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Just Documenting what Jojo’s Auto Collision did trying to cover up what is being done to my life.

After a bottle was thrown at my car, and keying’s afterwords, in people’s anger for me speaking out about the TRUTH, that the world has been told lies to cover up their dirty little secrets against me since i was 5 years old.

Jojo’s apparently didn’t want my car back on the road, or to mutilate it so to speak trying to make it look like I’m crazy and dangerous while trying to provoke me into reactions with these mass worldwide conspiring groups to try to make me look like a violent paranoid schizofrenic to try to figure out how to lock me away.

Once again the next Network Terror Cells of conspiring groups of strangers rotating from person to person, place to place since 5 years old.

Each group trying to cover up the next groups crime spree against me. Finally, getting the car back after it being held hostage for 7 months to do a 2 – 4 week job.

I can guruntee if I didn’t keep trying to get them to do the job, they never would have done a thing but leave it halfway done forever so I couldn’t get it back. Met with anger and rage for asking why it wasn’t being worked on.

This is what I need to fix

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