Gang Stalking – 5/28/2014 – Community using 2 blue civics, 3 mercedes C250’s and People in black to create mental illness

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Today I left for an appointment in the morning and when going to my car I noticed once again, the neighbors pulling out 2 blue identical civics to create mental illness.


After the apointment I decided to get some coffee and relax for a while as I got to Starbucks

Ventura & Shoup, Woodland Hills

  • 22435 Ventura Blvd
  • Woodland Hills, CA 913641544

I noticed 2 different people waiting in their cars in front of Starbucks driving Meredes C250’s without license plates which is one of the terror tactics.

P1040348P1040350 P1040349

As I sat for a while I noticed 2 people come in at the same time seperatly waering all black


On my way out after an hour with other more subtle mental illness tactics, as I walked to my car I noticed a 3rd Mercedes C250 parked in the lot without plates.


This is a 39 year mental illness campaign to end my life started by my family working with the police and communities around 10 years old  to remove me from society any way possible by using psychological warfare tactics in the gray areas of the law to remove me from society. Such tactics as creating paranoid schitzofrenia, obsessional looping, or any covert mental illness tactic to figure out how to remove me from society any way possible.

For details on this mass 30 year all day and night mental illness campaign you can go to

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