubrey who was hunting me down with these people tells me I should sign up to Now keep in mind that people my entire life have been told to do psychological warfare tactics to me, and people like Aubrey FISHER, were fishing for anything to use against me, and Mike HUNTLEY was hunting me down. Then trying to turn it around that it is somehow my CB Radio names, or Screen Names, or whatever lies to the world they can have me mentally battered to death on their propaganda/torture systems. Fear mongering the world against me in secret. But think how well thought out, and calculated this is by people with psychology degrees. Most people don’t even remotly think of things like this. Yet my family is creating these elaborate well calculated fictional operations with full government support. And I am guessing NSA probably has developed these torture operations and probably don’t want this coming out. Just like the things Edward Snowden exposed.

Hence, after signing up to ModelMayhem, you could say I was Mayhemed to death. And People would message me for Photoshoots for the sole purpose to rid me of the world. Now prior to this, Aubrey Had a Black girl named Ariana message me on Myspace, non work related obviously, because I didn’t and never have had a photo studio business. Just tried to see if I was good enough to do something with it, just like most things in my life, which the same exact things happened right from the start of each and every one. But like usual, sabotaged from day one.

Needless to say, Ariana contacts me on myspace before signing up to these sites, we do the shoot. She wants to go to P.F. Changs, and starts asking interrogating questions. After this on Myspace, she started getting really abusive so I blocked her. And she didn’t like this. Needless to say, the picture I did for her, is somehow a crime. But I am still confused what is in it that any honest sane person would remotely care about unless the picture is jumping out of the monitor and chasing someone around or something. This picture is no different from the billions of photographer images released every day.

After signing up to Model Mayhem, Lilly Love contacts me, also wanting to do a shoot. And of course she brings her own clothing. Tiger Print shoes, and whatever else she choose, and we do a TFP shoot for her. Seems pretty damn harmless to me. Unless someone wants you dead.

I happened to have a toy prop gun that Victoria Walker that she was trying to scare me into a confession years prior from my father and LAPD putting a bullet hole in his 300e when I was 16, and telling the world I tried to kill or scare him, in his endless rage towards me.

Probably because around 9 years old he told me to eat the liver at the dinner table, I defied him, and he said “If you don’t eat the liver, you can’t leave the dinner table” And I think I sat for like an hour. NORMALLY, no one would care. But a psychotic murderer does care about things like this. I cannot tell you for sure exactly what it is about, all I can tell you is that you need to understand their personalities.

After this, they were continuing my families original lies to the world after kissing a black girl around 12 years old in T1 or Sunny skies, I was moved back in 1st grade or something, telling the world I am a white supremacist because they got mad for me kissing a black girl. And used this picture with my mothers art therapy degrees, and brother and fathers secondary psychology degrees as leverage to tell the world it’s a confession of a crime and things like this. Things that you could not conceive of, just pulled out of their asses out of, hate, rage, and jealousy against me.

Another reason Starbucks and the LAPD have been stalking me is because of this private collage picture in a classroom which is harmless as well using that as leverage to hunt me down. Things you would not conceive is even possible. Because most people would laugh if someone walked up to them saying “This person made this harmless picture, he thinks he is Mike Tyson and is a women beater” yet, oddly enough, people seem to either believe, or pretend the believe, things that a 10 year old could see through. Showing this is much bigger then some trivial art, or  a bumper tap.

Now if it was a picture of me hitting the girl. You might be able to say something. But how does one go from Mike Tyson, to someone thinks he is black and a women beater based on thin air and hunted by world wide support, doesn’t really add up. Especially when you are told you aren’t allowed to defend yourself. And you just can’t see yourself and too bad. That alone show MOTIVE to rid someone of the world, with calculated pre meditation. Not one question asked about it to me.

So in 2013, after like usual, still trying to start my life over since 2000, and being hunted by world wide groups with no actual reason for it, Officer Jensen, and Officer Dinse, Are stalking me, connected to officer Toro, which I believe is somehow connected to officer Romo, when I was a young child, and my father mouthed off to Officer Romo, saying “If you ever come into the emergency room for help, I will not help you”

I have a feeling never even happened and my father probably just told me it to say I conform to him and hate the Police or something. Who knows.

But  I cannot be sure, really what is going on, because if that was the case, then my family would be on my side. and not trying to lock me away working with them. Officer Jensen comes into my life when I was not only being Stalked by My Brothers Restaurant, working with every other one world wide, but also after me being social and posting some friendly comments to a UK model Louise Jensen

Also, the LAPD tried a lame excuse on me to try to make me look obsessed. Well if you don’t like My Brothers BBQ, then why do you go back. Pretending that they didn’t know it was every restaurant I go to world wide. And that no win argument will be applied to each and every one. Just like dating women and them given packaged terror tactics. Well why do you go back? well, it’s each and every one world wide. So then it’s reclusion and isolation. The usual Double Bind, or no win Catch 22 scenarios. Either way, your labeled and hunted. Because that is what this whole thing is really about.

Oddly enough, also related to Jen Hess, just another one of these girls sent after me to try to set me up and lock me away, who was involved with Mike Huntley and Paul Humphrey, My family, and Lorena Escobar.

But keep in mind, it does not matter which girl I talk to, the same things will happen with every one world wide, and has.

Some girl pretending to be Schizo, and trying to put me away for some reason. But just one of 1000’s with direct contact, and millions with non direct contact across 35 years.

So, while Jensen played this game of constantly lieing to me to try to get reactions, and me knowing the truth about things. Like he says “You are not allowed to have a tripod on sidewalks” and I handed him the code that says you are. And after enough of these questions, I asked him for his Badge number.

At this point he arrested me, working with My Brothers BBQ as they packed up the counts with things you could not care about like saying I assaulted someone by throwing a business card at them. Things you would laugh at. Although like usual, they are not concerned with the proof I have of these endless stalkings being done to me all day and night showing they are negligent for not stopping a 35 year murder operation to make me mentally ill and kill me or lock me away, or better yet, aiding and abetting the operations, because no one is this stupid. Especially with the proof I have. Showing, they don’t want me talking. And are working on me with these Paranoid schizophrenia operations to gas light me and try to make me look crazy to lock me away, for who knows what reason.

One of their counts or accusations was that I was obstructing the entire sidewalk with this small sign. As you can see, I have a coffee cup next to it to show you the scale. It could not possible stop people from walking. But like usual, what they left out was the mass armies in clothing colors, cars, and terror operations going on directed at me. Which I have tons of photos of in this situation alone.

Here’s a couple of the mass groups in the Neighborhood coming out wearing Solid Black Pants, and Solid Red Shirts all at the same time. Just one of these terror tactics that Jensen, Dine, And Toro are involved in. Keep in mind, in 17 years since I noticed this. They have not stopped following me from place to place doing this.


But don’t focus on the size of the sign, focus on what the sign says that is so disturbing to them.

“Smeared for creating art”


Also Notice, 11/18/2017 – Officer Dinse, Jensen, and Detective Angela Stuart are ramping up their Red/Black tactics, and a new Yellow/Black Tactic when I go out to Santa Monica and Hollywood. Probably in hopes they can cause accidents and things like this. I took 120 pictures of red/black, and tons of Raven Bay Flannels.  Within a couple of hours watching them all come out after I got there. And there were a lot more. This is not Random, it is coordinated and directed at me. Hollywood Blvd is a lot more crowded then out in woodland hills on an empty street by My Brothers BBQ. But if your paying attention, you can still see the pattern change from normal and random, to the large groups showing up after I arrive. Or if they know I am coming down, then before.

After this, Yellow/Blacks which started last month, after the red/blacks came out,

A few weeks back 11/6/2017 – also started when going to a Private investigator

And then about 15 in my local area within maybe 10 blocks of my house, when I went out to take a walk, also with about 30 dog walkers all in groups at the same time. And also mass groups now coming out with Adidas Stripes and following me from place to place in groups as well.

Now why doesn’t officer Toro, or anyone else want me owning a camera. especially taking the University of Colorado Photography class? Gee, I wonder!

And also with my own fathers statements to me “People aren’t allowed to defend themselves” meaning that even though I bought the camera for my photography, which most worldwide know, and pretend they don’t

For some strange reason, my so called loving family doesn’t want me safe if anything should happen to me, or the ability to tell or prove to anyone of crimes against me!

Because all these are the real reasons they are hunting me, which don’t really make much sense other then some psychotics psychological labels.

Notice first off, That Lilly Love is in this picture, who is involved in trying to set me up or frame me. So is Lorena Escobar sent after me by my father and asked me to do a photo shoot of her as well. And of course the Black girl on the Chess Board, Ariana working with Aubrey Fisher, and saying this picture is somehow a threat or confession of guilt! And so fourth.

Not only are these pictures harmless, I guarantee you walk in a supermarket, and see the Glamour Magazine on the stand, it’s the same thing. Except mine are a little more artistic and less traditional.

So what! I mean is their argument that originality is somehow a crime like Adolf Hitler would say.

Also, a lot of black women contacted me on ModelMayhem for photoshoots, and it is also possible that, Being that Sean Dinse,  BAILY Barnard, the person who followed me home Assault and Batter’d me, and Detective Angela Stewart all working together are involved. Baily and Dinse both look like Skin Heads, and both have a problem with my art and Camera. And while I have no facts, it is possible that their real Anger has to do with some infamous person who is known world wide, and is creating art with black people, might offend them, because maybe they don’t want black people getting good things out of life, just like they don’t want me getting anything out of life except some kind of jail cell for associating with black people. That is something that they would need to be asked and this gotten to the bottom of.

Because while I am being accused of being a white surpremecist,  for kissing a black girl at 12 years old, and also creating art with some of them. I don’t see how that has anything to do with Anger and hate. But I can however see that if these stalkings to me with people cops uniforms are hunting me for it. That says all anyone needs to know about who is a decent person and who is not.

Now Dinse, pretends he is a Psychiatrist, and knows this from that. But it is really about hate and rage against me. And being that a lot of this comes from a harmless kiss to a black girl at 12. It takes all kinds of loonies and angry nutjobs. And some of them have badges and don’t like Jews kissing Black people I am guessing. Because none of this is about my personality,  my art, my psychological health, or weather I am a good or bad person. My entire life, I’ve proved that I am an exceptional person despite the lies they want to give to the world. And I have also proved that I am beyond any level of rational and have great common sense. Which seems to be what they really fear.

I will not claim things like Perfection which is impossible. But I’ve spent my life trying to be a good person. And they can try to cover this up however they want, and I will expose the truth.

But the reality of the situation is that my mother is an Art Therapist, and no matter what Art I create since a young child. Even her asking me to draw her a tree she didn’t like to psycho analyze me around 10 years old or something is the crime of all crimes.

Now the plot thickens. Detective Angela Stewart, who is clearly working with Dinse, thinking he is a psychiatrist, and one of the best ones out there who is never wrong, and has a God complex,  is working with Angela, who seems to be on some kind of Angry RAGE, most likely daddy issues from being an Abused child or something.

Same tactics Aubrey Fisher was using to rid me of the world working with them, who was sent after me.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life  –

And if you notice a PATTERN in my life, people are told to just keep coming after me, one sequentially after the next given the same things to do over and over until they succeed with with Ulterior Motives, and Hidden Agendas. It does not matter how many people you walk away from. They just want to try to Set me Up, endlessly for some reason.

Which really seemed to make Lorena Escobar MAD!, when she asked me to do a photoshoot of her, and I provided the results. Me know knowing what they were doing, but her thinking I did.

While this is a pretty harmless picture, clearly she didn’t like it because the thought I knew of their criminal activities being done to me. Hence her ramping up the suggestive hidden pattern tactics with mass world wide groups. But she is also involved in a lot more, like sending women after me in University of Colorado to try to set me up. And their is no doubt, paying off Jen Hess to try to set me up with Mike Huntley, Paul Humphrey, Tom Farley, The LAPD.

The real things the need to be INVESTIGATED, and the police have no interest in. Only covering up these operations.

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics –

Lorena Escobar contacting restaurants and coffee shops telling them to stalk me with her –

Lorena Escobar most likely Paid to hunt down Janet Nordet still stalking me and contacting my attorney’s with the police trying to remove me from society –

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job  –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know #cnnireport  #FoxNews –

And one of the people they sent after me, maybe around 26 years old was Named Jen Hess. While Jen Hess, could not successful set me up working with Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Paul Humphrey, and my family working with the LAPD. Who knows for what reason. Although Mike Huntley telling the world I am a Monster and they are going to put me in a mental institution, after me stoppng my brother from bashing Greg Waugh’s head in with a crow bar.

One of their cover up lies with the LAPD was that I had hit her with a mask on. Yet ironically, they were using the movie “The Mask” to try to create paranoid schizofrenia tactics while people kept telling me that I am like Loki, at the same time. If you can’t see what is going on, this is mass groups actually trying to create mental illness and brain trauma.

Now, I keep having random stranger after stranger come in my life and try to rid me of the world with the LAPD with world wide support, which is strange. And these people who keep attacking me, then turning it around. Physically, mentally, you name it. Even the Security guard, Johnpaul Naranjo pretending to work at the Topanga Starbucks attacking me, and the first punch from behind, with non stop, maybe six others in an attempt to end my life.


Security guard Jonpaul Naranjo attacks me because they don’t want me going to Starbucks or any coffee shops world wide or some strange reason –

Jonpaul trying to cover up his crimes against me who doesn’t even work at the Starbucks he was at and was helping the employees stalk and thug me which related back to my brother and his friends –

And yet the LAPD, nor anyone in public witnessing it, are not interested in the truth, and all working togethor for simply going to a Starbucks, and getting some coffee, and trying to relax after mentioning to a Stripper Mila, at bare elegance at 29 about Jen Hess, Although not mentioning names. When things really got bad for me. Because they found out, I knew they were setup operations. at the time, I wasn’t even fully aware how deep and vast things were until finding out that the LAPD with my family are sending one person sequentially after the next since 9 years old to rid me of the world, with global support.

It’s simple, you talk to a stranger and you vaguely tell them about your life and experiences, and then the LAPD wants you dead and gone. They are showing GUILT, and Aiding and abetting crimes against you. Their is no crime in talking about your life.

Remember what my last Attorney Richard Barnwell, The LAPD and my own family has told me

“You are not allowed to Defend yourself”

“You are only allowed to call the police if it is life and death” and upon calling LAPD after Bailey followed me home in his assault and battery, and stalking with “Now I know where you live”

And blocking the gate on my property to my complex. and stopping me from putting my keys in the lock and opening the door, then
Detective Angela Stewart was sent after me to cover it up, and arrest me. While slipping in the fake charges on a fake warrant arrest

Hence, the cover up lies by the LAPD to stop anything truthful from coming out.

Do you see an endless 35 years of LAPD patterns of behavior here on trying to rid me of the world?

Do you think it’s strange that after posting my blog with Jonpaul’s attacks and the picture of me, Someone from the Metro complex took it off my blog, and posted that I attacked him, and am a dangerous paranoid schizo? While attacking me with insanely huge groups to try to make me look crazy. And the next day after me being attacked, my car top, and tired, and paint, keyed, and slashed? Is that the BEHAVIOR of honest people? Pictures below.

Now, this is where things get interesting, because it appears the Detective Angela Stewart is going on ballistic on people for battery. And here is another person she is involved in something. This person was found INNOCENT, on Detective Stewart’s arrest. And it seems she is just going after anyone she can due to some kind of childhood incident or something that was done to her, or some kind of abuse to her. So she just want to rid those who she doesn’t like of the world, or who she and Dinse do not trust.

In mine, she did not want any proof, evidence or anything else that I had with Bailey, and the desk officer I filed the report  with looked away at Bailey’s picture showing she was guilty, and did not want anything to do with the proof of the crime.

Here is an article of one, and I am sure of many false arrests of this angry, bitter enraged criminal Detective Angela Steward, who arrested an innocent person, with the same types of charges. Who knows, for all we know, she didn’t like the persons shirt. But I can tell you this. This person needs to have their badge taken away immediately. And is a danger to the citizens. Especially when she is involved in illegal activities, sending people like Jen Hess after me, and riling up city wide terror groups. Then contacting my lawyers telling them not to help me get a fair trial.

She is involved in all sorts of ILLEGAL activities. And I can talk about all sorts of things going on. And her and Sean Dinse, I am sure are involved in a lot larger illegal operations, are probably being paid off.

And I can tell you, when they sent Rodie Morales after me to endlessly try to set me up, and frame me. It sure as hell isn’t because I am a bad person. Because If I was, they would just have arrested me for the crimes which don’t exist. Hence why they keep hunting me down from person after person. Because I am a good person. And they are stuck in a mass crime.

World wide groups STUCK in their mental illness lies –


It does not matter if I draw a simple harmless flower, I will be hunted for it, with some kind of psychological analysis.

And I have seen people do all sorts of gory pictures, and they are not being hunted. Yet alone screen play and book writers that write horror.

My point is, that My family, or  the Police don’t want me to create any art of any kind. So much so, that right before this Arrest, someone was deleting my twitter Photo’s off my twitter account, and probably working with Sean Dinse to try to make me appear like I was on the run or have guilt for my Art.

Things go deeper, and I believe that the more Art I create, the more I prove their world wide Defamation and Slander about me wrong, and the more they want to stop that from happening, showing that they are liars with ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

Just as me simply having a camera, or a website that says “What you have been told is not true” is somehow the crime of all crimes. If that was the case, The News channels would be crimes.

Yet ask why this trivial event which no one normally cares about is a crime, or what they are so afraid of happening.

That’s Obvious, they don’t want the TRUTH coming out, because it blows open the bigger picture which links endless 35 years of crimes against me from the psychology community, High School Teachers, College Professors, People paid to be my roomates and spy on me and try to set me up one sequentially after the next. YOU NAME IT!

People like the Psychiatrist Karine Echington which made a choice to support these criminal activities and tell me things like “People with anxiety die at a young age” because she choose not wanting to stop the crimes, while disseminating my therapy conversations to half the world and Lorena Escobar. Instead of saying that this is wrong and telling the police. Aiding and abetting the crimes against me.

She was obligated to tell the police all the information I was providing her with photos and video hence, Yet with flat out proof of the crimes against me, she was playing stupid and trying to bury me for some reason.

“According to the American Psychological Association’s Code of Ethics, therapists should let their clients know that in the event the client discusses inflicting or being the victim of child abuse, inflicting or being the victim of elderly abuse, or posing a serious danger to themselves or to others, and the therapist believes these threats or allegations of violence to be valid, the therapist will have to report such discussions to law enforcement officials. Also, therapists may be asked to release confidential information shared by their clients during therapy to the judicial system if served with a court order, though they are bound to only reveal information that is absolutely mandated by the judge in the case and nothing more.”

Who knows, maybe she is mad at me for reading books about abusive people for understanding what was being done to me. Because Nazi type personalities don’t want people reading books or understanding situations. Which at that time the Anxiety label came from my mother while reading books to understand how and why I was being abused by continual people coming in my life.

Which shows you what the Psychology community really is.

You can understand why she wants to cover up the crimes she is still involved in with Officer Dinse, Detective Angela Stewart, Officer Jensen, Toro, and the worldwide rest involved

It is irrelevant if she likes or does not like me. She like everyone else is obligated to be truthful and stop any crime. Weather she likes me or not.

Which is kind of like a Death Threat almost is this situation, and was probably even paid off I’d guess, because what other motive would she have?

The same psychological warfare stalking tactics being done to me at My Brothers BBQ working with world wide restuarants

Around this time, I thought it would be a good idea to talk to someone in the psychology community about what was being done to me, and the problems it was causing by the severe abuse. Aside for who knows how many calls to people in the psychology community not wanting me to me say  word about anything that was and is being done to me. One of them that started seeing me name at this time was
Karine Echigan (M.S.)

Image result for karine echighian

While I find it strange that talking to anyone in the Psychology Community and trying to unload what is being done to me, and the things I was finding out done to me my whole life to a professional who’s job is to listen and talk about these things turns out in each and everyone in my demise, is kind of strange. When their job description is to help people in need. And try to put me in some kind of cage. A jail cell, mental institution, seems kind of strange.

Yet consistent with my brothers childhood threats that he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution after I stopped him from bashing Greg Waugh’s skull in with a crowbar.

Making psychological environments unsafe for me. The whole concept of theropy is to talk about what you life is, and your problems, not be afraid you will be hunted for them. Hence the problem of me calling them for help, and watching them each be notified, and empowered to break every law known to man in the name of pre crime, profiling, someone opinion, you name it. And not based on who I am, and my actions.

While Karine was not interested, in truth, honesty, the situation, like the rest being notified beforehand and connected through the Internet worldwide. She was involved in all sorts of illegal activities. One, working with Sean Dinse and the Police to try to figure out how to remove me from society, no matter how illegal it is. She was also disseminating my session conversations violating confidentiality.

A lot of these private conversations were going to my fathers Office manager Lorena Escobar, and I noticed mass groups around the local area also seemed to be getting aspects of my conversations.

At one point, even a Neighbor was following me around making up lies with her to try to get me angry to use any reaction they could collect against me. If I recall, one of the neighbors came up to me spouting about how I had glued his mailbox shut which seems pretty absurd to begin with unless it was some super thick epoxy.

While later on I looked at the Mailboxes and nothing was glued. I recall asking him “Was it crazy glue” he instantly said yes. Showing that he was lying, because how would he know what type of glue it was. Also, if this was the case, I am sure he could have just pried it open. Crazy glue isn’t that strong. Needless to say, Once going back to the next session, like usual, she had these private conversations with me and the person in hopes she could scare, thug me quiet, or get information to use against me, showing that all sorts of illegal setup and frame job attempts are and have been going on my entire life. Normally your shrinks don’t contact your neighbors telling them to set you up or try to fame you over and over.

Also, she was in contact with My Lawyer Jonathon Franklin. As well as me, at one point even going to a Peruvian Restaurant on Mason/Sherman way, and the employee having me pay him on his cell phone with credit card and popping up a payment to Karine. Which, I am guessing he was hinting to me, that she was going to make me pay for my crimes of breathing. Although I cannot tell you exactly what was meant, just that something is going on illegal and demented.

But interesting enough, any time I have any contact with the Police worldwide, they try to leverage themselves into positions that not only are these corrupt people in the Psychology community have the opinion of God. Nothing seems to be questioned about someone who calls up a psychologist to feel better, and is then hunted by them, contacting the police of every false clinical label known to man. And you are stalked by the police.

Yet, people in the psychology community aren’t allowed to follow you around throwing labels on you with the police and trying to rid you of the world. Just like Sean Dinse is showing what he is involved in. Or people would not go to see psychologists, because their very act, means that your life is in danger if you go to a therapist for help.

I can also recall me showing endless photos and proof to Karine, yet later on, her story changed from. Yes I see what is going on, to well I kinda see something but I am not seeing what you are seeing which is undeniable now on my website.

But when talking to Police officers worldwide, even one in Oceanside around 12/01/2017, they have the same packaged responses as Karine. Showing that, they are all communicating togethor with Internet resources illegally to control and manipulate the situation. Showing that this isn’t about truth, honesty, weather I am a sane healthy person. This is about illegal activities, and people committing crimes in fear. And destroying the good person, Kevin Perelman’s life.

Even if I was a Paranoid Schizo, what would justify notifying the world of this? That in itself would still be illegal and using information against someone. Showing what their true motive is.

Because my life isn’t based worldwide on who I am, it’s based on information being given out worldwide. Also known as Propaganda. In this case, illegally and stealth fully done in such ways so that they don’t have to be accountable for their criminal activities. First off, non of it is true. Which makes it Slander, and Defamation, also because people are being told to hunt me, really turns into Criminal Defamation. The act of giving out information to be used to rile of the masses to end someone life on some level. And thought out beforehand. Which means it involves pre meditation to commit a crime. The was planned and executed to harm me!

Especially if you saw who I was at 29, extremely healthy, outgoing, social, friendly, and kind to everyone. And that all changed not from mental illness. From finding out I was being stalked by mass groups. And a lot of them in the psychology community. Things the police want swept under the rug? OF COURSE!

These people should not be allowed to work in the psychology community and are a danger to the very people who call them for help.

Which leads to the next question of why my mother, when I was 29, finding out, wanted me to go to Susan Doner (Psychiatrist) so bad and “Tell her everything” someone she was preparing me to go see, while Mike Huntley and the rest trying to flip me out at the time.

