Gang Stalking – 5/30/2014 – METRO neighbors using 2 Camry’s and 2 Motorcycles with the intent to create mental illness and kill

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight and today when coming home I noticed the metro neighbors still using their cars to create mental illness with the intent to figure out ways to either remove me from society or push me to suicide

They pulled out 2 grey Toyota Camry’s by my house,  and parked them across from each other which is a normal tactic.

P1040523P1040542P1040526 P1040536 P1040539

Also, earlier in the day, they pulled out a red motorcycle, and then at night as I got home, someone went and pulled out a bike as I was parking. Like usual, there are no bikes for months on my street, or sometimes years, then 2 a day which is an attempt to create paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping trying to end my life any way possible started by my own mother and brother at the age of around 10 years old working with the police.

P1040503 P1040519

This is an all day and night world wide campaign since the age of 10 to remove me from society. For details on this mass terror/murder campaign you can go to

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