City and Metro Neighbors parking cars with Lights left on where I go with intent to create mental illness and kill

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Community Mobbing
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Tonight, I went out.

First I went to get some food at In n out burger where when I was walking back to my car, I noticed a mustang fairly close to my car, and he had left his lights on with no buddy in the car.

After this, I went to the movies, and parked next to my car was a blue Scion with the headlamp left on. I did not take pictures of the first 2 as I wasn’t sure it was directed at me, although had a suspicion it was.

When I left the movies, and went home, 2 of the Metro neighbors parked 2 cars and left both their lights on as well.

P1200254 P1200245 P1200249 P1200251 P1200252

This also correlates to about a week ago when I went down to Manhattan Beach to buy some weights from someone off craigslist, they had one person down their leave their lights on next to my car, and when I got some, had another person park next to my car and leave the lights on.

Thus showing that this is a world wide terror operation with the masses networked across the internet to end my life with a mental illness campaign. These tactics have been going on all day and night since 10 years old started by my mother, father and brother working with the police and government and masses to remove me from society.

Obviously the circles were smaller when it started and there was no internet. But once the internet came around they realized they could unite the world and rile the masses against me to commit this crime of ending my life and getting away with it.

For more details you can go to

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