Image result for susan donner

Because they already had the packaged response of the labels they were going to throw on me with the police. Yet, like Karine, simply calling them up for help, leads to mass stalkings to remove me from society based on nothing but telling someone what you are observing. Which all lead back to my brothers threats when I was around 16.

And I can go through all sorts of freaky aspects of these sessions. For example, when I told Susan that in order to explain things that the Devil is in the details. She says to me. No the term is “The Angel is in the Details” and uses it as some kind of literal analogy, instead of a saying that people say to prove a point or explain things.

Also, her trying to get confessions that I am doing things to Yankee Doodles waitress’s and of course when she thought she got the answer she wanted, telling them and the entire community to endlessly attack me and hunt me down, this being 17 years later. Trying to cover up me being abused and stalked with clinical fabricated labels in a mass conspiracy to remove me from society out of hate towards me.

They are going to put me in a mental institution. Out of their hate towards me for some reason.

Now, while I have listed some of the bigger players on some people in the psychology community. It goes from one to the next. 100’s were called for help. All basically telling me, I am not allowed to talk about things. And if I did. Things would get really bad for me.

One tried to give me analogies about Jews in concentration camps, and how in order for them to find peace, they would accept their fate. Can you imagine? A therapist telling someone to accept being hunted and stalked, or they would rid you of the world.

Can you imagine, you are being punished for saving your friend Greg Waugh’s life so to speak. With the most severe consequences known to man.

Yet, Police officers worldwide are being fed these bunk clinical labels on me, and not one is questioning the LEGALITY of the methods, showing that they could not care less about, Law, Right or Wrong, or even Truth. And when approached, they ask me interrogating questions in specifics.

Example, I cannot tell you how many police officers and people have asked me specifically “Do you suffer from paranoid schizophrenia”

Not vague questions like, Do you suffer from mental illness. Showing that they have been approached and given the same defaming and slanderous information. And illegally.

The Paranoid schizophrenia label comes from Susan Donner, and she should never be allowed to work in the psychology community again. Especially knowing that I magically went from extremely healthy to sick starting with Vague Death Threats from Mike Huntley that he was going to make me mentally ill to control me along with all sorts of other threats, and then making up lies that I tried to choke him and things like this. Things you would never expect from a 25 year friend, originally your brothers friend who devoted 25 years to stalking and hunting me with the police, and government for some strange reason.

But you get the idea of the bigger picture that non of this is even about mental illness. Just cover ups about the severe abuse that was being done to me as a child, growing up, that I didn’t even know was going on until maybe 38 years old looking back.

And so they want to hide their ABUSE done to me, with clinical cover up labels that I am crazy or whatever they can pin on me.

Abuse is not mental illness. It is reactions to horrible things being done to someone. Hence why they want to make me look crazy. Their is heavy police involvement that goes back as far as teachers in High School trying and telling me to punch other kids which did not work.

You can probably figure out why they wanted me to do this. To make me look like a violent paranoid schizo who is a danger to myself or others. Yet just like now, it didn’t work. Proving them wrong. Hence their cover up arrests.

How will it look to the world if someone person has been HUNTED by the police and psychology community for 35 years with every psychological lie, and cover up attempt known to man. And in the end it was because someone didn’t like me and threw a psychology label on me working wit the right people in the government?

Like everything that has been spewed to the world, and they are trying to cover up and make me look crazy so that they don’t have to be held responsible for their illegal actions and destroying my life worldwide. All these people are working together to cover up a mass crime. And their ACTIONS show it.

They don’t even have the decency to leave me alone after destroying my life and name worldwide.

And endless death threats from police and people to try to thug me quiet.

“You had better accept what is going on, or it is going to get a lot worse for you”

People telling me I had better go live in the jungle or forest because of this. I have no clue what that even means other then someone wants me to starve in the forest or something away from the people who are hunting me, so that they don’t have to deal with their crimes against me.

You might be thinking, but probably not, how does one go to a psychologist/psychiatrist and be safe, and talk about their life if they just work with people and the police for ridding you of the world every time you unload? well the answer is that their are confidentiality agreements, just like Attorneys to protect you from these situations. The only difference, is that I have been stalked for some long with some many resources, the world has been enabled to brake every law known to man against me in the name of, we don’t like or Trust Kevin Perelman. Hence people being empowered to commit crimes in the name of justice. Just like NSA was preaching about the greater good while committing every crime known to man.

But the problem is that they just revoked my constitutional rights as a child for who knows what reason. But it isn’t based on anything but, they don’t trust or like me. Hence why the concept of removing peoples constitutional rights in the first place is a ticket to extermination. The whole reason the constitution was created was so that everyone is equally protected. You can’t equally protect your country, but then selectively kill those you don’t trust or it defeats the purpose of the entire constitution. And the people don’t care less, because it is not them. Once it is, or things like this happen to others, they will start caring. Because they have been blinded by endless bombardment of 35 years of lies about me to make this look justified.

At this point I went to a Lawyer, Jonathan Franklin

Case #: 3PY03498 for those who want to look it up

Officer Jensen, and Sean Dinse thug arrests to try to thug me quiet about what they are involved in

The one thing you might want to notice about both of these cases is that it goes from the local arrests t to all sorts of fabricated municipal codes down in Los Angles. Never any police arrests, just random so called witnesses who supposedly know me!

Example, I am arrested here in woodland hills, then some witness in the neighborhood watch group see’s me down in Los Angeles and they fabricate these claims. But yet, how does he know who I am in the first place? Because the police have had worldwide neighborhood watch groups with threats “We are watching you” and endless thugging based on. You had better sit straight, and never blink your eyes for the rest of your life or they will whip me with mental battering from their mental illness tactics with these mass worldwide groups.

Normally, I would think that the scope of the arrest pertains to the area the crime is committed. Not and every place you go, there’s some kind of, you farted wrong, we are watching you. I wouldn’t think pertains to the arrest. However, I am not a lawyer.

Notice, this is from 2014 on Google Forums, AFTER HIS INITIAL ARREST which did not work. Showing his hate, rage, and obsession. Not only that, but he is trying to cover up an attack by Johnpaul Naranjo, a security guard at Starbucks who was yelling at me then attacked me. First punch to the back of the head. Maybe 5 – 7 following non stop to kill me. This was also after about 10 years of endless attacks from the Starbucks on Topanga/Ventura, as I was attacked at world wide locations as well with mass world wide groups. In a cover up operations. They will say and do whatever it takes.

And they are trying to use my picture from being attacked by him with mass world wide support to say I am violent which I took myself and put online showing what he did. Because of their childhood labels out of their anger and rage that I am things like a paranoid schizo, or troll for coverups as to what my own brother was told to do to me. But as you can see from my website, these lies, smears, criminal defamation, defamation, slander, are distributed world wide on their propaganda/terror systems.

This is one of the few ones that are on the open web, but the real lies are on the covert terror systems away from me.

Notice the continual cover up operations here.

I am violent and dangerous, then it goes to litering

These people damn well know that they keep having these people physically and mentally attacking me, over and over and each and every time they try to cover up these operations turning it around on me. Just like they sent Kelly Hatch, Jen Hess, Julia Sophia, Rodie Morales, Cory Bixbie, You name it after me. Each and every one they have told the world I am doing something to them, when they were all sent after me to Stalk me. Same with my own brother. Each and every time. Now I have not listed one random event in this sentence, I have listed endless people from just off the top of my head.

These people need to be caged, and sued for what they are doing to my life. The physical attacks, the all day and night 35 years of mental batterings. And the criminal lies here to cover up their crimes in mass conspiracies, and working with the LAPD.

Jonpaul alone threw the first punch in the back of the head, and about 6 others non stop to try to kill me, and I was lucky enough to stop him. And not one person in that crowd was concerned with my life or me dieing. It wasn’t until I stopped him. Nor did the police do anything about it like usual as I was followed before and after that one event all day and night since 9 years old. These people are vioent psychotics who get mass mobs togethor to try to kill people with every lie known to man.

This post by itself shows all sorts of Criminal Defamation, Defamation, Slander, And proof of a mass Gang Stalking and they will say and do whatever it takes to try to cover up the endless things they’ve done to me.

I have seen these people waiting for me to come home with a .5 mph bumper tap parking with them yelling at the top of their lungs, They are watching me and I had better do what they say and things like this. I can assure you. These aren’t honest people. They are lieing thugs who will do whatever it takes to rid people of the world they don’t like, then turn it around on me. And are connected with the Police, NSA/FBI since I was as young as 9 for some reason who won’t leave me alone.

Notice in the Google post showing STALKING, PRE MEDITATION, MOTIVE, OBSESSION to go after me, and refuse to leave me alone. That they need to get me in their REVENGE of lies they have pinned on me and don’t exist.

Also notice something else. They took my picture off my blog stating what had happened,


And then of course, they say that I am the violent aggressor. But of course, the picture they posted online wasn’t some picture of me in public. It is a picture I took of myself in my own house showing what happened.

So already, you can see, that they are taking my pictures from my own blog, then turning the story around on me. Because if they were honest people, they wouldn’t be taking the very picture I took myself saying that I am the aggressor. They would have some kind of evidence of their own. Showing that they have nothing but desperation, and lies.

Also, you will see here, the Police working with mass groups, now going on 17 years at this one location as well as worldwide alone in setup operations to try to collect reactions to use against me to give to the world, like usual, leaving out the entire context of the situation. For example, they will tell the world that I yelled at a lady and am I violent paranoid schizo. With NSA/FBI resources.

Now keep in mind one thing here. Sean Dinse has a shaved head like a Skinhead. Bailey Bernard working with them has a Shaved head, Detective Angela Stuart is trying to accuse innocent people other then me, who have been found not guilty of hitting women, and we have a racist Jew hating person here who is working with large groups of people and the police in a stalking operation to rid me of the world for over 35 years now. And also they are beyond any level of pissed when I kissed a black girl around 12 years old showing kindness and affection.

While I do not believe this mass stalking is racial by nature, You can see a pattern of the Racists, or Reverse Racists trying to turn things around on me my entire life turning things around on me which is more of a tactic.

Then the cover up labels that I am a violent paranoid schizo which confirms the whole concept of someone being targeted for GangStalking because the entire premises is to do subtle things to Gas light them and make them look crazy to rid them of the world.

If you see my other video’s with people waiting in cars with lights on backwards, you can put the pieces togethor that these are all coordinated mental illness terror tactics with mass groups working together and police involvement. This video shows two of them working togethor isolating all the other people working on me in that parking lot as well as others worldwide.

This is an example of a simple conversation with one of the people who came out of his house, because he doesn’t want me taking walks with world wide support. So they all come out with about 20 dog walkers out of the Metro Complex at the same time directed at me to try to create paranoid schizophrenia and get a reaction. Notice, he is also wearing solid black pants, and a solid white shirt. Which is one of their mental illness tactics in groups. Also, they usually come out in that color if I hand someone one of my cards which is Black and White. Notice how he tries to make things look personal, and it doesn’t work. Also, notice the lame restraining order question. Because you can’t file 100,000 restraining orders a day against strangers using psychological warfare tactics and no direct contact. Working every angle and tactic known to man to control me. Instead of just be HONEST, getting the truth out so everyone can have good lives. Notice how I am the calm, honest, and non violent one. And he is the Enraged Tyrant who can’t get what he wants, and his tone is demanding and angry. Yet despite the fact I am being tortured to death by their terror operations to try to set me up. I am still the calm and non violent one. Showing they have always been full of crap and have Ulterior Motives from day one with every resource known to man against someone who never even had a chance to do anything with his life. If anyone was to have a reason to be the crazy, enraged, violent one, it would be me, yet it is them, in a RAGE that I am not. Seem kind of strange? The ultimate setup operation to rid someone of the world?

This also applies to the same longer youtube which shows all the dog walkers and other tactics being done to me  in mass groups at the same time, on a simple 1 hour walk to remove me from society since 9 years old. Click here for Full Video

Notice here, I am nice as can be. Not only do they have a white Camera with a black stripe parked with they keep parking the one white, and one black jeep cherokee’s.

Last week they actually had 4 jeep cherokees togethor in this same spot all in a row.

But also his Jacket is white with a black stripe.

And down the Street they had 2 people waiting for me in their Camero’s. One was red, and one was black, across from each other.

Notice how nice I am, and notice his blackmailing, thugging personality. Basically, I do what they say, or I am dead and gone. Once again, not about cards. that is their cover up excuse.

Notice how 100% of every conversation is, I do what they say. Their is never any time taken to address the the obvious, which I have endless proof of.

Just like Adolf Hitler telling you that you are not a good person, only they are working with the Police as Police Volunteers, and neighborhood watch terror groups.

One of the group dog walkers trying to thug me and tell me what I can and cant do

Notice, I am simply being polite, and asking if she wants a card.

She jumps back like Aubrey Fisher did to me at an Encino Starbucks when telling her I had the flu to try to make everyone think I am violent and attacked her.

Then she says “You better not” basically telling me I am not allowed to hand anyone a card with a blackmail tactic. Now I can
understand why people are annoyed with cards.

But they are only passed out in Defense to they endless mobbings. And the cards are 10 years or so after them refusing to stop and leave me alone.

So this simple behavior of their applies to everything I do. If I don’t sit perfectly straight, if I am in the bathroom for longer then 30 seconds at a Starbucks, if I sit at the park for more then 10 minutes.

Basically some kind of psuedo new wave Nazi behaviors. But the Police, Government, are supporting all of this.

This is also known as Gang Stalking, or Gas Lighting. Trying to make someone Crazy,My World Wide Targeting info

And even 2 cards passed out 30 minutes away at

9201 Winnetka Ave.
Chatsworth, CA 91311

Where years of terror activities against me have been going on. Working with Richard Barnwell, my previous attorney trying to cover things up and helping the prosecution bury me, instead of telling the truth and defending me. You can see here, the Gay Movie employee, working with the Gay community since they sent someone after me in Colorado in 1995, doesn’t want anyone knowing a thing. For 2 simple cards handed to some people with EXTREMELY important information on the website that affaccts all of our freedoms, as well as mine.

In this video you will see a black couple waiting for me in a black jeep when I come out to take a walk by all the other jeeps parked to send me hidden messages for years in the same spot with a conversation. Not only showing that I am not a violent dangerous person like they are telling the world in any attempt known to man to rid me of the world.

But I am a normal decent person who is observing a mass crime against me. And full LAPD, and Government involvement to try to torture me quiet. Also, an hour later, another person in the Metro Complex parks a Grey Jeep there.
Then people all come out, maybe about 30 of them walking dogs. Then the red/black clothing from hollywood and santa monica the nights before directed at me which I took over 120, in the few I saw within a couple of hours. Also done to me at My Brothers BBQ in 2013 working with Sean Dinse, and Jensen, and Detective Angela Stewart to try to figout ways to remove me from society because I found out their endless crimes against me growing up. Also, you will notice like 90% of my walks, the local fire truck comes out from down the street. As well as people all coming out with Adidas striped clothing, starting this week. An older tactic of theirs.

Other things are 2 cars waiting for me with lights on next to each other. And a girl coming out of my complex in red/black.

Showing they are the violant obsessed pscyhotics who won’t leave me alone, and have been hunting me for 35 years now for some reason. And I can assure you, it has nothing to do with me except for what I know, and found out.

And of course the Metro Security working with  Sean Dinse, Jensen, and Angela Stuart to try to thug and terrorize me quiet,  and also endless frame job and setup attempts for simply leaving me house and taking walks or even hoping in my car going places, especially Coffee Shops. Showing their illegal activities, and showing that they have no stopped hunting me since a young child for whatever reason which could never be justified. Showing their crimes against me.

The Metro Complex Security following me around trying to thug me quiet with labels that I am suspicious because they don’t want me going out and living my life.

Notice, the Security, with the mass Metro Complex People aren’t focused on living their own lives. They are obsessed with Stalking, Terrorizing me, and trying to end my life or remove me from society.

Things people normally don’t do because they are crimes. Yet these people are being empowered by the LAPD, Gov, with world wide resources to end my life.

Also, this might seem trivial to you, but me simply taking my cat out for walks in my complex ends up in all sorts of people trying to make me look crazy, or use the fact that I might sit around outside around the complex and sit around and walk my cat, which they make up all sorts of excuses how that is wrong or I am up to something.

Also, if I tell anyone about taking my cat for walks, it is a little out of the norm, and explained in such a way that doesn’t sound like I’m crazy, they are still crafting everything they say to use against me and give out worldwide. So I videoed me walking my cat, just to show that I seem to be the only decent sane, rational ones here. But the fact that I even have to document me walking my cat, or have to cross every T or I, is the strangest art of everything. So here is simply me working my cat to show. Yes it is true, and how they just don’t want me walking around anywhere or living my life.

There is no doubt Terrance Scroggins and the others people who are helping him pursue me have been taking the fact that they don’t want me walking around and disseminating out of context lies how I am doing this or that, is I have even seen people follow me to the Starbucks on Victory/Canoga Woodland Hills, over simply me just trying to talk walks with my cat.

You can see here, on 3/27/2018 that Terrance after claiming that he is in fear of his life after threatening me, and having me arrested with Officer Sean Dinse working with him on these setup attemps and frame jobs that the man in fear for his life keep coming up to me trying to bait me into reactions. But he is in fear of his life so why is he coming up in threatening manors? also following me covertly to a Starbucks the next day digging through trash pretending he doesn’t know I am there in hopes he can bait me into going up to him

Terrance after following me to gas station, digging through their trash cans

After this, pulling out more cars in 2’s and having people wait for me when I come out who are part of the Metro Complex, and entire neighborhood.

On these world wide terror operations

Also, the next couple of days 12/5/2017 Metro Security working with a black person in a Red/Black Mustang with covert threats about them trying to make me mentally ill and collapse my brain like Mr Church’s, Pretty much what Officer Dinse alluded to in his police car

This is a person who is Gay, lives at the Metro Complex, and told me his name is Richard, in setup operations to cover up for the Gay person in University of Colorado operation they had telling the world I am homophobic and hate gay people because after he snuck in my room while I was trying to sleep, said “What are you thinking about” and  I didn’t ask him out, or didn’t show any interest because I am not gay, decided to work with the Gay community and Police/gov to end my life with worldwide support. Showing that it does not matter how friendly, kind, generous, I am, I am being HUNTED with worldwide support for some reason. You will also notice in the Video below, is another Gay person at Starbucks Topanga/Ventura in the Video. And also a Gay person at the Starbucks on Canoga/Victory. Showing that I am literally being hunted. And of course, then jumps to black communities, Persian, Asian, and then  of course jumps to accusations that I am a car thief, pedophile, child moletor, peeping tom, you name it! Showing that this really isn’t about anything I’ve ever done at all! Just an extermination campaign with full police support, like Officer Sean Dinse, Angela Stuart, Jensen, the fictitiously named Toro hinting about other peoples pranks in Southern Oregon State they sent after me. in order to “SKULLFUCK” me to death as they had Skylar (Stephanie) send me the message while she was working with them to hunt me down when she pursued me when I lived in Colorado, then moved back to California, while she lives fairly close to my brother in Florida.

Even a person who walks in front of me making a left turn in between me and a Fed Ex truck to try to set me up and make me look reckless, at the Woodland Hills park, 12/4/2017, who is involved with about 10 years with mass groups telling me I am not allowed to simply take walks, or sit on a bench there for no reason with mass attacks they are trying to cover up.

Even at one point having Fox news show up with something like 10 helicopters and a ground crew harassing me, trying to thug me quiet, which is very difficult to believe is you didn’t know what was going on, or this wasn’t so out of control by the police and government.

Fox news sending Helicopters and ground crew to try to thug me quiet at the park for taking walks

Or lies that because the Street Sign name is MaryLee that I am crazy and looking for a 90’s pornstar named Heather Lee. Showing how far they will go spewing their fiction to the world about me defaming me.

This is John Paul, before going ballistic on me, helping Starbucks Topanga/Ventura at Woodland Hills cover up more then 10 years of all day and night torture/terror operations. And everything he claims and a lot more were done to me. Also, notice the person is Gay, and a gay person in College was actually sent into my house to try to set me up for some reason back in 1995

Also, they were trying to thug me into signing false contracts stating I had done all the things they were doing to me. Which Coffee Shops don’t make people sign contracts stating you’ve done something wrong.

They didn’t even want me having a copy of it, which is even stranger. After watching this alone, you can understand why they want me quiet, or dead and gone. Nor does he even work for Starbucks to make matters worse for them.

There is a little more here going on then a person who is supposedly a Paranoid Schizo or a troll, with the other 1000’s of defamation to the world.

Example, if my only imperfection with Aubrey Fisher was tapping my foot around her and their is a world wide campaign to kill me. It isn’t about some foot tap from some troll or asshole, which is normal life, she can stop calling me over and over and using me to help her. Like most people do. Not go on a 35 year vendetta with NSA/FBI resources because I tapped my foot around her, is not about a troll or a foot tape. Those are cover up operations and lame ones at that for what is really going on.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life  –

The “What happened to you” tactic and scam to remove me from society  with a gay person –

Also, some important questions not being asked, how would anyone here in California, have any information about this university of Colorado situation which absolutely nothing happened aside from me not asking a gay person out who snuck in my room while I was trying to sleep asking me flirty questions I wasn’t in to? And yet it is somehow a world wide crime for not asking him out which links to this gay Starbucks employee? Same types of things done to me with Stephanie(Skyler) from IRC. Do you see a pattern of covert frame job operations? I can go down and endless list of people doing this to me for 35 years.

My only crime is not being interested, or walking away. Nothing I’ve actually done wrong to warrant world wide extermination operations.

My fathers words before firing me “A women scorned” not only does he think this isn’t wrong. He is not concerned that some scorned women is hunting me with billions of dollars of NSA/FBI resources for farting wrong.

Even Cory Bixby in High School at 16, because I imperfectly pressed on the gas peddle while driving her home. You get the idea. These aren’t normal behaviors or reasons why people get mad. These are psychotic behaviors.But these people aren’t really psychotic, they are just pretending to be to figure out ways to remove me from society for some strange reason.

It is not my BEHAVIOR of doing anything wrong like Mike Huntley, Sent after me, Telling the world. It is his and their psychotic behaviors. From my brother making a childhood movie with Darrin Moiselle, calling it Psychos, and putting a knife up to my throat saying “Lets make him the 5th member of the BeeGee’s” to all their other operations and things being done to me. Things they don’t want me TALKING about and want to Matrix Mouth me so to speak. Things they thought I knew what was going on, rather then just living life. Little did I know they were hunting me. And why people are on the side of the psychotic murderers is strange to me.

He is working with the Police to try to cover up what is going on. And like usual, the Police were not interested in him assaulting me. Nor does he even represent Starbucks. He was just a security guard on the property and had no business thugging me with the Starbucks Corporation.

(Naranjo assault links)

My Lawyer at the time Jonathon who was working with the LAPD and was not concerned with the crime spree against me saying that, he doesn’t want anyone to get fired. But yet, killing me, and torturing me to death so I can never function, have any aspect of a normal life, then locking me away, is not a concern to him or anyone else. It’s about friends, money, and the criminals with badges all supporting each other and killing off the good people. Sounds strange because while corruption does exist, what I have witnessed is way out of the norm. And if this applied to everyone else, the human race would be extinct.

So Jonathan Franklin  tells me, this Misdemeanor will cost me 2500.00 but of course, the snake oil salesman doesn’t tell me that, he is charging per count, nor do I even know about things like this. Hence, after he goes to court, he has 3 other counts which he charges me $8000 and rips me off. The whole time taking turns on me with these mass terror operations and belittling me.

Needless to say, Sean Dinse, was Officer Jensen’s partner, and clearly their setup and terror operations didn’t work and he has a problem with me knowing what is really going on.

90% of the lawyers out there want to win cases, and of course, if they see corrupt activities will instantly tell the judge. But yet in my case, they turn a blind eye, from each and every one world wide trying to figure out how to steal my money, or lock me away. Sound Strange?

It’s because I built adult websites and am a bad person or went to strip clubs? Ya, I don’t think so.

After Eric Christianson, Val Morizov, Tom Farley, and Rodie Morales wanted to take me to strip clubs, and then I became a regular. And why did they want me to go to strip clubs so bad from the age 20 – 30 anyways? Not that that is a crime.

