Lorena escobar and my families – In Moderation and trying to protect the company tactics

Posted: May 2, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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In order to dictate my life, what type of person I date, what I do for a living, what hobbies I have, you name it. Although, really, the bigger picture is to do these types of things to drive me crazy and remove me from society. Lorena escobar and my family will run around saying. “Everything should be in moderation”

This is leverage to rile the masses against me as Mike Huntley said “We are using the system against you” they will make elaborate claims, that I have no self control and am a danger to my self or others, notifying world wide masses to terrorize me when I do something they don’t like.

While the masses are told these endless lies, in the 1000’s given to the world, in funded covert operations, which I am told I am imagining. Their true intent is to end my life out of anger, hate,  rage, and jealousy.

So, what happens are things like this. Maybe I will build up enough courage to ask some women out. and lets say I ask out 10 a year. Although I don’t even try anymore because it’s pointless while I’m told I’m imagining it. At this point, Lorena, my family will say, I asked out too many women and this needs to be stopped.

Any rational person would say, you have to ask out women, until one says yes, then you date them to see if it works out, and if not, you ask out more. But that is not what these people are being told. As a matter of fact, a few times in my life, I went out with some women and I was hunted down the rest of my life for it.

The reason for this was because the women they were trying to give me so to speak, I was basically told I must date and have no other choice.

I can recall before going off to College, Lorena knew a girl named Kristel she gave me her number but I was into my own things, called her like a month later. She was turned off. So be it. One could say, I was held accountable for my actions, because she wasn’t into me after that if you thought like that. But of course, where I come from, this is a crime, and I must be hunted for such crimes of not taking who is given to me. But now I am glad it never happened because clearly it was someone Lorena was sending after me. I mean once agian, think about it? why does Lorena or anyone else care that I didn’t call someone, called too late or whatever, and I’ve committed some criminal act by not hooking up with someone unless she had ulterior motives, and needs to cover it up?

I don’t know anyone who says? you didn’t date my friend, you committed a crime and we have to kill you. Only if she was up to something and needed to cover up the crime.

And this is just one of out endless college incidences, but imagine this? so I’m going to football games, and their is this gorgeous cheerleader I can’t take my eyes off in a crowd of like 50,000, so there is no way she would just know unless others were involved. One day, she comes into the student union where I am studying, and asks if she can share the table. It’s like a dream come true, being young, and shy. She sits down and starts talking making up lies. She says she’s a nursing student, and doesn’t go to Universality of Colorado. and things like this. Now not knowing I was being targeted and setup,  I listened and knew she was lieing. But what do you do in that situation? for me, I didn’t want to offend her by saying, your lieing and I know this and that. I know, I’m a horrible monster for this. At the same time, lets say, I ignore it and date her. That wouldn’t work, unless it’s a one nighter, and you can only imagine Lorena’s asshole smears. On the other hand, I can call her a liar, in which she is gone. So I just listened. And realized, it wouldn’t work out, even if I did get past my shyness and ask her out so I didn’t. But you can imagine what the world was told about me at that point. I didn’t ask her out, I’m a monster. I’m playing mind games, I’m skull fucking her. And somehow, Lorena knows all about this colorado incident as well. This is a no win scenerio like the rest, No matter how nice you are, you are hunted. Because the facts to the world are left out. if you date her, your a murderer. If you are polite and walk away, you ASSED her.

another example, one girl on IRC I met was named SKYLAR, or Stephanie came into my life trying to destroy me any way possible. one of 1000’s. I met her in florida, and it was this big old ordeal that I had no clue was going on. Such as, her being an hour late to pick me up to try to create anxiety, then her giving me a blowjob and then saying she had to go to the airport. Notice the name “Skylar” and airport. And when I said, I wish you didn’t have to leave. She said “Yea Right” then dropping me off, while a cop pulled her over to try to scare me into some kind of confession.

