LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society

Posted: May 29, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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Note: Case was not filed and thrown out of court on initiat court date on 6/16/2017 in Van Nuys

And a month later, the community kept calling the cops on me and trying to set me up even more for leaving my house, especially walks at the park by my house
7/31/2017 – Police called on me working with Neighbors at a public park twice in one night for going to the park and minding my own business like usual –

Finally a police setup that worked with my Neighbors, but now people will have to start talking on the stand about why I am FORCED to defend myself and they refuse to stop and leave me alone, and if they lie on the stand like they do all day and night, that is Purgery in front of a judge.

Also, it should be noted to everyone who reads this, while I am still looking for defense representation. the POLICE have contacted everyone I have spoken to so far to get defense lawyer, and a fair trial showing what they are doing. To poisen the well, and stop me from getting help or an attorney. Which is beyond any of ILLEGAL known to man.

They are also working with all the Lawyers to create mental illness and telling them to not defend me showing that this isn’t about anything I have ever done and a mass coverup and extermination capaign to stop me from speaking out about the truth.

Beware of this predator accusing me of being a sex offender, he is working with Lorena Escobar and the police to give lies to the world to keep me quiet

Explaining about their 35 year beyond any level obsession fathomable, severe abuse, torture, lies that I am a cutter, lies that I am a racist, hate women, hate blacks, hate Persians, hate Asians, am violent, am crazy, am a danger to myself or others, paranoid Schizo, and endless other world wide lies in secret, and having mass groups following me from place to place all day and night endlessly provoking me with world wide Neighborhood Watch Groups. Trying to set me up, trying to frame me. And Riling up the masses world wide with every illegal method known to man. From 20 years of computer hacking, privacy violations, terror operations to sabotage my life and create mental illness and working on some angle to remove me from society since 9 years old and then trying to cover it up to make it look justified. Because I am not perfect in my families eyes. Instead of just going out and living their own lives like, me and the rest of the SANE people do. Especially their targeting after I turned 18, and moved to different states and was followed with endless setup attempts and frame jobs, communities being told lies about me to rile them up, everywhere I go.

In my family, and the mass groups involved. You are either a good person or a bad person. Their is absolutely no middle ground.

Also, these same setup and frame job tactics are very similar to what my father did to his X-wife Janet Nordet which he put in jail for supposedly trying to get her son’s friend to kill him. But I have a feeling that is all lies like everything I have seen from my father and Lorena Escobar now knowing who they are and what they are capable of. Same tactics used on me

From the standpoint of a simple one to one issue with another person and a simple situation. This is what my family, the government, the police, want the world to see.

This is not what is going on! This is just the result of all day and night horrific acts of inflicting excruciating pain, aggravation, and torture to remove someone from society with world wide support that never stops!

This is not a one on one issue. This is world wide groups attacking me all day and night with endless lies, smears, frame jobs, setup attempts, psychological mental battering for 16 years alone with upwards of 100,000 world wide attacks per day to try to get me to go after people to set me up and lock me away! So if you want to talk about the big things vs the little things. Well, the big thing in this situation looks like the little thing, and the little thing, looks like the big thing.

And the whole campaign was designed this way to try to make me look crazy, and remove me from society starting at 9 years old

Important questions asked of me to try to make me look crazy

Why didn’t I call the Police?

Once I could conceive, comprehend the psychological subliminal level terror tactics, I did! They intentionally laughed and belittled me.

I then got proof. They got mad, and had suggestive thugging and would not help.

I got 6 months of surveillance video, They refused to look at it, or investigate, with more thugging suggestive tactics.

They refused to help or put a stop to anything that has to do with this mass mental illness operation and damn well knowing it is going on.

I also went to several Pi’s most ripped me off. The rest were told I would call and saying weird things instantly, that I would not pay them because they were being told lies.

Also, I went to a PI that was a part time police officer, and instead of getting evidence, he was working on trying to get dirt from me. So the Police clearly knew I was trying to stop it.

Why didn’t I move?

This starts at 9 years old. I have been basically told I have to move from whever I live in the world. And every place world wide. Especially food, they will do what it takes to get rid of me and make sure I don’t come back.

I think most people can understand if one of the goals is to stop you from eating food. It’s to starve you to death and kill you. This is also going on at ever supermarket with cars in the lots like the Golden State office. And when I go inside, you can only imagine what happens.

Why didn’t I find a new Job?

This happened at every job I have ever worked at. From 16 years old at Star Auto Haus Mercedes, Modern Video Film with Brian Longbathom, Thousand oaks animation job, Signet with Mike Huntley, Golden State Sports Medical.

So where would I get a new job? and of course, if it happens at every single one world wide, the equation isn’t going to change so to speak.

The only thing that changes is I have no money, and no way to eat. or shelter. So common sense, says it makes no difference.

The Possibility of having OCD, or some kind of imperfection, or even addiction, leads to extermination. For me, a simple 2 week brake from the Gym, is a horrific crime punishable by death crime, saying I am somehow playing games with peoples lives so that I am somehow obsessed with working out for going to the Gym, 4 times a week. While a lot go 7 times a week, and do weight lifting contests, they do not suffer from OCD, they are not obsessed people who are a danger to society, they are not cutters trying to harm themselves. They are not competing with people to rid them of the world, And I have never seen anyone, or world wide groups try to put them in mental institutions over things like that, unless they HATED them, and wanted to Rid them of the world like Adolf Hitler. I even had a conversation with Arnold Silber my step father a month ago when they came down to see me eluding that repeatedly going to the Gym shows obsession, and OCD. Where he was working on some angle trying to prove I have to go to the gym, and me reading between the lines, in his eyes, it’s about some obsession I have to do which supposedly changes from thing x`to thing which doesn’t make sense. Nd obviously I have been lifting weights since 14 years old. And they got really angry over it. Because I like to feel good, be strong, be healthy, look good. Go out on runs or jogs, to build up my immune system, or cardiovascular. And their retaliation against me for these simple normal things is to disseminate lies to the world of things like.

He is trying to get big to scare, intimidate, and thug people. Compete with people and destroy lives, He is obsessed crazy for going to the gym 4 days a week. Then investing huge time, energy and resources to the world. So I can’t go to any gym, anywhere world wide and be healthy and feel good.


Well, that is ABSURD!!!!!!!!!! Any 10 year old knows that, that is absurd! Is there a law that says you can only go to the gym one time a week or you will be exterminated because you are crazy? I sure as hell have not heard of this, especially with seeing all the healthy people working out all week. And how can you be too healthy anyways? so, you get the idea of who these types of people really are before sending you Arnold and My Mother sending me a Arnold Schwarzenegger, Wiesenthal Worlds Gym Shirts to wear while going to the gym as Frame jobs telling everyone I am conforming to him, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger. That no one would care about unless someone sending you the shirt was working both sides of the fence.

ra,unisex_tshirt,x2950,fafafa ca443f4786,front-c,648,590,750,1000-bg,f8f8f8.lite-1.jpg

it was this same shirt except said “Simon Wiesenthal” on it.341705b87f0f28ff3fc4ed20d5332c5e.jpg

People then started going ballistic on me at the Gym for some reason, and absolutely nothing was said by me.

Also, we are talking about people who leverage themselves in positions saying things like. “Kevin is a Paranoid Schizo” and is not allowed to address any of the issues, lies, claims, accusations, and can’t see himself in defense. Accusations, from their insecurities, saying things like because he can’t see himself, anything he says is wrong. Clearly knowing that they have an Agenda, and the truth does not matter to them. What type of person would even say or do such a thing and not allow anyone to talk about who they are or address the issues that they have against him. Saying over and over. You need to confess to something, or we will rid you of the world unless from day one, it was an execution attempt! And of course, you walk around all day and night wondering what their problem is. But they refuse to tell you saying weird things in an angry rage “You know what you did” with obvious intent, because the people telling me these things have psychology degrees, knowing that this will create obsession. Showing that it is premeditated, and calculated terror operation.

And we all know the term The devil is in the details” meaning that, complex situations need to be explained, and you can’t just say vague things or labels. Specifics in certain situations are extremely important. While one Psychiatrist Susan Donnar, who my mother gave me her number 16 years ago with some firm angry voice said TELL HER EVERYTHING! told me. The term isn’t “The devil’s in the details” it’s “The Angels in the details” then told the world I am a paranoid schizo and trying to passive aggressively start fights with people to cover up what they were doing to me and my life. Who never had any intention of the truth. And her behaviors of using psychology session information and giving it out to the public, shows she is involved in criminal activities, and violations of confidentiality which patients are supposed to be protected by so they can get help. Needless to say, this happened with about 29 other psychologists, and psychiatrists after that. Showing this is only about one thing. Removing me from society. Of course, ironically not one person world wide obtaining this illegal information is questioning anyone’s motives!

Sending people like Heather from Yankee Doodles after me to endlessly provoke me to try to use against me then to follow me to coffee shops with Aubrey Fisher, and endless others to try to set me up, or frame me. For simply speaking out about what was going on. Shows that they were involved in this operation from the beginning working some Angle. Now while these tactics having women follow me from place to place and cry wolf actually start at around 16, not 29. But that is when I started realizing what was going on.

First one of the tugging tactics are to play mind games with me, all day and night 24/7 mental illness tactics with world wide support that could only be strategically created by people with psychology degrees to know who to invisibly torture and inflict severe mental pain and anguish, and then say that non of this is happening to me try to make me look crazy and put me in a mental institution or some kind of cage then saying i need to focus on the specific event, not the big picture because my mind is racing or spinning, and not the big picture. Which is the real crime is trying to get me focusing on only things that make me look crazy, and violent, and out of control. Non of which is true. and focusing on the small events in this situation makes me look crazy, and like I have some kind of problem, or can’t get along with people, or things like this, which they damn well know isn’t true. Hence the real crime of hunting me down and creating situations to use against me. And anyone with any type of common sense knows. Showing just what my brother told me at 14 with all the factual data shows proof of what is really going on. That they were going to put me in a mental institution or are trying too. And a so called Loving mother who called me last week knowing my situation pretending she does not, and playing stupid telling me to not look at the situation as a whole, which is the entire situation and crime. And her knowing this, and trying to make me look angry, violent, out of control, reckless, shows who she is and her agenda! If she loves me? then doesn’t she want me healthy, and the best for me, and for me to be happy? Not sabotage my life and try to lock me away because they just don’t like me, and probably because I said “Fuck You” to her at 14 or something like this. Can she not move past that insignificant  event 30 years ago?


A brother who tries to bash Greg Waugh my friends head in with a crow bar for breaking up with Jen Yang and her cheating on him, when I was 16. And my family seems to be mad at me after my brother gave me the “Blood is thicker then water” speech and I need to support him on spying on Greg, and his criminal activities and I said NO! I will not!

So while people and my family telling me I need to focus on the important things and not the little things, And saying weird things that my priorities are backwards to cover up what these mass groups are doing to try to make me look crazy. They will do things like parking 2 Ford Focus’s in front of my house every day to actually create the mental illness! And neighbors telling me I need to focus. And as we all know. People don’t send you hidden messages all day and night since 9 years old to help someone. The act of sending someone hidden messages his entire life or at all, especially over and over is to to try to turn him into David Berkowitz or something like this. or end his existence, or try to figure out how to make me look crazy to put me in a mental institution. Obviously if they need to make you look crazy. It’s not about a concern that you are crazy.

Of course, then they will try to turn it around that I am somehow doing this to people to work on my credibility to so I cannot tell anyone what is going on. And no one will help me stop this. But of course the questions of , why if I did commit such a crime was done. Why wasn’t I arrested, and the state prove my guilt? which the answer is obvious, since not one person is on my side world wide. That there is nothing I have done except turn 29, and find out what was being done to put me in a mental institution or remove me from society, while the masses are told lies about me. Because it is the ULTIMTE GOVERNMENT FUCKUP! and how does that look for our national security? and who the U.S. is?

The blue and red focus’s have been in front of my house for something like 4 months. Along with the others, like 2 jeep Cherokees, 2 Blue Lexus, for years. You get the idea.

Now you see this one example. Well within 100 yards of my house, this is done with 1000’s of cars every single day. And not because of anything I have ever done. I noticed the people doing this 16 years ago. And I believe it’s pretty much been going on my entire life. Especially in University of Colorado, and Southern Oregon state.

Even Yesterday, I called the police station to get a report I had an Officer Tuttani, and Alcala who came out the Thousand Oaks Promenade after calling them. Then pretending they don’t know me and the situation. Making him document the 2 VW’s, beetles parked next to my car as I was leaving. One forward, and one

backwards. And to show, people were following me with mental illness tactics. And when calling to get the report. Nothing was filed! Showing they are involved, with motive, and intent. And clearly don’t want the truth and what is going on coming out.

And after this, his personality changed from, I don’t know you, to hinting messages about my life and everything that is being given to the world. Showing that, they have something to hide, by admitting I am known world wide, and this is going on all day and night. Leaving me in a position where they are trying to create things like Paranoid schizophrenia. Which starts around 9 years old.

He also said to me “Your Winning” and my response to him was, how have I won anything? I’ve been hunting down my entire life, and been robbed of a life?

Nor do people play games, or god with peoples lives doing these things to them over and over, then turn it around telling the world he is the one playing games unless they have a hidden agenda.

Then telling you that this is normal, and you think differently, like my father tries to do.

Of course, then they will try to turn it around that I am somehow doing this to And no one will help me stop this while a never ending world wide mental battering keeps going on every day of your life so you are always extremely weak, and then you eventually die. But of course the questions of , why if I did commit this imaginary crime that was done. Why wasn’t I arrested, and the state prove my guilt? which the answer is obvious, since not one person is on my side world wide. That there is nothing I have done except turn 29, and find out what was being done to put me in a mental institution or remove me from society, while the masses are told lies about me. Because it is the ULTIMATE GOVERNMENT FUCKUP! and how does that look for our national security? The Police, and who the U.S. is and what they are about?

I mean about 10 years ago, I was listening to the Radio on FM 98.7 I think, and they had a show where people called in telling stories of stupid things people did. Some guys called in saying they followed a girl to her house and asked her out. Some women called in saying she was obsessed with a guy, kept showing up at her house and looked like fool. All sorts of embarrassing stories about things like, controlling things the women had done which she was embarrassed about. But not one of these people were then hunted by world wide groups to rid them of the world saying you are imperfect and committed a crime.

As a matter of fact. Most people basically say. People are human, they fuck up, they move on and try again. But for me, I get endless sub tweets directed at me like “You only live once, so don’t screw up” “That one mistake will destroy you” things like this to actually try to make me think I deserve what is being done and this is somehow normal. But this screwed version of normal only applies to Kevin Perelman, because once they walk away from me. They go back to their normal selves with everyone else. Showing this is some kind of campaign to remove me from society for some reason.