Now, while this you would think normally would be over with, from 2013 – 2017 still, all day and night 24/7 world wide groups hunting me down trying to torture me to death. And my fathers company with Lorena Escobar paid to stalk me and use the entire office with world wide support stalk me. Even getting all my psychologists conversations like Karine Echington, giving me some kind of death threat “People with Anxiety, die at a young age” kind of like

Mr Church from an abusive family and working with the police, and Jonathan Franklin

Image result for mr cook eddie

Which aspects of this movie were probably taken from my life like many others to try to turn me into a Paranoid Schizo, and after meeting Eddie Murphy around 16

And while these 14 years of my fathers office torture tactics with every single one of his employee’s and 100’s to 1000’s of cars in the parking lot with mental illness tactics, each and every day at Golden State Sports Medical alone. They even had the police working on me as well. Not one person saying this is wrong.

On 12/23/2017 – I see Elita an old Employee from Golden State who is black who was involved in from setup attempts and frame jobs to try to make it look like I was doing things to her as the world was told I was trying to get rid of her and make her mentally ill. A common accusation put on me with 1000’s of others to rid me of the world.

While some of my conversations in this video might sound kind of harsh in nature. it gets right to the point instead of sugar coating a mass worldwide psychological terror operation to collapse my brain or as they call it

“SKULLFUCKING” which is known as Gangstalking or Gas lighting which has been done to me since a young child

As I found out at 29 years old. While they run around with cover up operations saying that I am a violent paranoid schizo who is a danger to myself or others.

One very important things happens here which is Elita Saying that I am not a racist and didn’t do anything to her.

However she is lying about her pretending that while I was being mobbed to death, and still pretty much am even after fired, that they were doing it to her too, in hopes to try to manipulate me into something.

And telling me that they were screwing with her word documents which she wanted password protected

This is one of the people who the world is told I’ve done horrible things to. While these accusations are endless since a young age.

At the Golden State Office done to me all day, each and every time I was there for 14 years as well as everywhere else all connected


When LAPD was following me to my fathers office in 2’s instead of stopping the crime because they are involved in it and need to cover it up. Working with Elsie Sandoval, Lorena Escobar, Mike Huntley, Tim Thompson, Paul Humphrey, and a lot more people

Lorena Escobar contacting restaurants and coffee shops telling them to stalk me with her

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics  –

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me  –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know  –

Eventually, My father fires me, because he realizes, that I got sick of his pathological lying to me, sabotaging my life, and keeping me close to him so he can torture me into doing what he wants. Kind of like the girl in The Sixth Sense, the mother was poisoning to keep around.

And me telling him that I did not want to go out to eat with him, while he sat around watching me being mentally battered to death, telling me I was imagining it, which he damn well knew what was going on, and lies to me telling me things that I think differently trying to make me look crazy to control me.

And when he loses control of the situations, he breaks from having everyone else take turns on me, to him taking turns on me showing his true colors.

After this, he got really mad, and started trying to set me up and frame me with Fernanda Sime, who kept saying her computer wasn’t working but would not let me fix it, then saying I am doing something to her. And then my father asking me why she is so defensive and for me to give him the firewall logs from her computers IP, which she was in constant LAPD contact. Then him telling me “We got it” as if these things are my decisions so he can have a scapegoat.

Of course, then him asking me to take down, as if nothing ever happened and me saying no way. Not after like 15 years of all day and night torture and world wide support for 35 years. Also showing him that the more passive or the more I focus on normal life, the more they hunt me down trying to kill me. Showing that it is not about my site, it is about me breathing. And the site is the only thing that has kept me alive, but not healthy.

I did take down some things for him for a day to show him that it would get a lot worse for me once that happened, And like usual, I was right.

At this point, he fires me, and tries to cover it up saying I am harassing his employees, or the Black thug X-ray tech Brandon he hired to try to mentally batter me and he starts spouting that they are talking about discrimination and him making up more cover up lies. So you’d think that after I was fired, they would still leave me alone.

But if you know what is really going on. Lorena Escobar was hunting me down while I was off at University of Colorado, when I didn’t even have anything to do with Golden State Sports Medical. And all sorts of setup operations were going on. As well as someone even sent into my house to try to scare me into false confessions about my father and LAPD putting the bullet hole in his 300e and pinning it on me when I was around 16. Once of his endless frame jobs, and lies to the world about me, for whatever reason he is so angry.

Hence why they are so mad about the toy gun pictures because it shows that, I have no guilt, because their is nothing I have done wrong, and never even owned a gun. I believe Paul Humphrey was the gun nut, with tons of guns. Another person sent after me at 14 years old with my brother and family.

So after being fired, I needed some time away from these mass terror operations and become a little reclusive, and started creating some art and trying to relax, and doing positive things which I have been told for some strange reason is a crime, And the more I get away I was from people starting to live my life, once again the angrier they get in their rage. Showing their obsession. Why would they even care? Most people only focus on things that matter.

I like that movie or actor, and I hope they make more. Not usually following people around data-mining their lives and saying you committed a crime by not sitting perfectly strait unless they are Nazi’s or something.

Hence when going out, to Hollywood, or Santa Monica, or to different random places their attacks went from more subtle to more aggressive, because their rage of me starting to do different things gets amplified. Showing the signs of obsessed murderers. People throwing their cars at me over and over in hopes they could cause accidents and say I am reckless because they don’t want me living my life. In one case, one person caused a $500 bumper tap which the police are collecting and things like this, trying to make it look like I am a crazy out of control driver. From things no one would care about. then dramatized to the world.

WHO CARES ABOUT A $500 bumper take that happens a million times per day! by the way, the guy who wedged his car in to the right turn was wearing a Raven Bay flannel if you want to go deeper.

J-Walking is next!

You get the idea. They are trying to get whatever they can use against me to give to the world and turn it into fiction.

Then at the Auto Body Shop, Valley Motor Center, Ironically across the street from Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys.

14954 Oxnard St, Van Nuys, CA 91411

Brian Usher tells me that I need to be careful because a police officer has a facebook account and is riling up the neighbors to put me away. Of course, like usual. Their is no crime other then me being hunted, passing out cards, and asking people to stop, and leave me alone. with their endless death threats, I had better do what they say. Also, After Talking with Brian later, it was Sean Dinse’s Faccebook.

Here is a conversation a couple of months later after both arrests with Brian. On the phone, he admits it was Sean, but back tracks that Dinse didn’t do or say anything wrong, after out convo at the shop, that I had better be careful, and he is coming after me and riling up the neighbors to help. But they are involved in all sorts of illegal operations to remove me from society with the LAPD. So he is protecting the criminal trash in uniforms because he is involved. Also, you will notice at the end of the conversation, he says “Bye Bye” showing that he is working with Detective Angela Stuart to cover up their endless 35 year crime spree against me. Showing that he as well as these mass groups hunting me are all working together, and he is basically threatening me, letting me know he is working with the corrupt Stalkers in LAPD who have been hunting me since I before 9 years old calling themselves Police Officers. Detective Angela Stuart asked me if I wanted her to proceed to press charges on Baily Bernard who they told to follow me home, and stalk me, then block my gate to my complex, and attack me, telling me I am not allowed to go in my home, or get away from him. When I told her to proceed, she said “Bye Bye” on the phone, and contacted all the attorney’s world wide telling them not to defend me, as well as mass groups with her cover up operations.

While this goes a lot deeper to cover up the endless slew of people sent after me. Jen Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Stephanie(Skyler) from IRC, Lynn Junkin, Cia Ngiateng, Rhodie Morales, Tom Farley, Jason Perelman, Kelly Hatch, Cory Bixby, are a few off the top of my head.

It shows that they have been hunting me since before 9 years old, and they will not stop for what I know. And has been done to my life which they don’t want coming to light which violates every constitutional law known to man.  And not even for any type of legitimate reason.  And their cover up operations to try to label me as a paranoid schizo for what I found out they are doing, which is really attempted murder. AKA Stalking. And the real kind of stalking, not the drama women always talk about when a man calls them more then once in a day.

I don’t know of anything in the Constitution of the United States that says if a Police officer, or someone in the Government doesn’t like you, they can spend their entire lives building world wide murder operations to kill someone with NSA/FBI, and world wide support to kill them, or torture them to death with psychological warfare tactics and worldwide support.

Hence, Sean Dinse, Officer Toro, as he calls himself, Officer Jensen, and Detective Angela Stuart, which might even be White Supremacists, since that is the label they put on me for kissing a black girl around 12 years old to the world in an angry rage. And Dinse, seems to visually fit the profile.

Some Threats told to me when asking people to stop, or some subtweets directed at me around the world. There are a lot more but this is off the top of my head.

“It is what it is”

“No relaxing for you nigger”

“I had better accept it, or things are going to get worse for me”

are some

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

LAPD  setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

LAPD on audio admitting they have seen my websites which shows endless proof of these 35 yr crimes against me. Showing they are involved and trying to cover it up by removing me from society on a fabricated warrant when re opening a case –

When getting home, instantly, their subtle attacks go to threatening attacks. Or setup attempts. Working with Sean Dinse. Who I later on find out is his facebook account. Putting all sorts of things on his facebook to rile up people turning them into vigilantes on his own personal vendettas, which has nothing to do with Law and Order.

It is clear to me that Sean Dinse, Officer Jensen and Toro, try to make the people they don’t like look like the Vegas Shooter to rid them of the world.

Facebook Coverpage.jpg

Oct 24th, Dinsey seems to be trying to coverup his illegal operations about Criminal Threats, their setups against me with 17 years of all day and night torture to try to get reactions to use against me. But it also shows his motive after my case was closed in stalking me with these people.

Mental institions.jpg

Now this post of Sean Dinse’s hits the nail right on the head! We have my Brother Jason Perelman who flat out told me he and his friends were going to put me in a mental institution after I stopped him from bashing Greg Waugh’s head in with a crow bar. And telling the world with my family that I am a white supremacist. Yet here is Dinse talking about putting people in mental institutions as if he is some Cop/Shrink. Yet people  don’t people put in mental institutions because they are crazy. They are put in mental institutions because they are a danger to themselves or others. Which shows MOTIVE, and Pre Meditation by them having people endlessly physically, and work on me all day and night with psychological terror operations in hopes they can provoke me into a reaction and set me up. Hence why they have people like Terrance Scroggins, and Bailey Bernard, attacking me, or threatening me. Then trying to get reactions working with the LAPD. Then saying I am dangerous and violent. And this goes on all day and night for 35 years. Yet they can’t get what they want, and they keep coming after me showing I am the furthest from what they say. Which means this isn’t about concern. It’s about their HATE and RAGE towards me for some reason. Or maybe my family is just paying them off being that my step father, Arnold Silber’s property is, without the house on it is worth 6 million alone. And he is some big Realestate person in Vancouver, Canada. Yet, when my father went to the hospital to remove a Cancerous growth. Arnold and my mother flew in, Them staying across the street from that hospital with all sorts of hidden messages, and attempts to get coerced false confessions from me. As if I am somehow trying to take his money, or who knows psychically force him to write me into the will or something.

Because that is the type of rational I am met with. You know, I forced my father to tell Lorena Escobar to hire me at his company by somehow implanting mental thoughts in their heads or something, and it is my fault, and I am the Boss, and supposedly taking over is company or something.

Also, the plot thickens with Arnold. Trying to switch my Property into  his management companies name. By trying to bait and switch me. First he tells me he wants to pay off my property, but the catch is, that he wants to put it in his name under his company. Which seemed pretty strange to me and I said no. Saying he wanted the Interest. But someone who is worth that much, I can’t imagine would care about such a small amount.

But also, I can recall my brother wanting me to come out to visit him in Florida, and of course, Jen Pilcheck was digging for information about me, To try to get false confessions that I didn’t like Arnold, or just wanted his money or things like this. So clearly they are all working togethor.

But like usual, All these people. My father, My Brother, My Mother, And even Arnold Silber, and his family, I showed nothing but warmth and kindess. Never fights, never negativity. Until after finding out that I was being hunted, then I broke all contact. But like usual.  And during these arrests, Arnold instantly was getting the information from within the Police Station.

Now, how does one explain that out of all these people with these claims against me, and all with the same exact claims. I have done absolutely nothing at all. But show I am the best person imaginable? And yet, my family actually favors my brother who puts license plate frame on his car that says “I Swerve, and hit people at Random” with all sorts of crow bar, base ball bat, type weapons in his trunk with all of his road rage childhood terror. And the good kid, they are running around saying I have somehow committed some kind of crime by their wills or something like this, I am in no control over.

If someone wants to write someone a will, they do. And if someone doesn’t, they don’t. And how is any of this up to me?

And how would I even know if I had one?

Also, We have Fernanda Sime, in my fathers office on her endless stalking against me. And one things she said to me working with the LAPD, my father, while working on me with their mental illness terror operations to remove me from society was.

“Don’t worry, you will get your will”

Well, where did this statement  even come from? This person was sent after me for 14 years right when my father had Lorena Escobar hire me.

Why did she just blurt it out in a angry rage in my fathers office, while me trying to be nice enough to do my job and fix her computer so she could work, while Lorena was paying off other IT people to sabotage the Golden State computer networks and pin things on me?

But yet, here we are with this type of information given out world wide to use against me. And not even my father is concerned that his son is being hunted world wide.

Also, with Leonor Calderon’s statements in my fathers office “Your the Doctors son, Your the Boss” Who really knows what she meant, but I do know she was being paid to stalk me with the rest.

My point is, how does a situation go from someone being the nicest person known to man, to such criminal accusations, and labels on the par of murder, and billion dollar columbian drug lord type accusations from someone who never even got much of anything out of life, yet alone making any type of money, all sabotaged by my family in their anger and rage. But what makes the least sense, if my psychotic brother who wants to pop my waterbed, and put me in a mental institution, is a good trustable, decent person.

I mean, I am just some person, trying to live his life. And where things get obvious, while I make less then most people, I spent my life working my ass off, even while watching Lorena Escobar sent after me to hunt me down, while working at my fathers office. And trying to get away from them by hiring or talking to probably over 1500 programmers to try to make money to get away from them. And they contacted all of them world wide to stop me from getting away from them. Them showing, they were sabotaging my life so I could not get away from them.

But what gets stranger is when I hired Krine Echington, a psychologist, and wanted to do joint therapy with my father, because I could not figure out why the guy is in this angry bitter RAGE t me my entire life, and my father just said over and over “Call you mother” And he refused to deal with what his issues against me were.

While me watching him, and finding out, he had been going ballistic on me my entire life with the rest of my families anger and rage at me, that I am a good person, and not like them.

The one thing I do know about my family, is they go to unfatheomable levels of calculated frame jobs, from all sorts of angles that you would never even think about. For example, my fahter becoming friends with a corrupt lawyer named David Greenstein, who was supposedly involved in suing people for a living with service animal setups and things like this. But yet, I never had any relationship with David. Probably ever even spoke to him. But yet, magically, I am like David to the world due to being my fathers son, and guilt by association.

Yet, ironically, and like usual, no one is concerned that my father hired him for all sorts of things. He is fine. Just Kevin is the untranslatable one from 6 degrees of separation. Well, life doesn’t usually work like this. And some random person known world wide and in secret because of things that don’t make any sense like this.

But you get the idea of the level of disinformation being disseminated world wide against me, with strategic thought out angles.

So all these things I am being accused of to the world, are based on the same types of things. Complete fiction based on thin air. Yet what people are INTENTIONALLY avoiding is the OBVIOUS TRUTH.

What is being done to my life, DOES NOT HAPPEN, and are all CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES!

People aren’t 10 times more known then Donald Trump, and Told they are imagining it and no one knows them!

Anyone with common sense, will instantly say, this is the crime of all crimes!

And of course their cover up attempts that I am a crazy paranoid schizo who is imagining it, shows their true motive to lock me away in a mental institution out of hate and rage that I am just not like the rest of my family and a good decent person.

Just before my father fired me, once again he said to me “Call you mother” which after about 5 years of me not talking to her, because of her and Arnold’s abuse against me.  I gave in. And them once again showing who they really were.

But oddly enough, At one point, My father was probably paying off Karine Echington, who was giving my private conversations to Lorena Escobar. Things therapists normally don’t do, and violate confidentiality agreements. Showing that all these people are working against me to rid me of the world.

Now the question of why, like usual, all these people are working togethor to set me up any way shape and form. And if they can’t, then throw cover up labels on me, on their worldwide propaganda/terror systems to torture me so that they can try to make me look, violent and crazy, and put me in mental institutions, is pretty damn strange!

I mean I have a world wide extermination campaign, IN SECRET, and it all seems to be based on complete fiction. And yet not one person is concerned that their is some guy out there, who is now 45, and had been hunted all day and night 24/7 in secret, for over 35 years. And there isn’t even a reason for any of it, other then a family deciding to


As Stephnie(Skyler) who was sent after me by my family and police to end my life Stalking me on IRC. Just one of the endless people sent after me. And like the rest of the women sent after me. Lorena Escobar seems to have knowledge of all of  them.

And like usual, no one is concerned that I am being hunted by all these people. They are only concerned that I keep walking away until I realized I have to live in complete isolation to protect myself from the amount of people being sent after me for some reason since earlier then 9 years old.

Weather they are trying to make me look crazy, or trying to get me so desperate to commit some horrific crime. They cannot succeed. Yet they get angrier and angrier. Trying to make it look like I am going after people to cover up the people they keep sending after me, then jumping to things about their money. It just goes from one thing to the next. Showing that everything they say and do, is to just keep producing and manufacturing lies to the world to create so much chaos to try to make me mentally ill and kill me, lock me away, or put me in mental institutions.

Once you step back from it all. The MOTIVE for all these things is the same. Just rid Kevin of the world! And do it in such a way that it makes it look like I am a bad person and deserve it.

their child right after he was born because they wanted to have an abortion right after I was born or something.

Kind of like that book, I heard Steven Ainbinder was helping the menendez write when I was a kid “How to kill someone and get away with it”

Not sure if that really exists, or not, but I do recall hearing something about that when I was young.

Also, While arrested, Dinse Asks me in the police car why I didn’t put an Ad in the La Times? I don’t know what exactly he meant, but clearly, he seems to be working some angle with the LA Times.

Also, interesting enough. While my father is out working with the LAPD when I was 16, doing things like putting bullet holes in his 300e mercedes, and all sorts of endless other frame jobs like this with the LAPD, and telling the world these endless lies of crimes that doesn’t exist.

Interesting enough that one of them was pretending that Patti Googin in his office came in stealing his medication. Then supposedly called the police on her, and fired her. While they showed me video surveillance of someone with a hood on. While my father asked me if it looked like Patti. While that is a question that cannot be answered. And like I told him. I had no clue. Interesting enough. After this people started following me around with hoods on.

But what made it so obvious is that people would come into Starbucks and coffee shops with hoods on for hours. Which people do not do, and in large numbers. Also, Ironically. After Patti Googin was fired for this. Lorena was still friends with her. I find this one really interesting. Now that, and my father telling the world at 16 years old that I stole 10 thousand Dollars from him. Because I was working my ass off to build my cars, and engines. And once again, he didn’t like his white collar boy building cars so he told the world more lies, and sending Victoria Walker after me. You get the idea.

But Patti was involved in all sorts of illegal operations to hunt me down and worked for my father most of his life. So she has a lot of Motive to rid me of the world for what I know about what she is invovled in.

But yet, here we have Paid Off Dinse posting things about self medicating, and removing crazy people off the streets, and it all fits right into his illegal operations and hidden agendas with Pre Meditation, and Motive to go after those he doesn’t like. Who knows why other then, my family doesn’t like me, and is paying him off. But everything he is doing fits the criteria, of my family on their endless, we are going to put Kevin in a mental institution because we don’t like him.

Other then that. Why were they so mad at me, at 29, for having my own company, being social, being friendly, trying to have relationships, make money, and do what everyone else in life was. The only difference is that I didn’t mimic my psychotic family, become  Doctor with a secondary psychology degree to rid people of the world.

But clearly, Dinse looks like he is being paid off. Because why is he following me from place to place in a 35 year campaign to remove me from society with Detective Angela Stewart Contacting world wide groups to try to make me mentally ill and look crazy?

Why would they care if I told people they have been lied too? unless they are involved in a CRIME!

Hence why Dinse wants me dead and gone or locked away. Because he doesn’t want people knowing what they are involved in.

Criminal Threat.jpg

Notice “It’s very possible” destroying peoples lives without facts or arrests and riling up the communities


“We’re watching out for him” while I am not justifying crimes, Once a criminal goes to jail, and pays his dues or whatever you call it, he should not be stalked by the police. He should be arrested if he committed a crime, go to trial, sentenced, but not stalked and setup. Hence the threats I have on video directed at me “We are watching you” for someone who lived a very clean giving life. And a simple picture of a fire truck for getting into a Photography hobby, is the LAPD hunting me down trying to terrorize me “We are watching you” they are completely rogue, and out of control, and will do and say whatever they want thinking they are Gods, then turn it around on people with their projection.Cap02.jpg

“He’s a transient that frequents Ventura Blvd” ? You know, have the community follow this guy around harassing him until he is dead, as if he doesn’t have enough problems in life? Then contact Sean Dinse to thug him for no actual crimes? What is the crime? He goes different places? How dare he? sound familiar? Kevin is Exploring, he’s going to different cities, how dare he! Hence what they did to me in Hollywood, Santa Monica, Oregon, Colorado, you name it! If that isn’t turning people into Vigilantes and for no reason, I don’t know what is! is this some kind of Skin Head Vendetta against the world from him?


While this one is actually a crime, what business does Sean Dinse have trying to make money and fame money off the people they arrest. This is Police operations which stay on police computers, and if he goes and gets a job, people look up the records. But what kind of police officer posts about peoples lives they arrest to fear monger the world against them after they get out, or pay for their crimes. Showing that Sean Dinse is corrupt and Unethical and will do anything. This is not the Job of the LAPD to try to be the Police/News, like Adriana Olivarez they sent after me. What if the guy did a plea bargain and was innocent and didn’t have money for a good attorney. How does he even know the back story?


So here, now the guys a psychiatriast, making judgements about peoples lives, while wearing a badge weather they are a danger to themselves or others, as well as the POSSIBILITY of crimes based on imperfection. First off, not that I am a schizo like he is pretending. Most psychiatrists will tell you that most mental illness and schizo’s are harmless. Second, when we talk about the POSSIBILITY, anyone on this planet has the POSSIBILITY of committing a crime or hurting someone. But knowing that he his working with Karine Echington, and Susan Donar, on their cover up operations to try to make me look, and label me crazy, and their is no doubt being paid off by my family.


The Police arrest someone because they have or are committing a crime. And that is it. They are not allowed to make what if judgements that, some person didn’t shave so he could commit a murder therefore go after them, torture them, arrest them, or turn world wide groups into Vigilantes to help them is beyond any level of ILLEGAL, and goes against our constitution and justice system.


This one isn’t as bad I think, but yet, here is a situation where some people as they say “Sold Candy” there is no crime there, and who would remotely care? I mean don’t pick your nose or else. Needless to say, the plates match the Knock Knock Burglers, But nothing is for sure. My point is, that he is fear mongering the masses and creating Chaos, he is a Nuisance! showing that they are turning things around on me. This is police business and does not belong in irrational peoples hands so they run around like crazy while our cities collapse in chaos and destruction in the name of the greater good. People don’t know what is really going on, and also, Dinse is a corrupt liar to begin with and probably a tacist, so who knows what is true. My point is, that using the citizens for crimes to create chaos or whatever his motives are, is the crime of all crimes. And I am pretty sure police officers aren’t allowed to rile up the masses like this. Just don’t ask a corrupt friend or coworker of this.


Well, thats an opinion, but once he uses his badge to go after people based on opinions, and not crimes. Also, who’s to say who needs medication and who does not. For me at 29, I was beyond any level of healthy, and them telling me I need to be on meds destroying every aspect of my life shows their true colors, and criminal activities. As well as making money off those who they label mentally ill. From this blog alone it appears as Sean Dinse is a predator, who targets the mentally ill, or makes them look crazy, to steal their money, destroy their health and leave them to die in the streets or jail cells after doing this to them.


