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While the Metro Neighbors, Police, and these groups of people targeting preach about good hearted people with morals, their mental illness tactics that are being inflicted on me since 10 years old show that they are lying hypocrites and do not believe in the things they speak of.

The only thing the want and have ever wanted is to tell me what I can and can’t do. Who I can date, what I have to do for a living. What I can say, etc.

They acts of terror is unprecidented and has gone on for over 30 years esculating upwards of 10,000 attacks per days for years and are probably actually much higher.

On Wednesday, on going to the office to get some work done, while the office managers Elsie Sandoval, Lorena Escobar have been hiring employees and telling them to help hunt me with clear intent to end my life and try to create mental illness to remove me from society. They have been working with the police since day one.

While Elsie is inolved in several lies working with Lorena escobar and the police. For example, not only did Jen Hess, the girl Lorena Escobar paid off and sent after me with Mike Huntley and Paul Humphry who claims I hit her with a mask on working with the police. But also Elsie Sandoval in the office started making the same claims working with the police.

So, Since I turned 29 years old and started to find things out about my life that were being done to me. Everyone, especially the police realized they needed to try to cover up their crimes any way possible and start smearing my name to the world using all of the police resources, media resources, and world wide population against me. Or the biggest witch hunt in history of Adolf Hitler types would come out. Especially with full police and government support.

So, on arriving at the office, I noticed that the cops had parked 2 cop cars with bike racks on them in our parking lot to try to thug me quiet.


DSC03274  DSC03273After this, in the office, the employees once again got brave in their bullying and started trying to thug me to death again with hidden messages about things most likely trying to accuse me of things, get confessions, or create mental illness which they started doing right after Lorena Escobar hired me, then started telling them I am crazy and trying to take over the company. Of course why did she hire me then? good question!

on coming home the last two nights, once again, the Metro comples neighbors started parking cars in 2’s on my small street to create mental illness. Thinking that now that they have tried to bully and thug me quiet. Now they are going to try to torture me to death and figure out ways to remove me from society.

Obviously, this isn’t about peaceful people who want a nice peaceful life. This is about sick demented terrorists who try to immobilize, torture and kill. And this has been going on non stop since I was 10 years old showing that they targeted me at a young age with intent to end my life, and have not stopped in 30 years.

2 Lexus’s


DSC03258DSC03260  2 Acura’s


DSC03278 DSC03279

2 white elances


DSC03263 DSC03264a black Elance


2 more Elances across from each other

DSC03289 DSC03280DSC03288 DSC032822 civics

DSC03283 DSC03285 DSC03286This is an older tactic. And just one out of 1000’s going on since 10 years old. But this tactics started about 14 years ago when I moved in to this complex and is done world wide to me along with endless other ones to try to create mental illness and end my life.

The reason they are doing it is obvious. They want me quiet and gone. They don’t want me talking about what is going on and what they have done to my life since I was 10 years old.

All the women sent after me. All the attempted setups, all their lies and smears, And the real motives as to why they are doing what they are doing. Which is the same reason Hitler killed the jews. I don’t like you and I will do anything to ttorture you and rid you of the world type of thing. Except the only difference is that they can’t just pull out a gun and shoot me because then they would go to jail. So they have to devise it in such a way that makes me look like I’m crazy and just couldn’t take it. Especially with me speaking out. And I can assure you that I will never be quiet about it.

For more information on this mass targeting with my family, the police, and mass world wide groups to end my life, go to

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While around 10 years ago, after finding out Mike Huntley was hunting me down. A person who asked me to start a company with him who I had known since maybe 14 years old and then I found out was hunting me my entire life with world wide smear operations, A while afterwards, I was approached by Lorena Escobar my fathers office manager.

Lorena Escobar contacting restaurants and telling them to stalk me with the Police for what I know

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life –

LAPD and Officer Sean Dinse, working on their mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy, then wanting a psych evaluation, which is really an ANGLE to remove me from society to cover up their endless crime spree against me –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –


While not knowing that Lorena was working with Mike and my family to smear my name to try to dictate my life and tell me what I can or cannot do or she will make up lies about my character and broadcast them to the world depending on what she wants, she approached me and asked me to work at their company doing IT.

While me being hired on Salary for a 40 hour a week job, with a desk and computer Lorena Escobar immediately went around telling everyone that I was trying to take over the company and that she had to protect the company.

