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Tonight when walking out of my house, I noticed the Metro Neighbors pulled out 3 white Lexus’s and parked them togethor where I walk out to create mental illness. These tactics have been  going on my entire life to try to create things like paranoid schizophrenia and obsessional looping and such to try to figure out

ways to create mental illness and end my life. There motive is to try to inflict enough pain to push me to suicide or push me out of control working with the police and government to they can put me in jail.

They lies are endless and have world wide all day and night mental illness tactics to accomplish this. They always have some elaborate excuse to try to justify their actions. But an excuse is irrelevant to their actions unless it is in self defense, and it clearly is not. Especially if it goes to strangers world wide that I do not know in any way shape and form.

This campaign starts at 10 years old when my family decided they did not like me and were going to rile the masses working with the police to accomplish this endless 30 year hate obsession they have against me.

P1200633P1200645 P1200634 P1200636 P1200643 P1200644

After parking the 3 white Lexus’s in front of my gate, they then proceeded to pull the magnets off my car which give the website to what they are doing and is going on, and put them on my windows. Clearly a threat saying. I had better shut up about their crimes. The same types of things they have been doing since I found out at 29 and they hinted I had better pretend it wasn’t happening. Other things they have done is tire slashings, convertible top slashing, and car ramming to try to intimidate me quiet on some of my other cars I had.


For more details and specifics on this 30 year torture campaign to end my life you can go to

I go to a coffeebean at

21851 Ventura Blvd.
Ventura/Topanga Canyon
Gateway Plaza
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
next door is Dickeys BBQ

21853 Ventura Blvd.
Woodland Hills, CA 91364
(818) 313-9700

Whenever I go to Coffeebean, I usually sit outside rather then inside. But it would not matter where I sat. The same things are always done world wide. I have only been to Dickey’s a couple of times and the food both times made me sick. When tasting the meat at first, it tasted really good. But after eating it, on both times, I felt my stomach tighten up. So of course, I decided not to eat their anymore. But that’s neither here nor there.
Although, aside from really bad food, the bigger problem is that they are involved in a 30 year hate crime to end my life with a world wide mental illness campaign. While sitting outside minding my own business not saying a thing to anyone because I know what is being done. They and Coffee bean will have 1000’s of people show up each and every time one sequentially after the next working on me with passive aggressive mental illness tactics to try to get me to go after them, to set me up and remove me from society. They will work on me to try to widdle me down and make me as sensitive as possible until I snap and it has been going on all day and night since 10 years old with world wide operations.

They will have employee after employee walk out of the restaurant and as they walk by passive aggressively provoke me. For Example, one employee kept walking by talking on the phone, but as he spoke to the person on the phone, he would say things loud that pertained to me suggestively to provoke me. After that, one would walk by clicking a pen which started in the office I work at where person after person would walk by and do this over and over.

Then, stranger after stranger all day would walk by past me attacking me. And this is not one day, but every time I am there until they accomplish removing me from society, And do things like. Maybe 2 people at the same time will walk by wearing solid black pants and solid green shirt. Then 2 people with solid black pants and solid red shirts. Then 2 people walked by, both coughed twice Within 10 minutes.

Then, after scratching my nose, about 20 minutes later a man walks by copying me and scratching his nose. People will sit in the same chair next to me and each and everyone ask me “is this chair taken” this was started after years ago me being polite and asking someone that and then it was used as the next mental illness tactic which has been done my entire life to try to make me mentally ill, in what my predators call their “Laundry List” A list of things they say I have done, to clean me up, and I have to confess too them or they will never stop. Obviously, this so called list was started at 10 years old to use as an excuse to remove me from society. As asking someone if a seat is taken is somehow a crime, and if it was, It go to trial to prove me guilty Showing that the government just because they didn’t like me, took away my civil rights and this isn’t based on anything else but, we don’t like you and we will rid you of the world. Just like Adolf Hitler. And why doesn’t this list apply to people like my brother her endlessly bully his younger brother, or go out on his road rage operations to run cars off the roads and get other ones to chase him on the freeways? why does it only apply to one person about things that don’t matter like, you asked out a stripper and you are a monster and need to be hunted and killed. And the world needs to know this for some strange reason?

