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Due to the nature of this 30 year campaign of smearing my name, then sending people after me to remove me from society, because they are making up lie after lie, then using others to do their dirty work, since I was pushed into a corner to confess for things I did not do, I am forced to tell the real story and the TRUTH behind each elaborate setup and who these people are.

Apparently, the people who were USED to commit crimes in others names against me aren’t happy that they were lied too, and told to go commit murder for others making up these lies. In retaliation, they are attacking our Business network because Lorena Escobar, and Fernanda Fsime amongst, George Escobar all the others involved spend all day and night making up daily lie after lie then give them to the world in SECRET, to smear my name, rile them up, and send people after me to kill me with mental illness tactics.

These people are upset, and I can understand why. If I went out and killed someone because someone else told me a lie about them, although, not that I would because I base my judgement’s  on direct interactions and not hearsay. Besides, taking the law in your own hands is a crime anyways even if I was guilty of something. But more then that, I have a life to live, and why would I give a shit about someone I don’t know, and spend all day on them.

So today, around 2:30 pm, I went to the office to set up a faster firewall because the shit these people are INTENTIONALLY stirring up to get rid of me of the WORLD  has had people launch a full scale network DOS attack with over 6 – 7 million attacks per day on our firewall. meaning, the CPU’s can’t handle the load, and we need more powerful equipment.

So, as I leave my house, like yesterday, a different man is waiting in the same spot as the Mercedes yesterday,




As I get to the office,  for a short while it is quiet. Although the day before, I was called to come in the office, and they needed me immediately claiming they are loosing money (Which I don’t think they are paid to make money, but rather kill people) , and need everything to work perfectly, so at the drop of a hat, with 1 hr of sleep, I jumped in my car, and went down there immediately.  where you can read yesterdays attacks in the last blog. Last night, I find out that they made multiple more LIES, which they do all day and night for 30 years, but yesterdays lies were, first, I somehow cut myself and put blood on a door according to fernanda Fsime, where I’ve showed the boss, my body to prove that there are no cuts on myself, also, the next information was I did not take a shower, which I basically said. That is correct, you wanted me there stat! and I was immediately to keep people working there as they started collecting more info to try to get rid of me like usual, which is basically a catch 22. either I’m their immediately, or they wait, loose money according to them, and deal with reality.

Just like Jenn hess, I have your baby, leave me alone and if you call me, Your stalking me. even though I have your child and the world will know you won’t leave me alone.

As I’m waiting for firewall computer to arrive, I log into our NAS which has a memory leak to trouble shoot it, and the network connection on the nas drops for 10 – 15 seconds while an employee next to me asks if we are having a problem, I say yes, I logged into the nas and opened a setting and it dropped for a few seconds and tell her to try it again. It works, and about 10 minutes later, George who has been following me around since I was hired trying to get rid of me any way shape or form, comes out and says “I can’t work, the drive disconnected and I lost all my work”

I tell George, that the nas can only disconnect, and the software, being word perfect does not loose local data, but just won’t allow him to save at that moment which is the normal Golden State INTENTION drama with ACCUSATIONS that secretly go worldwide. And any IT person knows, that calling a drive that isn’t there, or isn’t there for 15 seconds, is not data loss, but imperfection. George, and everyone else, will create these INTENTIONAL lies for the sole purpose of showing incompetence.

They will also try to justify their actions by making up some kind of LIE that I’ve done something from my past to try to make it look justified, although we all know that 2 wrongs don’t make a right, and even if their lies were true, then they would be just as guilty. But being that their personality is to claim others have done things, and to go after them over and over shows that due to their behavior, that chances are that someone who goes after someone in general, and then claims it’s because of something else, means they have no credibility in the first place showing true criminal behavior. For example, So and so did this to so and so, I will kill them as opposed to, I don’t like them and will stay away.

The 1st is an act of uncontrolled rage, the 2nd is a normal rational response, meaning that these people are told to make up lies, then go after me over and over, then make up a new set of lies, and do this until the TARGET is dead.

So Normally, when packages arrives, they put them on my desk or notify me. Today, being that an ENORMOUS box with a server and that the whole office knows were under attack, and we need to beef up the hardware, of course, no buddy tells me, and it’s kind of pushed in the corner. which may or may not be. A CD-Rom drive for it seems to be misplaced as well as today is the delivery day.

