Some of my Art Mike Huntley, Brian Longbotham, my family and Government have targeted me over

Posted: June 8, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While this is some harmless art back in the 90’s Created with a character called Clyde the Happy Sperm which is of no big deal to anyone who is a sane rational adult.

I created a character called Clyde the Happy Sperm, and Bonnie the Egg. Joking around. While Clyde does have some Educational relevance. It is pretty much upwards on a Sex Ed class.

Later on, joking around, Clyde was used with soem Adult models. While These are harmless pictures. Little did I know that my family, the police, and government, in order to figure out ways to remove me from society were working on all sorts of Angles world wide and in secret to attack my psychological profiling and sanity, with my family and government as my name was tarnished world wide by my own family in shame of my life they were following me around and getting into.

While this art may not be perfectly main stream art that does not vary from some perfect ideal of what perfect traditional art should be. It clearly isn’t very shocking to the rest of the world, especially the adult industry, or Studio Photography with models, or Horror movies/art, or any other arena what goes on in the rest of the world out of the, Someone who is a perfect square, category.

While the one thing you need to realize is that my Father and Brother have Psychology Minors, and my Mother, as you can imagine has an Art Therapy degree who analyzes art. They use these degree’s to control.

No matter what the content of my art is. My mother will make up psychological lies to the masses that I am schitzo, conforming to my art, they are admissions of guilt or confessions. You name it.

From an insane family, who just can’t look at the Billions of images out there, 1000’s posted per day of all sorts of fiction, fantasy, characters, demons, angels, fiery’s, war scenes. You name it. Without going ballistic on me. And simply saying. “I like it”, “I don’t like it” this is why.

There is always some kind of psychological accusation of why I am crazy and need to be removed from society. Now this isn’t ust Clyde. They have worked on me with every piece o art ever created. Showing their stories keep changing, to achieve their hidden agenda of removing me from society. With world wide terror, and psychological warfare operations.

They will say whatever it takes. I hear voices, I am schitzo, And am Bipolar, and I am danger to myself or others. All this seems to stem from a simple. They do not like me. And that is pretty much it. And will say and do whatever it takes with endless time, energy, government resouces, Police, with world wide Criminal Defamation, and Slander to remove me from society working with world wide groups since 9 years old.

At one point, A man named Brian Longbotham was sent after me to remove me from society. Who introduced me to Micheal Bialyse, and Victoria Walker. Micheal Bialyse, was a Law Student who had  a character named Rudy the Rubber he did a puppet show with on Public Access TV and wanted me to make a CG versian of Ruddy the Rubber. Which he had porn Stars on his show a lot of times. Because Victoria was supposedly a Stripper. But of course, like usual. She wasn’t who they said they were, and were involved in endless setup attempts and Frame jobs to rile the masses against me.

Which all seems to be planned out and premeditated with suggestive remarks like “We hope you learned your lesson” as punishments by destroying me life. Not for doing anything wrong. But my families perception of wrong.

Which you need to understand. That something like being friends with someone of the opposite sex who is married. Is somehow a boundaries issue and violation. Yet, the reality is, that every person in this world is friends with someone of the opposite sex, and their is no boundaries issue. Especially, when Victoria keeps calling me. And I am just being a good friend. I have done nothing wrong. There are not out of the norm boundary issues or triangle relationships. But my family will say, that things like this are wrong, I need to be punished. And with lies told world wide to put me in isolation while no one will address the issues in angry rages, saying nothing is said to anyone, and trying to make me look crazy.

While telling me weird things that aren’t true, and are dissinformation “People don’t tell you what you did, because people can lie” from my own fathers mouth. Who has made up every lie known to man about me, and disseminated it to the world.

And is involved in Funded operations with the police and government world wide. It is hard to know where the funding and resources come from. But I can assure you that NSA level resources, world wide neighborhood watch groups are being used and formed since 9 years old.

Gang Stalking – Using my art to smear my name –

The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me. –

So here is some of the old Clyde art I could scrape up. Most is gone.

Clyde Composite with Summer Cummings

Clyde Composite with Minka

Once again, any rational sane person will tell you that this is harmless art. But there are some super anal rentative people out there that can’t handle this. I’d put them in the same category of saying a Horror movie is a crime to watch and make. And you are crazy for watching them.

My own family fit this profile to the extreme. And for me, watching a Horror movie, or creating art like this is a crime to them. And they will stop at nothing to remove me from society saying I am crazy and trying to remove me from society.

Just like my brother told me at 14 years old while taking part. “He and his friends put a teacher in a mental instition, and have bugs in my room and are listening to me on the radio”

To try to make me paranoid. Yet, while I did not realize of his motives at the time. He kept sending his friends with the police after me in endless setup attempts and frame jobs.

One even being Mike Wexler, working with a 16 year old from IRC named Lin Junkin. Making up lies that I am hacking her, while they were hacking me. And Mike Wexler, my brothers orginal friend he introduced me too. Telling me weird things like he was into Lock Picking. Hitting Bums with your car is OK, because drivers have the right of way, and that statutory rape in Colorado was below 16 years old. Which Ironically, Lin Junkin, who I met at IRC Parties and was part of this all age, social group. Online and Offline, in public channels and public parties.

Somehow was used and sent after me, once again, like these endless frame jobs to try to set me up or frame me. Which like all of these, DID NOT WORK!

But you can understand the types of things being done to me which goes a lot deeper, of Lin Junkin, talking about stolen laptops, Bringing over the move “Hackers” to try to get confessions from me. At public IRC Parties.

Which actually has references directed at me from the movie. And has been done to me over the years with something like 40%  of the media out there. Which seems to ralate to Brian Longbotham, who I originally got a job doing 3D animation and Visual FX for in Hollywood and the Entertainment industry.

Showing that Brian was the next person sent after me. And also seems to relate to Brian Weaver at the age 16, who befriended my life, and was doing the same exact thigns to me.

While the details of this campaign to remove me from society are vast, and huge. And go from person to person with world wide support since 9 years old. It is hard to get all the information out there. Especially with huge groups trying to cover up this mass crime against me.

But for this blog, is more about Clyde. And my family, and those in the psychology industry working every ANGLE known to man to figure out ways to try to remove me from society, try to make me look like a horrible person, and do whatever it takes with endless resources to accomplish this.

For more information on this mass operation to remove me from society. You can go to:

My World Wide Targeting info

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