That in itself is strange to me. Because if the person saying I have committed a crime is doing the same things, and so are their friends. Example, some of my horrific crimes might be things like, an illegal U-turn. But my accusers also do them, and so does everyone else once in a while. Why is it ok for the entire world provided they don’t get a petty ticket that nobuddy in the world could care about. But if I do it, I am out of control and need to be removed from society? This is where their arguments don’t make any rational sense and show it is and never has been about any type of crime. It has only been about hate, rage and jealousy against me.

They have also been notifying all the other restaurants to harass and terrorize me if I get food at any other locations and do the same things. You can only imagine what the motive of someone trying to stop someone else from eating food is.

While my father helps, and hires people like Lorena Escobar to help accomplish this, and follow me from place to place for the last 25 years working with mass groups who befriended me from childhood to accomplish this. She is involved in endless attempted setups all throughout my college life from Southern Oregon State, University Colorado, you name it since she was hired.

Now these are just a few of their terror tactics, but they are in the 1000’s and go all day and night world wide until they can remove me from society.

These systematic, coordinated world wide networked terror operations never stop, and go on all day and night until it’s blatantly obvious what is going on. Recorded, documented, and completely mathematically impossible for the things to happen that are endlessly going on to try to set me up, and remove me from society.

It seems what they want is to mentally batter me until I do whatever they say and want. But of course never ends and they seem mad at every detail. example, you committed a crime, you parked too far from the curb, you committed a crime, you are out of control, You committed a crime, you stopped dating that girl, You committed a crime, you bought a jaguar, You committed a crime you asked a stripper or girl with tattoos out. We are going to batter you to death and you better do as we say. Yet, it started at 10 years old. A quiet, shy, kind, generous, giving caring child. Which means it’s clearly out of hate, rage and jealousy towards me.

The goal is the same all day and night goal since 10 years old. Try to set me up, and bait me into a situation working with the police to remove me from society out of endless 30 year hate and rage. Of course, why I do not know, and never will except the police with social workers and mass world wide groups have been hunting me all day and night since 10 years old trying to end my life.

Each and every day these people work on me networked with my office workers, people around the city and even world. They try to endlessly set me up working with the police. Trying to push me into a reaction then trying to get confessions to say look what I did, ignoring their 10,000 setups per day. And pretending the obvious isn’t happening instead of taking the entire situation as a whole, which every single person in the world would do, unless they had some kind of inability to think normally.

Today, they actually had one employee walk by and pretend he liked me. Later on, having another attack me, and the one pretending to like me playing stupid as if he didn’t know what was going on In a world wide smear operation. He would have to be someone who lived in a bubble and didn’t know who the president of the united states was. But we all know, he does know me and they are just trying to endlessly trying set me up. And this tactic has been done to me literally 1000’s of times. What are the odds?

At one point they told people to come in and get ice cream cones and walk by. One sequentially after the next for about a week and walk by me. After that the man at Right aid in the same shopping center who I got ice cream from started harassing me. Because you know. To buy some ice cream means your an out of control monster. You have committed a crime and need to be hunted by world wide torture campaigns.

Of course they try to leverage these random meaningless situations we all do in life as if it’s something and I need to be hunted for such crimes. Which is really about illegally taking away civil rights with government support because I am just not liked because apparently, I was too nice, giving, caring, and respectful to everyone in my life, which somehow means you are a con artist according to them, being the people like my family with psychotic personalities.

You could try to figure out the specifics but it really wouldn’t matter. We don’t like him, we don’t trust him, he did this, he did that. he was there too long, he said hey instead of hi, his hair is too long. Non of it matters. And then they will try to dig for dirt or get reactions for their terror operations and try to figure out how to pin it on me to cover up the real crimes which almost every person refuses to intentionally look at the obvious and then try to give me disinformation that it’s somehow my fault and I think differently. Just as the rapist tells the girl it is her fault because her skirt was too short. and then say, well she scratched me, your violent, These are the personalities like this have been hunting me since 10 years old that I grew up with. My friends, my family, you name it.

