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Tonight and today when coming home I noticed the metro neighbors still using their cars to create mental illness with the intent to figure out ways to either remove me from society or push me to suicide

They pulled out 2 grey Toyota Camry’s by my house,  and parked them across from each other which is a normal tactic.

P1040523P1040542P1040526 P1040536 P1040539

Also, earlier in the day, they pulled out a red motorcycle, and then at night as I got home, someone went and pulled out a bike as I was parking. Like usual, there are no bikes for months on my street, or sometimes years, then 2 a day which is an attempt to create paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping trying to end my life any way possible started by my own mother and brother at the age of around 10 years old working with the police.

P1040503 P1040519

This is an all day and night world wide campaign since the age of 10 to remove me from society. For details on this mass terror/murder campaign you can go to

Today I left for an appointment in the morning and when going to my car I noticed once again, the neighbors pulling out 2 blue identical civics to create mental illness.


After the apointment I decided to get some coffee and relax for a while as I got to Starbucks

Ventura & Shoup, Woodland Hills

  • 22435 Ventura Blvd
  • Woodland Hills, CA 913641544

I noticed 2 different people waiting in their cars in front of Starbucks driving Meredes C250’s without license plates which is one of the terror tactics.

P1040348P1040350 P1040349

As I sat for a while I noticed 2 people come in at the same time seperatly waering all black


On my way out after an hour with other more subtle mental illness tactics, as I walked to my car I noticed a 3rd Mercedes C250 parked in the lot without plates.


This is a 39 year mental illness campaign to end my life started by my family working with the police and communities around 10 years old  to remove me from society any way possible by using psychological warfare tactics in the gray areas of the law to remove me from society. Such tactics as creating paranoid schitzofrenia, obsessional looping, or any covert mental illness tactic to figure out how to remove me from society any way possible.

For details on this mass 30 year all day and night mental illness campaign you can go to

Last night and tonight as I left to get food 2 grey civics were parked together with the intent to create mental illness.

P1040189 P1040182 P1040183 P1040185

Tonight when I left right at my gate 2 white pickups parked across from each other

P1040262P1040267 P1040260

This is an ongoing all day and night attempt to create mental illness and remove me from society any way possible

For details you can go to

Once again, towards the late afternoon the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 Mazda s and parked them across from each other at the gate I walk out of. This is a 30 year mental illness campaign which is world wide with the intent to either try to push me out of control to remove me from society or push me to suicide to end my life trying to figure out any way possible to end my life. This is covered up by endless lies claiming I’ve committed crime, am controlling, or anything possible such as my mother and brothers original lies that I have anger and rage and need to be removed from society.


P1040174 P1040170

This goes on all day and night world wide until I am either dead or institutionalized with any cover up possible. These is headed up by my own family working with the police since I was 10 years old.

For details on this mass terror/murder campaign you can go to. Whos making up what lies, or elaborate endless attempted setups, etc

Today when coming home around lunch time I noticed that the 2 blue civics parked together from yesterday close to my gate where I walk out were moved to another part of the street but kept together to send hidden messages




P1030963 P1030965P1030967For details on this mass 30 year mental illness campaign go to


when I came home from work, the Metro neighbors pulled out 2 identical blue Honda civics and parked them togethor to create mental illness. This is one of 1000’s of mental illness tactics being used on me since I was 10 years old with the intent to remove me from society any way possible.

They have worked on am all day and night for over 30 years to either push me to suicide or try to push me out of control working with the police to figure out ways to remove me from society.

There is no crime larger then this and they will never stop until I am either dead or institutionalized and can only justify their actions with the lies they make up, even though their actions would never be ok even if their lies were true.

P1030909 P1030911 P1030917

For details on this mass world wide 30 year campaign to end my life you can go to

Metro Neighbors tonight pull out 2 white pickups to create mental illness in a 30 year targeting and terror campaign to try to either end my life or remove me from society. P1030650

P1030653 P1030654 P1030655

Also, with all the Civics they have been parking in front of my place, there is another civic without plates. You can read the last several blogs with endless civics parked in patterns of 2’s and such.