This one is interesting. Remember above the skin head looking person who assault and Battered me, kicked my camera after the fight. Yet here is Dinsey spouting off about people with cameras in their faces, and Officer Toro “If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way” Yet, Sean Dinse, doesn’t have a problem with him and his friends destroying peoples lives, trying to torture them rid them of the world, and then label them crazy or a paranoid schizo to coverup what he is involved in. You get the idea. There is all sorts of Relevance to what he and Officer Jensen have been doing to me since 2013, but it gets a lot deeper.

While this one doesn’t involve Dinse’s chaotic activities of causing mass riots and having mass mobs rid people of the world. It does show that he is one of these many people in the Police, LAPD, Government that are the reason for the deteriorating city’s and things going on a downhill spiral. He is his own worst enemy. Trying to act like some God Complexes, overzealous superhero then going after the good people like me, who have spent my entire life bringing Unity of all social classes and races. Always showing that I accept everyone and gone out of my way for most until finding out the LAPD with world wide support was going to as they call it “SKULLFUCK” me to death in the grey areas of the law for things like kissing a black girl at 12 years old.

Because Dinse’s bigoted black and white personality is what causes these problems in the first place. His judgement about people with problems are his own fantasy of fear. Being that 95% of people that actually do suffer from mental illness are harmless and don’t live in mental institutions. And to say you want a clean society by eradicating imperfection and riding them of the world in Jail cells or mental institutions are exactly what he is involved in when it comes to my life.

When people named Skyler (Stephanie) are sent after you by the police delivering a message back in something like 1997 in university of Colorado that they are going to “SKULLFUCK” me to death. And working with  officer Toro in 2010 at Encino Starbucks telling me “If you ever take a picture of someone, I am going to exercise the law in my own way” aren’t generally procedures that help society evolve as a whole.

Nor are they legal, and are violations of all of our constitutional rights, and makes the citizens unsafe from the police. Hence why they are running around defaming, andslandering my name that I am a crazy violent paranoid schizo, just as the government went after Edward Snowden when they realized he was going to talk.

Dinse, like the rest of the people that came in my life, do not have the ability to see life how it really is, and have absolutely no middle ground. Hence the severe damages done to my life for 35 years from the police, with their empty labels and hidden agendas for things like at 13, me developing Trichotillomania, a simple hair pulling habit. As some kind of capital murder offense.

Imagine someone was born with a studder, so the government and police worldwide said they suffer from mental illness and need to be locked away because they don’t understand it. Imagine this was you?

Well, the first thought that comes to my mind, is Adolf Hitler since I’ve now watched the police hunt me with every resource worldwide and billions invested all day and night 24/7 for 17 years. And also finding out this hunt started between the age 5  – 9 now knowing horrific things done to me throughout my entire life. Is the real reason the police do not want me talking.

So, what will happen to this society that Dinse wants to make so perfect, instead of people just being people, and dealing with things as they come? Now you can understand why my life is what it is. And it has nothing to do with who I am, because the Police have been spewing their terror propaganda about me secretly to the world my entire life to keep me quiet. But nothing the world has been told about me is true as they leave out who I am and all the good things I’ve done for me as well as everyone else in my life.

But to turn things around on me to try to cover up the damages, or lock me away and punish me for them destroying my life, just doesn’t sit well for me. People are people, some are good, some are bad, and we Migrate to the ones we feel comfortable with and make us feel good. But to play Minority Report with peoples lives in unacceptable.

Image result

Now that I can never have friends, relationships, make money, have to live in isolation watching worldwide groups take turns on me, and then tell me I am imagining it, and all the things the Police and Government destroyed out of their angry rage at me for some strange reason for not being perfect. Then trying to cover it up by telling the world I am a violent paranoid schizo with no self control, is beyond any level of sick and demented known to man.

They do not thing they have done anything wrong, and they think because they wear a uniform that says “Police” that they are allowed to do this. And if you read this, and don’t take that seriously, then you have no excuse if it happens to you. Because this affects us all.

If he wants to be obsessed with something, then he needs to be obsessed with positive things that most people do or like me. And build businesses like me that provide things that people can benefit from or provide jobs, like Mark Zuckerberg. Or some hobby he wants to be really good at. But obsessing on trying to go after peoples imperfections is a problem for those people, and not a crime.

This one isn’t as bad, but you know, now people are going to be paranoid, running around looking at every school ta

Not only that, but all the people helping him are breaking every law known to man. From privacy violations, following me from place to place, stalking me all day and night. You name it. And empowered and told they are allowed by the LAPD. Or at least Sean, but I don’t see them saying it is wrong. But once enough people get screwed over like myself, there will be backlash. Or once people realize what is really going on and their is no longer law and order, people above will step in.

It’s like on the news when the LAPD was illegally and I am sure still is tracking peoples cell phones without warrants, and even on the news, one officer was talking about them preventing crimes before it happens. You know PRE CRIME.

Well, that violates your constitutional rights. Being stalked by the police because they just don’t like or trust you. Hence what has been done to me my entire life.

They also have a Community Volunteer Program in Topanga Division of corrupt individuals, which these people have no place being in a police station, or anywhere near police work. I am sure you can see where I cam going with this. These people aren’t trained in anything, They didn’t go to the Police academy, but creating chaos, and told they are allowed to in the name of the greater good. Then they go out getting togethor stalking people like me trying to thug and blackmail them. Telling them what they can and can’t do. And I am not even talking about crimes, because then they would just call the police. I am talking about things like living your life, taking walks, going places, they just don’t approve of.

If some LAPD Volunteer told you that you were not allowed to meet your friend at a bar and have a drink. What would you say. These are the things they are doing NON VERBALLY with thugging tactics.

But what gets even more interesting is once I got my car back. The people at Valley Auto Center INTENTIONALLY did not bolt the rear bumper back onto my car to try to make me look reckless and out of control again in hops it would pop off in front of someone in their worldwide neighborhood watch groups.

And going off a steep angled curb,  in a low to the ground car which always scrapes. My bumper popped part way off. When popping it back into place and opening the trunk. I noticed there were no bolts in the trunk holding on the rear bumper as per the conversation with Brian Above.


When taking my car back, I noticed they had changed their name from Valley Motor Center to Service King.

It’s interesting at the time of this blog, and what Brian and this companies illegal operations, frame jobs with people, and setup attempts to remove me from society, they changed their company name, Also, the person I spoke to which was harassing me, said that it is a new owner and telling me he is not sure if it is covered. But most likely they want to pretend they are gone and a new identity so no one knows who they really are because Valley Motor Center name is now associated with vigilantes who are involved in a mass 35 year stalking to end someones life or rid them of the world is my guess.  But on Yelp. It says RENOVATION. So it kind of looks like a name change to me.

DSC00394 CropDSC00394 Blow up


Kind of interesting how they want their name changed at the same time, they are involved in all sorts of illegal police operations to stalk me and end my life or lock me away for finding out what they have been doing to me my entire life.

So After the Auto Body Shop

when I get home, the first person who starts working on me is Greg Koenig in Unit 2 who has spent maybe 7 years stalking me, is in contact with my mother up in Canada and step father Arnold who I think might even be paying off the police involved in all sorts of severely abusive things done to me. With my Gym, sending me shirts, and telling them I am crazy because of the shirt and things like this.

Asking questions about things no one could care about. For example, smoking a cigerette, he asks me if it’s marijuana, and then people start coming after me. Some of the people are even 18 years olds with bongs in their cars at the park. Showing that, the concern isn’t that I might have a tiny bit of legal marijuana, but the I have a pulse and am breathing.

Greg is involved in all sorts of illegal operations, as well as slashing my tires, my car tops, cramming things in my car, you name it, while having people stalking me at every coffee shop, restaurant, and any other place I go to in the world.  When coming home, Greg tells me that the person in the Green Miata is going to beat me up. Of course, like usual, I don’t know any of these people, and it is Greg Trying to set me up to go after him.

Like usual, it does not work, and I continue to live my life which makes them angrier and angrier. Yet nothing is being done to them except their OBSESSION, and them not being able to live their own lives. That night walking outside my house, a black man is waiting in his car in front of my gate, and he starts shouting at me and tried to get me into a fight with him which does not work. While I cannot remember but their were all sorts of things going on like this as well as the 100’s to 1000’s of cars on the street directed at me to make me mentally ill, and trying to provoke me into reactions like usual to remove me from society which has been done to me my entire life. and people driving by honking at me all day over and over. Which involves a lot more things like this being done to me every few minutes, showing that it is just a mass extermination campaign out of someones hate and rage against me.

So the next day, I am sitting in my house, and notice, once again, the Neighbors with these world wide groups hacked my firewall once again due to their hate, rage, and obsession, and are spying on my computer and using it to create mental illness. And right after I fix my firewall, I hear a loud noise on my porch. I come out, and The person I later on found out owned the Miata, I believe to be Tarrence Scpoggin. Some person who keeps running up to me, threatening me, telling me he owns all of our properties, and follows me around with LAPD told to rid me of the world no matter what I do with world wide support, where I go, thinking that he is my Jailer, after the LAPD telling him to, on their Community Volunteer program, telling people that they are allowed to commit crimes and break laws in the name of the police or go after people they just don’t like. With no law and order, no rules, laws. You name it.

And if the Victim call the police for help, it is all turned around on them and they are arrested for simply talking and asking for help. Which is why the judicial system was created in the first place, with the Constitution. To make sure everything is fair when it comes to protections for the people. And the police are supposed to keep communities safe. But in this instance, the police are creating Chaos, by going after people they just don’t like with things like “We got each other back” and the officer stalking people is my friend, so it is ok.

So he comes on my property throwing my cards all over it because he knows he is protected by the corrupt police, and is being told to do it. While Sean Dinse lies in his report, stating that he neatly put them on my table. Ya right.

Also, oddly enough, he knew when my security camera was broken and did it. But they have been violating my computer privacy since 1994, so there is no doubt they knew about it since 99% of these operations are based on information collection, and ways to rid me of the world.


I don’t exactly know what this Information Technology is, but it was here intentionally on me filing a police report for something

Example, if I type in locations on my computer for a road trip. People will be waiting for me there. Also, my locator on my cell phone is tracked and given out to the masses, so they all know where to go in the area and are waiting for me. And the longer I am somewhere, the more people show up trying to make me mentally ill in extremely large groups.

You get the idea. This is all based on Data-mining my life and figuring out any way possible to rid me of the world. Weather it be to try to make me look, crazy, mentally ill, or figure out ways to try to set me up, or frame me. Endlessly. But it doesn’t really seem to be about anything legit other then, we don’t like or trust you starting before 9 years old.

He did the same thing as Greg Koenig in Unit #2 before, which I believe he might live in Unit #1

This is a picture, from across the street of Greg Koenig, and Terrance Scroggins, where about 17 years ago, I went out taking walks because I needed some fresh air, and get my thoughts right as to what was going on, and a simple walk, led to Greg Koenig, and Terrance Scroggins sent after me by NSA/FBI. Police, my own family, for simply taking a walk and wondering what was going on.

Like usual, as every place I have ever been, some random strangers I do not know crying wolf, that I have committed some crime out of thin air, and unleashing larger and larger world wide terror operations to torture and kill me. Now, if you saying, talking a walk gets you killed by billions? what does a burp in public, or some kind of expressive fun art get you? And then, What about a lap dance at a strip club? You get the idea. This isn’t about anything I’ve ever done wrong.

Also, after this, And this type of thing done to me wherever I go world wide. Someone actually painted “Krime” on the sidewalk across from their houses. Now, the question of why I am being hunted with world wide extermination campaigns for such things as taking walks, or trying to live my life with world wide support, and not one person thinking this is wrong, is beyond any level of strange and demented. Especially when no one will help you in the way that normally people do.


Here are some other ones all the way in Northridge


Golden State Sports Medical, my fathers company where I worked and parked my car


Barclays Coffee, working with a Black Employee Brandon at my fathers office and Golden State Sports medical and the Black employee here at Barclays Coffee, Northridge


Nortridge Coffee Bean, and the employee got really mad when I took this picture and started whistling at me with their, Kevin is a Whistle blower tactic for not wanted to be hunted and killed. And I can assure you, a lot of these probably had all sorts of messages directed at me. I didn’t even know it, until he started showing guilt and whistling at me

But yet, now one seems to think that trying to turn me into a Paranoid Schizo and kill me, is wrong or a crime, and has been going on earlier then 9 years old with Police, Government, the Psychology Community, and world wide support, as I found out at 29 years old.

Remember, I am told I am not allowed to report these things unless it is life or death  which I report anyways, because they don’t want to INTENTIONALLY investigate the crimes against me. But you’d think just these few pictures would be enough for them to investigate. Aside from all day and night world wide things like this for 35 years. Some obvious, some covert and subtle. Either way, it’s things that would normally be investigated. Showing mass conspiracies with world wide groups, locally, and where ever I am world wide. Also, some people involved asked me strange questions about why I don’t file a restraining order? And as I explained which is common sense, if you are attacked from 100,000 to 1 million attacks per day world wide,  even 10 minute walks their are about 50 people involved. Who would you file the Restraining order to? And they wouldn’t file one anyways. These are just more obvious people breaking in Anger, but the Anger is world wide mobs since 9 years old. They are all a danger to my life. Just because someone is not used to seeing it, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be investigated. I am sure their are a lot of crimes that the police have never seen before so they investigate it. Yet when it comes the Kevin Perelman. They are extremely angry at something around 9 years old.

My father mouthing off to Officer Romo? if it is even true. Who knows.

So, obviously, he is trying to cover up all of Greg Koenig’s crimes against me with the LAPD. Because normally I would think the LAPD would frown on this type of thing. Especially done to someone all day and night with world wide support his entire life.

Greg is also contacting the places I order food, the Coffee Shops I go to. Stalking me. And clearly being paid to do it.

But yet, they have their community policing, and seem to be in contact even with my family in Canada, if that is even stranger. So if my Step Father Arnold paying them off with his huge real estate wealth?

Who knows, because my own father is also involved as well in these mass Propaganda/terror operations. But usually the number one incentive for offing people is or crimes is money. Ether to make it, or people being paid to do things illegally.

Or is nothing going on here? And I am a Paranoid schizo? Ya right! There is a reason why people want me isolated to the world and not allowed to explain things. And that is because I can explain these things that will make sense to anyone with any common sense, and is honest.

Example, how many people in my life have told me things like

Connie Reya’s said she didn’t like her brother was too logical so he had to leave the country

Adriana Olivarez said that her brother got paranoid, and had to leave the country and moved to Japan to teach

Jason Perelman, my brother, said his friend got paranoid and had to leave the country

I mean, do you see a pattern of strange things going on here? we aren’t talking about one person with these bizarre stories and then hunting me down. It goes from one to the next? I can go on and on with these types of odd conspiracies to hunt me from person to person.

These types of behaviors of theirs occur any time I tell someone what is going on and being done to me anywhere I go world wide by my neighbors and mass groups. So, example, lets say I am in Nebraska, and I tell someone about my life. Greg Koenig, or Terrance with these mass groups world wide will do these types of things, trying to thug and mentally batter me quiet. I don’t even know these people. I am not friends, have no relationship other then observing their crimes against me with mass world wide groups. So that gives you an idea, that these people are following me around trying to remove me from society in world wide groups. Yet most people play stupid to keep the crime going and try to make me look crazy or like a Paranoid Schizo. Yet I can easily prove these things. Yet every person I contact for help, has a new way of trying to set me up and frame me, and refuse to do their job. ALL OF THEM! conspiring togethor. It is that simple. If you call someone to observe a situation and they are even being paid for something that simple, and REFUSE! why would they?

If It’s your job to observe it, you make money, and then you say I am crazy first. Why would you not just go out, make your money, and see, when that is your job? and this goes from one person to the next. Showing that, they don’t want the truth coming out. Because their is no reason anyone would do that unless they are guilty of something, or don’t want the truth coming out.

About 20 minutes I go out to take a walk, Tarrence, I believe is the person is waiting for me with the neighbors. And when I come out. Like usual. This time more aggressive. They have loaded my car up with cards. And usually on a daily basis, I have to pull them out while cars drive by honking at me.

Of couse, they are not just putting them on my car. They are trying to jam the windows because when I first made the cards, Elsie Sandoval in my fathers office didn’t want the truth coming out. So she makes up lies that I am trying to jam peoples windows to try to stop me from telling people I am being hunted. And she is heavily involved in making up lies that I hit her in the office and things like this as well. With these endless women told to fabricate these endless lies and give it to the world on their Propaganda/terror systems.


Other 17 year all day and night related things, to give you an idea, they never stop showing that they are the aggressors. REFUSE TO LEAVE ME ALONE, and won’t tell me what the real problem is while supported and told to do these things to me by LAPD who REFUSE to stop it telling me, I am only allowed to call or report if my life is physically in danger. This 17 years alone could have gone to a detective at any time. And when they I file these reports over and over, nothing says to them to have a detective help me. Which is STRANGE! this is just a taste.




Front and Rear Tire Slashings at the same timeFront Tire 2Front TireRear Tire Slashing 2

Dog Shit on HandleIMAG0192.jpg


Spit on Car


Cards I’m a Pig – Maybe something related to Officer Romo when I was probably like 9 years old from people he knows from my fathers comments to himPig.jpg

Putting my wipers up, then having cars following me or waiting for me at Lawyers offices and doing it on their cars in the parking lotsDSC078972.jpg

Vandalizing the Vynal Wrap because they don’t want to stop or the truth coming out


Another time ripping it off, I don’t have pictures

And endless all day and night other things I didn’t even a have the strength to document, I was being mentally battered to death, and the LAPD damn well knew it is  going on. Showing they are covering up something much later they did to my life. And I am still no where near as healthy as when I was 29 years old. Because the healthier they see me get, the more they hunt me because they don’t want me talking about what is going on and has been done to my life with their cover up labels that I am crazy or a Paranoid Schizo.

At this point I threw them on the ground showing that I am not his slave so to speak. Once again this pit bull person comes running up to me an inch away from my face screaming at me. Telling me what I can and can’t do. I can’t remember half the thugigng things he said to me. Just me telling him, he needs to stop over and over but he, like everyone else, INTENTIONALLY can’t seem to comprehend that building 35 year world wide stalking groups to terrorize and torture someone until they are dead isn’t wrong, wanting to get away with their crimes. Weather LAPD is telling them to do it, or not, they are committing crimes, and are being used as scapegoats, tools, for the LAPD to get away with. I  can’t conceive how they don’t have a problem with this being done to me and are supporting these extermination operations.

Although Adolf Hitler did get people to follow him, so, it has happened.

And the LAPD will just throw them under the bus when done with them and put them in jail  after using them to commit their crimes.

At this point, I proceed to go take a walk, and he threatens me  that I had better get back in my house. Once again, the blackmail, thugging because he has LAPD on his side telling him to be a vigilante. So at the point I stand up for myself and verbally defend myself  and proceed to take my walk. He goes from pit bull to victim, saying “Everyone, did you see that, he threatened me, call the police” of course, in this mans fear for his life, he stands in front of my car, saying I am not allowed to go anywhere, once again, showing he is a threat to my life, he thinks he is the police, and he is stalking me telling me what I can and can’t do in life, and me proceeding to go out and take a walk and try to live my own life involves him hunting me down with mass groups trying to set me up.

I walk for about 30 – 40 minutes come back. And once again, there is his, waiting for me. And then, the person who is supposedly in fear of his life, another time, RUNS UP TO ME! saying “This is my property”

And I tell him in front of everyone else. This is not his property, these are owned town houses, and it is mine, theirs, and each person owns their own property with an Home owners association. Now these things actually go deeper with Lorena Escobar, and Fernanda Sime, in my fathers office, and even the Brazilian Neighbor next door working with him on some Angle. I am not sure, but I believe it might have to do with Fernanda Sime asking her friend to co-sign on a property or something, and live there for a few years, and then she screwed over her friend and refused to leave or something. Things I normally would not care about until I notice things directed at me that relate. And my own father with Lorena Escobar trying to set me up and get me to be the HERO, and go after her. Which is one of his endless tactics done to me my entire life. And when he can’t get what he wants, covers up the operations with lies on their Propaganda/Terror systems that I am going after people. Just like them having Rodie Morales take me to strip clubs so he could say I am stalking Jen hess, and Julia Sophia Reynoso. Now, the fact that I can spout of 100’s of these try to make Kevin look like a vigilante sitautions alone. Says something about the mass conspiracy to rid me of the world. Also, she was one of the first people sent after me 14 years ago in my fathers office. Spazzing out about things that no one normally cares about.

Example, a simple joke around people you thought you knew for 20 years saying “No speaking spanish in the office” with a joking tone. I was hunted with world wide support for years with  their claims of trying to take over the company and things like this. What is the message? Never tell a joke or your dead.

Then the lame cover ups. Oh, well their was a miscommunication for it’s my fault, and not the murders.

Sound Strange?

I think an hour goes by, and the LAPD gets past the locked private gate, And knock on my door. I come out  and they pretend I called them, asking me what is going on. I am kind enough to tell them about an Angry Neighbor, yet they are setting me up. Also several questions that are irregular were asked

“Do I  own a gun”, “Do I take medication”, I believe “What is your social security Number”, and of course Questions about pulling my eyebrows which who would even care, showing their real motives since 13 years old. With clinical labels to figure out ways to remove me from society.

You might question, what does the gun question have to do with the tea in china. But if you put the puzzle pieces togethor about these non existent crimes my family is spewing to the world on their frame job operations with the police, it all makes sense.

But this also applies to my father in his office at one point spazzing out over the fact that I had this picture on my social network profile joking about the movie Divergent

Four social.jpg

because of all the paranoid schizophrenia tactics in the entertainment industry being done to me to try to make me mentally ill and look crazy. I Stand up to their mental thugging and show them they don’t scare me. And for some reason, that makes them really mad, just as Bully’s get when you defy them. Keep in mind, this is like Billions to one. And they are not concerned about the Billions world wide, just the fact that the one, might react in a way they don’t approve of. Hence Mike Huntley “You are not allowed to defend yourself”, “We are using the system against you”

Ok, but what is their reasoning? I am like Neo, and committed some haneous computer crime which they don’t even state what the crime is in the movie? Was my crime asking a girl out my family didn’t approve of? This is why we have the constitution of the United States, and Privacy laws. So the obsessed psychotics no matter who they are, especially if in the police, or government, can’t follow you around with your life under a magnifying glass saying. You didn’t cross a T, or dot an I, so we have world wide extermination Operations based on, you farted wrong, and we think you are a criminal.

And by the way, what do you think NSA data-mining peoples lives is doing? It violates everyone’s privacy stopping us from being protected against corrupt government.

Because then J-Walkers would all be hunted like me by world wide groups. Hence why Edward Snowden Came forward and destroyed his own life for our freedoms from what he knows, and where things are headed with technology. And I am the example of what happens to you when the government just doesn’t like you.

Once again, why is the entire office with my father making a big deal with some joking around picture, they have done my whole life. When it’s no different then what people do world wide all day and night. And he shouldn’t watch movies if this picture is a big deal to him. But we all know he and his office are faking it., with ulterior motives to remove me from society out of hate.

Not only this, but the police are Irate about this like 4 years old picture as well. Showing that they are just looking for any Angle to use to rid me of the world. Since it goes from, picture to picture with excuses to rid me of the world since 9 years old.

If you can’t see their pattern of behavior, every single hour, it is a new excuse to justify hunting me down. But their is no justification for hunting people down. And these people act like they have never seen a piece of media with someone holding a gun. A movie, a model shoot, it’s done all day and night. So all of a sudden if Kevin Perelman does it, he is arrested, and a danger to himself or others. It really doesn’t add up until you look back at things like being 14 and your brother saying

“Me and my friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and we have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do”

And Mike Huntley introducing me to Melody the Stripper art 16 and wanting me to bounce for her at a bachelor party when I was 16 starting the chain of extermination events. Yet the situation of bouncing for a stripper at a simple bachelor party isn’t a crime is is trivial, and who would even care.

