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Today in going out to my car to get some things I noticed,

Once again the Metro Neighbors got togethor parking cars in patterns to create mental illness.

In front of my car, and where I walk out are a red and white Elances togethor

P1200114 P1200117 P1200129


Also, a couple days prior, they parked 4 Lexus’s togethor to trying to endlessly provoking me to figure out ways to remove me from society.

P1190341 P1190342 P1190343 P1190344 P1190346 P1190347 P1190349 P1190351

These tactics are done all day and night and with the intent to create mental illness and figure out ways to remove me from society.  As addressing it with people just end up in them lieing and trying to control me. Example, Well, I don’t know those other people who are doing it, etc.

Even though they all network across the web and form their terror networks and tell everyone what to do on what days. A simple. We refuse to stop, but you have to do what we say is always their answer. But never a, ok, we will leave you alone. That for the last 30 years all day and night is something they refuse to do.

For more details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to:

The community not only has done everything all day and night to try to figure out how to remove me from society since 10 years old.

They have also done everything imaginable to try to immobilize me and keep me quiet about it so they can try to torcher me to death without speaking out about it.

They don’t want me talking to people, or passing out cards letting people know what is going on. So they try to find ways to keep me scared and quiet.


face P1200094

This video shows them trying to stop me from passing out cards and telling people what is going on.

Also, they went into the parking garage as well, and tried to cram as may as they could into the windows. A common tactic to try to break my windows to teach me a lesson for speaking out.

P1200106 P1200105


This is not an isolated incident of one crazy person, but mass groups are doing these types of things working togethor. I only got 2 events on video but it is done over and over trying to justify their actions with every non rational excuse that any rational person would think is crazy, especially with the situation going on. The only reason someone would say passing out cards or telling people what is going on is wrong, is because they are involved and want to cover up the crime. Especially when it turns out to be a hunt to remove one person from society since 10 years old, and don’t even have a rational reason behind it, not that it would matter if they thought they did.

as you can see here a security guard at one of the shopping centers doing similar things. Taking cards, tearing them up and throwing them on the ground.

For more details on this all day and night 30 year world wide campaign to remove me from society you can go to

at the coffeebean at

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

21851 Ventura Blvd.
Ventura/Topanga Canyon
Gateway Plaza
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

While this is at at Starbucks in Tarzana, it is also done at Coffeebean and all other coffee shops world wide for simply trying to go in, relax and get some coffee or get things done, The same tactics done to me at each and every place worldwide


People are told, working with the police to sit in cars and figure out ways to try to provoke me into situations. These aren’t random people sitting in cars. As once in a while maybe it happens, but not on a regular basis and not in such ways to try to provoke you.
My other blogs of this recent activity.
Today, the first person pulled up in a red pickup and parked behind my car, sitting for an hour.
P1190901 P1190894
Then, someone pulls up in a black Lexus, and just sits watching me. He has been here over an hour and is still here.
P1190899-3 P1190899 P1190898
After this, a lady pulls up in front of him and just waits.
notice now there are 2 cars in the picture
P1190909-3 P1190909
She eventually drives off when a parking patrol drives by giving out tickets.
These tactics are over and over and all day and night working with world wide groups to end my life since 10 years old. For more details,

In our complex last month, we had a fire, and supposedly someone died. Although weather this is true or not the someone died. Who knows. As I didn’t see it, and most of my neighbors are involved in a campaign to  remove me from society working with the masses.

So after the fire, they hired security guards to watch the cleanup and rebuilding of the building, that was damaged. Which seems strange to me, that after the fire departments investigation it was accidental, we have 24/7 security to repair building damage.

Who knows, maybe they just needed an excuse to hire security guards to try to blackmail me quiet or try to figure out ways to set me up, since my entire life since 10 has been about that.

I cannot jump to any conclusions accept say it seems odd. But what is stranger, is that the damage is on the opposite side of the complex as my place, and yet they security guards seem to keep wandering in front of my place.

But what is stranger then this, is the times they do it.

The first incident, was a couple of nights ago, I noticed whenever I left my place. I could see a security guard following me around, but he didn’t know I saw him. I also noticed that each time I left my place, the same thing. this was 2 or 3 times.

After this, I ordered food from Weilers Deli, and when the man called me to go out the gate and get my food. One of the security guards was waiting at the gate.

Trying to figure out if this was coincidental, since I have world wide groups doing these types of things to me all day and night, I wasn’t sure but pretty much suspected I was right.

This morning when I left to go to work, I noticed a guard was waiting in the hall and followed me down my stairs to try to intimidate me.


