Discrimination and Stalking – At the Champagne French Bakery Bistro – Westlake Village

Posted: May 29, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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When going to Westlake Village to a Vynal Wrap company named 2 Wrap to repair my Vynal Wraps letting people know the Truth about what is being done to my life.


Who keep doing things like tearing off the signs, or having people try to side swipe me or figure out ways to get the signs off, intimidate me, and make me look crazy, violent, like a harassing person, you name it. The list is miles long in this 35 year world wide campaign to remove me from society. Who would care about a harmless crazy man sign, unless what was on the site, was the TRUTH! showing their scared, and have GUILT! And don’t want the truth coming out. Or they’d just let me be crazy and stay away and let me live my life.

Neighbors Vandalizing my car and trying to tear off the KevinPerelmanTarget sign  – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/03/24/neighbors-vandalizing-my-car-and-trying-to-tear-off-the-kevinperelmantarget-sign/

After repairing the sign which people don’t want on my cars, or talking to people about the truth, what will do whatever it takes to keep coverup up on a 35 year world wide mobbing and compaign to remove me from society with Government, and NSA, Police, and my family, with illegal world wide Neighborhood watch programs.

For example, lets say I fly to Oklahoma, and talk to some people and hand them my cards with my website. I guarantee, the people in woodland hills, will go ballistic on me, because I spoke out. But what isn’t said, is how if I talked to some random person in Oklahoma, about my life, that I am told I am imaging the world knowing me, and what I have watched all day and night for 16 years done to me, and going on since 9. Then if woodland hills is mad about this, which happens every time. And no matter where I live? how are they obtaining this information. And instantly. Unless I have world wide Neighborhood ILLEGAL watch groups on me anywhere I go in the world. And there is no way they can justify this, which is why it is in SECRET. Because it violates my CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

And I do have world wide tabs kept on every aspect if my life with NSA tools and Operations with world wide support, and we all know I do. Not for any reason. Just because I was flagged by the Government, by a beyond any level of demented abusive neurotic family with psychology degrees to control and hurt people. Why would the Government support this? who knows. Maybe they knew how to word things right, like he is schitzo and can’t see himself. Which would have to be the most thought out, calculated, pre-meditated thing to go after someone and stopping them from even saying anything in their defense. IT IS UNHEARD OF!!!!!!!!!!!!! but it’s happening.

So if I simply hand someone a card who wants me dead. They say I am harassing them! And other people. WHY? well, that’s pretty obvious if you have the common sense above a 10 years old.

So after repairing my sign, I decided to go to the:

Champagne French Bakery Bistro

The Promenade at Westlake
180 Promenade Way, Ste. 1
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Get some coffee, try to relax, especially with people world wide saying things to me like

“No relaxing for you nigger”

And all day and night world wide across the internet. Meaning that, If I drive to San Diego or something, People in Russia, India, London, Other States, would instantly know, with hinting messages all over the internet, hinting, I know you are here or there. And things like this.

Most likely right after Brian Longbotham Hired me to work on a Pilot called “Spy Game” or Paul Humphrey taking me to the the Robert Redford “Spy Game” movie, which sounds crazy, and it is. But it’s happening, with world wide support. To actually turn me into a Paranoid Schizophrenic. Especially since I was the opposite of how I am health wise since after 29.

Because up until 29, I was about friends, family, making money, hobbies, which they were enraged about. Which doesn’t make any sense to me, unless someone doesn’t like me and wants me dead. Which starts at 9 years old.

now watching upwards of 100,000 attacks per day for 16 years to keep me aggravated, say I am crazy and imagining it. Which my websites prove beyond reasonable doubt.

Now if you have to try to put somone on edge, and keep them there. Then the problem isn’t that person. It’s a crime, destroying their lives, health with INTENT, to harm, mame, kill, and trying to remove them from society by setting them up with the police for a reaction to use against them.

Hence Mike Huntley’s words to me “We are using the System Against you”

Showing that the endless people following me, waiting for me, working on me all day and night world wide, isn’t me being crazy. Especially with my endless proof of this. And Write a blog about what is being done to my life. Seems pretty harmless right?

Especially with a Brother running around when I was around 14 or so, saying. He and his friends put a teacher in a mental instition, and they have a bug in my room and are listening to everything I do, is about trying to make me paranoid. Then the frame jobs done to my high school teachers with mass groups to try to make it look like I was fucking with my teachers is even stranger. Because we aren’t talking about one crazy person here. We are talking abut a joint effort to set me up or frame me.