But their actions from a 30 year campaign to end my life are clear. And they will do everything possible to end my life of rid me of the world. I would not recommend going to this place. I have been harassed by almost every single employee. And you can rest assured when I go home, they will have friends parking specific cars or waiting in front of my place trying to intimidate me like usual for my crimes for going to a coffee bean sitting down and drinking a coffee and not saying a word to anyone because I know what they will do.

of course, when I told them I put them on word press for what they were doing the one person trying to set me up and thug me quiet today says “See, that shows your ignorance” as if it’s okay to follow people around all day and night with mass strangers and a 30 year campaign to provoke them of upwards 10,000 harassment’s per day with world wide supports, social media, mass groups. Or to be fair, only 1000 harassment’s per day from them, and the customers they have coming in for the sole intent to provoke me. They also tried to tell me that I was ignorant, as if this is how things work normally.

After that, he starts walking into coffeebean starting to rile the employees against me. Most likely telling them to work with them in getting rid of me. Because you know, I have wronged them for speaking out about their endless attempts on my life. Of course, it’s not just one jew hating place. It’s world wide groups who never stop no matter where I go. And they will try to use this as, well, he’s too sensitive, or any other elaborate excuse to make the crimes they are involved in justified.

Example, I have probably been banned from at least 10 coffee shops alone for the crime of sitting down, being as nice as possible, and being attacked all daya and night for 14 years upwards of 10,000 attacks per day. Which have been escalated since 10 years old. If I tell the managers what is going on, they will try to cover it up and say I am banned. Or they will try provoke me until the end of time to try to get a reaction to say. see look what he did, ignoring the whole picture of what we all know is going on.

But since it goes from place to place, college to college, restaurants, supermarkets, movie theaters, clubs, you name it world wide and never stops. It is about ending my life. the police know this is going on and refuse to stop it because they are the ones who started it with my family who got togethor saying, we just don’t like him and will end his life. I am sure it was worded with well thought out wording to make it look justified, like. Well, he suffers from a lot of rage and is out of control and needs to be watched. But that is how sick enraged cunning people address the police and social workings riling them against people they don’t like.

I can assure you, they and everyone else will say anything possible to justify their actions. Just as my brother who would endlessly batter me as kids made up lies I tried to kill him with a knife, because I passively stopped him from terrorizing me.

The specifics are complex and vast as to what is going on what is going on with this 30 year world wide mental illness campaign to end my life you can go to

It should be noted that this type of thing happens at every movie I go to and this is not an isolated incident. Also, 50% of media out there has either references taken from my life and put into it, or things that are to send me suggestive messages directed at me. Half the characters in this movie had things take from my life and put into the movie.

And of course, I’m told I’m imagining it, which shows their true intentions of trying to make me look crazy especially since these tactics have been going on since 10 years old.

When I left the movie, two cars with people in them had been waiting for me. And they waited over an hour before I got out.

A blue mustang parked backwards mimicking me and in front of him a car waiting for me with people in it as well.

P1200435 P1200444-Pano

The entire lot was parked forwards, which since a couple years ago after I parked backwards once, people all around the world started mimicing me for years in the masses to create mental illness and try to guilt me to death. Just one of out thousands of world wide terror tactics. Now it is back to normal, but the one blue mustang with people in it decided to copy me.

His friend parked in front of me. You can see in the video the person in the car eventially gets irritated with me not leaving so he turns on his headlight a couple of times. A common tactic of people leaving their cars by my house and keeping the lights on while they park their cars. Or following me to public places and doing it as well.


After I copy him to see how he would react, the mustang drives up to him, they talk, then both leave.


Showing that they were togethor, and waiting for me to try to provoke me into something.

Here is the video footage

These tactics go on all day and night with world wide networked support to remove me from society since 10 years old. The motive is to either push me to the point I commit suicide, or try to push me out of control working with the police to try to set me up and remove me from society.

For more details on this world wide all day and night terror operation to remove me from society

you can go to

Today, when leaving, I noticed the Metro neighbors pulled out 3 CR-V’s and parked them where I walk out. An ongoing 30 year tactic to create mental illness to end my life.

P1200344 P1200346 P1200360 P1200370 P1200373 P1200375

These are all day and night ongoing mental illness tactics world wide, until I am dead. They have been going on since 10 years old started by my mother, father and brother working with the government, and police and world wide masses to end my life.

For details on this 30 year extermination campaign because I am different then my family, or they don’t like me for it. You can go to

As you can see from my endless posts the cars parked in pairs or patterns with the intent to end my life all day and night. Today when coming home,

2 of my neighbors pulled out 2 Elances from the complex next door and parked it where I walk out. and Parked them togethor.

