Coffeebean and tea leaf terror tactics – Tarzana and woodland hills

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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One of the crimes i’ve committed according to people life my father Lorena Escobar, Mike Huntley and all the mass groups involved is going out and getting coffee. Their reasoning changes like the wind because it’s not really about anything I’ve ever done wrong. It’s about what they want. Their control freak dictator behaviors of, this is the job you do, this is who you mary, you are not allowed at a coffee shops more then 10 minutes because we say so, etc.

At the Coffeebean in Tarzana

18505 Ventura Blvd
Tarzana, CA
(818) 776-1178

One of endless places to try to make me mentally ill is coffeeshops world wide. As well as almost every other place for that matter with some elaborate fabricated reason why I shouldn’t be there.

While I have been banned from countless coffee shops for no reason at all except speaking out or defending myself against mass world wide mobbings. Especially coffee shops where 1000 people come in a day at every location working on me with mental illness tactics as they make up eleborate justifications for their crimes. It’s because of this, or it’s because of that, etc. Not only non being true, but even if it were so, their attempted murder would not be justified in any way shape or form. They could simply go live their lives thinking I am a horrible monster and not follow me all day and night stalking me since 10 years old.

At this location, like all other locations the employees start in on me first. I will walk up to the counter. Say as little as necessary at this point because I know I have been hunted by a world wide campaign since 10, and be professional as possible without bringing in anything. No compliments, no jokes, nothing. Because I know they will take each detail, turn it into a blatant lie, and give it to the world to use as more ammo to follow me from place to place justifying their crimes.

I said this. I said that, I need to be removed from society etc. Even though I have the freedom of speech, and telling a joke, or complimenting someone is not a crime. nor is it even offensive unless they are nut  jobs or people with ulterior motives.

So when I go up to the counter at this location and every other one, they are given a set of terror tactics to do to me at every location in the world. Example. A lot of times I will hand them my credit card and they will tap it twice on the counter. Or for years they had a packaged hello at every place where they were mimicking me, “Hi, How are you” “Have a good one” as I leave. Done over and over until it was obvious.

They will do things like say, we are closing in 2 minutes, and do this over and over trying to send me hidden messages about 2, which has been going on since  10 years old while my family was doing things in 2’s. Example, Eric Christianson, and Sherri Christianson befriended me in college at the same time. Paul Humphry and Mike Huntly both befriended me at the same time driving old beetles. People parking cars in front of my house all day and night in patterns of 2’s.

They will also do things like when I get there, 2 cars with no plates will be parked by the door and this will be done over and over until it is no longer coincidence. They will have people come in the coffeeshop either in 2’s or in mass mobs all wearing the same or similar clothing.


Notice these 2 top pictures.  One man came wearing a black shirt and beige pants, and sat to my left. He picks up the phone, calls someone and starts mimicking some of the things I say to the person on the phone to try to create ideas of references, a type of schitzofrenia and provoke me into a reaction. About 10 minutes later, a man sits to my right wearing same exact colors.

These types of things happens all day. Coordinated mental illness tactics.

They will do mimick tactics as well. For example, lets say I am sitting with my legs on a chair, or crack my knuckles, etc. People will come into locations world wide endlessly mimicking me to try to get me to commit a crimes to remove me from society.

Example, 2 girls might come in seperatly, at each one wearing solid black pants and solid green shirts. Both sit next to me and leave. This will be done over and over all day. Or a recent one is 80% of the people who come there are told to wear horizontally stripped shirts. These are the people who are now following me to the next location doing the same things. Note that I have a a few pictures, but this is all day, and more come after I get there. Since I started going here.

P1190303 P1190308

P1190330 P1190333 P1190324 P1190325


P1190583 P1190586 P1190615

Then of course, I only got a few pictures, but people started walking by me, and across the street wearing black and white. one man even sat next to me and when I gave him my card, he didn’t want it. Gee, I wonder why.

P1190602 P1190609 P1190611 P1190612

Of course after this, a different man sitting next to me, get up, goes and gets his car and parks it on the street in front of me. It is a green van. After this. People start coming wearing green shirts or clothing. I didn’t get any pictures of that except the green van


The question of why they would do this is simple. They want to bait and troll me into a reaction. Why? because if I react, they can say. Look what Kevin did, we don’t want you here. We are calling the police. Kevin is a trouble maker, he needs to be removed from society. The reasoning for this is simple.

When you want to end a mans life, you can’t just go to the police and say, “Remove him from society” they cannot. That is why the police with these mass groups have been working on me all day and night since 10 years old trying to set me up.

At this Tarzana location, this is just one of the employees who is involved in this campaign to end my life since 10 years old.

P1160537closeupThis employee is now having people follow me at other locations after I had left and telling them to do the same things until I am dead.

especially at

Coffeebean location
The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
21851 Ventura Blvd.
Ventura/Topanga Canyon
Gateway Plaza
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

While this is at at Starbucks in Tarzana, it is also done at Coffeebean and all other coffee shops world wide for simply trying to go in, relax and get some coffee or get things done, The same tactics done to me at each and every place worldwide

He will walk by me over and over and whistle as he walks by. Then he will tell all the other employees to do the same thing. This was a tactic started in the very beginning when I found out something was wrong, I would have stranger after stranger walk by and whistle between 10 – 100 times a day for years. And at every coffee shop world wide, the employees would all do the same things endlessly.