Hence why my brother was trying to scare me into confessions with Darrin Moselle by showing me this, eve

And of  course one I can’t find, White Supremacist Darby by MAD TV, when seems to hint about Jen Hess, they sent after me.

And of  course one I can’t find, White Supremacist Darby by MAD TV, when seems to hint about Jen Hess, they sent after me.

And also, this doesn’t just apply to my brother using media to send hidden messages. It is now world wide of people actually putting things in media directed at me and, told I am imagining it. From Frame jobs with Brian Longbotham asking me to work on some Visual FX for Wes Craven’s Pilot, Hollyweird, and then telling me Wes, wanted a clip of OJ Simpson Fleeing the scene, framing me in Wes Craven’s eyes, which goes a lot deeper and with a lot more things like this for 15 years just from this one person alone. Then having the rest of the world wide Entertainment industry work on me.

But you need to realize that the specific events are all designed to remove me from society since 9. And would not be occurring is there weren’t mass conspiracies, with world wide support and all day and net setup attempts and frame jobs. In order to try to paint a picture of me to the world that I am some angry enraged, horrible mean asshole, Nuisance, fucking with people person, who has done horrific things to people and finally just went to jail, or a mental institution. The truth is. Their is absolutely nothing I have done but be a really great person to everyone in my life. And if imperfection is collected if it’s even true ,In this case Data-mined, to use against me, which everyone makes imperfect non criminal mistakes once in while. Sure, you can make someone look like a horrible monster if you have the resources to collect every hiccup then compile a list Brian Longbotham hinted through a song was their “laundry List” and give it to the world neglecting the 98% of being a really good person and use it against them. But that is a crime. Yet the worst thing I have really done, isn’t anything anyone would remotely care about. Not only that but most of these people are enraged about things that are like 30 years ago, if even true! I mean 30 YEARS AGO you said “FUCK YOU” to your mother! Your a bad seed! You need to die! Well, that is clearly psychotic. But of course, then they talk to their friends and they are different. And then the ultimate cover up is that supposedly, I can’t see myself and he is showing me who I am. OK, maybe there would be one loony doing something like this to me. But every person I’ve been in contact with for 35 years! I don’t think so! it’s an Agenda to make me crazy and remove me from society

Maybe called a girl a bitch, a whore. Maybe Bob Sandler I was nice enough to make a partner couldn’t change our company direction, that I didn’t want to quit and he quit. Showing I am not changing. Maybe I lied on things that no rational person would care about from time to time once in a blue moon, like telling my girlfriend she isn’t fat when she is. Hell, maybe I even fudged the numbers on my taxes once. Although I don’t think I did. But nothing at all of any significance that anyone would care about so deeply they’d launch world wide terror, and extermination campaigns.

Now some people might question my ACTIONS starting around the Age 36 or so as to things like putting on a Fro Wig and walking around, or driving around. And walking around with a leash and no dog. And the reasoning is pretty obvious! well first off, these are things done to me my entire life, with world wide support! so, you can’t bash someone in the skull all day and night for 35 years one person at a time world wide and expect no retaliation, or defense. Also, the act of me wearing a stupid wig, and watching NSA hunt me down and try to kill because I found out I was endlessly being setup and framed, me shows that. Well, no one really gives a shit if someone is walking around with a fro wig and would normally laugh! but in my case, that IMPERFECTION, results in being hunted and exterminated with Government resources. And world wide support.

Image may contain: 1 person, beard, closeup and indoor

Try watching person after person all day and night world wide for 16 years calling you “BRO” over and over and over and over until you have to confess to what they want to hear, Then told no one knows you and you are world wide and you are imagining it. While they are intentionally trying to create things like Paranoid Schizophrenia. Refuse to be honest. Refuse to stop, refuse to tell you what their problem really is.


There are tons of mentally ill people in this world. From paranoia, schizophrenia, depression, I am sure there are a million labels in the DSM-IV book.

Out all these people with mental disorders, weather it’s a simple Depression for a month, to schizophrenia, are only put in mental institutions, if they are a danger to themselves or others! They are not criminals, they have not committed crimes. And most are harmless. I’ve seen tons of crazy, or mentally ill people in my life, and you have never seen my building murder armies to rid them or anyone else of the world, No matter what Adriana Olivarez was paid to tell the world. I might sit there, go, I think he’s crazy. And it pretty much ends there. And I make a choice, weather I let them into my life, or I don’t. And if I don’t like someone, I migrate to those that I do, who we get along. Despite what is said about me. And what people are trying to make me look like which have given me absolutely no world wide OPTIONS, or CHOICES! Most people in life, have some kind of choice! I do not! Since people world wide are approached before I ever meet any of them. Hence the world Alienating me, and turning me into a Recluse! And not by my doing or choice! It was all planned out from 9 years old with world wide lies, smears, slander defamation, criminal defamation, and information dissemination with endless resources. And of course not allowing me my 1st Amendment rights to talk about the situation, who I am, the truth, and what is going on or being done to my life.

Now, this wig, along with some of my other crazy theatrics, which I clearly learned from the endless street theater being done to me world wide starting 16 years ago. Make another statement about the U.S. and EVERYONE’S constitutional rights. If you value your FREEDOMS! You will listen to this carefully! Because while you have the good life right now, it just takes a Hiccup like me, to FLAG you with NSA! And have you hunted and killed for finding out!

Maybe typed some stupid word on the internet. Maybe someone hacked in your computer uploaded something demented that they don’t like. Maybe someone in the government just doesn’t like you. It does not matter. YOU NEED TO BE PROTECTED BY THE JUDICIAL SYSTEM which I have been robbed of. You need your freedoms of privacy which the Constitution protects you from, but the Government has passed things like the Patriot Act which is unchecked and unacceptable. Sure, it sounds good on paper. Catch the Bad guys! But like Edward Snowdon showed us all! It is not about terrorists. It is about control. And the NSA is doing all the things they claim they want to protect us from! Well, sound family? At any point, they can come after you for no reason at all making up some lame excuse! YOU ARE NOT PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION! At all! In any way shape or form!

Maybe they just don’t like you, think you have too much common sense, and tell the world you are a paranoid schizo cutter and need to be remove from society because you are a danger to yourself or others. My computer has been violated since 1994, and no matter my security, they get passed it, data-mined, and out of context is given to the world!

My point is this. It’s not always about National Security and the very act of data-mining peoples lives is an act of Paranoia, and Obsession. What would the real reasoning be for PRE-CRIME? There is non! You are a good person until you do something wrong. Not the other way around.

And while nothing is being done to you now. I am the example of one of the largest crimes against one man in history, due to demented government power. Who has done absolutely nothing but be imperfect! They don’t even have a real crime!

I’ve seen murderers get out of jail with actual records be treated way better then me.

So, my point, from some of my statements is this!

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR A STUPID WIG, no rational person would care about! YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BURN A FLAG! The entire reasoning behind flag burning is to make one simple statement. It is not because you hate the U.S. which you have the freedom to do. It is because you are exercising the U.S. Constitution which says. You have these freedoms! And if someone or a group of people come after you for burning a flag. Then they don’t believe in freedoms, and they are backwards. This is the point I am making! Now, do these people think I am crazy and a danger to them? NO! They are full of shit! And we all know it! They have an agenda, and I’ve exercised my 1st Amendment ability to tell the truth about the situation. And they are IRATE! Why? Because I know EVERYTHING from 9 years old. And they don’t want me talking!


MY POINT IS! While focusing on the lies against me! YOU COULD BE NEXT! By our government!

Over some harmless Tyson character fighting with a game character in a Computer imaging class to 15 people, which the government is using against me of art that you see, 1000’s of people creating all sorts of art, and this is no different on the internet. But yet my art is so special that I need to be removed from society from a simple harmless inanimate image, with nothing derogatory in it. Shows what’s really going on.

While my professor Jim Johnson was contacted by the government to figure out ways to make me look crazy and remove me from society with my family as well. Is pretty damn strange! Along with all other teachers and professors from high school to college. Like Mr Quigley, English and PE teacher telling me to punch Paul Schaffuer, and me refusing.

Gang Stalking – Using my art to smear my name

or they are going to kill you, with black communities hunting you down, thugging you, terrorizing you, and never stopping until you tell them what they want to hear,

working with the police, is what is known as COERCED FALSE CONFESSION.

Or maybe an all day and night conspiracy to try to get me to go out and threaten someone saying I am crazy and a danger to myself and others! Which is clearly the case here. Because these world wide provoking have been going on since 9 years old. And escalating until I noticed 16 years ago it I was literally 100,000 attacks per day world wide with internet, social networks, world wide cars being parked, endless cryptic verbal attacks and innuendos. All with your imagining it, is eventually going to break someone into a reaction. And where I come from. That is called, a SET UP!

A threat has to be non provoked, and show actual danger to someone. Meaning that there is and always has been an Agenda since 9 years old. Especially with my brothers endless physical bullying, who he then tells the world it’s because I am passive aggressive, and some how made him do it! The same brother who is running around saying, “He and his friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and have bugs in my room listening to everything I am doing” Sound like a credible person, or someone who would make up any lie to cover up his crimes while still going after you? And the police have always been on his side, which is even scarier, showing that, it is a government operation. Because last I checked. Weather you think I am a good person, or a bad person is irrelevant, and the polices job is not to stop crimes for people they think are good people. Their job is to stop EVERY crime. Showing that, this is all being done to me since 9 years old. And they are Aiding and abetting it!

Also, all the frame jobs my brother and friends did to me. And all the things they went out and did. All these people are angry at me. But they aren’t angry at the actual people that did it, when my brother pulled a Training day on me. Which shows that they are not concerned with anyone else, accept me! Which also shows motive and targeting.

with NSA of what people should really be afraid of. While they are duped into believing that I am a horrible person and need to be removed from society and they feel a sense of obligation and authority to pretend they are cops. They are not, and are being used. They don’t realize, that they are next by the government. Maybe the next person might drop his cigarette butt on the ground by a cop. And they are flagged and hunted like I am. Not because they committed a crime. Well, OK, you could say they littered a fragment of ash that blows away in the wind. But no one is going to give a shit unless they want you dead. Especially a rogue cop with government internet based murder weapons designed by the NSA.

I have been Threatened by several cops. One even followed me to Encino Starbucks telling me his name is Officer Toro, based on a student in southern Oregon state Javier, saying “If you fuck with the bull, you get the horns” and 15 years later, from something someone else said in college, Shows I am being targeted by the government. Freely walking up to me giving a fake name without me asking. And telling me. “If you ever take a picture of someone, I will exercise the law in my own way” Showing that this is about several things. Me getting into studio photography with provocative women which my family will not stand for. And or being forced to document what people are doing to me. Because I got into studio Photography working with the police, government, my family, and mass groups. On things that are non of their business. Also, by the way. Cops don’t just walk up to yo freely giving you their names.

Of course Internal Affairs knew me, and weren’t going to do a thing. That is just one of these countless situations with the police.

Hence why Edward Snowden came forward with what he knew and was crucified by the government with lies. Someone who is my HERO! Because he is about protecting the common man, who has no power, and just wants to eat, and do something with his life before he dies like me. Which Snowden has given up the tip of the Ice Berg as to what goes on in NSA. You should not be focused on me. But you should be HORRIFIED after what has been done to me as to what has been done to me with world wide and government support feeding the world every lie known to man about me while being mentally battered all day and night watching 100,000 attacks per day for 16 years alone. And all the horrible things I found out growing up and going to colleges, because my family contacted them with their lies and using their psychology degrees to word it how it needs to be to make it look like they want it to look.

And if you compare me to anyone I ever knew or was friends with. I came out a lot cleaner and friendlier, so why isn’t any of these hypocrites mad at them? and was the nicest person known to man to them. While not a stick up the ass. Just not a murderer. You know, thatmiddle ground hat my family and friends don’t have and hate so much. Like being well balanced, well centered, rational, and in the middle. Not a murderer, and not a tight ass anal retentive. Which really upsets them that I am DIFFERENT, the BLACK SHEEP, and not like them Or psychotically NEUROTIC like them. Which is a good thing. So it is impossible to just say, I was arrested and this happened and it’s a simple Threat. it is not and I am the one being attacked, lied to, threatened, mentally battered all day and night, with mass groups telling me what I can and can’t do which is perfectly LEGAL!. Going on 35 years. And this one week alone, I don’t think the average person could handle and would have a lot less self control.

Like this neighbor telling me I am not allowed to leave my house, or go anywhere who called the police on me crying wolf after threatening me at the time of arrest, Or I will be brutally mobbed with endless terror attacks wherever I go. And if I take a walk for my health, they have mass groups come out city wide trying to kill me or create mental illness. OK, that’s not what we call an IMMEDIATE THREAT TO ME LIFE, but they are subtle attacks on my physical and mental health. They are just not instant and direct! Same thing. While this is not a direct threat by him on my life. It is a threat based on their endless behaviors and what they are doing. And them trying to say this is who I am, is old. And just another torture tactic to create mental illness, to stop the truth from coming out.

The point is, if Billions of people are told to subtly attack you all day and night, you cannot call the police saying I am in immediate danger. You are however in danger, just like 100,000 people per day walking up and throwing an ANT on you. We are not talking one person, one ant. So if the police want you dead, they are going to laugh at you, and say you are crazy while you slowly die. Especially knowing about it. Is Aiding and abetting. And I think we all have enough common sense to know this.

So, you are in danger, you just can’t say it. Or your targeters say. “He is crazy” covering up the crimes. Also known as Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking, Community Mobbing, Community Harassment Groups.

While there aren’t a lot of targets. And involves weeding through those who are paranoid, those who are joking around. There are more targets then you think. But I have not seen any on my magnitude.

Related to other targets on my site

You will have to do your own research these government operations, and targets under

Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community Harassment Groups, Gas Lighting

IT IS THE END ALL BE ALL OF CRIMES! By the government, and the people supporting it! This is an UNPRECEDENTED crime in History against one man! With police and government support. Asking a simple question of why I am not allowed to tell my side of the story on any of these fabrications will get me hunted by these mass groups. And I have tried, even with people in the PSYCHOLOGY COMMUNITY!

And the only reason this is done is because they don’t want me healthy, living my life, and talking to people about what is being and has been done to me. And that is it! So they will try to make me look Crazyto cover it all up. And the more I show I am perfectly normal. Which is completely irrelevant. The angrier they get! Trying to make me look crazy.

It got really bad for me when hiring people to write books about my life. I don’t see how that is a crime. Weather I am crazy or not.

