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Today when I get home

Metro neighbors got togethor and pulled out 4 pickups all about a 100 foor radius.

2 black, and 2 white in about a 100 foot radius by my house. This is a common tactic in many of my posts especially with pickups to

send hidden messages to make me mentally ill and end my life. This  tactic has been going on for over 30 years in a world wide campaign to end my life.

they will follow me around making up lies that I have done something, rile people up to try to make me mentally ill, and follow me place to place doing this whever I go.

This location started 13 years ago the day I moved in. Not because I have done anything, but rather because they are targeting me and have been since a young kid.

Pictures of their desperation, hate and rage because they want me dead and will do anything to accomplish this for whatever reasons I do not know.

These tactics are done all day and night, world wide with the intent to kill. with color patterns, phrases, you name it from stranger to stranger.

P1200398 P1200400

About an hour later 2 of the METRO people pull out 2 identical grey civics and parked them where the trucks were parked

P1200404 P1200405

Details on everything world wide that is going on to end my life in a 30 year mass campaign at

Today as I got home a man comes out of my complex, approaches me and tells me I had glued his mailbox shut . When I told him no I did not, he told me he was going to kill me.

The first question that comes to my mind is, who is this person and how would I know him. I don’t know anyone in my complex because they’ve been targeting me since the day I moved in 13 years ago. Thus mean, they all know me, but I have no clue who any of these people are. So how would I even know who’s mailbox I am supposedly gluing shut.

I’m the one in the dark being attacked all day and night world wide. With that thinking I must have done something to everyone in the world and anyone who attacks me, it’s my fault. Even though I spend 10 yrs asking person after person what is going on and told I am imagining it watching them lie through their teeth, but my past caught up with me whatever that means.

He then proceeded to tell me he was on the board and he was going to get rid of me. I flat out asked him his name, and he would not answer the question. I’d think if I was this horrible person then it should not be a problem giving me his name.

I then proceeded to ask him if it was crazy glue, as if he would know the manufacturer of the glue that held this fictitious mailbox closed. He said, “Yes  it was and you did it”

I basically explained to him that this clear thin glue could not hold a mailbox together and all you would need was a screw driver knowing that he just LIED because if he mailbox actually was glued together, he wouldn’t not know the manufacturer of the glue.

He then proceeded to tell me I did it, and he was going to get everyone together and make me mentally ill. Does this seem kind of coincidental of the 30 years of turning people world wide against me with lies and smear which is done over and over.

This is our mailboxes


As you can see, no actual type of glue that could hold a mailbox shut such as thick epoxies or jb weld.

Unless he’s suggesting elmers glue is holding his mailbox shut

Step one, they play victim, make up some ludicrous idea that I’ve done something. Then go around riling people up to come after me.

This tactic has not been done to me once, but person after person since 10 yrs old making up elaborate lies, and then riling up the masses and sending them after me.

I can go through situation after situation like this. Form multiple girls told to make claims I’ve hit them. Theft, lies I’m following or spying on people, etc.

details here:

People and tactics

I can’t count the number of women alone who followed me places, then crying wolf that I’m following them all to try to rile people up to create mental illness and destroy my life.

Since this is not one crazy person but mass armies PRETENDING to be crazy to rile up the masses against me, this is not an isolated incident and happens over and over until people provoke me to death with clear and obvious intent to make it look like it how life is, and I’m just in these bad situations and supposedly too sensitive which then of course switches to I’m imagining it.

The truth is, these are staged situations, something we call “Street Theater” with intent to make me mentally ill push me to my end, and make it look like life was just difficult and I can’t handle it. Sometimes pushing people into suicide which seems to be usually what Gang Stalking intent it.

Being that this escalated to the masses world wide means this is a funded operation with world wide networks and communication, aka Neighborhood watch groups.

This is a premeditated and calculated attempt to smear my name, make me look crazy, rile the masses against me.

This man was just one out of 100’s per day offline, and 1000’s online with the intent to put me in the ground.

In this scenario, it is rare because almost people work with passive aggressive tactics and systematic covert provoking, such as mimic tactics, or teams of people told to do the same things all at once to create mental illness without anything being directly said or make it covert not like something direct like someone physically attacking someone.

