Community Mobbing – 6/1/2014 – METRO neighbors using 2 identical white VW jettas and 2 pickups to create mental illness with the intent to kill

Posted: June 1, 2014 in Community Mobbing
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This morning I took a short walk and aside from the Metro neighbors coming out when I did to create paranoia, one dressed in all black waiting by my car, and another sitting on a 2nd floor balcony who pretended to cough when I walked by,

they pulled out 2 identical white VW Jettas and parked them as close as they could get across from each other. This tactics have been used on me for over 30 years to try to figure out ways to either push me to suicide and try to remove me from society by making me look crazy started by my own family notifying the masses of

endless lies to make their crimes look justified and ruin my credibility to no one would help or even attempt to put a stop to it. This is an endless operation until I am dead or out of society any way possible.

P1040571 P1040573 P1040577P1040569

They also pulled out 2 pickup trucks as well, and if you check my daily blogs this is all day and night world wide with clear intent to end my life.


For details on this mass witch hunt with the intent to kill or rid me from the world started when I was about 10 years old claiming I had anger and rage and needed to be controlled with my own brother and mother as some of the main people who put this crime into action you can go to

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