Because all these events, and all these people are connected to a larger crimes, and endless setup attempts and frame jobs to rid me of the world since 9. All connected! With Internet based tools.

While I have countless blogs about this 35 year world wide campaign with endless proof on daily attacks, that goes from almost each and every person who has been in my presence since 9 years old. From endless people who I was friends with trying to figure out ways to set me up or frame me, then spreading lies to cover up their operations to the world. Obviously me not knowing. To the masses world wide which I have watched try to mentally batter me quiet because I found out that my entire life I was being targeted with endless attempts to try to make me look like a horrible crazy monster or a nuisance in the worlds eyes to figure out how the police and government could get world wide people to remove me from society, empowering the masses with endless lies about me.

Once in a while someone might play stupid and ask me what this is about as if I know what goes on in the eyes of my psychotic hunters. And each and every time I am retaliated by more and more mass groups simply by voicing what I know has been done to me. From then strangers following me from place to place whistling hinting I am a whistle blower. Only something someone involved in a crime would do. In this case, world wide cover up.

A couple days ago 2 black people came out asking me about my life, and that night 2 black jeep Cherokee’s hinting about Kelly and black people parked where I walk out the gate together to try to thug me quiet for speaking the truth and what I know. Well, that is a THREAT! and these THREAT’s are endless all day and night, and going on since 9 years old or at least when I realized something was very wrong. Or I should say, when they thought I knew something was wrong before I even knew t 29. Then endless suggestive threats started coming in and never stopped. Then saying I’ve somehow done something wrong of course, yet can’t tell me what.

While providing NSA level illegally used terror tools to the world to do so giving the masses the power to be judge, juries, and sentence bypassing the judicial system. What was going on and watching all day and night 24/7 terror attacks for 16 years which I am told I am imagining. Leaving no judge, jury, judicial system, defense, or even allowed to talk directly to anyone about what is being done to me and my life.

While this may have started with a families concern, but I don’t think so after watching years of their behaviors, and illegal activities and realizing that they are not honest people, and everything is about manipulation and control. It ended up in a cover up by trying to put me in the ground to stop the world from knowing the truth, with full police and government support. Which is strange because our government tells the world that the United State is the safest and most fair place in the world. Unless they don’t like or trust you, then they go around the laws to execute you, using government loopholes like the Patriot Act. Maybe it’s, You smiled wrong, so you are a terrorist and need to be removed from society. Who knows what goes in with corrupt people with endless resources like this. They will say weird things about me that I snapped, when I found out what was going on. And am a danger to myself or others.

It’s like my sociology teacher said in High School. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

Out of 30 psychiatrists, psychologists, not one wanted me talking except when they wanted to force me into false confessions. My car us a crime, it was a jaguar, my art is a crime, from each minuet aspect that no sane person would even think about. Every single artwork ever created. Obsessing on every imaginary possibility of something. And when the truth started coming out. Strangers would walk by over and over whistling at me hinting I am a whistle blower as they ramped up their mass brutal terror attacks. Not one wanted me healthy and their actions of terror and thugging showed it. Even when I was on medications, the pharmacies were told to attack me to stop me from getting meds or keep me sick, and the therapists would work on me with these mass groups. The more I spoke out about what I knew, the more they came after me with the masses releasing private confidential therapy sessions. The more hobbies I took up, the more places I went to get healthy again, the angry these mass world wide mobs get. I am followed, I am attacked, all day and night for having the ability to talk about my life. Even when going to work. Lorena Escobar, my fathers thug, I mean office manager, would hint about my therapy sessions over and over to try to get me to do something to her.

I cannot tell you exactly how this started at around the age 9, or what was said. All I can tell you what I know, and realize what was being done to me by almost every person world wide I was in contact with for the last 35 years. From endless lies, smears, setups attempts, frame jobs, and lies to cover up their crimes given out world wide beyond any level of illegal known to man. Because I have been intentionally kept out of the world wide loop, to be able to defend myself or the truth to come out.

I have no problem talking about my childhood, but apparently, these people do, and that shows that they have a SHITLOAD to HIDE!

While at one point a couple months ago, I decided, that despite the 16 years of severe mental torture world wide, but really 35 years. Especially my neighbors and the entire city, and world wide for that matter. Keeping me severely sick and in pain by covert psychological terror tactics which you can read in my other blogs.

This is about .0001% of it and is world wide. And the Cars parked in patterns of 2’4, 4’s etc, cars people using the names of cars to crate paranoid schizophrenia and ideas of references. For example, if I go out and do a photo shoot, of the beach, come home, they will most likely have tons of Toyota Camry’s in my street on in patterns of 2’s to try to provoke me into anger and rage.

And at the beach tons of people will show up wearing the same things. For example, maybe 20 people will show up at the same time wearing solid black pants, and solid blue shirts, I have seen done over and over.

Which I’ve now watched all day and night for 16 years in front of my place working with world wide groups on the internet, and these types of psychological terror campaign has been growing world wide since 9 years old all day and night world wide. Which the police don’t think is wrong, as they are supporting the crimes.

In the Golden State office, this whistling went on daily for YEARS! not one day. Along with 1000’s of over things, and 100’s to 1000’s of cars in the parking lot parked in patterns to send me hidden messages for at least 10 years in this office alone.

What they are doing with the cars outside the office. This is all day, every day, and directed towards me.

Patterns of 2’s














Sometimes across from each other if they can’t get the spot next to it


Also, 2 people waiting for me to leave at 5:00 pm sitting in their cars parked backwards



Parked Crooked




in 2’a. Just a couple of pictures of what has been going on all day and night for 16 year every single day where I live.











4 grey Lexus’s in a row







2 focus, 2 elantra pairs alternating. one is a genesis, but same car as the Elantra

Also, you can see here, that usually I take pictures of the more obvious proveable things going on so there is less despite. But there are a lot of more subliminal things going on. Such as idea of reference tactics. For example, here you can see, that most of the street looks normal, yet their are 2 pairs of red cars parked togethor.

Which of course, an hour later turned into 2 Kia’s

While Lorena, sings “Welcome to the Jungle” belittles me saying I am too sensitive, and have no grasp on reality, and puts a tree at my desk. There are no other plants in the entire office, just the ones put at my desk, while having her family and friends, which are most of the employees take turns on me every few minutes for over 14 years and contact every person world wide I tried to work with to move on and get away from the company with.

As well as making up endless lies on daily basis and keep giving them out to the world in secret. My neighbors, the places I go, hobbies, Possible friends, Possible women to meet. You name it. A world wide Smear operation, with endless lies. While they just keep making up newer and newer lies.

AND! showing that they are working with CORRUPT police trying to keep me quiet. Just as an Officer who claimed his name was Officer Toro, from a Latin person in college always saying “if you fuck with the bull, you get the horns” then the police hunting me because he said that. Which is strange that, they even know of that insignificant non criminal act. Showing their involvement


Brian Longbotham and Rick Caruso frame job   –

Greg Koenig working with Neighbors to Gang Stalk me and remove me from society at

Security trying to thug me quiet while writing the last blog about security and Rick Caruso properties  –

Neighbors working with security and Home Owner associations to remove me from society

Metro Complex Security Guards trying to provoke me into situations and then mace me to keep me quiet  –

Metro Complex Security Guard trying to Mace me on Public Property    –

Neighbors Vandalizing my car and trying to tear off the KevinPerelmanTarget sign

People trying to intimidate me in cars with the police to try to set me up

Neighbors and communities trying to blackmail me quiet about their crimes

neighbors using cars to create mental illness

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics –

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me –

Office and Home mobbings – Office manager Elsie Sandoval, Connie Raya, George Escobar

Gang Stalking – Using my art to smear my name  –

Government trying to keep me quiet in Washington DC

World wide social network mobbing, esculating sine 1994 since my brother introduced me to the Internet with Ulterior motives to remove me from society. This shows patterns done in types of things like 2′ 3’s 4’s “!!” “!!!” “??” things like this that people will message me normally, when I start talking to them and they dont get the anwser they want, start doing these patterns. From stranger after stranger world wide showing that while it is non direct, they are provoking behiovors directed at me done systematiccly and in repetition which the police know is going on and don’t think it’s wrong. And could easily stop it with the same tools they used to notify the masses world keep doing and changing to newer and newer tactics like this.

Neighbors endlessly attacking me, brutalizing me to try to set me up since I moved in 16 years ago. And was also being done to me in Oregon and Colordo, that I didn’t even know was going on.

(Greg Koenig in #2 who is in communication with my mother in Canada and she seems to be having him thug me whenever I do what she doesn’t like which is LEGAL, like going to a coffee shop being social, or getting work done and minding my own business. Or maybe going to out play some Pool one of my old hobbies they say is shady and unacceptable because they watched some movies about Pool Hustling or something)

Police endlessly trying to intimidate me quiet and put a stop to the crime.

While just taking some random pictures (Threats, “We are watching you”)

(Police spinning things when they see me threatening me they are going to spin my mind, which isn’t being done by one police officer, but mass groups who see me world wide working with them who when see me, keep spinning things like kkeys around their fingers and such in mass numbers)

Spinning tactics by stranger whever I went. Over and over and over and over and over and over, just like the U-turns. But this went on for years. Nont days like the U-turns

Police waiting for me making U-Turns , after reading a blog about one of the tactics telling countless people to make U-turns by me to try to stop what is going on. All done in a Weeks time. So for example, not across years. But within one week, maybe 5o people saw me, making U-Turns when they drove up next to me walking. Not in normal random events, but Systematiccly trying to make me look crazy.

I decided that because I had put signs on my car now. In a way the tables were turned a little, and I could not go places around the world without people trying to hold their power of, “Your Imagining it” and “Your Crazy” over me, while world wide groups take turns on these terror and mental illness operations to mentally batter me to death and or remove me from society by trying to endlessly all day and night of up to 100,000 provoking s per day working with the police to try to get reactions for finding out that I was a target, to be removed from society since 9 years old. This way, the world could at least see that there was a truthful side to the information that is being disseminated to them in secret and see that non of it is even true. Which made these mass groups Irate that I am standing up for what is right, the truth, and even the larger picture that if not for me, for the next poor victim the government just doesn’t like at 9 years old and decides to try to exterminate in the same Gang Stalking manor. With these covert government operations which needs to be exposed to the world, like Edward Snowden has done. But clearly, things get a lot worse, and while there are a small number of government targets like me out there. There are some others on a smaller scale.

There has also been tons of vandalism to my cars. For speaking out. But the one they they really don’t like, is me having the freedom of speech. To tell people the Truth about the situation, which shows their true colors, and Motive, and Hidden Agendas. What kind of person would not allow the opposing side to speak, unless they were involved in a crime? Everyone prides themselves on the fact that we have the Constitution and judicial system, yet when it comes to me, they clearly don’t want me being protected, or even an actual just system defending me. Showing NSA and the government using loopholes in the patriot act riling the masses world wide against me, just like when Snowden leaked the truth and they started making up lies about him.

So at this point, I decided to drive around the city of crowded locations now that I had a message back saying “Non of this is true” This really bothered them and I am sure they spewed all sorts of lies how I am a nascence, and causing havoc, by simply driving around with a harmless sign on my car exercising my 1st amendment to defend myself against the endless lies with unlimited world wide resources.

I drove out to Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, all sorts of populated places so that people can realize that I have a website that people don’t want others knowing about. And that the truth is on the site as to what is really going on addressing the endless lies about me, as well as all the setup attempts, and frame jobs.

People did not like this. Especially in Santa Monica they got really aggressive. From Cell phone tracking most likely police resources, to people following me around in cars trying to send hidden messages to try to create mental illness, problems, or whatever. I did several drive tests in Hollywood going down random non crowded side streets away from Hollywood blvd. And each street I went down and waited for 30 minutes or so, car came following me and trying to provoke me. Some people instantly new to come out of their houses and send me hidden messages simply by pulling to the side of the road and waiting to see what would happen. I know this because they exerted their paranoid schizo hidden messages. Which are shown on the blogs and the timing of their reactions and behaviors that are in patterns. As well as random people on twitter world wide using their Spy Game tactics of sub tweets hinting they know this or that immediately afterwards.

Groups all came down to Hollywood as well. Which in a way, would be something to admire, or think is kinda cool or positive provided it wasn’t about sending hidden messages all day and night, but recognition and acknowledgment Provided that they would admit they know me, and give me something out of life instead of intentionally trying to inflict severe pain and mental illness, and then say that I am imaging it and crazy which they clearly know they are doing, and always have been since 9 years old. Address me directly to show acknowledgment, and not take part in the mental illness tactics of the majority of the world knowing you. Pretending they don’t. And 90% of the world sending me hidden messages all day and night to create things like paranoid schizophrenia, and obsessional looping, or whatever they can do to rid me of the world. Not only does not make sense, I have no clue why there is world wide support.

To show me I am known world wide, but told I am imagining it, is clearly a campaign to make me crazy and end my existence, while the world takes as much as they can from me, does not give one thing back. Then tries to hint to me this is somehow who I am and it’s my fault or something like this is pretty demented.

Needless to say, while In Hollywood several times, I had several people digging afterwards for information from me as if simply driving to Hollywood is somehow a crime. Or anywhere else for that matter. Although some of the people involved, when I did 3D animation and Visual FX, like Brian Longbathom, I am sure is worried about that industry knowing the truth about his 15 years of frame jobs to me destroying my name in the Entertainment industry, and Adult industry. Which is an added benefit to me going down to Hollywood.

Needless to say, while down there, one person was waiting for me and driving behind me, and when I made a right turn, they threw their cars in to the right of me from behind. And sort of wedged into the right fire lane so that when I made a turn, I’d hit him and it would be my fault trying to work on their, Kevin is reckless and angry tactics to work on their endless 35 years of attacking my credibility to the world in secret to keep me isolated, and be able to say and do whatever they want to me illegally with world wide support.

So as I made a right turn, Someone who was behind me came up really fast, and wedged his car into the shoulder and I ended up hitting him. So you could say it was my fault, because I hit him, but not my fault if he is wedging his car in as I am making a right turn. my right door, where the sign on my 2008 eclipse hit another cars wheel. Basically leaving some paint on his car, no damage, and his wheel chewing up my door. Now as I pulled over, we both had USAA insurance which is rare for someone to have USAA insurance. But not only this, he was wearing the red and black Raven Bay flannel everyone knows about. Things go a lot deeper with Raven Bay, as tons of her movies are taking things from all aspects of my life and put in most of her work. But that is not meant for this blog.

Also, while I was not sure that the accident was intentional, the next weekend, a pizza delivery driver tried throwing his car to my right when I crept a few inches to make another right turn and was looking in the rear view mirror while he spuratically jerked and threw his car that direction which I avoided.

