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For the last 30 years I have had a world wide campaign created to end my life or remove me from society. In the last couple of days. which is done almost every day since a young child. People park the same cars togethor in pairs of 2’s 4’s trying to send hidden messages and create mental illness with the intent to either get me to kill myself, or try to push me out of control working with the police to try to figure out ways to remove me from society.

This is just one of of the 1000’s of tactics given to the world while harassments for years esculated upwards to 10,000 attacks per day. and go on all day and night world wide wherever I am.

This campaign starts at around 10 years old where my family decided they were going to work with the government, social workers and mass groups world wide to end my life using their psychology degrees for a covert psychological warfare on my life and rile the masses to do so trying to make it look normal and invisible.

By doing this, they can say things like. well he’s too sensative and couldn’t deal with life. He’s crazy. Things like this. Also known as Gas lighting, gang stalking, cause stalking, community harassment groups.

These pictures show what goes on all day and night you can see while coming home tonight,

2 Elances parked togethor in front of where I come out

P1210080 P1210077P1210079

the day before, 2 Kia’s

P1210042 P1210043


and 2 prius’s across from each other.

P1210044-Pano P1210048 P1210049

This is an ongoing world wide campaign to end my life and then tell the world all the horrible things I am supposedly doing, making up lies, to rile the world against me in a publically covert funded campaign with full government support to remove me from society.

Not only does this never stop, it’s been going on since 10 years old as they claim I have committed some crime at 10 years old to justify their actions. But of course when asked what this is about they will backtrack and say I am imagining it.

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