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Metro neighbors working on their 14 year campaign to make me mentally ill and end my life with a 30 year murder campaign starting at the age of 10 with my family working with the police.

Tonight park 2 Honda Civics together by the gate where I walk out to create mental illness

P1070387 P1070390 P1070393 P1070395

This is an ongoing all lday and night mental illness campaign started at the age of 10 to remove me from society, for details you can go to

The Police with my family and world wide mass mobs have been hunting me since 10 years old using every possible psychology mental illness tactic imaginable to try to remove me from society.

Judges, Police, My mother, My Brother, all my friends, My brothers friends, working with the masses world wide to end my life and rid me from society either my trying to push me out of control, make it look like I am out of control, make it look like I am crazy or think differently from others, which is not a crime, or torcher and terrorize me to either push me into a situation to arrest me and put me in jail or the opposite to push me to suicide.

My family all with PHD’s in psychology have worked every mental illness tactic imaginable for setups, smears, terror tactics, working with the police in a world wide mass mobbing to rid me from society telling me I’m imagining it, have to keep quiet, and do what I am told.

They will use elbaorate vague excuses like I have committed some crime to justify their actions while either trying to set me up, collect anything to use against me, or just smear my name with lies world wide on a funded operation with a hidden agenda.

when I approach someone, it’s I’ve committed a crime, we will hunt you down. Of course, nothing specifically is said about any crime because they know I’m a very good person and spent my life being kind, generous, giving caring and helping everyone in my path. If I compare myself to anyone that’s ever been in my life, I seem to be a much better person then any of them.

But this is not what they will tell you, or their world wide funded smear campaign in secret telling the world I am a monster. And the reason it is in secret, as well as not letting me defend my self with the elaborate smears and lies, is just that. They don’t want me defending myself and want control over me.

We all know we have a judicial system for a reason. So that people who are accused of crimes can defend themselves. While the police know I’m a good person, and have done nothing, this is why they can’t arrest me and go to trial. Not only this, but the endless proof of their 30 years of endless setups, smears, following me from place to place, illegal surveillance, illegal hacking, illegal spyware, people working with the police to try to set me up. and my documented daily 100’s – 10,000’s of terror, mental illness tactics shows that they have a mass 30 year hunt to end my existence.

Even if I did commit this imaginary crime they say I did, which these elaborate incidences start at the age of 10 years old. Then they would have arrested me. And hunting me down since 10 years old is the real crime.

So the police with the communities try to hunt, suggest, and send me hidden messages, not only to create mental illness, but to try to keep me quiet, having people tell me I’m starting fires by speaking out about the masses working with the police getting together to create mental illness and end my life is my fault, and once again, they are trying to brainwash and blackmail me quiet. As most criminals who want whistle blowers quiet do.

Aside from working with the fire department to try to scare me quiet by following me around blasting their syrans to send me hidden messages and try to make me mentally ill with all the other blogs I have shown proving what they are doing.

Their real crime is telling me that I’m somehow doing something wrong by telling the poeple I am being targeted and hunted by the police and my family with the masses since 10 years old.

An equivalnet would be saying, You do not have the 1st amendment. You do not have the freedom of speech. And the only reason why someone would take away your 1st amendment is because they are corrupt and want to control or hurt, or destroy you.

So what the police and the mass terror mobs working with them since I was 10 years old really are saying is. If you say something that exposes us and what we are doing you are committing a crime by riling up people. But the truth, AS WE ALL KNOW is, that is I am being targeted, hunted, pursued, etc, I am supposed to speak out. And the real people RILING up the masses are the ones with the FUNDED SMEAR CAMPAIGNS disseminating LIES to the world since I was 10 years old which is a CRIME called Defamation.

And anyone who tells me that speaking out and defending myself is a crime, then they are involved and want me quiet and have true motive to rid me of society. If I speak out about what is going on and the police don’t put a stop to it, they are GUILTY.