Raven Bay and her Red white and Black Flannel

This is interesting one of the tactics in itself, People would follow me from place to place wearing similar flannels. Especially to coffee shops. At one point in my defense, I bought one, and now my cat uses it to sleep on. But you get the idea of what is going on when you hear things that people are following me from place to place trying to turn me into a schizo wearing the same flannel. Then get mad at me for not asking someone with these psychotic behaviors out.

His Car Damage

My car damage

While talking to him, he did not say much, seemed very nervous. We exchanged insurance, and took care of it through insurance comapny where between the constant insurance companies digging for personal information which normally does not happen, decided to make it a 50/50 claim. While my damages were less then $200 in parts, and about $700 labor. This is not the kind of thing people normally care about. Especially the police, FBI, NSA. Which at this point in 35 years. I think I have had about 6 vehicles launched at me. Avoiding most of them.

Except at 16 years old. One person on a motorcycle slid his bike in front of my in the rain going to High School, and they all said I rammed him. Of coure, like usual, nothig was said to me, and I had to look back at my life when right after that, my wrestling coach went to the hospital for a while, for crashing his motorcycle. And it was like the other situations in my life to try to guilt me into false confessions I didn’t realize was going on.  And after that. A lady at the Honda Dealer waiting on the right shoulder saw me and threw her car perpendicular to the fast lane. I could not avoid her. And after the accident. She got out of her car and screamed “You tried to kill me” which was odd. Because not only do people normally pull out from the side of the road, stop in front of you perpendicular. They then don’t get out of their cars accusing you of trying to kill them. Most people say “Oh shit, I got in an accident, I don’t need this”

I can recall the insurance company calling me up and trying to tell me it is a 50/50 until I told them how is that possible. I was going straight in the fast lane. Her vehicle came from the side of the road trying to pull off a U-turn from parked on the shoulder. And they back down.

Now what is obviously going on in all these incidents are people working with the police and government to try to make it look like I am angry and full of rage. And I am causing destruction with these frame jobs. Then telling the world all the things I am involved in which do not really exist, other then me being a really good person and being hunted by angry mobs for some reason at 9 years old. While these are just a couple of examples. These types of things are endless in my life to paint a picture to give to world to remove me from society. Well thought out, calculated, and pre meditated.

As you can see from this diagram. Some lady claiming you tried to kill her from this, is beyond absurd or obnoxious.

While taking my car to

Valley Motor Center
14954 Oxnard St.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

Image result for valley motor center

Where I had taken my 2002 GMC envoy too about 6 month prior where once again. The Peruvian restaurant who hates my guts. Not because I’ve done anything wrong, but because the world wide criminal defamation and slander like most places world wide, El Incomparable Peruvian Cuisine, and I had several threats because after their endless harassment’s, and some threats, I started passing out cards, and eventually they had someone waiting on the side of the road when I left. Launched their car at me. And I managed to avoid them, but hydroplaned my SUV into light pole avoiding him. The same exact thing the lady next to the Honda Dealer did to me. Trying to frame me, make it look like I am out of control, reckless, a danger, you name it. Or mass world would groups would not be given out these endless lies about me.

El Incomparable Peruvian Cuisine
19315 Saticoy St
Los Angeles, CA 91335


So like usual, while dropping off my car at Valley Motor Center, their were endless harassment and terror tactics from trying to get confessions from my key chain with a boxing glove, which I bought because they would not let this issue go with the constant terror tactics that I need to confess, and doing things like having people show up in color patterns and say things cryptically to try to provoke me or guilt me, into or about situations, or clothing color patterns with black people there. about being schizo like Mike Tyson. A picture for my computer imaging class by my Professor Jim Johnson framing me, and using my life against me in University of Colorado they are obsessed with, which is insignificant to anything. And a simple private class project which he put on his “Sleeping Dog Contest” website. Which I can assure you wasn’t viewed by many people. I know now is being disseminated to the world to use against me and take it out of context to try to make me look schizo. Just one of many of my art works used against me. One of endless tactics since 9 years old.

Trying to get confessions that I think I am black and am a women beater where multiple women like Jen Hess and Elsie Sandoval sent after me have had made claims to the police that I have hit them, trying to make the world think I conform to my art, and am not a stable person, and am a danger to myself or others.

While picking up my car, the one Employee Brian Findling says to me, that he is concerned for my safety because he lives in Woodland Hills, and there is a Police Officer with a Facebook account saying he wants to get me. And he is obviously riling up the masses to help him by making it a social event and witch hunt enabling private citizens to go after me. Which has always been the case with world wide support since 9 years old. Empowering the masses to pretend they are the police. Which I would think this is highly illegal, and not the type of thing that police officers do.

Brian also tells me someone he is related too, knows my father and is a doctor, which I find interesting that the people from my fathers office keep having people do things to my car, like bumper taps and when I bring my my car they are trying to get confessions about things that sane people don’t normally care about. Like when I bought a Garmen GPS. they wanted to find out what I was watching while thinking it was a TV while driving, then having someone ram it and things like this to get me to go there to try to get confessions.

After this, when I get home, The Neighbors start getting really aggressive, because they know, they have someone in law enforcement on their side to try to thug me quiet. Although, this has always been the case since 9 years old world wide. It’s just they tell me this to justify their more aggressive attacks and try to immobilize and thug me quiet so they can make me mentally ill without defending myself.  Instead of what they should be doing. Which is not take part in a mass operation to mentally batter me to death, until I was forced to speak out, and go live their own lives. Unless they like me, then there’s something to work with, provided it isn’t based on hidden messages and manipulation. But they will try to turn the endless crimes around saying that I am a nausence. When it is a situation they are, and have always been doing since I was 9 years old. So instead of these mass groups being honest, they are aiding and abetting a crime. In this case, Slander, Defamation, and Criminal Defamation to rile up the masses to mentally batter me until I am dead, or have to defend myself and turn it around trying to make me look crazy, and out of control, or reckless, nausence. What has always been going on.

All they have to do is say, mass world wide groups hunting down and killing someone is wrong, and not take part. The police creating world wide Neighborhood watch groups empowering them to commit any crime known to man against me, and providing the tools to do it, is beyond any level on unconstitutional imaginable. Then use NSA resources to try to exterminate them. Probably using loopholes in the Patriot Act to try to make it look justified. And we all know how honest our government is. Just look at the lies they spewed out about Edward Snowden when he leaked their corruption.

So when I get home. They start in on me. Greg Koenig, my Neighbor in #2, who I caught cramming things in my car. Because he doesn’t want me telling anyone what is going on.

Greg Koenig working with Neighbors to Gang Stalk me and remove me from society at

Basically tells me, after posting a tweet on twitter about China and only one news agency to control information is demented. While playing friend, says I should move to China. hinting that basically it’s because he doesn’t want the truth coming out.

On this one occurrence, he tells me that the neighbor who drives the Miata on the street is a big guy, and wants to beat me up for passing out a card on his car. Making up a lie that it somehow did something to his car. Trying the threaten me quiet. Saying that I should not focus on what is being done to my life and speaking out to stop it. You know. The usual. Don’t defend yourself, and sit and watch these mass mobs torture you to death.

Also, driving my eclipse home, I noticed once again, they had cars waiting around with people watching me all over the city to passive aggressively provoke me. One person, I gave the peace sign too in a jeep trying to wait around thugging and intimidating me. And while talking to Greg Briefly an hour later, when saying goodbye, he gave me the Peace sign and calling me Bro, letting me know he is involved in this information collection, and dissemination campaign  to try to get anything to use to create mental illness which I I already know. And saying Bye Bro. Because they didn’t want me having the boxing glove on my eclipse keys as well as the GMC Envoy keys they had for my car at Valley Motor Center earlier that day.

He said I should focus on my safety. I don’t know what that means exactly. Because what does anyone do in my situation? The crux of the entire world wide stalking is all psychological warfare, and not physical abuse. These types of people don’t walk up and hit you because you call the police, or they don’t like you. So they create world wide terror torture operations to collapse your nervous system without touching you, then say you are crazy and just died or freaked out. Which is why I am forced to pass out cards in my defense each day while watching mass groups conspire and organize terror tactics all day from people coming out of their places with mental illness tactics all day and night or follow me from place to place with mass strangers world wide never stopping. Because they police are heavily involved in this operation world wide, and PRETEND it isn’t wrong or happening. But we all know this is one of the biggest crimes in history.

So Greg is basically trying to threaten and scare me quiet.

The next day I see Greg, and once again, they have crammed tons of cards like 1000’s of them in the windows cracks in hopes that they could jam the windows. Because Elsie Sandoval, at my fathers office, after telling the cops I had hit her when telling her everything was lies from Mike Huntley and his World of War craft tactics in our office of Mike trying to tell people I play games with peoples lives. And when she had one card on her car. Told the world I was trying to jam her window because she doesn’t want the truth coming out. But the question of how she has the ability, like everyone else, to notify world wide groups with any lie anyone wants to tell about me in secret with no accountability, ISN’T BEING ADDRESSED! which is the real crime!

other reading on these two people

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me  –

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti Googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics  –

And I am smoking a cigar. Greg asks me if that is Pot. I say no, it’s a cigar. He then asks me if I smoke pot. And I say, yes, I love pot, and I smoke pot. I also say “But my family thinks it’s illegal” he clams up and walks away, because I know he is in contact with my mother in Canada.

At that night, I order food, from Crazy Tokyo

Crazy Tokyo

18406 Ventura Blvd

Tarzana , CA 91356

Once again, they food delivery person lures me out on the street, and when I get out, my car is covered with 1000’s of cards in all the cracks.

And when he gives me the food, he says something like. Have a good night BUD! Eluding to my conversation with Greg Koenig earlier that day, to provoke me into something. And in my life, most of these things aren’t coincidences. And they started calling me Bud over and over after Rodie Morales was sent after me any way shape or form possible to remove me from society and tried setting me up with a trash bag of marijuana which did not work. Among his endless other setup and frame job attempts.

More about Rodie Morales and Aubry Fisher, Traci Anna Koval frame job, and setup attempts

They also do my other car in the Garage

Now this thing that happened with the food delivery person isn’t a one time thing. This type of thing has been done to me almost every time I have ordered or got food every single day for 16 years now. As you can see the motive is to endlessly provoke me into reactions to set me up. And of course, turn it around world wide saying I am somehow making them do this. I am an angry enraged, violent person and things like this. That I am somehow Passive aggressive. But of course, I am just one person, and they are Billions. It’s not even a debate once people are honest and the truth is out.

The important questions are not asked. How am I known world wide? how is information getting out world wide on every aspect of my life? and instantly to the world? what systems are being used? how is it being done? Why is it being done? things like this.

Which is CRIMINAL DEFAMATION, and honestly a mass conspiracy to commit murder since no one is coming forward.

within the same time frame at one point, I went out for a walk, and I always pass out cards on the specific cars or people directed at me to create mental illness when I see them coming out trying to provoke me into situations.

Example, maybe I will walk around the block. A girl wearing Solid black pants, and a solid red shirt will come out. And when I got to the other side of the building, another girl will come out wearing solid black pants and a red shirt. along with the 1000’s of cars directed at me to send hidden messages within 100 yards alone. And then I will have to defend myself passively by handing out cards. But of course, this never ever STOPS! they just keep hunting me down with world wide support, and then say. He’s crazy, he is imagining it.

Which seems pretty coincidental that around the age 14, my brother told me, he and his friends put a teacher in a mental institution, and they have a bug in my room and are listening to everything I am doing to try to create schizophrenia and things like this.

Also, he is a Urologist, with a minor in Psychology, like my father is an Orthopedist with a minor in psychology, and my mother is an art therapist, which she goes ballistic on every work  of art I create. Even if not given to her. She knows of it. Like the rest of the world.

The cards are generally passed out to the provokers so they can read the truth and move on, But at this point, this needs to be out in the open to the world.

Another threat within a day of this was one black person waiting for me in a BMW leaving his lights on at the end of the street gets out yelling at me when I am passing out cards. I tell him it’s just a piece of paper and this is a little more important. But he starts yelling at me, trying to bait me. And threatening me, and trying to get me to go after him. I basically said. “You shouldn’t be out here waiting for me”

He drove away with a mean look at me. While the more aggressive they get in their attacks, obviously the more aggressive I have to get in my passive defense of speaking out. BECAUSE THEY REFUSE TO STOP, and leave me alone. AND THIS IS ALL DAY AND NIGHT FOR 16 YEARS, which is actually started at 9 years old, so really 35 years growing like a wild fire. They won’t just go live their on lives like SANE people do. And always trying to make up lies that I have done something in my past or some lame psych evaluation, and stalking me is somehow justified. IT ISN’T AT ALL, in any way, shape or form.

I have seen several crazy people walking down the streets. I have never seen mass mobs trying to execute them for being crazy. Even though I am not. And we all know it.

So at this point, the next day, I am in my house and I notice my firewall has been hacked and my email stops working. And since 1994, since my brother introduced me to the internet. People world wide were told to violate my privacy any way possible, and I am pretty sure with NSA resources. I have been under constant home network attack for years while the world and of course neighbors are trying to get any information to use to remove me from society with the police. As well as endless internet setup attempts on all levels. My computer networks sabotaged over and over. Constant fixing of computers and watching them hack them up while I try to get them out of my systems.

People trying to get me to sell other peoples adult content which did not work and make money off other people when I was in Colorado, by someone named Val Morozav, working with Rodie Morales and the police.

People trying to get me to work for software cracking groups. As if I even knew how

Women talking to me for months who say they are 28 on IRC then all of a sudden it’s 13. And I move on while them taking it out of context. Then using the fragments of the conversation against me.

People with screen names Paranoid, trying to make me paranoid, then turning it around on me trying to use my screen names against me. Also working with Tom Farley who was sent after me around 9 years old.

You get the idea, because these things are endless frame job and setup attempts.

No matter how insignificant it will be used against me, taken out of context, and given out world wide in secret to rile the masses against me. Like if I am testing some SQL database code in insert queries, and type, Fred, bill, john, Al Buddy, Ted Bundy, Leroy, etc. They will say. He types Ted Bundy, he is a serial killer. And this will be given out world wide in one of the largest crimes known to man. Then them saying they are going to clean me up!

