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Today, when going to lunch I went to a place called Miller in Chatsworth California. When I went in there, there was just one man in black pants, and a purple shirt like Leonor in our office. after sitting there, teams of people came in, nobuddy else, all wearing solid black pants, and grey shirts.

This is a common tactic and the employee wearing the same color shirt as me was mimicking things I said to the people at the office to create mental illness as well. As you can see, some people were waiting or walking outside, also wearing solid black pants on solid grey shirts. I was only here for about 30 minutes.


P1100833 P1100819 P1100826 P1100827 P1100828 P1100830


after I left the office, on my way home, I noticed people were coming out with umbrellas.


P1100876 P1100884 P1100810 P1100811 P1100817 P1100856


This is an all day and night world wide mental illness campaign directed at me to end my life claiming I have committed some crime to cover up the real crime which is what the masses working with the police and my family are and have been doing for the last 30 years to remove me from society.

The motive is to either push me to suicide, or try to push me out of control to figure out working with the police to remove me from society. It has been going on since 10 years old started with my family and the police.

For details on this campaign to end my life, you can go to

Last week the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 jeeps and parked them together leaving them in front of where I walk out to send hidden messages about a girl they had follow me up to college stalking me, and once I found out they wanted to cover it up by a mass mental illness campaign. This is just one of many endless setups which the masses want me quiet or dead for knowing so these are some of their mental illness tactics to try to immobile me and keep me quiet. You can see in my endless posts of them using these tactics all day and night to create mental illness to end my life.

P1100693 P1100699 P1100982 P1100983

Also, they pulled out 4 grey honda civics as well and parked them togethor. between the 2 pairs of honda civics are some random cars but they got them as close as they could to get them in a sequence directed at me.


P1100984 P1100987 P1100989 P1100991 P1100992 P1100994 P1100998 P1110002


This is an all day and night 30 year mental illness campaign to end my life with the intent to either push me to suicide, or try to push me out of control to put me in jail or institutionalize me.

For details on this 30 year murder/terror campaign you can go to

Today, leaving my house I noticed where the keep parking white pickups, and then people leaving and new people parking white pickups in the same spot there were more pickups. And as you can see, one left, another one parked around same spot

P1090881 P1100092 P1090879


When I get to the office, I notice there is a white pickup parked backwards with the same white shell that different people keep parking in the same spots

P1100027When I leave the office, on monday, last time I was there, a white Prius parked in front of my car

P1090100Today, they parked a grey one


When I go home, I notice that the Metro complex started working on their motorcycles in 2’s again. You never see a motorcycle on our streets but when you do, either in 2’s or 1 will park, then leave replaced by another in same spot




Around 7:00 pm, I take a walk, notice that Their is a white Lexus parked on my street, another man is just waiting in one. on the other intersection, which I didn’t take a picture their is another lexus with her blinkers on, and while walking a girl in a white lexus pulls up from the Metro complex asking me to flick a bee off her car door

P1100178 P1100176



These tactics have been going on since I was 10, trying to make me look hypersensitive or crazy to figure out how to remove me from society.  The goal is to try to push me out of control, to set me up to remove me from society, or to push me to suicide to remove me from society.

For details on this mass 30 year campaign started with my family working with the police, you can go to

When I leave my house to go to my therapist, once again the Metro Neighbors parked 2 Honda civics, a grey one and a blue one


There was an impala without plates, which is a common tactic. This one isn’t as obvious, and most likely they were trying to hint about my friend paul who befriended me with ulterior motives to remove me from society trying to coerce me into false confessions to cover up their crimes a lot of times their mental illness tactics are more subtle so harder to prove


On my way to my therapists office, a man and women sat at the table I was the day before mimicking me putting their feet on chairs which is a common tactic


I went to see my therapist who was I think hinting that she thinks me having a camera is a crime. or pretending like people don’t like people with cameras as I stated when you go to universal studios everyone has a came, and then I believe she falsely agreed saying yes we all have cameras on our phones.

When I leave, we then go to best buy to buy something and as I walk in, the employee sees me and starts spinning keys which is a common tactic.

