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Repeated Police thugging to try to cover up what is being done to my life

Officer Dinse, Jensen, Toro, Coverup to thug me quiet after calling lawyers for a civil suit for destroying my life

The Police sending a girl named Stephanie (Skyler) after me on IRC having her send me a message, telling me that they were going to SKULLFUCK me to death for some reason. And their ACTIONS show that, that is exactly what they are doing. And it has been going on since young then 9 years old, as I found out at 29. This is just one of the endless operations of theirs to end my life and rid me of the world for some reason. When I told Skyler, I didn’t want anything to do with her when she got abusive towards me. The LAPD went ballistic coming after me more for walking away. Showing these are all cover up operations for their endless crime spree against me since a very young child.

Other people sent after me as well as Alexis Amore to figure out how to remove me from society, working with my family, the Government, FBI/NSA

Lorena Escobar, Aubrey Fisher, Tom Farley, Mike Huntley, Jason Baum, Mike Wexler, Lynn Junkin,, Jason Perelman, Jen Hess, Julia Sofia Reynoso, Rodie Morales, Cory Bixby, Stephnie(Skyler), are just a few off the top of my head.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

Some of my Art Mike Huntley, Brian Longbotham, my family and Government have targeted me over

Tom Farley with FBI, NSA, Gov told to hunt me down for being attracted to Christy Reynolds with Paranoid Schitzofrenia Tactics to remove me from society in 8th grade   at

With a family and father who telling his entire office to mentally batter me to death, and sending every person known to man after me with the FBI/NSA

“i LOVE you” over and over wile trying to put me in the ground, probably meaning he is paying off Alexis Amore to do what she is involved in with the rest of them

While having her follow me to Spearmint Rhino, Van Nuys, then them having Tim Thompson working with the Spearmint Rhino manager in Los Angeles, asking me to come down take a look at their computers while she was waiting for me there to frame me, saying I was following and stalking her.

Also, her working with  Brian Longbotham having her wait at Sharky’s for me, and him asking me to go with him to Sharky’s after playing pool at Yankee Doodles with him.

Showing a mass conspiracy to end my life, and rid me of the world with these mental illness and terror operations.


When I was around I’m guessing 26 and worked out at Worlds Gym, and was in a Business with a person named Mike Huntley, I knew for 25 years. who was hunting me down. The first thing you might notice was the name. Mike “HUNTLEY” this is because this mass campaign is about creating mental illness and things like Paranoid schitzofrenia, obsessional looping, or that I think differently but more importantly. to make it look like I suffer from things like this. So people with specific names will befriend me using the names to send suggestive hidden messages, amongst endless other tactics.

So, around this time, My Gym Manager, Rodeo Morales befriends me, working with Mike Huntley who wanted to sign up to the gym with me. And because I had always worked out on and off since 16. I said yes.

So Rodie befriends me and as we are friends he is endlessly trying to set me up to try to make it look like I am following women around. For example. One older lady I thought was cute and quit the gym. Not because of me, but who knows what she was saying, and went to 24 hour fitness. Rodie sweeps in and then tells me that he knows a person who works at 24 hr fitness, and he can give me a free membership. Well who’s going to turn that one down right? so of course, not knowing the setup or even having any knowledge of this person. As if I was FBI, and magically knew where strangers go or anything else. I go, and of course she is there working out. The guy says I can try the gym out. I think I might have worked out one day there, but not sure. And then they bait and switch me for a fee.

I then realize the bait and switch not knowing their attempts to try to make it look like I am following people which has endlessly been going on since high school. After this, I remember seeing her boyfriend at Shotzies to sit at our table, but it seemed like he was pissed off or giving me mean looks, and didn’t want to sit there for some reason, but I never made the connection until later because their was obviously nothing I had done and not knowing my so called FRIENDS motives. Anyways, this is an example of probably what has literally been done 1000’s of times over the last 30 years to try to rid me of society of large events, and upwards of 10,000 passive aggressive terror tactics per day.

Now that you understand, just one of the endless tactics of what is going on. Lets talk about Alexis Amore. Rodie Starts taking me to Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys., one of three or four people since I moved off to collage, and were all doing the same type of things with strip clubs. Eric Christianson, Val Morozov, and Tom Farley,  As well as the Strip Club hopping because he knows I like that type of chicks, and it’s a perfect opportunity to use it to try to figure out ways to remove me from society with endless setups and trying to use my life against me.

So, When I started going to Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys, Alexis Amore starts working there. There is no doubt that with my entire life since graduating high school, women have been following me from place to place, then turning it around saying I am following them and won’t leave them alone is one of the tactics. For example. Kelly Hatch following me up to Southern Oregon State College, and telling the world I am stalking her. Which has been done by endless women. So it is pretty obvious, that Alexis Amore followed me to the Spearmint Rhino in Van Nuys working the same tactics.

In the mean time, Another friend I had. Tim Thompson and fellow pool player, who pretended to work for Hot Body International, and was part of this campaign, who I gave free office space too. Because I’m a monster. Was pretending to work for Hot Body International who we sort of were trying to set up some web jobs which turned out to be scams because they had ulterior motives to remove me from society.

So Of course Tim Thompson would have his box covers on the floor with Alexis Amore on the top, always talking about how he was friends with the photographer there. Now, While Alexis Amore was working at the spearmint Rhino, I was extremely nice and professional, like always, and even at one point asked her to do a website, as I had done a few, and wanted to get to a larger scale as well as build my systems. Which apparently, my family and friends who SAID they supported me, clearly wanted me punished and never to be able to do this type of work so, you can only imagine their motives.

Especially when I found out something was wrong and Tim Thompson was in my office with Mike Huntley, andhe stands up and looks at me and starts swinging an imaginary golf club, sending me messages about one of my mothers endless lies, one being that I had hit Josh Burnim, the neighbor kid in the head with agolf club. But of course it goes from criminal accusations, one sequentially after the next and given to the world to rile the masses against me.

Well she said no, and it was of course no big deal, as then the people started with the mind games were suggesting or saying things to me like. Well how dare you build more then one girls site. Who do you think you are from some of the other girls I was working with. which would swith from, I’m obsessed with someone to I want to I want to take over the world depending on who they are delivering their smears too.

Anyways, that was chalked up as a no, and it didn’t phase me at all. I’m sure my friends were saying I was angry and in a rage. Eventually, after a long time. I got sick of the strip club scene, and stopped going. I just wanted more to life then a dance tease. That was the last I had seen of Alexis Amore.

In Comes Brian Longbothum: My so called friend and mentor from Modern Video Film. A man I thought was a good person and was originally my boss until he quit and we became friends after I had quit, because after the intern, the offer didn’t give me the tools to go forward such as. Actually using the software on SGI’s that was mainstream to the industry for computer animation at the time, and I didn’t see it going in the right direction on dos based 3ds max which wasn’t used much. I was friends with Brian for 15 years as he worked on me consistently trying to destroy my life and remove me from society the whole time without knowing it.

But Brian was an Idea man, and thinker, and seems like he wanted to put some things togethor. But unfortunately, the Little did I know, the things he wanted to put togethor had to do with using suggestive messages to guilt, or get confessions, or set me up in the eyes of others to look crazy or abusive. I was friends with him for 15 years, and he had connections to the entertainment industry, and some in the adult. Of course all my predators, range from 25, 30, 10, 6 year relationships while they spent day and night stalking me.

Brian was big on what they called. Their “LAUNDRY LIST” things they collected or better yet fabricated, or didn’t matter, and accused me of since childhood they were going to do to me for the rest of my life and still do until they get false confessions. They will just go from thing to thing until my nervous system gives out and I am dead.

So Brian knew I loved playing pool. And several of my discussions with people once in a while, and I think with brian is a technique called SHARKING. This is the low life loser technique. it is simple really. The person tries to play pool which involves immense concentration, and the other guy sits around trying to distract him so he misses. Only type of people who do it are the ones who have no skills and no life.

Anyone who knew me, provided they weren’t involved in the smear operations, knew that not only did I not play for money, I never sharked and complimented everyone. The reason I never played for money, was because it was about passion, and perfecting the game. Becoming good at something from hard work, and drive, and motivation. being the best I could be. and trying to do things like the masters.

So Brian comes with me to the pool hall one day and starts manipulating me. Which I didn’t think it was a big deal because I thought it was all in fun. So Brian see’s someone playing pool by himself which I now know he was in communications with Brian on the side. So Brian says to me, I want you to play that guy! and I say ok. So we start the game and he then wants us to play for money. And I don’t remember the convo, but because it was for a tiny amount and Brian said he wanted to see if I could play under pressure. it was for $5 or something like this and I said sure.

While playing, of course Brian does some juvenile things like takes my cue and hides it across the room. Who knows why. I guess trying to shark me. I end up winning and that is that.

Right around this time, Brian invites me out to lunch. Where does he want to go? Guess? Sharkies! Mexican restuarant. And guess what. When he takes me there. Alexis Amore is eating with her mother. At the time, I did not know what was going on. And I had no idea Brian was trying to create things like Paranoid Schizophrenia and mental illness, by taking me to not only places called sharkies, but endless jobs, places, you name it with suggestive hints of guilt or trying to make me crazy. But I assume, by him having Alexis Amore there, he was trying to make it look like I was sharking her at the strip clubs, or guilting me into false confessions so he could tell the world what a horrible monster they say I am and put it in there  “LAUNDRY LIST” or just keep guilting me until I am dead. which seems to be their motive since 10 and try to turn it around on me.

So, I see her as we leave, even though I am pretty shy, I bite the bullet and walk up just to say hi, see if she remembered me and such. Of course she pretended she did not, nor did I care. That was that.

So some time goes by, and while Mike, and Tim, and Bob are in our office every day spending their lives trying to end mine, and me trying to make money.  In such sceneros as Bob telling me things, like we should get rid of Paul as a client, because he does not like him. Of course, me being the monster, and saying, that is unacceptable. But of course, that is not what the world hears. One day Tim Thompson, the man who said we should build adult sites, and as I started some with him.  Kept saying he hadn’t had time to get to it,  and when the shit hit the fan told me this is happening because I built adult sites by shaming me, says. I have a call.

And I say, who is it? he says, it’s the manager from the Los Angeles Spearmint Rhino.  I pick up the phone, he says what do you want? I said you called me. I had met him once as Rodie Took me down to Spearmint Rhino once, and I think I’ve only over been their once or twice, but that was it. But Rodie had Introduced me to the manager so I vaguely knew him.

So he says he wants me to come down and look at their computers. Something about their Citrix environment. And I figure, computers, hot chicks, sure, why not. I go down, it was some questions about citrix, RDP, and networked locations I think, I can’t remember and that was pretty much it.

As I was leaving, I saw Alexis Amore there, and I figured. So I thought. She was very kind, professional and hard working so why not get a lap dance.

I can recall this weird scared look on her face. But I had no clue why, nor could I comprehend it because it’s not like I did anything to her. But then, who knows the endless lies they were spewing. So now it kind of makes sense that she probably knew what was going on, and was thinking. OH SHIT! Who knows if she thought I knew, or what, I am not really sure. Nor does it matter at this point.

And that was it, and left. Now their is no doubt they were building an archive of smears that I was following her from place to place, like my family has my whole life. Especially after having Kelly Hatch follow me in a mass setup operation, and then turn the whole thing around. Which happens from girl to girl my whole life.

I can recall going to a strip club in santa monica called 4 play, where one of the strippers told me Alexis Amore was crazy. Of course, I know how jealous women can be and I didn’t think much of it. Not only that, but all these mass world wide groups hunting me down aren’t crazy. They just pretend to be to try to get away with what they are all doing networked togethor and try to figure out ways to make me crazy to remove me from society which seems to be the world wide agenda since 10 years old. Plus, looking at her social life and carrer, she looks pretty stable to me. Always out with friends, always doing things, and has a career. So my guess would be the same as each and every other person coming in my life pretending to be crazy, and then telling everyone it is somehow my fault for it. It is merely a tactic to smear my name and remove me from society.

These tactics go all the way back to high school with Paul Humphrey and his girlfriend Carissa brands. Who I had no contact with other then a few sentences probably, and Paul trying to figure out ways to get me to steal her which didn’t work. As well as a supposed, attempted suicide which him and my family would run around saying it was my fault for the way I treated her. Yet aside from the minimal contact it would be impossible. And if I was so god aweful abusive to her and she really did, then I would imagine something like me picking my nose would push her to her end. But from what I’ve seen, I am sure it was a scam and a way for my friends and family to pin more lies on me to remove me from society.