Right before fixing the firewall, I get a sub tweet on IRC, which I’ve seen on social networks all day and night world wide directed at me  to send me hidden messages, and the world saying no one knows you to create paranoia, and schizophrenia like this. And  the sub tweet directed at me says “No relaxing for you Nigger”

Now I am going to explain the reality of the situation for those who don’t, or claim they have absolutely no common sense. First off, from being attacked all day and night 27/4 and watching this for 16 years of 100,000 passive aggressive provokes per day world wide on me. But not only this, Not one person will admit any of this is going on. And, the reality of the situation is that tweet is coming from like England, Florida, who knows. But if I walk out of my house, and instantly world wide groups know I walk out of my house. From Metro Neighbors using IP cams and such to not only have the neighbors come out and attack me with mental illness tactics all day and night, and the world is helping. That is beyond any level of demented and illegal imaginable. Especially when the information is used to hurt, mame, kill someone. And with police support.

So right when I fix the firewall. And by the front door

with the door open, and one of the neighbors comes on my property who picked up my cards, and throwing it on my porch front of me who later called the police on me.  I come out the door, he is with his friend talking lame girl drama about me. Like “I don’t know what he does all day” and stupid things like this, someone with no life talks about. And I ask them if they threw the cards. He says no.

About 15 minutes later, I come out to take a walk which they dispose, because I might get healthy again. How dare I! Especially after 16 years going on 35 years of this. And accomplish something in my life.

I come out, see my car completely filled with cards in every crack again. While it’s not damaging. They do this over and over in retaliation. But a lot of times trying to jam huge amounts of cards in the window wedges to jam the windows.

Also, this was done!

Showing that for me, it is wanting people to know everything they’ve been told is lies, the truth, that non of this is true, and I am being hunted, and for them it’s about thugging me quiet about the truth. No matter how much I try to move on with my life. They are always following me from place to place, saying. We are watching you. And you had better not say anything. And this has been 16 years now since finding out.

I can understand people want to live in a clean healthy environment, but telling me I am not allowed to tell anyone what is really going on, and the truth, then being thugged to death for simply speaking out is unacceptable. Especially when my life is at stake, and they are the ones doing it!

No one has to like me, but to come after me, try to kill me, then say, don’t say anything is the crime of all crimes! and ANYONE who says something on the ground is less important then human life is scum in my book!

These people are hunting me not because of anything on the ground or anything I’ve done wrong. They started coming after me, when lint fell off my shirt and hit the ground.

Or maybe it was because I J-walked at 10 years old. They are BACKWARDS Psychotics!

So while coming out of my house, he runs up to me while I’m walking towards my car to see the cards on it. He gets about 1 inch in front of my face, and basically starts yelling at me. I basically said. Over and over. You need to stop, like 10 times in front of everyone. But like usual. They don’t want to stop. And this isn’t one person, it’s mass groups.

I then proceeded to take a walk, and he told me. “YOU HAD BETTER GET IN YOUR HOUSE!” And at that point, I told him something like. I am taking a walk, and if her comes after me, I will cut him down or something like that. And at this point. He went from his pit bull personality to a little crying bitch. “Look everyone, He threatened me!”

Well this thing about me not allowed to leave my house, and me followed to every place I go in the world and thugged to death. Especially every place in the world that I need to buy food. Pretty much is an attack on my life, health and safety. Because I’ve I am not allowed to leave my house. I get sick and die. And if I am not allowed to eat food, I get sick and die. And while these aren’t conventional methods or doing horrific things to people and inflicting unfathomable endless pain on someone. It is being done. And we all know it’s being done. And the reason they are, and can do it, is that they are being provided the tools to inflict psychological pain endlessly to try to get reactions from me to remove me from society. Also known as Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community harassment groups, is done from time to time to the select few. And a lot of times are police and government operations.

So he starts crying wolf Did you see that everyone!” “He threatened me!” they then called the cops. And he waited by my car, saying. You don’t go anywhere.

Well, I don’t know about you. But someone claiming he is in fear of his life, and I am a danger to him. Doesn’t go on someones property looking for trouble. Throwing shit all over it to try to get you to go after him. Which has been done to me endlessly since 9 years old now finding out. Because I had no clue it was even going on until 29.

Then as I am walking back in my gate, HE RUNS UP TO ME AGAIN! And at this point, ONCE AGAIN! He runs up to me! Showing he is the AGGRESSOR! and this isn’t about threats or him in fear for his life. It’s about him THREATENING me with these mas groups that I better do what they say, or they will try to make me mentally ill, and kill me. And try to make me look crazy to cover it up.

He admits that he took cards around Greg Koenig’s house, and threw them on my property. Then says “THIS IS HIS PLACE”

So I make it clear in front of everyone, who will probably try to cover this up like usual. That “THIS IS ALL OF OUR PLACES”

So technically, if he was standing by my car saying I can’t leave, he is breaking the law. And if he keeps running up to me, following me, or having other neighbors do the same. He sure as hell isn’t IN FEAR OF HIS LIFE, and is breaking the law trying to set me up. And thinks he is the police, and can do whatever he wants. He can’t. And he can’t then try to say, he is doing this because I can’t see myself, and it’s my fault.

And he has ulterior motives and an agenda, CONSPIRING with mass groups. All these things are all premeditated, and well thought out and executed with mass groups from 9 years old.

And then trying to make me look crazy for speaking out about the bigger picture is a whole Gas Lighting thugging crime in itself. With Endless blackmail, threats, and damages from it on every level imaginable. And yet they still won’t stop after 35 years.

This has also happened at every place I have ever lived since 9 years old. Oregon, Colorado. You name it. How are these people being given this information? especially before the Internet? it takes a lot of time, energy, and money to follow someone from place to place poisoning the well. And Intentionally riling the masses up in angry rages against someone.

Also, the one neighbor in the Metro I had tons of problems with across from me where I walk out of the gate. Which I pretty much had problems with all of them, is involved in this situation as well. Which of course is world wide. Says to me, once they think they have leverage over me.

“I am watching you!” basically threatening me again


Where I walk out, his POV

The Metro complex which surrounds my place, working with the police and playing schizo while trying to remove me from society and telling the world I am crazy

Now you can see from these pictures how he watched everything I do. Which isn’t really a crime until mental illness setups are at hand. the first picture is my POV of what you would see going out to take a walk.

Also, they have cameras and such on my place so that when I go out to get exercise or go someone, mass groups within all the complexes come out with their psychological mental battering to try to trigger me into something. It never stops, it never ends. now for 35 years.

The complex is also called the Metro, and they are playing Schizo mind game pretending they are the police, and working with the police. Then hinting to me, that it is somehow my fault they are doing it, and I can’t see myself on some kind of psychological warfare out of endless tactics, they are working on me since 9 years old.

Trying to scare and intimate me. Of course, I come out with My Black mans wig, because they won’t let the fact go, that there is nothing to this Tyson Picture or their endless 1000’s of 1000’s lies to the world with criminal intent. they are so mad about, which has nothing of anything in it About anything at all. And what they are really mad about is that they are telling the world that I am schizo, crazy, and a wife beater. And won’t admit the truth that non of it is true, and their BEHAVIORS show that they damn well know this. They are involved in this criminal defamation, and instead of admitting the truth, they want to cover up the fact they destroyed my life over some insignificant picture that is similar to 1000’s of pictures created world wide per day. And this isn’t about my art, or anything else, except someones RAGE and Anger at me around 9 years old.

He chuckles at me when I come out saying. Yo bro! Which is good at least he has a sense of humor in between his thugging and threats. But it still does not account for what they have done to my life.

But at one point, he says to me “You figured out the Microphone thing!”

Which was, years ago, My home owners association had some plumbers show up at the door. Telling me their was a leak in the walls. Clearly Working with Greg Koenig in #2. And they made holes in my walls between the places. But not into the other place. So no hole was ever going into the neighbors place. Not only this, they conveniently never came back to fix things. I was too sick from being attacked all day and night by these world wide murder operations to be on top of things. Which everyone damn well knows.

So then the neighbor starts pretending I have peep holes or something. So while watching this on the Internet. Which they are trying to say is some kind of crime or something. They are pretending that I am now doing something to the neighbors.

But what I did figure out at the time is that while for 20 years I can’t get these people out of my computer who is breaking the law in privacy violations. And with NSA and Police tools. Because they don’t have a problem with this being done to me. And they have endless world wide resources so I cannot protect myself any way shape or form. That they Hijacked my webcam and Microphones.

So I was watching an Alexis Amore clip, and someone says WOW in it. And they hijacked my microphones and webcams and were using them to create mental illness. And got the Audio and Video

For example, When I walked to the kitchen and tripped, Someone on twitter in who knows what state says “I just tripped, getting food” well these types of things have been done to me all day and night since 1994 since the internet came around with world wide support.

After this, people started following me to coffee shops, or any coffee shop world wide and on the Internet, people would say WOW, over and over.

And that day alone, I was sitting at the Topanga Starbuck

5422 Topanga Canyon Blvd,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Which endless things had been done to me at that location alone as well as world wide. And Starbucks world wide corporate support hinting they didn’t want me at any locations in the world. As well as being attack at every single place and person world wide. But for 10 years all day, 100’s to 1000 people per day attacked me. Finally resulting in their endless lies and banning me. Then eventually trying to force me into signing bunk pieces of papers with false confessions they refused to show me all on surveillance. And then a security guard John Paul Merango, attacking me and hitting me about 7 times straight in the head, and I stopped him in self defense. The police were not concerned with his assault. But he did trigger me into throwing some water on him first. But still! there were tons of witnesses who didn’t want me speaking out.

The police would not help me. The lawyers would not help me. The Pi’s would not help me. Or hold anyone accountable. They kept making up lies to cover up all these things going on all day and night being done to me since 9 years old.

And about 4 people walked by me in 10 minutes saying “WOW” letting me know, that they would collecting my video and audio from in my house. And of course, all police supported.

The police know these things are being done to me, and do not think this is wrong or a crime.

So remember, that I have been hunted and targeted all day and night for 35 years, and out of this endless all day and night terror operations, and endless crime raid against me, The police know it’s going on, and REFUSE to stop it. And have done everything known to man to try to scare, thug, intimidate me quiet, and turn the entire operation around on me starting at 9 years old, aiding and abetting a world wide crime, and empowering the masses world wide to a mass extermination campaign. SEEM STRANGE?

You know, they are trying to help me right? ya sure.

By the way, I had another run in with this person once before with this Neighbor. I have no clue who he is or which place he lives. Nor do I care. He came out, walked up to me. And said. “Are you still passing out cards?” and I said “Only when attacked” obviously meaning using the cars and people, clothing colors, and verbal mental illness tactics. Like mimicking me social posts, or fragments of them. Hinting to me that I am not allowed to have a knife. Or breathe for this matter in some kind of psychological punishment for everything I do to send me hidden messages all day and night to inflict pain. 1000’s per day within like 100 yards. And all their other psychological warfare tactics.

Example. Maybe I will go on twitter or Facebook and tell them jokes. Well according to them I am causing problems by joking around and being social. So they will pull out cars, or walk by with hinting messages, or clothing colors in retaliation for my so called crime of being social on my social wall, or network.

Translation: you do not go out and live your life, or we will make you mentally ill (Basically the same thing as hurt, mame, kill someone) Just in a non traditional form.

From having security guards of the complex next door follow me from place to place threatening me or trying to set me up over and over trying to turn things around on me saying I am a Nausence, or crazy. Or whatever lies they can make up from day to day.

So he starts telling me. If I do not stop passing out cards, the Home Owners will fine me. And I said. All you have to do is stop this. And if I am charged fines for defending myself with which what the Homeowners Association obviously knows what is going on, I will sue for fraud, because anyone who forces me to defend myself, puts me in that position, then wants my money is clearly doing it to make money.

Hence Fraudulent activities. With a twist of murder with it.

He then started telling me he is on the Home Owners Association as well trying to intimidate me. But as you can see. These people will do and say ANYTHING, but STOP, and LEAVE ME ALONE! Showing they have motive, especially with world wide support. And starting at 9 years old.

So, at this point the Police come to my Town House to arrest me. Now there are several things that I wonder about.

First, the police got passed the locked Complex Gate. I am not sure if they have grounds to go past a gate without a key. That is for my lawyers. But how did they get in? Isn’t that breaking and entering? Also leaving police ticket remnants in the gate lock to keep the gate open,

Next, they came to my door. And knocked, but hid from the Peep Hole as if no one was there. When I came out. There was tons of them of course.

The only names I know are


By the way it’s interesting that in the last couple of day, people are coming out wearing Solid black pants, solid pink shirts. as well as Solid black pants and solid purple shirts.

At this point. They came up to me pretending I had called them. Saying “What is the problem?” I explained the situation, and then they said. They are going to frisk me?

And of course, there was nothing on me. Didn’t even have shoes on, and my fly was even open. Which sort of amuses me with their endless bullshit of following me around all day and night checking for hard ons wherever I go world wide.

At this point, he puts me in hand cuffs. But he is standing on my property. So in order to put hand cuffs on me. He had to come onto my porch. I am not sure if this is legal or not, but my lawyers will be looking into all these things.

The Jen Hessish blonde cop which was probably not a coincidence, asking me about my long hair years ago, as if having long hair is also a crime, but also asking me “Are you still using the Bee Bee gun”

I told her, the gun isn’t even real, but I have the Constitution right to own a gun. By the way, I can own 1000 guns. It’s irrelevant. It’s your actions that define you. Not owning a gun if no laws are broken. And if people hunt you down and try to kill you for simply owning a gun, that’s a CRIME! no matter how they do it. Physically or MENTALLY!

Now if people are hunting you down trying to kill you because you have a toy gun, given to you to black mail you into crazy false confessions. You should not be worried about the toy gun in the privacy of your own home, you should be worried about the paranoid psychotic lunatics trying to hunt you down and kill you over it.

.Also, it should be noted, that these Lilly Love photos, the Master PSD files of finished works seemed to be deleted off my NAS drive for some reason. And I have endlessly caught hackers in it, screwing up the NAS Firmware through SSH shell. So you can only imagine why they wouldn’t want me putting these online and talking about them.


So now why are psychotics named Lilly Love trying to hunt me down and frame me by asking me to do photo shoots like Lorena Escobar did?

First off, why did she choose the name Lilly love and contact me? I will tell you. After Lilly Xene!

A 90’s Porn Star! Just like they did with Julia Hayes!

And why is this of any issue at all in any way shape or form? I will tell you! it’s not because of anything I’ve done.

It’s because my family, as they said through sending Mike Huntley after me, delivering a message that. “Don’t associate with those kinds of people”

Well, I don’t know what “Those kinds of people means, unless they are racist, white collar bigots, who label anything other then themselves like Adolf Hitler, or want to as Lorena Escobar says “Protect the company” my fathers so called office manager who does absolutely nothing but follow me around from college to college trying to send people after me and set me up or frame me!

So the next question is, was she PAID!?

So they work their crazy Kevin is schizo lies, and crazy, and blast this to the world in Secret.

