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6/2/2020 – WITNESS and THERAPIST BRITTANY Henderson go back to Cedars Sinai to video the parking lot for a confirmation of the obvious

Discussion Topics
– The Movie Wizards and the Correalation between father using the movie to try to make me look crazy at 5 years old and make it look like I conform to media and am a Schizo

Mike Huntley Related Topics
– NSA Carnivore Stories
– Mike Huntley Selling NSA Water and Air Filters
– Melodie the Stripper and telling me her boyfriend cut her brake lines then telling the world I did it
– Mike Huntley using the movie Clerks to try to make me look like a violant paranoid schizo as well as many other movies

– The movie “What about Bob” and the qoute “Roses are red, Violets are blue, I’m schizofrenic, and so am I”

– The Josh Burnum Golf Club Lies from my mother

– The socialogy of how hate groups form, and the Dynamics of Adolf Hitler and Nazi’s as ut applies to the 43 year Hate Crimes Against Kevin Perelman
– The Ride or Die Scam
– We talk about the George Floyd Situation and the relationo to the 43 Year George Floyding of Kevin Perelman
– The Brian Weaver “PUBLIC SHAMING” of Kevin Perelman pinning everything everyone else did on me
– The Brian Longbotham frame jobs on the Universal Studio Pilot “Hollyweird” with Wes Craven

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