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While simply leaving my house today, of committing a crime of going to a coffee shop and minding my own business.

Like usual, and every day of my life since 10 years old. I was met with about 30 cars in the lot with people just sitting in the lot waiting for me.

Of course their real CONCERN is that I might tell someone what is being done to my life. And that is pretty much it.

One seat left available to try to dictate where I sat. and one when person left from another seat, and I moved. People provoking me for simply making my own life decisions.

At one point, I went to my car to get a cigerette, and the security guy pulls up next to my car thinking he will intimidate me for writing about what is being done to my life with the security guards, working with my brother.

Right before leaving, the one black guy that seems to be sort of homeless, who has been following me from place to place, with Samuri scare tactics. Last week he wanted for me to go out and take walk where he told me, that he owed the government 40,000 for food stamps and wanted to know if I had an old phone for him. After I thought my battery was bad.

And today, came in for a minute pretending to be in a bad mood. Sat to the table to my right, then left. The imeediatly another black guy in Camouflage comes in, sits at same table. Doing their patterns of 2’s tactics to create mental illness and try to make me look crazy if I react. And of course using the scam that once in a while I might wear, green or green or black so therefore I hate people in the military according to my brothers wife, then it changes from I am schitzo and think I am in the military. But even if that were the case, people wouldn’t be following me from place to place all day and night hunting me down. Showing what is really going on.

When leaving the Starbucks, aside from several people coming in to provoke me, their was a security truck parked next to my car so I could not get in the driver door. Of course, it’s a security company as well. Showing that they are trying to scare or thug me like usual. Like since 10 years old. With their, We are watching you, tactics. Which started with my own brother telling me they put a bug in my room and are listening to everything I do, as I’ve been followed from palce to place for 35 years with every detail of my life datamined to use against me to create mental illness with their SPY GAME tactics.

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And of course a Lyft driver was waiting around trying to intimidate me with the rest of this group who waits for me and turns on their lights to try to intimidate me and let me know they are watching since 10 years old. Showing that these are always and have been PROVOKED situations. Especially with the, were watching you tactic, and I had better do what they say.


Now I am sure they will try to use their usual BULLSHIT, and say I am an ASSHOLE, because I didn’t park PERFECT in the spot, and it is a cheeseball parking job.

But the fact, WHICH THEY WILL LEAVE OUT! is that in this parking lot of like 10,000 spots. Like 9900, are available showing that he had 90% of the lot free to park where he wanted, and he choose to try to intimidate me, and thug me quiet for writing the blogs EXPOSING what they are and have been doing to me, all day and night since 10 years old. And of course everyone will LITERALLY get togethor world wide with agreement in SECRET, that Kevin is causing problems. As if anyone remotly could care less if someone didn’t park perfect to begin with in whatever context. Even though for me, it is being taken out of context.

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So you can see how many CHOICES he had, before making the thugging one.

Of course it did not stop me from getting in my car and leaving, but you can see how they operate with these world wide groups all working togethor using internet based tools since 1994.

And before that, is was simpler technologies to do this.

Of course, like usual, I am the bad guy for wanting the freedoms everyone else has in this life. And the fact that they can’t even come up with a LEGIT excuse as to why this has been done to my life. Other then that I am speaking out. Which shows their real MOTIVES. To remove me from society, and try to IMMOBILIZE me to accomplish this. So I just die without saying anything.

Aside from that, on the way home, a man was waiting in his car for me, while other cars were turning on their lights when they saw me to provoke me. So when I passed out my cards, he gets out of his car yelling at me and following me. As if anyone gives a shit about things like flyers being passed out, or cards which are done every day of our lives.

He follows me yelling while his friends, pretending to be random people are waiting ahead of me. The one says, “Are you talking to me?” to the man. When the man approaches me, I tell him what I can and can’t do letting him know he had better back off. Then the group started working in on me with him.

Saying it is my fault for passing out cards. Showing that it is more important to not disturb the perfect world, then a man being hunted for extermination by world wide groups for 35 years who refuse to stop. TRANSLATION: We are playing stupid to get what we want. And what we want is Kevin dead or gone from the world.

So like usual, what was tonights crime? the same, watching mass groups hunt me down, with psychological warfare, terror, and mental illness tactics to end my life, then telling people what is going on. The same thing it has always been since 10 years old. The crime of, We are going to kill you, and you had better not say anything.

That was the point I should them that they did not scare me, and I will do what I have to, to get the truth out. And I don’t care if their were about 5 of them. They will never shut me up for what they are involved in and have done to my life. And will stop at nothing to COVER UP, and make it look like I am a problem.