This isn’t one girl. This is countless people doing these types of things to me. And keep in mind. She choose her own posses, and brought her own clothes, and choose her own name.

Of course, who knows what angle they are playing when they are saying I have wronged Jen Hess so bad, or thugged her so bad. When it was just a pretty normal situation of some nut job girl trying to set me up any way possible, then scare me with a gun in her purse after running around saying she had my baby. And telling the world I hit her with a mask on. Obviously trying to make it look like I am schizo and think I am Mike Tyson working with the Police.

Not only do these police have daily neighborhood watch groups on me since 9 years old and know each specific detail of my life. And Ironically probably have a record of every parking spot I’ve ever parked in. Which is beyond any level of demented. Hence why HERO’s like Edward Snowden life in Russia for HONESTY and protecting the people!

All the model who contacted me choose their own clothing, names and most of the props. Not that I have a problem finding and getting the props. But you can only imagine what would be done to me for such as so called crime of rending a sword, or gun, or any other prop. In my life, I could buy a harmless Tutu, and they’d have some angle on a psychological labeling.

But it shows that the questions are all cover ups while they play stupid. Now she is referring to this picture and long hair from years ago!

Also a Joke about the movie Divergent

Lead characters Tris and Four stand above a futuristic Chicago.

Which I believe probably has hidden references directed at me with a huge majority of media out there because of the endless frame jobs done to me to destroy my life, especially with Brian Longbotham, and his visual FX jobs, and or trying to make me look like abusive paparazzi, which isn’t a crime. But turning people like Wes Craven against me by telling me Wes wants a clip of OJ Simpson fleeing the scene at Universal on a Pilot called Hollyweird. While things go a lot deeper on this topic, that is for another blog.

Also, my family with mass groups kept hinting to me over and over, something about 4, to try to get me to obsess on. So I made this profile image as a joke which really update them because I know what they are doing. And they refuse to be honest, and even stop what they are doing, now all day and night with world wide support for 35 years now.

While most people world wide will try to pawn this off as crazy. The whole situation is CRAZY! but without allowing me to explain the details. That is an ANGLE to stop the truth come out, once common sense of the big picture and all the facts come out. So they intentionally throw out the CRAZY Label, or whatever label they can use to silence me, and remove me from society. And the craziest thing about this entire absurd situation is that, no one will come forward, no matter what they believe or side they are on, and be honest and put the situation out in the open, leaving me isolated to the world and trying to mentally thug and intimidate me quiet about it. You know, make me look crazy. You spoke out, it’s not happening, your crazy. But with my endless proof, just from me. And watching all the police, Lawyers, Pi’s work with the public each time to stop me from speaking out. It’s not.

They will park cars in patterns on my street, and if I call a PI, they will take them off the street instantly, and most Pi’s  will know me, say they don’t, and help cover up this horrific 35 year crime.

And so ask her what she means by “Using the Bee Bee gun” She says in my picture. Which I tell her later on is a toy dart gun given to me by guess who? the Blonde girl Victoria Walker sent after me to remove me from society with Brian Longbotham. With all sorts of setup attempts and frame jobs, especially with the Porn Star Lisa Ann, and her wanting a website called “Lisa Ann’s Corner” And possible could be traced back to Modern Video Film, or kinda Mouthing off to Hiem Saben. If you don’t know who that is. The Person responsible for Power Rangers. TV Shows, Movies. Which my mother refereed me to when I was trying to get my foot in the door and told her I’d sweep floors to see where it took me. Who would have known.

And so they are then pretending that, this picture from years ago is some kind of crime that doesn’t even relate to now, or ever was any way shape and form a crime. I recently put back online to show that they cannot scare and thug me quiet about some harmless imagery while trying to attack my sanity as an excuse to stalk me, or surveillance me with NSA resources.

Notice how they are working with my family going through all my artwork, trying to make me look crazy, and schizo, then trying to figure out ways to remove me from society. We are not talking about one image. We are talking about every aspect of my life, and any artwork ever created.

Gang Stalking – Using my art to smear my name

The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me.

Also, a lot of this RAGE on my families side, seems to have stemmed from around 14 years old. Me mouthing off to my mother, and saying “Fuck you! who cares what people think” and her going ape shit ballistic! Now this is nothing out of the ordinary. A 14 year old mouthing off to her mother. But world wide extermination campaigns over it. Clearly are! Especially with my last encounters of Brian Longbathom, inviting me for an Edit on a project where they were redoing an old show called “Kids say the darnedest things”

Needless to say, they arrest me. And put me in the police car while telling me weird things like, Do I want him to call someone to take care of my cat. And I say no. Then he says, I will be in jail for 2 days, so if I do not call someone, they will call animal control, and I will be charged with animal abuse. Obviously trying to figure out ways to get in my house without a warrant. But of course, he hides the fact that I can just call a bail bondsmen, and my cat won’t be in any harm. And also shows their obsession in 20 years of computer privacy violations, cell phone violations, and not only that, but the data-mined information, used with the masses to torture and kill with psychological warfare tactics. So it isn’t just about spying and collecting. It’s about attempted murder and torture. With the information. Hence Brian Longbotham asking me to work on a pilot called “Spy Game” which who knows what frame jobs he was up too with that one.

They take me down to the police station put me in a holding room, of course with a sign across from me “We love cops”

At this point, they take me down to Van Nuys Police Station, and Book me. The charge as the labeled it is “Criminal Threat” I am not sure if there is such  thing as criminal threat! Because a threat, if dangerous, is a criminal crime, known as a “Threat”

Although I have no reference, because I am not part of the legal system. I do know however in my life with these mass conspiracies mass groups will put online disinformation in hopes I read it and get scared. So I wouldn’t put my weight on the  random sites about it people pop online. Especially after their Traci Anna Koval Frame jobs, with Gene Simmons trying to get me to help her on some kind of hotel room spy came sex tape of Gene Simmons. Then noticing cheese ball SEO marketing about it that you could tell was fake. And of course, the world told I was involved, but nothing ever said to me, which is stranger. to have endless people go ballistic on me, and then say it’s about nothing.

Some disinformation my father told me. “Issues aren’t addressed because people can lie”

Traci Anna Koval Frame Job – Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet –


But you need to understand why they put on paper “Criminal Threat” on a lot of my blogs, and web site I use the term “CRIMINAL DEFAMATION” a lot.

Also, most likely,

I read some web pages on this count and I have a feeling it is random con operations directed at me like they did with Traci Anna Koval and SEO marketing. Saying that Criminal Threat is also known as Terrorist Threat.

Well, a threat is a threat. I mean how are you going to sugar coat that.

the police are probably trying to make me look crazy in the world eyes. So maybe they are telling the world t hat because the world “Terrorist” is in the text. That now I am an enemy of the state. And trying to Brainwash me to think so as well, in front of everyone to tell them I’m crazy.

Because most of the time Defamation is a Civil crime. The police aren’t involved. Because it’s based on damages to someones reputation, and they are sued civilly, for damages. Example. Lets say you start a company. Someone says, a person is a pedophile, and he can’t make money. He can sue that person for damages if it isn’t true.

But in my case, nothing is said. Mass world wide groups are attacking me all day and night from these endless lies in an angry rage and trying to burn me at the stake. Harm, mame, kill, torture. These are acts to hurt people physically and mentally without touching them, and world wide support in secret. Also, it just goes from person to person with newer and newer lies, then world wide groups try to end my life or rid me of the world. With damages on all levels. So the very act is to end someones life. Hence CRIMINAL DEFAMATION. And Civil for that matter. But people are trying to kill over the lies.

I can hope in my car right now. Drive to any state I choose that I have never been in. Go to some coffee shop I never been in. Sit down. the first person there will make up some random lie, and rile up city wide massed to kill me. Then, I will be told I am imagining it, or it’s normal. And not one person will address the obvious. That this happens over and over since 9 years old systematically. And then I am told it’s my fault I am just not a trustable person and things like this. But refuse to address what is going on, showing their true colors. And even an admission things are being said and disseminated, and also in such ways that aren’t normal or possible without money, tools, resources.

So, there reasoning is clearly a SCARE tactic to try to keep me quiet. Ironically while being arrested. I got some good jokes off. While the one Jen Hess looking cop was standing there. The other cop after frisking me in cuffs, took a references off a Cops episode I watched. And he said “Do you have anything that will poke me” and I said “Yes, my super cock”

The one Jen Hess-sh cop while at the Topanga station asks me about my cat. I tell her, I prefer cats over dogs, because they are smart, and more of equals, but I see, while not all women are controlling. A lot are, and it’s funny because to them it seems like a dog is something to control. While I like my cat because she thinks for herself. Which I think we all know is true.

Once officer asks me if I have any questions for him aside from my arrest, and I say “Yes, Why won’t you stop this”

Other questions asked. “Do I feel my life is in danger” and I expressed. Not in immediate danger, but mass group creating mental illness to physically and mentally harm me, mame, me or rid me of the world, is a danger to my life. It’s just not immediate danger.

My guess is they wanted me to say “Why is the sky blue” because they sent that Skyler person (Red head named Stephanie) on IRC after me who was pretending to me Julia Hayes! A 90’s Porn star. Who called herself SKYLER after me joking around on IRC, asking people “Why is they sky blue” then her befriending me, and making up lies I am somehow doing something to her. As well as in the end, telling me If I want to be her friend, she is going to treat me like shit. And me telling her to stay away from me. And by my actions of walking away, my family, police, Especially LORENA ESCOBAR, my fathers office manager. and world went ballistic on me for doing the right thing. Which is kind of strange how my family, or police would even know about some random girl I am talking to in Colorado on IRC. At one point, visiting my brother in Florida she wants to meet me. Is an hour late, probably hoping I had some kind of evil anxiety or something, picks me up. Gives me a BJ, then says I have to go to the Airport, and out of town. I say “I wish we had more time” “she says sure you do!” which is strange, because if she felt that, why did she want to meet me. At this point, they had the police intentionally pull her over dropping me off in hopes to scare me into some kind of confession.

So your probably saying. These are normal events? why would the police care? Well, because they want to find an excuse to remove me from society. It’s not about me ever doing anything wrong. It’s about them figuring out ways to make up excuses to justify their actions. Or set me up, or frame me. Who knows the real reason. Maybe someone in the government at 9 years old said. I don’t trust him, he is FLAGGED, I think he is a danger to himself or others, Lets exterminate him, or put him in a cage. And that is my point about all my other blogs, freedoms, and who is next!

They also did this with Kelly Hatch on another situation by the way.


Who coincidently my fathers realestate agent found me a place on Juliana PL!


Also the Miata by Greg Koenig’s Property who he used to threaten me saying he is going to beat me up to try to set me up and get some kind of reaction working with my mother. With her so called bunk Psychology Degree, and art therapist.

So you can understand how they are working on these frame jobs to try to make me look crazy. And disseminate it out to the world in secret leaving no defense.

So they decide to book me in Van Nuys Jail, On the way, I let the police know some of the things going on in my life because they refuse to investigate what they already know is going on. And I ask the one officer if he believes in psychics, like Ms Cleo or are they scam artists about making money. He says let me look it up, and says Ms Cleo Died in her sleep in 2016. And the first thing that came to my mind is the Eddie Murphy Ms Churches movie where he dies in his sleep in the end from his families abuse. the Jen Hess-sh police officer says that I had a toy gun in my photo, and I say, well, there’ millions of photos online with real guns, especially with models. And that’s no crime, and has always been done.

Which most likely, things in that movie were kind of directed at my life, with a shitload of other movies, music, social media and such. This shows the endless world wide cryptic provoking


While booked in Van Nuys Jail, I was in the waiting cell room. I have no clue what you call it before fingerprinting and one officer walks up asking me if I am OK. And saw the bruise looking things on my arms. While, I have no clue how I got these the night before they look like weird spider bites, or mosquito bites, but my whole bicep looked bruised.

He asked me what happened. I told him that I could be a liar like what these world wide people are and have been doing to me all day and night since 9 years old. But I am a good honest person and that they were spider bites I think. And I can assure you, as much as the, I need to defend myself and stop these people from trying to end my existence emotion, which would probably still be just in this scenario. I decided t o be the good person I am, and let him know the truth.


Keep in mind, these were way worse at the time I was in jail. My whole bicep looked bruised

At first, while taking fingerprints and such, the one officer said. Don’t worry, everything will be OK. And I said. I know it will be OK, and I am just not used to the police trying to fame me over and over and arrest me for doing nothing.

After this, one started whistling at me for being a whistle blower like they do. But of course, I am supposed to believe they are doing me a favor or something. After this, I asked him about the bail process. I don’t think they expected this after just telling me that I would be there for 2 days, of course it was done on such a day that I’d be there over the weekend, for 4-5 days, and go strait to trial with a public defender. INTERESTING!

So the first VIP Bail bonds lady comes down with all sorts of profiling questions which we all know isn’t normal. Having a piece of paper saying something like, So you work for Elite or something, which I knew instantly she was referring to Elita in Golden State they sent after me to try to get me to go after her. Then telling the world I am trying to make her mentally ill, the same tactic they have used on my my entire life from person to person to get what they want. And like I state in my other blogs, that they riled up black communities, and all communities, says I hate Black people, Persians, Asian’s Indians, women, gays, you name it! because around 12 years old, when my family moved me back a grade, put me in T1 class in like 1st grade at Sunny Skies day camp. I simply kissed a black girl. And after this, one of the students parents band Devo, came in, and sang their songs, and of course, one of their songs is “Whip it” obviously not about slavery. and like usual, Me saying nothing at all. Me doing nothing at all. Instantly I am like Sam Berkawitz, and hate black people. This is very strange to me, and seems like it’s because my family doesn’t like black people, and are mad at me. While I can go through the endless lies, smears, frame jobs, endless setup attempts, all day and night provoking with the black community since then, I had no clue was even going on until 29. To be fair this also happened with Persians, Asian groups, women groups as well. But they play the race card and such.

Also, while talking to the Female Bail Bonds women I guess you’d call her, the one female guard comes in the other room behind her, and one of the officers gives me a Thumbs up! Probably working on the, we are trying to tell the world he is crazy and wants to be in jail because she is there. Who knows. They have worked every angle and tactic on me with world wide support since 9 years old to try to tell the world I am a crazy lunatic.

As well as Brandon sent after me in my fathers office who is black. It is clear, that the Elita setup attempt like the countless 35 year attempts on me, is just the next person trying to rid me of the world. And they will do whatever it takes for whatever reason. And that is all I know. He is working with not only Barclays black employees, but world wide people at coffee shops.

Maybe my family saw me start picking my eyebrows at 13, and they won’t tolerate that type of imperfection in the world. I really have no clue.

You can read more about this.

