7/6/2022 – Person puts cards on window and rips off Garfield with HOA

Posted: July 7, 2022 in Community Mobbing

One of the people STALKING me trying to cover up these their Child Rapist activities to have me eradicated. WHo is on previous video threatening my life I had better not tell anyone what they are doing. As they refuse to stop hunting me to have me killed with their mass groups trying to THUG me quiet again. For what I know and asking people to leave me alone.

Trying to keep WORLDWIDE murder operations going

“Kevin’s a Public Nuisance” WORLDWIDE COVER UP to kill a 5 year old

Also involved in car keyings, trying to jam doors, nails in tires, top and tire slashings. And 1 Terabyte of downloadable car vandalisms to try to thug me quiet for what I know

PROVING that his endless 45 year MURDER operation to kill a 5 year old is still going on. And that they have something to hide the more I try to go out and live my life.

Notice how all the ATTACKS ramp up at the same time by mass groups of STRANGERS i don’t even know WORLDWIDE

These are GOVERNMENT flag and kill operations to 5 year olds. And most of these people will do ANYTHING to cover what they are involved in up. Trying to cover up what they are and have been doing for the last 45 years as lame mental illness labels.


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