Neighbors Vandalizing my car and trying to tear off the Kevin Perelman Target sign

Posted: March 24, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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Once again, My neighbors showing that they have something to hide. By consistantly trying to thug me quiet,

While this campaign is world wide, I don’t see them saying this is wrong, supporting the bullying, thugging, and smear operations showing they have ulterior motives and their true colors. Especially when they don’t want the things that have been done to me all day and night since 9 years old coming out in the open. Which would not have happened, if they weren’t hunting me trying to frame me, and set me up, and remove me from society censoring my speech, and keeping tabs on me in case anything was said since then.

endless car vandalizing. and when I had magnets advertising my site to let the world know the truth, they had a problem with this saying I am causing problems by speaking out what is being done to me and my life. That I am a Nascence, for finding out this global psychological warfare and murder operations directed at me are going on. So they would take the magnets off, over and over because they didn’t want a voice defending myself ADDRESSING THE SITUATION.

Of course when someone tells you, that you are causing problems by defending yourself and speaking out about the truth, especially when you are being hunted, telling you that you don’t have the first amendment, Freedom of speech. Then those are tyrant, and murderer types.

Not only would they not hunt you and create the situation in the first place, but also, why would they be angry, unless it implicated them in crimes. In this case, one of the largest known world wide crimes against one man being covered up.

So, their actions once again trying to stop the voice of truth, pokes it’s head out today, showing they are desperate pathetic, lieing cowards who work in secret, and try to keep you quiet with  mass mobbing groups. And since 9 years old. Which means they have gone, non stop for over 35 years to end my life. Whats their excuse? who knows. I don’t trust you or something lame like this that they have the OPTION to walk away from me, and go live their lives.

But of course, oddly enough, while refusing to admit that what they are doing is and has always been wrong and have been doing it since 9 years old, demented, beyond any level of criminal known to man. And that they don’t even really have a legit reason for it except weird claims that you are somehow different. Like Adolf Hitler. Oh gee, isn’t people being different what created capitalism, and people coming up with new ideas, and pushing society and technology to a new level, of new ideas, and innovations? And isn’t the U.S. once called the melting pot where all races and cultures get togethor? But yet, all of a sudden, it is wrong for just one man. Doesn’t really add up from the type of people who will do or say anything to get what they want. Especially when it involves them killing people or trying to covertly rid people of the world, in the grey areas of the law, circumventing the judicial system, because does not apply to people who just don’t like or trust others. Especially when the Police and government are supporting this, and put there terror system in place in the first place, with covert government operations empowering the people to take part.

Of course, in order to keep me quiet when I first started passing out cards, Elsie Sandoval where I work, Especially after telling the police I hit her, showing she is working with Lorena Escobar paying Jen Hess to befriend me and try to set me up, also making the same claim to the police. Elsie sandoval is telling the masses that I am just trying to Jam peoples windows with my cards. Which from any aspect of any common sense does not even rationally make sense and is the stupidest thing known to man. But, it is obvious that she and her involvement does not want me speaking out about what is being done to my life showing that I am not crazy, and they have an AGENDA!

So of course, she then is telling people to take the cards I pass out, and try to jam my window. But of course how could 1 card being passed out do any damage, just like people pass out flyers and advertisements since the beginning of time. And they are not being hunted for it.

and on another day as well

So these are them trying to jam my windows, and stop me from talking But any person with any level of common sense can do the math, that this is not about, cards, signs on cars, which happen all day every day world wide. It is about what the card stands for. The injustices done to my life and the people involved not wanting the truth coming out. I mean, if I cam crazy, then who cares. Hell, I’ve seen tons of crazy people my entire life. You don’t see me saying. That person is crazy, we are going to rid them of the world. I, like everyone else just says, oh, they are crazy. Who really cares, and move on with our lives. So obviously, this is not about me being crazy, it is about people trying to make me look crazy, to figure out ways to remove me from society.

Just like offier Toro said to me. “If I ever take a picture of someone, he will exercise the law in his own way” but why wouldn’t he want me taking a picture of someone? It is perfectly legal. To some out of context, example, if your not a street performer, actor, musician in concert, at a public tourist place with people with cameras, or police or firemen used to press with cameras, you might think it’s a little weird. But it happens all day and night, and nobuddy really cares. Someone once in a while might take offense, but you can apply that to any aspect of life. I might be nice enough to buy you food, and you might not like potatoes and take offense. Ok, so what. I don’t see what that has to do with justifying global murder operations with endless funding involved. So officer Toro, not his real name, because he walked up, gave it to me for no reason, and was hinting about some latin kid Javiar in college who walked around saying “if you mess with the bull, you get the horns” and is somehow applying this to me. Basically showing me that they are involved in the lies, setup attempts, frame jobs, and sending these people after me. Clearly, the real worry in them is that by me having a camera, originally purchased to create art, is a threat to them because if you see these things going on, you can document it and get proof. And this is clearly a problem to them.

Showing their guilt, thugging, involvement, and what is really going on. Especially when they could have stopped this at 9 years old. Saying what is going on is wrong. Showing they are responsible.

And so my point is, that this vynal wrap on my car, which they do not want on my car so bad, or me going anywhere where anyone can see it, is not, causing a mess, or jamming windows! we can all be sure about this. And so, yet, they are CONSISTENT, with trying to stop, the speech about the truth. And people knowing, And the actions of vanalizing the sign to try to get it off or thug me to taking it off. Shows that they really have no lame excuse for this one, except, they don’t want me talking.

Office and Home mobbings – Office manager Elsie Sandoval, Connie Raya, George Escobar  –

Elsie Sandoval having people follow me to public places and stalk me –

They refuse to stop, and acknowledge, their all day and night 24/7 crimes against me since 9 years old. Instead, they don’t want the Truth coming out, that non of what the world has been told is true, and that it is all really just an EXTERMINATION campaign, which they need to try to make up EXCUSES  to try to make it look justified to the world.