Even coming back from lunch one day as we get to the office door her saying “Welcome to the jungle” The seem to be mad at me, with the music I listen too, and working every angle known to man. While having the employees keep humming around me. And at certain times. For example, someone might ask me to fix their home computer then Val or Connie, both blondes, will hummmm, when asked this question of me.

Of course, Lorena would probably have the world believe this is because I supposedly stink and have nothing to do with their ACTIONS towards me and what is going on, trying to divert the facts into labels and character attacks.

At one point she had a family friend named Debbie Groveman call me up and ask me to do a job and fix her computer. After fixing the computer, afterwards, she strangely tried to tell me and manipulate me into learning the company and figuring out ways to get rid of Lorena. While I did not feed into her manipulation, I thought it was extremely strange that this would happen as why would she even care, yet alone the coincidences of Lorena saying these things about me.

And being that it’s been an office mobbing directed at me since I was hired, Welcome to the jungle seems to be very threatening BEHAVIOR.

But what was really going on is Lorena had Debbie Groveman call me and try to set me up, just like the other office manager Elsie Sandoval claims, and working with the police, that I had hit her. A common tactic done to me by a girl named Jen Hess years prior which their is no doubt is connected to Lorena sending her after me with these groups.

When I work in the office, which clearly territorial Lorena the dog does not like. My father goes out to lunch with her on mondays and thursdays and started inviting me. After all it is his office, and if he invites his son to go out to lunch, I would think that it is because he would want me to go with him. While, now knowing that their is motive behind a lot of what goes on, I am somehow the bad guy.

At this point people will start showing up at the restaurants for years and harassing me. Not only that but the employees are also notified to attack me as well with covert mental illness tactics. It is difficult to know what is exactly said but if your invited somewhere, you clearly have done nothing wrong. The point is that Lorena seems to not like it, and is doing what her angry psychotic personality does when she doesn’t get her way in her spoiled brat life of using men, and trying to manipulate or thug people into doing what she wants. She will collect my conversations at the lunch table as text them to the office to have them harass me when I get back and things like this.

Also, My fathers X-Limo driver Deon Bush overheard Lorena working on some of her usual lies telling the office employees that I am crazy and to do all these things to me. So the question of why did she hire me in the first place comes back into play? See that guy over there! he’s crazy, I want to hire him! oh poor me! you get the idea.

Lately, this last week, Lorena has started contacting restaurants again and telling them to do things like call me “Boss” then do things like putting metal objects in my food and such as well as the endless passive aggressive harassment’s.

Lorena is a very sick demented person who needs to be put in jail. She was hired around 25 years ago as an X-ray tech. and immediately started following me around from college to college working with women to try to set me up and smear my name world wide. Then, around 2002 hired me to get me close to her to keep working on me.

About 6 years before working there, she introduced me to a girl named Adriana Olivarez, an employee there who had befriended me running around the office saying “I am going to get the doctors son” at the time, I thought it was just a spoiled childish girl that wanted a trophy, little did I know Lorena was actually sending her after me to try to get dirt to smear my name world wide or just fabricate thing after thing with her. And while friends with Adriana for 6 years she concocted every lie imaginable and put it in their world wide “Laundry list” to rile the world against me.

File Name : DSCN0004.JPG File Size : 1.4MB (1508542 Bytes) Date Taken : 0000/00/00 00:00:00 Image Size : 2560 x 1920 pixels Resolution : 300 x 300 dpi Bit Depth : 8 bits/channel Protection Attribute : Off Hide Attribute : Off Camera ID : N/A Camera : E5000 Quality Mode : FINE Metering Mode : Matrix Exposure Mode : Programmed Auto Speed Light : No Focal Length : 14.9 mm Shutter Speed : 1/10.2 second Aperture : F3.8 Exposure Compensation : 0 EV White Balance : Auto Lens : Built-in Flash Sync Mode : Red Eye Reduction Exposure Difference : N/A Flexible Program : N/A Sensitivity : Auto Sharpening : Auto Image Type : Color Color Mode : N/A Hue Adjustment : N/A Saturation Control : Normal Tone Compensation : Auto Latitude(GPS) : N/A Longitude(GPS) : N/A Altitude(GPS) : N/A

At one point, While being harassed by an employee named Victoria, I called her bluff. She broke from secrecy saying that “They are just trying to protect the company”  a couple of weeks after, she either quiet or was fired strangely enough.

