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This is a common tactic that goes on and on until my health gives out. they will park cars in patterns of two’s over and over in the same spots. It will be coordinated at me to do spooky things, or send hidden messages using the names of cars about some aspect of my life to create paranoid schizophrenia for reasons I do not know.

This tactics have been done to me my whole life with people, cars, peoples names, etc. starting in patterns of 2’s to try to make me look crazy and not be able to get help.

The cars will either be parked together of across from each other.

Just like tones of other posts, here are the two people with honda civics doing it again

P1170992 P1170995

then a few days prior

2 yaris’s across from each other

P1170851 P1170907

Then 2 green honda accords where the 2 civics were


Then two motorcycles on the same night, but extremely rare theirs motorcycles on my street yet this night, two people just happen to be visiting in motorcycles, along with doing this with mopeds about a year ago

P1180017 P1180014

And then 2 CRV’s which in the morning they were both on the street, in the afternoon, they moved one across from each other like the other cars

P1190581 P1190537 P1190551

And then 2 Altima’s one black, and one white. Not across or next to, but parked as I left for work at same time

P1180902 P1180906

2 cars by my gate without plates

P1190093 P1190094 P1190095

2 priuses

P1180888 P1180894

Obviously their are coincidences in life, but this is an all day and night type thing until it’s way out of the norm. And being that this is one of the things being done like this. Some more and some less obvious that this is part of the murder campaign to end my life or remove me from society. Of course when asked what this is about, I’m told I’m imaging it, minus a few people like my motther who broke saying “My past caught up with me” and when I asked what past, started denying it and saying I imagined her say that.

This is campaign started over 30 years ago trying to use the system against me to remove me from society



In this last week, all the Metro tenants got togethor everyone with jeep cherokees and told them to park on the same spot to create mental illness.

The jeep cherokees started when a girl from high school I didn’t know or was not friends with followed me up to southern Oregon state college. Moved into the same dorm complex, and befriended me while working with professors to try to set me up making all sorts of lies and criminal allegations about me as I thought it was just a coincidence until my neighbors working with the police were trying to destroy me by riling up people to end my life or remove me from society.

This person, Kelly Hatch drove a white jeep cherokee, and when I turned 30, not only were the police trying to get a confession I had stolent her keys, moved her truck, and left the keys in them for her so she could have them back.  Even though the chances of someone stealing a car and giving it back is slim to non, most likely is was some fabricated story she made up then notifying the masses that I had done it amongst tones of other lies and accusations.

After that, I found out, people were told to have neighborhood watch groups to keep me in line. or clean me up. Now knowing that not only have I never done anything to anyone, but that this was just people using the system against me to destroy me back making up lies I did something, then sending people after me, and then moving on to the next one and next one with the real INTENT to kill or make me look crazy and rid me of the world out of their hidden demented hate and rage.

This week, all though the week people have been parking jeep Cherokee’s in the same spot and across, which they do on and off in patterns to try to freak me out.


This is just one out of the 1000’s of tactics to create or simulate the effects of Paranoid Schizophrenia to make me sick, end my life, or have me removed from society



Tonight, I went to get some food at a BBQ restaurant  named “The El Paso BBQ” where after getting there, someone parks a raised white pickup I notice when I walk out. As I know someone keep parking one on my street and started one day when 5 people with white pickups decided to park it on my street trying to create “ideas of references” a type of schitzofrenia. this technoique has been going on for over 30 years started by my own mother and brother for some reason out of anger and rage.

This is a picture of the restaurant and truck

P1190602 P1190612P1190614

I leave and go directly home, about a 5 minute drive and when I get home, a very similar truck is parked on my street by my place. When I left, it as not there. This is not a coincidence because these tactics are done to me all day and night with people, clothing patterns, etc, you name it. with the intent to create mental illness and end my life or remove me from society.

Picture of truck my my place


These tactics have been used on me all day and night for 30 years as I found out around when I turned 30

tactics used:

everything including daily incident reports


See also: Elsie Sandoval Office Manager at Golden State Sports Medical targeting me and contacting everyone I work with and sabotaging my relationships –

Elsie Sandoval, one of our office managers who works under Lorena Escobar, when hired was told to pursue me,

and try to find way to make me sick or troll me into reactions, to figure out ways to set me up to either get me fired, or remove me from society.