After this, I think a long time went by for years. Where things were coming to light. After I had been hunted all day and night for maybe like 5 years or so. world wide terror torcher campaign to end my life. Got severely sick while watching millions try to kill me for no reason and still goes on to this day while the masses try to cover it up.

I don’t know if you can imagine what every aspect of your life, careers, and finding out 1000’s of things from the age 10 – maybe 38. Every aspect of your life coming to light that you thought was normal that was a setup, mental illness tactic, you name it, world wide to kill you, while watching 10,000 people per day working on you all day and night to cover it up. You live in severe isolation, terror, and severe lonelyness because nobuddy will tell you what is going on. And you are not allowed to have any conversations with strangers, any friends, no family, not even a meaningless purchase without being attacked and millions trying to kill you all day and night. And telling you, that you are imagining it. or it’s somehow your fault, but won’t tell you specifically why, because they know, you will call their bluff of lies.

So realizing that your life is gone and trying to survive enough, just to function while millions are trying to kill you for no reason. My mentality changed a little from mostly being about business  and probably a little too professional. to wanting to have at least some kind of social interactions, weather it be superficial,  or meeting real friends and such at places like coffee shops, or hobbies, and such. Or even social network interactions which everyone loves.

Which I always had, but was a lot harder to focus on work with a world wide massecre since 10.

So while signing up to social networks. And once again, world being told I’m committing crimes for being somewhat social on social networks And adding people, and hoping vice versa while being hunted and told I’m a monster and am not allowed to have friends, relationships, talk to people, as well as my hypocrites stalking and their “Don’t blur the lines mentality” which is impossible because that is not how life works while hunting me down. Pus, the fact that they bring in all these things from my life that don’t exist, and then tell me, I am not professional for addressing them or defending myself.

This is one of their biggest tactics. You sit in an office all day, while provoked over 100 times a day in this office. each provoke is some suggestive message that I have done this or that. And if you say one thing. People Like Lorena Escobar, orchestrating this, try to immobilize and torcher campaign will say. “You are not professional and this needs to stop” Not allowing me to defend myself or address the issue. Because nothing is said directly and they are setups. So if you say nothing they never stop, and if you say something, they say your a problem and creating issues. These types of tactics have been going on since 10 years old, and then they try to cover them up, saying it’s because of me. Which are clearly premeditated and well thought out.

I can recall, Alexis Amore asking everyone on her twitter to visit her at Bobs Classy Lady. And of course, thinking she was nice, kind, professional, and driven, I figured why not, I will show my fan support I guess you call it. Of course, if you invite people places, how can they be following you? but of course, they manage to spin that one too.

I can recall going there.

Pretty much still in a state of shock as to what was going on, and not really being able to understand or comprehend it. While afraid to talk to anyone or say anything from the state of my health and what was going on.

I can recall going in. Instantly being harassed by the bouncers. Had no clue why. Harassed by several people. and watched her do a few dances. And briefly wanted to go up and say hi. As I was extremely nervous and shy, because I had no clue what the hell was going on. And like the old me, didn’t want to offend anyone. Which was strange because everyone wanted me dead.

So I spoke to her for a couple of minutes, practically studdering from being for screwed up from everything and wanting to be polite, but not knowing what to say. That was it. I think she then was with a guy, or regular, that she wanted to spend some time with, which of course did not make me jealous and I just go ahead and tip and be polite friendly to others. Although, it sort of seemed, and I am not making this judgement except saying seemed. Like she had a smirky, I want to make you jealous type of thing going on. But I never put a conclusion to it because I rarely make judgements without enough logical or factual data to support the conclusion, and said. It doesn’t matter and I’m leaving after a few girls dance, etc. And that was it.

And of course, leaving, being harassed by the employees and bouncers once again. Which is world wide, all day and night. never stops. And not one person can actually tell me what this whole thing is about. Because non of it makes sense, because everything is a blatant lie to begin with.

At one point around this time, I could sense the weirdness from her, but didn’t know what was going on. And like a decent person that I’ve always been. And sure, some attraction, I am a guy. Especially at this point where everything In my life was destroyed, I tried to flirtingly addressing the issue sending a joking contract saying “You are invited to discuss, your issues” or something. Because It seemed like she was really mad about something. And I figured, maybe get to the bottom of it. But little did I know, what was really going on.

Of course she responded with a hidden message about look at my ass or something. Which seems to be based on my brother and friends going on his road rages and getting cars and people to chase them, then going ballistic on them. But to this day, I am confused why they are mad at me for what he is doing. But that seems to be the pattern of behaviors from people based on everything anyone around me has done since 10, for some reason seems to be pinned on me in the LAUNDRY LIST. So while endless people give me ass hints. I have no clue to this day, what it means, other then my brothers road rage. And I need to be killed for everyone elses crap.

After this, I can recall going to Adultcon in Los Angeles. Still freaked out, not knowing what was going on, or why, and not being able to comprehend why the world wanted me dead for no reason. I figured I’d go anyways. Despite the fact these people wanted me dead for being nice to them, and providing services that they could benefit from. Alexis Amore found out I was going and notified everyone she was going after this as I think she joined some friends or company she knew booth. As I was going up to everyone’s booth, introducing myself, passing out my cards, trying to talk to people such as some body painting booth for photo shoots as I got a really mean look I can recall talking to them. And for some reason people getting mad at me for being social or promoting myself which is what you do at conventions. Go from booth to booth, see who is who. And exchange services, or you benefit from theirs. And how you everyone can benefit.

I can also recall going up to Yurizan Beltrans booth, which for some reason, we had never met, talked or anything else, and when I went up to the booth she had a scared look. I did not know what to say, nor did I say much. Took a card and left. Of course not saying anything mean. Probably the extent was something like. Your sweet yurizon. As she gave me a card and and I said I would check out the website. That was the extent of it.

I can recall briefly going up to Alexis Amore with a photoshoot idea and giving her my card. But I didn’t say much from how I was treated at Bobs Classy Lady from everyone there. And of course was very professional and like usual nothing mean said despite what this smear operation is telling the world. I remember the guy she was with, bouncer or friend, not sure. Got mad even though I didn’t say anything, like usual,  and said something like well go to Jaylene Rio’s booth. Another hispanic porn star. And Alexis saying something to him, seemed like she was telling him to be quiet. I’m not sure. But it seems that I have endless people trying to manipulate me into situations like this as well to try to set me up. Who knows, maybe they knew I went to Yurizan’s booth and she was jealous of me, even they she pretends she does not know me or is interested in me. Yet, seems to have some weird secret interest in me, but I don’t know someone who follows someone around from place to place for 20 years trying to get them to like them, and pretend they don’t know them, tell everyone you are obsessed and in love with them, especially when AMORE means love, and they use names to try to create or make it look like I have Paranoid Schitzofrenia. But of course, nothing was said to Yurizan about dating. Not even much at all. So how does one go from absolutly nothing. From walking up to a booth to this or that. Especially when I’ve walked up to 100’s of booths. So now one could have a lie for each booth based on, not one thing said or done. And what’s weirder, is after all these endless types of things, then they reverse it and say I am crazy, obsessed in love and think everyone is my friend. Or you could say, she’s Brazilian, so maybe she’s Julia Sophia Reynoso, some IRC person who was pretending to be crazy, hunting me down, and trying to set me up trying to smear my name, or make it look I was going after her with Rodie Morales and Mike Huntley. But that would be every girl from Brazil playing the same game to make try to make me crazy. But then, wasn’t that Italian Girl Mila, also the brazilian girl. I guess they left out the facts to the world that she was Italian and not Brazilian which would make that imaginary stalking impossible as well.

Across from them, I bought a T-shirt and the guy was pissed and started attacking me for no reason like usual as if I had wronged her.

Of course, I have no clue what all the animosity of these people is about. I think I might have some rumors where I’m trying to pick up two Mexican girls in the same convention or something, but the reality is I am at a convention and going from booth to booth, and nobuddy has been asked out. So I have no clue how a brief simple sentence or two goes into elaborate stories well thought out stories based on zero facts or things happening. And this is every specific detail of my life from 10 years old given to the world which shows exactly what this operation really is.

Because everyone in my life, I’ve been as nice as can be, and I have no clue what their rage issues really are because it doesn’t make any sense. Except them collecting things like a practical joke or something that everyone does, and somehow strategically taking each detail from my life and taking it out of context and giving it to the world somehow managing to turn it into a crime to rile the masses to end my life. Which makes no sense that everyone would be doing this.

Example. Going out on a few dates with a girl and saying. Well, it’s not working somehow equals. Your are stalking me, are a skull fucking and trying to make me mentally ill and kill me. And the coincidentally given to the world on funded smear operations is pretty damn strange. Especially when it’s almost every detail of your life.

Needless to say, while these people, and mass groups are on my social networks, everyone seems to want me dead. But like usual, no legit reasons except things that don’t matter. At this point, I can recall Lorena Escobar setting up an appointment for me down in Pomona.

And Lorena Escobar seems to be interwoven into all the lies, setups, smears, and terror operations for the last 25 years since my father hired her. Her lies and smears, and endless attempted setups with women from when I was in Oregon, Colorado, in college and back to California, every single place I go, you name it.

And the sicker they try to make me, the more they try to use it as leverage. So if you have to defend yourself in any way. It’s “See, I told you so” which obviously is a reaction to defend. Just like my brother saying I tried to kill him with a knife, to coverup his endless physical attacks. And he damn well knows I didn’t try to kill him, nor was their even any blood, or physical contact. Because I passively scared him by dropping it to the ground. As if a warm convo with coffee about why he keeps attacking me is going to happen instead.

The one thing you need to realize, is that while these people are trying to set me up. They are using every resource to track me. From hacking into my computer, or using spyware to try to collect dirt. But they also play both sides of the fence. Also, as they do these things, they well use their smear pedistole to make it look justified by saying. “Well kevin is a hacker and spying on people so it’s ok” of course we all know, I have no concept on how to hack. Not only that. These claims are based when my computer knowledge was pretty much, how to create art in programs like 3d studio, or photoshop and had no IT experience. Pretty much just an art background and how to use the internet.

Now this is no coincidence. To give you an example. When I was friends with Rodie, he called me up, gave me his login information, and asked me to check his email for him because he was driving. And while these same people with Rodie, Mike, Lorena, working togethor collecting the computer information as they say, to keep me inline to cover up their murder campaign. They just take my actions of logging into Rodie’s email, saying look everyone! Kevin is hacking Rodies account and spying on him. If i can even get to a point to talk about the situation which I am told nobuddy cares. Which is a lie, they will then try to cover it up by saying things like. I hope you learned your lesson for doing what you did. As if I did something wrong by helping a friend in need.

Well guess what? Jenn Hess out of her endless setups did the same exact thing to me. What are the chances? So you can understand what is really going on with these all day and night world wide setups to try to rid me of the world. You get the idea of what actually is really going on, and has since 10 years old.

For example. The day that I went down to Pomona for an apointment that Lorena Escobar had set up for me, the same exact day, Alexis Amore starts spouting on her twitter that she is going to Pomona. And the fact that everywhere I go in the world their are mass world wide networks. Everywhere I will go, people will know me. of course pretend they don’t, showing me their is  And most people on social networks and world wide, will know where I am instantly, because of this demented terror system built around me to end my life for no reason.

So, you can imagine. Lorena setting up an apointment. Alexis broadcasting where she is going to the world. And then me hopping in my car, while the world is keeping tabs on me, and where I go. So, what does it look like, to the people who aren’t told that Lorena made this appointment for me with clear and obvious intent to set me up and smear my name. And there is no, if, then, but, if that is intentional setup. Because why would you have secret networks world wide in the first place. Especially after you notice this type of thing is done over and over for 30 years.

Since my brother would attack me, and then make up lies to the world if I reacted and such saying I suffer from anger and rage. Well it’s notmal to be angry when attacked. But it’s not normal to attack and be angry for no reason.