That is like saying we shouldn’t have news organizations because they rile up people. When it is the news organization who keep things in check sometimes if they are not corrupt.

Freedom of speach and freedom to tell the police and police protection which my own tax dollars go too means it is the polices obligation to not only stop this, but put whoever is responsible in jail for attempted murder.

If they are trying to say that one man being targeted by billions is committing a crime for speaking out and has to be quiet, pretend it isn’t going on and do what they say. Then they are the sick criminal tyrants trying to keep me quiet about their crimes.

common sense says if one man is sitting on a bench and 1000 people start hitting him in the head with a bat, it is not his fault for speaking out about it and riling people up. The crime has been committed by the police and my family riling up the masses for over 30 years. And that is the crime. Speaking out is my OBLIGATION, and anyone who wants to OPPRESS me is clearly part of the campaign to remove me from society.

The police will make up lies, I am starting fires, but the truth is, they started the fires with my family, and they have committed the crime. I am obligated to tell the TRUTH, and let the WORLD know the TRUTH. And any attempt to stop the TRUTH from coming out so that I can have a life is the crime and that is it.

Their is no justification to keep me quiet. And the news organizations should be supporting me, just like they support other people with no platform to speak while being targeted by the government.

Fox News or any news related is not only obligated to expose this mass world wide crime against one person and let the world know the truth. But keeping one person quiet while being hunted world wide is an attempt to silence if they don’t want both sides of the story coming out.

Peoples ACTIONS to keep someone quiet about crimes being committed against them is the crime and those are criminals. By protecting people and police who disseminate lies to the world and not holding them accountable is aiding and abetting.

And hidden messages that you are starting fires is basically blackmail, and intent to create paranoid schizophrenia, if done repetitively and not accidental, or coincidental.

Anyone who tells you that you are doing something wrong for speaking out is a criminal and involved, plain and simple and wants you silenced. And the police and everyone else knows that I have no choice to speak out while ACTIVELY being hunted by a campaign to remove me from society. That’s like telling a rape victim not to tell anyone or even try to stop the rapist. which means my Targeters have the same mentality as a rapist, they just do it with psychology PHD’s

So it is the police, my family, and those working with the world who are trying to terrorize, torcher, and coverup all the people they sent after me to try to remove me from society. I will never be quiet about what has been done to me and my life. I will make sure this never happens to anyone else, and I will make sure the people responsible for this sick demented endless 30 years terror, torcher, smear, endless setup, campaign targeting me since 10 years old, trying to make it look like it’s my fault with the intent to end my life and remove me from society.

Today when I left my house, instantly 2 metro security guards came out at the same time, went from the complex and went into the adjacent ones while I went to my car. Immediately 2 people on bikes came out of their complex, and also 2 girls walking together one playing with her hair which was one of the terror mental illness tactics.This could have been coincidence, but I doubt it because they’ve been using these tactics on me all day and night for the last 30 years since 10 yrs old.

P1070256 P1070259 P1070262and I believe the security guards have been spending all their time following people like me around who are just trying to live their own lives spying on my place which is a different complex, then doing their actual job which is security for their complex.

Also, I noticed that a Mercedes C250 was parked where I walk out of my gate, with no license plate which is a common tactic


Across from the Mercedes C250 is a Green F150 Pickup truck, once again using the patterns of 2’s to send hidden messages

P1070268 P1070273

And of course, people start coming out in the Solid black pants, and solid Green shirts, and green shirt patterns and go by the truck


At this point I leave my house, and as I’m leaving I notice 2 different people, one on each side of the Metro complex which is very large and surround my place come out wearing solid black pants, and solid yellow tops one pushing a stroller. They are also both walking with people. Almost looks like both have black pants and white shirts although one might be grey, but it’s pretty obvious still

P1070315 P1070299

When I get home a couple hours later, In front of my gate where I walk out are 2 identical Honda Civics parked together and and across from them, where the Green F150 pickup was, there is a person pulling up a Gray Pickup across from the 2 Gray Civics

P1070331P1070326 P1070329

I then park my car and walk back to my place, as I’m walking back 2 ladies come out wearing black and white striped shirts about 100 feet from each other. As I only got a picture of 1 of them.