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job  and setup attempts

Also, She asks me about lieing, while they think they have me scared and leverage over me. But I decide to answer non the less.

And while she gives me bullshit, that everyone lies in this world. I told her it is the context of the lie that matters, and everyone does, but they do not. And I explained that a lie about a fat girl asking her boyfriend if she is fat, and him telling her she isn’t fat what we all know is called a white lie. But a lie about stealing a car, is more important and a criminal act. And we all know where I am coming from with my brother and friends making up claims I am a car thief, and Kelly hatch making up lies I stole her car, after telling me to go into her room to barrow her exacto knife to finish installing a car stereo in my car, and cut the plastic face plate because I had no tools, and she did.

But Kelly’s ACTIONS showed that she was hunting me down all along. Sent after me to follow me up from Calabases High, and remove me from society. Especially with everyone else involved. Especially in Southern Oregon State. Because there was nothing done wrong to Kelly, except a chumpy, OK, I will admit it, Weird on one occasion kid” But we all know non of this, is about that.

So, A bail Bondsman job isn’t to dig for information obviously or to see if you are a good or bad person. it is simply to see if you have the funds, and get paid to do a job.

After this, another Bail Bondsman, about 6 hours one came down. Although while I was in there, Another one came down I do not believe I called, called “YOUR WAY” he said. And the officer said a Bail person is here, and said something about a Michele, or he was a Michele or something digging for information.

When I talked to him, he asked me about a Michele, and I told him, the only Michele’s I know are my fathers wife who has been crying wolf my entire life that I have supposedly done something to her, with every other female sent after me since 9 years old. Who has shown me her ANGER by saying “Now you have an evil step mother” as if I somehow did or said something to her. Which they cannot say. And when I tried to address the issues she sicked her son Eric on me to provoke me to try to keep me quiet. So I can recall not going to their wedding with a personality like this, who my father thinks is OK behavior.

But clearly she was working on me from early childhood, because she has been on and off with my father since I was 13 or something. I think even cheating on my mother with my father at the time. My brother found out with his digging.

And so like usual, the person being the nicest to someone is being hunted and killed with their mass murder operations. But what did I do to her, like everyone else? Did I blink wrong? Did I not sit perfectly straight? did I chew too load at the dinner table which I can recall being invited over on Sundays and continually attacked by them which my father knew was going on, and told me I was imagining it. She would keep whistling at me in the kitchen. And the guilting abusive innuendos of I know this or that from privacy violations, while her step father Don would come over doing the same things. Then my father would say lets watch a movie, and start whistling. But who knows what the mean or their problem is. Because the ability to communicate is not there, and then they try to cover it up by saying I can’t communicate. Which fits their endless tactics on me of doing endless horrific things, then always saying it’s my fault. And me having no clue like usual what the hell is going on, except a world wide extermination operation since 9 years old that everyone is mad at me for finding out.

I also mentioned Skyler to them, being tired, thinking her name was Michele, but then, I sure that imperfection in my life will warrant world wide murder operations.

So anyways, I have no clue if that person was legit or not. I just know it kinda seemed odd, that someone came down. And if it was to help get the truth out, then that is good I guess. Who knows though. All I know is that the world needs to know what is really going on, and the truth told out in open with no secret hidden messages. That when the world says the name Kevin Perelman, it isn’t about some secret extermination campaign, it’s about what has been done to my life, open, direct, with news, with media, with people talking to me. Instead of some secret suggestive language they created to try  to get false confessions.

So, when the VIP Bail Bondsman comes to get me out.  They do a DNA test to scare me. I have no clue if that is constitutional. Not really in jail much. And at this point, the police demeanor that I am simply getting out which they tried to sort of trick me into thinking you just go straight to trial with a public defender who does not care who is on their side is normal.

The police demeanor changes. It goes from a blonde officer whistling at me that I am a whistle blower, and anger in everyone’s faces with covert hidden messages.

Not only this, all the police were saying “Are you Kevin” playing stupid as if I am not known world wide. I an would joke with them. Ya sure, lol. You don’t know me? and start laughing.

Right before being released they put me into a holding room next to two people, one man and one women showing love through the glass. But the odd thing is. This was the only female prisoner I had seen there. And I wouldn’t think you’d mix males and females. So I asked the guard taking me to the bail bondsman to be released.

Also, I did make a joke with her and asked “So, what is the policy on prisoners dating the jail employees!”

The next day after all of this.

So I go out to The Stand to get lunch and the one person who kept following me to Barclays coffee, always wearing camouflage who kept following me there with the black employee is in the Coffee bean, waiting for me. Sitting watching where I always sit, who I’ve had several problems with because he doesn’t want me talking to people, keeps having groups come in with the color patterns provoking me. As well as the continual harassment’s with from them, simply wanting to eat food and live and breathe.

Also the police come in with a scare tactic. and right at that moment, I get a call from an Amazon delivery person, saying he is at my gate and can’t get in. It seemed strange to me, and I told him, that they never had a problem before. He asked me when I would be back, Kinda had one of my usual vibes, which are usually dead on, that he wanted me to quickly leave and look like I was scared and on the run. I can’t tell you if I was right or wrong. But what I can tell you is I went to the park after lunch to sit on a bench and try to relax for maybe 30 minutes, and people came out like usual passive aggressively provoking me. I think 4 women came out sat around in Pink and Black, which I had one person take my picture showing them that unlike them, I have no problem with my picture taken provided it’s not by someone trying to rid me of the world which is perfectly legal. Another girl teaching some female class saying the same thing in 3’s trying to get a reaction and set me up. and some neighbors on their porch came out in pink and black.

Even if Brian Longbathom’s frame jobs of having me take Tia Lioni, and Martin Sheens pictures were no big deal. And their world wide lies I am a paparazzi, aren’t even relevant while years people were threatening me that I had a camera and am a paparazzi shows they are full of shit. Because it is LEGAL to be a paparazzi, and I have never heard of a world wide murder campaign over someone who actually is a paparazzi.



also, there was a subtweet on twitter directed at me, from someone probably in a different state or even country making sexual comments about Chick A Phil. And a truck pulled up. For the Pink and black girl with the class.


Also, one girl came out walking a baby trying to blackmail me about them having Jen Hess try to lock me in with my baby, and then tell the world I won’t leave her alone and am stalking her and did all these horrible things to her. As well as me somehow making her cheat on her husband I didn’t even know about until later. So I handed her a card. Immediately afterwards, 3 people came out wearing all black trying to set me up for simply giving her a card saying “This is the truth” which she didn’t have to take, and I don’t think she did. Showing they are involved in a crime.



I then went home, and that’s when the neighbor started working on me. And I know how these psychotics conspire together, and endlessly try to set me up or frame me all day and night, so I knew something was going on.

When I get home, and walk back to my house, the man who cried wolf, came out where I was walking. I did not say a word, and had my finger on 911. He was picking up cards.

Not only this, 2 people were just sitting in cars watching everything in hopes I’d bark at him trying to prove that I am a horrible monster and would leverage myself over him, like they do and work on him.

But like usual, it did not work. And I walked up to the people in the cars, handed them my cards, and said, “See, they are still trying to set me up” and they witnessed this. Now that they think they have IMMOBILIZED me for the KILL!

And these terror operations go all day and night and never stop! and start at 9 years old. So what does that tell you? Did this 9 year old build a atomic bomb and put it in a football stadium and blow up 100,00 people?

Do you think that the resources being used on me with NSA support are beyond any level of insanity by psychotic murderers? I mean there are actually people who have killed people, got out of jail, with a criminal record, and this isn’t being done to them!

Is it because I said “Fuck You” to my mother at 14. In my life, that is not so far off with the people they are connected with in the psychology industry and government!

OK, so lets talk about this 16 year old dart gun which has been full of dust and resided in a photo studio for 16 years since Victoria Walker was sent after me to try to set me up, frame me with world wide support and Brian Longbathom. And pretty much has never left the room. I just looked all over for it hiding and all dusty in a mess, I wanted to start my life over and get into Studio Photography, and start working more with people, and less with computers which angers them so much! STRANGE!

Also, I believe that Victoria Walker was told to give me this dart gun in a surprise box on my 30’th birthday. Which not only was to try to get some kind of guilt confession about me sending a Kelly Hatch a present I was kind of being joking and cute with. As a surprise box, back in 1992. which my family and police deem as some kind of crime for being fun and joking around with someone showing some kind of personality which they seem to be dispised about.

But Victoria Walkers, was more like some kind of attempt to guilt or get a confession. With A Playboy, with Tera Patrick and other hidden messages directed at me in it.

Playboy - Tera.jpg

And it should be noted that doing some research on my charge 422(PC)A Criminal Theat. People are saying it is also called a “Terrorist Threat” which might be dissinformation on the Internet. Because what would a threat have to do with Terrorism. Also, Victoria Married Matt Von Maloki, a German trainer at my Gym, who she was working with to Terrorize me by taking me to Vegas and going Ballistic on me at Strip Clubs and things like this working with the Strippers.

But also, while there are several psychological warfare tactics going on to create mental illness. Ironically. The Gun is the same one from the Movie Vacation she gave me. Or almost similar that mine is a dart gun. But the police called it a Beebee gun showing that, they are involved in these endless frame jobs and setup attempts.

Image result for vacation 1983


Not only is this a harmless dart toy! which my father see’s harmless pictures and tries to rid me of the world with the police, and DAMN WELL KNOWS what is really going on, but this toy could not hurt a fly. I mean 16 years ago, when I had the little darts and CO2 cartridges, they just shot a foot, and fell to the ground.

Not only this, but my family has a habit of trying to get me angry at women and sending me things like dart guns in college and things like this. STRANGE! for a LOVING family to do.

So, here is some FACTS! not hearsay, lies, slander defamation!


check it out yourselves, instead of obsessing on the nice guy and trying to cover up the endless 35 year crimes.






Now any rational, honest, sane person would say. This whole thing they are doing to Kevin Perelman is beyond any level of INSANE! and it’s clearly about WHAT HE KNOWS!

Even today, walking at the park, and now, once again, tons more people coming out to try to set me up, one man wearing non hidden message clothing took a cart and we talked for a few. But once he realized I knew what was going on, he went from the nice guy, to. I should move in the forest away from people. You know, translation. Be EXTRADITED!

This is the same thing that Happened at Barclays coffee in Northridge. While talking to someone, a friend of the Camouflage person trying to make me look crazy and schizo working with the police. And he too said, I should move to the Forest, and hunt and gather. Which clearly I’d die first of starvation.

He also said weird things like, If I am on a rural road, in the middle of no where, it is OK, to bash someones head in and weird things like this, trying to get me to agree, to tell the world I am crazy. Something I’ve seen done to me over and over with Mike Wexler who was sent after me by my brother. With his Lock Picking, telling me it’s OK, to hit bums walking on the road with cars, because cars have the right of way, and working with people like Lin Junkin to try to make me look like an Abusive hacking, pedophile!

My guess is they are trying to send me hidden messages like they do all day and night about this movie “captain Fantastic”

Captain Fantastic Poster

Where the guy becomes a recluse, moves to the forest, and ends up pushing her sick wife until she dies. Because I’ve herd their Lame Banter, Rambling, and Fear Mongering my whole life, how I am abusive, passive aggressive, and done all these things. Leaving out anything factual. The real situations in my life. And people pretending to be sick and crazy hunting me. As well as me not really doing anything wrong to them. And one you hear the real story like Jen hess’s friend telling me Jen wanted me calling her in the hospital, and me being a decent person and calling her. Leaving out the facts that I was asked by them! and then saying I somehow got the number, don’t know boundaries, is beyond any level of demented known to man. And my father showing me he and Brandon, and George Escobar tieraid

Also things like phone calls coming in from Jen Hess, asking me to log in and check her email for her. Just like Rodie Morales did to me while data-mining my life. Then saying I hacked her account and don’t know boundaries.

When telling one corrupt cop officer Jensen what was going on who was involved in trying to thug me quiet, and arrested me for sitting on the sidewalk, because it’s all they could get to try to thug me quiet about Jen Hess, and Rodie Morales frame jobs to the world to try to make me look like a hacker. His response wasn’t a normal rational one that a crime was being committed. Instead, he told me that you shouldn’t log into other peoples emails if they call and ask. OK, so how can I have friends, if I am not allowed to trust them enough, to be nice and do them a favor when in need? I don’t know what planet he is from, but I’d think it’s normally no big deal if your friend calls you up and asks for you to simply do them a favor like this. Showing that he had MOTIVE, and was INVOLVED in the crimes.

Or Victoria walker befriending me, or I should say, sent after me, and then marrying Matt Von Malocki, and the world was told I am somehow violating their space, because she keeps calling me. Or wanted to make money with me. These are all normal things!

If I sat around saying. If someone is married to someone, and you are the opposite sex, and you are friends. You are abusive, causing problems, and have no sense of boundaries, you’d say I was INSANE! because this situation every single person in the world is involved in. I can guarantee every person out there is friends with someone married to the opposite sex. So what does this say? it says that no matter what you do, that no rational person would care about which is normal. Is somehow the crime of all crimes.

First off, these are my PRIVATE relationships, so then trying to data-mine my life to use against me is really anything anyone needs to know. Also, to take me being a good person, and pulling shit like that out their asses, and funding world wide cirinaldefamation operations. Shows Hidden Agendas, motive, and Intent! Also, I have never been asked anything about it, and told no one knows me. Which I am now known world wide from these setup attempts and frame jobs. Showing at what point was anything addressed to get the TRUTH! it is all one sided, censored operations! with absolutely no defense, not even to convey the situation which was done to me.

Which like usual, I did not agree with him. And then they get mad, telling the lies I said  or did these things to the world.

I am sure he went off to Dental School to hint about investigations or something at this point!

My point is, that these PSYCHOTIC Monsters, are hunting down the Kind, nice, accepting giving generous guy, because he might show some weakness, and is a human being or something, and has done absolutely nothing wrong but imperfection.

Maybe my brother is territorial murderer. And I spoke to his friends. Most of them he introduced me to. And so that is somehow the ultimate crime and I need to be killed. These are questions I cannot answer. All I know is what I see being done to me. And I am the bad guy for simply finding out and saying. Something is really fucked up! look what is going on.

I have never heard of an incident where someone briefly gets paranoid, and is hunted and killed for it by world wide operations. And One one was so called friend Paul Humphrey sent after me. And when he got paranoid. You didn’t see me launching world wide operations to extermination saying is isn’t psychologically perfect.

I just found out he was involved with what was going on, and walked away. Which is a crime in my life.

