Community Mobbing – 6/11/2015 – Metro Neighbors parking 2 Elances togethor with intent to create mental illness and kill

Posted: June 12, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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As you can see from my endless posts the cars parked in pairs or patterns with the intent to end my life all day and night. Today when coming home,

2 of my neighbors pulled out 2 Elances from the complex next door and parked it where I walk out. and Parked them togethor.

P1200334 P1200337 P1200331

Also, you can see that one of them was waiting for me to leave the coffee shop and had left his lights on like the previous night while other people were told to leave the lights in their cars on whereever I go or where they see me all around the city


Here is more of this tactic being done

also, here are other Elances parked in front of my place in the same exact spot in 2’s a red and white one

These tactics go on all day and night whever I go in the world to create mental illness and end my life. It has been going on since 10 years old for the last 30 years started by my mother, father and brother to figure out how to remove me from society any way possible. The motive is to either push me to suicide, or try to push me out of control working with the police to figure out how to rid me of the world.

for more details you can go to


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