Once I get to my street, a man in a red pickup truck, as you can see they use a lot of pickups to try to create paranoid schizophrenia to create mental illness., is waiting for me to walk by and when I start taking pictures he leaves, and goes into his complex on the other side of the street showing he was just waiting around for me to make me mentally ill.

P1070337 P1070338

Later at night, the Metro Neighbors pull out 2 VW’s as close to my gate as possible where I walk out

P1070348 P1070350 P1070351 P1070355 P1070358

As you can see that these people who are making up CLAIMS that I’ve committed some crime are liars and the true criminals with a 30 year intent to kill, or remove me from society. These people are clearly taking the law, or have a hidden agenda conspiring together to end my existence.

For details on this mass 30 year smear, terror, murder campaign you can go to

Lorena Escobar who is my fathers Office manger and has worked for my fathers company has been following me from place to place for about 20 years stalking me trying to collect information to use against me.


When I was growing up, Lorena was following me to colleges trying to collect any information to give to the world to smear my name to tell me what I can and can’t do. This is how she works. She will make up a lie. One of them is I am a Hacker, another one I caught her in is her innuendos that I am somehow “Up to something in the privacy of my own home”, or another was that I had blogs writing about people so that the world should do it back to me forever or whatever she can make up, or take information out of context. endlessly, making up claims that I was doing something, and riling the masses against me on each and every lie they claim I did.

She was working with women in my colleges to try to set me up by either baiting, dangling carrots, having them move where I do to follow me and claim I was following them. Having them leave keys around hoping I’d enter their places, anything possible to remove me from society. if they could not set me up, they’d have to cover up their setups with the lie I did anyways.

She will then notify the masses world wide in a funded operation saying things like, I am hacking peoples computers, and that the masses have to do it back to me until I confess to my crimes. I believe for the sole purpose to create so much pain I kill myself or they figure out ways to remove me from society

She will have endless people provoke me all day to try to get reactions to set me up so she can call the police saying I did this or that amongst 1000’s of other lies, setups, smear tactics. When I started to get into Studio Photography, she was one of the first who came to me asking me to do photoshoot, and then ran around telling the world lies that I somehow did something to her when she came to me. Which is just an example of how she works turning the situations around on you.

Not only is this illegal, defamation, but if I actually did commit a crime, the police would arrest me for it and it would go to trial proving this is just someone making up lies. But Lorena knows this so she notifies the masses instead with her endless lies working in the grey areas of the law.

Even though Lorena Escobar was notifying the masses of these lies since the 90’s after my company Signet, and Mike Huntley was using it to get close me to and  create mental illness to remove me from society, and I had no income, Lorena Escobar approached me asking me to do IT for my fathers company.

This is very strange that the same person making up these lies and giving them out to the world on a funded operation, then wanted to hire me. Turns out, she wanted to hire me to make me mentally ill and remove me from society with the rest of my family, brothers friends, and masses that have been trying to remove me from society since 10 years old.