This location did not have what I was looking for so I went to another Best Buy which did not have it as well. I needed food and in the same shopping center so I went to Jersey Mikes.

First, the girl makes the sandwich says hey, hot hi, because of a girl heather that was stalking me with this groups and I said hey to her which they say is a crime punishable by death in the grey areas of the law, amongst all the other insignificant things, Then they start mimicking the “No Worries” and “Perfect” of course not normally saying it but saying it because they want to mimic me to create mental illness.

I tell the lady I am going to eat outside and she coughs twice, which they started doing when I was in my house and they were somehow getting the audio from inside my house. which this girl was trying to intimidate me quite.

When I’m outside eating, a security car drives up in a Golf Cart and gets off it, and starts spinning his keys just like the best buy employee at the other location.

He sees me take his picture as he gets back on his cart and drives away


Also, as I’m eating a Versa with no plates and a “Universal City” dealer plate parks there.

Not 100% sure but most likely because I mentioned to my shrink the universal comment which happened at the next coffee place I went too in chatsworth


When I get home, where the 2 blue civics were, are now 2 grey civics


Also, 2 white pickups where they’ve been exchanging one after the next


This is an all day and night world wide mental illness campaign that has been going on since I was 10 years old. My family working with the police and community in masses have gotten togethor to try to either push me out of control to try to figure out how to remove me from society, or push me to suicide.

For details, you can go to


Today when I left my house, there was a man in black and blue just waiting around next to a black and blue moped parked in front of my car



When I go to my doctors appointment, of course their is a black Prius just like the 4 or 5 yesterday. When I come out, there is a car parked backwards as well.

Of course, I forgot to take the picture of the black Prius because as you can imagine this goes on all day and night world wide to end my life with systematic coordinated terror campaign  so you can only imagine.

When I get in the office, there is a man wearing the same clothing colors I wore the day before, Red shirt, and black pants, not only this. The secretaries are mimicking “No Worries” and “Perfect” from an appointment I had the day before at  a different place.

They call the man Anton, which is the same Name as the movie I watched the night before called “Addicted to Love” where they terrorize the man for dating her X’s, to use movie references to try to make me crazy or make it look like I’m crazy with the masses which has been going on since I was 10 years old.


I then stop off at Johnny Rockets to get some food where I’ve been harassed every time I’ve ever been their just like every one in the world.


Johnny Rockets

16901 Ventura Blvd
Encino, CA 91316

The employee plays nice at first like usual then when he brings the food out, he makes sure he brings out the Shake afterwards which he intentionally does backwards.

Not only this, but the night before,  I Bought pink and chocolate donuts, where the Donut place, the Hispanic man has notified all the restaurants to mimic what he says to me to create mental illness and last night I had several people on twitter, and the Indian restaurant all mimic the same things back saying “My Friend” to try to push me into a situation working with the police to remove me from society

So the Johnny Rockets employee Makes the chocolate banana shake and then in the leftover container puts in strawberry. The same donuts I ordered to create mental illness. Not only this, but a man in pink and black is waiting around, not sure if for the bus or pretending to be,

P1090550 P1090552

When he gives me the bill, he does not give me the Bill in the normal Bill case, he puts it in a desert menu to send more hidden messages

P1090561 P1090563

I then leave and go to Coffee Bean to get some fresh air, and some work done.  When I get there, their are 2 black Prius’s just like yesterday at Kushyu

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
18505 Ventura Blvd, Tarzana, CA 91356

P1090570 P1090567

When I go to sit down in the place I normally sit, they took 3 chairs and put them facing the street using the pattern of 3 tactics


When I sit down outside, a Black man walks by and whistles at me, and immediately after a girl in Green and Black pants walks by except yesterday at the park it was the girl in Green and Black who whistled, but still working very subtle terror campaign.


After this, a Girl in Black and Blue comes and sits down at the bus stop with an umbrella wearing black pants, blue top.


But at the same time next to me a girl wearing opposite black and blue. Pants are blue and top is black sits next to me waiting for her ride.


Then more people keep coming with umbrellas

CYMERA_20140715_184840 P1090579 P1090588 CYMERA_20140715_183748


After this, teams of people start coming in Black pants, and White shirts, as well as Red and black, which is a common tactic

Black and white

P1090573 CYMERA_20140715_192603 CYMERA_20140715_184920 CYMERA_20140715_185913 CYMERA_20140715_194040 CYMERA_20140715_174525 CYMERA_20140715_193202 CYMERA_20140715_175208 CYMERA_20140715_193835 CYMERA_20140715_174622 CYMERA_20140715_175133 CYMERA_20140715_181641 CYMERA_20140715_193325 CYMERA_20140715_193152


Red and Black

CYMERA_20140715_192934 CYMERA_20140715_184851 CYMERA_20140715_190401

Then a girl in black pants and purple shirt comes. A girl pretending to be homeless but this is the 3rd coffee location she has followed me to, after being nice enough to give her $20 claiming she had no money for her medication. But she is working with these mass groups playing victim and targeting me.

She walks by me combing her hair, and another man walks by a couple of minutes later combing his hair. She is in purple and black which was an older pattern, but it was just her this time. Most likely they will start having teams appear in the same Solid Purple top, and solid black pants.


When I go to my car and leave, their are even more black Prius’s, and the person who had a black truck moved it and parked it backwards by another truck where the original black Prius was.

More Prius’s

CYMERA_20140715_194614 CYMERA_20140715_194323


2 Trucks moved where prius was and black and white pattern


On my way home I pass by the park and once again, their are teams of people in the same color patterns as yesterday.

When I get home, in front of my gate is now a White Prius


also, to people pull up as I’m going in, One just waiting in an all black Porsche and one waiting in an all black SUV even the wheels. And a Metro neighbor also comes up the street in a all black pickup with black wheels but pulls it in their lot.

CYMERA_20140715_201228 CYMERA_20140715_201430

This is an ongoing all day and night world wide mental illness campaign to end my life any way possible, to either push me to suicide, or try to push me out of control to make it look like I am crazy and have the police arrest me for something.

While this is at at Starbucks in Tarzana, it is also done at Coffeebean and all other coffee shops world wide for simply trying to go in, relax and get some coffee or get things done, The same tactics done to me at each and every place worldwide


For details on this campaign started by my family working with the police to end my life, you can go to


Today I went to the office to work. In the morning,

for a couple of hours it was quiet but then my father was working some scam where he said he sent me an email with 2 attachments then they dissapeared.

Then, the office employees pulled out an old photo of my father working some angle while Scott in the back put read only perms on his files, then wanted me to grant access. I don’t know what their hidden message was nor did I car because I know they just want to make me mentally ill and end my life.

When we went to lunchthey parked a government white Prius in front of my car. Also, next to it, 2 pickups backwards which I don’t have pictures of, only the Prius


When we went to Kushyu for lunch, which normally Lorena Excobar tells the employees to harass me, I noticed their were 2 Black Prius’s next to each other and 2 Lexus’s the rest of the lot was empty.

P1090136 P1090138 P1090139

After we eat there are a lot more cars, Another Prius, and to cars next to each other backwards without plates. And a later just watching me trying to intimidate me

3rd Prius


2 pickups with women trying to intimidate  me

P1090147 P1090154

On the way back to the office, their is a park, where a man with a girl in ugg’s see’s me at the light and starts spinning his keys which I didn’t have time to get on video and is one of the terror tactics.  Also, 2 women in black pants and white shirts are walking using the black and white tactics


When I get back to office their is a lady waiting in her lexus parked backwards with the lights on, because their were the 2 lexus’s at the restaurant which makes it 3 Prius’s and 3 Lexus’s


When I get home later, on my street, they parked 2 white pickups together


Later I go to the park to get some fresh are. It is very quiet for about 20 minutes, then they figure out I am there and all come out. Maybe about a lot of them dressed in the specific color patterns as well as some women with umbrellas