So, the next day, on my way to 2wrap to fix my signs, I stop off at the Bobbies Coffee Shop and get some breakfast

Bobby’s Coffee Shop
22821 Ventura Blvd
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

, And of course, the waitress has an angry face, because of whatever lies are being told about me. Gives me the food, and once again, ENJOY! which starts to ramp back up after my conversation with my mother.  Which they do this every tine I tell them what is going on, especially when trying to get help in the psychology community.

When I get to Westlake Promenade, a Rick Caruso Property, I notice like usual, in the parking lot, there are tons of cars parked in patterns to send hidden messages to create mental illness, like usual.

But this gets even deeper. After I left University of Colorado, I worked with a man Named Brian Longbotham, at Modern Video Film, who after I quit was friends with for 15 years who I thought was kind of my mentor, until I found out for 15 years he was part of a campaign to remove me from society. While friends, he did everything known to man with Hollywood, the Entertainment Industry, Adult Industry, to make up every lie, frame me over and over and try to set me up. Working with all sorts of Porn Stars, introducing me to people like Micheal Bialys, Victoria Walker he sent after me. Which is vast in itself. But also, he was working with Rick Caruso, a Billion Dollar, Shopping center own on some frame jobs, which I have no clue what was said. He just kept showing me his properties, and then they started hunting me. So, if you can make the connection that this is one his properties, and I have had security guards on all his properties following me from place to place for years. You kind of start understanding what is going on. Plus my brother working with Security Guards to send them after me since maybe 14 years old.

And also,  Victoria Walker, sent after me saying weird things to me like “Play the game” when I was starting to find out something freaky beyond belief was going on.



So as you can see, Brian Longbotham seems to be going from huge money giant to money giant, figuring out ways to frame me or spew lies, and riling up billionaires and Entertainment industry, with my family and government to piss them off and get them all to go after some person, just trying to make enough to eat each month. And starting at a very young age as well. Simply, an EXTERMINATION campaign, by riling up world wide groups, and mass Giants against me. And in secret. But of course, with Government support. And of course, your focus is on making money so you can eat, and live. Which is impossible to do.

You wake up one day, and a hurricane if following you from place to place trying to kill you. And you had no clue it was even going on which starts by your own family who tells you weird things to try to brainwash you  for the kill, that your somehow making people come after you by being the nicest person known to man.Then telling you that you better do what they say.

So when I get there.

I noticed 2 backwards parked GMC’s togethor, some Mazda 3’s togethor. things that are done all day and night world wide, especially at places they know I am going to go, or normally go. They do it more. 2 Grey Jeeps, one forward, one backwards together.

Some examples, in front of my house. I have watched this all day and night for 16 yrs alone at this location. these types of things have been done to me all day and night since 9 years old, with world wide support to remove me from society



The blog they didn’t want me writing:

LAPD setup – For speaking ou  – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/lapd-setup-for-speaking-out-about-what-is-has-been-done-to-my-life-and-is-still-going-on-to-remove-me-from-society/

The night before, while having a discussion with my mother who is involved in my family starting the fires world wide to remove me from society, or try to make me look crazy in the eyes of the world with every lie known to man about how I am crazy, a danger to myself or others, a cutter, a nuisance, creating chaos, causing havoc. Refuses to do when thing honest decent people, do and that is address the issue! trying to make me look crazy.

So while talking to her the night before about the 14 years of horrific things my family did to me alone at my fathers company, Golden State Sports Medical. My mother tries to cover up their crimes saying. I am just mad because I got fired. And I told her it had nothing to do with being fired. It had to do with Stalking and destroying my life and name world wide.

And one of the examples I used was. My father kept asking me to go out to launch or dinner with him, then told the restaurant employees to say “ENJOY” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over

Year after year after year, never ending. Beyond any level of councidence known to man. And I told her. If he is going to lie to my face, sit there and watch these peopel doing this to me. And when I say I don’t want to go out, be brutalized, and him lie to my face that it’s not happeningto get his jollies while trying to kill me. Then I don’t want any part of it. And that is when he fired me. Was when I told him I wasn’t going out with him if he wasn’t on my side.