Elsie Sandoval303642_459555160755884_673332944_n

George Escobar


Also working with Lorena escobar and mass wotld wide groups as you can see here

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics-

Working with these mass world wide groups, every day at our office she works with the employees such as George Escobar, Connie Raya, to figure out ways to try to create paranoid schizophrenia with hidden messages, gestures, patterned behaviors, or collecting my personal life and hinting about things to try to provoke a situation where I look crazy and she can remove me from society.

She even told half the office to all day, every day walk by and sing which was just one of the tactics this group invented to create mental illness.

They will say whatever is needed to rile people up against you and to your face play victim and make claims I’m crazy, too sensitive, or mentally ill, or snapped.

She has been heavily responsible while PRETENDING to run an office using people to provoke me until the end of time. At one point at the office, elsie asked me to fix her computer, then went around telling everyone I had hit her.

Other things I found out that Elsie working with Lorena is heavily responsible for having people befriend me, try to get personal information to get rid of me.

For weeks when she leaves the office, she will do things like take the webcam off my computer trying to get me to go after people while she keeps doing these covert activities. She will tell office employees to wear the same patterned clothing on same days over and over until it’s not a coincidence.

Today, she, with George Escobar, and Connie Raya who have been working on me every day for over 6 years, were told to do things in patterns of two’s. For example, first connie asked for a special favor, then started harassing me, then instantly so did george trying to get any reaction to get me fired.

At one point, even though not saying one thing to Elsie, she starts ranting how I’m screwing with her boyfriend who I have no clue is, but I know who elsie is, which is a lieing troll told to take part in a murder campgin with the intent to remove me from society, or figure out any way to stop me from living a normal life.

She will run around making CLAIMS she and others are afraid of me, but I can gurantee, not only would she not have a reason to be afraid, but it’s her way of playing the victim role to turn people against me and get rid of me.

Sometimes she will ask me to fix her computer which will then start humming, which is one of the many terror tactics. Then of course making claims how I am doing something to her.

I also found out she is working with the local places  I’m going like Starbucks and my neighbors to try to create mental illness using these covert suggestive tactics in patterns.

She will say whatever it take to make it look like I’m up to something, then come after me pretending she is defending herself. But she with Goerge Escobar, Connie Raya, Lorena Escobar are part of a 30 year campaign to end my life or remove me from society or end my life with constant terror tactics.

I found her collecting private information from my computers, to personal conversations, then watching her work with George, Lorena, Connie to try to get any dirt or confessions possible to remove me from society.

And it’s not like it’s some kind of concern about one thing, it just goes on from digging dirt to the next thing. They are clearly part of a 30 year campaign and I even caught her the other day trying to use her daughter for something.

While these tactics go from person to person, Elsie sandoval was given a role to manage an office where she spends her time stalking people and trying to get rid of them.

Connie for example is a huge part of this trolling, ask me for help, harass me, ask me for help, harass me. then try to get confessions from every part of my life which is basically nothing but she will put some kind of story to each collected event with the intent to SMEAR.

These smears that Connie, Elsie, George,  Lorena aren’t just gossip and drame, but a large part of them are actual criminal allegations with the intent to remove me from society.

They all work together and their so called gossip goes WORLD WIDE, which cannot be done without intent and tools. And of course when asked what it’s about I’m told I’m imagining it which shows that this is well funded DEFAMATION, with criminal intent to harm and mame.

I’ve watched elsie at one point when I thought she was a good person and told her a man hit me and I went to the police, once she heard I was defending myself started mobbing me with the whole office, because I reported the man who hit me. This being right before she starts making lies and telling everyone I hit her.

Clearly she was protecting the man that followed me to Starbucks trying to jade my credibility so that it couldn’t be traced to what they were really doing.

Any rational person would show concern, and be on the side of the person calling the police for being attacked. This is when I realized that she was part of this mass  stalking group working every angle and tactic to end my life.

At one point, before I knew she was involved I mentioned how my ex partner would spend all day playing warcraft in the office, so she then had her friend follow me to a starbucks location playing warecraft all night, befriending meband then digging for way to get dirt with her, and not only get rid of me from the Starbucks location, but also, from my job, or any other one for that matter.

Tonight I notice my neighbors trying intimate me wearing the same things she wore today.

Her intent is clear. Play victim, and hunt while she tries to cover up her crimes saying things like, well it’s because kevin did this or that. And even if it was true, then she could live her own life without pursuing me.

But people like Elsie Sandoval do not care about the law, and if they show their true colors, they try to rid you to cover up their crimes.