I also noticed, as I went and came home from work, that several people around the city were wearing the Orange and Black patterns which only happens all at once. A month can go by, I will never see one person dressed like this. But on one strategic day, I will see tons of people told to wear these patterns. Which is done with all the other tactics as well.

These are some of the people too and from work.

P1190776 P1190779 P1190807 P1190695 P1190697 P1190712 P1190713

When I got to the office, I notice Gwen Suazo also wearing the same thing, which is someone who is heavily involved in this targeting for the last 3- years working with Lorena Escobar and Patty Googin.


When I went out to lunch, a person was waiting in his car for me to come out, and got out of his car and started walking the opposite way


When I get home, I notice on my security camera that they had walked by my place when they thought I had gotten home.


So I checked my camera for today and they made several trips around my place around the time I was going to leave to work, and hovered around waiting to intimidate me. And the only other time was when I came home. They never actually did routine walk around. They were just waiting for me to come and go then try to intimidate me.

As I got home today and walked down the street, one of the black security guards came out the side exit, and followed me into the place taking off his orange shirt and dressing all in black. As he walked behind me he was singing. One of the several terror tactics to walk by and humm or sing, or follow me and do it.

Also, when I ordered food tonight, the food employee was mimicking my conversations with them. So this is the 2nd person they have contacted in the food industry alone to harass me.

Not only this, they are giving out information to people on twitter to harass me as well.

Here is a Video showing them following me around, and out my door while they wait in the tunnel way.

These clothing tactics have been going on for years. They are always executed in patterns and groups. So while everything is normal, they will all communicate on what these mass groups are going to wear, centered around me. So that they can try to create paranoid schitzofrenia.

These all day and night terror tactics have been going on since 10 years old to figure out how to remove me from society. My family working with the police and social workers, and mass groups world wide to figure out how to end my life.

For details on their 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to

The other day, I updated my tactics section on with some of the newer terror tactics these mass groups are having people do in patterns to try to provoke me into a reaction to remove me from society.

One of the Tactics I put in my site under “tactics used” is the U-turn tactic of passive aggressively trying to bait me into reactions by the masses over and over working with the police to remove me from society.

it says “U-Turn tactic – People in my neighborhood will see me and do U-turns next to me walking or driving. Not only this, police officers as well have done it.”

Today, when walking around the park, when I got to the corner on Topanga, and Marylee I think it’s called, A police officer was pulling up to the light. They see me, and cut off a car to their right, and went in front of them so they could go down the street where my car was. It was clearly obvious they saw me from their last minute decision as they were originally going to keep driving straight.

The immediately drove down the street about 50 yards, and when they got to my car, hung a U-Turn in front of it to try to bait me into a reaction to try to set me up, just like yesterday.

This shows several things. One, the most important. The police have my website, which I know they do, because when I found out what was going on and could comprehend it enough, I went to them for help, and gave them my website, and told them what was going on. And they have done everything imaginable to try to silence me, spin the story, and thug me quiet about it. What this says is simply, They are involved and heavily responsible since the age of 10 years old, and by stopping this mass world wide crime they are involved in starting, When the shit hits the fan, they will be held accountable and so they refuse to do anything to stop it and are trying to cover up their crimes because they want me quiet. And so they have to keep the crime their endless crimes against me that they are involved in covered up. And try to smear my name to make it look like I am the problem.

Especially having countless police officers follow me from place to place threatening my life, or trying to thug me quiet. It also means, they are trying to figure out ways to stop me from posting what is going on. Which once again, if it was any other person, they would stop the crime and arrest the people responsible.

It also shows that they are doing these things more when I document or speak out about them, because they think they can thug me quiet and stop me from talking out about it and all the people they sent into my life to befriend me to try to set me up and other various endless crimes. And that is why people kept coming in my life since 10 years old trying to keep me quiet, as they thought I had known something. And now I do.

I already knew they had my website for years, and I know they want me dead and gone because of what they have started with my family and are involved in and what I know. And they will do anything possible to try to keep me quiet or rid me of the world.

The action of reading my post what is going on, and then doing it more, especially by them is clearly an act to provoke me into a reaction to arrest me trying to make me look crazy and angry which they have been working on since 10 years old starting with my family and my brother.

Aside from yesterdays attempts to have 2 people waiting in black GMC’s watching me, in the same car I drive, to try to continually provoke me

Also, on my way home, the Metro neighbors were waiting for me in 2 cars in front of their gate, because they knew I was at the park. Which is also what they did yesterday with the GMC’s as you can see in the video.