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Stalking Tactics – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/03/09/lorena-escobar-gwen-suazo-patti-googin-shanna-briantseva-some-of-the-people-that-have-been-hunting-me-in-this-30-year-campaign/

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/04/12/golden-state-sports-medical-discrimination-and-stalking-to-keep-me-quiet-about-what-i-know/

So, when walking into the Champagne French Bakery Bistro, first I noticed someone who knew I was in the area who was waiting for me, wearing the same colors which is done on a daily basis who left as I got there, and I ignored it. In this case, I had a green/black shirt which my family hints is unacceptable. And she was wearing Solid Black pants, and Solid Green shirt.

I was nice and polite, like usual, and ordered a cappuccino, and a tart. And I handed the employee a card politely saying. This is the truth.

Well, like usual, they went Ballistic, because, I simply addressed the issue saying nothing they have been told is true. Which we all have the right to do. Especially in a situation where the majority of the world has been told every lie known to man about you. And these peoples actions are things like “He harassed me” for simply saying, it’s not true.

Showing that they are not concerned with the truth coming out. Because that is not harassment.

I proceeded to go outside, pull out my laptop, and and start writing. Well the employee got really mad, because I handed her a card that says, it’s all lies. And comes out, hands me the tart, and says

ENJOY! as punishment, for speaking out about the  severe horrific 35 years of abuse to me. Which is somehow OK. And me speaking out, is not.

So, I polity hand a few cards out to some other people. And of course, the employees go Ballistic. Obviously, not because I am harassing anyone. But because they are involved in such unfathomable horrific crimes, that they don’t want me saying a word to anyone world wide, and the truth coming out, and will do what ever thugging intimidation, even try to kill me, which is, and has been done as you can see from my other posts.

For simply covering up what I know starting at 9 years old with the police, and government, family, in endless, lies, smears, setup attempts, frame jobs, you name it. To remove me from society.

Then start telling the world I am crazy, to try to stop me from talking. And anytime I start telling people what is going on. People show up and start whistling, hinting I am a whistle blower.

At this point, I should also mention, these employees are all Hispanic, or Latin employees. And a Hispanic, Property person comes by on a Golf Cart, and starts sweeping next to me, and then starts whistling. The normal, your a whistle blower, we are going to get rid of you, then have people follow you from place to place world wide with mental illness campaigns and kill you.

Because they don’t want me talking. And about such things as the Alexis Amore frame jobs which they spent 16 years alone trying to make me look like a Crazy Obsessed Stalker with countless setup attempts.

Just one of these frame jobs

While for 20 years I can’t get these people out of my computer who is breaking the law in privacy violations. And with NSA and Police tools. Because they don’t have a problem with this being done to me. And they have endless world wide resources so I cannot protect myself any way shape or form. That they Hijacked my webcam and Microphones. These things all being done to me since 9 years old, but once 1994 came around and the Internet. My brother was the first to call me up on the phone, playing both sides of the fence, showing me the Internet.

So I was watching an Alexis Amore clip, and someone says WOW in it. And they hijacked my microphones and webcams and were using them to create mental illness. And got the Audio and Video

For example, When I walked to the kitchen and tripped, Someone on twitter in who knows what state says “I just tripped, getting food” well these types of things have been done to me all day and night since 1994 since the internet came around with world wide support. And I didn’t even know it was being done, because I was in a normal state of mind living my life until 29.

After this, people started following me to coffee shops, or any coffee shop world wide and on the Internet, people would say WOW, over and over.

And that day alone, I was sitting at the Topanga Starbucka, About 4 people in a  row in 10 minutes walk by saying WOW! really loud right in front of me.

5422 Topanga Canyon Blvd,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Well, if you can’t make the connection that, Alexis Amore is Latin, and so are these people. then it’s obvious what is going on. But that is just one insignificant aspect of this. Because it goes from Latin’s Persians, Blacks, Asians, ANd every other lies, tactics, smear, In the 1000’s in Secret, showing it’s just about creating so much pain until I kill myself, or they can try to set me up with the police to do something stupid and put me in jail. With world wide support.

But for me. I really don’t see the relevance, if some Latin girl is crazy or something, and these random people are thugging me, because they are Latin as well. Means they are basically Racist, and have Nazi personalities. Saying races don’t mix, and they can’t get along with others.