After this, I finally started to see the Patterns of setups, as well as the worlds endless trolling to try to make it look like I am angry, or the endless cry wolfs from people world wide making up lies I did this or that, to rile the world even more. Especially since every single girl who has ever been in my presence has been given setup tactics to try to figure out ways to passive aggressively to try to make me angry. And one sequentially after the next my whole life. The motive is obvious. Make him mad, and turn it around on him and show the world he is a monster, and kill him.

So of course, from this point on, every one of Alexis’s social posts for endless years, has hidden trolling messages directed at me for the masses and has taken part heavily in all these psychological warfare tactics, which pretty much happens world wide with anyone. And any sicko control freak will say. If they don’t like you, go to someone else, you suffer obsession. But what they leave out, is that if it is each and every person world wide. Then you are being setup. Because no matter who you are interested in, you will be in the same situation. Just like what was happening to try to get food and supermarkets or restaurants. They would try to  say, You have a problem, if you don’t like it here, why do you come here? and the answer is pretty simple. I need to eat, and if I don’t eat, I die. And if you do this at every place in the world, you intent is to make me die.

Now what gets weirder after this is. While this person is going crazy on me, as well as each and every other. Endless people are trying to manipulate me into going to her events. And I can’t count the events and amount of people working on me there were so many. But the question of why they are doing this is odd. Because if I am sharking her, or whatever? I hate her?  Then why does she and her friends want to trick me into going there to see her? Or better yet, why do they even care. Why wouldn’t they just let me go off and live my life and she could live hers, And if this person liked me, they would just ask me. And the very act of strangers trying to manipulate you indirectly is beyond any level of spooky imaginable. or if I am a horrible monster, why are they trying to get me there so bad, and over and over. And the answer is simple.

Because they are trying to make me look like a crazy obsessed stalker who won’t leave people alone, or I’m out of reality, or this, or that. Because the ultimate goal is to remove me from society with the masses.

Now these attempts go on and on for years. And she spends her entire time following me around with this mass info collection network. doing weird abusive things. And then of course, it’s I have no clue who you are attitude as If I am going to believe that. And that shows, that is to only make me look crazier on any level imaginable to end my life or try to set me up, to remove me from society.

These people know their is nothing I have done to them. Just like my brothers endless lies and claims supported by my family since 10 years old. These are all operations to remove me from society, by lies, smears, attempted setups, coverups, you name it.

And there seems to be this common pattern with people. I want you to like me so I can destroy your life over and over.

The bottom line is that nobuddy in their right mind would do these things, and nobuddy would support them. And so their is ulterior motives in all these things clear and simple. And they need to cover the whole operation up. He’s crazy, he’s obsessed, he can’t move on, he demands perfection, he only dates models, he suffers from anger and rage, he’s a women beater, he’s paranoid schitzo, he committed a crime, it’s what he’s doing in his home,  it’s his personality, he can’t see himself, etc. These things are said to leverage and we all know it.

For details on this 30 year campaign to end my life with government, police, social workers, started by my family, with the masses world wide, you can go to

My World Wide Targeting info


Related incidents

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LAPD  setup attempts and Arrests case re-opened for more intimidation –

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life #cnnireport  #FoxNews  –

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics #cnnireport –

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

The police report Brain Washing Double Standard tactic to stop me from getting help or the truth from coming out

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know  –

Metro Complex Security Guard trying to Mace me on Public Property    –

Same setup tactics of my fathers X-Wife Janet Nordet put in Jail being done to me, and trying to cover it up, using their comment section to rile communities against me with Aubrey Fisher to create mental illness and end my life with world wide support stop me from making money or pursueing photography even as a hobby –

Endlessly attacked at all Starbucks world wide from Assault, Endless false claims to corporate, endless brutal mobbings with mass groups with passive aggressive tactics, and even trying to force me into signing fake contracts admitting to the lies saying If I want to stay at a Starbucks I have to admit to these lies –

The People in the Metro complex. and my complex for that matter as from my endless blogs have launched a compain to try to create mental illness, make me look crazy and remove me from society.

This is an ongoing endless 30 year all day and night psychological warfare and terror campaign started when I was 10 years old claiming I have committed some crime.

My entire life has been endless setups and mass groups working on me to try to provoke me into reactions to try to set me up to give to the world ignoring their endless setups, terror tactics, you name it.

I have endlessly since I found out 14 years ago asked them what this was about, what their problem was, and to stop. Their answer? I don’t know what you talking about, while a few breaking in anger and saying I’ve committed some crime.

Who knows, Maybe I J-walked and they want me dead. Point being. They are the ones committing endless all day and night attempts to make me mentally ill, push me to suicide, or try to remove me from society. They refuse to stop.

So I take pictures and post as many blogs showing what they are doing. Obviously, sicko murderers don’t like people telling them to stop or leave them alone. They want what they want, me dead, and they have riled a world wide all day and night terror/torture campaign to do it with the masses. Starting with my family, my brother, his friends, my friends social workers and government, riling up a world wide slaughter campaign and refuse to deal with their insecurities.

So obviously, lying murdering thug trash does not like people standing up to them and speaking out. So I document their endless crimes, and show the people what my accusers, who can’t specifically tell me what this 10 year old crime is. Who I don’t even know, and let everyone know what is really going on.

But they do not like me speaking out about it. As I guess since this is attempted murder. They don’t want to go to jail. So one of their methods of trying to keep me scared and quiet, is to go around collecting the cards I pass out. And try to jamb them into the cracks of my car. They endlessly workin the windows trying to jam the mechanisms. But of course they can’t. Because despite some of their desperate lies that one of my cards has caused damage.

Just like that feather broke someones skull, this is one of their pathetic excuses to justify trying to thug me quiet. But you will notice, this is done over and over, and my windows still work, which I sure makes them IRATE. This lie was started  by a girl named Elsie Sandoval our office manager. Who also claims I have hit her. Amongst endless other lies.


While this isn’t their only thing they are doing out of their desperate guilt to try to keep me quiet. This is this morning. A common attempt to try to terrorize me quiet.

P1180959 P1180888 P1180943 P1180946 P1180958

And then finally, after doing this type of thing, aside from their real crimes of working on me with mass world wide groups all day and night to end my life they try this one

P1180959 P1180960

You know that, me and 1000 people are going to hit you in the head with baseball bats types, and if you try to stop us we will call the police on you for your cimes. This is that type of bullying cowards.

Who can’t understand that stalking someone all day and night with clear intent to kill, is the issue, and they refuse to stop. For they look for angles or ways to try to set their targets up to cover up their crimes.

This is just a small example of what they are doing and their mentality, but their real motive is to obviously, end my life

For details on this 30 year murder campaign you can go to

Tonight I went out for a walk. As I went out, I noticed several people were waiting for me. As I walked by a security guard I tried to be nice, which I knew would be pointless, because of my families, 30 year campaign to end my life with the police and masses using people like Lorena Escobar, Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Jen Hess, Julia Sophia, the list is endless and in the 1000’s

When I said hi to him, he said “How are you” and I said “good”, as I walked by, he started humming, a common tactic people world wide are told to do if they see me. Because if random strangers world wide hummm, when they see you, it creates paranoia, and mental illness.

This all seemed to start because my family didn’t want me listening to bands like Guns and Roses, or Cherry Poppin Daddys’s saying I have somehow committed a crime, or by listening to those bands shows I’m somehow a shady person.

Once again if you saw my previous blogs about Lorena Escobar sent after me to tell the world endless lies to dictate my life whenever I do something it will make more sense.

They don’t want me listening to that music, Now people are told lies world wide and in secret.  As I round the corner, a guy and girl are talking. And she starts spinning her keys when she sees me. This was done last week started by Lorena escobar and severl people who saw me last week. Strangers. I believe to send me a message, she is going to spin me or race my mind and create mental illness.

After this, Her with George escobar hard several strangers follow me to several coffee shops doing such things as coming in and saluting when they saw me. Because they want to send hidden message, create mental illness and paranoia. Also, she had strangers following me wearing the same clothing as well.

When I got to the end of the street, I noticed one of the Metro complex pulled out a Lexus and parked it by me which you will notice, from my other blogs, for years, they keep parking Lexus’s in groups, in front of where I walk out, to hint and suggest about a Porn Star Alexus amore, who they were trying to make it look like I was stalking. Endless setups to get me to go to strip clubs where she was. Starting with Rodie taking me to one, to her manager calling me at another and asking me to come down and look at their computers. To Lorena setting up an apointment in Pomona while they had people collecting my life to use against me as Alexus announces that day on twitter she is going to Pomona. To make it look like I am stalking her.

After, this, a Cop parked his car across from the Lexus. Because the cops are responsible and have been involved in these operations since day 1, from around 10 years old working with the government, teachers, social workers, and my family to remove me from society. With such elaborate claims as I suffer from anger, rage, am out of control, and need to be watched and such.

When I walk back, 2 people come out of the Metro complex seperatly, wearing solid black pants and solid white shirt.  They started doing this after I started passing out cards which shows the endless crimes being committed against me. And since they are trying to create mental illness and tell everyone I am crazy to cover up the crimes.

And I spoke with someone else pretending he didn’t know me and was working some of the mental illness tactics. One of the things he said to me was “Tell me about yourself” and couple of hours later someone on facebook with a fake profile messages me and says “Tell me about you?” doing the pattern of 2 tactics which has endlessly been done to me since 10 years old. 2 same cars, 2 people with same names, things like this. Over and over until it is no longer a coincidence.

The action of mass groups coming in in black and white for speaking out about what is being done, to try to create mental illness is obvious that they are doing it to try to thug me quiet with the mental illness campaign.

These tactics to make me sick have been going on my whole life and it starts with me speaking out about my brothers endless bullying as a child, and my family getting mad at me for it instead of stopping it.

But this last week, the attacks have ramped up, since I told my father that Lorena was responsible for smearing my name and sabotaging all my business ventures. And they got mad at me for speaking out about it. Hence to psychological stalking to try to keep me quiet once again.

The one thing I noticed is that the mental illness campaign had been going on my entire life, but things really got bad for me when I started to notice something was wrong, and that something illegal was going on.

To find out that not only that what is going on, is illegal government, police social worker activities, but a mass world wide extermination campaign for whatever motive. I committed a crime because they don’t trust me with their profiling. which doesn’t tell you anything because people don’t commit crimes, until they commit a crime. And you can’t put someone in jail because you don’t trust them or think they are going to commit a crime.

Just like Mike Huntley saying to me “I had better live a careful life” and hints about him derailing me from something, which was just one of his elaborate smear tactics in the 1000’s. With his, “You are out of control” but of course haven’t done anything.

But to these people, and my family, Out of Control might mean. You asked out too many women and you committed a crime. But the reality is. You ask out women until one says yes. So it would be impossible to commit the crime.

But since my targeters all have psychology degrees, I am sure they know how to word things in such ways to make it appear like a problem.

Notice, these things happen all day and every day. These are covert mental illness and terror tactics world wide to torture me quiet or remove me from society from a sick demented family working with the corrupt part of the government, corrupt media outlets with government agendas and such.

It clearly starts with my family, but police, and government with mass world wide support since 10 years old has been organized and conspired for the purpose to remove me from society since 10 years old.

Another way to put it is. Anything they don’t want me doing they have people stalk me with mental illness tactics, and then say, look, he suffers from mental illness or is crazy. This is one of many tactics, but a big one. Because they know, at the age 29, before I found out what they were doing.

I was beyond any level of mentally stable, as well as physically stable. And they are doing everything imaginable to cover their crimes up and make it look like I am the problem

For more details,

You can go to


This has been going on all day and night since I was hired something like 14 years ago, is now world wide since she was hired,here at this company with these people, then discriminated against and fired for speaking out what was being done to me, so Lorena can keep her job and continue her illegal activities.

And after being fired, people are still following me from place to place to try to intimidate me me quiet. She also was involved in this way before I was even hired at this company, following me to colorado while in college, working with women to try to set me up as well.

Just one of the endless office frame job attempts with a black girl Elita pretending to be paranoid and saying I was doing it to her

The Elita Golden State employee frame job –



Patti Googin10391991_10207121418265524_371051989366372294_n

Lorena Escobar



Gwen Suazo


Shanna Briantseva


Elsie Sandoval

Some links about her involvement

Due to the nature of a campaign started at 10 years old to hunt you down for no actual reason and end your life out of a families hate and rage with government support because they just want to dictate my life and smear my name to rile the world wide masses to do their dirty work it is hard to know where it starts, ends, etc.