So, in the office, once I open the server, Gwen Suazo starts singing again over and over trying to aggravate me to stop me from putting the firewall in place as the front desk employees start tapping on things.

Of course in the office people are told to wear all the specific clothing patterns to create mental illness to stop me from making their lives better, which they CLAIM is because they are SCARED which anyone who knows anything, knows that when someone is SCARED, they don’t go around starting shit until the end of time.

Now, This is something that any rational person knows, but I will explain it anyways as if I’m dealing with children. And I will use an analogy. Let’s say you worked for the military, and someone launched a nuclear missile at us. And we had the ability to put a shield up to block this nuclear missile, and everyone in the military claimed they were SCARED, and did everything possible to sabotage the one man, trying to protect them and put up the shield to block the missile, would make no sense whatsoever, and 99% of those SCARED people, would want the shield up to protect them.

It would be fair to say that most likely that if they didn’t want that shield up that they had clear intent to destroy the U.S. and one could derive a high percent chance that those people are working for the enemy. There could be one irrational person, but if the majority wanted you to stop from protecting them then it is fair to say, that something shady is going on.

The reason I say this is because about a week before this internet attack starting on june 12th 3 people in the office demanded I take down the firewall. Lorena Escobar, Fernanda Sime, And George Escobar. I admintly worked on me over and over using every angle.

At one point George worked on me with the incompetence tactic, saying the he needs to get into the system from anywhere so I needed to take the firewall down, stating that they never had these problems before I was hired 6 yrs ago, with my response being. Yes, because I put a stop to what was going on and beefed up the firewall so the world could not get in.

Finally, after 30 minutes of debate I said, George, if you need to get in from anywhere, and this is a must, I can implement a SECURE solution for this. At this point, George never came back to me, nor did he need to be able to get in from anywhere after I gave him a viable option other then taking down the firewall. Kind of STRANGE!

There is no way in hell, anyone, ESPECIALLY SCARED, would want the firewall taken down, and even on Monday when the DOS attack was so bad, it shut down our firewall web surfing for an hr, Lorena DEMANDED I take it down so she could work because they need moeny,  knowing damn well of our problems before it was in place and PRETENDING she’s ignorant to what a firewall does.

This is not about scared people who don’t know what to do. This is about CALCULATED people who want what they want, and will do whatever it takes to get it. Especially ending my life over 30 years. Nor is this in any way shape or form about me, who I am, or bullshit like I can’t see myself.

So about 3:45 pm, Fernanda, who makes daily claims as well, especially yesterdays claim of me cutting myself putting blood on doors or something, comes to me being nice, says, we are leaving at 4:00 pm is that ok, which is normal. I say sure. At 4:00 pm she walks behind me using the 3’s tactic of theirs and says “Let’s go, Lets’go, Let’s go” to try to make it look like I’m bipolor or borderline to get a reaction to try to use to give to the world which is a normal 30 year tactic of theirs to end my life.

on my way home, when I get to winnetka and roscoe, where yesterday 2 women came out at the same time, on multiple days as I’ve left the office both with umbrellas.

Today, the same exact thing, at 4:00 om, to more ladies come out with umbrellas, and one man spinning keys on a key chain. When I get to the park by my house on the way home, their is another man spinning keys as well. This is a common 12 year tactic which was one of their first mental illness tactics.

In the video,  then first man is blurry but you can see it.

P1110267-2 P1110237

Also, the last two times I’ve been to Fry’s electronics in woodland hills, an employee both times did the same exact thing with their keys to try to create mental illness and end my life in mass world wide smear, and terror groups.

Right when I got within about a mile of my house, another lady comes out with an umbrella

P1110293then people wearing all black around my complex come outside which is one of the tactics

P1110311 P1110312 P1110269 P1110278

When I park my car, a man from the complex next door called the “Metro” comes out in his wheelchair, the same man who saw me doing time lapse and tried to tell me to ignore what was going with their murder campaign and done to me and my life, most likely to try to threaten me or scare me again.