Because their statement to me, is that they are saying that Latin’s are Better then Caucasians or something, and that it’s not about right or wrong. It’s about nationality, and thugging against white people who speak the truth. But where every aspect of their stories fall apart is where there is world wide NSA resources being used. Saying I am not allowed anywhere on the planet, only in the ground. Or they then go about their lives, with others they are completely different. Showing they just want to remove me from society. And there doesn’t even seem to be an actual legit reason.

Then they don’t belong in this country if they are not about the melting pot, and freedoms. And right and wrong, if they don’t support things like capitalism, and the constitution, or judicial system. and everyone getting along. And new and different, or Weird innovative ideas.

For me, I don’t care who you are, what you do for a living, where you come from, etc. I care how I am treated, if you a good person with good, intentions, if I can trust you. If you are about things like acceptance, making money, having friends, and things that better serve humanity. DESPITE THE LIES THEY ARE INTENTIONALLY FUNDING! with the government. I don’t care about nationality, Religion, I care about right or wrong. Legal or illegal. But not in an anal retentive way. I could not care less, if you left your drink on a sidewalk, or J-walked, like my family says is the ultimate crime. And technically, you could say it is a crime. But you’d look like an Asshat writing up a ticket for someone from J-walking. But things that matter. And my family will tell the world I think differently, which is the point about funded lies to the world in Secret. Defamation, Slander.

Other questions of how they even know who I am, or my personal situations are also other obvious topics for discussions wherever I go world wide.

So, you might say this is about one person like Alexis Amore, and Latins. It is not. This same things happens to me from every person I’ve been in contact with since 9 years old with the lies, cry wolf tactics, then mass mobbings. That’s 35 years of this from person to person world wide.

So if you have any common sense, you will see the big picture which isn’t about who I am, it’s about Hidden Agendas, ulterior motives, and mass world wide groups working togethor. And the lies are just going to be made up and given to the world on a daily basis.

Also, note, that, the Starbucks Corporation world wide, other coffee locations are also involved in this saying I am not allowed in any Starbucks world wide, or I will be mentally battered to death by mass groups.

So this isn’t an isolated incident. It is connected world wide, and yet I am told I am imagining it. Which is even stranger. Especially when it goes on, all day and night, 24/7 with every person I am in contact with, or even the masses around in me some kind of angry rage, But of course, can’t address their insecurities. Showing there is nothing I’ve done, but found out what is going on, and they need to cover up the endless crimes against me.

Community Mobbing – Starbucks – Malibu – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/08/12/community-mobbing-starbucks-malibu/

Community Mobbing – 6/19/2014 – Teams of people coming into starbucks in with green, greenblack, and 2 orange people – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/06/26/community-mobbing-6192014-teams-of-people-coming-into-starbucks-in-with-green-greenblack-and-2-orange-people/

Community Mobbing – Starbucks, the park using color patterns – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/06/13/community-mobbing-starbucks-the-park-using-color-patterns/

Community Mobbing – 5/11/2014 – Starbucks mobbings – using color patterns in 2’s to create mental illness – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2014/05/12/community-mobbing-5112014-starbucks-mobbings-using-color-patterns-in-2s-to-create-mental-illness/

Starbucks trying to force me to sign false confessions, or telling me I am banned

At this point, while trying to write a blog, a security officer comes up to me, and we all know this is really about Brian Longbotham working on his Rick Caruso frame jobs whatever he was spewing to the world, and saying I was doing. And starts telling me things like. There is no PROPAGANDA allowed on this property and I have to leave. I start to entertain is thuggish lies and say, I’m not allowed to talk to people? I am not allowed to hand them a card? I am not allowed to ask a girl out? It’s propaganda? and he says yes, and “their is a sign back there that says it. Come with me.”

As if I am going to go somewhere with this psychopath telling me I am not allowed to even tell someone, that me being stalked is wrong, and nothing they have been told true. I

Of course he said, he has a picture on his phone. And he could no produce this picture, So it’s fair to say that they probably wanted to lure me back behind the shopping center to beat me up or something.

At this point, the other Hispanic waitress, comes out. saying. I am harassing people. Yet, not only have a not harassed anyone as we all know. But several people coming in, solid black pants, green shirts, and solid black pants, solid pink shirts which has now ramped up since last weeks police setup and arrest.