Their is not one person doing this 30 year murder campaign but an organizied world wide campaign with full government support using their resources as well as the masses working togethor.

Clearly this starts from my racisit closed minded family who doesn’t like me being different from them and try to tell me I have to be a perfect person or they will hunt me with covert operations and their so called “LAUNDRY LIST” to clean me up saying such things as dating black women is a crime. And getting into arguements, or breaking up with women they try to force on you is somehow crimes and I need to be cleaned up.

The I’m a horrible monster and I need to be watched and tortured into a good person is just an elaborate excuse my family and the masses use to justify their real agendas. Which really seem to be. How do I go out and live my life, do those things they deem wrong, don’t understand, or don’t like which are perfectly legal, and nobuddy has any problem with it, unless it’s me.

It’s hard to say, what the exact motive of this operation is about, but clearly, removing me from society seems to be the motive. Rile the masses against me, terrorize me, torture me, every single person make up an excuse why they are doing it as if it is ok, and then hunt me with world wide covert terror operations telling me it’s somehow my fault with suggestive messages and ending my life.

The goal is to torture me to the point I kill myself, or they can try to push me out of control working with the police to try to do so. Despite the fact their is obviosly nothing I have done wrong. Even if I had a world wide campaign since 10 years old to kill me is a violation of civil rights, and clear government and family covert operations to end my life since 10 years old.

I do not know why. I just know that I come from a racist white surpremecist family that is mad at me for things like. Liking black women, liking person women, asking out a stripper, building adult websites, creating art, you name it.

Anything that is different from that covert mainstream, white callar label or anything less then their class.

So, their anger and rage seems to stem from me being different. Example, At 16 I get into building cars, and while living in a rich neighborhood, my family didn’t like me for buying $300 car, putting an engine in it, and driving it. I’m guessing I don’t look like the average 16 year old with their new BMW and how dare I. I’m an embarrassment and they are ashamed.

So they decided they need to stop me with their mental illness tactics and smear operations. I can remember some of my mothers earlier world wide smears. That I hid the neighborhood kid Josh Burnum in the head. I can’t imagine why my mother would make up lies like this is then fund world wide smear operations. But it is clearly hate and rage.

Anyways, lets get back to some of the these people in my fathers office. Lorena Escobar, Patty Googin, Gwen Suazo.

In the office I am guessing the are about 25 people. And all have been involved in this 30 year covert all day and night mental illness mobbing since 10 years old. But, I want to talk about my teen years. When I was around 16 and getting into building cars.

As I said earlier. My family did not like this. It was a crime that I needed to be cleaned up. So, in the Office was Lorena Escobar. I believe at that point. She was an X-ray tech. Lorena is not an educated person. I am not speaking down about uneducated people. But she has no college degree. She has no business experience. She knows some things about their day to day work comp medical business, but that is about it. She is not a proactive person. She is not a visionary. She is closed minded and to this day, refuses to do simple paperless office things like email attachments, or scanning as she says that it take longer then print outs and faxing.

She runs around claiming she can get jobs paying 400,000/yr. but I do not believe any legit company would pay her a thing as she has no background, education, or anything to provide to any real company. She might be able to find a niche work comp medical company and get a job for under 100K if she was lucky, but I doubt it.

Lorena has other talents though. She is a liar, and manipulator, a smear campaigner, murderer, and will pay of people to commit crimes. Their is no low she won’t go for money. Lorena doesn’t actually do much from her daily operations in the office. And we have a 2nd office manager who actually does the work. 90% of Lorena’s time is following me from place to place. Keeping tabs on everything I do. And if she or my father don’t approve of it. She works with people to try to set me up and smear my name. Not only this, she adopts my families covert psychological warfare and mental illness tactics to inflict psychological pain for punishment. Example, You dated someone we don’t approve of, now we are going to have people follow you around terrorizing you. Maybe it’s 100 people per day walking by and whistling at you. For years she had half the office walk behind and whistle all day as they got in a 10 foot radius, while she walked around singing welcome to the jungle to threaten me.

These are all tactics my family came up with when I was a child to figure out ways to dictate my life. The same reason my father would buy shock collars for his dog. Because in my family, they inflict pain to try to get you to do what they want. Their is no communication.

This is the real reason Lorena Escobar was hired. This is her job. Lorena Escobar seems to have all the knowledge and information of all my relationships, from Oregon to Colorado. And all the spooky things that were being done to me which were all setups and smear operations.

Example, Meeting a girl named skylar on the IRC internet who later on, I found out was trying to make me look crazy. Not only this, she and Lorena were working with the police to try to scare me into confessions. They were working on every angle imaginable. And when I realized that this skylar wasn’t a good person. I believe this person told me. “If you want to be my friend, I’m going to treat you like shit” I walked away from this person. But years later Lorena Escobar was hunting me down with the masses saying I was playing mind games with her, and treating her like crap and that is how I treat women, to coverup Skylar (Stephanie’s) police operations to try to set me up, scare me into false confessions. So Lorena went around with these people saying things like. See what I did to this person, etc, working with the police.

It was a coverup, just like the 1000’s of other operations they were involved in. After they did this over and over trying to reinforce their lies and smears. As it didn’t matter how nice, kind genereous I was, Lorena wowuld go around with World Wide Smear operations saying things like. See look what I did to this person. It’s my internet past, etc.

Why was this done? it is simple. Lorena and my family did not like me meeting people off the Internet. I would chat with people on IRC, then we would meet at parties, etc. Just like today, game groups, or social groups all meet off the internet. Or even Internet Date services. But because my family are close minded racists and control freaks.

It was deemed unacceptible that I do this, which is now a norm, and my punishment, or their pain infliction is to have mass world wide terror operations with millions of people working on me all day and night from Lorena and my families lies. to inflict pain, to “CLEAN ME UP” while they walk around saying. It’s your fault. the internet is a shady place, I hope you learned your lesson. etc.

This didn’t just happen with the internet. When I got into building cars, I bought a $600 1971 barracuda, and I spent all day and night in my father file room working until my fingers practically bleed to buy a 426 hemi. In return for this, what my family deems reckless and a crime, or out of control. My punishment, was for Lorena Escobar, Patti Googin and my father to tell the world, I had stolen 10,000 dollars from him.

A normal father would have been beyond proud of this son for working his ass off for a vision and trying to make it happen. But I come from a family of sick demented racisit psychotics.

Once again, the punishment for doing something my family didn’t approve of was to tell the world I am a criminal, have the masses and police hunt me for the confessions, and say. I hope you learned your lesson for what you did.

When I was young, Patty Googin was always chatty and seemed like a decent person. I can recall creating art, giving it to her. Or just talking about things like music and such. It’s all pretty vague it was so long ago. But after Lorena hired me back around 34 years old or something. Patty was still there.

And now things were coming out that I could not conceive of.  Patty was using my art trying to say they were acts of confessions. Not only this, but patty was into music, yet she and my family were mad at me for listening to music. They were mad at me because some of the names of the bands I don’t believe they approved of. Example, They were coming after me for buying Guns and Roses albums, or singing songs.

Can you imagine? Guns and Roses is a vulgar name, you are shady, can’t be trusted, you committed a crime, we are going to clean you up? At one point when I moved to Oregon. Two people befriended me after buying a joke shirt at the same time.

I bought I shirt I saw someone wearing last month in hermosa beach. It said “Lords Gym, you pain, his gain” after this. Two people under the deress of my family and the police came after me at the same time. Eric Christianson, and Sherri Christianson. From the dorm across from mine.


A shirt that you can even get at the Christian Store

showing that normal rational sane people know it’s just a joke. And it’s not something that world wide groups get togethor and kill people over. Maybe some psychotic loon, but not a mass conspiracy over. Even the christianbook Store, knows it’s a joke.


They I believe then started making up lies how I wronged them while becoming my friend and hunting me down with smear operations, and attempted setups. One of Eric’s profiling tactics was to show me a band called “Cherry Poppin Daddy’s” although the name is vulgar and some of the songs were vulger or about abusive fathers, They were a damn good band and I liked them.

After this, Patty Googin, Lorena Escobar, Eric Christianson started working on the. I’m a pedaphile, because I liked the band. As well as other various smears.

Once again, what is going on? well normally nobuddy would care, unless your so conservative that you say rock and roll is devil worship. Hence my family. So once again, they want to punish me and “CLEAN ME UP” for this so called horrible choice in life which nobuddy could remotely care about unless they were nutjobs. So they start profiling me telling the world I am a pedaphile, or that I am violant because I like the music, etc.

Now, there is nothing I have done wrong. But Patty googin would then try to take my artwork, with the music I listen too, using it as leverage making up every lie imagineable. If I was in a good mood and sang. They would say I was threatening people. If I created art, they would say they were confessions of guilt, or it should this or that about me.

But this wasn’t gossip and drama. These are world wide funded smear operations about my life to the masses world wide. Because you could got through anyones music they listen too and say anything. But the lies were being told? why?

Clearly, because my family wanted me to be like them. Listen to frank sinatra, he is wholesome. etc. Then I am a good person. But the reality is. Nobuddy could care about these things. Unless being presented in such ways to smear my name. And the question of why would you fund an operation to do so.

After I was hired at around 34, Lorena, and patti worked on me 24/7 with every terror mental illness tactic imagineable. At one point, Patty was demanding a confession from me. But yet, in covert hinting messages. And like usual, nothing directly asked. So she wanted to know if I had done it. But to this day I don’t know what “It” is. All I know is they started on me at 10 years old and won’t specifically say why they have been hunting me all day and night.

When you step back. It’s not about anything I had done. It’s about inflicting pain in such a way to control, or punish. tell me who I have to be and do. And be a white surpremecist control freak like the rest of my family.

Eventually they staged an operation where someone pretended to steal some meds from the office and a girl on camera with a hood who knew where everything was, stole it on camera but never saw the face. My father would say it looks like Patti Googin, to try to get me to agree so he could use it against me but it didn’t work.

After this, people started following me to coffeeshops, and when they saw me would put their hoods up, inside showing it was about me. And them sending suggestive message.

Now in Comes Gwen Suazo. Lorena Escobar a while later hires this person Gwen Suazo. Who is friends with Patti Googin. Not only this. But while my family and Lorena are preaching that they think Patti stole the meds. And that she quit when asked about it. Lorena was still friends with Patti as if nothing had happened.

At one point, the old outdated dos based medical system crashed because it was so old and past it’s time. I said I couldn’t fix it it was so old and hacked to work with novell. I said nobuddy knows this system but patty. within an hour, Lorena has Patti text me. and she says “Do the right thing for your father”

I was not directly told to call patti. and the question of her texting me is strange. But it clearly showed that everything was lies, and elaborate attempts for some weird spooky things. Maybe she wanted me to have her look at the systems so they could say. Kevin let Patty into our systems. I do not know.

Now, since the moment Lorena had Gwen Suazo, come into our business from the first moment, she has been hunting me working with Patty, and Lorena. Lorena has her sit by me so she can try to figure out way to provoke me into anger. She will work every angle and tactics all day.

Everywhere I go, they have tabs on, collect it, hint about it, try to create mental illness. Gwen will stand up, walk by, as she does, sing to try to get reactions. Or sometimes, use lyrics to threaten. She will mimick things in 2’s or 3’s over and over.  You name it, the list of things are endless and in my tactics list. Of course it is not just Gwen, but the rest of the office work on me all day and night as well. But Gwen seems to be more tied into Lorena and Patti.

Eventually Gwen will try to get reactions or confessions to her setups. And her motive is obvious. the same motive as always. Work on me all day and night. Which has been going on world wide since 10 years old. Get a reaction, then use it against me crying wolf. Look at what Kevin did to me.

Same tactics Lorena, Patty, all their friends, and people sent after me for the last 30 years are trying to do.


This is just an example of what has gone on every day every time I’ve ever been to our office since the first day hired. The terror operations go from thing to thing and never stop. This is world wide, but this give you an example, and I am guessing this now has been at least 10 years, every time. in just this office alone.


Information goes from this office, to the world and back. To give you an example, 100’s of strangers per day pull their cars in the business parking lot alone, directed at me to create mental illness. From the same types of cars parked in 2’s over and over, or parked backwards or crooked. All based around in me in argument that I once parked my car crooked or imperfect, or I once parked my car backwards.

