The police report Brain Washing Double Standard tactic to stop me from getting help or the truth from coming out

Posted: June 24, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While I have endlessly been told by people. The police, my family, strangers trying to thug me into the ground that what is being done to my life is not a crime. People can talk, people can whistle, people can park cars however they want. This is true, and it is not true, based on how people, and especially the police, government, my family want to word things and try to make them look with disinformation.

While my entire life has been data-mined to use against me. Non of what the world, Police, Government, NSA have been told. Or more importantly the endless lies, setup attempts, frame jobs, given to the world on their secret Internet based propaganda systems are remotely true. If there is any relation to my life it’s fragments of information carefully crafted as criminal accusations and given to the world to create severe chaos with world wide connected Stalking systems based to rid me of the world.

While I cannot fathom what this is about other then a jealous enraged family who started in on me, following me from place to place with world wide support to end my existence out of their anger and rage for mouthing off to my mother in one fight we ever had saying “Fuck You” or Not eating my food around 9 years old and my father telling me I had to eat the liver or I was not allowed to leave the dinner table. Things you could never imagine anyone could care about and obsess on their entire lives over.

Using their psychology degrees to manipulate the masses with endless lies how I have anger and rage. Am doing all these things that don’t exist. Am a paranoid schizo who can’t see himself. You name it. Well thought out well crafted pre meditated information dissemination, even preparing for the point of what they would do when I found out at 29.

With a brother telling me in so many words he and they were going to put me in a mental institution.

Now, the one thing I have endlessly been told. Even today is that the police don’t want me Fucking with them! basically my lawyer asking me if I had ever called the police about this, and me saying. Yes, endlessly.

Explaining that even in the beginning when I could comprehend what was being done to my life. I went to the police and they refused to protect me! With hidden thug messages over and over working with the masses.

Not only this, I was forced to take it upon myself to get my own proof which they had already known what was going on. And still. They would not have someone INVESTIGATE!

Saying weird things about me not being in danger, or no crime being committed. But of course, not only is what is being done the crime of all crimes. With world wide, every police agency, FBI, News Channels, Entertainment industry. And almost every person world wide knowing who I am, and saying I am imagining this. One of the largest crimes known to man with intent to hurt, harm, kill, mame, rid someone of othe world taking away all constitutional rights, no judicial system, and not even told what it is about as if it would really matter or make sense.

Well, let me think about this. If no one actually pulls out a gun and starts firing bullets at me. I cannot call the police or I am fucking with them right? As a matter of fact, I am basically told that, the only time I am allowed to call the police is after these people kill me. The officer who called himself Officer Toro, saying “I am going to exercise the law in my own way if you ever take a picture of someone” no crime.

The black person at Rite Aid, and Encino Starbucks who hit me and I called the police. I am fucking with the police.

These mass world wide terror groups started at 9 years old. That to them is of course no crime, and I am only allowed to call them once I am dead, or I cam fucking with them?

Geeeee! seems kind of odd, well packaged, since this is world wide. Any rational person knows. Not only do our TAX DOLLARS pay for the government to Protect and Serve us. That is something shady is going on that is on the scale like this. That their is no reason they would have an officer investigate the situation and get to the bottom of what is going on. And put a stop to it. As a matter of fact. there is only one possible reason, especially with them reading my websites and the endless proof that they would not stop it. Hold people accountable. And that is if they are INVOLVED! That they are covering something they are involved in up.

So, while finding out that at 29 years old I am being hunted for global EXTERMINATION so to speak. Every insignificant lie known to man is given to the police, which as they tell me, has nothing to with anyone’s life being in danger or remotely an actual crime.

Example, being attracted to Christy Reynolds in 7th grade and looking at her too many times is somehow the crime of all crimes. Peeling out in a car, is the crime of all crimes. Stealing a $30 timing light in High School is the Crime of all crimes.

Transferring from Oregon to Univ  Colorado is the crime of all crimes. Moving back to Los Angeles with out completing 2 college classes is the crime of all crimes.

Forgetting to go to court for a speeding ticket and getting arrested for it, is the crime of all crimes.

Calling a girl a Whore, is the crime of all crimes, Singing other peoples songs is the crime of all crimes.

My art imagery and photography is the crime of all crimes.

Gang Stalking – Using my art to smear my name

The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me.

My CB names, Internet nicknames, computer Nicknames are the crime of all crimes.

Talking to too many strippers or getting lap dances

Getting upset at a girl who was being paid to set me up like Jen Hess, Endless women sent after me and saying “Karma is  going to get you” as if this is somehow a crime. And the end all be all of a crime, Like going out to dinner with some psycho girl who you call is a cunt.  Where the information will be collected contorted, taken out of context and given to the world like everything else.

You get the idea.

All of these things are from random people world wide reporting me to the police in world wide neighborhood watch groups making up fantasy, giving it to the Police, Government NSA, FBI, all being investigated with world wide lies, and coverups  to rid me of the world with a world wide conspiracy. And I don’t see one actual crime in any of this,

So, my point is, that by buying a Guns N roses Album and singing a song or something. I am reported to the police, who investigate every insignificant detail that no rational sane person could care about. But yet, me finding out that I have world wide psychological warfare murder operations is not a crime because no bullets are wizzing through the air or something.

So, If I am told that I am Fucking With the cops for finding out. Then actually getting proof, and they get ANGRIER! then need I say more?

No, Like I said before. Sure people can park their cars how they want. Just like I can. But this isn’t one quirkie, or joking person.

I mean, ,I could not care less if you went out. Put on a Tuto, and did somersaults in the street. That is your prerogative. And I’d just laugh and be amused. I cannot think of the type of people like Fernanda Sime, who you tell a joke too and she hunts you down and tries to kill you because she is a miserable money grubbing psychotic who has no morals and ethics and will hunt you down and try to kill you with Lorena Escobar saying. No jokes in the office and things like this.

Lorena Escobar contacting restuarants and coffee shops telling them to stalk me with her

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics  –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know  –

So my point is. While any honest person will tell you, there is absolutely nothing I have done wrong but be a really good person to everyone in my life. And to strangers. That Any rational person can see what is going on. And anyone who knows that information is being disseminated beyond any level of illegal using NSA based systems. Has enough common sense to know that a mass world wide crime is being committed against me.

And any person who tries to cover that up, is clearly a psychopath who does not believe in law, order, judicial systems, constitutions. And really should not be in the U.S. Especially if they are government level.

So, while the police, nor anyone else for that matter can actually verbally accuse me of anything I’ve ever done wrong. That any sane rational person could care about. They have committed every crime to man, with the masses and want it swept under the rug.

Last I heard. If I go to a Starbucks, and I don’t sit perfectly straight. Some random stranger reports it to the police, that I have somehow committed a crime. Who knows. I am fucking with them. I am a troll, I have wronged them. You name it! Well, first off. If he tells me he does not know who I am. That is a lie showing his guilt. And then if the argument is that I am imagining it. Then how is me sitting any way do anything to anyone.

And then finding out that Starbucks has information about some Gay Person sent after me in College in Colorado back in like 1994 who my only crime was basically not asking him out, after he snuck in my room asking me “What are you thinking about” Do you think something beyond any level of strange is going on here, since I can endlessly rattle off who knows how many UNHEARD OF situations like this, with full police and government involvement!

In my life, not asking someone out will launch world wide murder operations! Sounds insane! and it is! But I can assure you. It’s not really about asking anyone out or someone who feels offended. Those are all just noise for the bigger picture of world wide mobbings to remove me from society. Gang Stalking, Cause Stalking, Community harassment Groups, and Government Operaitons from Flagging people.

The “What happened to you” tactic and scam to remove me from society  –

Starbucks employees discriminating stalking and trying to kill me  –

Coming soon will EXPOSE Starbucks corporation for their endless 16 years of criminal activities against me

Starbucks Discriminating against me

Starbucks employees discriminating stalking and trying to kill me

And so, their punishment to kill me is having world wide groups mimic me until they kill me or rid me of the world.

Well, sitting imperfect is not a crime. But world wide murder operations, conspiracies with intent to hurt, harm mame, and end someone life or rid them of the world is the crime of all crimes. ESPECIALLY WORKING WITH THE POLICE!

Just like they sent Aubrey Fisher after me. While I was the nicest person known to man with Aubrey. Simply her not liking me tap my foot around her is somehow a crime, as she was working with the police to remove me from society. And so for 6 years alone of these 1000’s of murder tactics. The police are saying that I committed a crime by tapping my foot.

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life

So some other crimes that the police have fabricated on their secret world wide wrap sheets they call their Laundry List.

You said “Hey” , “Hey You”, “Hows it going” “have a good one”, “Take care” etc

Saying I have somehow threatened, thugged people or somehow harassed people by trying to be a friendly person.

But wait? I thought the Police told me that, me telling them mass groups are following me from place to place stalking me. And that is not a crime, and the very call is I’m FUCKING WITH THEM?

Sound strange? IT IS! WHY? clearly because at 14, I said “FUCK YOU” to my mom, and she snapped and went ballistic like my psychotic family does when someone like me commits the crime of BREATHING!

Now, no honest, decent rational person in the world would support this type of thing. But they are! And it’s not because I am out of control, have no self control, or any of the who knows how many 1000’s of lies the world is given out to endlessly built these terror lists.

So, the question of why I am being HUNTED since 9, and the police don’t want it stopped is strange. But it does show their GUILT and them refusing to stop the lies, and murder campaigns they are involved in!

So the question of weather or not endless crimes against me with people conspiring, pre meditated events to hurt, harm, mame, end my existence our obvious. And in a court room discussing things like this is obvious to show a crime is being committed.

Example. I called the police at Thousand Oaks last month being harassed provoked, by not only mass mobs with the car pattern tactics simply entering a property. Done on almost all properties world wide to me. When they went ballistic with Caruso security guards, and

Champagne French Bakery Bistro

Discrimination and Stalking – At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro – Westlake Village

Employees going ballistic for simply buying their products and handing them a card saying nothing they have been told is true.

Once they started thugging and harassing me. I called the police, knowing what would happen and it did, like usual.

Officer Tuttani, and Alcala, came down. Playing Stupid and saying that they did not know me. Like usual, sided with the Discriminators, which do have the legal right to Discriminate. But I do have the right to tell people that, they Discriminate, and thug people because these types of people should not be in business. Or people should know who they are. Especially when they are involved in this 35 years HUNT and Criminal Defamation operations in secret.

If what I say are lies, then I can be sued civily. But this also applies to them, which is why what I say is out in the open. And what they say is in on Secret NSA propaganda Systems where I am not allowed to speak in defense.

So, Officer Tuttani, and Alcala, claim, like usual. That they do not know who I am, and have no clue of these mass world wide terror operations. Trying to CONTROL the situation, instead of being HONEST about the situation. And of course, try to make up some lame excuse that it’s my fault for their behavior which has been done to me my entire life with every person in it since 9 years old. A will thought out, packaged terror tactic to torture me and give me no defense. By a psychotic family with the police and government.

While leaving. I notice 2 white VW’s parked. One forward, and one backwards. A tactic done to me over and over. And leaving thousand oaks, I saw tons of these people leaving cars in lots doing this.

So, while talking to Alcala, I got him and told him to report this. And of course, he wrote some information on a card. Which didn’t really get filed as he said he would. Not only this. But he went from. I don’t know you. To little innuendos and hidden messages that he does know me when put in the position to do whats right, and stop the crime.

So, here is the report, after me getting a little aggressive to get it which they did not want.

Now, today getting a Police report, About another incident where my neighbors are putting Lizard tails on my welcome mat, and the endless 16 years alone with cars on the street all day and night to create mental illness and end my life. And we aren’t talking about one crazy person. But mass world wide and neighborhood mobs working togethor as a witch hunt. Started with people like my brother with his big thing about Chaos Theories, Roger waters, Radio Chaos. While telling me they have a bug in my room and are listening to me on the radio to try to create paranoid schizophrenia which the police are supporting for some reason. To make so much Chaos for me it kills me.

The Woodland Hills report around my house

showing that they INTENTIONALLY do not want to document the crimes going on. As you can see from my other blogs such as

orena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics – The endless cars in patterns which is way beyond any reasonable doubt. And this is just a ew pictures of what has been going on since I noticed 16 years ago, all day and night.

So, according to my Lawyer working with the Police,  by calling about such things as watching mass groups do things all day and night around your complex at you for 16 years like park identical cars in 2’s to send me hidden messages as well as the endless other things. They say is somehow not a crime. Which we all know is. And refuse to simply write police reports saying this is being done. To simply open their eyes, and look at the mathematical improbabilities of like 10 pairs of identical cars parked in 2’s per hour within 50 yards. Something like winning the Lottery 100 times a row every week. Is somehow equal to me FUCKING WITH THEM. is their excuse to intentionally not stop the crime. So what they are doing, is making it look like I am causing problems, by simply wanting to not only stop a crime. But one directed at me to make me mentally ill, and kill me. Which I find very strange. Putting me in a position where they INTENTIONALLY make things worse if I try to do what your told to  do, and seek help, and call the police. Which pretty much has been done to me my entire life, no matter what crime is committed against me.

Well, I can tell you. That any rational, honest sane person knows that things like Gas Lighting, making people mentally ill and trying to kill them, is clearly a crime.And the fact that the police ar clearly on the side of doing this to me, and don’t want me talking. Is pretty strange. Working with FBI, NSA, My family, and world wide support.

So, while these things are happening to me world wide from almost any person I am in contact with. From verbal hidden messages. People mimicing or hinting about information given out to the world in their secret Internet based Propaganda systems. From the visual terror tactics like cars parked in patterns of 2’s, people following me from place to place in clothing patterns and colors. And the endless things like this.

Which are way beyond anything Fathomable, if you are not in the loop and know what is going on. And apparently, most of the world is, and I am not. Showing that this operation to remove me from society is directed at me with world wide support.

Ok, so when I am forced to call the police going places, because this never ends for simple police reports documenting what is being done to me, and each Police officer plays stupid while giving me hidden message with their SPY GAME tactics what does that show? well it shows what any person with common sense already knows. That government agencies are connect with peoples information. And the very aspect of me being followed by the police for 35 years from place to place and these horrific things done to me are all being data-mined and shared to the world. Then turned around as cover ups.

Not only this, but originally, the Internet was designed by Colleges and the Government

It shows that Officer Tuttani, and Alcala, damn well know who I am, what is going on. And are INTENTIONALLY not concerned about the things being done to me. Especially not wanting to take reports of criminal events they claim are not criminal events.


We are not talking about one person who just wants to act weird, park their car weird, or in my case, Imperfectly, which started world wide groups punishing me for imperfection with things like this. We are talking about mass enraged angry mobs all directed at one person who are irate about something at 9 years old who cannot communicate their issue, and have hunted me with police and government.

For example. While being arrested last month on one of the Police setup operations because people are starting to understand the truth a little better. With a cop posting things on facebook to rile up my neighbors to threaten and thug me more aggressively to get a reaction to get probably cause to arrest and try to thug, intimidate, and blackmail me. According to Brian Findling at

Valley Motor Center – Main Facility
14954 Oxnard St.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

LAPD setup – For speaking out  –

But yet, for some Strange reason, they don’t want to just stop the crimes against me and hold people accountable. Does this sound strange? it is ok for anyone world wide to do whatever they want beyond any level of illegal known to man to Kevin Perelman, but I am somehow committing a crime by calling them to stop the crime and do their job. Which all it takes is one investigator which I’ve done all the work for?

Yet, the Police are trying to convince me who are using every NSA resource known to man to try to get any dirt on me possible to rid me of the world since 9 years old. Cannot use the same resources to simply find the IP address of where this Propaganda system is on the Internet? or better yet, Simply ask one of the Billions of people involved where it is?

Who is the backwards thinker?

If they have Systems to notify the world to do all these horrific acts to me. They sure as hell have the capabilities to tell them to stop. And the reason they don’t want it stopped is one, to remove me from society. Two, it shows they are involved in lieing to the world. CRIMINAL DEFAMATION. The intent to rile the masses to hurt, harm, mame, end my existence.

Hence Mike Huntley’s words to me.

Micheal Huntley
Michael Huntley
20 year friend, and started a company with me all to get me close to him to destroy my life. Originally a friend of my brothers.
from his own mouth , “Have a good life now” as he was singing “World of paranoia”, and dropping papers about Korea using mental illness tactics to control people. Then telling me “You had better live a careful life”, “Your too out of control for California”

“We are using the system against you”

While me telling the Officer, that I was threatened thugged, harassed, provoked. Neighbor coming on my property throwing cards on it. You name it. He did not care. He says those are not crimes. But me mouthing off to him, is somehow a crime? Can you explain this? Also, while he like all the other police claim that people getting togethor with mental illness tactics, Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking to kill you is not a crime or a danger to me.

However, if I do not call someone to take care of my cat, Which he says I will be in jail for 2 days, and leaves out the part where I can just bail myself out, he will call animal services and charge me with animal abuse! BUT WAIT! while we know he cannot do this. But you know according to them. My cat isn’t in danger anyways because I am not clubbing it in the head with a baseball bat right? According to him, he cannot stop the crimes against me, just wait until the cat is dead!

So, if I am not around to feed my cat, I have not physically done anything to her and that is animal abuse, and that is a crime. But yet, if world wide groups are Gas Lighting me since 9 years old. Upwards of 100,000 attacks per day world wide. And 1000’s just around my house per day. That kind of abuse is somehow not a crime? I’d like that one explained on the Stand in a Courtroom.

The question of weather it is or is not going on is not the issue which they play stupid and pretend they don’t see it. The question of why they won’t admit to it is the issue.

Meaning that the LAPD, other agencies all involved in GROSS NEGLIGENCE. and have been since I was 9 years old. Trying to endlessly cover this up.

So, isn’t that a Double Standard telling me, they can hunt me down since 9 years old without physically touching me. But I can be arrested for not feeding my cat because they threw me in jail sound strange to anyone?

So basically. Any rational person can see what is really going on! My family SNAPPED around when I was 9 years old, and started making up blatant lies using their psychology degrees turning the masses against me with full police, NSA, FBI, Gov Support.

Now, going to the Lawyers after the Bunk Arrest. These mass world wide groups even did the same things with the cars to each and every Lawyer who I went too, to defend myself contacting the lawyers telling them not to help me.

Also having people park cars forwards and backwards togethor to threaten me. Of course not crimes right? ok, ya sure! these are the crimes of all crimes with world wide support, and even the Starbucks Corporation investing huge amounts of money.

An example of the operations they are trying to coverup which are all day and night world wide directed at me

Just one of these all day and night 24/7 terror tactics in the 1000’s

This 50 minute walk around my place while coordinated groups come out walking their dogs at the same time will give you an example of how these world wide terror operation against me are executed. This is a mellow day, with not many cars used

While going to see Robert Haberer

in the parking lot. Aside from about 40 cars parked next too each other with hidden messages directed at me to thug me quiet. The more obvious ones are these 2 Black Jeep Cherokee’s togethor. Basically the Car Kelly Hatch drove, but hers was white. Both people putting one of their windshield wipers up.



Also, when leaving the office, Robert says “Take off” which is what Seargent Salazar said to me leaving the jail on bail. Because when being frisked,  I made a joke, putting my arms out, that I was like an Airplane. But it shows how information is traveling to kind of control the situation.

Then going to see  Alexander Nunez at, when parking, and by the exit out of the lot. Two of the same cars Lorena Escobar at my father’s office who is paying paid for something like 25 years to stalk me by my father. Also, working with her Aunt, Estella, who they started calling Tia, after sending Tia Cyrus

a Porn Star asfter me, and working with the people at an Encino Starbucks.

Image result for tia cyrus

The pairs of cars in two’s once again one forward, and one backward. Same thing, which I’ve seen done to me all over in the last month. Especially the Rick Caruso Properties. Who seems to be working with Security  companies and Brian Longbotham since around 1999, in some way of ridding me of the world.


The car Lorena Escobar my fathers office manager drives trying to intimidate me

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics #cnnireport #FoxNews –

Well, I find it strange that, if this was anyone else, the police, government, lawyers would be on this like flies on shit. And they started in on me around 9 years old.


It’s obviously not about anything I’ve ever done wrong. It’s about what they have done wrong!

So, What is this about? I cannot answer that. Because it sounds strange to me that my family is running around saying I just want their WILL, and things like this. Trying to prove I am a horrible monster. Yet, non of it is justified!

