The P51 Mustang art angle being used against me.

Posted: May 22, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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You might ask why I am writing a blog about my next set of images. And while it is strange for me as well, to have to. What you need to understand is that in my life, every lie known to man is fabricated, funded and blasted to the world with insane time energy resources, and investment to remove me from society. These are not normal gossip and drama. These are lies made up to rile up the masses. Example, I hate women, and am trying to make them mentally ill and kill them. Is not the type of thing people go around saying normally. And while this has not been said directly to me. Butting all the pieces togethor from watching 35 years of women try to exterminate me, or all the things that people were coming after based on how they react, what is said from inuendos, anger rage, people coming in my life trying to get confessions, things like this. Once it is done over and over, shows that it is not one random loony, but something is being said and disseminated. While that was one example, these lies and smears are in the 1000’s to the world. non true of course.

So for me, this simple image will be collected and used against me as some kind of crime, just like all my other art created since 9 years old.

In between this mass psychological warfare orperation to remove me from society or end my life any ways shape or form possible with world wide support starting at the age 9, which I found out were going on at 29 years old. I try to do the things I love to do like create art which seems to put my family in their angry rages when they see I am happy, expressing myself. Previously I would spend a lot more of my time trying to start my life over, new businesses, photography career and such but I was being hunted by every person I am in contact with world wide and before even being able to get anything accomplished one person after the next will be involved in trying to create mental illness and end my life. Saying they don’t know me, and I am imaging it. To try to make me look crazy.

To not only for me, but to contribule to the world as well. Which anyone with common sense knows. With new innovative ideas and imagery which they seem to have major issues with.

They will also, start saying I am competing with people, have to win, have to out smart, out better then them. And this type of thing I’ve watched me entire life where someone will get into what I am doing, copy me, then try to set me up and or frame me, and rid me of the world. Then it will all be turned around on me, given to the world that I am doing something to them. Then the next person in line takes over on every thing I try to accomplish it life. Weather it’s my job, hobbies, place I go. You name it.

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with other art I’ve been hunted over by the masses

Normally, you would say this is a good thing, and it is for everyone else. But no matter what the context of my art. Or any other aspect of it for that matter. They go irate, and try to figure out ways to use my art, just like every other aspect against me and give out endless lies, smears, psych evals, lies about how my art is confessions of who I am, or I am schitzo and a danger to myself or others. Working on these extermination campaign since 9 years old.

So your probably asking? what kind of person does this? Well, a PSYCHOTIC! why would anyone go after anyone, any way shape or form no matter what the content is? if you don’t like it, don’t look at it.

Just as if you say I am crazy, ok then, so be it. Have nothing to do with me. Even though we all know this isn’t the case.

Out of all the Horror movies, Adult Movies, normal movies, music, you name it. I have never heard of a SANE individual being justified in going after someone for creating art. Unless they are doing to me what Greg Gutfeld and his shows, or these mass groups continually taking my life over and over and doing it all day and night 24 directed at me world wide, then saying I am imagining it, and then saying no buddy knows me. And yet, I still have not gone after anyone despite the endless all day and night 35 years setup attempts. I have however VOICED what is going on and being done to my life which is what I am obligated to do as well as any other person who see’s it going on, is OBLIGATED to come forward openly and to the world. Not in secret, and have the 1st Amendment, freedom of speech that is there for this sole purpose.

So, this imaginary has just been completed right now. At this very moment. And this blog is the first to show it along with my social networks. But there are some things the people need to know which go along with this operation to remove me from society to show the world what is being done to me and my life and how these psychotics work.

about a week or two ago I talked to my mother on the phone, and she asks me if  I am creating any new art, and I tell her about a Teddy bear one I am still working on. As well as a P51 Mustang image I am working on.

Seems pretty harmless right? I mean I am not making a picture of someone disembawling someone or something which still, a lot of people do crazy imagery like this. Especially in the movies and such and they are not having these problems. Simple Airplane.

Also, well, a lot of the Ted movies were directed at me. But, I guess that creates a sense of Irony that I am creating Teddy Bear art. But it will not matter what my subject matter is. Because it will just apply to the endless media directed at me.

Instantly, Leonor Calerdone in my fathers office starts calling me about a health insurance policy, to sign which seems strange that it magically expired the next day. And she is Asian. And some the other blogs that what is being done to me to put me in jail with endless setups, seems on Par with the same tactics my fathers X-wife Janet Nordet who they say, came in the office screaming and saying all these things and they called the police on her. Eventually putting her in jail! for attempted murder who I saw a document online saying somethign like people would not stop harassing her.  Sound familiar with what is being done to me?

Every person in that office has worked on me every way, shape and form to try to set me up in the office over and over all day and night. Then had people following me to public places, over and over, all day and night. And they still are. In hopes, they can make it look, like I am going after them.

