My Name is Kevin Perelman. I’m known all around the world but every person I meet tells me I’m imagining it. Every time I meet someone anywhere in the world I’m harassed with hidden messages either that I’ve done something, or I have a problem or continual terror games.

I’ve tried to address the issues over and over with the Police, with my friends, with my family, or whoever I meet while they continaul attack me over and over with hidden messages and spy games, and 1000’s of tactics put togethor over 30 years to make me mentally ill and kill me or remove me from society.

These people refuse to tell me what it’s about, what they accuse me of. They will then tell me my past caught up with me and when I ask what I have done they will tell me they never said that or I’m imagining it so I cannot defend myself and try to to create obsession, paranoia, and the illusiuon of scitzofrenia by continually asking me why I’m being hunted when they know I have no clue while they take part in it.

I’ve continually over the years since I found out what was going on tried to address the issue but the people involved refuse to actually address the issue and have basically told me, if I don’t tell them what they want to hear and confess to some crime, they will attack me all day and night with the intent to kill me, and never stop.

People will come in my life befriending me or stating companies with me, So the sole intent to either try to set me up or destroy me any way possible.
I cannot count how many people have come in my life with ulterior motives to get rid of me over the past 30 years. I will be told I’m imagining it, or the police will tell me it’s my fault for questioning what’s going on and I need to keep quiet instead of them putting a stop to a crime of people targeting me. News organizations, producers, actors, Porn Stars, Lawyer groups have all gotten to gethor to keep me quiet about what is going on and keep coming after me accusing me of something but will not tell me what they accuse me of.

When I go to Private Investigators, Police,  Lawyers for help, Not only will they refuse to help me, they will dig for any information to stop me from getting help.
But not one person can tell me one thing I’ve actually done. And finally I realized that this is because they just want any dirt possible to rid me of the world.

Everything, every friend, every business, every person I’ve liked, every hobby, you name it. People are approached all around the world before I even meet them, told lies with the intent to sabotage my life. This has been going on my entire life.

When I turned 30, I noticed, that almost every person in my life was involved in trying to collect any dirt possible and give it to the world. If they could not find any, they would just make up lie and lie, give it to the world, and create terror groups to rid me of the world.

It’s been almost 11 years since I have found out this 30 year campaign is going on and suffered severe physical and mental damages, and to this day, not one person will tell me what their problem is, or stop.

The police have adamintly tried to keep this quiet and don’t care that a person who has no clue what anyones problem is, is basically being hunted by half the world and has no clue what anyones problem is. Especially spending his life being open, honest caring and helpful to everyone in his life.

I have no clue why any of these people are doing this, and they will not stop. Nor does anyone want to hold the people accountable for outrageous crimes against me and for some reason side with the criminals in secret.

I did not come to the decision to put this site up light heartedly. After turning 30 I found out something was not right. I begged and pleaded in severe pain for help while I could barely function, and still do not function very well, as I went to 13 theropists for 8 yrs who all were approached before I went to them and kept taking part in this mental illness campaign so I could not get help as they followed me around digging for information to get confessions or make me mentally ill even though they knew I needed help. I did not want to put anything online about any in any way shape or form as I feel it’s wrong to systematically say things about people. But at the point about the age 37 I relalized, that every police officer, lawyer, PI, Thereapist, Doctor, and News Oranizations were approached, involved told lies, and refused to help me, at that point since whoever is doing this wants me dead, I have no choice to tell the world what is really going on because they clearly will not stop until I am dead. The sicker this world wide terror group makes me, the more they use it against me to try to end my life.

The police will do nothing to stop the actual crimes and will do everything possible to keep me quiet or spew lies to the world to cover this up, everyone has been approached all across the world to destory my credibility so people will not stop, or make it look like I’ve done something and it’s my fault.

It’s simple, I have been targeted by a mass group with the intent to kill or remove me from society over 30 yrs.

So I will do everything in my power at this point to let the world know the truth that this is about someone who wants me dead. And that whoever is doing this, whatever lies are systematically being deceminated for the intent to destroy me, and the detailed facts of the the specific incidents, location, times, dates, and who’s doing what are put on this site to show to the world, not only what theses people are illegally doing in the grey areas of the law to get rid of me, but also for documentation and proof, that these acts really are being committed.

I have repeatedly asked, what this is about, for them to stop, and they just don’t care and want me dead in mass groups and won’t stop until I’m dead.

They keep hinting I have done something, and if that was the case, they would go live their lives and not pursue me, but they spend all day and night for 30 years in angry mobs targeting me and that basically tells me their intentions.

I’ve been told, even by the police, that teams of people following me from place to place for 30 years harassing me all day and night until my nervous system give out is somehow not a crime with intent and is legal

Detailed Information, Tactics, Incident reports at:


  1. Seven Stein says:

    My name is Steven Stein and my son and I are victims and we can use all the help as we are wanting an end to the attempted murders and Misandry please ? Thank You Best Regards


  2. Caliban says:

    Hey i notice a lot of things too..people saying they know i’m trying to harass them and want to hurt me…please help


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