Police trying to intimidate me after finding out what they have been doing the majority of my life

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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I noticed a whole bunch of fire trucks tonight so came out to see what was going on, maybe get some good pictures.

The police who have been following me with a mass murder campai

gn for 30 years were there, and while videoing with my SLR, they didn’t think it was video, but photos.

One of the officers breaks from restraint in their covert operations and says “We are watching you Perelman” at the end of the video which they have had neighborhood watch groups and other means of surveillance for 30 years used for the sole purpose to make me mentally ill and end my life.

This video shows, while unfortunately he is out of frame, but it shows what they are doing, and then trying to provoke me after the fact and keep me scared and quiet.

This is not the first time, another time while doing some photography they have driven by saying “we are watching you kevin, we are watching you” on another occasion, Officer Toro followed me to Encino Starbucks telling me if I ever do studio photography or take pictures of people, he will “Execute the law in his own way”

more specifics about this mass crime at:

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