Gang Stalking – 6/26/2014 – METRO neighbors bring out 2 pickups, 2 civics, and 2 Mazdas

Posted: June 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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On my way to an appointment, I stopped off at 711 to get a coffee where 2 cars with people were waiting for me.  One was in a White Jeep Cherokee watching me, and the other was in a white pickup. As I parked, and opened the door, the white pickup then drove off.  As the man in the Cherokee, same car a girl Kelly Hatch who followed me to college working with the professors to remove me from society drove. When I walked past him on my way out, he coughed trying to get a reaction.

P1060939 P1060941

After coming back from an appointment, the Metro neighbors pulled out several cars to create mental illness using their patterns of 2’s

2 Civics


2 mazdas

P1060994 P1060991 P1060992

A blue Pickup the night before and today a black one in it’s place



And of course, that night as I was taking a walk outside my house someone comes out in Pink and Black only this time reversed, one of the many documented patterned tactics


This is an all day and night world wide mental illness campaign since 10 years old started by my own family working with the police to try to figure out ways to remove me from society by either making my look crazy and trying to push me into situations to have the cops arrest me or create enough pain to push me to suicide. For specifics you can go to

  1. LOREN W. says:

    6/29/14 Kevin stay strong with the covering of our Lord Jesus. This too shall pass. I was treated horrible in LA last summer jobloss rip off early retirement the whole 9 yards. I am shocked that our family is a part of this.
    crap. We belong to our family and this evil program takes everything. Stay strong and in the word of God.


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