By the way, since after last weeks police setup and arrest, which is pretty much bunk operations and illegal arrests, from the officer promoting on facebook, they are coming after me riling up the people, and such and the neighbor thugging me, then pretending his life is in danger while continueing to pursue me. and such. I noticed city wide, people walking around in Solid Black pants, and solid pink shirts. Just like the did before showing world wide, and city wide, mental illness tactucs to set me up endlessly, and over and over.

So I tell her. And anyone who isn’t a liar, knows what this means. That, “I do not care about your customers, I am trying to write my blog and minding my own business”

She instantly stops me saying. “You don’t care about my customers, you need to leave” Pretending that their is a miscommunication, and we all damn well know. Especially with security guards saying that me talking is propaganda. That “I don’t care about your customers” means they can do whatever they damn well please provided it isn’t directed at me to hurt me. But like usual, They are allowed to hunt me down and kill me, but I am not allowed to blink wrong. Since 9 years old. With full police, Government, NSA, and World wide support. Probably for something like, around that age telling my father I didn’t want to eat the liver, and him saying I wasn’t allowed to leave the dinner table, as I sat there for like an hour. Which you never would think has relevance to anything at all except some stupid insignificant weird father. Kinda abusive, but not the end all be all, in that single incidents.

Latin employee pretending their is a miscommunication to get rid of me

This miscommunication scam has been used on me my entire life to rile the masses world wide and is just another of the 1000’s of tactics to remove me from society all day and night since 9 years old.

So she comes back out, with my money, and a receipt, saying we don’t want you here, and here is your money back.

And the reason she gave me my money back is because several month before, in a completely different city of Tarzana, at Sharky’s Restaurant.

Image result for sharky's restaurant
Sharkys Restuarant
6219 Topanga Canyon Blvd,
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Sharkys Restuarant
5511 Reseda Blvd,
Tarzana, CA 91356

Which I have had continual problems at both locations as well as world wide places. Told me I had to leave after ordering food, and I  told him I had paid more my food and he can’t just take my money and kick me out.

Especially after the employees endlessly harassed me, and had stranger come in with visual and verbal hidden messages to provoke me into situations.

So now if you have any common sense you will wonder how the girl at this location had that information. Because their argument is that nothing out of the norm is going on. And I am imagining it.

Also COINCIDENTLY There was a frame job Brian Longbotham was working on saying lets go to Sharky’s and get food while Alexis Amore was there. And I was polite like always and said hi after encounters at the Van Nuys Spearmint Rhino. But she pretended she didn’t Remember me. But of course, I now have a feeling she followed me there after Rodie saying “lets go to strip clubs” and then the Los Angeles manager at Spearmint Rhino asking me to come down, look at their computers and she was there with a scared face when I asked for a lap dance. Which seemed very strange to me at the time before I knew what was going on. Because why would some random stripper I got some lap dances with have some look like that on her face when I had been nothing but polite to her and pretty much everyone else in the world. Minus imperfection.

Now, if you haven’t picked up the psychological mental illness tactics of trying to create schizophrenia by sending references. A mental illness, or type of schizophrenia called Ideas of References. That only people with psychology degrees would know about. Like my family. Packaging these terror operations to give to the world with police and government to remove me from society.

Then you will understand about the tactics with me being a hardcore pool player. Talking about the term Sharking people with Brian Longbotham. and then him asking me to play someone for money in pool, and taking me to Sharky’s afterwards while Alexis Amore is there. And one of the things my family is IRATE about is that I played pool for years, and to them it is somehow  is shady sport trying to pawn off what they are doing to my life as my fault, because they’ve watched pool hustling movies. Saying my life is shady for playing pool, and this is my fault. We aren’t even talking about pool for money, or even hustling. Just playing pool, in nice environments. Showing that they will say and do whatever it takes to smear my name. Because they don’t approve of me doing things they don’t do or accept.

But wait, it gets deeper! lets look at Sharky’s cups now! Well, I can’t tell you if this is intentional or not, but what I can say, is when I took a picture with their cups for twitter jokes, that says “We Believe” they got really defense and aggressive towards me.

And ironically, Alexis Amore has a Tattoo, “Believe” on her. Which I find interesting after what I found out is going on and being done to my life since 9 years old.

So at this point, I move off the Coffee Shop property in the common shopping center area. As you can see where this picture is taken from.