P1200334 P1200337 P1200331

Also, you can see that one of them was waiting for me to leave the coffee shop and had left his lights on like the previous night while other people were told to leave the lights in their cars on whereever I go or where they see me all around the city


Here is more of this tactic being done

also, here are other Elances parked in front of my place in the same exact spot in 2’s a red and white one

These tactics go on all day and night whever I go in the world to create mental illness and end my life. It has been going on since 10 years old for the last 30 years started by my mother, father and brother to figure out how to remove me from society any way possible. The motive is to either push me to suicide, or try to push me out of control working with the police to figure out how to rid me of the world.

for more details you can go to


Tonight, I went out.

First I went to get some food at In n out burger where when I was walking back to my car, I noticed a mustang fairly close to my car, and he had left his lights on with no buddy in the car.

After this, I went to the movies, and parked next to my car was a blue Scion with the headlamp left on. I did not take pictures of the first 2 as I wasn’t sure it was directed at me, although had a suspicion it was.

When I left the movies, and went home, 2 of the Metro neighbors parked 2 cars and left both their lights on as well.

P1200254 P1200245 P1200249 P1200251 P1200252

This also correlates to about a week ago when I went down to Manhattan Beach to buy some weights from someone off craigslist, they had one person down their leave their lights on next to my car, and when I got some, had another person park next to my car and leave the lights on.

Thus showing that this is a world wide terror operation with the masses networked across the internet to end my life with a mental illness campaign. These tactics have been going on all day and night since 10 years old started by my mother, father and brother working with the police and government and masses to remove me from society.

Obviously the circles were smaller when it started and there was no internet. But once the internet came around they realized they could unite the world and rile the masses against me to commit this crime of ending my life and getting away with it.

For more details you can go to

As from my endless other blogs, here is just another day with the Metro neighbors pulling out 2 similar cars to create mental illness.

this time 2 white lexus’s

P1200200-PanoThese tactics all done all day and night every day until they can end my life by either trying to push me out of control, or push me to suicide. They are also using the specific names of the cars they use to try to send hidden messages as well.

These tactics have been going on all day and night since 10 years old. The motive is clear and obvious.

For details you can go to

This might look like nothing, but the police want me dead or silenced about their 30 year campaign to remove me from society and all the specifics I know of what they are involved in since 10 years old.

First off, what looks like nothing, isn’t, and it is done over and over by the masses. Also, the events of the night before are important to understand what they are doing.

After going down to hermosa and manhatton beach to buy some weights, then grab a beer on the beach. People were notified where I was, although since I am known world wide and told I’m imagining it. It’s not hard to spot me. And once anyone see’s me, the masses will be notified where I am, and I will be attacked to try to set me up, so they can work with the police to try to provoke me into a situation to remove me from society working with the police.

While I was getting a beer, the bartender kept provoking me. First he flashes a peace sign, then takes out his keys, stands in front of me, and starts spinning them around his finger endlessly. eventually he hides by the bouncer to cry wolf how I’ve wronged him by sitting at a bar, watching tv, and sipping on a beer.

When I go to my car in the lot, someone has parked their car next to mine and intentionally left the inside light on.

When I get home, another car in front of my gate where they park cars in 2’s and patterns everyday to create mental illness, is parked with the inside light on. and behind him is another car with 2 people talking and when they see me, they leave giving me the spot so it is done twice.

Tonight, when leaving coffeebean, the police were waiting for me at the Starbucks in the same shopping center that has been trying to set me up. even made false claims about their friend who attacked me, saying I attacked him, and then they had a security guard attack me a couple of years later trying to beat me to death with I luckily stopped.  


As you can see, when I let the police officers walk by, the second one pulls out his flash light spinning it hinting about what they did the night before. Also, trying to trigger me into a reaction so he could try to set me up. You will also notice the police officer parked backwards, leaving when he see’s me to try to intimidate me.

This is an ongoing all day and night mental illness/terror campaign to try to figure out ways to remove me from society since 10 years old.

The fact that they know where I go every day, and try to provoke me with mass world wide communities is to rid me of the world and has been going on all my life. Now I know what they are and have been doing my entire life and they want me scared and quiet.

For Details on this 30 year campaign to end my life you can go to