Beware of this predator accusing me of being a sex offender, he is working with Lorena Escobar and the police to give lies to the world to keep me quiet

Posted: May 30, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While posting some blogs, and getting deeper into what is going on with the Police government, my family targeting me since 9 years old and trying to remove me from society with world wide endless lies to the world to rile the masses to exterminate me.

This person popped up on

working with the Police to try to stop the information flow by like usual, blatant untruthule damaging ACCUSATIONS! based on, like usual. Thin Air.

While I have seen these Patterns of Behavor before, one of the biggest people that was sent after me and in my life was Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager. But she does absolotly nothing medical really. She does know the ins and outs. But she is really just a ired thug who was paid to follow me from place to place sending endless women after me to try to set me up or frame me. As well as all the endless other lies to the world in secret, by her, the rest of my family, Police and Government. All working togethor.

Endless funding, endless resources. You name it.

While, My father was working with Someone Named Charlie Patron, who was involved in this. My father found out he was into some shady activities and fired him. Instantly, someone new was hired. Except all of a sudden, he was accused of being a pedaphile. No actual record of anything. He didn’t hire him.

But, I also noticed another pattern of Behavior from Lorena and my Father. And that is that all the Things being done to me to provoke me into situations and set me up with these mass groups have been done to Janet Nordet, my fathers X-wife.

Who when he married her, asking me to move back from Colorado, and live in his house when he married her, right around the time I was starting a company with Mike Huntley.

Janet, went from normal, to paranoid, pretty fast. And it makes perfect sense now why he wanted me in that house. Someone to pin it on, like usual. And like all the other things being pinned on me since 9 years old. Endless things, from everyone in my life and given to the world in secret.

But the same exact claims of Janet having Abandonment issues. Becoming Agoraphobic. My father claiming At one point her rage was so bad, her face physically changed.

Sound familiar? accusations and people saying I am like the hulk, and change when I get mad, or the movie Split? Trying to portray me by psychologists, when I went to 24 of them telling them what I knew was being done to me.

eventually, Janet, showed up at my fathers office which all the people in the office made police reports which I belive to be lies. to frame her or set her up which they just tried on me last week.

With calls from Leonor provoking me after being fired, with groups of people, then refusing to send me an email to sign, doing whatever it took to get me down there. with my father helping.

And this knowing of all the other ACCUSATIONS of theirs. From Elsie Sandoval telling the police I hit her. I can’t count how many women in that office played victim, saying I am trying to make them mentally ill and hacking their homes. And things like this.

Trying to create situaiton they can make look like I am going to hurt someone or myeslf, or how does it look while all these ACCUSATIONS are being given to the police and world.

Then he gets me to meet an employee in some strange place, is clearly just the next frame job. Especially after establishing a 35 year behavior of his, of doing this to me. And giving out endless lies to the world for some reason.

Eventaully, supposedly Janet Nordet went to her Sons friend Tyrell or someone. And my fathers story is that Tyrell I think his name is called my father on the phone, telling him he’d pay him 20,000 for something important.

And it was that Janet asked him to kill my father. Now, the only information I get from my father who took me out every sunday night feeding my lies about Janet to try to get reactions to use against me for some reason. And one of his lies was that Janet grabbed his steering wheel of his car and tried to throw it into a tree, and is unstable. yet later on, he can’t remember saying this and deny’s it.

Although I have caught him in endless pathological lies. So that is no surprise to me. But I believe he was hoping to get me to say something against her to use against me.

Janet supposedly went to jail for attempted murder, but surfing around the net once I realized who my family is, and seen first hand who Lorena Escobar is, and the people my father hired, trying to mob me to death, tell the world endless lies about me to put me in the ground. And endless attempts with world wide support, all day and night with mass groups mentally battering me to try to get me to go after him.


Here are just a few

Traci Anna Koval Frame Job – Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

Golden State Sports Medical Discrimination and Stalking to keep me quiet about what I know –

Office and Home mobbings – Office manager Elsie Sandoval, Connie Raya, George Escobar –

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me #cnnireport –

Lorena Escobar paying Leonor Calderon to stalk me   –

Lorena Escobar contacting restuarants and coffee shops telling them to stalk me with her #cnnireport #FoxNews

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job  –

College frame job with a Gay person #cnnireport    –

Your like your brother Genetic, schitzo Scam #cnnireport   –

Aubrey Fisher sent After me by Police, Family, Friends, Government to end my life –
Else Sandoval and Fernando sime, contacting the people I work with and smearing my name #cnnireport #FoxNews

so once i realized the same things were happening to me, I surfed the net on Janet and saw a court document stating that people were following her and harassing her. And things like this.