Now, not only do the security get behind me to intimidate and provoke me. But so does the hispanic employee, off their property, showing she is not interested in working for a company. She is interested in some kind of man hunt, now going on since 9 years old with the police and government. And NSA!

So of course, this time, I decide to try something new even though I know the police have been hunting me since 9 years old with world wide support for lies my family was broadcasting to the world about me. Using every resource with the police and government to end my existence. And refuse to stop, tell me what is about, or acknowledge the situation, showing it has nothing to do with me, who I am, but rather, just to hunt me down out of hate, rage, jealousy, being different, or whatever.

Maybe my family could not handle me pulling my eyebrows at 13, and SNAPPED! because they don’t have a perfect son. I do not know.

So at this point, I call the police knowing they won’t help me. tell them Be honest, do the right thing. Because they are involved in a 35 year execution.

So Sheriff Tuttani, and Alcala, come down, and came up to me. Show me one of my cards, and says “Got your card” I smile, because they are playing stupid like always, and start telling me they don’t know me or who I am, or the situation going on. I laugh, because i know they are lying, and not about right and wrong.

So we go through our dialog, I explain the situation, and they tell me what I knew they’d say and do. They don’t want me on the property, and they have the right to tell me to leave. Of course, I explain the obvious, that this is pretty much every place and property world wide. And that is not exceptable, unless the only place they want me in this conspiracy, is in the ground.

So, Then with the police, the property wants to try to get signed confessions, and my ID. And I say I am not signing anything. Although I asked the cops, “Do I have to sign” they said no. And wanted a copy of their FABRICATED


Caruso westlake promenade, paper which has no relevance to anything. But trying to get information stating I am a bad person, and give to the world. And shopping centers trying to get signatures from customers. Doesn’t generally happen, unless something freaky is going on to destroy you.

Just like they were trying to do at Topanga Shopping center and The Starbucks there. Before writing up endless corporate lies while attacking me all day and night for 10 years trying to set me up. And even told me I wasn’t allowed to see, or have a copy of what I was signing. And after taking pictures of the Starbucks contract, their security guard attacked me punching me in the head about 7 times.

I did throw some water on him, but he got irate before that when I took pictures of the bunk contract.

So after me being polite, telling all of them, I do have the 1st amendment right to tell anyone anything about me, my life, ask someone out, talk to people, without harassment of course. And telling me things that what I say is propaganda, and them trying to cover up that the information about me that is being given out to the world is OBTAINED illegally, and disseminated ILLEGALLY, and isn’t even true, which means it’s SLANDER, and DEFAMATION. And in this case, CRIMINAL DEFAMATION.

Example, if I make a Devil Picture in Art class of 15 people in College, who does the world know about it, and why are they told I am schitzo, and think the devil is telling me things. How does the world know this, unless given out with funding, time, energy, motive, intent. And lots of money and resources.

I don’t see this happening to anyone else in that Art class with imagery way worse. Nor do I see it happening to anyone world wide.

So while there were tons of cars in the parking lot parked in 2’s, same cars in 2’s backwards, cars with names to send me hidden messages to create schizophrenia.

As I walked back to my car, of course, 2 people pulled up white vw bugs, one parked forwards, one backwards, next to my car.

So I went back got officer Alcala, and showed him the cars. He played stupid that it’s a coincidence, and I told him we all know what is going, but he’s not going to admit it. But he needs to make a report of this. So he filled out one of the report cards in front of me. And I said “You are going to file this right?” of course he said he would. Then sarcastically said his partner got one simultaneously as well when he took my picture when I said they could with some rude, lame comment inferring their lies and stupidity about me.

Making some lame schitzo, bipolar, reference, or however they are trying to cover up their crimes.

Now when I say stupidity, it is really about them covering up a mass crime. Because we all know, he knows what is really going on and being done to me since 9 years old. Then endless setup attempts and frame jobs to try to make me look abusive to cover up their crimes.

Your like your brother Genetic, schitzo Scam  – https://kevinperelmantarget.wordpress.com/2017/01/04/the-your-like-your-jason-perelman-brother-scam-tactic-to-try-to-remove-me-from-society-and-its-genetics

So at this point his Demeanor changes from I  don’t know you to sarcastic joking comments. But of course these comments are not joking around about joky things. they are about a world wide extermination campaign no one will admit too. Thinking this is OK, and told it’s somehow my fault. Which they refuse to stop the crime, because they came after me with my family starting around 9 years old with world wide support.