And pushing someone to suicide they could then have an aliby like “they weren’t stable and killed themselves” which if you do the research on what Gang Stalking or Community harassment groups are. This is the motive a lot of times.

For example every business might be notified to do things in patterns of 3’s or all say “Have a good one” to me to make it look, like I’m too sensitive.

But the truth is that people are told to do this, to make me look mentally ill, bipolar, schizophrenic, with the clear and obvious intent to say “He’s crazy, we need to do something about it”

Today was just another attempt to bait me into a situation to try to get me to do something stupid to get rid of me. As Mike Huntley flat out said while coming after me for 20 years, “We are using the system against you”

For detailed information on this mass 30 year attack to get rid of me, and make it look like I am the problem go to

One of the 1000’s of tactics people all around the world are told to do is as they walk by me, hum.

This is a tactic a I noticed 12 years ago as one stranger sequentially after the next will walk by and hum. The motive is obvious, either try to push me into a situation to get the police to remove me

from society, and push me to suicide which is a common gang stalking motive.

These tactics have been used on me since my early teens with my family all working together, and riling up the majority of the world to try to end my life or remove me from society. When asked what this is about, of course, I’m told I’m imagining it  and I think differently. Common things these sick demented people will say to keep it covered up “Well people hum” or for the whistling where it was up to over 30 people per day, “well people whistle” which any rational person knows, 30 people a day don’t walk by you humming or whistling.

In the last month, every day people walk by me doing this bringing back some of the old tactics to create mental illness.

When I was around 10, I remember my brother telling me that he had put a bug in my room and was listening to me on the radio. At the time I thought he was just acting like an idiot, to find out at the age of 30 what his real motives were, which was to make me mentally ill and get rid of me. I remember him bragging that he and his friends in high school drove a teacher crazy and put her in an institution. Years later to realize that him and his friends were not only doing this to me, but notifying the majority of the world of every lie possible to rile the masses up against me, make me mentally ill to get rid of me, or push me to suicide.

I have no clue what his problem is, just like I don’t have a clue what anyone’s problem is. All I know is the my brother and his friends went around on what he called “Runs” getting people to chase him in cars, telling the world it was me, then having Mike Huntley, who later started a business with me to create mental illness, move onto chase street inviting me over to try to send hidden messages to simulate schizophrenia. Ideas of references which is where someone believes their are references about them from objects or music or various things.

In my case, they were sending me the messages over and over and building world wide armies to create mental illness. Not only do I not know why, but I have no clue why people are supporting him all around the world in this murder campaign.

This is just one out of 1000’s of elaborate setups, smears, and mental illness tactics to end my life. Working with my office manager, Lorena Escobar, she told the whole office to follow me around and hum, and whistles with these many tactics all day to make me mentally ill as well.

Their motive is clear, end my life. why people are helping, I do not know.

Lorena Escobar, Jason Perelman (my brother) all his friends, even if I was guilty of whatever this SOMETHING is, two wrongs don’t make a right, which shows their true colors and motives.

Details on the specific tactics are here:

The people involved are here

and everything

This morning when I left my house, 3 of the METRO complex neighbors pulled out their pickups from their normal spots and parked them on my street right next to the gate I walk out of. This tactic is done on a daily basis to create paranoia, and schitzofrenia, a campaign that was unleashed on me since my early teens to remove me from society or to push me to my end. weather it be to push me out of control, or into suicide.

This is just one of the 1000’s of tactics done all day and night to me to end my life or remove me from society.

tactics that are used on me can be found here

these are the 3 pickups, and they’ve been using pickups on my street for quiet some time in patterns, just look at the other posts.

P1190839 P1190834 P1190835 P1190837

When  I get home, the 2 civic drivers park their identical grey civics next to each other in the same place by my gate. Tons of blog posts using this tactic as well

P1190856 P1190853 P1190855

These tactics are done all day and night. At one point, I was told my past caught up with me and I had to confess to something. Although I believe this is just another tactic to try to make me think it’s somehow my

fault that I am being targeted. And most likely the people targeting really might believe I’ve done something. But either way, it’s a crime non the less whatever their thought process is.

Details can be found at

from who’s involved, that their tactics are, the lies they spread to rile people up against me, etc..