The Elita Golden State Black employee frame job  –

Lorena Escobar, Gwen Suazo, Patti googin, Shanna Briantseva, Fernanda Sime Stalking Tactics –

so, I asked them to email me, and they refused to send the attachment playing all sorts of games to manipulate me to come into the office. Now, she she is Asian, and they have played the racist card on me my whole life and spread lies world wide and in secret so I cannot defend myself.

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me #FoxNews –

Office and Home mobbings – Office manager Elsie Sandoval, Connie Raya, George Escobar #cnnireport  – will EXPOSE Starbucks corporation for their endless 16 years of criminal activities against me  #cnnireport  #FoxNews

Neighbors Vandalizing my car and trying to tear off the KevinPerelmanTarget sign

Not only this, but people now, before the image is even online, are parking differnt white Mustangs without plates in the same spot  in next to my house as well. And normally you would not look for these types of things unless they were doing it all day and night which I’ve watched now for 16 years now, and they REFUSE to stop. As my other blogs PROVE beyond a reasonable doubt!

So first, here is this HARMLESS picture which if anyone comes after me for, they are psychotic murderers who really do read into imagery and have no self control. And not someone like me who actually found out world wide people are doing things with the media to actually send me hidden messages in probably 40% of the media out there for things for me to see in it.

Such as the Movie Split, Fightclub, Green Mile, Breaker Breaker, Eye for an Eye, Wizards,  Creep Show, Jupiter Ascending. Some taken from movies to try to flip me out, some put in movies to try to flip me out.

So anyone saying I am trying to play games with their lives by creating this picture, or any other for that matter, are full of crap. Just are in an ANGRY RAGE about information they have illegally obtained about me. And also, anyone that gets mad at me if I create art that stems of parts of my life or thinks that, still has a problem as well. Even though most of my art comes from random ideas usually. But so many lies have been given to the world about me, no matter what I craeae, people will relate it to the endless lies about me.

So here it is


Now, you need to understand what the next set of lies to the world are going to be about me. I was at a very young age and my family took me to see a movie called Wizards, by Ralph Bakshi.

Very good movie by the way, but what my family did was actually tell the world that I was conforming to th world. and am Schitzo. Why would they say these things about me and fund world wide lies. And not say a thing to me? well. at this point, it is obvious, that they know I am not schitzo, and this is a way of making me look crazy to remove me from society.

This movie is about two twin brother wizards, one good, and one evil. The evil brother sends projections of Nazi propoganda or fottage and brain washes the good people, stuns them why they are killed. A cartoon by the way.

So as I got a little older after my brother after telling me that, he and his friends made a teacher mentally ill, and then started telling me that they had a bug in my room, and were listening to everything I was doing to try to flip me in paranoia, actually really did decide to hunt me.

One of their tactics was to do things like He and his friend Andy and others going out on their RUNS which they call them, and pinning them on me of course, like Tom Farly’s Grunion RUNS, before that where he had everyone egg mob eric johnson, hit him in the back of the head, and tell the world it was me as well.

Anyways, they had Andy drive a green mustang, and wear a confederate hat, which I didn’t think about at the time.

After this, we went on a cruise where my brother wanted to try to set me up somehow and randomly bought me a KERSHAW KNIFE, which I ended up getting drunk and cutting my finger. No stiches needed. And while were were on the Cruise, they kept ordering Kamikazies, and B52s on a cruise to the Carribean, in Hopes they could flip me out with WWII hidden messages. There is no doubt in my mind now that my brother simply bought the knife when I was like 14 years old, gave it to me to tell everyone that I am paranoid, and crazy. Because also at this time he was telling me that he and his friends made one of their teachers mentally ill, and then started in on me saying they have a bug in my room and are listening to everything I am doing to try to create paranoid schtizofrenia. Of course I didn’t realize this was going on until after 29 when I noticed something was very wrong and I drove up to the lookout in topanga canyon and a police officer approached me and the first thing he asked me right after curferw was “Do you have a knife” but what was odd to me just standing there doing nothing wrong was WHY he was asking some random guy just past curfew looking at the view if he had a knife. But once you put the pieces togethor of what they are doing. You understand once you notice thing after thing like this over and over to set you up or frame you.

I never made these connections until I looked back around 38 years old when being able to comprehend what they were doing.

Also, there are bombs on the plane, which people might start relating to my families lies that I think women are like Hamburgers, and I try to explode them, while my brother was making “Combustion Burgers” when I was 16, trying to explode hamburgers wit alcohal on the grill.

To then have all the Hot Rodders go to a place we went too called “Kevin’s Burgers” where after me writing a paper about women and car analogies, they used that as references to tell the world I am crazy, think women are cars, and try to blow them up.

While the world was told I am angry, Enraged. I hate women, I hate gay people, I hate blacks, Persians, Asian, Russians, You name it! I had no clue they were doing this to me to have a world wide mobbing to end my existance. Also known as CRIMINAL DEFAMATION. Because normally Defamation is Civil, except in this case the INTENT is about ending someones life and having people hunt him down. While that might not be the legal term. The intent is clearly Extermination.