I said it before,  I will say it again. I will not tolerate lieing murdering terrorists, especially directed at me for over 30 years with the intent to smear my name, rile up armies of people to kill me especially for no reason. Not only has he not stopped me from doing Time Lapse, but I will not tolerate it. And if we can’t live together in peace, then these people have a problem. And I could not care less what they say. They will have to figure out a way to live their own lives or face the consequences of their actions.

One of the things I can tell you is in the nature of this life time campaign to end my life since childhood, one of the people who was sent after me name was Tom Farley. In our relationship, Tom was always jealous of me for some reason as he thinks my life is so great or special, I do not know why he thinks this. But our relationship was always Tom saying things like, I have to always do better then him on things that did not matter. For example he was jealous of a girl I did a photo shoot of named Ariana, as if we were friends and in a relationship, even if we were, I would think Tom would be happy for me. But it was a simple photo shoot, which non the less had nothing to do with him.

To find out our entire existence was not only an endless rage of his against me, and him thinking somehow I’ve wronged him in some way. I spend my life, bending over backwards to help him out every way possible to find out, most were elaborate setups to destroy me.

For example, Tom claims he is Def in one ear, and that he resents his father for it. I have no clue if this is true, also he claims he had a speed addiction where I gave him free room and board to help him out to find out he was working on me with a mental illness campaign. At one point Tom came over with fake medication claiming, it was for his “Vertigo” all because I have a screen name “Vertigo” which their are millions of people with screen names int his world, from CB radios to Internet, and no buddy has a problem.

But being that Tom and this mass group want to wipe me off the planet, one of his claims and INTENT to get coerced false confessions, is to make up lies like, I use this name when trying to make people sick. As he follows me around trying to collect unconnected information about me, and put it all together in a story that looks true. For example,  “you are a liar” I will wait 30 years for a lie, see, you are a liar. Or in 1984, kevin said the word “hey” to someone and in 2004 kevin said the word “Hey” to someone, therefore , Do you see what kevin is doing.

These are the out of context these people are doing, and know damn well, since early childhood, that they are doing this to wipe me off the planet. Tom was told to Befriend me at an early age, make up these lies for the sole purpose to CONTROL, or dictate , what I can and can’t do, or worse, to wipe me off the planet.

The one thing I can tell you is that, these lies go from lie to lie to lie to lie to lie, and given to the WORLD over and over, to end my existence in the grey areas of the law which was well thought out, and PRE-MEDITATED, in mass groups.

No rational person would collect every detail of someones life, from sentence, to gesture, you name it, and use them in such a way to fabricate lie after lie. Then hunt down and kill someone creating psychological warefare tactics in the grey areas of the law. And most likely the only people that would come up with this type of thing are people like my mother and brother who show clear RAGE issues, and have psychology Degree’s.

Not only can these people address the  issue directly, but they have proven nothing but they are cowards with a mass campaign to rid me of the world, and just like the lies about them trying to take down the network and cover it up. The same goes for my life. They will do anything possible to destroy my life, end my existence, and cover it up with things that aren’t rational, and don’t make sense while giving it to the entire WORLD in SECRET showing their true motive and tell me that I’m imagining it and am crazy.

Just as 12 years ago, when I found out something was wrong, and asked what was this about and what was going on. They weren’t concerned with a resolution, told me I was imagining it. And basically said I am dead. But the act of wanting to know what is going on, and reason with them, is an act of trying to resolve their issues and insecurity. And if they truly have good INTENT, they will address their issues DIRETLY, and not hunt me down and try to end my life for no reason, and even if they had a legit reason, which they do not, they would be no better then me, meaning that it’s not about right or wrong to them anyways, but it’s their about HATE, Rage, and that is it, PERIOD!

Specifics at:

Today I was called too work to fix some computers, while at the office, apparently one of the office girls Fernanda Sime, made some claim I was smearing my blood on a door or something. While their cry wolf tactics go back 30 years making up lie after lie then wanting me around to tell me what to do while trying to blackmail me into control then abuse me, these are their normal tactics.

When I leave my house, just like yesterday leaving the office, there is one car on each side of the corner with people waiting in their cars to create mental illness.

Shown here from yesterday

Today at my house one on each street.

P1110033 P1110030On my way to work, I drive by the park where they decided they are special enough to decide weather or not I’m allowed to go to the park and if they disagree, the community gets together and tries to kill me for my crimes of having constitutional rights.

so on the south side of about a 70 yard street, they all sit and wait when I leave and come home, just sitting in their cars lined up all directed at me to rid me of the world.