This is just one of 1000’s of setups, but at one point in my life, a girl Jenn Hess was sent after me to destroy my life, no doubt Mike Huntley and Lorena Escobar were working with her. As she befriended me trying to make me paranoid, as well as making up lies claiming I was following her around and hit her in the face with a mask on, who then shows up to my house the next day with no bruises, was also involved in calling me up on the phone and asking me to check her email for her. Me not knowing that Lorena with the mass campaign to smear my name, set me up or end my life any way possible. Because I am a nice person and trusted her, and wanted to help her, I logged into her email account for her while she gave me her password, not knowing at the same time they had spyware on my computer collecting information to make it look like I was hacking her, was just one of many in the 1000’s of setups to figure out ways to remove me from society. Years later, Rodie Morales did the same exact thing to me, trying to make it look like I was then hacking him. Obviously if someone is hacking into your computer, spying on you, and then they call you on the phone asking you to log into their account, what does it look like when they take the COLLECTED information, out of context and give it to the world notifying them of these crimes or setups. The police at one point, VERY STRANGE, were not concerned with the SETUPS, telling me it is my fault, as if helping a friend in need by checking her email for her is a crime. Later on, while working in Golden State, Elsie Sandoval, the lower manager also makes up a claim I had hit her to try to make it look, like I have an anger and rage problem as well as continually making up the same lies from friend to friend or people involved to make it look like it’s a patterned behavior and I am guilty with no doubt. I’m sure others have made the same claims as this is a world wide operation against me making up every lie and smear possible to remove me from society.

When I started working for Golden State Sports medical to do their IT, which when hired, I knew mostly computer graphics and web design, and almost no server types of things, Lorena instantly with the entire company started in on me every way shape and form possible.

One of her claims is that I am hacking people, and I’m guessing because she’s been invading my privacy and using the information to take out of context, smear my name, and create mental illness, that this is what she is saying about me since her Motive has always been the same since I was 10, tell the world the lies, and then tell them to do it to me until I confess to anything possible to remove me from society, then move on to the next thing and the next thing.

When I first was hired at Golden State Sport medical I didn’t know much about security or server environments, but what was going on was Lorena was having people hack into the systems and do weird things, directed at me to create mental illness.

Example, and any IT person will know this is odd. Computer after computer in windows would turn off the network neighborhood connections on peoples computers. which I nor anyone has ever seen windows do by itself. This did not happen to one computer, but strategically to peoples computers over and over. I’d be called to fix them, and I did, and after I did each time I’d be attacked and harassed for fixing the computers as well. this is just one of the people Lorena is working with tactics, but it give you an idea of what she is doing. I can only assume at this point, she is sparking the fire, telling people I am messing with them, to strategically have them follow me around playing paranoid schizophrenia Mind games in retaliation pinning it on me even though I have and am doing nothing but helping them when they ask for it.

Once I learned security, mostly because I was and am under a full scale 30 year world wide attack I had to learn by myself, enterprise level firewalling. At the point I put a stop to the people working for Lorena Escobar who she actually wanted to hack our own company and pin their actions on me for just another setup, she and the employees working with her became very uneasy.

We let people work from the outside of our office and I noticed logs in our security of people all day and night trying to get into our systems from the outside, but supposedly out employees were having a difficult time getting in at this point and Lorena and the people working with her got frustrated they could not get in, and try to pin things on me after tightening up security.

At this point, she started having the employees try to figure out ways, to make it look like I was either hacking, spying, etc on them to get the firewall down. Several people involved, Connie Raya, George Escobar, Val , Elsie Sandoval, Tony Montilla, all, and at the same time would either make claims, at the same times they could not get in, to make me look incompetent,  but also, when I did the right thing to keep them working which is have them let me into their systems using well known tech applications like teamviewer, or logmein, and make sure they were working and had no downtime, they would then make public claims that I was in their systems spying on them.

Most of the world knows, that when someone calls a tech, downloads the software, allows him in to fix it, then turns off the app, their is not only no spying going on, but the person who authorized it is allowing it. Just as when you knock on a door, and the person says, “Come in” you did not break in.

At the point, that I noticed, 1000’s of people a day working on specific ports to get into our system and put a block all except specific IP addresses to keep people out. Lorena, and the office went around saying I was blocking our employees from getting in, and trying to collapse the company and turn around the truth of what was really going on by me blocking the unkowns and letting our employees in.

Not only were most of these people working fine, and making up lies they could not get in together, to make it look consistent, When I asked the outside employees for the IP addresses to bypass them in our firewall, they started making up elaborate claims such as “he has my IP address and is spying on me” not only does 95% of the world know, that just because you have someones IP address does not mean anything but that. Example, if someone knows someones mail address, does it mean they are in their house? if this was so, it would be a crime to write an address on a letter and send it to them.