Theirs also a point in my life after Paul Humphry befriended me, Joe Humphry’s younger brother who was in my brothers class, and wanted to build a P51 Mustang model. And we built it and tried flying it, and crashed it into a fence. Never really thought much of it until putting these things togethor, and realizing how much these people wanted me dead and gone.And were just trying to hint about war, and tell everyone I am in war mode or somethign crazy like this.

Which was pretty shocking. And hard for me to come to terms with.

So, I can tell you what their next step is and has already started. As we all know they are saying I am crazy, and done all these things that aren’t true, or to defend myself. But the things I’ve done to defend myself are harmless and not crimes. Not like what they are doing. And little suggestive messages I do back in self defense, I pretty much learned from them, because after maybe 11 years of it, I realized they were going all day and nigt since 9 years old with world wide support. How could you not feed into there never ending terror operations since 9 years old. But yet, I a one man, trying to live a normal life. And they are a BILLION to one, hunting me down trying to kill me. They have NO EXCUSES! especially if they refuse to stop.

Obviously they are going to say I am now at war with Asians, and all other races again. I am crazy, think I am in the Army or a war because I was born on an Airforce base, and one i a while I might wear some green, or green and black. Which somehow equates to I am schitzo and think I am in the Army.

And all sorts of Rhetoric and fear mongering like this, Secretly to the world in an Angry rage that I have once again, created another harmless piece of art, no one would really care much about. that is really not that great. But asthetically pleasing. While I love for people to see my art. As every Artist does. I don’t like world wide murder operations over things that don’t exist with psychological warfare tactics which are unprecedented. And is extremely rare it’s done to anyone world wide over. This really only happens to peope who are flagged by the government working with the people for no reason.

And obviously for me, it’s NSA and Government just using my art as an leverage to tell the world I am crazy, as an Excuse to try to justif  removing me from society with the masses. And the mental illness and Schitzofrenia, is what they are trying to  inflict on me, or change me into or change my thought processes from normal to sick. To get what they want. My art is irrelavant to what is really going on. Because if it wasn’t going on. People would just look at my art and do what 99% of the world does is say “I like it”, “I don’t like it” or maybe some critique about it. Or say what they think it means, without killing people over it.

Just like one does when they go to a movie, an art gallery, listen to a song.

This is an extremely simple image. there is not much to it, aside from some humor about what has been said about my life. Something which the world created against me in an angry rage over something at 9 years old. They might say I am a Bee’ing, ruining their lives. They might say I am screwing with them. Becauase I use some of the absurdity of what they are saying in my art.

But the reality is, they created this situation by their endless lies about me. Then told me to never have communication with anyone in the world. or speak to anyone. So, to say I cannnot express myself weather it be random images, or images based on the lies told about me with some humor. That is really unavoidable. Because everything I create people will feed off their own lies about.

That also goes for me talking to people. No matter what I say that isn’t directed at them, they will feed into as something against them due to the amount of lies they fed to the world about me.

Example, trying to be nice to someone and saying “Hows it going” and then hunted for 16 years world wide from it, is absurdly unphatheomable that it is a happening, and with world wide support. But it sure as hell doesn’t have anything to do with me, except wanting me dead starting at the age 9 years old.

Normally I do not write blogs about my new images before the witch hunts for no reason, but I know how this Terror System built around me at 9 years old works. And I know what they are going to do. Which is unheard of. it’s not drama, it’s not gossip, it’s systematic bullshit with RETALIATION and mental illness tactics In ANGRY RAGES about something they accuse me of at around 9 years old.

If your honest and sane, your probably thinking, that this is absurd, what possibly could be wrong, offensive, something someone crazy would make, you name it. It’s just a damn plane with some funny logos!  And actually I bought the base model off and most the fusalage texture was pre painted which means that some of the markings like the  “L” on the back were don’t by some random person in the world. And possibly because he did that when I called Lorena Escobar “L” just joking around because “L” is short for Lorena.  But that gives you an idea, that if people world wide are putting things in their content directed at me. Then I buy it. Then use it, then it will be pinned on me. That I did something wrong, and the world will play stupid saying I am imaging it, and no one knows me. While I have no proof of if the “L” was done based around me. I repainted and redid some of the geomtry. Added the bombs and Alien. Because my family has been running around telling the world I think or saw an Alien when I was like 10 years old. When Tom Farly Made up the lies by saying to me “Look Kevin, an Alien” from a light reflection in the bathroom. Telling the world I saw an Alien. But of course, like usual, and everything else in my life. I never said I saw an Alien. He said it, and then told the world I said it. Just like he Egg Mobbed Eric Johnson with eggs, and hit him in the back of the head. And told the world it was me. one of endless, 1000’s of 1000’s of people pinning their things on me over the last 45 years.

For more about my world wide targeting to remove me from society

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