P1110097 P1110098 P1110099 P1110100 P1110101 P1110102 P1110112 P1110123 P1110144 P1110146 P1110096

At work of course, the usual people trying to harass me to death claiming I am doing something to them for the sole purpose of trying to make me mentally ill until my nervous system gives out.

Even Lorena Escobar’s Mother who works there  starts harassing me as a family of sickos

A collector, Gwen Suazo will sit and sign all day following me around harassing me, then make up claims I am doing something to her.

Same with another employee Jorge Rodriguez.  while he keeps walking behind me whistling all day.

After I leave work about abut 12:00 pm, when I get to Winnetka and Roscoe, almost every time on the way home for about 3 weeks,  2 ladies come out with umbrellas who are notified I am leaving. This is a daily event, here and right by my house as you will see post after post of this.

P1110062 P1110070

After this I went to the Fed Ex to send an item as several employees kept verbally and visually harassing me over and over with tapping, and comments taken from my twitter and facebook micked back to create mental illness.

I then went to Fry’s electronics to purchase some items where several employee’s walked by spinning keys to provoke me into fights as well as the verbal tactics. And happened every single time.

As I get home, Gwen calls me with a computer issue and acts nice like usual. And once it’s fixed she will passive aggressively harass me every time with the entire office using the same tactic as well to try to provoke me into a fight, then tell everyone I’m crazy or have anger and rage. This tactic has been done to me since early childhood starting with my own mother and brother and escalates for 30 years from 90% of the people in my life  to try to use the system to rid me of the world.

These tactics are all day and night for the sole purpose of ending my life. They have been going on for over 30 years and will not be addressed, nor will it be stopped with the intent to kill.

For specific Details you can go to

Today, the office was having some computer issues.

So around the end of the day I decided to fix them on my way back from an appointment at the doctors, as I even explained to him that this was these peoples doing who are trying to cover it up.

He says to me something to the extent that “I hope your pride is ok” is if this is some kind of 30 year game to end my life, and it’s somehow my fault that for 30 years millions around the world are trying to end my life. Will not tell me why, and are trying to not only keep it a secret, but tell the world it’s my fault for their actions of targeting a person, smearing his name, and raping him all day and night for 30 years, in the millions, and then try to cover it up saying weird things like you think differently and are not normal, and can’t see yourself.

As I get too the office, There are once again, two ladies with umbrellas, and one see’s me so she closes it and tries to hide it.

P1100630 P1100635

When I get to the office, all the cars are parked forwards, and not many in the lot, after about 20 minutes when closing when we have to leave, there are several more cars, and several backwards and one man waiting in a red and black chevy truck and a grey mercedes suv watching the entrance.

P1100648 P1100652

On my way home, when I get about 1 mile away from my house, 6 women come out with umbrellas within a 10 minute period on the way home.

P1100714 P1100711 P1100702 P1100696 P1100726

After going out and getting a Jamba Juice, at approximately 6:30 pm, People in my surrounding buildings, 90% called “The Metro” coincidentally the Microsoft tablet interface, who knows if there is a relation when talking about my life, but teams of people were notified to come out once again which obviously has been going on since day 1 of moving in to my place all walking their dogs. They were not outside beforehand, as I watched them all come out at the same time in another all day and night attempt to make me mentally ill. I count 35 picture om a 35 minute window and probably several more with a clear an obvious attempt to create mental illness and end my life without addressing any insecurities, or having any proof of their theries which are clearly lies anyways since it goes from one sequentially after the next for 30 years. And even If I was guilty of something, that would be a job for the police.

At this point around 6:45 p.m., someone at the Metro comes out, a stakes, 6 signed that say, place for rent. I go out to get food at this point and come back to take a picture of the signs, but within that next 30 minutes of me watching him put them in the grass, he then removes them thinking I saw them and am gone.

I didn’t mention the obvious which has been going on all day and night for about 10 years are the thousands walking around in specific color patterns as well, to create mental illness a day.

These are just 30 years of all day and night community mobbings all across the world to end my life due to people like my mother and brother, who want me dead out of hate and rage, and can’t come up with one rational reason why they have an issue with me. Nor do they have the ability to communicate their issues in any way, shape or form so you have no clue that they are even enraged at you.

