12/15/2016 – Neighbors parking fake police cars by my house to try to IMMOBILIZE me while continuing their torture campagin

Posted: December 16, 2016 in Community Mobbing
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Today upone walking out of my house. Which has pretty much been going on every day world wide since 10 years old. Finding out at 29, My neighbors with these mass world wide communities are doing their usual,

IMMOBILIZE, torture and kill tactics.

Upon walking out, like usual, there were 2 black CRV’s, 2 grey Altima’s parked across from each other. And I believe 4 toyota Sentras. All for the purpose of trying to create mental illness and end my life.

But not only that, this time in order to try to IMMOBILIZE me. They parked a black fake cop car across the gate where I walk out. Not only that, but the Dealer plate on the back said “HOLLYWOOD” and last night a girl in a white Kelly Hatch Jeep Cherokee (Another person sent after me around the age 21 to try to remove me from society with the government, police and my family) plate said “VOLLYWOOD”

These hidden messages are most likely to try to thug me with psychological bettering telling me I had better not leave me city since I have endlessly been threatened by world wide neighborhood watch groups telling me I have not only somehow committed such crimes of asking women out, smiling at women, what colors I wear, Where I can park my car, etc. But also telling me if I somehow leave my city or go places I am up to no good and somehow committing crimes to justify their psychological murder campaign.

dsc03618 dsc03629

If you can’t understand the IMMOBILIZATION tactic, I will give you an anology, because they have been doing this to me my entire life. An example would be, before your murderer has to torture and kill you, he has to tie you to the chair and IMMOBILIZE you. Then carve on you with a knife or do whatever he does.

While these tactics of IMMOBILIZING me has been done to me all day and night since 10 years old as I found out at 29. One of the STRANGE questions my mother who is clearly involved in this. Especially at the age of 14, asking and telling everyone that I hit Josh Burnum in the head with a golf club.

is a way of trying to IMMOBILIZE me in fear, while having the masses hunt me in anger.

While these all day tactics with world wide support never stop to create severe aggrevation and endless provoking to try to set me up to remove me from society, and smear or frame me to make the world think I am the bad guy. The INTENT of their all day and night 24/7 actions since 10 years old, going on 35 years now is blatantly obvious.

For more information on this 35 year murder campaign to end my life, and get away with it,

you can go to



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