The question is? what does protect the company mean? well it means this. Kevin will do whatever we say. He will date who we say. he will do the job we say. If he goes to a coffee shop, he can only be there for 10 minutes, if he goes to take walks, it can be only one lap. He will not speak about what is going on, he will have the hobbies we like, and things like playing pool is not acceptable. Etc.

So really, the question of who is telling her to do these things or why is a serious question as why would my fathers highest ranking employee be so interested in my private life she is violating.

Recently, she is back on her restaurant approach contacting restaurants world wide and having them attack me. She will make up any lies imaginable to justify her actions but it is really about hate, rage, or even possibly her job description.

It seems pretty clear to me that the reason she hired me in the first place was to get me close to her to keep tabs on me. And try to dictate my life.

At one point, when I was getting into photography and experimenting with studio photography, Lorena was the first to volunteer. Right after that, she would tell everyone how I wronged her by taking pictures of her and such and that I wasn’t an honest person and got into studio photography with ulterior motives. The same exact tactics with what she is doing with hiring me.

Ask me to work, then come after me. Ask me to do a photoshoot, then come after me. Basically working on her setups.

While Lorena’s hunt for me has been going on since my teen years, this is just a short taster of what she is doing and is involved in.

Read After Lorena was told to ask me to work for my fathers company doing their IT support

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know #cnnireport  #FoxNews –

For more details you can go to

My World Wide Targeting info

Last night I noticed 2 Bmw’s parked togethor when coming home. While this is done every day and these types of things have been done to me all day and night since 10 years old I know what their motive is. Removing me from society any way possible.

This morning in the same spot the 2 Bmw’s parked togethor were, there is a black and blue trans-am. Similar to a car I drove at 16 years old. While the Bmw’s tactic has been used all day and night for the last 30 years to send me hidden messages about something, it’s really just about ending someones life with mental illness,


Not only was their a black and blue convertible trans am this morning, but also, behind it by the gate I walk out of were 2 honda civics parked togethor. of course, one black, and one blue

DSC03243 DSC03246

also, on the other end of this small street, were 2 black hybrid prius’s parked togethor.


They started using prius’s after I made a joke that I am artistic and logical and so I am a hybrid. So you can understand how they are using these cars and 1000’s of other tactics to try to create things like paranoia, schizophrenia, obsessional looping, and whatever they can do to end my life

While these tactics start at the age of 10 years old against me. world wide groups have hunted me all day and night since 10 years old with world wide support trying to figure out ways to accomplish their goals of ending my life.

it doesn’t really seem to be about anything but my family working with the police, social workers, and  government to remove me from society just like adolf hitler exterminated the jews because he did not like them.

For more information on this all day and night world wide campaign to end my life you can go to

As from my other posts, you can see this world wide campaign to do demented things to me and my life and cover it up by always making up newer and newer lies to give to the world to cover up the criminal activities that are going on.

While this organized world wide mental illness campaign was started at 10 years old t do to me to create things like obsessional looping, paranoid schitzofrenia and things like this to work with the police to try to figure out ways to push me out of control then arrest me.

One of their tactics they call is their “Spy Game” tactic.

This tactic involves datamining my life, and then having strangers world wide hint about aspects of my life such as, I know this or that about you. Or coordinated harassments in patterns. Example person after person who see’s me will be told to whistle, or hummm or things like this world wide.

While on twitter years ago, people were endlessly trying to get me to go to a website called My free cams

The idea of the site is that you don’t have to sign up to see the webcam streams. You can just view them and it logs you in as a guest account with a random ID.

Of course, like most things that say FREE, there is a catch such as if you want anything more such as chat, or interaction, you have to sign up and buy tokens.

Eventually while watching endless people try to bait me into something, which goes from thing to thing in my life since 10 years old with clear and obvious motive and intent, I was curious to see what they were luring me into.

When going to the website and viewing a feet, instantly on whichever feed I watched. They knew instantly when I started watching. And of course they would start whistling, or mimicing my conversations with people from social networks and public places such as coffee shops, restuarants, you name it. with their Spy Game tactics which have been being done to me my entire life and I am told I am imagining it and it is supposedly somehow my fault, yet REFUSE to address their issues. Because their are non and they just want to make up excuses to justify their actions.

so, I tested the waters to make sure it wasn’t paranoia from going to places and having conversations and seeing what would happen if I logged onto the website and such. Sure enough, consistantly this has happened for maybe 5 years. Each and every time.

