1/29/2016 – Metro Neighbors parking cars in 2’s with the police with intent to kill

Posted: January 29, 2016 in Community Mobbing
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While the Metro Neighbors, Police, and these groups of people targeting preach about good hearted people with morals, their mental illness tactics that are being inflicted on me since 10 years old show that they are lying hypocrites and do not believe in the things they speak of.

The only thing the want and have ever wanted is to tell me what I can and can’t do. Who I can date, what I have to do for a living. What I can say, etc.

They acts of terror is unprecidented and has gone on for over 30 years esculating upwards of 10,000 attacks per days for years and are probably actually much higher.

On Wednesday, on going to the office to get some work done, while the office managers Elsie Sandoval, Lorena Escobar have been hiring employees and telling them to help hunt me with clear intent to end my life and try to create mental illness to remove me from society. They have been working with the police since day one.

While Elsie is inolved in several lies working with Lorena escobar and the police. For example, not only did Jen Hess, the girl Lorena Escobar paid off and sent after me with Mike Huntley and Paul Humphry who claims I hit her with a mask on working with the police. But also Elsie Sandoval in the office started making the same claims working with the police.

So, Since I turned 29 years old and started to find things out about my life that were being done to me. Everyone, especially the police realized they needed to try to cover up their crimes any way possible and start smearing my name to the world using all of the police resources, media resources, and world wide population against me. Or the biggest witch hunt in history of Adolf Hitler types would come out. Especially with full police and government support.

So, on arriving at the office, I noticed that the cops had parked 2 cop cars with bike racks on them in our parking lot to try to thug me quiet.


DSC03274  DSC03273After this, in the office, the employees once again got brave in their bullying and started trying to thug me to death again with hidden messages about things most likely trying to accuse me of things, get confessions, or create mental illness which they started doing right after Lorena Escobar hired me, then started telling them I am crazy and trying to take over the company. Of course why did she hire me then? good question!

on coming home the last two nights, once again, the Metro comples neighbors started parking cars in 2’s on my small street to create mental illness. Thinking that now that they have tried to bully and thug me quiet. Now they are going to try to torture me to death and figure out ways to remove me from society.

Obviously, this isn’t about peaceful people who want a nice peaceful life. This is about sick demented terrorists who try to immobilize, torture and kill. And this has been going on non stop since I was 10 years old showing that they targeted me at a young age with intent to end my life, and have not stopped in 30 years.

2 Lexus’s


DSC03258DSC03260  2 Acura’s


DSC03278 DSC03279

2 white elances


DSC03263 DSC03264a black Elance


2 more Elances across from each other

DSC03289 DSC03280DSC03288 DSC032822 civics

DSC03283 DSC03285 DSC03286This is an older tactic. And just one out of 1000’s going on since 10 years old. But this tactics started about 14 years ago when I moved in to this complex and is done world wide to me along with endless other ones to try to create mental illness and end my life.

The reason they are doing it is obvious. They want me quiet and gone. They don’t want me talking about what is going on and what they have done to my life since I was 10 years old.

All the women sent after me. All the attempted setups, all their lies and smears, And the real motives as to why they are doing what they are doing. Which is the same reason Hitler killed the jews. I don’t like you and I will do anything to ttorture you and rid you of the world type of thing. Except the only difference is that they can’t just pull out a gun and shoot me because then they would go to jail. So they have to devise it in such a way that makes me look like I’m crazy and just couldn’t take it. Especially with me speaking out. And I can assure you that I will never be quiet about it.

For more information on this mass targeting with my family, the police, and mass world wide groups to end my life, go to http://www.KevinPerelmanTarget.com

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