Not only this, but anyone who touches a companies systems firewall, their IP address is recorded for those who are either in the system, or are trying to get in the system.

At this point Lorena Escobar kept demanding that the firewall needed to be taken down. No matter how much I explained, or show logs to her, she did not care, she wanted her way because of her ulterior motives. When mine are to PROTECT the company, in the real way someone protects a company and not criminal activities such as her. And Lorena Escobars next elaborate lies were I am trying to take over the company, despite the fact that she hired me to do the IT.

But these decisions are not up to me. They are up to the owner of the company, My father, and he saw the logs, and wanted to be protected. At this point, Lorena Escobar started notifying the masses that I was trying to take over the company, for doing the job she hired me for, and protecting the company IT infrastructure and keeping the people out doing the spooky things they were, which was making Lorena Escobar extremely mad for some strange reason because I’d think her best interest, would be to PROTECT THE COMPANY, which is what she was telling the people who were following me around trying to make me mentally ill and remove me from society, that she was “TRYING TO PROTECT THE COMPANY” Of course, her protecting the company is killing people she doesn’t like or is afraid of, while me protecting the IT infrastructure is keeping hackers and people who try to create mental illness out, which would be part of the job description. While following people around in their private lives trying to destroy them is clearly not “PROTECTING THE COMPANY”

At one point an employee VICKY admitted that Lorena was just trying to protect the company by having people follow me around trying to make me mentally ill, and a couple of weeks later, either quit or got fired.

This one tactic of Lorena’s to get rid of the firewall because people could not get in and work, or rather as she put it. I am blocking the employees from working to smear my name, started notifying the masses to call me “BOSS” wherever I go because she wants to create mental illness to get me to give in or rid me of the world using mental illness tactics as if she really was a good office manager she’d be able to deal with the situation PROFESSIONALLY. Keeping everything in the company, and discussing issues like normal people.

At the point this one tactic stopped is the point, when I put software on the computer that logs who is logging into the system and the time spent on the system showing the user activity showing the times each person logs in, and works and sent them to my father showing proof of them working. That’s pretty strange that this was never an issue ever again once their was proof that yes, they are working and they are lieing with ulterior motives.

At one point I bought some used monitors in bulk for cheap because most of the office had ancient 14 inch monitors when these days they are 20 – 30 inches. Once I put the monitors in place, 4 of the employees, Marlene, Elsie, Dominque, and one other claimed that I had hidden cameras in them and I was spying on them which is absurd. Marlene made the original claim pushing the PIP button. Out of the 4 people that made the claims, only 2 of them actually had the new monitors put in place.

After this, leaving the office at 5:00 pm closing which we were all told we had to leave, I went to my car, which was parked next to hers, and the next day she starts making claims I am following her. Not only this, but the next day as I was entering the office I walked up to Lorena which was 100 feet from the door to get in and she then claimed I was following her as I asked her about it and what was going on, trying to make it look like it was a pattern of following people around.  These elaborate, setups, and smears with the office employees and the masses to make it look like I am this monster has been going on since I was 10.

Lorena Escobars concern is not to PROTECT THE COMPANY, her ulterior motives are to try to figure out ways to smear my name, set me up, remove me from society weather it be to make me look crazy, make me mentally ill, smear my name, or destroy me any way shape or form. This is not to protect the company and, the action in itself will crumble the company.

Lorena can preach that because I date a girl in my PRIVATE life with Tattoos that it is a danger to the company and therefore has to hunt me down and rid me of the world. But that is not business and has nothing to do with the company. And when I told Lorena Escobar and the people working with her that my private life is none of her business she tried to use it as leverage that I am somehow up to something. Because telling someone your private life is non of their business to her means you have guilt. When in reality it means, you don’t want sicko stalkers following you around.