So, at this point I am arrested, and aside from all the police, paranoid schizophrenia tactics done to me, during the arrests, it’s all here. Them even working with Hollywood, putting things in movies,

The Media TACTIC  to create mental illness and remove me from society –

or arresting me at the same time certain movies are released with hints and hidden messages directed at me. So, they are probably making money off my arrests with Hollywood is my guess. And me simply driving down to Hollywood with signs on my car is a threat to their lies and cover up operations. I mean how dare I want some kind of life and like to breathe! I am a horrible monster! I don’t deserve anything like that, or to be compensated for damages, or the truth to the world. That is unacceptable, because people who pull their eyebrows at 13, are not allowed those things, and I should learn to accept this and die a horrifically slow painful death with world wide support, and then be labeled a paranoid schizo to cover it all up. I mean, I know, I am a monster.Hence, why when I go down there, people try to launch their vehicles at me in such a way that it looks like it is my fault, and I am supposedly reckless, and crazy.

While this one isn’t obvious like the others, it is consistent with the repetitious things they try to do. Other ones are more obvious. I could not give you a 100% frame job on this one. But it does seem a little odd their is a witness on my right who would never tell the truth, and the girl keeps coming after the horn. Also, keep in mind this is 40 minutes away from my house in an area I never go to. And I can tell you that 40% of the people in this Starbucks were taking turns on me, like usual.

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

After this, I go to court with my lawyer and I never step in a court room and I am told, the case is dismissed

After this period all sorts of things were being done to me. Two Black people from the Metro complex surrounding my complex pretend they are stealing something from one another, and he jumps in the window of my car while one person is holding the others foot. And I had to make a decision to drive away for his safety, even though they were trying to set me up to make it look like I was involved in a theft. But I didn’t want him hurt. So I drove him down the street, let him out, and called the cops, while he lied to me saying take him to the Kaiser. And the car behind him picked him. Which is on police record, and they seemed to know it was going on. Once again, it is a Double Bind, or Catch 22 situation. No matter what choice I make, they are going to use it against me. Hence why I reported it to the police, and they have can investigate it. Although around here, the police are not interested in peace, they are interested in creating the crimes.

Around this time I start making phone calls to Civil Attorneys for what the LAPD has done to the last 35 years of my life and the severe damages on every level known to man.

And of course a Person that Looks like Tom Farley’s Friend Leo, and also similarities to Leo the Bail Bondsman follows me home walking back from the park. I can recall other things going on at the time, that LAPD had no interest in like people yelling out their cars in angry rages and coming at me like head on collisions, then following me from place to place, like usual. The LAPD telling them to do it for some reason.

Around this short period, I am walking home from the park, which the cops are called over and over for me simply sitting on a park bench trying to relax and get healthy again  with threats like

“No relaxing for you nigger”

coming all around the world in subtweets. UK, Australia, different state, you name it showing this is a Global operation. It’s always been the same. I go out, mass groups follow me trying to set me up wherever I go since 9 years old, and if their is a possibility of any reaction or you blink wrong, it turns to 1000’s of neighbors per hour. But them getting Angrier, now calling the police over and over, instead of leaving me alone in the 17 years alone around here with world wide support.

And yet the LAPD, especially Topanga, is not concerned with world wide mobbings and witch hunts in the billions against one man. And they damn well know it is going on

Also, while at the park, at one point, I type on twitter, I wish these people would address their insecurities. Within 10 minutes, 2 ladies call the police first, then come out to talk to me in hopes they could rile me up in anger, and when the cop shows up. Of course he is on their side. Yet the act of doing things like this to me is of no concern by the LAPD. Ever, in 35 years!

Also, to give you an idea of the magnitude of this global stalking against me. Here is Fox news years prior in their cover up operations, actually bringing about 10 helicopters to the park and a ground crew to try to thug me quiet.

Fox news sending Helicopters and ground crew to try to thug me quiet at the park for taking walks

so walking home, one of these people who looks like Tom Farley’s friend Leo, follows me home, because they couldn’t set me up. And he he angry, and raising his voice, and he wants to know why I pass out cards. And while I already know he is playing stupid like usual. I tell him, if their is no dialog to the situation, then how can I explain it to him. First, he starts saying ok, tell me. But instantly in seconds, it’s no your wrong, or trying to curve the facts. Within seconds.

Then it’s their coverup accusations, how I am a paranoid schizo. Which magically I went from beyond healthy to paranoid schizo with death threats about making me mentally ill and killing me by Mike Huntley. And working with my brother and family. But like usual, I am not allowed to talk to anyone world wide about specifics or details. Which is beyond strange. Even EVERYONE in the psychology community.

At this point he gets mad that he can’t brain wash me, and goes raises his voice, presses his body up against mine, maybe 30 yards away from my place, and holds his cell phone up to me while videoing. Yelling, why do I do this, why do I do that. For trying to cover up the LAPD sending this Skyler(Stephanie) person after me in the late 90’s to have me killed working with them for some reason, and are mad I walked away from her

The Incidents of Bailey Bernard Stalking me, Following me home, and assault and battering me

Bailey Details

Ariel Burbank


This person was involved in pretending she was Julia Hayes, an 80’s porn star,  having me meet her in Florida trying to set me up with the police after giving me a blowjob. Then instantly saying she has to go the to AIRPORT, while the police pull us over in some kind of scare thug attempt to keep me quiet about what they thought I knew. All sorts of government extermination operations from their childhood flagging of mine. But yet 20 years later, they are still hunting me because I found out what is really going on. And the more that comes to light in my brain, the more they want me dead and gone.

So, this person walks pressing his body against mine and all the way to my house, and as I get to my gate with him screaming. He says “Do you live here”  and I say, “You already know where I live with the rest of the world” he says “Now I know where you live” Basically threatening me. Of course, I also know he is working with probably 50 other people waiting in cars around the area on their all day and night setup operations.

And he places his body against the gate to my complex on my property blocking the gate. Which anyone will tell you is threatening behaviors to your life. Unless they are working with people who want you dead.

Not only this, but it is strange the the first arrest was from a man telling me I am not allowed to leave, and the 2nd is from a man telling me I am not allowed to go in my place, which they also do with identical cars forwards and backwards, and people wearing opposite clothing togethor.

At this point, I reach for my gate, and try to put my key in the lock and he stops me. A fight breaks out. We roll on the ground for a while. We then get up, and he kicks my camera. Now think about this. Why is he mad at the camera when it was just on my shoulder. I wasn’t pointing it at anyone doing anything. It is just an inanimate harmless object hanging on my shoulder.

Officer Toro “If you ever take a picture of a person I will exercise the law in my own way”

at this point, I do what the LAPD and gov with world wide support doesn’t want me doing. I take a picture of him with my cell phone because the camera is on the ground in my defense. Which I am told I am not allowed to defend myself. One of the things even Mike Huntley and my father told me. Which is strange. Why would I not be allowed to defend myself?, ever? And that is my own father who says he Loves me, Yet he wants people to hunt me and kill me, and he doesn’t want me defending myself, in any way shape or form. With things said to me that he cannot fire his employees or he can be sued. Even if they are stalking his child. Shows that he has no love for his child, only hate and rage towards me.

So here he is, on my property, at the gate, he followed me too, maybe 30 yards away pressing his body up against me. yelling, screaming, and videoing. Like usual. The police did not want the evidence, and are not concerned about anything accept what they can use against me.


Him on my property at the gate he tried to stop me from going into my place, when the fight broke out, and now he wants to cover it up with everyone else, Especially Detective Angela Stewart turning citizens into Vigilantes and sending them after people on their so called Community Volunteer program.

Me afterwards


By the way, I find it interesting that The Tom Farley Leo Lookalike, BAILY, and Sean Dinse are both bald skin head, looking which, I am jewish. But, I couldn’t not tell you if they are white supremacists or not. But it is a lingering thought that people might want to look into.

After this I decide to call the police, when it could have gone a lot further and I would have been in the right. So I called 911, who has harassed me every time I call. And wait like an hour. For example, when I was egg mobbed by the black people working with Starbucks, they took over an hour. So knowing that he is in contact with mass groups in cars, and the LAPD working with him to hunt me down, or figure out ways to lock me away for what I found out is being done to my life. I decide to drive to the police station. The officer tells me to call 911 and retract the call which I have never heard off in Topanga Division.

The police officer who takes the report wants to know about the original 422, and seemed mad because they were caught in their lies. As a matter of fact, in filing out the report, they DID NOT WANT THE EVIDENCE. Him on my property, pictures of my bruises, or even the picture of the Leo lookalike for evidence! or the report!

Sound strange?

She says a detective will call me, and has Detective Angela Stewart call me. But of course, Angela, isn’t really interested in the truth, evidence or the big picture like usual.

in the next couple of days, I go out to take a walk, and he gets in a 300 car. And waits for me to come back towards my house. right as I get by his car, he gets out, Coughs twice, one of the tactics started by Elsie Sandoval in my Fathers office,  another person basically told to hunt me down because my father wasn’t successful with Mike Huntley, the LAPD for the first 35 years, and walks towards the Metro Complex.


I know exactly what he is doing and I wait for a while because I know he wants to make it look like I am following him. When he is far away, I start walking again to my house, and another Neighbor who claims he knows Misty Stone, calls me over saying he witnessed the fight the day prior, but didn’t want to be a witness. Yet, when it comes to the other guy, I am sure he has no problem lieing for him. Also, he tries to get me to kiss his ass about Misty Stone and I called his bluff. Keep in mind, Misty Stone is black.

After this a Black person in a red car would sit out watching me where his place is.

After explaining this to Detective Stewart who is having these world wide neighborhood watch groups attack me, she says “Do you want me to proceed” I say “Yes, these people need to be stopped” Obviously from their mass stalking operations directed at me.

At this point, instead, of the LAPD, like usual, stopping the crimes against me.

At this point, she says “Bye Bye” on the phone. I believe an older tactic done to me in my fathers office. Showing that she is probably being paid off. Since billions to one, isn’t a crime, but one blink wrong by that me is a crime. Shows she is involved in something highly illegal, and doesn’t want me talking and the truth coming out.

Now when Angela Stuart Says “Bye Bye” I am sitting at this same spot at this Tarzana Starbucks working with these mass groups as you see here doing these things to me. Immediatly, people sitting next to me who are harassing me and letting me know they are in contact with her. Also notice, the amount of people stalking me in 2’s. With her saying “Bye Bye’ So technically, that is probably a death threat by Angela Stuart, who is also working with Officer Toro, “If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way” Another LAPD Death threat. If not a death threat, certainly a threat to end my life on some level, weather it be putting me in a cage because they don’t like me, or torturing me to death. Either way, it’s illegal activities to rid you of the world. So same thing.

Angel Stuart stalking me with these mass groups at Starbucks – Tarzana – 18700 Ventura Blvd. #120 Tarzana, CA 91356 

Now, this is where their true colors start to show because after this, no matter who I spoke with. Lawyers, Private Investigators, People at the Bank, Anyone on the phone in repetition, all keep saying “Bye Bye” to covertly let me know, that Detective Angela Stewart in contacting them.

By the way, on each arrest, the masses, and especially lawyers, are contacted letting me know that they keep blasting out to the world since 9years old these lies and to stop me from getting help on their Propaganda/Terror systems.

“You are not allowed to defend yourself”

Also, every Lawyer to get help and anything that can get the truth, or fair trials, are all being contacted to stop me from saying a thing. Showing what they have been doing to me my whole life since 9 years old.

Why I couldn’t meet or date women. Why I couldn’t pursue careers and things like this. All turned around on me.

Example, if every girl you ask out says “Bye Bye” then you get annoyed because you know whats going on, and say something. They will say, he’s an angry stalker, who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia,  and we have to put him away.  Which means that from day one, I am just being hunted. Then they will says, I am an angry enraged violent paranoid schizo and things like this. A women hater, a women beater, you name it, all given out world wide based on thin air and a family  that says “You are not allowed to defend yourself”

And we want to rid me of the world like my father putting his English Sheep dog Maggie in a cage for half it’s life, and Shock Collars on his other dog Rhoda.

Why is this happening?  well, in my mind, I guess that my family are like Adolf Hitler and they see imperfection or me associating with every other culture and they want me in the ground. Especially for things like kissing a black girl at 12 years old.

Why would they be mad at me for associating with  Black, Latin, Persian, Egyptian, Russian, White Collar, and Blue Collar, etc? That seems pretty damn american, and open minded to me. And that makes them angry. Spewing things about how I have to pursue my jewish religion or something or I am a bad person.

And probably like million dollar LAPD donations between Arnold Silber my step father, and Father to dictate my life or something. Who really knows. So they are probably on the take somehow, and will say and do whatever it takes to keep that from coming out.

Right after this, I walk out of my house, and I notice the police are waiting on my street. I pass out a card, they arrest me, telling me it’s for a warrant. Of course I was not notified, of anything. But had several people trying to trick me with the police to go on the run. One saying “You better get out of Dodge” because they wanted to make it look like I was guilty and clearly working with the police, because the situation is obvious that I am the victim.

So you can imagine, someone tells you to get out of dodge, and the next day their is a warrant for your arrest in hopes they could make you look like you are guilty and fleeing from something, which shows above, the case was dismissed.

On video here

Sen Dinse also admits that he has seen my website yet, pretends I am crazy and refuses to do anything about this mass mobbing, and is only interested in stopping the truth from coming out showing guilt and involvement.

Now, aside from them working on me with all sorts of paranoid schizofrenia tactics. When driven to Topanga Station, once again weird questions were asked.

“How do you get your money”

as if I am some billionare columbian drug lord, and not some guy who drives a $7000 eclipse and live in a 1500 sq foot town house worrying about food each month.

“Did you ever get put back in a school at a young age” referring to T1 at Sunny Skies

How would they even have this 35 year old information unless they are involved in something highly illegal? And if something happened back then, and I am accused, I would just be asked directly about it. Showing like everything else, it’s just more mental battering to try to make me think I have done something, for their psychological terror operations to remove me from society.

Hence, Data-mining my life with these terror operations.

Digging for information about my family putting me back in some class they called T1, and sunny skies day camp, which for some reason they are mad at me about, what they did, and are also IRATE that I kissed a black girl around 12 yrs old there, which is somehow the crime of all crimes, then telling the world I am a white supremacist, which is beyond odd!

With these questions after arrest, me being hunted all day and night since a young age for some reason, and their arrest questions about my trichotillomania, they clearly are showing their obsessed angry rage, and have been following from place to place hunting me for things that don’t remotely matter and because I am not PERFECT! sound like something we have seen in past history before?

And a huge crime in itself.

Just one of these endless Defamation, Criminal Defamation, and Slander are a few.

Other then they are ashamed of me for kissing a black girl, and would rather put me in the ground, then something like that happening. Hence you see what is done to me every time I do a photo shoot with a black girl. Or a Latin Girl, or any girl for that matter, all have some criminal story for the world to have.

But of course, showing the LAPD’s endless obsession of things no one normally does. Why would the LAPD care less that I was put back in some class, other then my fathers pathological lies I’ve seen him say, that I am somehow mad about that, when like usual. I have said absolutely nothing about it, ever! I couldn’t even remember it until black people were following me from place to place egg mobbing me, working with the LAPD and these mass world wide groups. Or my father during his launches unloading fiction about me from thing to thing.

Say I’m Crazy, Say I’m Obsessed, Say I am full of rage. Based on thin air. Or trying to get reactions from being terrorized or tortured, or attacked to use against me.

But you now start to understand the Propaganda/terror systems developed around me to give the world disinformation to rile them up against me.

Keep in mind, people lie, their is drama and gossip, but it rarely and instantly goes world wide from intricate thing to thing. That can only happen with a system of communication built around someone.

If I am in woodland hills, and I say “Yabba dabba doo” and instantly fly to New York, and 30 people say “Yabba Dabba doo” in front of me. That is not NORMAL! That is a terror operation to rid someone of the world.

Mike Huntley’s own words. “We are using the system against you” then their cover-up operations with my family paying off the psychology community and people like Susan Donar, Karine Echington, Oscar Pakiar, and notifying millions of others to stop me from telling people what is going on. They don’t want me to have a healthy life, they don’t want me to have freedoms. And they will say and do anything to accomplish this. Like such things as I am a paranoid schizo, or immoral, or whatever they can use to give to the world. And probably paid off.

Now, before I proceed with the arrest, their are several things that a lot of people are trying to avoid as to the level of illegal and corrupt LAPD corrupt operations going on here. While people are playing stupid with the more subtle psychological warfare tactics. These are things that any honest judge, lawyer, or you name it, is going to say, that something is wrong here, or their is enough here, for corrupt activities by Police Officers and that is UNACCEPTABLE!.

First, earlier I spoke out about Sean Dinse using his personal facebook account, to rile up people to go after people, and especially me. Also stating all sorts of things about people with psychological problems and how they can make irrational decisions, and they need to be off the streets. And isn’t it interesting that Sean is trying to not only turn me into a paranoid schizo, but also labeling me as one, then telling mass world wide mobs to rid me of the world. But at no point letting me be healthy like I was working on me more and more with world wide groups. With some kind of take on life that if someone gets sick, they need to be rid of the world. Jut like your garden variety Nazi, babbling about perfection and perfect people.

ALSO! even freakier, is the fact that while no one has ever lived in unit 17 adjoining my wall. It appears to be owned by Debbie Wollman, on the case, who is the court reporter. Which in itself, is highly unlikely that is a coincidence, also noticing for years audio getting out of my house to the world. At one point suspecting they might have audio surveillance in there. and most likely them trying to set me up for breaking and entering. One of their usual tactics to try to set me up. Which is done over and over for some strange reason.

But lets take this one step further. I know my brother doesn’t like me because he’s a psychotic. And I know he wants to look like a good wholesome Urologist who likes to pop peoples waterbeds, so to speak. From one of his childhood operations on me. I also know he doesn’t want me saying anything about Trying to Bash Greg Waughs head in with a crowbar after Jennifer Yang cheated on him with Greg Waugh, which I never really thought about until I noticed i was being hunted.

Now ironically, Jen Pilcheck, his wife, Another Jen? interesting. Her father Jay is a Court Reporter. And after I jumped in the way, and stopped my brother from hurting Greg he gave me this freaky mobster speech that “Blood is thicker then water” and I need to spy on Greg, or give him information about Greg and Jen Yang, and I am sure it related to bashing his skull in which I told him I wanted no part of those types of things. Hence why I stopped him from hurting Greg.

After this, he told me “Me and my friends made a teacher mentally ill and put them in a mental institution, and we have a bug in your room and are listening to you on the radio”

To try to turn me into a paranoid schizo and things like this. Which I blew off, because I figured he was just trying to be a tough guy, with his license plate frame “I swerve and hit people at random” and putting baseball bats, and crow bars in his trunk trying to start crap with people. Yet I didn’t realize he had Police, FBI, NSA, and world wide support to end me, and pin all their things on me. Which seem to be endless, and people doing it to me my entire life for some strange reason.

Now realizing that all the people he introduced to me growing up, going off to College. Mike Wexler, Mike Huntley, Jason Baum, Paul Humphrey a conduit from Joe Humphrey, were all being sent after me to befriend me, and rid me of the world. Hence turning 29, and Mike Huntley’s Death Threats and such in our office which I had no clue what the hell was going on until maybe 38 years old after putting the puzzle pieces togethor and watching world wide campaigns telling me I had better not say anything. Which is very strange.

Why are people supporting the psychopaths hunting me down?

it’s very odd. And with Government FBI/NSA support

And their is no doubt he is trying to take everything he has done and pin it on me, just like everything else that is going on with Tom Farley, Paul Humphrey, you name it. Pinning whatever they do on me for some reason, and giving it to the world. Packaged with endless lies and fiction.

But of course, here we have a situation where Jen Pilcheck’s father Jay, is a court reporter, and their is a Court reporter stalking me, I have no clue who she is like everyone else. Trying to get Audio, and probably video surveillance from my house. And also probably trying to set me up for breaking and entering. While I have no proof of this, the puzzle pieces fit pretty damn well. What are the chance I am endlessly being set up, all day and night 24/7 information is being taken out of context, given to the world. And a Court Reporter who doesn’t own the property sharing my wall, is in the courtroom. And one of the people who wants me dead father is a court reporter, Wife to my brother trying to cover up everything he has done to me. And fits his patterns of behavior in spying on people to get information to try to make them mentally ill and rid them of the world.

Isn’t this something you’d think is investigateoble? Why wouldn’t it be investigated? That one thing alone, as well as all the others? Or even from a courtroom stand point, there is no doubt, Change of Venue for a fair trial.


Debbie Wollman _ Professional Profile.jpgDebbie Wollman _ 21620 Burbank Boulevard, Unit_ 17, Los Angeles, CA 91367-1.jpg

This alone in front of a judge would normally raise questions about the LAPD and their Integrity. But yet, 100’s of lawyers I’ve talked to in the last month, ALL! have turned a blind eye! Does this sound strange to you? UNHEARD OF!

So needless to say, they arrested me once again for this supposedly warrant, and putting a card on a car. Dinse was mad about several things. First this arrest starts right after calling Lawyers to sue the LAPD civilly for destroying my name and life. Also, This arrest was the day after purchasing a 24 x 24″ sign which people can passively see, about the things done to me, maybe put on my car, or next to my car. Which is the furthest from a crime.

But I recall back in 2013, Dinse and Jensen were mad, because I had a sign that stated that people were being lied too on my little one man protest with world wide murder operations. And one of their bunk counts on the arrest was, blocking the sidewalk, which was the furthest from the truth. And so is this 24×24 inch sign that I was arrested for having before it even arrived in the mail. Showing that, he is not concerned about things like nuisance, or blocking the sidewalk, he is concerned that people might find out his illegal activities they are involved in, he, Jensen , Toro, are involved in. Which I will expand on further.

Sean Dinse upon the arrest was also upset about non illegal things like the fact that my car was parked in public areas on public streets which is not illegal. But he was interrogating me in hopes he could scare me about it. But you might ask what a car at a park, or in other areas is so threatening about. And it is not the car itself, but the fact that I have signs on my car, that say “Kevin Perelman Target” with my website, and he doesn’t want people knowing the truth. That I am not crazy, and this is an enormous crime against me.


That is like saying you are committing a crime that you are a plumber, and your car says “Joe’s Plumbing” on it, you are a nuisance, and forcing people to read it. Theses are 1st Amendment issues. And any time someone wants to censor you and thug you quiet, means they are involved in a crime, Especially Law Enforcement. Hence  that is why, the more places I go, the angrier these mass groups get, trying to launch their vehicles at me to try to make me look like a reckless driver. Because it’s about covering up these mass 24/7 all day and night 35 year crimes against me.

And they don’t want the truth coming out that, there is nothing I’ve done but found out, I am being hunted my entire life with people trying to cover up their operations. Especially those who have been involved in the crime, not saying it’s wrong.

I even have security guards paid and working with Starbucks and the LAPD stalking me, because I have signs on my car, or I might get in a conversation and pass out a card or a few.

And of course, as you can see, the Police play stupid, know me, and refuse to stop, or report any of what is being done to me and my life. And even in the 2nd video says he will tell the security guard I will stop harassing him. When I explain that the guy is shouting at me to 10 minutes straight harassing me and things like this.

So while taken to jail, like usual, they brought in some fakes, trying to scare me or make me mentally ill which weren’t really under arrest. You wouldn’t understand unless I gave you the specifics with their paranoid schizophrenia tactics, but that is going off topic for this blog, but is relevant for the bigger picture of trying to make me look crazy and remove me from society.

Psychiatrist Susan Doners own words before her cover ups “They think your a schizo”

Now, this is where things are really going to start coming to light, and some of these fraudulent operations going on, which may or may not be done to other people, but sure as hell is being done to me over and over. Showing that not only all these accusations to lock me away, based on thin air and destroying 35 years of my life, and 17 years of severe torture, and the full 35 years of things I found out being done to me at childhood. But they are also profiting off it. And I have a feeling, that this is a LAPD, Lawyer, Private Investigator, Money ring, to scare people out of their money, and probably even kickbacks to the so called police volunteers.

And I am sure they might make up some lame lie that they always do, saying I am involved in fraudulent activities, which we all know is the furthest from the truth. And has to do with my father paying off Lorena Escobar to sabotage my life because her own words “I am trying to protect the company” meaning things like. If Kevin Perelman does photo shoots with women in them. She is going to frame me, or try to set me up, because my father doesn’t want a son who has a lifestyle like that, or with a black person around him. Things like this.

We are not talking about things like criminal activities, we are talking about things they just don’t approve of. For example, that’s like me saying if a girl shows the skin on her ankles, it is unacceptable and needs to be locked away. It’s a matter of what they approve of, and not right or wrong. But what they are doing is the crime of all crimes.