To give you an idea of what happens when I go outside. Weather it be to leave, to take a smoke break, you name it. People are waiting for me in cars trying to intimidate me. Parking cars crooked, or in patterns of 2’s. Some people will get togethor parking the same cars in 2’s like at my house. Some backwards. and some backwards in 2’s. Sometimes mass groups with no plates will park their cars. And sometimes it will just be them using the names to create hidden messages to try to create schitzofrenia. This is not a small group doing this. This is done all day and night forever. Started at the age 9 years old. But not only that. There are 1000”s of these tactics directed at me. I just mentioned a few. This never stops. It goes all day and night 24/7 until I am dead. And at any other place I go in the world, people will then start doing it there as well. A lot of times, people on social networks will know I stepped outside, and start posting hidden subtweets directed at me to let me know they are watching me. Things like this to create paranoia, and mental illness. And these people are world wide. Meaning that the data wherever I go in the world is being given out to the world to take turns on me with this mental illness campaign. These pictures is just me stepping out for a couple of minutes a few times. But this goes on all day and night. And has my entire life.

Also, when they kept making up endless lies about me to get me fired, I blocked them, I did this to them, I did that to them, I am trying to take over the company. every lie known to man. But never was it. This doesn’t work, can you fix it. Which is how things normally are.

So we had to put up a trouble Ticket system to prove that 99% of what was said were lies. Because their argument was. That they could not work. So I wanted a system to show and document what was really broken and the time it took to fix. Showing that, their is no real issue. It was all people getting togethor just making up lie after lie about me showing their discrimination and hate towards me. Which was the first second I was hired by Lorena approaching me, and asking me to work there, and I walked in the door.

And once their was a system showing the TRUTH, they used the system as a mental illness weapon towards me. As you can see in the trouble ticket system how they don’t post once, but in patterns like 2’s and 3’s. As you will see they have been doing with the cars in front of my house, and office parking lot as well for over 16 years.


bidcfdjb dfdehiii fagiaeej giddhbda gssmedical-ticket-pattern-2 hdbjfbdd


What they are doing with the cars outside the office. This is all day, every day, and directed towards me.


Patterns of 2’s










dsc03774 dsc03776

dsc03855 dsc03856

dsc03891 dsc03893

dsc03922 dsc03894


Sometimes across from each other if they can’t get the spot next to it


Also, 2 people waiting for me to leave at 5:00 pm sitting in their cars parked backwards


dsc03905 dsc03907

Parked Crooked

dsc03777 dsc03778 dsc03779


dsc03780 dsc03765 dsc03771 dsc03772

Schizophrenia Intimidation Thugging Tactics
dsc03782 dsc03785


There are several things going on here in these schitzofrenia thugging tactics. First, The bus which parked behind my car who was waiting for me left their lights on. This is done to me on a daily basis. People will wait for me at certain places, and if they see me, turn their lights on, or leave them on, letting me know, we are waiting for you, and watching you, in covert hidden messages to create terror, aggrivation, and the feeling of being watched. Also, it never ends, and them knowing the ramifications of what it would do to someone. Obviously thought up by people with psychology degrees which is why the psychology community has tried to blackmail me quiet for telling them and the police what I found out was being done to me. Also, Not only is there a school reference, but also, their is a man in a black trans am waiting for me trying to intimidate me. A very similar car to what I bought at the age 16 years old and worked on. So, they are trying to send me hidden messages about school, and me and cars. And then the man watching me as I go to my car to intimidate. Obviously the messages aren’t about anything specific. Just to create mental illness and kill.

But they are not just doing it at the office, Shanna has been notifying groups to follow me to every coffee shop I go to in the world and attacked with them. Elsie Sandoval is having people follow me to coffee shops while she tells the police I hit her. Also telling people over and over to walk by and run their hands through their hair. While their are 1000’s of these tactics. That is one example. They are also having people do these car parking tactics wherever I go.


But also, I have been told. For some odd reason, that I have to leave the country. And they are also doing this at my house and surrounding areas where I live.

in 2’a. Just a couple of pictures of what has been going on all day and night for 16 year every single day where I live.






dsc03955 dsc03958








dsc03936 dsc03945 dsc03946 dsc03947



While Lorena, sings “Welcome to the Jungle” belittles me saying I am too sensitive, and have no grasp on reality, and puts a tree at my desk. There are no other plants in the entire office, just the ones put at my desk, while having her family and friends, which are most of the employees take turns on me every few minutes for over 14 years and contact every person world wide I tried to work with to move on and get away from the company with.

As well as making up endless lies on daily basis and keep giving them out to the world in secret. My neighbors, the places I go, hobbies, Possible friends, Possible women to meet. You name it. A world wide Smear operation, with endless lies. While they just keep making up newer and newer lies.

AND! showing that they are working with CORRUPT police trying to keep me quiet. Just as an Officer who claimed his name was Officer Toro, from a latin person in college always saying “if you fuck with the bull, you get the horns” then the police hunting me because he said that. Which is strange that, they even know of that insignificant non criminal act. Showing their invovlement


Parked in 2’s about a Bike Smear they made up and gave to the world saying I hit a homeless man with a bike tire. Who they had squat in my apartment, not pay and rent, and move me out. Kind of like the movie Pacific Heights. When I went to university of Colorado.

They are also involved in paying off someone I believe to have been a prostitute named Jen Hess, working with Paul Humphry, Mike Huntley, Tom Farley, Lorena Escobar, to come in my life, try to endlessly set me up. Running around saying I would not leave her alone, although was pregnant with my baby, and by trying to address the issue, and get annoyed with the weird things she was doing like pretending she was schitzo, having my baby to sort of keep me around while telling everyone I would not leave her alone, to find out she was married cheating on her husband, and her telling the world I hit her with a mask on, and am breaking up her marriage, to cover up targeting me while Mike Huntley and Paul Humphrey were giving me bogus advice to try to get me to follow the wrong path and lead me into their setups to remove me from society. And when I moved on with my Life a person named Rodie Morales was sent after me by them, saying “lets go to strip clubs” and having some strippers say they danced down by the airport in the same city as she lived trying to make it look like I was trying to take over her territory which they have been doing these things to me since 9 years old since I became friends with some of my brothers friends which I guess he thinks is a violation of his space and a crime or something. Showing that when I moved on, they wanted to keep the lies and smears going while they frame me to the world.

They also had her do things like call me on the phone, as well as Rodie Morales doing this, and asking me to check their emails, giving me the login and passwords on the phone, and having people hacked into my computer collecting the fame jobs making it look like I was hacking her email accounts. obiously working with Lorena and the office, because they keep trying to torture and blackmail me into false confessions about it, to try to make it look like it was my fault. And it wasn’t elaborate setups. Especially with Lorena Sending an employee Adriana Olivarez after me telling the office “I am going to get the doctors son” while she befriended me for 6 years taking journalism classes and trying to get any info possible to use against me and give to the world. So she blasted lies and out of context information to the world with Lorena Escobar.

And these lies are from things of complete insignificance. Example. You screen name is Vertigo, so you are trying to make people mentally ill. Your servers name is Alcapone, so you are mobbing us. Your computers name is Shadow Cat, so you are shadowing us. A name Mike Huntley gave to me to use as he then helped with these lies. Do you no how many CB names, Screen Names, Computer Names alone I’ve had? especially building who knows how many computers? each and every single one was taken out of context, use and a lie and criminal accusation and given to the world, then saying I am schitzo. Nothing based on fact. Just Knit Picked lies from every aspect of how I sit, if I tap my foot, snap my fingers. All turned into lies and somehow given to the world that I did this or that to people from these things. Sound absurd, but when the world is given lie after lie on a daily basis to the world and you have a world wide campaign saying weird things like

“It is your behavior and you need to stop” really makes no sense. I parked backwards once. is it my behavior of not always being perfect a crime? But 100,000 people a day parking backwards directed at me saying I committed a crime sound RATIONAL? as freaky and unfathomable as the situation is. It is beyond any level of  demented known to man what she is doing and is involved in with her claims about everything in moderation! Meaning if you ever go back to the same restaurant more then once in your life, people will be waiting there for you with mental illness tactics. Things like this in every aspect of my life. If I smoke, if I smoke pot once, she will tell the world I am addicted to pot, and contact all the dispensaries. How she has the power to do this, I have no clue.

This type of thing, just from leaving my house to go to work is done about 70% of the time. Almost every day. Someone will be waiting outside for me, or by my car to try to provoke, intimidate, create paranoia. Sometimes they do things to send hidden messages to let me know they are stalking me. Example, after talking with a security guard who befriended me to help with these world wide 35 year operations, I was in mid sentance and snapped my fingers to make a point about something I was saying. The next day, coming home, a man was waiting for me. And as I got out the car, he sat, watched me, and snapped his fingers in front of me. Now these types of things are done to me all day and night, and have watched it now for 16 years since I found out. Stranger after stranger world wide will take part in this mass murder operation.

At one point. Lorena was trying to set me up saying, I am trying to take over the office. This was right after she hired me. I can recall a family friend named Debbie Grooveman calling me up to fix her sons computer. After I fixed it. Her son comes in harassing me with these tactics. So you know they are trying to figure out how to set me up for child abuse.

But after this, Debbie wants to talk to me. She goes into this whole song and dance how Lorena is worthless, and I need to take over and run the company. Of course I tell her the obvious. I have no clue about work comp medicine, nor do I care, or am I a doctor. I want to do bigger and better things. and this is just a stepping stone and I am gone.

But what was really going on, is Lorena was working with Debbie for a setup to try to manipulate me into a situation to use against me. Of course it did not work, but then Lorena had to cover up her lies saying that I am trying to take over the office.

And of course, me putting up a firewall. keeping the hackers out, which were working on me with mental illness tactics, and endless intrustions into the systems while Lorena was having people hack in to make me mentally ill was then called. Me taking over the company. Which I did what I was hired to do. And we all know it.

Not only this. Lorena would DEMAND, I take down the firewall when she got desperate, and when I would try to show her the endless hack attempts. She would say. I don’t want to see it and do what I say. But because I didn’t want to spend all day and night fixing the system over and over. it wasn’t acceptable.

Another thing they do, is they figure out exploit sites to try to go to. For example, they will go to a fake website, or some kind of spam hijacking link to office depot, and the firewall will see it is not legit and stop it. Instead of addressing their issues. It is “Kevin blocked us, and is stopping us from working” Now this is done intentionally. Especially after asking Leonor to send me the email link so I can make sure it was ok to go to. And she didn’t send me the email of course. But this is done over and over and they play stupid refusing to accept the obvious and then telling the masses, especially city and world wide. WHICH IS ODD! and civilly ILLEGAL! that I am doing this and that to them, and I think I am the Boss. And then I am attacked by strangers world wide, and told I am imagining it. I supposedly think differnty, and this is the way the world works. When we ll know it isn’t!

If I was Mark Zuckerberg with billions, that might be the case. And people don’t tell him they don’t know him while attacking him world wide.

So Lorena and the rest of the office would make up lies to try to get me fired. Kevin’s blocking us. Kevin won’t let people in from home. Kevin’s stopping us from making money. Eventually she shut up with her lies when I put logs on the system showing them logged in and working.

Their lies, could not beat the FACTS. But the fact that my father is playing stupid from the obvious of what he is paying these people to do is the sickist part.

Example. When shown video footage of half the office walking by and whistling to provoke me into situations. He would cover for them saying. Oh they are just happy. Knowing exactly what they are doing. Not only this. On some conversations with my father at lunch, I would call their bluff, and Lorena would look right at him waiting for feedback. Showing that he knew damn well what was going on.

Also, he takes part in the endless psychological bashing once in a while when he breaks and gets desperate. But then tries to go back into the stealth, I love you and I don’t know what your talking about mode.

I can tell you this. Lorena didn’t just take the job to hunt me and nobuddy knows what’s going on. Lorena was hired to hunt me and try to torture me into the life my father wants to dictate. She is getting paid, and I guarantee, she wouldn’t be doing it for sport or secret hate. Because nobuddy there would help her.

She is doing it because she was hired too. And she will make up any lies such as “Kevin is trying to take over the company” “Kevin is crazy” “Kevin is out of control”  “I am trying to protect the company”

and the first obvious is that the lie keeps changing. Well which one is it? is it because of skylar? or is it because I’m trying to take over the company? because the truth is. these are just made up lies which go from one thing to the next to rile people up against me. That is why I am accused of 1000’s of lies world wide.

