Community Mobbing – 1/28/2014 – METRO neighbors pull out pickups and Civics and park them together by my house again

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today when I get home

Metro neighbors got togethor and pulled out 4 pickups all about a 100 foor radius.

2 black, and 2 white in about a 100 foot radius by my house. This is a common tactic in many of my posts especially with pickups to

send hidden messages to make me mentally ill and end my life. This  tactic has been going on for over 30 years in a world wide campaign to end my life.

they will follow me around making up lies that I have done something, rile people up to try to make me mentally ill, and follow me place to place doing this whever I go.

This location started 13 years ago the day I moved in. Not because I have done anything, but rather because they are targeting me and have been since a young kid.

Pictures of their desperation, hate and rage because they want me dead and will do anything to accomplish this for whatever reasons I do not know.

These tactics are done all day and night, world wide with the intent to kill. with color patterns, phrases, you name it from stranger to stranger.

P1200398 P1200400

About an hour later 2 of the METRO people pull out 2 identical grey civics and parked them where the trucks were parked

P1200404 P1200405

Details on everything world wide that is going on to end my life in a 30 year mass campaign at


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