Lorena is also responsible for notifying all the place I go like coffeeshops to try to provoke me into reactions to have me arrested is also a crime, and obviously going to a coffeeshop is no danger any way shape or form to anyone including her or her company and their is clearly no justification any way shape or form whatever lies she makes up and shows, it is not about protecting the company but her endless targeting to remove me from society with this group since 10 year old.

We all know that if your boss is hacking into your computer at home or following you around town, they are committing the crime, not you.

Lorena Escobar is responsible for following me from college to college, place to place, hobby to hobby, friend to friend, possible girls of interest, you name it, and sabotaging and smearing my name for the sole intent of control or to remove me from society. She is an integral part of this mass 30 year stalking, making up every lie and smear, and notifying the masses to coverup her crimes.

Lorena Escobar with my brother and this mass group have been using the HACKING excuse since the mid 90’s which is absurd to being with because I’ve done web design and graphics until about 2008. Not only this, But I know basic Linux and learned it around 2010. Meaning, that her lies that I’m a hacker especially in the 90’s is just on of her 1000’s of elaborate world wide lies and smears.

Lorena Escobar, and this group involved will just continually go from lie to lie, criminal accusation to accusation disseminate them world wide on a funded smear campaign to end my life any way possible. It is that simple.

She will run around with the police saying “You’ve committed a crime” confess or I will kill you, and do this until I am dead. Claiming she and the people involved are justified. But the truth is, that If I did hack someone, they would have the records to show it.

And that is it. And because they know not only is the HACKING a lie, but the 1000’s of other accusations lies, that this isn’t about anything I’ve ever done, but this is about a mass targeting to remove me from society any way shape or form possible, with the police, world wide communities,  to figure out ways to end my life any way possible.

At one point I even told a coffeebean employee that I hacked someone, just to see if they were involved, and at that point and had 100’s of people per day brutalizing me showing that yes, they do have ulterior motives to remove me from society. Because even if someone random person spouted off something like that, not only would anyone not care, but most likely figure they’d be just spouting off bullshit. But what it did PROVE was that the masses are TAKING THE LAW IN THEIR OWN HANDS, working with the police in a covert community policing organization empowering the average person to hunt me down and try to remove me from society, with the POLICE giving the criminal the PROTECTION.

It is not a crime to say stupid things, but it is a crime for people to hunt to down or try to kill you. When my PE teacher was trying to set me up and I thought he was a good person making a stupid judgement call telling me to hit a student, I did not. And because that was his only mistake, you did not see me investing 30 years trying to kill him. I made the correct choice, like I usually do and did not hit the kid. I’m not saying that what he did wasn’t wrong. It obviously was because he had ulterior motives. But if it was just a stupid decision of his, then it would not be a crime because he would not have had INTENT.

But, my mother, brother, with the masses especially with Lorena Escobar taking the law in their own hands trying to end my life any way possible with world wide mass notification systems in a funded operation, is however a crime of the highest levels showing intent to end someones life any way shape or form possible working with the masses.

We are not talking about people with opinions, or disagreements, we are talking about people such as Lorena Escobar taking the law in her own hands and devoting her life to ending someone elses. With terror, torcher, smear, endless psychological warefare tactics working with the masses in a 30 year campaign.

It does not matter how much she does not like me, nor anyone else, they have that right to not like me,  but to hunt me down for 30 years trying to kill me or remove me from society however is a crime. And those are her and the people involved ACTIONS.

Maybe she will claim the INTERNET is not healthy for me and that is why she is doing it. But the truth is, it is non of her business, and what she is doing is a crime, and with the intent to kill or end my life.

And not only has she used the INTERNET excuse, but then she claims, Photography, Fish Tanks, Coffeeshops, Cars, dating, friends, etc are all not healthy for me as well. So her true MOTIVES are about anything but jealousy, rage, and ridding me of the world, no matter what she CLAIMS

For details on this mass crime to rid me of the world, you can go to

Yesterday when I left my house and went out to another city, someone parked a Red Ford Explorer on my street. This is a common tactic when I go long distances. And for about a year someone was parking a blue explorer doing this over and over.