P1190820 P1190818

This tactics go on, all day and night with world wide groups and have been since 10 years old. Their intent is to figure out ways to rid me of the world. Either by pushing me to suicide, or trying to push me out of control working with the police to figure out how to institutionalize me.

They have not only violated my civil rights since childhood, they have hunted me all day and night since 10. For details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to.


This tactic of people following me from place to place, or waiting for me at places I go or where they know I am going to go has been done my entire life.

In the last 24 hours alone. One man was waiting for me in a mercedes at about 3:00 am at malibu peer. Because I told peopel on twitter I was going to take milky way pictures and needed to find a peer. Not mentioning which one.

And another person was waiting for me at another spot where I tale landscapes. And I mentioned on twitter I would going to take some cloud pictures. So everybody goes to the places they think I will be, and wait for me to try to figure out ways to provoke and intimidate me into situations to try to set me up. Which as you can see from what is going on, has been all day and night since 10 years old.

In this instance, they are using the same type of color and car to try to passively aggressively provoke me into a situation to make me look crazy and arrest me.

Here is a picture of my car, and another one before the third one came


You can see from the pictures, that one man pulls up while I am in coffeebean and waits for about an hour. The other people pull up a little later. a man and women and just wait as well.

P1190645 P1190645-Pano P1190652

The police then show up as I am leaving. Of course, they give me a nasty look as I am leaving because they want that reaction to arrest me and try to set me up. It is clear that they have always known what is going on since 10 years old and never have done anything to stop it. Not only this, but when I came to them with what was going on, they have done everything to try to silence me. They have all the details of what is going on. And they have done everything possible to try to sweep their endless crime spree under the rug.

So much as having officers follow me from place to place threatening me.

This is a video showing me as I leave, and the police with their car parked backwards and lights on staring at me and trying to set me up. it’s very passive aggressive, but it’s done all day and night with world wide support to try to make me more and more sensitive to get the reaction.

These tactics, never stop with the 1000’s of others. This video shows that the police know exactly what is going on, and do nothing about it as they clearly could put a stop to it.

Instead, they are trying to set me up, and remove me from society with these all day and night abusive things to try to break me into a reaction they can use against me.

Coffeebean location
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
21851 Ventura Blvd.
Ventura/Topanga Canyon
Gateway Plaza
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

While this is at at Starbucks in Tarzana, it is also done at Coffeebean and all other coffee shops world wide for simply trying to go in, relax and get some coffee or get things done, The same tactics done to me at each and every place worldwide


For more details. you can go to

One of the things I am forced to do is document what is going on and notify as many people as possible of this world wide smear/terror operation because I realized that they would never stop. especially since it has been going on all day and night since 10 years old.

I have tried to address the situation for years and they just play this game of I’m imagining it.

So eventually I decided to show the world that what these people are doing is way beyond any level of criminal. And everything the world has been told is lies for the sole purpose to remove me from society.

Hence smear operations in secret with psychological warfare tactics that never stop all day and night.

Once I started passing out cards to people, they became extrememly angry that I had some kind of voice.

So one of the things they do is go around taking the cards I pass out off the cars because they don’t want the information getting out that the whole thing is a lie and I have proof of their actions and they collect them or tear them up and throw them on the ground. Sometimes they collect them, and cram them in the windows cracks trying to jam my windows or in the trunk cracks

P1180280 P1180614 P1180615 P1180750 P1180752 P1180754

I have heard every excuse. You have put the card in the wrong place on the car. By touching the car, you invaded personal property even though I do not touch the car.

Solicitation is illegal. You name it. The reality is, no buddy cares about insignificant things but they do criminal acts.

And trying to make people mentally ill and rid them of the world is a criminal act.

This Security guard approached me and said that people would take offense. And I agreed, some might. But it doesn’t bother me that brochures or flyers are put on my car.

Of course, he says, well, I’m the only one. Then he says. I can throw them on the ground, but don’t put them on cars.

Of course I say, I won’t here if you don’t want me too, but you will never shut me up.

He then proceeds to go to each car, tear each one up, and throw it on the ground.

Here is a video of him doing so

This is also the same Guard that was befriending Starbucks employees and working with them to try to set me up. Eventually involved in writing up false reports to cover up his friend who attacked me saying I attacked him.

This is just one endless attempt to try to scare or keep me quiet. But I will do everything in

He tries to play stupid with this street theater and attempts to suggestively try to show me who he thinks I am, but the motive and actions are obvious.

For more details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to