For details on this mass world wide targeting for 30 years to end my life, you can go to

Tonight, when leaving my house, I noticed the METRO neighbors who make claims I’m crazy and out of control once again have proven their attempts to try to make me look crazy and put me in the ground with their 30 year mental illness campaign working with the masses across the world.

They pulled out 2 raised pickups and parked them across from each other.

P1030621 P1030622

This is a 30 year all day and night campaign to remove me from society on a world wide funded smear/terror campaign to either try to push me to suicide or push me out of control to try to figure out how to remove me from society making up elaborate claims I’ve committed crimes to make their actions look justified, even though they still wouldn’t be.

These people have been working with the police for 30 years following me to Oregon, Colorado, California, with endless attempts to end my existence.

For details on this 30 year targeting you can go to

After this morning where the Metro and other neighbors pulled out 2 Blue Honda Civics

They replaced them with 2 Grey Honda Civics. If you read the posts you will notice this in never ending until I either die, commit suicide or they can try to push me out of control to remove me from society to cover up their crimes of hunting me for the last 30 years with people like Jason Perelman, Mike Huntley, Paul Humphry, Patti Googin, Lorena Escobar, etc.

These people have worked on me all day and night for 30 years with mass world wide campaigns claiming I have anger and rage or whatever other elaborate lies they make up to rile the masses against me.

P1030422P1030426 P1030425 P1030424

For Details you can go to

This is a link I recently found watching my neighbors hunt me and cry wolf hard at work.!topic/TheMetWoodlandHills/2PJ79pIaFvc

Notice that the arguments are not only 1 sided, but they do their best to use my picture and keep the website off so that the truth of their criminal endless attacks do not come to light.

First off their are tons of lies in this. Example, I’m somehow in their complex or gym. Right! I might have been in my complex gym. Also, accusations of following and hostile are untrue. I am kind to everyone unless told to systematically provoke me with passive aggressive tactics to try to set me up which is a 30 year campaign.

What they refuse to mention is the 13 years of following me to every coffeeshop, hobby, work related, colleges or anywhere I go to try to either relax, get work done, or meet people or try to have a normal life.

They have not only smeared my name world wide so that I can’t have any peace and quiet or relaxation, but use every covert terror tactic imaginable to endless provoke me claiming I am a danger to other people or myself would be a lie and a scam to rid me of society.

If I was a danger I would not need to be setup and provoked endlessly all day and night year after year. Also, in the 42 years I have been alive, I would have committed some kind of violent act and if half your life is gone and you have not, you probably won’t because you’ve been through all your development stages meaning, it’s not in my personality.

They have cried Wolfe every lie possible and if they took the time to talk to me they would get to know me. But instead run around trying to provoke me and set me up does not sound like someone concerned but more like someone in rage trying to end someones life, being mine.

I was banned from 7 coffeeshops, not because I did anything but because of their endless terror attacks. Every time I tried to address the issue they would get rid of me to cover up their crimes. I did not know one person and was provoked by almost every one from place to place 100’s per day offline, and 1000’s online.

These people are LIARS, and notice how they are working with the police to set me up.  They leave out their endless terror attacks and never stop until they get reactions. Officer Dinsey was used to try to immobilize me so that they could terrorize me without me speaking out and scare me quiet because they don’t want what is really going on to come out. which is to either provoke me out of control to put me in jail or push me to suicide because they just don’t like or trust me. Basically saying You have no civil rights because we don’t trust you which is the end all be all of crimes.

Their goal is simple, terrorize me until they can figure out how to remove me from society which has been going on for over 30 years, if you want to know the details read the proof from these sites

I have spent my life being kind, generous, help people in need, you name it. These people are LIARS with a hidden AGENDA and refuse to leave me alone.

And I recall this Yuka Person was following me around trying to provoke me over and over working with Officer Dinsey to get any reaction possible to try to set me up working with this mass world wide group. I was endless followed, terrorized and hunted why they were trying to get any reaction or dirt  possible to remove me from society with a world wide campaign, I have no clue why.

Yuka and everyone working with her have been targeting me since 14 years or so since day 1 of moving in on a 30 year targeting.

