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This is just another post from daily METRO neighbors who are parking cars in patterns of 2’s with the intent to create mental illness. Not only are they parked in 2’s but they use the names of the cars to create paranoia, or schitzofrenia tactics.

For example, the honda accords started once I split up with my partner Mike Huntley who drove that car to send hidden messages about him. This creates similarities to someone who suffers from ideas of reference or obsessional looping.

This is done for the sole intent to harm.

these pictures are about 3 days of pictures and probably don’t come close to the amount of people really doing this directed at me with ill intent.


2 BMW’s without platesP1180020 P1180027 P1180036 P1180039

2 black BMW’s where I walk out and where other cars keep parking

P1180053 P1180041

2 honda accords

P1180045 P11800472 white pickups which is a common tactic with pickups for some reason. at one point had 5 or more on my small street over and over.P1180124

2 more accords across from each other. common tactic and done in this same spot as well over and over as seen in other posts.

P1180198 P1180200 P1180217 P1180220 P1180222

Once again, the two grey civic owners who keep doing this. But directed at sending hidden messages to me to create schitzofrenia as in tons of other posts.

P1180248 P1180242 P1180244

And another set of honda accords  in the same spot as the other one.

P1180258 P1180259

More details at

After going to my therapist and leaving at 7:00 pm, on my way home within a miles distance, all the neighbors were notified to come out walking dogs so I would see them on my way home.

All of the METRO and surrounding complexes had people come out in teams of people with dogs. I’m not saying walking dogs isn’t normal but within a miles drive I saw about 20 or so people with dogs in minutes, and the following days all day.

Plus this happened after making an analogy at lunch with two people my father and LORENA ESCOBAR, using an analogy about training people saying “Let the dog off the leash” Kind of councidental, especially tactics like this done over and over until the end of time on a daily basis.

Of course in my 12 years living here, and being targeted, I do not see this on a daily basis, but maybe once in a while.

This has happened a couple of times and usually based off someone being upset with me or someone with an angle to control.

these are just a few pictures I took in minutes. And not waiting around all day and night.

The method is simple, do things in groups and patterns directed at me to create mental illness, and make me look crazy to remove me from society.

P1180301 P1180314 P1180315 P1180318 P1180319 P1180321 P1180322 P1180324 P1180330 P1180332 P1180336 P1180340 P1180341 P1180343 P1180344 P1180346 P1180350 P1180351 P1180380 P1180159 P1180164 P1180230 P1180235 P1180261 P1180262 P1180264 P1180266 P1180273 P1180283 P1180285 P1180287 P1180290 P1180300 P1180300 P1180301 P1180314 P1180315 P1180318 P1180319 P1180321 P1180322 P1180324 P1180330 P1180332 P1180336 P1180340 P1180341 P1180343 P1180344 P1180346 P1180350 P1180351 P1180380 P1180159 P1180164 P1180230 P1180235 P1180261 P1180262 P1180264 P1180266 P1180273 P1180283 P1180285 P1180287 P1180290More details at

As for my endless posts from this all day and night covert murder tactics I post, today I am posting more.

The METRO complex which surrounds my building has been working on me all day and night for over 12 years since I moved in to my complex started by a mass campaign started by my own brother and mother working with the police to end my life or remove me from society.

This campaign was  started with such incidents as my brother and friends going on running cars off the road and pinning his crimes on me with clear premeditated intent to do so to rid me of the world.

A few days back, once again, the METRO tenants pull out 2 Honda civics  and park them next to each other next to where I walk out of my complex to send hidden messages.

P1170669The next evening, the METRO tenants pulled out two more almost identical grey honda civics once again.

P1170992 P1170995 P1170997 P1170999

The next day, the METRO tenants pull out 2 Yaris’s across from each other, just like, and in the same spot, as in my last post that they did with the toyota Camry’s

P1170848 P1170851 P1170907

Finally tonight, when I get home, the METRO tenants have 2 people pull out motorcycles and park them on my street when I come home. In the past when they do this, they leave them on the street for weeks making it obvious that even though they have gated parking that most people would not park their bikes on the street where they could get stolen or knocked over. especially for weeks.

and what are the chances no bikes are parked outside for over 6 months, then 2 at the same time in patterns, just like they do with the cars all TARGETING me for mental illness tactics which has literally been going on for 30 years which I found out about 12 years ago.


This is clearly a campaign to create mental illness and make it look like I suffer from Paranoid Schitzofrenia, anger, rage, delusions, you name it to rid me of the world. This campaign is literally world wide and these tactics to do to me have been given out world wide to work on me all day and night. From people using neighborhood watch groups working with the police to collect private information and use innuendos, hidden messages, ideas of references, to make it look like I’m crazy.

For the tactics that I’ve documented given out to people to do to me, you can go here:

For details on everything, who’s involved, things done, incident reports, you name it, you can go to:

This is a common tactic. A daily tacitc.

The tactic of desensitizing, then using covert paranoid schitzofrenia tactics to create mental illness to either kill, or remove someone from society claiming they are different, not normal, crazy telling them they are imagining it.

3 days ago, when coming home, the Metro neighbors decide to once again start parking cars in patterns of 2’s. This tactic to make me look crazy goes back to early childhood started by my own brother and friends to create mental illness as he spend over 30 yrs building mass world wide groups to remove me from society claiming I am crazy.

first, two neighbors pull out 2 Camry’s by the usual spot, the gate where I walk out of.

P1170792 P1170790The next morning, when I come out to leave, the people who keep parking their Honda Civics next too each other pull them out of the complex and once again, as I have other posts of them doing this in the same spot do it again.

Not to mention, the days prior their were 4 or 5 of these grey civics pulled out on my small street


Come this night, the civics go back in the parking garage, and they pull the 2 toyota Camry’s back out. this time one across from each other. One of their tactics, and right by my gate as usual.

P1170818 P1170819 P1170820 P1170814 P1170815 P1170817

The next morning when I come out to go to work, they move their two camry’s,

and park a green camry in the same spot

P1170838 P1170841 P1170843

Not only are these type of things done all day and night to me to make me mentally ill, end my life or remove me from society. they never stop and it’s been goin on all my life started by my ENRAGED mother for some weird reason that she cannot address or communicate her issues. this is my entire family and when they get mad, you don’t know where it’s coming from, just that they want you dead.

They have escalated these lies world wide and refuse to tell me what their problem is, or even stop.

They are very sick people, and the sickest they come.

These are other tactics being inflicted on me in mass world wide armies with the intent to kill or remove me from society.

And of course, everything in regards to this 30 year conspired operation to end my life