So he will say and do whatever it takes to destroy my life and rid me of the world. Because Doctor Perelman, wants to look like a good wholesome person, just like Jason Perelman the Urologist. Which he is not a good person. Hence, why this is my life. In other words, Lorena Escobar is a paid thug and hit women.

While calling Leo at VIP Bail bondsman he comes down, and when he gets there, he waits 4 hours after.

Leo Card.jpg

Finally after 4 hours, I call a different Bail Bondsman, and instantly Leo is there from sleeping in his car. Because he is obviously working with the LAPD and they are listening to the conversation, hence then Leo is told and comes in. Also asking me about financials on the phone. Now not only are these fraud operations based on stealing peoples money, they are also stealing peoples money who are about to go to jail, or in criminal defense situations, meaning they have almost no choice in the matter, or they go to jail.

So Leo plays this game about how the police are fucking with him, and then when we get to his office, all of a sudden. He starts telling me, that we are friends and such and has a defense attorney for me. But oddly enough, any time I ask for a number of a civil attorney, or anything I can benefit from my life for the damages to it. He is no longer is a so called friend. Of course, I tell him that we are not friends, and he is the guy who bailed me out. But anyways. Later on, noticing that he charged me $200 extra taking my money.

Now, this is were things really get shady. Because all these people are actually conspiring togethor. The LAPD, The Bail Bondsman’s, The private Investigators

Now, if you watched the video, I was arrested for a warrant for the original arrest, and Sean Dinse States on the video that I am being arrested for a warrant. Yet now, the Warrant no longer exists, this is what I was handed in jail at the time of arrest. There is nothing about any warrant, and it is a whole separate case.

This keep changing from this to that. While they steal more and more money. Also, what is $100 bail? does that even make sense?


Also, look at the bail?

$35,000 and $100

a bail of $100, that doesn’t look strange? Now also, we have a battery charge right? Now the original case I was arrested for prior months was closed, and now it is re-opened like a warrant, then they arrest me saying it is a warrant, and re open it, then they slip in another case from Angela Stewart who I called about me being attacked. But was it a warrant arrest? or a Arrest for some other reason because their was no crime on this next arrest other then them waiting outside my house when I came out to go somewhere. And really doesn’t have to do with anything, but just arresting me for no reason and throwing on whatever false charges they want, because they don’t want to be sued for their 35 year campaign to try to set me up and rid me of the world.

So, if you can’t see what they are doing, they are creating a fake arrest, and then slipping a new fabricated case in the paperwork that their was never an arrest for. Because I called the LAPD when being attacked by this person they sent after me, then them coming after me for calling them. And Dinse states it on the Video that, I am being arrested for this warrant that I was notified about.

In other words, I am never allowed to call the police, ever, any time in my life, and this starts around 9 years old? What could it be about? My father mouthing off to Officer Romo? ok, then why isn’t my father on my side sending all his employees after me?

Yet what is even stranger,  just like all the other illegal activities going on, non of the Lawyers will address it and don’t want me talking about it, or anything about anything. They just pretend things like, Imaginary arrests, cases, Court Reporters buying property adjacent to my wall, and on the case, Dinse turning people into Vigilantes with his personal facebook. And some obsessed Lunatic cop, who is running around trying to wipe me off the planet because I was social on facebook, talking to a girl with the name Jensen, and thinks he is a psychologist, and people who start pulling their eyebrows at 13, or are moved back in 1st grade are a danger to society and need to be rid of the world for no legit reason at all on an endless crusade no matter where I am to accomplish this. Isn’t strange, weird, wrong, some the end all be all of criminal activities because this psychotic wears a Police uniform and thinks he can finish Adolf Hitlers work.

Yet he is backed by the lawyers and everyone else for some reason profiting off these illegal operations, while he preaches about mental illness as they probably pay off psychologists to go after those they don’t like with Lorena Escobar.

Does he have something to hide, and involved in endless crimes? Ya think?

Which go way back to Rodie Morales, Kelly Hatch. even Carissa Brands and Paul Humphrey sent after me.

After getting out of jail, I decide to hire a Private Investigator, but for 17 years, they all have been told to steal my money and do whatever it takes to not help me or suppress the truth and what is going on. Working with the LAPD. Some of the first ones I hired were actually part time police and private investigators. So you can understand what is going on here.

“You are not allowed to defend yourself” We don’t want the truth coming out

I call a company called Excell Investigations

And of course, when I get there. There are people waiting in cars for me. And also, a police officer knows to drive down their rural street right after I park. A common thing done to me. And not paranoia. Because it is in repetition until it is obvious.

I think off the top of my head, 3 people waiting in cars watching me. Also, one in a Yellow and Black Sole. Which later on, groups of people came out on Hollywood Blvd all wearing solid black pants and yellow, and Solid Yellow Shirts, Also at Topanga Ralphs, with Yellow and Black Cars, and clothing. These few pictures don’t get the point across because it’s huge groups all at once. Also, keep in mind, these internet based interactions are across different county’s So for example. Maybe if you go down to Hollywood, once in a while you see someone in yellow. This time, maybe 100’s in 15 minutes. Showing non random events. Also, some of them giving me, mean angry looks like I wronged them for breathing.

These are normal things they do to me all day and night for 17 years and are more subtle starting at 9 years old

PI Yellows.jpg


Now, I wonder why Aubrey Fisher, Officer Toro, Sean Dinse, and Jensen, don’t want me to ever have a camera, or take a picture of a person? What doesn’t he want me having proof of, now going on my entire life? Especially their their speeches about people who might suffer mental illness need to be rid of the world. Now, if that makes you question Dinse’s Skin headish appearence and who he is, I don’t know what else does.

When I go into the office there are two people, a Will, and A jon. Like usual, they send me the paranoid schizo messages that they know me, like everyone world wide, yet they say they say do not know me. Showing that their INTENT like everyone else is to create things like paranoid schizophrenia then make up some lame excuse that I have somehow done something wrong to cover up these 35 year operations.

They tell me how I am not allowed to meet the actual Private Investigator, yet I tell them that, I need to speak and see them to know that they comprehend things and know what is going on. And how do I even know what is going on if I do not know the person.
Well, they get mad. And also, I believe Jon, was the actual P.I. sitting right next to me.

Also, this type of thing was also done to me by other Private investigators about 15 years ago as well. Some packaged tactics of not knowing who the P.I. is showing that they are all conspiring togethor, with Mike Huntley, Tim Thompson, and this mass groups since childhood.

I sign a contract I did not read thoroughly, after them telling me that I could meet with the P.I. and they would call me. So in the next couple of days, they had a girl named Sophia Call me and started working on me with their terror tactics. Packaged and given to the world. Will gives me the locations, and says, the location to meet this person is across the street from the job.

I tell him. that doesn’t make sense, if I meet with them across the street, people will know what is going on. He then back tracks and says, no, it’s in the same area. So I go on google earth, and look, and it is across the street. But not only this, the location is by a giant sign that says “Empire”

And on the receipt, he changed the company name to “Excell Empire”


Notice their legitimate paperwork


I have a previous conversation with this Sophia, who coincidentally is using the same name as one of the people sent after me with the LAPD, on IRC to figure out ways to remove me from society with years of these people sent after me on the Internet. Then having Rodie Morales hunt me down with Mike Huntley taking me to strip clubs to try to make it look like I was stalking her I tell her I wanted to see a P.I license to make sure she was legit and said who she said she was.

Now, aside from this fake sophia, saying she is black, pretending her mother is sick and blowing me off for a week. and the night before me noticing this, I went to call her to change locations because they didn’t make sense after talking to her the day before and telling her to make sure she brings her P.I. License. And guess what. Her phone was disconnected.

They wanted me to meet her at a place Called

Ozzie’s Diner
7780 slauson avenue
commerce, ca 90040

Ozzy Diner Empire Sign.jpg

Then working on the usual types of scams, trying to make it look like I am meeting with someone as a frame job. Or to try to make me look crazy. Or involved in something.

I then proceed to call Will and Jon, who started trying to control me, saying I am a problem, I am not allowed to talk to her, or anyone  else given to me. And that I have to do things there way. At this point, they have shown me that they are trying to steal my money, and are going to rip me off so I say, I don’t want to use your services. But guess what. he then says, I cannot have my money back, and that is why I signed a contract stating I cannot have my money back, and he knew I was going to be a problem.

Of course, like usual, I am as professional as can be, and they are the ones INTENTIONALLY creating problems for me and trying to turn things around on me.

So, on everything here I have just stated. Their is pre meditation, and motive to rip me off beforehand showing a crime is being committed and it is not just some financial dispute on poor service. These are actual criminal activities. They knew who I was, they are also working with the LAPD in these operations. And on going to the LAPD they play stupid, won’t file any type of report, saying it is a civil matter because they don’t want any type of investigation. Especially showing that I am being Targered. And lieing to me that anything that involves money is always civil. And this isn’t just Topanga Division. They are contacting all divisions to cover up these operations to steal peoples money and stop them from defending themselves or getting help.

Most of these rip off operations are criminal acts, and if it was any other person, it would be investigated and accountability. Showing that this is all designed to rid me of the world or lock me away.

So then I have all sorts of trust issues with my previous attorney who refuses to tell me what happened in court. It took over a week and a half of calls to my attorney for a simple answer with all sorts of lies about this and that.

While other attorney’s are telling me I have a problem because I think I know procedure or am questioning the validity as if every person is some kind of honest robot, and I am the problem trying to brain wash me. And how would they even know of my conversations with other attorneys if my life wasn’t being data-mined and disseminated to the world to use against me.

Showing their involvements to force me into situations to use against me and lock me away.

Why warrants are coming from nowhere. Why he doesn’t think things like court reporters buying property next door, possible even audio surveillance in it on your case or of any way shady illegal operations. And also doesn’t want to offend some of their criminal LAPD friends trying to kill me. isn’t at all strange, in any way shape or form. As well as Sean Dinse and the other 1000’s of operations like this I know about that have been done to me over the years.

So I take the lawyers number that Leo from VIP gave me, and I call him. Of course noticing that Leo at VIP charged me $3700.00 instead of $3500.00 taking a little off the top, while calling me his friend.

knowing that no one will help me, and I might need an attorney who is going to take the time to listen to what is going on which they all refuse to do, lieing to me, saying this isn’t how attorneys work. Which is absurd. But when people are being contacted and told to refuse to help you giving you disinformation and give you packaged responses which go from one to the next. Something highly illegal is going on.

On 11/22/2017  – I get a call from John at Excel, while contacting new Private Investigators. This is John Backtracking with all sorts of lies. His only concern is really that he does not like the truthful Yelp reviews. Which as far as what he is involved in, is nothing. But he shows, like usual. Lies, thugging, manipulation, pre meditation. And at no point, any sort of honesty, and anything contributing to humanity, and most of all, the safety, and integrity of my health and life, when it comes to simply getting paid to do a job, he and everyone else would do for anyone else in the world. Showing motive.  Even if he didn’t like me. He could do the job he was paid to do, and get the truth out. He would get paid, and I could move forward. Yet for some strange reason with his involvement, even now, showing that anything that has to do with the Truth, and Kevin Perelman breathing and having some sort of life is unacceptable. The reasons to why he and everyone else are so mad at me for not blinking right at 9 years old or so, is a mystery. But this shows what is going on. And any 10 years old with common sense can see through this conversation, the lies and manipulation. The fact he even called me after shows huge balls after what he is involved in and is doing. Once again, I hate this Watergate crap, but I have really been left with no choice since everyone worldwide refuses to be honest and help me.

Now, after this, and filing a dispute with my bank, which they have now given me back my money from these people, I got endless phone calls, messages about how he is giving me last chances and things like this to take down the yelp review so I can have my money back. Which shows the types of people they and this enormous connected groups are. Trying to thug, and blackmail me into having my money back. Instead of being a good person in hopes that their is forgiveness, and letting the situation die out. Proving what is and has been done to me my entire life. On all levels imaginable.

Wells Fargo isolated transaction

He is also sequencing his calls with private events such as, going to see attorneys that he knows or the timing of places. As well as specific cryptic phone calls on the time hinting about numbers which they do.

The amount of calls from him, over and over blowing up my phone in hopes he can get me on the line to tell me I am a bad person, and need to take down the review so I can have my money back which he owed me for not providing me with the services and trying to frame me to make me look like I am crazy and a dog following women around to cover up what he is involved in, in these 35 year operations from one girl to the next. with worldwide support. You noticed with John here, he is Covering up for I believe having Rodie Morales pretend he was a girl named Julia Sophia Reynoso in around 1999 stalking me, then wanting to take me to strip clubs years later to cover up their police setup and frame job operations with Mike Huntley and the other enormous groups stalking me my entire life. Also, keep in mind, he knows the police are backing him in these illegal operations so, he is empowered like the rest of the world to hunt me. No matter how good of a person I am.

John’s number is the 562-693-3389

Ironically, that is also the Remote Desktop port 3389 on windows computers which I have a feeling is not a coincidence due to the way these people with the police are operating trying to send me cryptic guilt messages to torture me into coerced false confessions all day and night.

And the fact that the police have been hacking into my computer since 1994 when the Internet came around working with my brother to illegally get anything to rid me of the world.

One of these calls was right after leaving an attorney’s office which I do not believe was coincidence.





12/15/2017 2:34 pmScreenshot_20171214-150319 (1).png


Notice how he goes from friendly to demands in anger when he does not get a reply. Showing the types of people who are stalking me and don’t get their way. Even women following me to places, thinking I know they want me to ask them out and when they don’t get their way, go ballistic on me with these worldwide groups as If I owe them something. Always the same personality stalking me from childhood, from one person to the next. I have to do this, I have to do that, or it’s worldwide extermination. Yet this isn’t about women. It’s about something the government has insecurity about like me starting to pull my eyebrows at 13, and thinking Trichotillomania (Hair Pulling), is some kind of label for something horrible. Then making up weird lies that I am nervous and could kill someone with a blink of the eye.

Or I am a danger to myself or others pulled out of thin air, to leverage these people to this extermination operation. Using psychology as a weapon for those they don’t like or trust. Basically Adolf Hitler with covert tactics to cover up the operations.

When not being able to really see, that this is who they are, and that is just a cover up excuse  Like someone born with a Mole on their face is a danger to society and they aren’t going to take the chance, so they FLAG them with NSA or other illegal government operations most people don’t know about or want to believe really do exist.



Some kind of crime ring.

in the first place for some strange reason world wide. So I contact Naser J. Khoury,

knowing that, lawyers are being contacted by LAPD and Detective Angela Stewart telling them to make my life impossible, and to not help me and try to steal my money, and stop the truth from coming out, and give me any type of fair honest representation to defend or protect me. Because of what I know.

When meeting with this person, I come into the office with Undeniable proof. Before we speak he gives me some song and dance how he was almost elected to be a judge or whatever. But after seeing the evidence. He wants to, like usual. Charge me flat rates per case.

Even for what might be a couple of court dates, which might be like $500.00 total

Example, in this case, he want to charge me $5000, per case, in 2 cases. And one of them was slipped in illegally. But who do you ask about it when everyone is being approached by the LAPD with the con job operations.

Both cases are on the same court date, and he can walk across the street to Van Nuys Courthouse. Showing that their is no driving time, and one court visit for two cases, and was slipped in illegally.

Also, their scam is he is going to charge me for the entire trial when the Pre-Trial determines if it even goes to trial with enough evidence. So if it’s thrown out, and he spends 1 hour of time. He makes 10,000. And coincidentally, the same amount of my father telling the world I stole 10,000 from him because he got mad at me for getting into building cars at 16, and working my ass off, to make money to buy an engine in the file room in his office.

Showing that I am about hard work and making your dreams come true. Which he is mad about because maybe he is a doctor who is offended his son was building cars at 16, and didn’t want that image.

As I recall, 99% Lawyers work with a Retainer and Hourly, and Every single one, in the 100’s I have contacted have lied to me telling me that in Misdemeanor and Felony cases it is always based on flat rates, and never hourly. Which is a lie.

Especially when the Pre Trial determines if it even goes to trial. Ending the calls or visits in “Bye Bye” from each and every lawyer from Detective Angela Stewart, after her saying “Bye Bye” after me telling her to proceed to press charges and her coming after me. Because they sent this Baily person after me to try to set me up and it failed like usual.

After showing the proof of things being done to me with the cars and such to create mental illness. then walking outside and showing him someone waiting for me in a car parked backwards and his secretary working with them, He says, “Shake my hand” in front of them. And of course “Bye Bye” Again.

When I go back to Woodland Hills, buy some Cigars, at Woodland Hills Tobacco Company  on Ventura And Topanga, Woodland Hills

Image result for Woodland Hills Tobacco Company

He shakes my hand like the Previous Lawyer, letting me know the lawyer is telling mass groups to attack me more in Woodland hills, for showing that I am the victim, and starts getting more aggressive with their terror tactics. And also, one of the things I explained to this Lawyer was specifically how they pull up Toyota Camry’s at my gate or my street togethor to explain to them how they are trying to create Ideas of References. And when I got home, their were several Grey Toyota Camry’s. Showing that he doesn’t want me talking.

Also the entire Woodland Hills, ramped up their terror operations after this.

So After this, I went to a Robin Yanes, who wanted $250 cash for the Consultation, which he pretended was normal and didn’t give free consults, playing stupid, while his secretary whistled at me, one of the tactics and such. With others. He also was telling me he is on a murder trial, which I highly doubt.

And once again, it’s a flat rate. Now, I tell him, we are going to Pre Trial, and he says that in a Misdemeanor case, it will no matter what will go straight to trial, which is a lie, and that he will charge me $7000 for each case, meaning $14,000.


But if it was hourly, Maybe I’d bay $1000 and it probably would be thrown out. Locking you into giving away your money. Which is Fraud, and locking me away in jail as well. Which the LAPD tells me from one station to the next. That is not Fraud. When their is a conspiracy to force people into stealing their money.

Now these things have happened from each and every Attorney I’ve ever been too, my entire life. That needs to be explained to me, which links back to my childhood where my family wants to rid me of the world for some reason working with the Police, Government, FBI/NSA.

The Police try to say that this is all civil, and not a criminal act, Especially when your life is at stake. That is a lie, and a packaged response! Especially by the LAPD refusing to protect me because I found out I am a Target. And that needs to be explained in such a way the truth can come out. Not accusations on secret Propaganda/Terror systems to turn the world against me and cover up their lies ulterior motives, and hidden agendas about me.

Aside from the cars tracking my Locator on my cell phone, following me, waiting for me, like usual world wide from place to place to mentally batter me to death or into reactions, which I am told is normal.

Now of course, calling who knows how many other Attorneys looking for new representation the same exact things from all of them! Probably like 100 conversations. Between the “Bye Bye” from each and every one. The secretaries. All working togethor.

After Speaking with Robin Yanes, each and every one is now telling me that it goes to trial no matter what,  once again, showing a mass conspiracy, and are trying to charge me absorbent flat rates when they damn well knows that they have no case, and it will probably be thrown out.

Now, you might say that, they are trying to claim I am a nuisance, and need to pay, but either way, that is why we have judicial systems to get to the bottom of what is really going on, and they don’t want this. Especially civilly.

In one GIANT Lapd/Private Investigator/Lawyer Crime ring all connected across the internet, to frame people, arrest them, and steal all their money, and leave them homeless to die, or lock them away in jail for knowing.

One of the Phone Calls I mad was too a Aaron McAllister

Same type of thing. Didn’t want to give me an Hourly, up until trial, even though I am half way there. And also, Him telling me that because I think I know the court process, that I am making people lives difficult so he wants a flat rate as well. I think it might have been $20,000 from this one, I am not sure.

But you get the idea, it’s the same as it has always been since 9 years old, I do what they say, or I am dead or gone working with world wide groups. Basically the same thing as Suedo Nazi’s

But of course, the whole thing about People talk, doesn’t really make sense when INSTANTLY, every aspect of your life is collected, disseminated, and given from person to person. Your saying the next day each and every attorney knows my private conversations, and are all given packaged responses is somehow Normal? and people just talk?

I don’t think so. This is about systematic, Censorship, control, dissinformation. Any honest attorney would say. This is my hourly rates, and this is the retainer, and I have taken an Oathe to defend you, and I want to know the entire situations. And not lame excuses that they have to read, and how dare I wrong them.

And those who are involved in this have no place being attorney’s, Police, Private Investigators, Doctors, you name it and should not be allowed to work in their industries if they are not here to help people. And try to steal their money and leave them to rot and die. Especially the Police, refusing to do their job to protect the people.

Layers are telling me things like, This is not how the Lawyer Process works, and you cannot come into a lawyers office and explain the entire situation so that they have the information to protect and defend you is somehow wrong. Is not only absurd, but CRIMINAL!

Most people have the same Lawyers, built professional relationships with them so that they can understand their situations to protect them. But in my case, it’s always about just wanting specific information and leaving out the entire story. And done intentionally to control the situation. and stop any aspect of TRUTH from coming out.

That’s like saying, Well, I see someone is trying to kill you, but you didn’t pay me, so, too bad. Just Die. I have things to do, and I know people with a lot more money. So, if you don’t pay me 100,000 for 1 court appearance, me or anyone in the industry won’t help you. Is clearly the crime of all crimes.

The Tom Farley Lawyer so to speak.

Well, somewhere in the Bar, I doubt that it says things that says that this type of BEHAVIOR is ok to be practiced and probably even criminal since it involves people lives. And normally they would go to jail for these types of mass conspiracies.

Now trying to fabricate some fiction about me to justify these operations is also beyond any level of Criminal, Like Jen Hess, Julia Sofia, and the other 1000’s of women sent after me my entire life, is all cover up operations for the original targeting started at me around 9 years old for whatever reason.

I blinked wrong, who knows.

Now, I have listed just a few people involved in these coordinated operations.

LAPD, with Sean Dinse, Detective Angela Stewart, and working with Private citizens telling them they are the police

Tons of Private investigators

Every Lawyer I have been in contact with 100’s – 1000’s

All connected in these theft and fraud operations. So what is going on here?

Is it just directed at me, or is it a real Crime ring? either way, it does not matter. Because the crimes are being committed against me over and over. And the LAPD is actually telling them to do it.

But the one thing that needs to be addressed, is how is this possible? People talk? Drama, gossip? Ya right, this is all information that is being transmitted instantly to the world to stop me from breathing. To try to give me endless nervous breakdowns until I am dead, or put in a mental institution or some kind of cage. Not really for any reason other then a family who hates their child after he was born. Who knows, maybe they wanted a girl.

An internet based propaganda/terror system for control, torture, and ridding people from the world. You don’t walk into a law office, and 100,000 other law offices have this information within 1 hour, unless NSA/FBI level Terror systems are

Built around you to frame you, try to set you up, stop you from defending yourself and getting help, and ridding you of the world. I don’t care if someone pretends they are a Drug Dealer, or are a Porn Star. They do not have these kind of resources.

Normally, you are told to keep calling people until someone can meet your needs. But what if you trying to do the right thing turns out to be them saying that you have obsession, or are crazy from trying to walk away from abusive people or criminals. Pre meditatively creating the situations which I have seen done to me my entire life. And who could think these types of crimes up? People with psychology degrees like my family.

Like this Skylar(Stephanie) girl sent after me by the Police, and my family, What were her last words to me “If you want to be my friend, I am going to treat you like shit”

And my response to her was “Don’t call me, don’t contact me, stay away from me”

This making the LAPD very angry that I walked away from this abusive person, then working with Victoria Walker sending this latin stripper Stephania after me with her Angel wings in all sorts of frame job operations with Victoria Walker I can talk about trying to make me look crazy.

Now, while these are clearly government operations. It does not mean that the people involved are not committing crimes. THEY ARE!

They are being told to break every law in the book, and they are acting on their own, making a conscious choice! If a police officer tells someone to be a Vigilante, and they do. That person, no matter who told them, is committing a crime!

The first thing they should say is. I will not take part in someone telling me to go out and do criminal acts in their name, and then they should tell the press, or whoever as to what is going on to stop it. They are nuisances, creating chaos in the streets, labeling people and hunting them down with mass groups. Just ask Adriana Olivarez sent after me by Lorena Escobar, she is one of them.