While I’m consumed all day and night because millions all around the world are involved in this 30 year world wide targeting of one man who cannot state clearly one thing I’ve ever done to anyone, for obvious reasons. These people are heavily involved.


What they are doing to create mental illness and try to keep the TRUTH covered up and create mental illness, they used their  system as a mental illness weapon towards me. As you can see in the trouble ticket system how they don’t post once, but in patterns like 2’s and 3’s. As you will see they have been doing with the cars in front of my house, and office parking lot as well for over 16 years. All day and night, 24/7 non stop.


What they are doing with the cars outside the office. This is all day, every day, and directed towards me.

Patterns of 2’s














Sometimes across from each other if they can’t get the spot next to it


Also, 2 people waiting for me to leave at 5:00 pm sitting in their cars parked backwards



Parked Crooked




Schizophrenia Intimidation Thugging Tactics


There are several things going on here in these schitzofrenia thugging tactics. First, The bus which parked behind my car who was waiting for me left their lights on. This is done to me on a daily basis. People will wait for me at certain places, and if they see me, turn their lights on, or leave them on, letting me know, we are waiting for you, and watching you, in covert hidden messages to create terror, aggrivation, and the feeling of being watched. Also, it never ends, and them knowing the ramifications of what it would do to someone. Obviously thought up by people with psychology degrees which is why the psychology community has tried to blackmail me quiet for telling them and the police what I found out was being done to me. Also, Not only is there a school reference, but also, their is a man in a black trans am waiting for me trying to intimidate me. A very similar car to what I bought at the age 16 years old and worked on. So, they are trying to send me hidden messages about school, and me and cars. And then the man watching me as I go to my car to intimidate. Obviously the messages aren’t about anything specific. Just to create mental illness and kill.


in 2’a. Just a couple of pictures of what has been going on all day and night for 16 year every single day where I live.

















I also found out that these people are heavily involved with the people taking me to strip clubs and then having strippers make false claims I am pursuing them and doing something to them, which happened not once, but 3 or 4 people befriended me from the age 20 – 30 all using the same tactics which Elsie and this group are involved with.

At one point, when an older employee Victoria Tried to press me, I called her bluff, and she told me that they were “Trying to protect the office” which basically means, the employees in the office are dictating who I can date, where I can go, what I can do, and if they don’t like it, they follow me making up more lies to SMEAR my name.

A couple weeks later, Victoria was fired, I have no clue why, but I’m guessing when I told her, that by stalking me for things they don’t approve of is a crime, and how is my personal life, any of the offices business and by stalking me, that does not protect the company.

I can only imagine that at that point she probably said something as to it being wrong and was fired because people like Lorena Escobar, George Escobar, Elsie Sandoval, Connie Raya, are sick in the head and do not think rationally to begin with while having no sense of morals or ethics.

There was one point, where Connie was pretending she needed to work from home. At the point I locked down security, so random strangers could not get to the login section which was being attacked all day and night.  Elie, connie, George and few others made CLAIMS that because I used their IP address to let them in the system, and they had to give it to me, even though the firewall logs it anyways, that I was spying on them. We all know this is not possible unless they let me into their systems, but these are the tactics they use to get what they want.

And after that, Connie never needed to log into the system ever again from the outside so I’m assuming the work she was doing from home, really wasn’t very important and just a way to try to trojan horse people into our systems to tear them up and pin it on me.

Their next attempt was to make claim after claim that people could not work because of this from the outside, and this went on for 6 months of these claims how the systems didn’t work.

So my solution was to put terminal server software that logs their usage and since that day, their has never been a complaint again. STRANGE! and OBVIOUS! their intent.

And what they do is, they won’t have one person complain because it looks like nothing, so they will all get togethor making up the same lies so that people won’t second guess because it looks like a repeat pattern.

Just like not one random girl claimed I had hit her, so did Elsie trying to make it look like I have a problem when the truth is I’ve never hit anyone and I think my first real fight was at 41 when a security guard tried to bash my head in until I was daad and had to get him off me by putting him down in self defense and the reason he attacked me was because of Elsie’s lies, as well as everyone else working with her.

These people need to be in jail and should not be roaming our streets. Why people are listening to their premeditated lies and not only believing them, but then pursuing me in their names is very strange as well. But I can assure you, especially with the years of photos, videos, documenting it is.

For specific tactics on the mass paranoid schizophrenia and terror campaign you can go here:

for everything from detailed incident reports to what’s being done,and who is doing it, you can go here: