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Putting Threat Letters on my Door as Cover ups. Because they don’t want people knowing they’ve been hunting me to have me KILLED or ERADICATED the minute I moved in 24 years ago.

As my HOA is showing their TRUE COLORS and trying to COVER UP Their murder operations linking to Court Reporter Debbie Wollman who owns the 24 year empty Property Adjoining my wall, with all sorts of illegal Police Audio Servaillence and other things to try to make me look crazy. Or try to get reactions to use against me in WORLDWIDE 45 year Frame Jobs, And Setup Attempts to EXTERMINATE since I was 5 years old

29 days of road trip video across the united States – Right before Oil Pressure Sensor Went Squirrly right After taking the Car to Johnn Elway Cheverlet, to look at what appeared to be suspension tampering, and an Oil Change. Also noticed that one day one of the tires appeared to have dropped something like 15 psi, as well as the TPMS Sensors backwards. Computer front went to rear and vice versa