Later on, skylar calls me because she says she is coming to california. And I wasn’t super into her, and I recall, getting into my work, and I think a month goes by, I can’t remember if I didn’t get around to it or what. Or her telling me after some time went by she was canceling her trip, which wasn’t about me anyways and I was on the side for whatever the trip was about.

After this I can recall skylar, saying to me while me being nice to her. “If you want to be my friend, I am going to treat you like shit” at that point I  can recall telling her to never contact me again as I am sure anyone would do.

Also, from me telling her to go to hell, which any rational person would because people don’t do that. People are being told I am “Skull Fucking her” which was some confession she was trying to get out of me for some reason. Saying weird things like “I like to be skull fucked” and of course me laughing it off, because it was funny in a dark way, but of course, not thinking she was the type like the rest of my family to try to make people go crazy and kill them as I had no clue what my family was doing. Of course, I have no clue why their is a mental illness campaign to end my life in the first place since 10, with my own brother telling me he has a bug in my room and is listening to me on the radio.

Now, the question of why Lorena Escobar knows of our relationship from a girl who lives in florida, who I met on IRC when I lived in Colorado is strange. Not only this, but Lorena has been telling the world how I wronged her and I need to be held  accountable.

So you can see what happens when I don’t take the so called psychotic given to me so to speak. The next one Lorena Escobar and my father introduced to me was a girl named Adriana Olivarez my father hired for his company. Who Lorena was friends with. Adriana would run around the office saying “I am going to get the Doctors son” while I worked in the same building for good rent on a ventura blvd location. Which was to get me close and inside his office building, I heard about her saying these things and was turned off.

Little did I know she meant she was going to try to end my life with Lorena and Mike, with my families support. I thought she just thought I was some tophie. Which is the scams that they have been telling everyone I am looking for a trophy wife as well.

Somehow Adrianna Olivarez  still became my friend but I didn’t want a relationship. And we didn’t even have any sex, so it wasn’t complex. Since I am this so called asshole as the world is told, I decided that setting her up my friends on dates with her, which turned out were my frenemies and actually working with Adrianna to destroy me. And she and Lorena would try to set up situations where the dates didn’t work out, or embarrassing situations to get me to laugh at them or try to say something to give the world showing what an asshole I was.

example: You know that. oh that happened? what a chump. Then collecting and taken out of context and given to the world smearing your name and reputation. These types of character attacks.Everyone does this now and then, but when collected, archived and used against you, not showing the whole picture of who you are and just giving the world imperfections to smear or take out of context.  After knowing adriana for 6 years, and the entire relationship was the next person in line hunting me down. When I figured some things out, I finally stopped talking to her, but for years, I was in the dark on a world wide campaign being attacked by millions and told I was imagining it. So I had no clue who was my friend and who was not. Although now knowing each and everyone was involved since 10 years old to remove me from society.

I can go on and on about women coming in my life, trying to provoke, trigger me, get me angry, over and over, you name it. But I can assure you that since I have never been able to have a successful relationship because of what is going on, and saying that I am out of control for flirting, asking too many women out, you name it, is a scam to rile the masses against me. And if you stand back from the scenario, and look at what is going on, it will then switch to kevin has been single all his life and hates women.

So the arguments contradict themselves, because lie after lie needs to be told to sabotage or coverup what is going on. and people will be told whatever lies necessary to try to end my life.

For example, Lorena runs around saying that everything needs to be done in moderation. Now this is a person who does nothing but cling on to peoples money, and do whatever it takes to destroy peoples lives and probably paid too, has no concept of things like, working, passion, accomplishments.

While most people want to accomplish things in life, have hobbies and such, have friends and social environments, etc. While their are tons of passionate people, such as entrapenuers, artists, people who are obsessed with their hobbies, etc. She has no concept of this. So if I start a company, she will say I am obsessed and out of control. And she will start telling strangers around the world to make me mentally ill to stop me. or just spew endless lies.