I, nor anyone else can run around saying “That person is crazy!” “They are Shady” “I don’t trust them” “They are a nuisance” etc

and people get togethor and kill them! There is absolutely no justification for someones insecurities. Even if it were to be true. It still is not justified. It would never happen normally.

Not only can one person tell me what I’ve done or what this is about, because it is not about me doing anything wrong. But it is basically an EXTERMINATION campaign and to cover it up try to make me look crazy to do so.

Just like my brother told me. He is going to put me in a mental institution basically, with my family because they just don’t like me.

But the Police are Involved in this with Full Government support. NSA, FBI, you name it. And this is clearly a bigger problem then some PSYCHOTIC family I came from who didn’t want me walking away.

Because the Government should have called social services around the Age 9 when contacted by my family. But instead, they choose to HUNT me, and launch world wide campaigns.

There is no law against someone who is crazy, has OCD, buys too many cars, is a Hoarder, wears Tin Foil hats. And I have never seen the Police hunt one.

I can recall being in English Class with one kid named Mike Choe who would have outbursts, “You pinko commist bastards” or even some Hawain person in University of Colorado who wore no shoes and talked to himself. And I didn’t them being hunted down.

But you know. The person like me who asks out a girl. She says know. And I sit in the same enormous size room away from her is violating someones privacy and needs to be hunted illegally for scams of. He violated someones space. As if someone you talk to who does not likes you says, you have to leave the country.

My point is. That what is being done to my life does not normally happen. But what is does show is endless all day and night 24/7 crimes done to me since 9 years old on every level known to man. With full police, government, world wide support to end my life.

While most have their freedoms and do not have to worry about government flaggings and Extermination. with Loopholes in things like Patriot Act working with NSA. You should be very concerned that you are next.

I mean, sure. You can say. “I don’t like Kevin Perelman” but that is irrelevant. A lot of people don’t like other people. What if one day someone says. They don’t like you, and that is it. You have world wide NSA support with FBI to exterminate you. And that is your crime. You family, your friend, just said. I don’t like you. And not one person world wide thought it was wrong.

Well, I can assure you. When this happens to the next person. You or they will think twice about your freedoms.

Remember. It is the Tax Payers dollars who fund the government. And the Government is here to protect us. Not the other way around. And while most operations in the government are beyond any level of Shady. That is not what our founders wanted when creating the Constitution. With the progression of technology,  has created tons of loopholes the government is exploiting. And Edward Snowdown proved it.

So, I am FUCKING with the Police right? well, I will put that in the Laundry List of Lies of theirs they feed to the world with who knows how many 1000’s of lies about me in SECRET so I am not allowed to defend myself, or tell anyone that nothing the world has been told is remotley true. Even though if it were. This still would be the crime of all crimes known as CRIMINAL DEFAMAITON with INTENT to kill.

The problem isn’t me thinking I can do anything I want. I’ve always been a really good person. And the real problem is that the police don’t want to uphold the law, or get away with their crimes. Non of us are above the law!

And while stupid things that no one could care about like J-walking, or going a little over the speed limit, or even stealing a one cent Jolly Rancher when 10 yrs old, isn’t anything that any sane person, especially the police would care about. Would look like Ass Clowns in a courtroom arresting someone over or trying to torture and exterminate over. Depending on if it is even true.

But remember, The standard is also different for a Police officer who is putting peoples lives in jeoperdy or destroying peoples lives. They better do what is right before destroying someones life. And that includes if their co worker friend is some piece of criminal trash who goes after people because they don’t like them using their badge as an excuse or leverage. I don’t catre if they are friends. They have no place in law enforcement. And they cannot run around saying. Well, when you were 10 years old. Your friend punched someone, and you didn’t tell the school principle, or something like this. Then try to apply it to killing you with world wide support. Because there is no correlation between that judgement, or their ACTIONS! other then an excuse to commit a crime.

Now when my psychotic father tells me “You think differently”, I’d like that explained! because as far as I am concerned. I do think different then a psychotic murderer. Then tries to apply it to social groups to control me and dictate my life.

And while, there is a Double Standard for them in regards to having the power to instantly destroy peoples lives.

My World Wide Targeting info

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