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Teaser – Documenting University of Colorado Crime Spree against me On the way back from buying the Corvette all the Auto Shops were told to destroy!

Do you really think this is because a car is 96 decipals instead of 95 decipals, that their is a WORLDWIDE murder operation to have me KILLED since I was 5 years old? What are the Auto Shops trying to Cover up with Pineapple Joe from Hawaii Racing in 1988 with my father Dr Ronald Berry Perelman. As random strangers with LAPD are told to tell me to go KILL MY FATHER. To try to cover up their 51 year MURDER operations still going on Minute by Minute to have me KILLED?

Or do you think there is a little more something to a Planet of Child R@pists hunting me to have me KILLED trying to make me look like a VIOLENT PARANOID SCHIZO since I was 5 years old?

While trying to get me to go after people to cover up their WORLDWIDE Murder Operations and their mental illness attacks Bludgeonings with an entire planet which are 100K to 1 million mental blows per day to bash my skull in and KILL me since I was 5 years old. Sanctioned by the Psychology Community, NSA/FBI and Government Organizations.

In FLAG and KILL operations to hunt and KILL those they don’t like or trust. Violating all CONSTITIONALITY. Making no US citizen SAFE in the United States of America!

As you question WHY random strangers would be HUNTING a 5 year old for 51 years now! For no actual reason but SUPPORTING Child R@pist Jew Killers!

As Gang Stalking was ORIGINATED from a man named ADOLF HITLER. And used by the UNITED STATES Government of America to KILL those they don’t like or TRUST!

While contacting and paying off COUNTLESS people, and women to hunt me to have me KILLED since I was 5 years old