Anyways, these specifics of what is being done is much to vast to talk about. But it is clear, that these are sick people being paid to commit crimes. They are doing it. They are trying to cover up their crimes any way possible. It has been going on since I was 10 years old. They are smearing my name to mass news organizations, media, Government, social workers, and the world in secret out of hate and rage. Just like the KKK.

They don’t like me because I’m different. They want to dictate my life. They want to tell me what I can and can’t do. Who to date. etc. This is not about anything I have ever done.

They even spy on my social accounts, trying to make everything about them to use against me. Pretty much to intimidate me off social media. But of course then it goes to public places saying that is wrong as well. They will work their spy games like if I am in an office and I tweet. “I pooped” Fernanda might instantly come out and check the bathroom, with some kind of, hidden covert, we are watching you type of thing. This of course will go from employee to employee, working every angle and tactic on me.

Just sick demented racist control freaks, which it all starts from my family. hiring and paying people to hunt me. while smearing my name to the masses.

Also, when trying to move forward with my life and working on my own projects, all the programmers and people I tried to work with world wide were contacted by them and told to do the same things to me. So walking away and pursuing something else was all destroyed by them. Stopping me from moving on. Having friends, relationships, or making any sort of money aside from them. With enormous damages to my name, making money, or having any aspect of any life. WORLD WIDE!


Another thing Lorena is involved in, is when I got into Studio Photography, she found out. And asked me to do a photoshoot of her. And while I did a photoshoot like she asked me too, and created artwork in my style which she came to me for. She seemed to get mad at me for creating it as If I had committed some crime. With the, you have my pictures, and you it is on your photography website or something. As if a photographer who does your shoot isn’t going to have the pictures for their portfolio.

She was also telling everyone I was in love with her and would not leave her alone most likely in the office. It’s hard to keep track of her lies. But the point is. People generally don’t ask you to do photoshoots, then come after you for it most likely working with Aubrey Fisher and Model Mayhem who they were involved in ruining my reputation with lies world wide. For doing what they asked. and you doing what you do. Where I think she didn’t seem to like the Pattern ones. Are somehow a crime to her I guess, just like listening and singing music apparently according to her. She was also somehow getting the conversations of the people I was working with, taking them out of context and giving it to the world to use to smear my name and destroy my life.


lorena_oceancrate lorena_pattern

Probably with the “I am protecting the company” murder justification

Also, she is involved in contacting restuarants world wide so any where I go get food, I will be endlessly provoked for trying to eat, and be alive

Lorena contacting restuarants having them try to set me up to get me fired –

this seemed to start after the hired me, and my father would invite me to lunch with her. It seemed fine to me. Since they came to me for the job. And I was asked to go out to lunch when my father was around and by him. So the argument of me intruding doesn’t really make sense if I am the one invited. Unless ANGRY ENRAGED Lorena is having one of her MURDER tantrums with her Pit Bull like territorial issues.




I was fired because I was like usual fixing the network, and then once again accused, of BLOCKING people, instead of respectfully asked to fix the problems

while keeping the hackers out, and repairing what was going on. But what is weirder, which I have no proof, is that the Hackers seem to be working with George Escobar, and sabotaging things, which I am watching go on and keep fixing. Such as them crippling our active directory servers. Me rebuilding them. Then then instantly doing it again. Then I restore the backup OS, then it is fine. Showing it was someone doing something. Or the DNS hijacking in our name servers. While I have to try to keep the network secure, the employees keep saying he is doing this to me, he is doing that to me. Then having more and more people follow me and terrorize me with their mental illness tactics. Just before being fired, someone put a note on my desk. “You are an easy target” or something like this.

Now this is after I was fired, Lorena texts me trying to collect the response as you can see a group list, and she states, I m BLOCKING them from Daisybill. but of course, nothing has anything to do with You can read the block on the firewall and it says nothing about



And of course more lies and manipulations to get what she wants. In this case the admin and everyones passwords. This is a person who barely knows how to open up word. I would think that would be for the new IT person. And not her, George, Brandon, and their IT friend in the system screwing it up most likely. Or at least someone they have working to screw things up to get what they want or sabotage me, with Georges lies that I deleted files which I showed he never saved. using the shadow copies and creation date. (also known as versioning) a type of backup.



This is a tactic they use over and over and then say I am stopping them from working. “They can’t work” it’s my fault. Any way to get rid of me possible. For simply doing whatever it took to make their life and work, and safe, and good work environment. Because of Lorena Escobar. The last time our main software was updated was about 3 years ago. Which really should be updated monthly. But she does’t tolerate imperfection or change. So when you update something, which a lot of times introduces glitches. They all get togethor with the same guerrilla warfare tactics, trying to get rid of me.

Instead of being proactive and letting me maintain the network and keep it healthy by riling these mass groups to work on me all day and night and attack my health.

She also, in our meetings had problem with us switching from using emails, instead of fax machines, and things like this not wanting to change with the times and technology. I really don’t care if all her meals every single lunch is salmon. But computers and an office and efficiency are a different story.

So if someone like me comes along making their lives easier and faster, and more profitable, they go ballistic because their might be imperfection, and their perfect world is destroyed. Then coming after me, in their ANGRY RAGES.

Then I am told, that this is how offices are. And that is a load of shit!


For specifics, you can go to

I am now 43 years old. and since 29, I could not figure out, or even conceive of what was going on. Nothing made sense. I found out that I was being hunted my entire life, started by my family, working with the police, government and world wide communities to rid me of the world.

The only thought going through my head was. What if going on. It seems like each person I was way beyond nice, giving and caring wanted me dead and to end my life.

Some would rattle off weird things, like my past caught up with me. I’m a monster, I’m a criminal, etc. It’s my transgressions. But when asked specifically, they would backtrack and say I was imagining what is going on, and what they said to try to cover their tracks. The world has been told 1000’s of endless elaborate lies. Yet I’m told I’m imagining it. That is clearly someone making up lies, and trying to keep you out of the loop so you can’t defend yourself with the truth.

They could not tell me one specific thing, of any importance that I had ever done. Sure they could rattle off things that didn’t matter. You J walked, You stopped dating that person. You yelled at someone. Things that everyone does, and nobuddy cares. Even the. Your an asshole, which is not only the opposite of who I am. But I know tons of Assholes, and the world isn’t hunting them down.

And more importantly, if I did commit a crime, they would say what it was, and I’d be arrested. but the only reason they don’t is because they know they are lieing. And that is why the masses are told lies, and I am told I am imagining it.

Years later I would have more of an idea of what they were doing. More importantly, who my family is, which they hide so well.

My family are basically rich white supremacists. They do not accept anything different. It is a crime in their eyes. They are not just blackand white thinkers. But they hunt you down for such crimes as dating a black girl. These are psychotic behaviors.

Why do I mention black girl? I was always the black sheep of my family. Out of 3 of us. They all fit the same cookie cutter template.  We are doctors with secondary psychology degrees. except my mother. Just a psychology degree and art therapist. But same type of person. These are the righteous types. You have to be perfect or you committed a crime. Their are no jokes, their are no imperfect sentances. You are not allowed to get angry, or argue. More importantly, They never address issues, and to your face you are a great person and behind your back you are a criminal who needs to be hunted for making a joke, or getting into an argument with them, which is rare. But if it happened, you are hunted for your crimes.

To them, they are above the rest. I’m sure secretly a plummer, stripper, construction workers are people they do not accept as friends. Would not be allowed in their social circles. To their faces, they are friendly, but not accepted. I say this because I know they don’t want me associating with different classes of where I come from.

I can trace this world wide campaign back to 10 years old or so. And they never cared about any wrong doings done to me. It was all about what we want you to do. CONTROL.

Around the age of 12 or so, I can remember kissing a black girl. How my family and half the world seem to know this, is odd. And the fact nobuddy will admit it, is odd.  But more importantly, around the age of 29 to 43 one of the enraged groups coming after me was the black community world wide.

Now, I don’t know about you, but a kiss is a sign of affection. it’s a sign, I like you. But growing up, my brother, his friends, my friends, and family were telling the masses I hate black people. I’m competing, and I dom’t like them. To the point they would go through my photography with black women model shoots, and create elaborate lies, stories out of it, that I hate black people and this is why. For example, one shoot I did was a black girl on a chess board. Their is nothing negative in this picture.


Yet, people were being told this shows I hate black women and were playing games with their life. Not only this, but after this person befriended me on myspace, she then started coming after me trying to get confessions as If I had wronged her for her contacting to to shoot her.

Now, only a sick mind would see this picture and randomly start making empty accusations about me, and hate. But not only this, the question of world wide funded smear operations saying these things. People don’t fund operations to spew things to the world unless they want you in the ground. So we are not talking about drama or gossip. I’m sure they have gone through every picture with a black girl as well as every one of my sentences in life looking for dirt. But the crime is obvious and the motive is clear and obvious.

Now imagine, black people are following you from place to place. They want to set you up, and you dead. You look back at your life and you realize that your brother was running around with his friends such as andy adelmen, in a green 67 mustang wearing a confederate hat. getting cars to chase them and going ballistic on them. Now I never really thought about it much until later when my brother was pinning all the things he was doing on me, and his elaborate tactics to tell everyone everything he was doing with me, with the hidden we hate black references.

Now, these lies smears are world wide. and everything I do, more people come after me no matter how nice I am. My entire life was my brother, friends family trying to send war references about civil war, or WWII, etc.

Now, back to the point. The point, once you step back it is simple. Their is no reason my family would secretly be mad at me for kissing a black girl doing photo shoots,  except for one reason. And one  reason only. They are ashamed of me for kissing the black girl and they don’t want the Perelman name associated with a black girls.

God forbid I dated a black girl. What if we married? They would never accept me. Secretly to my face, they would. But not insecret. They would never let it happen. So what does common sense tell you that if someone likes black women, they are being told you hate black women? it’s simple. The masses are being told lies to sabotage it from happening.

So your thinking. Well that’s a little far fetched right? how do you go from here to there. I didn’t at first. For 14 years I watched my families patterns of behavior and lies to me while riling the masses to end my life.

And the same patterns of behavior went from thing to thing. I can remember Buying a marijuana card maybe 4 years back. Instantly, the masses and more importantly, the dispensaries were being told by Lorena Escobar that I am addicted to marijuana and out of control, and if I come in make me mentally ill.

Once again, what is going on here? that’s strange? why am I being hunted and attacked? simple. Because Lorena Escobar is my fathers Office manager. Which is really code named. I hired you to follow my son around for 25 years and pay you to dictate his life, and if he does something I don’t like, smear him and hunt him even if he lives in different states.

Once again, a father that doesn’t want a “PERELMAN” smoking marijuana, which soon will be legalized. But associated with him. So they smear my name, rile the masses sabotaging it. Of course I have a card, and it is legal. But yet, it is wrong to him, and I have done wrong and need to be held accountable.

So then, We all know the lies how I wronged Mila the stripper and stalked her, or more importantly I was conning people in the adult industry by building adult websites. Once again. Nothing ever happened or was done to Mila. I was the nicest person imagineable to this person, and of course at one point, something didn’t come out completely right. and it was given to the world as I was hunting and stalking this person and trying to make them mentally ill. and the world was told this, and to me. I’m imagining it so I could not defend myself once again.

Why was this done? simple. My family is ashamed of me for associating with someone that was a stripper and therefore told the world lies about me to rile the masses against me to stop it or it ever happening. Once again, they don’t want the “PERELMAN” name associated with that kind of filth as I’m sure they would think or call it.

What about the adult websites I was building. Between the women, and the bigger systems. Why did they have a man named Tim Thompson and Rodie Morales befriend me when they saw my direction  saying. We should build websites. And I said sure. And when I started projects, Tim Thompson refused to work on them, making excuses while I was building them. And why was Rodie Morales trying to set me up, smear my name. Asking me to go places or meet him places, and then telling the masses I was following people around in endless setups. From trying to get me to go where girls at the gym worked, to trying to make it look like I was following women from gym to gym by offering me free gym signups to get me to go there to stage their operations?