Specifics at:

This morning I went to the office briefly,  and on the way home,

once again, within about 1 mile from my house, 2 women came out on the same block with umbrellas to create mental illness

In woodland hills, on Canoga and Victory

P1100611 P1100603

More Details about this 30 year campaign to end my life at:

I noticed a whole bunch of fire trucks tonight so came out to see what was going on, maybe get some good pictures.

The police who have been following me with a mass murder campai

gn for 30 years were there, and while videoing with my SLR, they didn’t think it was video, but photos.

One of the officers breaks from restraint in their covert operations and says “We are watching you Perelman” at the end of the video which they have had neighborhood watch groups and other means of surveillance for 30 years used for the sole purpose to make me mentally ill and end my life.

This video shows, while unfortunately he is out of frame, but it shows what they are doing, and then trying to provoke me after the fact and keep me scared and quiet.

This is not the first time, another time while doing some photography they have driven by saying “we are watching you kevin, we are watching you” on another occasion, Officer Toro followed me to Encino Starbucks telling me if I ever do studio photography or take pictures of people, he will “Execute the law in his own way”

more specifics about this mass crime at:

This is a common tactic, ever since I started walking around the park for exercise, people would start pulling behind me car in 2 or 3 people, just waiting and watching me to intentionally create paranoia, as time went by, now 1000’s of people a day come out in clothing patterns and doing this to make me mentally ill for punishing me for trying to get exercise especially when severely sick from finding out what they were doing in the first place, or speaking out against the crimes being committed against me to keep me quiet. Honestly, I don’t know what goes on in the mind of a psychotic to do this with other sickos.

One of the things my x business partner Mike Huntley was saying as he targeted me, then asked me to start a company with me for 6 yrs as he worked on me with a world wide group to end my life was, when I found out something was wrong he would walk around the office saying “World of Paranoia” At the time, I could not comprehend what Mike’s problem was, later to realize that there was nothing I had done to Mike or anyone else.

Mike was originally my brothers friend, who was sent after me to end my existence, as all my brothers friends were involved in this mass campaign to end my life because my brothers coverup after trying to hit my friend Greg waugh in the head with a crow bar and me stopping him as he would tell me “Blood is thicker then water” as I was to support him on his enraged quest of his girlfriend braking up with him and dating my friend. My brother somehow blames me as well as me not supporting his violence and jumping in the way and stopping him.

Not only was this when I was 16 years old, but he harbors this endless rage of an insignificant breakup in high school our entire lives directed at me for some reason.

But this video shows on two separate days, when I leave me house and drive by the park after noticing these tactics, that teams of people come out around the time I leave my house to create paranoia. As I drive down the street there are actually something like 5 – 10 people waiting and this is a daily thing.

Specific Details at:

Once again, We all know this is something you rarely see, and once again, in patterns of two’s with different people, by my house as I get home

P1100146 P1100161

Specific Details at:

Today, after going to my therapist, the cops worked on a full scare tactic to keep me quiet.

Yesterday, I went to Starbucks and pulled out my laptop to get some work done. Being that I’ve been targeted the most of my life and everyone wants me scared and quiet about it,

I decided to write down some more people who befriended me, and what they were doing to destroy my life. The employees and community did not like me writing down the horrible things done to me

as they want CONTROL to keep me quiet and make me look crazy.

So when going to my shrinks office, cars were parked backwards to try to scare, provoke me. A person comes out as I park and smokes a cigerette. After I go in, of course, my shrink is digging for information about other events of my life or trying to scare me into confessions rather then ask questions in regards to my life and the 1000’s of world wide lies.

It seems to go from thing to thing I’ve done to people but of course I have not done anything and when someone comes to you and says. “From the age of 10 – 40 years old you said “Hey” 3 or 4 times, I want to know what your angle is, it doesn’t really make much sense from the aspect of, your crazy and why are you counting the number of times I say “Hey” for 40 years.

But, at least if they would ask, it would show they had honest good intent, rather then a covert tactic to get any dirt possible for 40 years.