So from the standpoint of Honesty, and Common sense, over the age of 95% of the world. Which is more obvious? they are mad because I am somehow a horrible person for not being perfect? or the fact that a super white collar right wing radicals, don’t want their name tarnished with a son her likes things like building adult websites, going to strip clubs, which 4 people befriended me from 20 – 30 saying, lets go to strip clubs. Kissing a black girl around 12 years old. And things like this, which are not crimes. Maybe it’s not for some people. And so be it.

The truth is. No one could care less if I dated a silicon breasted tattooed girl. Except maybe my family who does not approve. And even the guy who lives here who has his car with a Brazzers plate in my garage is not being hunted by the community or world wide operations.

Or I friend pulled up in a car asking to barrow money and me handing them like $10 bill through the car window, and my family with these mass groups saying I am reckless, a nascence, and asking for trouble is beyond any level of INSANE and people do this all the time. To try to make me think I am the problem. And somehow making people think I am a drug dealer. That is what we call dangerously obsessed and wanting someone like me dead. Or they are just completely full of shit and looking for a reason to justify my murder. Because they know I am a good person, and can’t get anything significant I’ve ever done wrong.

So this is for the world to see. But trying to attack me by  trying to figure out ways to tell the world in secret, that I am crazy, working on psychological evaluation with police and government because they don’t want their child doing what he wants to do in life. Because he is different from them. Seems to have MOTIVE!

That being said! That does not give the people involved who have done all day and night 24/7 horrific acts WORLD WIDE to me for 35 years with every lie, smear, criminal defamation, police, government, NSA! anyone involved some kind of PASS! because if you take part in a crime of this magnitude, you are just as GUILTY!

Now this post is the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip, of the tip

of the iceberg in what has been done to me. It does not address close to anything across the last 35 years and is about .000000001% of it. So you understand the magnitude!

And people are going to try to pitch this blog that my mind is spinning, and that non of this is relevant to what is going on, and this setup to have me arrested. But I can assure you. It is all relevant to try to make me look like an angry enraged person, with  no self control who see’s things that aren’t there. And I can assure you that they are trying to create the situation to make me look crazy and remove me from society. And this is WORLD WIDE! almost every person I am in contact with. No matter where I go.

Also, it should be noted that while all these things were going on, and have been all day and night with world wide groups to endlessly do things all day and night from hacker in my system doing weird things, and sabotaging every thing I do like my email server, or web server which I have to keep fixing over and over. From things with hidden messages on my computers. To mass groups coming outside when I go take walks, to the car patterns, to the several hidden messages, and innuendos all day and night. Which I have documented for 16 years and has been escalating against me since 9 years old, and got really bad in 1994 when they found out about the internet. To constantly put and keep me in an aggravated state to try to tell the world I am an angry enraged person with no self control. Who has demonstrated nothing but more self control then most people in the world.

Leonor Calderon, from my fathers office calls me at the point they Officially fire me and take me off Payroll. Who my mother is trying to claim that I am just angry and Bitter because I got fired. But the reality of the Situation is my father fired me when he realized that people were finally reading my website and realizing the Truth.

He asked me to take it down 5 years after knowing about it and not firing me. And this all started because of a conversation on the phone which he kept telling me he wanted to go out to dinner. And I took a stand saying. I am not going out to eat with you until he admits that he sees the continual mental battering by food service employees over and over to try to set me up or frame me, which he damn well knows is going on. And now for 16 years. As he’s observed all of it in his office and when I go out. And me telling him what is going to happen before it happens. And him still denying it.

And that, if he refuses to admit as to what is going on, and sit there and watch these people attack me, he is not on my side. And I do feel like going out with him, and be mobbed to death while he tells me, “I’m imagining it”, “I think different”, “I think the world is against me” anymore.

At this point he shifted his conversation to I need to take the website down. I told him I would take a part of it down, but once it goes down they are going to attack me more. Especially his employees. I took it down, 30 minutes later I was right, it went back up to defend me.

He then fired me, after I left to try to keep my web servers there, and tried to figure out ways to keep the site down and make it difficult for me to get my equipment out.

So my sites were down for a few days while I moved the servers.

After I was fired, of course nothing changed, it got a lot worse, Showing that I am not the problem. Me breathing is. And his employees Like Lorena Escobar did not stop working on me with all these resources, after being fired which also shows her lies of me trying to take over the company is clearly a justification for murder.

So needless to say, while these endless attacks to try to make me look, angry, full of rage, violent, crazy, or whatever label they can come up with to exterminate me and remove me from society, Leonor Calls at this point. And her calls like usual are using specific times to try to send hidden messages working with other people. And not only this, but the people at Valley Motor Center.

Example, she might call me, and did at 9:42 am, and they might call me at 11:42 am. Things like this. Verbally, cryptically, accusatory. You name it.

So Leonor wants me to come down to this office who are making all these fabrications that I am all the things, for some reason and sign something. So I tell her to send me an email, and I will look it over and sign it, if it’s legit. But she refused to send an email. Finally she sent an email after several pure pressuring calls like everyone in the office is waiting for you to sign so she can submit it. So she calls me and I answer. And she plays her mind games that she sent me an email and isn’t going to send another one.

So I said you sent me an email, because I didn’t see it. And sure enough she did. I told her, let me look for it. While looking for it she says to me. “I got your email, but there’s no attachment” once I find it, she did not attach it, turning it around on me.

At she says I should just come down to the office. And I say, send me the email.

She does not. I text my father, and say, if you need me to sign something, have Leonor send an email. His reply after this and consulting Leonor, is, once again turning it around on me.

“If you will not accept the email, You can meet her somewhere” well, with all that is going on, his track record. What he had his office alone do to me with world wide support for 14 years, and starting at 9 years old which he refuses to talk about. Why would I go meet some psychopath in some strange place.

With their endless lies to the police, and government to set me up and frame me for 35 years. Telling everyone I am a crazy violent stalker and things like this, then telling me to meet his Employee in some strange place when she refuses to just send a simple email so there is no issue. Or more importantly, get me to come down to their office saying I am in an Angry Rage, fabricating lie after lie in police reports like he did to his X Wife Janet Nordet. Puts my something isn’t right flag up.

Elsie Sandoval telling the world and police I hit her working with Jen Hess. Because they don’t like my Tyson picture. Or more importantly me every creating any art, or going out and having a life for myself. This was all going on way before I was even hired by them, which all leads back to them.

Why would someone try to FORCE me into some freaky situation.

Especially with Leonor Calderon telling me “You are the doctors son, you are the Boss” and me saying we all know that isn’t true. And her still coming after me with Lorena Escobar, the entire office, with world wide support.

With Lorena sending Debbie Grovemen after me, asking me to fix her computer on a job. Her telling me I should get rid of Lorena. Me telling her, I don’t care about their company, I am just doing my job and focusing on something bigger and better on my own business’s instead of some two bit, medical office, I am not even a doctor and is pointless anyways.

And of course after this, the world told. “Kevin is trying to take over the company”

It’s strange that all the intermingled connections lead up to a man in my complex telling me “This is my place” then telling me what I can and can’t do. Here are anyways else with these mass groups. Seems pretty relevant! and is obviously related and connected since this goes on all day and night world wide and the lies are funded to the world. Defamation, Slander, Criminal Defamation.

So, on the phone while knowing these horrific things being done to me all day and night world wide, she asks me if it is bad if their IT person know her IP address digging for information to use against me. After the endless office claims of so called crimes of me getting their IP’s and bypassing them in the firewall, to let them into Terminal Server to work from remote. And I tell her it’s just an IP address like a home address. It’s not good or bad. It’s just as address. Same as if you told your friend your address, have nothing to do with breaking an entering. Unless they actually Break and Enter. And every place you go, your IP is collected anyways. Firewalls, you name it.

She then ridicules me, saying. Oh, you are a SUPER IT GUY, after doing these endless computer crimes, and endless world wide crimes against me all day and night my entire life. and what was done in the office to me. So, her motives seem clear to try to make me look crazy and going after her.

Now one of the arguments is going to be that I have psychological problems from abuse and need to seek help, trying to make it look like I see all these things that aren’t there. Because maybe i was abused as a child. But that is not that case. We all know the reality is that I see EXACTLY what is being done. I have endless proof of world wide mental battering every time I try to walk away more and more people come after me with MOTIVES, and HIDDEN AGENDAS. This is a world wide Operation since 9 years old. We all know it is.

They are also going to say, That I somehow caused this situation by my behavior, my personality, It’s Kevin and when he goes out he just causes fires for no reason. Maybe they will say because I started pulling my eyebrows at the age 13, that I have anxiety and am a danger to society. Which anxiety isn’t really correlated with pulling eyebrows. It’s like people who bite their nails. But they will say I am a cutter who likes to harm myself and things like this to cover up what they are doing. But I’ve never seen anyone who bit their nails hunted by world wide extermination campaigns.

Then they will tell everyone that I can’t see myself, and I am not allowed to tell anyone about me institutionam. Leaving absolutly no room for any type of truth or honesty.

This isn’t about me having problem, being a danger, or anything like this. It is about an unccepting family who didn’t have a perfect child and does not like him.

And watching people try to play mind games, they don’t know me to dictate my life. Is an AGENDA, and a CRIME!

Hence why my websites exists, and why I will never be quiet about such a horrific world wide crime.

The only thing going to psychologists is going to do is get more truth out. And if someone is going to try to scare me to not talk and label me crazy, it’s not going to work no matter what the end result is.

Especially at the age of 14, my Brother basically telling me, they are going to put me in a mental instition

So once again, on the surface, sure, it looks like a simple domestic dispute or a couple of angry neighbors but what is really going on behind the scenes is and endless all day and night 35  year attack on my credability, sanity, trying to make me look like I am a danger to myself and others, with world wide all day and night never ending psychological battering going on since 9 years old. And any possibility of a reaction or perceived reaction will be collected by the Police, Government, NSA, and given to the world to leave out any aspect of the story. And say. “Look what he did now”

So a good analogy would be. If your minding your own business sitting on a bench, and 1000 people start slamming baseball bats in your skull. And eventually, you have no choice put to start swinging for your life. They will then tell the world. You have rage and swung a bat at someone, and he is too sensitive. Leaving out the 1000 people bashing your skull in.

This has started at 9 years old, as they built world wide murder operations against me. Obviously with motive to remove me from society. Who really knows why. Probably I simply started pulling my eyebrows at 13, and they flagged me or something INSANE like this. So this whole thing, is about removing me from society, and not a Threat.

While trying to get a Lawyer to defend me. All of them world wide were contacted by the LAPD. Doing whatever it took to stop me from getting a defense attorny. I cannot tell you how many I called, but the first ones I went to Down Town Los Angeles to see, were heavily involved with silencing me. And not on the side of what the judicial system is supposed to be. Which is Lawyers defending you, especially if you are not guilty. Instead they were trying to mentally thug me quiet working with the masses.

While going to see Robert Haberer

in the parking lot. Aside from about 40 cars parked next too each other with hidden messages directed at me to thug me quiet. The more obvious ones are these 2 Black Jeep Cherokee’s togethor. Basically the Car Kelly Hatch drove, but hers was white. Both people putting one of their windshield wipers up.



Also, when leaving the office, Robert says “Take off” which is what Seargent Salazar said to me leaving the jail on bail. Because when being frisked,  I made a joke, putting my arms out, that I was like an Airplane. But it shows how information is traveling to kind of control the situation.

Then going to see  Alexander Nunez at, when parking, and by the exit out of the lot. Two of the same cars Lorena Escobar at my father’s office who is paying paid for something like 25 years to stalk me by my father. Also, working with her Aunt, Estella, who they started calling Tia, after sending Tia Cyrus

a Porn Star asfter me, and working with the people at an Encino Starbucks.

Image result for tia cyrus

The pairs of cars in two’s once again one forward, and one backward. Same thing, which I’ve seen done to me all over in the last month. Especially the Rick Caruso Properties. Who seems to be working with Security  companies and Brian Longbotham since around 1999, in some way of ridding me of the world.


The car Lorena Escobar my fathers office manager drives trying to intimidate me

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics #cnnireport #FoxNews –

While entering his office, there were about 10 people waiting for me at the front door with all sorts psychological warfare tactics.

After visiting Alexander Nunez, as leaving, he was mimicking “Take it easy” which I said to my father when he invited me to Ruth Chris. And when saying goodbye to him. he went ballistic telling people world wide to mimick this over and over to create mental illness and try to make me look crazy.

After this, walking around L.A. aside from some Cop scare tactics at a Coffeebean. First a lady with a Police Badge walks in saying “Is this seat taken” a copycat tactic from me at a Starbucks being polite. Then her leaving and on my right, a white surpremecist comes in, and on my left 2 black people. And multiple police cars pull up kind of trying to intimidate me.

After this. People around L.A. start asking me about my website, cards, and mention Pablo Escobars name over and over. Saying things like. What, is your family like Pablo Escobar. When I mention Lorena Escobar. You get the idea of how information is flowing to the masses instantly. And the demented thigns being done to me that I am told I am imagining. And no one knows me.

So, after this, calling endless attornies. The lawyers, receptionists, paralegals, all were told to keep verbally provoking me with mental illness tactics. If I did something in retaliation, like say “Bye Bye” which is one oftheir mental illness tactics. The next person I’d call randomly would say “Bye Bye” if I then did something else. The next place would copy that. To create mental illness and stop me from getting help or the truth coming out. These tactics have been done to me my entire life. Changing from thing to thing. They will always have some lame fabricated excuse why I am a bad person. But like usual. There is no truth to any of it. Just a campaign since 9 years old to remove me from society.

While there was a lot more going on. It is difficult to keep track of it, with endless world wide all day and night psychological mobbings since 9 years old.

Some of the lawyers I called who were involved


If you read this, You really need to look at what has been done to my life. Especially the fact that 90% of the people world wide that know me but would never admit it, need to think twice about the reality of the situation. Am I really this bad of a person? OR COULD YOU BE NEXT by our government and NSA!

And that being said. People need to speak out about this! be Open to the world it happened! Acknowledge it happened and my existence!

And most importantly get togethor to do something about the NSA, Patriot Act, Corrupt Government, And Police!

For more about this 35 year targeting, you can go to

And a month later, the community kept calling the cops on me and trying to set me up even more for leaving my house, especially walks at the park by my house
7/31/2017 – Police called on me working with Neighbors at a public park twice in one night for going to the park and minding my own business like usual –

My World Wide Targeting info

More Relevant related reading

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Office and Home mobbings – Office manager Elsie Sandoval, Connie Raya, George Escobar –

Else Sandoval and Fernando sime, contacting the people I work with and smearing my name

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  2. […] LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –… […]


  3. […] LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –… […]


  4. […] LAPD setup – For speaking out about what is, has, been done to my life, and is still going on to remove me from society –… […]


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