Not only this, but their subject headings all have hidden messages directed at me while I have people like my fathers office manager Lorena Escobar following me from place to place trying to tell me what I can and can’t do or she will stalk me with mass groups basically telling me I have to do what she says, and somehow things giving me a paycheck somehow gives her rights over my freedoms and non work time. As she tells people in the company that she is just trying to protect the company  as if my private life has anything to do with the company. As she would send people like Adriana Olivarez to befriend me and hunt me down and smear my name as coverups with her investing over 6 years alone just with her.

The majority of people on this system all work togethor to create mental illness and violations which I am sure the FBI should know about due to the fact they are collecting peoples private information.

When someone opens a webcam feed on my free cams it logs you on as a guest and you have not created any type of user account. But what does happen is on the webcam models interface, it shows who has logged in by their personal data. While I have never actually seen the interface, I know that each time I open a feed, they know it is me, and who logged in. Basically an invasion of privacy, and a huge crime. Especially invading every users privacy.

So, being that I do IT for a living I decided to do some research to protect myself and see what is being done to me. uses multiple ports which is very strange.

Most websites use port 80, 443 the main designated ports which are known to most. And the average home user world wide does not use any type of firewall protection so they have no clue this is going on.

They ports they use are

80 – web

81 – seems to be collecting personal information

443 – secure web

8080 – multidirectional interactive web technology my deep packet inspection fire wall picked up on and shut it down. Can’t remember the name of it

8100 – Chat server

1935  – video streaming

Now, 99% websites in the world use port 80, 443, and that is it. So the question of why this is being done is a big one.

The first thing I can think of is it tries to nudge you into taking your firewall down or open up random ports. But with port 8100 collecting private information that is strange.

My first red flag with this website was when I could not use it with my firewall set up which I can do anything on the web and have never had a problem with any website in 10 years except this one.

And with the invasion of privacy from almost everyone on the site, it is obvious what they are doing.

So this is for anyone who actually goes to My free cams, I will warn you to block necessary ports or they will collect your private information.

But to be honest, this site needs to conform to legal standards, or be shut down, especially with them collecting personal information, and using it to commit all sorts of malicious acts.

And if you think this is out of paranoia, all you have to do is research what is going on with the ports by going to the website and watch the port activity, although if you are not being targeted, they probably won’t say anything and just consider you another guest.

I urge you to let people know about this and what they are doing

For more information on everything that is going on, you can go to

Tonight, 1/17/2016 I went to Togos to get some food while at a Starbucks next door

While endlessly harassed with innuendos and rude comments every time I’ve ever been at

Togos in Woodland hills at.
21506 Victory Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91367, US

This time, he kept calling me Boss, with several other people because he seems to have a problem with me going to the place that hired me and getting work done. He then started making innuendos about someone who is trying to manipulate me into situations to take my money and seems to be mad at me for not giving in and then attacking me for it. Of course that is just the next bullshit excuse to justify these peoples actions with a much larger agenda. The question of how he is getting all this private information about my life is another matter, and in contact with people in my office which I highly doubt he is friends with.

Not only is he getting information from people at my office, but the Starbucks next door is getting information from a girl Named Loydi Martinez in the office. And one of their paranoid schitzofrenic tactics is to use peoples names to do things to me, and also send me hidden messages. For example, Aubry Fisher was fishing for information to give to the world, and Mike Huntley was hunting me down for 25 years. In this case, Loydi has been working on me for years at coffee shops with the “Loitering” hidden message.  Because how dare you sit in a coffee shop and get work done, you have committed a crime or have some kind of problem. While these tactics have been used on me all day and night since 1o years old to create mental illness and try to make me look crazy. these things happen all day and night with world wide networks and have not stopped since 10 years old with an agenda to remove me from society any way possible. I usually have about 1000 people a day around the city working on me with these tactics and maybe 10,000 a day on the internet which fluctuate.
When going in tonight, to get a sandwich, after purchasing it and sitting down to eat it. After a few bites, I bit into a dime that one of your employees put in it.  After asking the girl who was there, what his name was, she said Aptar.  Aptar was the one who made it.

This is a picture of Aptar


While Aptar looks to be Persian, I have had trouble with Persian for the last 15 years. I don’t exactly know why, except that I am jewish. While their world wide smear and terror campaign are based on endless lies in the 1000’s. It almost appears has they are just looking for excuses to do what they always wanted to do. Because nothing has ever been done to them by me except speak out about what is being done.