So he give me a thumbs up, one of their hinting messages. And says. “Well, you are winning right?”

And I say to him, something like. I don’t know how being hunted all day and night since 9 years old is me winning anything. And being robbed of 45 years old a life. With no one even telling me what this is about.

Also he said something like, wherever I go, there are fires. Well, I think he means, they are following me from place to place with a flame throwers lighting me on fire, then when I burn to death, saying that I am somehow starting fires would be about accurate. Showing they are mad, about something about 9 years old my family is saying to try to remove me from society. Or more importantly their frame jobs.

Like my father buying a boat, calling it “The Flicka” and telling Jason, my older brother to keep running up behind me, flicking on the ears, and having me watch movies with his friends in hopes he could send me hidden messages or turn me into a paranoid schizophrenic. Clearly with my father telling him too. Because he is on the side of my brother who is doing these things with his and my friends, and world wide support.

As I got in my car, I told him, “I am not taking the site down” which seems to be the real issue world wide, is t he fact that I KNOW THE TRUTH, and WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON. And for some odd reason, the truth of me being a really good person and hunted all day and night for 35 years seem to OFFEND EVERYONE, in a country which our founders built to protect people like me from Tyranny.

Which is odd, because, NORMALLY! People want Justice, Fairness, Judicial Systems, NSA not spying and Data-mining your life especially if it involves using the illegally obtained private information taken out of context and sculpted to what they want it to be with the masses world wide to create mental illness and kill you in the name of, we don’t trust him.

I’d think that is what the world would support! and not only that, take a stand not only for me, but for themselves because as technology gets better, they or someone they know will be next! it’s just a matter of time. Before we end up like 1984!

Image result for 1984 movie


So, at this point I leave. A couple of days calling the Sheriffs office for records.

They have no record of this report filed of the cars. They know the officers names, they have the time they went out. But of course, like usual, the police who say they are about Protecting and Severing with my tax dollars, and supposed to stop crimes. Weather I call them or not. Not only that, lets say when I was 16 I was arrested for something and charged. Even though I wasn’t and didn’t do anything wrong. But even if I was it is irrelevant to if they like, don’t like me, or whatever. Their jobs are to simply stop crimes. Not say, we don’t like you so we have world wide murder operations to kill you and are part of it. Won’t stop it. And it’s because when you were 10 years old, you stole a  1 cent jolly rancher at the supermarket. Any honest rational sane person is going to say the same thing I just did. That their job is to stop crimes. And that is it.

I do have this report, but of course, they didn’t want to put in the bigger picture of the endless covert provokings to try to make me look angry and full of rage to accomplish removing me from society, while my family spews out to the world lies with their psychology degrees that I am angry, enraged cutter, who needs to be removed from society, which keeps changing from newer to newer lies about me. Hence why my mother sent me a blow dart gun in Oregon, in hopes I’d blow dart Kelly Hatch, after sending her after me with the police to try to set me up. Which they have done everything known to man to try to coverup. Just one of these endless 35 year operations.

Obtained at:

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department
2101 Olsen Rd,
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Meaning, if they know of a crime being committed against me. And I do not. They are obligated to stop the crime! that is their job! Not wait until I am dead while watching me being killed and telling me I have to call them and tell them why random people I do not know are trying to kill me all day and night for 35 years!

That is what is called Aiding and Abetting! A crime. There is absolutely unacceptable, and unheard of with the Police, on something this big, with world wide police agency support.

Also, while that report above is from the Thousand Oaks Sheriffs, this Report is from the Topanga Division LAPD. Showing that while each police officer  I bump into who pretends they don’t know me, and are only interested in thugging me quiet with the masses world wide. There has not at one point been any concern with stopping this mass crime using the police and government resources against me.  Only trying to immobilize me, and stop the truth coming out. This report shows that while Officer Alcala and Tuttani did not know who I was lying, and not concerned with the big picture. That they  do know who I am, and all this information is transmitted to all the police divisions and public as well.

This was obtained at:

Topanga LAPD
21501 Schoenborn St,
Canoga Park, CA 91304

And if people start following me from place to place trying to create paranoid schizophrenia for speaking out world wide about these endless all day and night severe abuse being done to me. Then clearly they are involved in a crime they want covered up, especially since 9 years old.

My World Wide Targeting info






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