Today, when I walked outside my gate, right in front was someone elses red explorer

P1070221 P1070222

As i Was leaving, I also noticed like usual 2 people parked honda civics together to send me hidden messages


As I drive by the park where they do the same mental illness tactics because they don’t want me to exercise and get healthy, they parked 3 identical vans


I went to the store to buy a part, and when I came home, 2 cars were waiting for me both with blinkers on. It is obvious because a street like this people wouldn’t even normally use blinkers. They waited around for about 30 minutes, then left. This is very common, especially in 2’s to create mental illness and paranoia directed at me.


I left my house to go to the computer store, and when I drove past the park I noticed not only 2 people in pickups and a lexus waiting in their cars at the park, but as I drove down the street, all day, tons of people just sitting in cars for extremely long periods of time

P1070108 P1070111


(video of cars waiting slowed)

I then went to flookies to get some food, and when I got there, the 2 outside tables had 2 people both wearing caps, one at each one.

P1070167 P1070168

after I got food and they left, when they walked back to their car, I noticed they were both together and got in same car and left, but pretended to be separate when at restaurant


When I ordered my food, the manager said, “Hello, Hello” once again in patterns of 2’s. While I ate my food, I noticed several people kept coming in wearing Solid black pants, and solid blue shirts. This is a common tactic done as well.

P1070180 P1070188 P1070172 P1070179

I go to fry’s electronics on the way home and as I leave the employee says “Have a good one” which every business world wide is told to say as I leave endlessly to try to make me look crazy.

I then go home, and when I get there, I noticed tons of cars parked in patterns like usual. First, I noticed 3 very similar SUV body styles. Not the same model’s like usual, but 2 parked together and one down the street on my small street.

P1070229 P1070230

Also, Their are 2 differentidentical gray Civics parked togethor

P1070232 P1070233 P1070235 P1070240

2 pickups parked together

P1070238 P1070247

And 2 Honda Accords parked together


These tactics to make me mentally ill and remove me from society have been going on since I was 10 years old. Each person that comes after me makes up elaborate lies to cover up their crimes with criminal accusations directed at me to cover up what they are doing. This riles up the masses against me each time and builds larger and larger world wide groups since I was 10 coming after me.

There is nothing I have done, nor would it even matter because if I did commit a crime, the police would arrest me, and not try to kill me with a mental illness campaign. But they try to make it look like this is jutified with their ulterior motives working with the police, communities, and my family to either try to push me out of control to remove me from society, or try to push me to suicide making it look like I just couldn’t handle life.

For details on the 30 year campaign to remove me from society since 10 years old claiming I have committed some crime which they would tell me specifically what it is to create obsession by wondering why I am being hunted by a world wide campaign, go to

On my way to an appointment, I stopped off at 711 to get a coffee where 2 cars with people were waiting for me.  One was in a White Jeep Cherokee watching me, and the other was in a white pickup. As I parked, and opened the door, the white pickup then drove off.  As the man in the Cherokee, same car a girl Kelly Hatch who followed me to college working with the professors to remove me from society drove. When I walked past him on my way out, he coughed trying to get a reaction.

P1060939 P1060941

After coming back from an appointment, the Metro neighbors pulled out several cars to create mental illness using their patterns of 2’s

2 Civics


2 mazdas

P1060994 P1060991 P1060992

A blue Pickup the night before and today a black one in it’s place



And of course, that night as I was taking a walk outside my house someone comes out in Pink and Black only this time reversed, one of the many documented patterned tactics


This is an all day and night world wide mental illness campaign since 10 years old started by my own family working with the police to try to figure out ways to remove me from society by either making my look crazy and trying to push me into situations to have the cops arrest me or create enough pain to push me to suicide. For specifics you can go to

I drove by the park on the way home about 6:00 pm, teams of people came out for maybe a 20 minutes window. These are the pictures I took, within minutes, not waiting around.