Any person who has started a company, has a vision, or has a hobby they love have no choice to be obsessed with them or it could never work. Lorena has no concept because she has never really worked a day in her life except as a lavish, part time golden state sports medical stalker. Example. Lets say, You work a 40 hr a week job, but you want to start a company, so you devote another 20 hours at home for the bigger picture. And then someone like Lorena comes in your life telling people around the world that you work too much, are going to make yourself sick, and need to be stopped.

What is more realistic, you are going to get sick? or she is jealous?

In art school I can remember the average painting taking something like 50 hours for people and a months time for the project. These are the people that thrive in life and she doesn’t want me accomplishing anything because, you know, in moderation? you went out 2 times this week to take pictures, you need to be stopped.

Why would she do this? the first question you need to ask yourself is this. Why would she even care? Because she wants to help you? Then why not address the issue with you in a conversation? Also, I am not friends with Lorena and never have been. We do not hang out or anything else. Until hired, my father invites me out to lunch with them, I say sure, then she gets mad I am there, and doesn’t want me talking. I am extremely professional with her, unless she is hunting me and refuses to stop. Although these aren’t the types of things you can address with her, because she will just say you are crazy, or in the past her trying to tell me I am just too sensitive to cover up her crimes.

She has just been my fathers employee for the last 25 years when I wasn’t around, then she came to me to hire me about 8 years ago, after I found out I had a world wide operation to exterminate me. Of course, she denies it was her who approached me. Odd, wonder why. And couldn’t really work for anyone after that as well as had no clue what was going on.

So of course these sabotages go from, every company I have tried to start, from Reef-junkies.org, Signet operation with Mike, all the Adult websites I built as well as the bigger systems I was working on, I’m sure she is trying to stop Tweet-Studio.com,  My Studio Photography, all the programmers  or other employees  I world wide were lied too that I work with and try to hire.

Well, if these ventures  or me creating art is a danger to the company, why doesn’t she let me make money and leave. Although she was involved way before I was ever in the company, which once again makes her arguments blatant lies.

Hobbies she has been involved in destroying, Gym, My Pool Playing, Salt water aquariums, coffee shops,  When I go out to take pictures for a hobby, I am followed and harassed every single time, and every single place.

And we all know drinking a cup of coffee and relaxing is clearly a danger to Golden State Sports Medical.

Or going to the Gym, 4 days a week, 1.5 hrs morning cardio, 2 hrs evening lifting, is not only not unhealthy, but extremely healthy for you.

So, I am to believe things like, while people in almost all offices work 40 hours a week. I am out of control if I work 10 hours a week. Non of it adds up.

So, at lunch a couple of days ago, with her and my father, my father is talking about someone he is giving advice too, and I basically say. Look, I know you have a way of seeing things like a therom, but what you are saying about this person is that, this is the way it should be, and I am saying that people come from all different background and places. And what she wants in life, might be totally different in to her or anyone else. And that his advice is based on his lifestyle.

Of course, Lorena Agrees with me as she is texting as fast as she can telling people things about me from my convos, but clearly turning things around or sabotaging me. So for example, In my convo, since I knew of their issues with black people, and not wanting me around any of them for some odd reason I say. “Look, you might say it’s not ok to date black people, and they might like black people, and really, it about what they want. They are not hurting anyone”

Well guess what. Today, as I was walking into the office, a black man saw me and started whistling at me trying to provoke me into a fight. So, what is happening is, as Lorena knows and has always known is that I have always had a thing for black girls that I am attracted too. And since I was like 12 years old kissing a black girl. And for some odd reason, the world has been told I hate black people. Because Lorena doesn’t approve of black people and needs to  “Protect the company” she needs to smear my name to stop it from happening. Especially with the Elita incident where they were stalking her, and I helped her protect her word docs with passwords because they were doing the same things, like collecting the convos and using it for mental illness tactics. Or she was paid to pretend while they tried to pin it on me. I am not sure because so many people are involved and working every angle.