An act which is a criminal one to begin with. Notifying mass groups of every lie known to man in secret is also known as defamation, slander, and in this case Criminal Defamation. The act of INTENTIONALLY creating angry mobs to end someones existence, with PREMEDITATION.

Also, about 3 weeks prior, While going out to Hollywood, in which these people say I am causing problems by going out and living my life for some odd reason. While this incident is a lot more covert, and my or may not be. But in my life, most of these things strangely enough are not coincidences, and each person I have any contact with world wide knows me with world wide internet based networks terror networks put into place starting in the early 90’s when the internet came around used as another tool against me. As my brother would call me up introducing it to me so they could find new ways to try to remove me from society. Meaning that people are notified where ever I go, and work on me with these psychological warfare tactics.

But I was making a right turn, and someone wedged their car in the shoulder, and I actually bumped into him in my blind spot, but he was kind of sneaking up where I was making the right turn on the shoulder wedging in. I left a little paint on his front wheel fender, and his wheel tore up my door.

While I have no proof of his intent, it was strange he was wearing a red and black flannel Raven bay ware, and it almost seemed like he wanted to figure out ways to wipe the sign off my car. Because  obviously, the more places I go, and the more people are told the truth. Thisi s a problem to these people. Showing that they do not want the TRUTH to the world. Because if I am crazy like they say I am. Then who cares. Let me be crazy, and go live their lives right?

So their actions of keeping me isolated, and not wanting me to talk or tell anyone what is really going on. Shows their MOTIVE, and HIDDEN AGENDA. It shows their INTENT!

But once again, their loss of control, shows, that this is about trying to keep me quiet, immobilize me for the kill so to speak. And stop me from defending myself any way possible while working on their life long agenda.

More incidents of the Metro and My neighbors vandalizing my cars

These are just a few events so you understand  what type of people these are. Who then go around playing victim, becaus ethey force you into position where you have to defend yourself. But if they weren’t getting togethor in the first place following you from place to place over and over all day and night, especially since 9 years old. You would be off living your life.

And of course, then you are a bad person if you even speak out, or say something to someone, while they have mass groups follow you from place to place whistling at you, hinting you are a whistle blower while People like Lorena Escobar, who are involved in hunting you from college to college, then starts giving you disinformation that you are too sensitive, and world wide psychological warfare, thugging, and terror campaigns are somehow normal.

Telling you that every place you live in, or have ever lived in, and have to move, and every place you go or ever have gone, you a have to leave. Showing that the true motive is trying to get someone to starve in the streets, or make them look crazy and put them in mental institutions, which is one of my own brothers agenda.

Stating at around the age 14, he and his friends put a teacher in a mental instigation, then started in on me telling me he had a bug in my room and was listening to me on the radio. Starting in on the paranoid schizophrenia tactics to try to Gas Light me, and put me in a mental institution which has not stopped. And for some strange reason supported world wide. While he cries victim  that I have somehow done something wrong to him. Which I guess is so severe at 9 yrs old that it’s not even possible.

For example I would have had to build a atomic bomb and blew up a stadium full of people for his actions to even have been justified.

Needless to say, this is just a taste of them wanting to try to thug me quiet as they hunt me.

For more details on this 35 years world wide mobbing, you can go to.

My World Wide Targeting info

Updated: 5 17 2017

Greg Konieg, My neighbor in #2 at 21620 burbank, woodland hills, ca everyone, hard at work. Earlier today, I told him he needs to stop. He then tried THREATENING me. Telling me I should not worry about anything but someone mad at me who is big and going to beat me up. Then doing this after. Trying to scare and thug me quiet like usual, while the COWARD, notifies masses all around the world to stalk me. While his COWARD ass sits at home being the pathetic pussy loser he is.Who can’t get along with others. So he goes after them hoping he can get a big penis.

Not only this, he asked me if my cigar was marijuna, I said it’s a cigar. He then asked me if I smoked weed. And I said. Hell yes, it’s Legal, although my family thinks it’s a crime.

After this, when the food deliver person at Crazy Tokyo came by, he started calling me BUD over and over. Showing that Greg is contacting everyone I know, and every place I go, on this mass world wide MURDER networks since 9 years old.

And you can see what he has been doing to my car, and then making up lame excuses that it is somehow my fault. Which we all know it is not. And they have been doing these things to me all day and night for 35 years. And it got really bad world wide, at 29 when I started telling the people around me, freaky things were being done to me, and I was HINTED to, that I had better not say anything, accept it, and DIE!

Greg Konieg everyone! in CONTACT with my own mother, and probably being PAID! to stalk me by them to “KEEP ME INLINE” with their idea of PERFECTION, or more importantly, dictate my life. Who I date, who I talk to, what I do for a living, the art I am allowed to create. Etc. But with the larger and bigger picture to just torture, inflict pain, and figure out ways to end my life.

He has also been in contact with Valley Auto Motive
Valley Motor Center – Main Facility
14954 Oxnard St.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

Who fixed my car after they had someone in Hollywood throw their car in front of me thinking they can somehow get the signs off my car. Then working with them to harass and try to thug me quiet.

They will do whatever it takes to avoid addressing what they are doing, and try to find reactions or lame reasons to justify their murder operations. But they however will not address the big picture and what is going on. Nor will they STOP. Showing I am not the problem. I am the victim and Target.

Psychotic Murders don’t address issues, they just  try kill you. Greg Koneig Everyone, trying to find dirt on me to justify their MURDER operations. and figure out ways to IMMOBILIZE me so they can EXTERMINATE ME.

More at
My World Wide Targeting info

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