Community Mobbing – Metro 12/29/2913 – Metro complex tenants using more cars to create mental illness in the last couple of weeks

Posted: December 30, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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This is a common tactic that goes on and on until my health gives out. they will park cars in patterns of two’s over and over in the same spots. It will be coordinated at me to do spooky things, or send hidden messages using the names of cars about some aspect of my life to create paranoid schizophrenia for reasons I do not know.

This tactics have been done to me my whole life with people, cars, peoples names, etc. starting in patterns of 2’s to try to make me look crazy and not be able to get help.

The cars will either be parked together of across from each other.

Just like tones of other posts, here are the two people with honda civics doing it again

P1170992 P1170995

then a few days prior

2 yaris’s across from each other

P1170851 P1170907

Then 2 green honda accords where the 2 civics were


Then two motorcycles on the same night, but extremely rare theirs motorcycles on my street yet this night, two people just happen to be visiting in motorcycles, along with doing this with mopeds about a year ago

P1180017 P1180014

And then 2 CRV’s which in the morning they were both on the street, in the afternoon, they moved one across from each other like the other cars

P1190581 P1190537 P1190551

And then 2 Altima’s one black, and one white. Not across or next to, but parked as I left for work at same time

P1180902 P1180906

2 cars by my gate without plates

P1190093 P1190094 P1190095

2 priuses

P1180888 P1180894

Obviously their are coincidences in life, but this is an all day and night type thing until it’s way out of the norm. And being that this is one of the things being done like this. Some more and some less obvious that this is part of the murder campaign to end my life or remove me from society. Of course when asked what this is about, I’m told I’m imaging it, minus a few people like my motther who broke saying “My past caught up with me” and when I asked what past, started denying it and saying I imagined her say that.

This is campaign started over 30 years ago trying to use the system against me to remove me from society



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