P1090218 P1090290



Black And White

P1090446 P1090283 P1090346 P1090351 P1090388 P1090391

All Blacks

P1090442 P1090297 P1090299 P1090349 P1090418

And a lot of Green and Black and Camouflage

P1090392 P1090413 P1090472 P1090484 P1090489 P1090500 P1090375 P1090377 P1090386

And one girl saw me sitting in my car, and really wanted to provoke me so she started whistling which is one of the older tactics. upwards of 10 – 40 per day for years.

whis P1090412


and late at night I went to get donuts and a slurpee, a girl pulls up in an escalade with someone just watching which I then go behind her to get a picture



This is an all day and night world wide campaign to remove me from society working with the masses, and mass notification systems to create world wide mental illness groups to end my life. either by trying to push me out of control with the police to figure out ways to remove me from society, or push me to suicide. The police are heavily working with the communities and have been since I was 10 years old. For details on this mass terror campaign you can go to


Most of the Metro neighbors clearly are murdering thugs.

They want what they want and they do not care about right or wrong. They are MAD at me for some reason they have kept secret, which really means, their is no reason but hate and rage, kind of like adolf hitler.


They cannot tell me one thing I’ve ever done, yet since the first day I moved in 14 years ago they’ve been hunting me down with the masses in a world wide campaign that started when I was about 10 years old.

a couple of years back when my life hung be a thread with endless torcher and torment, they did not care. At the point I had to force myself out of the house to try to walk around a park where I could barely do it, then had communities come out with endless mental illness tactic.

They run around babbling about things like littering, loitering, the homeless, etc, but they themselves are the lowest form of criminal thug trash that exists mobbing one man endlessly with covert mental illness tactics world wide.

And when it comes to something like someones life, mine. It’s not important. Not only are the hugely responsible for destroying my life, credibility reputation with mass lies, they’ve been hunting me with every possible mental illness tactic imaginable.

They run around with their righteous thugging trying to kill me because maybe I think a car is cool and take a picture of it. Or maybe the lady will throw her dog in front of my camera as I’m taking a picture of a tree or a rock or whatever, then notify their mass terror groups to thug me until I am dead, clearly knowing what they are doing with premeditated systematic murder campaign.

And then they get mad because you pass out cards saying and showing what is going on. and DECENT person would look at was going on and do everything to stop it. They would never even question the trivial things like, it might fall on the ground, or even question it.

Well, the METRO neighbors have showed their true colors with a statement saying “We don’t want you to have the first amendment, the freedom of speech, the freedom to protect yourself from people trying to hunt you down and kill you. Especially when we all know the world knows whats going on.

The only POSSIBLE reason someone would get mad for someone speaking out about being mobbed to death is because they want to immobilize them and keep them quiet so that they can kill them.

The metro neighbors are actually going around collecting my cards, and after they collect them, tear them up and throw them on my cars, basically saying “You are dead”


Because anyone who reads it and sees what is going on, would never think about someone trying to protect themselves from a mass murder campaign.

I’ve heard every EXCUSE how this is all my fault for speaking out because people won’t stop or tell me the REAL problem. They just try to collect dirt, then try to use it as LEVERAGE but will not tell me why they’ve been hunting me for 30 years.

If you go to my sites, their is absolutly no question at all that the masses are taken the time and energy to stalk me and have been for 30 years. So clearly whatever excuse they use is bullshit to try to gain leverage and tell me I am dead.

I’ve heard them try to tell me things like I’ve committed a crime and it is what it is, which means they are the ones committing a crime. And even if they believe I have committed a crime, creating a world wide campaign is a crime which means they are HYPOCRITES and they are not hunting me because they believe I’ve committed a crime but for their own AGENDA.

I asked 13 years ago what this was about when I found out something wasn’t right and I was told I was imagining it, basically meaning, they really don’t have anything I’ve ever one, it’s just a HATE CRIME, plain and simple.

We all know their is nothing I’ve ever done, and them collecting things that don’t matter really doesn’t make sense. Some of the cirmes these people accuse me of is not sitting perfectly straight, resting my feet on chairs, or asking women out.

So what they are saying is, I’ve committed a crime by those things, but killing me is ok, and I’m not allowed to tell anyone. This is just another attempt for a bunch of murderers to keep me quiet.

For details on this mass world wide 30 year campaign to rid me of the world you can go to