Which this all seems way too family. Maybe I am right, maybe I am wrong. But I sure as shit know what I am seeing done to me. And found out going on all day and night since 9 years old.

Endless attempts to try to get me to go after poeople. Never ending, never stopping. Also, we have my father putting the bullet hole in his 300e  Mercedes with the police when I was around 16 years old. Then pinning it on me, while they sent a homeless person in my house to sign a sublet contract, not pay rent, squat in my house, and then my brother working with my family and police, send a person named Jason Baum after me, trying to manipulate me into scaring the man with a gun.

Then Jason Baum dissapeared when he could not.

While these situations to rid me of the world are endless. You can certainly establish a pattern of behavior of endless lies to the world. Endless Setup attempts, Endless Frame jobs, and Endless Coverups of these things.

This person is working with the Police and tonight they had some girl come in with her child working on me, and trying to frame me with the police in front of all these people.

At the Cofeebean on Devenshire, Northridge.

Also, they had several people show up here in Pink and black, as well as all around the city to create mental illness. I only got a few of them. But you get the idea.

She is working with the Police, and this Andrew Mcgraw person. Digging for information about my childhood, and provoking me while trying to make it look like I am angry, and was an angry kid and such. With statments about acting out.

After this people started coming in, with scared faces. and multiple police should up with scare tactics

One parked his car when she came

The other came buy when I went in to take a piss waiting for me.

All psychological warfare tactics to scare me into confessions.

but the thing with this is. It just goes from thing to thing, trying to get anything possible to use against me to remove me from society. Never ending. It isn’t really about anything but a government flagging at 9 years old to remove me from society.

Remember this. You either commit a crime, and are arrested, or you are not a criminal. There is no we don’t trust you so you are a bad person. That is basically saying. You are not protected by the constitution of the United States, or Judicial system. And it isn’t about crimes or right or wrong.

My family will do whatever it takes to rid me of the world. I don’t know what their problem is. It is very strange to me.

All I know is I was born a good person, and not psychotic like them. With Dreams, Visions, Motivation. Attempt to make things happens that are new and innovative. And obvously like some things that aren’t illegal, but their anal retentive tight asses can’t deal with like Studio Photography, Adult Website, Database driven social or media building sites. And they go agro, and start trying to set me up and destroy me on every single things that isn’t a medical degree with a minor in psycholgy. And apparntly the only hobby I am allowed to have is going out on my fathers boat with him, as that sabotage those.

They don’t like me walking away, as we have all seen what they did to my college life.

But if I had my guess, Janet Nordet didn’t do anything wrong. And if she really did go to jail. It is my belief that she might have been defending herself and under severe tortureous psychological mental illness thugging which Lorena Escobar seems to be paid to do to people.

I am not saying she acted correctly if it is true. But I am saying however that is someone has mass stalking groups following all day and night like I’ve seen. I can see how she would go in defense mode. And panic in self defense. Which is the whole concept of mass groups passive aggresively stalking someone, until the freak out, and say enough is enough, with never ending psycholgical gas lighting and terror operations, I have now witnessed being done to me for 16 years all day and night world wide.

And was going on the entire time growing up from 9 years old. With Lorena sending endless women afterme in college trying to figure out ways to get me to go after them. Which she could not do. Which is why what I know, and them removing me from socieety is so important for them.


Like Lorena Escobar told Victoria Licardo in there office

“She is trying to protect the company”

Protecting the company by trying to kill someone doesn’t sound like protecting the company to me. That is a murderer talking. And as you can  see from what she is involved in. That is what is going on. Just not in the treditional form.

Which really makes me wonder about that book Steven Ainbinder was supposedly involved in with the menendez, “How to kill someone and get away with it”

While I don’t know of any relevance about it and my situation. The title of the book, sure seems to be similar to what people with their psychology degrees are doing to me. And end me, in such a way that I can’t take the pain and kill myself with no investigations, or figure out ways to put me in mental institions, or jail cells.

These tactics, known as Gas Lighting, Gang Stalking, Community Harassment Groups, Vigilante Stlaking

Once I heard that from Victoria, she ether quit or was fired 2 weeks later.

For more information on my world wide targeting since 9 years old.

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