Anyways, as leaving the offiice, right when I get outside, another person comes out, smoking a cigarette to try to provoke me into anger in their patterns of two’s tactic

After this, I go to Starbucks as the place is full, and their is one chair open which most likely was intentional being that people were wearing specific color patterns. When I sit down, the two people in all black leave, and a man wearing the same colors as me sits down next to me.

At this point, when I go outside to smoke a cigarette a police copter circles and they try to scare me.

At this point, all around the coffee shops I go too, and round my house, their are cop cars just parked in random places.

This has gone on a couple of times now on the same day going to my therapist in an attempt to scare me quiet. Even this one police car was left in a red spot by a fire hydrant as one of my brothers crimes was pinned on me like usual in an attempt to pre-meditatively use me as a scape goat.

P1090232 P1090190 P1100558 P1100154 P1100400 P1100437 P1100532

This is a common tactic by the police since day 1 of finding out what they have been doing.

At the end of the night, their were several fire trucks out I was curious so I took some pictures. A police officer saw me and said “Were are watching you Kevin, we are watching you”


More Details At:

As going to work on wed 6/19/2013

Once again, as leave my house, there are two identical VW, I think jetta’s parked on my street. One, on one side, and the other in the red with a man waiting in almost identical car. Once he thinks I am gone, he leaves. Because this is a daily event of creating paranoia, and schizophrenia that I found out was going on for 30 years and still is all day and night with the intent to kill, I know their tactics they have been documented online.I think this is about the 6th or 7th time in a month doing this. Most within a week or two.


Other times (not all of them)



(youtube here)

On my way to work, when I reach Roscoe and Tampa, there are, which has happened before,and using multiple tactics each time I go to work, this time  two ladies on opposite sides of street holding umbrellas in the sun. I got a picture of one, but when circling around to get the other, she thought I was gone as she went inside.


At office, I notice that on one computer, they keep leaving the CD rom Tray Open to send hidden messages about something, and as I go outside of the hall to get some water, Gwen Suazo locks the door forcing me to use the other door in the waiting room. When I go through the other door, they have also opened up a 2nd CD drive to try to create mental illness using their patterns of two’s tactic.


At this point, Gwen starts talking to a black man, wearing solid black pants, and a solid red shirt, like my other blogs showing this tactic all day to create mental illness. As she is talking to him, she is using the patterns of two’s and three’s to send hidden messages at me to get rid of me. When the black man leaves, as he walks behind me he whistles. Example videos showing similar office tactics here.

(u tubes)

When I leave, I notice Gwen Suazo starts texting, probably their notification systems to have people come outside on my way home to create mental illness, or the people who wait outside my house trying to make me sick as I get home each time.

On my way home, once again at Roscoe and Tampa, there are two more women with umbrellas. And again, as I went around the block to get their picture of the 2nd lady, as she immediately went in as I passed by.


On my way home, when close to my house and the park, a few women come out with more umbrellas as well. I was only able to get this one pic.


This is every single day, and just a few things they do with the intent to end my life across 30 years and refuse to stop, tell me what their problem is, making up claims that I have “done something” but won’t tell me what it is as they attempt to create obsession of me wondering what their problem is and knowing that I’ve never done a thing to anyone but by me knowing what they are doing, they want me quiet and controlled.

Specifics at

I posted a few weeks back or maybe even a month that people started following me to places and such to create mental illness holding umbrellas in the sun

Since then, cities have been notified all in the areas where I live or go to work coming out on a daily basis. For a while, teams of two’s would come out by my house when coming home, or leaving to work.

Now more and more people are targeting me with this tactic as well as 1000’s of other mental illness tactics to try to make me mentally ill and end my life in a mass 30 year campaign to try to set me up and rid me of the world.

These are just a few pictures of the people I’ve seen lately with the tactic. Once again, these pictures are not me waiting forever but in a couple of days. And these are the ones I had the time to take the picture as I’ve seen many others but either I circled around to get the picture as they went in their houses after I passed them by thinking I was gone, or I did not want to get into an accident.

P1070367 P1080007 P1080405 P1080395 P1080452P1080450 P1080449 P1080698 P1080754 P1080922 P1090018 P1080976 P1090317 P1090674 IMAG0028 IMAG0025 p1080067 p1080054 p1080031 p1080009 (1) p1070994

More details on specifics at