That choice alone means they have just committed a crime. And no one made them do it. If you want to compare that with me being a chump and getting a stripper a beer or something when I was 25. I don’t think we are talking about the same things. Thats their Apples and Oranges and these are global extermination tactics.

Taking things out of context.

If I tap my foot around Aubrey Fisher, she says I am a troll instead of walking away, and then has world wide campaigns with the Police, FBI/NSA to have me killed with the troll label. I have done nothing wrong no matter how you want to look at it, and she is involved in ATTEMPTED MURDER with motive and calculated pre meditation and the execution of. Clear and simple.

Ok, so, almost every person I have had any contact with since last talking to Detective Stewart has said to me “Bye Bye” especially on the phone, and anyone that is supposed to do their job and help me, refuses Showing I will not get a fair trial and they do not want the truth coming out. It also shows the the Defense attorney’s are acting as the prosecution stealing my money and figuring out ways to lock me away.

So I will just make this a public trial. Because I am the good person and the Victim in the situation of all situations. 35  years of world wide extermination campaigns for some reason. And they will say and do whatever it takes to try to cover up their ulterior motives and hidden agendas since 9 years old.

And while I am sick of having to do everything alone and being hunted by a world wide campaign while no one will help me since 9 years old, or even talk about what is really going on, leaving out all truth or honesty. I will write it non the less, even though this is getting old. That no one will help me, and no one will be truthful about what is really going on.

But I have already shown you the corruption for 35 years to rid me of the world for some reason. And that alone should say it all.


These recent arrests are based on one case, which they created a bunk warrant arrest, which is no longer a warrant, but a 2nd case, showing illegal activity.

The property next door to mine, is owned by a Debbie Wollman, who has never lived there, who is the court reporter on the case. Which I have always suspected audio and possibly video surveillance going on due to the fact, world wide people on social networks have mimicked things in my has

Also things being done, were and are webcam hijackings, My HOA told someone to pose and a plumber tearing up my walls, and not coming back to fix them so they can say I am doing strange things, while I was sick trying to figure out why I was being hunted and tortured to death. These people all working togethor in a mass conspiracy.

Neighbors working with security and Home Owner associations to remove me from society #cnnireport  #FoxNews –

and statements like “Those who live in a glass house”

Example, if I trip on the way to the Kitchen, someone online will instantly say “I tripped going to the kitchen” if their is media with  “WOW” in it, people world wide will say Wow, over and over world wide in public places. This going on for YEARS! not one random coincidence.

There are also things like my Sister In Law Jen Pilcheck, father being a court reporter.

What are the chances of something like this, and why does not one attorney think this is strange along with Dinse’s facebook account and witch hunts with private citizens he does not like or trust. Not based on crimes.


Debbie Wollman _ Professional Profile.jpgDebbie Wollman _ 21620 Burbank Boulevard, Unit_ 17, Los Angeles, CA 91367-1.jpg

Now, this in itself, which normally would be thrown out and police investigations, no one cares. It would at least be a Change of Venue for a Fair trial.

Yet, if someone calls the police, saying Kevin Picked his nose, it is investigated, but if I call with this endless crime spree against me, the police won’t lift a finger. Why is that? Well, those are the real answers that the world needs to be told, and not these endless Defamation, Criminal Defamation, and Slander on their Propaganda/Terror systems.

No, I am not a lawyer, but I have enough common sense to know when something is not right and shady, freaky things are going on. And so would an honest judge. Which makes criminals and murderers MAD! And label me with things like Paranoid Schizophrenia.

Or people like Connie Reya, paid by my father to hunt me down saying I have committed a crime by being too logical. Which is the stupidest statement known to man is equivalent of me saying. Well, a worm is green. Their is nothing to anything but anything then some criminal looking for a way to cover up a crime and just can’t make up a lie that makes any sense.

So, lets look at these fraudulent case counts. Also, keep in mind, these are Misdemeanors, and not Felonies. Originally case #1 was Felonies, but they know that when things go to shit, they will show their true colors for arresting someone for picking his nose wrong with Felonies.

Case #1

Count Charge Section Charge Statute Plea Disposition Disposition Date
01 370 Penal Code Not Guilty Case Pending Case Pending
02 422(A) Penal Code Not Guilty Case Pending Case Pending
03 66.25 Los Angeles Municipal Code Not Guilty Case Pending Case Pending
04 66.25 Los Angeles Municipal Code Not Guilty Case Pending Case Pending
05 66.25 Los Angeles Municipal Code Not Guilty Case Pending Case Pending

And the illegally slipped in case #2 which I was arrested for a Warrant on video

Count Charge Section Charge Statute Plea Disposition Disposition Date
01 370 Penal Code Not Guilty Case Pending Case Pending
02 242 Penal Code Not Guilty Case Pending Case Pending
03 28.01(A) Los Angeles Municipal Code Not Guilty Case Pending Case Pending

The first thing, people need to understand that, while on the surface there are some counts and defenses, but the reality of the situation is that the crimes and attacks against me are global, world wide, all day and night 24/7 and if someone doesn’t know what is going on. Which I’d be surprised at this point. Then this isn’t the traditional situation. It is a whole new animal of 35 year terror attacks and criminal activities against one person with world wide support with passive aggressive and covert packaged and disseminated tactics, and NSA/FBI involvement with no legit reasoning at all. Meaning that this is UNPRECEDENTED!

My guess is that at 13, I started pulling my eyebrows,  they decided to remove me from society, and that is it. Just like Adolf Hitler.

Without the ability to look at who I am, and all the good in life I’ve done. Showing that they are operating on labels like Adolf Hitler and imperfection. Now they are cought in the act, and need to cover it up with every lie known to man world wide keeping me isolated so the truth doesn’t come out.

A Taster:

Most people don’t know how to deal with it. Most people don’t want to admit it. My point is that in this rare situation it cannot be explained with simple sentences or simple defenses. It is extremely complex. And if I walk up to you and hand you a book, and say it’s good or bad. Well, that tells you nothing about the book.And who the other person is.

And if Edward Snowden sat down next to you, and you wanted to know what he knew in a couple of sentences, well, that is the same thing. So, my defense is based on complex conspiracies with mass groups, with Internet based terror systems built around me, and things like this that most people didn’t even realized existed until I was born. And being able to defend yourself is complex, being that these operations were built so that I have no defense, and I am just exterminated and made to look like the bad guy, and takes lots of explaining of these global stalking operations. Hence why I have documented it. This page by itself doesn’t show the evidence, but my sites and other blogs show tons more of all day and night worldwide operations to remove me from society for some reason.

So first, I will talk about the 3 counts of 66.25 which has to do with some object or litter or something in the L.A. River. A place I’ve never been too, and there are 3 counts. Of who knows what. Maybe lint fell off my shirt, blew in the wind all the way there. You get the idea. Although I have watched my family following me from place to place or 35 years spouting hinting messages about 3’s my entire life with their psycho babble or terror. So who knows, maybe my mother watched a movie as a child that had something with 3  in it and wants me dead. But they also have a problem with 2’s so, once again. Their inconsistency shows motive. In psychological torture to get false confessions to lock me away.

Also, in not one of these incidents has a police officer been on site, and arrested me for any crime. Keep this in mind. It is all things from their world wide Neighborhood watch groups  spying on me and trying to set me up who follow me from place to place trying to thug, and intimidate, terrorize and torture me to death. Meaning that their isn’t really any crimes or police involvement. Just psychotics told to pretend they are the Police, working with the police. And they can make up any lie they want Because they don’t have to go to court, if you get where I am coming from. You have no defense in these illegal activities. They can walk up to you, bash your skull in with a crowbar, then tell their police friends that you committed some kind of crime, and you will be arrested for having your skull bashed in. If you get my drift. Being done to my all day and night for 35 years now.

So, what is 3 counts of 66.25? it is a scare thug tactics, because they are mad at me for going out, buying a camera, and doing model shoots, which Lorena Escobar, “I am protecting the company” to try to scare, intimidate me, and stop me from associating with anyone I want to, so that she can protect my fathers company. Hence if I talk to a black girl, they tell the world I am a white supremacist to control me and at the same time have me hunted and killed for DEFYING THEM.

Hence a simple Model Shoot, with Lilly Love, somehow goes from absolutely nothing at all, to hints that I killed her, and all sorts of questionings about guns in my house by the police. But yet nothing has happened to anyone and their is no crime other then maybe someone doesn’t like me, and contacted me for a photo shoot, with world wide groups told to take part, then say “I don’t know you”

This happens over and over consistently from one to the next. How do you explain that?

This is all based on FICTION, nothing directly has been said or done. Just endless hints about this person. To scare me from ever getting into Photography. Hence Officer Toro “If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way”

And clearly working with Aubrey Fisher sent after me by the police and Rodie Morales for some strange reason. Probably paid off by my father and Lorena Escobar.

Ok, but wait, way before this photoshoot maybe in like 2010, they did the same thing to me with Rodie, in 2000? Do you see an LAPD pattern of Behavior here?

Their is no murder victim, there is no body, nothing has been said, no one will tell you anything. The police are doing all sorts of false arrests and even DNA tests. YET THERE IS NO CRIME! And at the same time, they are taking all your money.

It’s all based on Fear and stealing your money! And no actual crime.

But these aren’t street gangs or rare con job operations. These are the Police, Lawyers, Detectives, and Private Investigators. Those who swore by oaths to protect people and stop crime.

Now if you argument, is that you got a Lap dance or went out and got a marijuana card and legally bought weed, you need to be hunted down and killed by world wide support and are shady. Then that doesn’t make any sense other then disinformation to let you think you being killed is ok. If you want to understand these Murderers thought processes.

Same thing as saying Marijuana is a gateway drug and will lead to mass murder and people like this. But we are not talking about opinions here, we are talking about ACTIONS.

If this isn’t a Money Fraud operation, I don’t know what is. And by the people your taxes pay to protect and serve you when you are in danger.

Normally, the police would come knocking, And say “You are under arrest for murder”, You would call a lawyer, and it is very black and white in procedures.

Of course, this instance this isn’t some simple con operation because these things aren’t normally done to 9 year olds all day and night for 35 years with world wide support, then lied to told that you think differently and you think the world is against you to try to make you look crazy. With world wide support.

The truth is, most of the world are good people, hence why capitalism has thrived and we have all sorts of new inventions, and technology.

Socialism, Communism, Holocaust, all failed because it was based on power and control, while capitalism has thrived and changed the world with all sorts of wonderful things and someone tells you that you did something different and it is wrong and a crime, is clearly not about capitalism and the future of humanity. They are about power, greed, control, and getting what they want before everything collapses.

That could not happen in Gotham City if we are talking about reality.

Remember these words are coming from me, not my family, the police, NSA/FBI propaganda systems built around me in secret.

Even in the life of Porn Star and Stripper world, their lives are not that bad and what they are trying to Con me into believing. A lot probably have it very good actually. And most have had made these choices, because they want the fame and attention as well as money. While you could psycho analyze how they grew up, and things like this. Most people do not, unless they or anyone else asks for help.

My point is, that for every aspect of my life, it is all fraudulent lies given to the world about me, and then them trying to brainwash me into believing I am a bad person, have done something wrong, can’t see myself with cover up operations that I am a crazy paranoid schizo. Yet it really seems to be about someone who was born, and their family just wanted an abortion afterwards, with no real reason, but their hate and rage towards me, based on being different then them.

ok, so count 370, is a public nuisance charge and the reason for this is because these people are stalking me in world wide groups trying to terrorize, thug, torture and blackmail me me quiet. Because they don’t want the truth of what they are doing and have been doing since 8 years old coming out. Hence the following me around in mass groups, torturing me with their paranoid schizophrenia tactics to try to get reactions since I was a young child. And watching, collecting, and data-mining every aspect of my life to take out of context and use against me to try to make me look like the problem. Example, if I walk into a Starbucks, and simply pass out a card and say, this is the truth. They say, that 1st amendment right of telling the truth or even speaking is a crime, then mass armies show up with their mental illness tactics. If you have to say, defend yourself in any way, pass out more cards. They get angrier, then saying I am a nuisance. Because they want to get away with their 25 years of world wide illegal activities against me. And are trying to turn it around and thug me quiet. Also telling me to leave the planet and things like this.

But keep in mind, this started before any card or website existed, meaning that, simply sitting how someone doesn’t approve of, or fixing my hair, the same things are done to me. Showing that it is not even about me speaking out. They just don’t want me breathing.

So ask yourself, who is the nuisance? the person minding his own business like he always has, accepting everyone from all walks, open about his life, non abusive, warm friendly, and open minded. Welcoming people to talk to him, welcoming to make money with him, creating businesses like facebook on money levels that everyone will make money with little work, and I did most of it, showing that I am not greedy or corrupt. Or the people following me from place to place saying. You do what we say or we rid you of the world, torture me and kill me, and I had better not say anything about any of it. And the more you defy us, we have world wide groups following you from place to place, all day and night with terror/torture operations, and any reaction will put you in jail because you value your breathing, and don’t like endless severe pain. Which upon asking who knows how many people what this is  about. Their responses are always the same. “You are imagining it”

So what is it really about? like I said, a family that doesn’t like their child and wants to off them most likely, and not about anything else.

If they can’t directly address a specific issue, there is not issue! it’s all fiction!

My fathers own disinformation to me. “People aren’t told what they did wrong because people lie” well, ok, maybe in the maffia.

But world wide groups is not the Maffia, it is Government NSA/FBI operations. Showing this has nothing to do with Maffia, or organized crime. And as you saw, Rodie Morales was working for LAPD, he was not in the Maffia. Maybe he wants people to think that.

Sean Dinse and the Corrupt people working with him are working all the Angles like usual. Throwing the same claims as before, that I am somehow blocking people from getting where they want to go. By me purchasing a 24″ x 24″ sign the night before online that I hadn’t even got yet. That could not obstruct an Ant. Also, like usual, because they refuse to stop their crimes, I am forced to harmlessly defend myself in such a way to let people know they have been told lies. It seems pretty trivial to me, and the bigger picture is they don’t want anything truthful coming to light. And killing me or ridding me of the world for knowing is what is going on.

Or the the peace and dignity of the  community which he is working with the create Chaos and Terror.

I mean Sean Dinse, and Jensen have literally been following me from place to place for 4 years with people all day and night in their stalkings. Which is a 35 year operation after the first case was thrown out. If this isn’t OBSESSION, Hate, and Rage, I don’t know what is.

with 1000’s of psychological warfare tactics directed at me, for example, cars in 2’s all at once, or parked crooked.

in 2’a. Just a couple of pictures of what has been going on all day and night for 17 year every single day where I live. (keep in mind, this is just a few 10 minute walks)












4 grey Lexus’s in a row, sometimes they get larger groups the 2’s, and sometimes they are scattered all around the block.For example, the street might go from maybe once in a while 1 grey civic. To 10 of them in the same day, but not togethor, scattered around. And then it might change to 10 green Honda accords scattered around. Only someone who is being stalked and put in a hypersensative state would be looking for this. Hence the defination of Gang Stalking, or Gas lighting. Doing things on subliminal levels to make them look crazy and rid them of the world.

After parking my car only once crooked in a hurry at at an Encino Starbucks, groups of people world wide were told to do this to me.And especially around my surrounding complexes, to torture me to death hinting, or guilting me,  that I am somehow a nausence for this imperfection of things that no one would remotely care about. And I believe the very first person to start in on me with this before the mass groups was Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager he really hired to send after me for over 25 years and really doesn’t do anything else for him.

Parked Crooked at the places I go. And is done with mass groups at the same time in huge numbers. Then it stops, until they want to do it again, all at the same time. Rarely random events of just one car. I believe this was from 1 or 2 walking around my block.









Just a taste of these all day and night 24/7 terror operations directed at me. Is he trying to say this isn’t to the contrary of the peace and dignity of the community? Especially all directed at me to exterminate me?

Is he saying I am not part of the community? I don’t deserve or have the constitutional rights to do things like BREATHE?

HOW DARE I!  I am Jewish. Do your own math on that one

We will not stop “It is what it is”

“It’s going to get a lot worse for you”

“You better go to the forest”

“You need to learn to accept it, or things are going to get a lot worse”

“No relaxing for you nigger”

All because I said what is being done to me is not acceptable by mass world wide psychological warfare groups. And that people need to be honest a truthful.

It is simple, if you are on my side, you are a good decent person, and if you are on their side, you are a psychotic murderer. Who does not value decency or law and order. It is that simple.

A lap dance does not have to do with Law and Order, Studio Photography does not have to do with Law and order, Buying Marijuana, which has now been legalized with a Marijuana has not have to do with Law and Order. Surfing the net, being social on IRC, Facebook, Twitter Because those are all LEGAL!

And you cannot make up stupid fiction like, He’s a Troll because he said “Hey” and needs to be killed by the Police/Government/NSA/FBI

They can simply push a block button and go their own way, and not follow me from place to place telling me who I can and can’t talk to or what business I can go into. If you get the idea. I am the one in the right.

Just like some Black Girl named Felicia following me to all the Starbucks I go to, for pushing the block button on Ariana when she got abusive. But the Police are not concerned with any of this for some reason.

This girl also said she worked as a secretary for a law firm, and told me in order to stop what was being done to me, I would need to sue. Yet she pretended to be all sorts of things. Playing both side of the fence. However I did know she not only was in contact with people in law firms and police. They were working some angle to try to make it look like I was trying to sue people for a living, as well as working with a lot of the Lawyers, and police to steal my money. She is however right in the respect that people that destroy your life, need to be sued for damages. But in this case, it seems to figure out ways to attack my credibility to try to stop any aspect of truth, or anyone held accountable for these horrific acts which have been done to me with worldwide support since early childhood. She was, like most, strategically sent after me with pre meditation to stop any aspect of me defending myself. And then when it came time I needed to contact attorney’s for any reason  worldwide, they set the stage so to speak to stop me from getting any help from this aspect as well. Normally all thew Lawyers, as well as people are contacted, approached and given any sort of information about people beforehand so they can’t get help. And in my case, it’s all fabricated lies, known as slander and defamation. This isn’t drama, gossip, and people talking. This is systematically being done to control a situation with an agenda of an end result.

Meaning, if someone wants you in jail because they don’t like you, this is a crime to put you there, in such a way to frame you, then stop you from getting help or the truth out. thought out, with mass groups involved, before me ever being approached, then executed. Which is known as a crime against me. And anyone involved in it, is aiding and abetting the crime.

Hence why each and every person I am in contact with knows me. But lies to me saying they don’t know me. Is because they are involved in mass crimes. And even if someone thought I was a bad person for a specific reason. They would just say they do know me. They don’t like me, and this is why. Not say, I am imaging it with hidden terror message to create mental illness, then say they don’t know me. And neither does anyone else and I am imaging it. With hidden suggestive messages, that I have done this or that.

Now, if you say that I am a nuisance, that means you probably need to be put behind bars, because that goes against things like Capitalism, honesty, truth, constitution of america, protections, honesty, and people working togethor to accomplish things in life that are positive so that everyone benefits as well as ones self.

If someone is who they say they are, and they are about right and wrong, and accomplishments and bettering our world. Their ACTIONS will show you who they are. Then they will agree with this. And defend that no matter what. And if they are saying some lint fell off my shirt and hit the ground and I littered, and need to be hunted and killed by world wide groups, and I am a nuisance, then they are murderers, who have no value of human life, who don’t care about any of that. Because someone who would get mass murder groups to kill someone over some lint on the ground obviously does not care about littering. They should not be hunting people for J-walking, Breaking the speed limit, smoking a cigarette by a sign that says no smoking in places that aren’t fire hazards, then try to kill them, saying they are about these types of things like good people, justice, and freedoms, and a peaceful community. I can assure you, they are not good people. And they are not who they say they are based on their ACTIONS!

ACTIONS speak, and the ENTIRE  story is what matters, not a framed fragment of it, like my family will try to tell you with the LAPD.

Even so much so my father having his friend Susan the pretend psychic tell me I should make a photography book called “Threw the eyes of a lens” in an effort to try to make me look like the crazy one in the peoples eyes.

The 422 count is explained in this blog. Once again, cover up operations for their endless crimes against me and on this arrest as well. He was the aggressor, over and over and over. And when he saw he couldn’t control me, he went from pitbull, or cry baby calling the police. He is also using his Green Miata, with someone in the Metro with  A grey Miata to try to make me mentally ill and things like this. Showing he is no random victim. He has a vendetta and is Angry about something at 9 years old or so.

LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –

Ok, so as you can see, all coverup operations, and them trying to turn around their endless 35 years campaign around on me. And thug me quiet because they want people focused on the label, and not the truth and full story, which my family and LAPD do so well.

So, like I said before, where did Case #2 come from. It was a Warrant arrest, and you can watch the Video above with Sean Dinse telling me why I was arrested.

So in Case #2, we have the same 370, Public Nuisance, which I  explained, only it is a mass mobbing and witch hunt against one man which they say isn’t a crime. But needless to say, they are creating Choas in the streets. And acting on their own, and I am the target and victim. And my endless blogs and websites shows endless proof of this, which is about .00001% and is difficult to explain to the few that don’t know what is really going on. But I have endless proof of these terror operations. I am the victim,and always have been, and they are the Nuisance and obsessed stalking psychotics who refuse to leave me alone, now going on my entire life. Not only to me, but to everyone else. I am just the scapegoat that the LAPD wants to pin it on to get away with their crimes of turning people into vigilantes like usual and telling them that they are allowed to. So like everything else, it is cover up operations, and to pin it on me. Who knows why they picked me. Maybe because I was too nice, I am an easy target, and they could see someone they could take advantage of. That is how predators operate.

Code 242 – Is the Battery charge, and as I explained in the beginning, he pursued me, followed me, pressed his body up against me while holding a cell phone camera videoing and yelling at the top of his lungs at me, and put his body in front of my gate stopping me from entering my complex showing he is beyond any level of guilty, and if he even shows up in court, I’d be surprised. Because his purgery will be enormous. And also Detective Stewart and LAPD not wanting any of the evidence showing what he did like usual. The female officer in the LAPD didn’t even want to look at his picture on my cell phone. Looking away. Normally they take it and write up a report.

I also, have a feeling it has to do with them sending Jen Hess after me to try to set me up and frame me. Which when I was 25 or something, I told a stripper Mila about Jen Hess, without even mentioning names from someone who would not normally know me, and that is when they enhanced their extermination operations, once they thought I knew what was going on with specifics. And after this, one of Jen Hess’ who was also playing some kind of Schizo tactic pretending she was crazy calling herself Jesse, told everyone world wide I hit her with a mask on. But yet, like all the other psychological scare, thug tactics, it is never directly said showing that it is all based on scaring me that I did something and people are afraid of me. Which is unheard of in the way these operations are being executed. Showing it is about leverage and control, and non existent crimes. Trying to rid someone of the world in such a way that just makes them look like they went crazy and died, or got locked away. Also known as Gang Stalking, Gas Lighting, Community harassment groups.

Yet the questions of WHY the LAPD, government, and world is doing things like this to  me since 9 years old is a whole other topic that needs to be addressed because these are all NSA/FBI operations, and someone being punched in the LAPD eyes is probably a daily event. But you get the Idea. I didn’t know Jen Hess Very well. I saw the signs of something freaky going on, and I didn’t even know what I was involved in, then finding out that Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, The Police, The gov, the FBI, were sending her after me with countless women my entire life, while my friends trying to give me disinformation to try to make it look like or try to get me to do things, to make it look like I was going after her for some reason. This types of setups and frame jobs have been done to me over and over my entire life, and Jen is just a number. Because it will go from one to the next, showing that this isn’t about anything I’ve done wrong. Or I just would have been arrested for it. And them have to prove their crime actually existed.

And their is no doubt that the LAPD doesn’t want the truth coming out that like Kelly hatch and the endless others since 9 years old. She was sent after me, there is nothing I have done wrong except maybe be a little too chumpy. And my only crime is things coming to light that I am being hunted, and voicing it. Which is really when the LAPD and my family wanted me dead. Not because I did anything wrong as you can see from everything else all day and night or 35 years.

