Cummunity mobbing – 11/12/2013 METRO Neighbors using cars to create mental illness

Posted: November 12, 2013 in Community Mobbing
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This is a common tactic. A daily tacitc.

The tactic of desensitizing, then using covert paranoid schitzofrenia tactics to create mental illness to either kill, or remove someone from society claiming they are different, not normal, crazy telling them they are imagining it.

3 days ago, when coming home, the Metro neighbors decide to once again start parking cars in patterns of 2’s. This tactic to make me look crazy goes back to early childhood started by my own brother and friends to create mental illness as he spend over 30 yrs building mass world wide groups to remove me from society claiming I am crazy.

first, two neighbors pull out 2 Camry’s by the usual spot, the gate where I walk out of.

P1170792 P1170790The next morning, when I come out to leave, the people who keep parking their Honda Civics next too each other pull them out of the complex and once again, as I have other posts of them doing this in the same spot do it again.

Not to mention, the days prior their were 4 or 5 of these grey civics pulled out on my small street


Come this night, the civics go back in the parking garage, and they pull the 2 toyota Camry’s back out. this time one across from each other. One of their tactics, and right by my gate as usual.

P1170818 P1170819 P1170820 P1170814 P1170815 P1170817

The next morning when I come out to go to work, they move their two camry’s,

and park a green camry in the same spot

P1170838 P1170841 P1170843

Not only are these type of things done all day and night to me to make me mentally ill, end my life or remove me from society. they never stop and it’s been goin on all my life started by my ENRAGED mother for some weird reason that she cannot address or communicate her issues. this is my entire family and when they get mad, you don’t know where it’s coming from, just that they want you dead.

They have escalated these lies world wide and refuse to tell me what their problem is, or even stop.

They are very sick people, and the sickest they come.

These are other tactics being inflicted on me in mass world wide armies with the intent to kill or remove me from society.

And of course, everything in regards to this 30 year conspired operation to end my life

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