Also, last Thursday at the office, I walk by Lorena to go to my desk. And she is on the phone, see’s me, and says to the person on the phone “Alrighty” which is something collected from me. And she does it to try to create ideas of references (Schitzofrenia) and it’s something you cannot address because she will say, “I am allowed to say alrighty, are you crazy”

So tonight, Friday, I go to the Liquir Store Green Jug. And when I am there, first the employee there follows me around whistling. The endless common provoke tactic done world wide. At first about 10 – 100 per day world wide for maybe 5 years.

And as I buy scotch, wine, and a cigar,  The Cashier says “Alrighty” with a few other mimicks, to try to intimidate me. Because Lorena is telling them that I am out of control and by terrorizing me, it stops me from getting alcohol. Because this will happen at every place in the world. One could say,  people say Alrighty, but these things are mimicked all day and night so it’s clear of their motive and world wide networks to end my life. And it’s clear they have been doing these types of things since 10 years old.

Now, even though it’s non of her business. I don’t see how some scotch, wine, and a cigar on a friday night is a big deal, and we all know I’m not an alcoholic. But either way it would be unacceptable. Because the reality of the situation is, if I was an alcoholic and she was doing this, with her actions, and clear obvious intent of never stopping means that she is a predator and preys on weakness. Because if someone is an alcoholic, and you torcher them, they are going to drink more. And why would someone intentionally do that unless they wanted them to drink to death.

Of course she will then say, look what kevin did to all these people like Jen Hess, and Julia Sophia, etc. But of course we all know there was nothing I did to these people but wonder what the hell was going on, then get sad because nothing ever works out for me. Now I know why. But I started noticing weird things, and that was when they realized that I was starting to find out things they had to start accusing me of things to cover up their crimes.

And that is exactly what she is. A predator. And of course, she is so good at turning things around and has a world wide pedastole to blast her lies in secret so I can’t defend myself. She would will tell everyone, that she is doing these things, because this is who I am. Which is one of their coverup tactics.

Now, these lies, smears, coverups, terror tactics keep changing, or going from thing to thing, but I can tell you one thing for sure.

If she is trying to say that I am out of control, and a danger to myself and others. And then changing it to, I am a monster and criminal, and I need to be removed from society and such. And When I got into Salt Water aquiriums, every store world wide was terrorizing me.

Are you telling me that I am going to hurt myself or someone else, by over fishtanking? also, we all know everyone is supposed to have three meals a day. or at least eat. And if you don’t eat, what happens? you die.

And for about 12 years, I was terrorized at almost every restaurant in the world and supermarkets. You know, because I am out of control and they don’t want me eating? well, that is clear and obvious, what we call attempted murder.

Stop someone from eating with a mental illness campaign at places you buy food and they die. And if you are notifying food facilities world wide to do this, the motive is clear.

So this post doesn’t cover much of anything that is going on, but what I have wrote. You can see the patterns of behavior since I was 10 years old all day and night covered up by endless lies. Well he did these things, he can’t see himself, he is crazy, you name it.

But the bottom line is this. Ok, so lets say I am crazy? Well we are not friends, and she can go live her life with whoever she wants. So why does she need to obsess on me if I am a crazy monster? Which shows you that it isn’t about me. It’s about her endless hate, rage, jealousy. obsession etc.

Maybe she gets her jollies killing people, maybe she is jealous because I work my ass off and come up with ideas and actually start them. Who knows. But I can tell you that it’s odd, that I am such a crazy monster that on multiple occasions after she hired me there and trying to end my existence, she then says we should start a business and make money with her.

That’s odd, isn’t she telling the world I am crazy, need to be made mentally ill and killed. But she wants to start a company with me?

Of course she will try to control you saying “Well don’t address these issues with people especially at work, because that is not professional” but of course following people all day around for 30 years, and having the entire office work on me with hidden messages is ok. Just don’t address them.

Sounds familiar? like Mike Huntley all my brother, and my friends she is working with?

For details on the 30 year all day and night world wide terror campaign to end my life, you can go to



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