So the IMPORTANT questions like, If I did not mention Jen Hess’s name to Mila, how did she know what some random non targeted person would be talking about. She would just say this guy is babbling crap and laugh. But she did know, and she and everyone else went on the defensive to keep me quiet about things I didn’t even realize were going on that linked back to 9 years old. And the reason she knew, was because these are all NSA/FBI  operations to remove me from society since 9 years old. And Jen Hess is just a number to me. Because this has been going on all day and night since 9 years old with every person I’ve been in contact with trying to set me up and rid me of the world. But when people start trying to make me think I am a HERO, they are cover up operations and brain washing for something much much bigger that affects all of our lives, safety, security, and is EXACTLY what Edward Snowden came forward about.

I am the example of what Edward talks about can happen, has been done to me my entire life. THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO COVER UP!

And then the final one

28.01(A) – I cannot seem to find this code online. Although it appear to be in the family of passing out flyers.  And once again, Like previously stated, that me being forced while watching world wide groups trying to mentally batter me dead, and every person I am in contact with stealing my money and refusing to help stop it or be honest, is an attack on my life. ATTEMPTED MURDER, with all day and night 24/7 endless psychological terror operations to collapse my brain and kill me, or lock me away results in me being forced to passively pass out cards in self so that people can understand what they are involved in, is clearly in self defense, harmless, unless you try to lie, and coverup these mass mobbings with things like, “He is a 5150” or “He is a paranoid schizo” Dinse is trying to control the situation instead of being honest about the situation. A life and death situation with cover ups saying I am crazy.

And as my website shows endless proof, not just here, but world wide. Officer Sean Dinse Damn well knows it is going on. And wants to cover up the fact the he is guilty and negligent for coming after me to cover it up, and not stop the crimes against me. How much energy does it take to research what is going on that I have done all the work exposing?

And why was this false arrest right after contacting Civil Attorney’s for them destroying my life? I find that pretty damn relevant.

I mean 1 hour of reading? Don’t detectives go on cases for years sometimes? But yet 1 hour of reading is too much? For the LAPD, Lawyers, Private Investigators,  Especially on Salaries? you know, did I miss something.

My point is that he and those involved with the LAPD are Negligent for destroying my life, because at any time they could have stopped it which they are obligated to do, destroying my life on every level known to man. It’s not a matter of me telling them. If they know of the crime, they need to stop it weather I know what is going on or not. That is what my tax payer dollars pay them to do. And so they are guilty of not stopping the crime. And if they didn’t take the time to research it, after the amount of me exposing it, the endless police reports, them called daily for stupid things like picking my nose, they are still guilty in turning a blind eye while knowing it is going on.

Hence, why they keep coming after me with more and more world wide people. They don’t want this coming out, which goes up the ladder to NSA/FBI, all the way back to 9 years old. Of things I can talk about which would freak the shit out of people if they didn’t know it was going on.

Asking questions like, “How can people get togethor and do those things, and who would support it”

Things that just aren’t done to people. Weather it was from the psychology community or whatever, because my family all have psychology degrees, and you don’t want to be around them when you make a simple piece of harmless art, or don’t chew your food right.

While I can go on and on, I will leave this blog at this, and post links at the bottom for you to understand the types of all day and night 24/7 psychological warfare operations to torture me quiet, which is on my website. Keep in mind, it is world wide, so the 1000’s of pictures and video I have online don’t come close to the world wide operations. But they are the same tactics in repetition world wide to try to make me look crazy and off me.

Also known as Gang Stalking or Gas Lighting.

While this is just a taste of these  operations, I watch these things being done all day and night 24/7 which makes it impossible to write or talk about. Especially them keeping me in isolation allowing this mass world wide conspiracy to do whatever they feel they want to me and try to make me look crazy.

The questions of what this is about, why it is happening will always linger on in my mind. But them trying to brain wash me into thinking I am a bad person, or this is my fault, will never happen

This is something that needs to be documented in the history books. The Entire situation of what the Police, Government want  me silenced about which involved severe torture, terror, and 35 years of horrific coordinated events

It does not matter what you do for a living provided it is legal. A stripper, a Porn Star, A Lawyer, A Doctor, A psychiatrist, A web Designer, An IT computer networking job, a Police Officer, an FBI, or NSA person. Non of that defines if you are a good or bad person. Your Actions do! And it’s like I always said. That people can do whatever they want to do in life, Provided it is legal, and does not hurt others.

If you want to walk around with a Joking shirt,  Fedora, wear your, Cosplay clothing, it does is not harmful to others. Sure, they might talk, but if they hunt you down and try to kill you or rid you of the world. That is a different story. And it is them committing the crime. Not you being a human with expression. If the police support ridding people of the world for things like this, then they are Nazi’s and so are the people supporting them are not about freedoms and protections. Or people asking questions, or being curious of their situations, or gaining knowledge to understand what is happening. Or even civilized communications to resolve the issues.

Yes, I was born Jewish and am not a devout jew. But I do have common sense and understand the History of all religions, Mass Genocide, and or things done in the name of People who are power hungry tyrants. To control, to censer, based on propaganda, based on thugging and murder.

And you do not have to be any religion to understand the basic principles of humantiy, and what is right and wrong for the world to get togethor, be positive, and thrive as a whole.

And with the Internet, we are now all connected which means several things. It means we can now all become united as a whole. But it also means that their would need to be all sorts of checks and balances that people never thought of, and also the reality of the situation like which culture feels it is right or which ones beliefs think it is wrong.

Also discussions of borderless nations where people could go wherever they wanted without citizenship’s. Are the types of conversations I would prefer to be in with people instead of being hunted by one sided, psychotics who aren’t open to communications.

But the first step is understanding that the days of segmented cultures is no more. I do not know if this could be a scary task or even an obtainable one. But that is all for political blogs, and I am not really very political.

Needless to say, that is off topic, but you can understand that these government terror systems are being used to rid me of the world which NSA preaches is about the greater good. People need to understand the bigger picture, and why Edward Snowden lives in Russia, and the Importance of it.

Most won’t understand the reality until it happens to them. But the basic principles alone should raise a flag in your brain from my situation, and what he came forward with.

Non of this being done to me is because I am a bad person or have done anything wrong. And the world needs to understand this and come forward

I cannot tell you who I am, but if you judge my actions based on my actions, and not the information fed to you, you will realize that I am, and always have been a really good person. It does not matter if I associate with strippers, porn stars, Actors, Musicians, Lawyers, Doctors.

All that matter is that my Actions have always been consistent. But you can’t know this from Propaganda/Terror systems Defamation, and Slander built around me to bury me especially all one sided and in secret. You can only understand this based on me, who I am, and interactions with me. The rest is, in a courtroom known as Hearsay.

Update 11/10/2017

As of the Pre Trial date on the 9th, the case has been dismissed.

I told my Lawyer Richard Barnwell, at The Cochran Law Firm
that I no longer wanted his services, and was going to find a new attorney.

On this appearance, I guess the case was dismissed. Although, I notice from the website, the normal counts were removed, because clearly they don’t want proof of what they were doing. But don’t worry. that is why I have the discovery, and the temporary restraining orders filed from the predators who were stalking me.

Case: 7VW05190
Case: 7VW04099

No longer show data no the La Court System

Case Summary_0003_Layer 5.jpg

Case Summary_0002_Layer 6.jpg

Case Summary_0004_Layer 4.jpg

Case Summary_0006_Layer 2.jpg

If you log into the court system, you will notice, that this old 2013 case still has the Counts. But of course, they do not want what they have done to my life, and their criminal operations showing. So this is what 2013 looks like as of right now, 4 years later.

Case Summary_0001_Layer 2.jpg

So you can see the digitized date, or date that the screen capture of the L.A. Court System

Also, as you can see from the people who are involved in this mass hunt, the Audacity, to actually file restraining orders after attacking me. Just like all the others like Jonpaul Naranjo, coming after me playing victim and refusing to leave me alone with these mass groups and unfathomable resources using against me since 9 years old.

Restraining Order.jpg

Baily Barnard and Terrance Scroggins

And here is the official Discovery so that their are no discrepancies about these cover up operations to try to put me away for finding out at 29, that they wanted to remove me from society, and make it look like I am the problem. To make their stalking look watertight.

Notice, things are completely turned around. Even from Witness Statements. Example, Terramce, came on my property throwing cards on it, he ran up to my ace yelling and threatening me, he stood by my car telling me I couldn’t go anywhere. When I came back from my walk, he ran up to me again, saying “This is my property” and the neighbors are telling the police, that I am doing what he is doing. This applies to everything that is basically going on for 35 years.

Here is the Breakdown of specific details of Terrance Scroggins

I am being as nice as can be, and mass groups are all working and conspiring togethor to rid me of the world. And I am just sitting in awe, wondering why no one is saying anything about what is really going on. Not one person world wide. Then the cover ups that I am crazy and a paranoid schizo.

These even apply back to situation around 13  when Tom Farley Egg Mobbed Eric Johnson and hit him in the back of the head and they told the world it was me. So you can see, they are having person after person frame me over and over my entire life. Hence why this is thrown out when someone actually has to take the Stand.

And the Police all know this and are taking part in it.

Keep in mind when reading the discovery. Their is all sorts of fabrications be Sean Dinse’s murder crew ofcomplete fiction. The same fiction that has been done to me my entire life. And given out worldwide.  Some of these random civilians worldwide working with them are claiming things like, I am indecent and out naked and things like this in it, out in Los Angeles. For simply driving out to Los Angeles. Hollywood, or Santa Monica, they do not like.

Others are obstruction and harm to others somehow. A Big one of Sean Dinse, who likes to use things like. If lint falls off your shirt, by a door, you obstructed the door, and littered.

But remember. There aren’t even claims by officers. Just random people calling in trying to stop me from ever going anywhere because they want to lock me away in a cage for some reason. Even if it’s my house.

So thing like standing around flicking ash off a cigerette, might be combustible rubbish. And the police will be called. And they will tell the mass worldwide groups to keep reporting these fictions so that they can remove me from society.

The only thing that really exists is that they are FORCING me to pass out card in self defense as to what is really going on, and the truth that nothing the world has been told on these secret propaganda/terror systems is remotely true. And they don’t want me exercising my 1st Amendment, or any other one for that matter, because the truth incriminates them and everyone involved. Hence why they spend all day and night producing and manufacturing these lies with my family.

Officer Toro: “If you ever take a picture of someone, I will exercise the law in my own way”

Case 1 DISC 7VW04099

Case 1 More Details DISC 7VW04099

And after this Warrant magically turning into Case #2. But also, the Counts from

Case 2 DISC 7VW05190

Where do these psychological terror operations even come from? well, everyone in my family has psychology degrees and they seem to be connected with the government. So you can derive from that, what is really going on.

Now, in reading some of the discovery, I noticed that, the Police, and my home owner neighbors, especially the people in Unit #9 and #10 at who witnessed every aspect of Terrence Scroggins approaching me something like three times in his thuggings

First, he runs up to me as I come out for a walk as he is waiting for me after he comes on my property throwing cards. Which the Officer lies in the report saying he put a nice stack on my table after I picked them up to clean my property they illegally entered on premises getting past the locked gate somehow and jamming it with a ticket to keep the gate unlocked.

Also, as I go to take my walk, Terrance Scroggins runs up to my face about 1 inch screaming at the top of his lunges while I say over and over because he won’t shut up. He needs to stop. And we all know what that means worldwide. Not just the 1000 people per day withing 100 yards of my house for 17 years.

He response was a threat. “Get back in your house” I proceeded to tell him aggressively, I am going to take my walk, or I will cut him down. Which is not a threat, it’s telling him to stay away from me. Which is pretty threatening, but if you look at this blog, with the mass torture tactics. They have already committed the endless violence against a man simply trying to take a walk and they keep attacking me with mass angry mobs. And these mobs are all day and night 24/7 and worldwide. Although, he and the Police are trying to cover up what my blogs show with the mass attacks. Are saying it is not happening. And that I am a violent crazy paranoid schizo to remove me from society, and working on me all day and night for 35 years.

After this when he goes from tough guy, pitbull to poor little victim. oh poor me princess. , it’s “Call the Police” he threatened me”. Yet I am just trying to live my life and take a walk without endless attacks. But any 10 year old can see the never ending setups and frame jobs that happen all day and night, and are psychologically violent in nature and is a historical event against one man, of one of the largest original psychological warfare crimes against someone to hurt, harm mame and torture someone. But, the nature of a threat is to pursue someone, and try to kill them, or tell them you are going to kill them. Not in self defense saying. “LEAVE ME ALONE, OR ELSE” while watching every single one of the neighbors in the entire city of Woodland Hills torture me for 17 years. And this is worldwide. Never ending. Simply asking people to leave me alone with endless death threats to me, which the LAPD are supporting.

No where things really get demented and out of control, is that,  Every single Lawyer I have called, REFUSES in every way shape or form to even take a look at the flat out evidence no matter what form it is in. And saying “Bye Bye” with their secretaries as I leave or hang up. If I can get it in front of their faces, they say the most obnoxious, and stupidest things to avoid what is going on. And then the next ones are notified to try to figure out ways to get around me getting it to them. “I don’t have time to look” or things like this. Or “This isn’t how I work”

It’s pretty simple really. Here is proof of 1000 people trying to use their cars as weapons per day, here is the undeniable proof of identical cars in 2’s. Just like 1000 lottery ticket stubs you won in one weeks time. It’s a simple. “This is unacceptable” yet, they support the murder operations in mass setups, in the name of. When you were 9, you farted wrong and must be killed or rid of the world.

Some of their threats to me with Terrence Scroggins and Greag Koenig, Just a couple of this masses from 9 years old:

“You better accept what is going on, or things are going to get a lot worse for you”

“No relaxing for you Nigger”

“It is what it is”

References from Officer Dinse in his car about Mr Churches and how he died from abuse or maybe it was the first arresting offier, not sure

“we using the system against you”

“You had better live a careful life”

“we are watching you” from the LAPD on video

“If you ever take a picture of a person, I will exercise the law in my own way”

“Go back in your house”

Several physical attacks to me from a security guard Johnpaul Naranjo, at Topanga/Ventura, a black person working with LAPD punching me at CVS in Encino/Havenhuerst Starbucks

a few off the top of my head are all ok, according to the LAPD to do to me. But I am not allowed to tell people to leave me alone

Of course, after they call the police, Terrence, who is in fear of his life supposdly stands in front of my car saying “You cannot go anywhere” as I continue to go take my walk.

When I come back, TERRANCE, remember the name because they use peoples names to try to SKULLFUCK me, charging me with 422 crimina threat they say is called a “Terrorist Threat” Run up to me yet again in fear of his life.

And says in front of these Liars! “This is my place” And I say in front of EVERYONE. “This is not your place, it is our places and we are all home owners” showing that I am the only one who is not a territorial dog marking their territory like everyone else. Just like my Brother who is hunting me down for the crime of talking to his friends for 35 years and things like this.

Now, take a look at the discovery, despite my honesty and friendliness and showing I am all about community getting along. Look at this falsified report with Yruhm Kotel.

Their is no way anyone could misconstrue someone running up and getting in someones face from bad English skills as it says here. Now, interesting enough, the person in #9 the other day as I go to check my mail, seems to  be in an angry rage throwing dishes all over. I did not go up to take a look. But you can see here. I cannot tell you exactly is going on. But their are no construction trucks out front, and things are flying everywhere. This is a violent lyer and criminal in nature if he can watch a mass worldwide mobbing against one man, or even if we isolate it to the 1000’s in 100 yard area to one man for 17 years and he doesn’t think that is wrong. Is the type of person who would go ballistic like this when he didn’t get his way. Like I said, I have no clue what is going on exactly. But here is the video, you can see for yourself which is very strange, unusual, and from a liar who supports mass mobbings to kill someone and rid them of the world wide every excuse known to man that changes on an hourly basis, and is not about right or wrong. Is only about. We don’t like this person since 9 years old and are going to rid him of the world for some strange reason based on you farted wrong as a kid.

Person in Unit #9 which I believe might be  Yruhm Kotel, either way, #9 and #10 are lying witnesses

Also, you will like this. Once again, Officer Sean Dinse, and the mass stalking groups he has, also in his discovery and arrest state that I am down in Los Angeles Indecent!

So, what is he really so mad about? well not a crime! Nothing I’ve done but joke around. While I guess you could say I was never indecent and naked in Downtown Los Angeles, or Hollywood. MY CAR WAS!

Once again. Not a crime. Just the Police, Government and mass groups telling me who I have to be, and that I have to act like the president of the United States or I will be held accountable for my imperfection having personality, and emotions.

Also, I noticed person with a pickup truck around here also has a set of testicles on the back of his truck. And guess what? I can guarantee he is not being arrested for it, nor could his friends or neighbors care less. What does that tell you?

I’ve also been accused by my own lawyer the Judge, of forcing cards on people. Working with these people and the black community

2/10/2018 – Some of the black community claiming I am trying to force cards on people with Police Layers Judges –

One of the people trying to thug me quiet instead of addressing the real issues

Person having his dog attack and girlfriend assault me with Death Threats After calling Police for more car vandalisms –

/16/2018 – Police  Death Threat while filing Police Reports – Assault Battery/Theft/Dog Attacks/Car Vandalism connected to Mike Huntley and Victoria Walker –

Also, here is a Police Threat from the dog attacks

Also, here is the West Hills Emergency Room Report and they put in Delusional Disorders because they don’t want me talking about what happened working with the police

Also working with a girl named Victoria Walker

Victoria Walkers continual belittling texts afterwards, even with conversations with her pretending that, they are concerned about me with their stalking obsession and want to find out what is wrong with me. Or their psychological terror tactics they do in repetition worldwide to cover up the crimes she is involved in. Yet what i wrong with me is that they are involved in a mass stalking/terror operation to remove me from society as I found out at 29 which explained why my life was so weird to begin with which I didn’t understand involved worldwide connected events

You can see here, her trying to provoke me into anger to get reactions with the Police to set me up or frame me in their never ending tactics like this from each and every person worldwide who is told to do the same things in their so called Laundry list of stalking tactics given to the world with cover up lies that it is somehow because I’ve done something wrong

A Retraining order has been filed and in the process against Victoria Walker who lives on

187 Donegal Ave and for the sole reasons to try to coerce me into false confessions to remove me from society with the police and government.

Download Victoria Walker Restraining Order Filed

all with  a girl in about 1998 in Colorado named Skyler (Stephanie) sent after me to send me a message with the Police, they are going to SKULLFUCK me to death and when I told her to never contact me again after he saying “If you want to be my friend, I am going to treat you like shit”, the police went Ballistic ramping up their attacks because I walked away from her. Who was posing on IRC as a Porn Star, named “Julia Hayes” and I can go on and on just about her alone with the endless crime spree with the police, and well and endless other women and people my entire life.

Why do you think the Police, and government don’t want me talking? this isn’t an isolated incident. These are all coordinated operations where one person sequentially after the next works on me with mass groups and no one is coming forward, worldwide.

So, this leads to the neighbors making up more endless cover up lies to cover up these operations as you can see in the discovery. and of course, attacking my credibility with such accusations that I am a violent paranoid schizo working with most likely paid off shrinks who I have caught in allvsorts of lies and illegal activities.

Also, if I go into a private protected therapy session and world wide groups are hunting me down with a psychology label. That in itself means that the person spewing out these lies has just committed a major crime. and that information is not from a credible person. Why do you think you sign privacy contracts when going to see a shrink. Showing that they are just blasting to the world what they want to world to think about me with ulterior motives, and an Agenda. And like usual, I am not allowed as my own father says “To Defend Myself”

even with a simple conversation about who I am and my life, background, and what is going on, and how magically at 29 I went from perfectly normal to “What is going on” starting with Rodie Morales trying to get a murder confession with  endless setups and frame jobs, and Mike Huntley threatening my life with all his threats and “I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

I am told I am not allowed o talk about. To the Police, to any person in the psychology community, or even any person in public who knows me worldwide. If that doesn’t sound strange and beyond any level of illegal, unconditional, then I don’t know what is.

Because that is the same as breaking down a jews door in Germany, and putting the person in a concentration camp, then torturing him and killing him. It is identical, just a different method to get the same result.

Any rational honest person can see, I am the opposite of these accusations. Well grounded, well centered, kind, giving, caring, good morals and ethics. Even if the Police want to try to SKULLFUCK me and send Rodie MORALES after me. They have proven that they are beyond guilty of one of the largest crimes against one person in the History of humanity using Internet based tools.

Is this what people want the U.S. to become? it’s only going to get worse, and I am the example Edward Snowden talks about.

Notice, after the

Baily Bernard setup attempts didn’t work with Detective Angela Stewart, the tried it again 11/13/2017 with a hispanic person waiting in a Grey Infinity for me, and Also with this Dog walker who is heavily involved in these Gang Stalkings, and trying to coverup what she is doing with such labels as I am crazy or a paranoid schizo with their Ulterior Motives and Hidden Agenda working with these world wide groups.


Another lady I have had several encounters with her blackmail, and thugging with the mass Gangstalking groups and LAPD she is working with. Notice how she follows me from place to place, with her righteous bigoted  thugging, and demands. Kind of like Aubrey fisher following me to all the Coffee Shops with Heather from Yankee Doodles and playing Victim while hunting me down in the name of such crimes like “Your Weird” or things no one normally cares about. But it shows, like usual. Who is the person who is willing to get to the bottom of the situations, and who wants me dead for some strange reason, trying to turn their crimes against me around to cover up what they are doing.

Interesting enough, that right at this same location a couple of days later, There is a dead squirrel here! While I cannot tell you if it is intentional, if it is even a real, or stuffed squirrel. It seems very coincidental that, not only did I get Death threats at this location at the top of the page. As well as the this lady telling her dog to attack me. As well as them putting Rats tails on my welcome mat. That this probably is another death threat. Yet I could not be sure on that.

This was right after the original 422 Arrest, and I am guessing this was done by Greg Koenig in Unit #2

Woodland Oaks Neighbors Working with Greg Keonig in my complex heavily involved in this terror campaign to remove me from society –


They are following me from place to place with this mass group for 35 years trying to make me look crazy and remove me from society for some reason. And working with the LAPD. Notice, the LAPD, refuses to help me. They didn’t even send anyone out, Also notice their conversations on the the phone with the “Bye Bye” tactic which is each and every time I call them. Or after they sent Baily Bernard after me and had him foillow me home and attack me. Detective Angela Stewart was the first to say “Bye bye” to me, then almost every phone call world wide after this. Especially to Lawyers to stop me from getting help or the truth coming out.

All of these events are connected. Especially this one from yesterday. But it goes back to 9 years old in an endless man hunt against me for some reason. But obviously I have not committed a crime or I would be arrested for it. While they just try to dig for anything to use against me to rid me of the world.

Police call “We will send them out to you first”

I don’t know what they meant or were implying, but you can tell they are trying to insinuate something instead of protecting me. Needless to say. They never even came out.

While I feel a little weird and dirty going all Watergate Due to the fact that not one person will come forward world wide in this mass 35 year campaign to remove me from society. These People and what they are doing to my life need to be EXPOSED. And since no one will help me world wide. This is not by choice like most of my life. It shows you how the Lawyers, Police, Private Investigators are doing whatever it takes to curve the truth. And after these types of scenarios, the world is told I am trying to take over. Think I’m the Boss, have no communication skills. You name it. To cover up these operations. And remember. No matter who has been in my life for 35 years. They were all given the same packaged tactics to figure out how to rid me of the world To this day, not one person world wide has come forward and been honest about what has been done to my life. This showing how far they will go even at the level of all Defense Attorneys working with LAPD and Detective Angela Stewart and Sean Dinse as well as world wide support, FBI/NSA

Update 11/16/2017

It looks like the case magically came back. While everything was closed out of the court systems. Now you can see. The dates have changed and the case has come back. So it looks like this will still be proceeding. And the questions of why they keep closing and re opening things, if that is even legal, is going on. Look kind of strange to anyone? But, this is all about LAPD thugging. I found out what they did to my life. They don’t want me talking and will do whatever it takes to thug me quiet and rid me of the world.

Or these illegal arrests, and frame jobs would not be going on. Especially with  Detective Angela Stewart and Sean Dinse Stalking me, contacting the masses world wide to try to thug me quiet, make me look crazy, and remove me from society. With their coverup lies, that I am violant, a Danger to myself or others, and suffer from mental illness and or am crazy.

It seemed to have opened up last night after I finished htis picture. Which the LAPD doesn’t like me creating art of any kind. Even if it is some pretty flower lieing on the grass. They will say things like it is some kind of confession of a crime, or the next lie they will pull out their asses.