If my crime is not being the perfect pickup artist, then these people need serious help.

Not only this, there are some names on here defending them. These names

“Micheal Huntley”

“Paul Humphrey”

“Patty Googin”

are some of my  biggest targeters.

While, the last thing I remember Michael Huntley saying to me as I was freaked out and paranoid because I did not know what was going on before we split the company and I had no clue who was hunting me  and I took the company because Mike BOLTED (didn’t even stick around to take his share of our company, odd)! was him saying to me

“We are using the system against you” “Have a good life now.” And walking around our office singing “World of paranoia” as he would drop papers about south Korea and terror control tactics on my desk. As he ran around making up lies that I tried to choke him from a joke to a 20 year person I thought was a good person and my friend.

this from the blog is the good friend Mike Huntley I know. I wasn’t there, and I heard you asked a girl out and didn’t say all the words perfectly so or things like this.

“Hi all,
Do not approach Kevin! Do not confront him. Call the police ASAP! I am Michael Huntley, and I currently have the unfortunate pleasure to be his #1 attraction at this time”

this is the righteous man I know who followed me working with my brother and friends since the age about 14 to 37, the man who judges you, then takes the law in his own hands and hunts you, and uses his last name as a terror tactic for an added benefit to try to create paranoid schizophrenia. I had known Mike my entire life and if he’s claiming I pursued him he is a liar. He called me while I was in collage setting me up as he wanted to start a company. He PURSUED me. When I moved back I figured I’d known him my whole life not realizing he was working with my brother to remove me from society. To find out he had collected every detail of my life while I was in Colorado and Oregon, while he lived in California.

does that sound like someone concerned about me or my health? Micheal Huntley was one of the largest setup artists in my life working with Paul Humphrey who was following me around and dating all the women I met online while trying to get confessions I was trying to steal his x girlfriend.  amongst endless other things.

Now how did I meat Mike Huntley and Paul? simple, Mike was my brothers friend, and paul was my brothers other friends little brother. And they were both told to befriend me at the same time, both driving Volkswagen beetles, interesting,  and work together trying to set me up and smear my name.

And should I mention how Mike Huntley who pretends to be perfect and against any bad people (The Righteous) got an old used station wagon and used it to plow trash cans off peoples lawns in his own misguided rage like my brother and his other friends crimes. So before he follows me around playing, Kevin is a bad guy because he talks to strippers at a strip club taking my life out of context and giving lies to the world, he should really get help for using a station wagon to plow peoples trash cans off their lawns in an angry rage causing tons of careless property damage or possibly running someone over.

These people are clearly 2 faced liars who have destroyed my life and on this blog trying to play neutral to cover up their crimes.

Patti Googin, who worked in the same office spent every waking minute trying to provoke me into anger with the rest of the office to set me up and smear my name to have left once medication was stolen as she was going to be approached when they suspected her.

These people all working with Lorena Escobar as well who called me up on the phone and asked me to work for them, the next day, overheard by Dion Bush, my fathers limo driver at the time, while filling the vending machine hear Lorena Escobar tell the employees that I am crazy and to do demented things to me. So I ask? why did Lorena Escobar hire me if I was crazy? Because this seems really odd to me. If she was SCARED like they say, why did she pick up the phone and call me to work there? I’m confused? I’m a crazy monster right? so then why would she want me there. And it should be noted that 6 years prior to this, Lorena Escobar set me up with an employee in her office Adriana Olivarez which I’m she we all heard her lies.

Who I thought I was friends with for 6 years to find out she was following me from place to place smearing my name and collecting information which was taken out of context about my private life for 20 years of so and given to the world to smear my name. So I’m confused, why did she hire me? well, it’s pretty obvious that getting me close to her and having an office full of people work on me until I am dead seems to be the case. I can’t understand her motives, but then again, I don’t much understand Charles Mansions either.

But what I can tell you is their ability to try to hunt, kill, and play victim seems to be the #1 tactic.

These people are liars and smear campaigners and the only thing they FEAR is the truth coming out of their 30 year crimes and man hunt against me.

If you want to see the smear log because most are lies and bullshit to cover it up you can download this