Their were a lot of the other color patterns they use, but the majority were these 2 colors.

Green and black

P1060702 P1060722 P1060745 P1060789 P1060804 P1060808 P1060817

Pink and black

P1060687 P1060689 P1060720 P1060733 P1060735 P1060755 P1060789 P1060802 P1060825

This is an all day and night world wide terror campaign since the age of 10 years old trying to remove me from society any way possible. Either by pushing me to suicide or trying to put me in jail or an institution with my families claims I have committed some crime or suffer from anger and rage to cover up their true motives

For details you can go to

Today, when coming out of my house, I noticed that the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 accords and parked them by my gate when I walk out

P1060548 P1060543 P1060544 P1060546

on the other side of the street at about 5:00 pm they pulled out 2 pickup trucks across from each other


A couple hours later, someone pulls up another white pickup behind this one, and the blue GMC on the other side moves behind the white pickup so that their are 3 trucks in a row.

P1060572 P1060634

Later on this evening, even another Metro Neighbor pulled up another white pickup


These are all day and night mental illness tactics to remove me from society by trying to push me out of control or push me to society started by my own family working with the police and the masses since 10 years old.

For details you can go to

Yesterday, as I went to the park, I noticed that the previous day people with cars with no license plates and “Keyes” covers brought their cars to the park and parked them.

P1060312 P1060406 P1060410Notice this white KIA without plates, because the next day this car was gone and just about the same place with this black KIA with same plate cover



On my way home, I noticed a Suburu parked the driver put his foot out the window which is an older tactic to try to provoke me into situations

P1060528This is ongoing all day and night with world wide mobs following me place to place with a mental illness campaign since I was 10 years old making up claims that I’ve done all these things which isn’t true. They will make up the lies to justify their actions to hunt me down and end my life or try to remove me from society with a global world wide mental illness campaign started by my own family working with the police and communities.

For details on this 30 year targeting you can go to

Today I went to Starbucks When I left my house the Metro Neighbors Parked 2 same color honda accords togethor. one with a keys license plate.

P1050898 P1050895 P1050894 P1050892

I then went to Starbucks for about about 40 minutes. It was fairly quiet, not like the days before, but there was one thing going on. For the 40  minutes I was there, several people came in wearing pink shirts. And it was a pattern and not random.

CYMERA_20140618_144018 CYMERA_20140618_135912 CYMERA_20140618_140002 CYMERA_20140618_140541 CYMERA_20140618_142049

What Starbucks is doing to me at every location in the world

When I get home, I notice a man just sitting in a Red lexus behind one of my cars. He is there for an hour or so.

P1050938 P1050939

I then take my car to the car shop and come home, where another person is waiting in the same spot, screwing around on his phone for at least 40 minutes or so continuing to do the patterns of 2’s or notifying to masses to do things in patterns directed at me.

P1050966 P1050967 P1050973

Later on, I ordered a pizza and came out to get it. The driver was in a grey pickup, he was nice and polite which is unusual with no innuendos or harassment. But parked right behind him was a metro neighbor I always see in his gray pickup, and he was kind of waiting around in his truck even 15 minutes after the pizza man had left.


Also, someone had pulled up a white Ford Explorer, next to the blue explorer which has been here for months. And it’s the same blue explorer that would be parked in front of my gate each time I went out to a different city or somewhere new.

P1050999 P1060002 P1060004

Later at night, 2 more accords by where the ones were in the morning

P1060009 P1060007 P1060006

This is an all day and night mental illness campaign directed at me started from my own family working with the police to remove me from society any way possible in the gray areas of the law, and keep it covered up by trying to make me look crazy, angry or enraged.

The people involved all have PHD’s in psychology and have been working with the police since I was 10 years old with this terror campaign to either try to pushme out of control or cause enough pain to get me to commit suicide.

For details on this world wide murder campaign you can go to