More importantly. When the shit hit the fan. Tim Thompson, who wanted to build adult websites, and was pretending to work for hot body international, looked at me shaming me telling me “Well you built adult websites didn’t you” shaming me as if I did something wrong for building adult websites.  Endless strippers, porn stars took parts in elaborate setup attempts, etc. trying to make me look shady. Trying to manipulate me into situations to set me up. But they couldn’t set me up. I would guess they were paid to do so. And probably approached by Lorena Escobar. But since their or world wide internet terror networks set up to use against me, they could have just been notified to do it online.

And why was all the media outlets such as Fox News notified to come after me with covert mental illness campaigns to end my life and cover this up. Not only this, but when fox news works on me, I’m a horrible shady monster for building adult websites, yet they then turn around and interview some college student porn stars saying it’s ok. Showing that they are not consistent and have ulterior motives and hidden agendas.

Once again. This isn’t about me or anything I’ve ever done. This is about me pursuing the life I wanted and the PERELMAN family is ashamed of me and will do anything imaginable to make sure it does not happen. So they smear my name, try to make me look like a criminal or monster, and get rid of me.

Now these sabotage and smear operations go from thing to thing since 10 years old. That my family does not approve of. These are not crimes. These are things they just don’t like and don’t want the PERELMAN name associated with. They call this their “Laundry List” things they are doing to clean me up as it was so stealthily put.

From building hot rods, to dating a girl with tattoos. What they are really saying is.  A PERELMAN has to go to Med School, and get a secondary psychology degree to try to control people or you are filth. and need to be wiped out. Maybe a lawyer or some white color main steam other jobs are ok, who knows.

The same process of a Nazi or White Supremacist.  But when you talk to them face to face. They completely accept you.  ” Dad, I’m building adult websites” That’s great, maybe you will get laid. But of course what is really going on in his head is how do I stop him from getting into that industry, making money.  And it ever happening.

Same things happened with my studio photography as well. You name it. Once again, I have wronged them by creating art and expressive imagery with women, and that is wrong to them.

I have really only seen my father associate with one black person. Dion Bush, his limo drivo. Who in the end would label him a criminal for some minor mistakes in life. Then using Dion to get to me and harass me to try to get false confessions to use to destroy my name.

For me I accept most people. it’s more about right or wrong. of if we are compatible. If you are a plummer, walmart employee, lawyer, owner of a billion dollar company. My judgements are about them. if I feel right, and if they are up to freaky things, I will not feel comfortable and move on. But I would not make any judgements about their jobs, their skin color, nationality. un less illegal and I would not want any part of it.

But my family label, accept a certain social class. And if you aren’t in there’s hunt you and smear you. Your a bad person. Your a criminal and need to be cleaned up. To me it’s about laws. right wrong. and good decent people from all backgrounds.

A stripper isn’t doing anything illegal at a strip club. A even less shady, a Porn Star is not breaking any laws. They could be on the side. That’s a different issue. But I would never say a stripper is a bad person for stripping. If she was selling crack to children, I wouldn’t want them in my life, but that’s not the same.

To my family. They can’t make or distinguish the difference. This is where I come from. This is what I’ve spend years trying to understand and have stop stalking me.

The levels they will go, is unimaginable. The thought behind these terror smear operations are beyond any level of premeditated and executed with endless time, energy, resources. Why the world keep it quiet and covered up, I do not know.Not one person has come forward which is strange to me.

Around the time Lorena Escobar hired me to work in their office knowing I needed money and was freaked out and confused. They had a black girl in the office named Elita. While I was consumed with being hunted. So was Elita. Weather she was acting, or not, I do not know. But I can recall, her in a paranoid state and asking me to put passwords on her word files to protect her and I did for her.

Later on she quit, I can recall Patti Googin, someone who had been working with my father from early childhood saying to me. She quit and she’s much happier now. And being that she was heavily part of this elaborate, lie, setup, and smear operations since I young age, I pretty much took it as. “You better do the same thing”

This didn’t just happen with Black people. It also seemed to happen with the Persian Communities world wide. Once again, I am guessing it was me liking a Persian girl that did it. Once again, the Persian communities world wide were notified that I hate Persians. Why? once again, because the PERELMAN family would never want me associating with one. It is that simple. And they will put on a good act how they are open minded and never say anything bad. But yet their actions speak. I liked some Persian women, and once again, I was hunted for no reason. My family might be the type that say, Persians are ok, we just don’t want one in the family. Who knows. But to me, it’s the same damn racist attitude. And when I’m told I have to be cleaned up for liking an Asian, or a Persian, or a black girl, and I had better find a jewish girl. This says all I need to know about my family.

Now, I believe, out of the endless, lies, setups smears. That that was just the next operation to try to make it look like I hated black people or other cultures. These operations are lead partly by Lorena Escobar the so called office manager and everyone is paid to do their jobs. But their jobs don’t just consist of running a company, it consists of stalking people, mainly me. And clearly those that they don’t want associated with the PERELMAN name or to dictate my life. Which has nothing to do with work comp medicine. But looks all tighty clean when they get paid Especially Lorena Escobar. While some partly work on real work, on the side, work on me endlessly until I am dead, or so beat up, that I will live in fear, and not say anything or stand up for myself.

I am the biggest target. I represent everything a white supremacist like my family doesn’t. I represent melting pots, and all cultures and classes togethor. Artistic people, or business people. You name it. To each their own provided they are not hurting anyone. But clearly, that is not my families beliefs.

It goes way beyond, I don’t understand you. it goes to criminal actions to stop me from being a free person that we all spend years trying to be that the United States is supposed to be, except when your family somehow manages to work with the government to remove your civil rights saying all the right lies and manipulating the system, because they just don’t like you. What is upsetting to me, is that I am the hunted and the bad guy. Yet no buddy looks at the obvious, nor will they do anything about it but help cover it up.

I do have shame now. My last name is PERELMAN. I am ashamed of that family and who they are. You cannot sink any lower. These people as beyond any level of disgusting. And while they walk around with the “I’m a doctor, I help people” I can assure you. Caring for people is not what they are about. Maybe the money. Maybe the status. And a psychology degree to inflict mental pain and anguish when they want control.

For specifics on this 30 year campaign to end my life and remove me from society because of making different choices in life then deemed what I have to do and who I have to be.

You can go to

Since I found out 14 years ago that I was being hunted since 10 years old by a world wide campaign to remove me from society started by my family, working with the police, government, social workers, and masses world wide to figure out how to remove me from society and try to make it look like I am crazy to cover it up. They have done everything possible to try to thug me quiet, and “IMMOBILIZE” me so I can’t speak out, or they can figure out how to torture me with psychological warfare tactics until I either kill myself, or they can work with the police to try to push me out of control to put me in jail. 

I have had the police follow me from place to  place trying to intimidate me quiet while they have the masses attack me upwards of 10,000 people per day for years with world wide and internet support.

At one point, An officer who claimed to be named “Officer Toro” approached me after following me to coffee shops, giving me his name for no reason using it to send hidden suggestive messages about someone I knew from the past, of course trying to accuse me of something someone else said, then started to tell me “If I ever take a picture of a person he will exercise the law in his own way”

Not only was this threat because I had a camera, but because he did not want me documented the mass crimes against me to try to stop me from speaking out. At this same time, my metro neighbors were parking Toyota Camry’s in front of my place in patterns to try to make me sick because they knew I had a camera and the crime could be documented.

Also, You will notice I have a website exposing this mass world wide crime against me. So I pass out cards to people since I am known world wide, and each and every person plays the games of, “I don’t know you” while working the hidden suggestive tactics to let me know they do and to create mental illness.

So when I pass out my cards in my area, my neighbors don’t want me speaking out about what they are doing. So they go around collecting the cards, ripping them up, and jamming them in the cracks of my car.

P1180280 P1180614 P1180615 P1180750 P1180752 P1180754

This seemed to start happening after Elsie Sandoval, our office manager, made up lies that the card on her window jammed her window shut, and had to go get it fixed. Of course that is like saying, I threw a feather at you, and you are now getting reconstructive surgery for all the damage. The lie itself is obnoxious, and we all know, no buddy would believe it and are just using it as an excuse to leverage their actions to try to thug me quiet.

They will make up every excuse in the book. We don’t want you soliciting, etc. And I tell them, all you have to do, if leave me alone. But for some strange reason. They don’t like the, We leave you alone part showing their true colors and motive and forcing me to speak out to defend myself.

The same girl, Elsie Sandoval is responsible for making up lies working with the police that I had hit her in the face. This is not the first girl, but a Girl named Jen Hess, who is involved in this 30 year campaign was working the same angle, and she is clearly working with the same people to try to remove me from society with every lie and smear imagineable. Jen Hess was just one of 1000’s who befriended me since 10 years old trying to set me up any way possible and smear my name with world wide secret information channels.  What makes it so obvious is that even if I am this horrible monster that they say I am, and tell the world. They have the choice of going off and living their own lives instead of following me place to place for 30 years hunting me which shows that this is more about their endless 30 year hate, rage, and obsession against someone they don’t even know.

Kind of like Adolf Hitler and the jews.

This is just one of their endless attempts to try to keep me quiet and this 30 year hate campaign to remove me from society, for more details you can go to

Tonight, leaving my house, where I walk out, which has been done every day for 15 years since I’ve moved in,

the Metro neighbors have been parking cars in pairs and patterns to create mental illness to end my life. This has gone on world wide since I was 10 with 1000’s of covert mental illness tactics world wide to remove me from society either by trying to push me to suicide, or try to push me out of control working with the police and masses to rid me of the world.

Tonight, they parked on one side of the street, an elantra behind a civic,

P1180763 P1180766

and on the other side across, same thing.


P1180768 P1180770

also, right at my gate and in front of the white Elantra and Black civic, was an older Elantra

P1180762 P1180767

these tactics go on everywhere I go with the masses, and have been since 10 years old, when my family who all have psychology degrees, decided, they didn’t like me and were working with the police, and social workers to figure out ways to remove me from society, by funded world wide smears operations, endless attempted setups, and lies to the world to try to accomplish this.

For more details on this campaign to rid me of the world with government support, you can go to

Yesterday, the Metro neighbors parked 4 lexus’s and 2 pruis’s togethor to create mental illness.

Obviously this has been done all day and night for the 15 years I have been here in some angry rage with delusional obsessed thoughts about me from mass groups with no self control. Being given information and direction to do everything possible to remove me from society headed up by the government in something my family started around the age 10 to remove me from society.


I posted a comment on twitter. Basically saying I left my phone in my car and I am going to get it, and I need to be cleaned up. When I immediatly walked out of my place to my car, someone put on the same color blue shirt. and move 2nd truck from behind.

That is most likely because the Metro complex has cameras pointed at my place, and is using survaillance to create mental illness. The same types of tactics that have been done to me world wide since 10 years old in a mass campaign to create the effects of obsession or paranoid schitzofrenia to end my life by trying to make me look crazy so they can justifiably remove me from society, or try to push me to suicide or out of control working with the police to figure out ways to remove me from society.

This of course was started by my own angry hate and ragefull family while all of them has psychology degree’s in some attempt to rid me of the world because I am not like them. While the world is told endless lies and smears they are riled up to do whatever it takes based on these lies to remove me from society.

This is one example of 1000’s of things that go on per day. to the point that it isn’t just coincidence, but an obvious campaign to end my life going on since 10 years old. And any lie imaginable will be told to cover up their criminal actions.

For details on everything.

You can go to

Today, leaving my house, like every day, the Metro Neighbors got togethor with 4 people with Lexus’s and parked 2 togethor and 2 across from each other where I walk out to go to my car or leave my complex.


P1180616 P1180618 P1180620
P1180623 P1180624

Of course, when I get home. I blue identical Lexus is where the white one was


And at 5:00 pm when I walked out of the office building to go to my car. 2 people in grey similar cars were parked backwards. Just waiting for me and watching. As I started taking pictures, one quickly drove off. They were not getting in the cars, or leaving. But rather waiting to send hidden messages which is done on a daily basis




also, less obvious. in the lot parked fairly closer, were also 2 cars with “Keyes” plates which is a common tactic

P1180638 P1180641

Also, at around 7:00 pm tonight on my street. two people parked 2 Hybrids togethor, which was also done last night, closer to where I walk out.

P1180734 P1180729 P1180732

Also, 2 people today, who saw me started swinging their keys in circles. A common tactic. And Lorena Escobar started doing it earlier this week after me telling my father Lorena was responsible for sabotaging my attempted business ventures. Basically threatening me telling me they are going to SPIN me for speaking out.