He will collect my conversations off twitter and with the people in my office trying to endlessly provoke me. For example, if I go to the bathroom, he will have people message me on twitter, or befriend me on twitter with hidden messages about what is going on. Maybe I said something at that counter and then someone befriends me with in their name or description in regards to what was said.

Or the other day, I texted an employee which was lieing to me telling me to change the email server because it didn’t work and the office was loosing money. And their endless errors went from everybody to 1 error which was “Email address does not exist” trying to tell me what I have to do.

As I sarcastically texted her because of her endless lies, and ended it with a *wink*

When I got to Tarzana Coffeebean, he walks by and winks, letting me know he is spying on me trying to bait me into these situations. Now these tactics are done all day and night upwards of 10,000 attacks per day as the very people doing it.

Especially my family since 10 try to pawn it off as, you think differently then others and are too sensitive. This is a coverup for their criminal attacks all day and night and ulterior motives to remove me from society.

Other things that are going on at the Coffee Locations, I might say something to an employee, even a simple “Thanks much” or something. And then when I go to other locations it will be mimicked back by other employees.

They will park cars backwards, where ever I go. This started after I parked my car backwards once, as they basically say this is some kind of crime. Or maybe they say I am screwing with people, but in reality, they say whatever they need to, to rile the masses against me since 10 years old and it is put in a world wide funded smear operations which is highly illegal.

They will always have an excuse for their criminal actions he did this, he did that. And we all know. Most people that don’t like someone don’t follow them around and do these things unless have a hidden agenda. Which is a campaign to rid me of the world since 10 years old.

They will also use cars and other things for suggestive hidden messages to try to create things like paranoid schizophrenia and then tell the world I am crazy. Example. Let’s say I am sitting their minding my own business. A good looking girl might walk in. And then a man might meet her. Then man will be wearing what I am wearing. And when she leaves. Maybe their are 4 identical pickups. Maybe even red ones.

For example, this is today, I am sitting here, and One car pulls up across the street and the man waits in it for about an hour doing nothing. Just trying to let me know he is there to try to provoke me into a situation. he will do some things to try to provoke me. For example, at one point he rolls down the window and spits. A common tactic started when I was around 29 years old. And tonight, other people sitting next to me started spitting as well.

P1190411 P1190411-2 P1190390

Then notice, about 20 minutes, another red car comes behind him, and waits for about an hour doing the same exact thing. Not only that, this may or may not be, but these are the colors I was wearing before I left my place. Blue sweats and a red shirt.


P1190401 P1190401-2

Then later that night. A man get’s into his car parked in front of me on the street and sits there for about an hour


This will be done to hint to me, that I am the man, and I am trying to pick up a girl. And the red, maybe to suggest anger, probably suggesting I am mad or something. But this type of thing won’t be done once. It will be done all day and night over and over until they get what they want. Create mental illness, figure out a way to remove me from society and cover it up saying. I’m crazy, I snapped, etc. But you can see how they are trying to create mental illness and set me up since 10 years old.

Another example which I am looking at a girl who just sat down right now wearing short shorts, and uggs, which is basically a picture I drew last night at coffee bean wearing the same. Then comes in a girl wearing the same things to try to trigger me into reactions to remove me from society. And of course her friend comes, and she is wearing horizontal stripes.

Just like Lorena Escobar telling everyone in the office, overheard by my fathers limo driver Dion Bush, that I am crazy and to do these things to me. Obviously, if I was crazy, they wouldn’t need to do these things to me. And of course the question of such things as why Lorena Escobar would care if I go to coffee shops claiming she is “Protecting the company” as if being social, getting work done for your own things somehow protects the company. The bottom line is her involvement in a murder campaign or to rid someone of the world is a crime, and she is not protecting anything but her own hidden criminal agendas and involvement in a 30 year campaign to remove me from society.

Some of these people will try to say, that they are doing what they are doing because they don’t like what I say on social networks. But the issue of, they aren’t following me on my accounts, but rather spying on my accounts. As well as taking each thing out of context and giving it to the world in secret. Which translated means. We just don’t want you being social or saying anything to anyone. We want you in isolation. And if they didn’t like what I said on my accounts. they why spy on them. Once again, an attempt to create mental illness or tell me what I can and can’t do. But clearly, it is really about removing me from society.

And the more they have tried to set me up since 10 years old, and the more they have failed, the angrier they got and they more they try to hunt me down and remove me from society. Especially if I start talking out about it. Then they really get aggressive.

I have been at a coffeshop today for about an hour and without looking what is going on in the parking lots, etc. I figure there have been about 100 people have come, not counting the ones already here waiting. Working on me with mental illness tactics.

One will try to turn the situation around and say, well if you don’t like it there, go somewhere else trying to make me look crazy. And it will happen at every single place in the world, especially coffeeshops. These are the leverage tactics they try to use to make me look crazy. If I get angry about the situation they will say you suffer from rage and need to be on meds ignoring the continual terror tactics since 10 years old and refusing to leave me alone and let me live my life.

The concept of leave me alone, has never applied since 10 years old and it is an all day and night 30 year campaign to remove me from society. And of course, they will always turn it around saying it is my fault to try to cover up each thing.

For details on this mental illness campaign to end my life you can go to


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