To be fair, the other person working there briefly hovered over Apter while making the sandwich and had a nervous look on his face. This is his picture.


While I do not know Aptars motive of trying to put metal objects which people can choke on in my sandwich. I really don’t care what type of excuse he would make up to justify his actions. I am letting you know of what has been done. This was clearly the point where he went past his endless provoking, and finally decided to get more drastic from lack of any sort of self control.

And also, weather it was Aptar or the other employee, both knew exactly what was going on and were involved. So both are just as guilty.

While it seems Aptar is also possibly working with the police, we all know that the police are behind this campaign since day one at 10 years old with my family. And tonight, a police officer came in sending me hidden messages at the Starbucks I was at. Aside from them endlessly following me, harassing me, provoking me, and trying to set me up for 30 years, with the final world wide smears to cover up their crimes.

I also have picture of the sandwich he put the dime in, and the dime.


After Aptar found out from the female employee I was calling the corporation he approached me and told me that I had put my own dime in the sandwich. So maybe it was the other guy, but bottom line is. They are both involved. And I am sure something would seem wrong to Aptar by his fellow employee just jumping in front of what he was doing.
So this is the type of people we are dealing with.

I should also note that between Starbucks and Togos which are next door to each other, about 20 or so people came into those locations working on me with mental illness tactics, including a police officer. Mostly at Starbucks because that’s where I was at for most of the time.

But also, notice how each and every person since the age of 10 years old have worked the same angles. From my brothers endlessly childhood bullying that it was my fault that he was attacking me and I am a troll, to each and every person world wide who has been told to work the same angles on me to keep things covered it.

I am going to come after you, and it’s your fault. Always the same. Women trying to set me up endlessly, then it’s somehow my fault. My father having the office employees follow me to every location I try to get work done or contacting the people I hire all over the world. Then I’m told it’s my fault. Each and every time.

And the people involved in these world wide networks will always say the same thing. It’s ok to do these things to Kevin because he is a bad person. Yet, I am such a bad person, not one thing can be directly addressed, and has to be given to the world in funded smear operations. Also, if these hypocrites really think that I am a bad horrible person and have done horrible things? then why are they doing the things they say are horrible? So what they are really saying is: I don’t like Kevin, and I will do anything to end his existence. I really don’t care about right or wrong. Or weather any of it is true or not.

I have a world wide campaign hunting me down for over 30 years to end my life. Yet for some reason I have never been arrested, or on trial. That makes things even more obvious that their is nothing I have done to launch a world wide man hunt and try to make it look like I am too sensitive or crazy.

So what is obvious, is that these aren’t isolated incidents. These are psychological warfare and terror tactics and done over and over endlessly. Reason being? to torture and cause so much pain to try to get me to react in such a way they can work with the police and try to set me up to remove me from society. Or their alternative, to get me to commit suicide.

So what is this really about? A sick psychotic family who hated their child so much at the age 10 they just wanted to figure out how to rid him from the world I guess. Because decent people address issues and concerns. And to this day, 30 years later after 1000’s of smears on funded world wide operations. Working with the police, working with social workers world wide to try to stop me from talking or trying to make me look crazy. Working with teachers, professors to try to tell me to punch students and such then cover it up. You name it, with full government and world wide media support, their goal is extermination

Also, while leaving my house this evening, my car was egg’d. This was most likely done because of me speaking out about this as every time I speak out, they get extremely more aggressive to try to keep me silenced and try to make me think I’m a bad person and it’s my fault. But not only that. Due to them doing things in such was to try to create obsessional looping and paranoid schitzofrenia.

I’m pretty sure the reason they used eggs was because of my childhood when Tom Farley got a group of people to chase Eric Johnson Which he called (grunion ) and said he was going on grunion runs. He also hit Eric in the back of the head, before Brian Weavers punching setup and smears. Probably where they started calling me women beaters and such. Then pinning it out me in a mass world wide smear operation with the other 1000’s of lies he was involved in. Maybe that is why Tom called me “Pinned Pearl” and it wasn’t really about the wrestling team we were on.



Also, walking to my car to take a picture of the eggs, a man gets close up with his car, then pulls to the side and says “I almost hit you with my car” and I say “You shouldn’t hit people with your car” he then says “I should hit you with my car” showing their anger that I am exposing their endless lies and 30 year tieraid to remove me from society out of a simple. I don’t like you like Adolf Hitler doesn’t like jews.


For more details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to