This is done all day and night with 1000’s of other tactics to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society. Today, they tried a new thugging attempt to try to stop me from speaking out or defending myself. One of the neighbors waited for me, and when I started taking pictures of cars for proof and my sites because they refuse to leave me alone and have been hunting me for 30 years. The neighbor starts to thug me playing stupid. Telling me he doesn’t want me taking pictures of cars, and I am causing problems, or whatever. He also sees me passing out cards. and tells me he is going to take my cards, rip them up, put them on the hood of my car and burn them. I don’t recall the exact words, not that it matters. I basically tell he he, and everyone else has the option of leaving me alone. But of course he uses the usually, We control you and dictate your life tactics and say. I don’t know what you are talking about.

I point to the cars and say, you see these cars in patterns of 2’s or patterns. this has been going on every day. He pretends to ignore it telling me I’m crazy and have my target signs on my car. At this point, since we all know what is going on. I basically tell him he is crazy, not me, the person they are trying to make look crazy and remove from society by pushing me to suicide or trying to push me out of control to do something they can work with the cops or government to set me up.

Of course, I cut the conversation short and go to work. Because people who get togethor, try to make others mentally ill and spend all day and night in conspiracies to do so since 10 years old want you dead or gone. Removed from society. So continueing a debate with a low life liar with ill intent was pointless.

The fact that they haven’t made the simple decision of living the own lives, and not stalking people, is and has always been their problem since I was 10 years old while they try to make up every excuse in the book, which changes daily, to justify following people around and trying to end their lives.

This world wide crime against me is just that. They can make up any excuse they want. I J-walked so they are going to hunt me down and kill me. It’s irrelevant because they are committing their righteous crimes on every level, from endless cry wolfs, to elaborate endless setup attempts, to lie after lie, with world wide funding to rile the masses to  end my life.

And of course, his elaborate excuse, of, I am crazy. would just mean he is more of a predator if I was crazy, minding my own business and trying to live my life, then who is he to play psychologist, and try to rid me of the world.

But we all know I am not crazy, and we all know this is a campaign to try to make me look crazy to remove me from society due to issues of. I don’t like you asking out the type of person. Or you do what I say or else. Basically trying to rob me of my civil rights.

Example, hunted and name smeared because I got into studio photography, etc. with covert psychological warfare and mental illness tactics to off you. Of course this applies to everything I do. But that is just one example of one place.

This campaign has been going on all day and night since 10 years old since my brother was bragging about making his teacher mentally ill, and putting them in a mental instituin. He and his friends and my friends and family, quickly started doing things to me like telling me they are listening to me on the radio because they put a bug in my room. etc.

But all these things will be denied, and they will say I am crazy for speaking out.

For details on this 30 year campaign to remove me from society, you can go to

Obviously from my websites and blogs you can see a pattern of setup behavior from my family to try to make me look crazy and angry. It is a tactic they have used on me my whole life.

This is how it works. Since this is a world wide terror campaign, the masses are used to terrorize me, and spin the story each and every time. Things my family will do is invite me places to go out with them. And when I go there, strangers will come in. Doing such things as all wearing the same color patterns, mimicking my collected conversations, or things taken front the endless terror lists of tactics to inflict on me that are done over and over endlessly until I know they are personal.

When I go somewhere. My father, or the person inviting me. will play stupid. Then as I’m attacked endlessly. If I say what is going on. they will intentionally try to belittle me and make me feel stupid. “Oh, you think the world is against you”, “Why would someone do that” if I explain it. I will be told I’m crazy, etc.

Now these tactics never stop. from full car lots of cars parked backwards, mimicked phrases, the humming or singing. suggestive messages with silverware and food. you name it. I can be in a place, and be harassed about 1000 hidden messages in an hour. and If I say anything, or get mad. or even call the bluff.

My father and everyone else working with my family will try to make me look crazy. He’s crazy. he snapped, etc. You suffer from anger and rage, etc, These tactics have gone on all day and night since 10 years old, but I had no clue until 29. At 29 I could not comprehend or even believe that my family was trying to set me up to remove me from society with the government or police. As a matter of fact, I sat around for something like 8 years trying to comprehend what they were doing. But I had never seen anything like it, nor would anyone for that matter, unless they were in on it and knew what was going on.

The only thought was. Why is the person who has spent his life avoiding trouble. not following his brothers footsteps. and helping everyone in his path, being hunted for extermination by his own family working with the police and government. To this day, it makes no sense. I could see my families bitter rage in their miserable lives of attacking others to feel better about themselves. But I could not fathom how they could get a world wide campaign to hunt one person their entire lives with the police and government out of. Well I don’t trust him and it’s hid fault so we need to rid him of the world.

But, that is their main pattern of behavior. Continually and endlessly provoke. try to get a reaction. then smear. Of course. everyone knows what is going on. and when they try to bluff of I’m angry and crazy or this and that. I know that not only is it unprovoked. They are working on me up wards of 10,000 mental illness tactics per day for years and has been going on since 10 years old.

My father will play stupid. try to make me look crazy, have his office imployees work every angle and tactic. As a matter of fact. I do not believe Lorena Escobar was hired 25 years ago because she knows any business who is his office manager. But she has no experience, or even a business desgree. Nor does she do much but spent the last 25 years hunting me down from state to state with false smear, and endless attempted setup operations and that is really what her salary pays for, covered up to make it look like a Golden State employee. Such as Connie Rayes, Lorena Escobar, George Escobar, Shanna Brientseva, Gwen Suazo They will try to throw in tricks to try to manipulate me into making it look like I think I’m the office manager. Or cover their crimes with more smears, endless lies, and covert psychological terror and mental illness tactics told to do by Lorena Escobar when hired.

You name it. But the motive has always been the same. Endless and covertly provoke and attack, to get the reactions to work with the police to try to remove me from society. It goes on all day and night since 10 years old and their motives to rid me of the world are clear.

Of course we all know that around the age 29 for years I tried to address the issue, but of course always told I am imagining it while they work on me to remove me from society. This is not only a world wide criminal act against one man his entire life. Not one reason of justification can even be said accept things that are irrelevant like. it’s your fault, I don’t trust you or your crazy.

But of course, the option of them going on and living their own lives. is not an option. It’s somehow my fault they have been obsessively hunting me since 10 years old. And they will always throw in some lie that I am the problem and it’s because this or that. But that is motive and tactics to try to get what they really want.

My father, mother and brother are calculated liars with motive and hidden agendas. Clear and simple. They robbed me of a life. Destroyed mine. and they need to cover it up clear and simple no matter what the cost. Or elaborate endless setups so they can throw out their. See, I told you so, to make their lies look justified.

My family have had over 30 years to address their concerns in a direct sentence, but they are always trying to cover up their crimes with endless lies and smears. From my father working with the police to put bullet holes in his car. from my mother making up lies I hit the neighbor kid josh burnim in the head with a golf club. Or my brothers road rage which he went out and did knowing he was going to tell the world it was me, before even going out and doing it. from the endless lies I’ve somehow done something to a stripper mila, which my family deams a crime by asking a stripper out. and that is when they started accusing me of those crimes. And these lies and smears they have been feeding to the world are in the 1000’s. Every time they want to try to cover up their new attempts to try to make me look crazy. they just feed the public more of their lies to cover up their crimes and attempts to remove me from society.

They will attack my character. That I have always been single, and say I am crazy. But they will leave out what they did in regards to every girl I liked, tried to date, you name it, keeping me single with lies, smears, manipulations, and endless setups and smear operations. Then of course, they will turn it around and say. Their is something wrong with him. why is he single, damn well knowing what they are doing.

The truth is. My family are the angry bitter people, who think they are better then everyone else. They are angry at me because I kissed a black girl when I was young and they don’t like black people. They are angry at me because I asked a stripper mila out and told her I liked her. And they can’t live with the fact that I might have been dating someone they despise. And what makes it obvious is each time I do something they don’t like. My father has Lorena Escobar sending out world wide lies about each situation to sabotage it, and make it look like I’ve done something or have a problem.

Example. I went out and got a marijuana card. After that Lorena Escobar notified the masses and all the dispensaries, that I was addicted to marijuana. The reason is obvios. She doesn’t want me having a marijuana card with my father. And that is it. It has nothing to do with anything else but to smear my name and rile the masses against me for endless attacks. then tell me I’m imagining it, and I am angry and need to be institutionalized. And  when you apply it to me asking out Mila, or kissing a black girl it is simple. They told the black community world wide that I hate black people. That is because they can’t live with the shame of being with someone black or a stripper, or whatever. But they will spin the story to attack my character because they don’t want someone with their name associated with what they don’t like.

Where I  come from. Those are the angry righteous telling you that being a doctor is ok, and being a stripper or associating with one is a crime. The reality is, they are both LEGAL. and the real crime is the judgmental righteous commiting the crimes in the name of, I am better then you, because you are different. I can recall, Lorena Escobar sending Adriana Olivarez after me around then and try to get any dirt to remove me from society. And I can recall her endless lies about Mila of course which were kept secret from me so I could not defend myself while the world was told these lies to create this mass witch hunt.

Later on, I would be told Adriana Olivarez was for me, and my father saying he just wanted grand children. Of course the underlying hidden message was. You be with who I tell you. You have kids with who I tell you. You do what I tell, or hint to you in covert messages, and most of all, Adriana will keep you inline for me. I am glad I have always had good instincts about people, because I saw Adriana as who she was from day one and did not want a relationship.

My family will follow me from place to place. And each and every situation, they will turn into an elaborate smear operation. then it will be given to the world to rile the masses from each and every situation. Things as simple as. I went on a few dates and it didn’t work out go to. I am playing mind games and trying to skull fuck them out of my anger and rage. Yet non of the IMPORTANT questions are ever asked? why does my family have information of my dates, conversations, classes, art projects, every detail about every thing, my entire life datamined, etc. Why is each aspect turn into a criminal offense, and then magically given out WORLD WIDE while I’m told I’m imagining it and nobuddy knows me. and answer is simple. they want to smear my name, rile the masses against me, and terrorize me until I do something stupid working with the police to remove me from society and have no way to speak out, or defend myself about the truth. But it has nothing to do with who I am or anything I have done. Because their is nothing I have done accept be the nicest person imaginable, to find out my family wants to rid me of the world. The whole operation is to rid me of the world and that is it. Nothing said is true. It’s just said to build world wide terror armies since 10 years old to remove me from society and of course my family showing me movies as a child about evil brothers with Nazi armies to rid the other of the world with his added psychological warfare tactics of using media and suggestive messages to try to make you look crazy. Of course all you did was go out on a few dates which means at that point. You can’t date because your family keep riling the masses every time you do anything at all with blatant calculated lies and smears to rid you of the world.

Another one of my families endless tactics I can recall was everytime I was interested in a girl, out on a date, etc. they would work with the police to pull me over, trying to scare me into something. The fact that it was done over and over means that they were trying to make it look like I was on the run, or put me in a situation to make me look guilty of something. I could almost see once as a test, by a sick obsessed family. but over and over, just like their endless setups means they want to remove me from society and will stop at nothing.

And what’s even stranger, is that in 43 years of my life, I’ve never been allowed to have a relationship based on, me and someone else, but always someone given information about me poisening the well. There has never been anyone allowed to judge me based on my interactions with them, but rather them being told endless lies beforehand weather it be a man, women, etc. And this is world wide. It seems strange to me that people aren’t allowed to judge me based on me, but rather the “Laundry List” of lies that they are handed out about me beforehand which is what my so called friend and mentor my mother sent after me called it when trying to get into 3D animaiton and Visual Effects. Which they are then told to endlessly guilt me until I give a false confession that I did this or that so they can work with the police to remove me from society.

These are the angry bitter righteous who tell you they are better then you, and label people for control. and to try to put themselves above others. These are the lowest forms of people.

They will do ANYTHING, or say ANYTHING to keep me quiet and the truth hidden while they say you committed a crime by J-walking, so they hunt you down and kill you in the name of righteousness saying it’s ok to kill of you aren’t perfect.

for details on the specifics of their 30 year campaign to remove me from society working with the government, police, and world wide group to remove me from society because I didn’t follow in their footsteps, and am not like them, you can go to