A lot more happened tonight, like usual, but their is always too much to write about, and no one thinks this is wrong for some reason. So I am put into Isolation, and can only write so much.


today at around 2/11/2017 while talking a walk, the security guards, once again were waiting for me to take a walk to try to harass me, set me up, and try to dictate my life. They had one car parked on the sidewalk with a security guard in it watching me. Who notified the other oens when to come out of the gate by me when I was walking around the culdasac.

Whith their, if one foot touches the community driveway where people walk to go visit people. they will start harassing and provoking and threatening me. While at the same time, having cars parked backwards or crooked to try to get me on this community/ sort of private property. So not only will they follow me out every single day of my life. But if a foot goes an inch on this property they will start thratening me and provoking me.

which the act of waiting for me, over and over, following me every day, and having people park cars in such a way every day of my life to try to figure out how to set me up for some kind of breaking and entering scam which they have been working on me for childhood to set me up.

Because why would the security world wide care that some random guy just stepped out to take a walk, and this has gone on every day, with these corrupt security companies for 25 years trying to set me up with my brother.

While the one mexican person with a thin beard who thinks he can scare me quiet keeps calling me bitch. In his ANGER that the world is starting to know what is really going on with these people, especially these security companies HUNTING me since 9 years old who will make up any lame excuse to justify their actions.

Tonight realized that he could not SCARE me quiet about what they have done to my life. And finally broke as he actually tried to Mace me. Unfortunatly, I do not have his picture, as it would be here. For illegal activities, and trying to set people up because they cannot live in the same world as people they do not like. And will get security jobs to try to leverage themselves into HUNTING down the people they hate.

Their is also a girl at this complex, along with tons of other people, but this one young spoiled brat, princess girl who also just wants to control a man, working with these security guards, using her pickup to park backwards and crooked, along with her friends using their pickups with her.

She and her friends have threatened me several times because she does not want me living my life, or speaking about what has been done to it. The other day, sat around waiting for me to take a walk, started to tell me what I can and cannot do. Trying to thug, intimidate me, and set me up. And of course, when she didn’t get her way, y starting thit over and over.

She tried to call the police, crying like a little baby. What were some of her words to the police? “He was rude to me”

YES! I am rude to low life trash who targets me, tries to set me up, then tries to tell me what I can and can’t do. Especially when I try to tell her the problem. And she lies to my face, trying to leverage me into the position she wants me to be in. Instead of just living her own life, and destroying mine.

YES! that kind of trash does not deserve my respect, even though I am always the one giving it first, until you show me who you are. if I don’t like you, I will walk away. But if people like this start HUNTING me, because I am better then that, and they are low life moreless trash who want me dead and gone. Will, sure I will be rude!

But the fact that this low life trash princess girl tried calling the cops, especially after these mass groups to set me up. And all I really did wrong was pass out cards telling people, because they will not stop or leave me alone. now going on all day and night for 35 years with world wide support.

But whats even stranger about this SECURITY COMPANY at the METRO complex is the fact that they don’t wait inside the Metro complex waiting for something to happen and do their job. They go outside the complex going after people like me in the public out living my life. So each time they come after me. It’s not like I am breaking into their complex. I am out in public, living my life. And they come out saying, we are watching you, and you better not come in here. Showing that, they are not concerned with anything wrong happening. They are going after people like me out living their lives on public property and trying to get them to go into their properties.

But from the question of security? these people shouldn’t be policing the public streets. And using the EXCUSE, you might come in here as an excuse. He isn’t even on the property he’s suppose to be on, while they all keep driving around the public sidewalks in the golf carts trying to feel important by going after good people trying to live their lives.


They will probably try to make up some lame excuse to justify their actions, that I some how think I am a cop, by leaving my house and going places, taking walks, or living my life. But even if that was the case, it still would not justify their crimes of hunting me and destroying my name and life.

But the reality of the situation is that, this isn’t about princess brats, it’s about keeping me QUIET about what I know! And they will try to INTIMIDATE me to silance me.

The security guard who is targeting me, with others there works at the

Metro Complex

5500 Owensmouth Avenue
Woodland Hills, California 9136


For more information on this world wide extermination campaign since 10 years old you can go to:

While in College, and was getting into 3D animation and working on my BFA with a combination of computer science/fine arts.

One of the people sent after me was a man named Brian Longbotham. While these seems to stem from my family, police, governments inability to think like rational people.

Somehow Kelly Hatch telling me she was at Industrial Light and Magic and saw how the Terminator was made, equates to me stalking or competing with her. Especially when she was taking classes for theater set design, which really has no relevance to anything with computers and art.

But in my life, things with absolotly no connection, merit, facts, or even close to drama are collected, taken out of contect, turned into complete fiction, and given to the world to turn against me in a secret world wide mobbing to remove me from society since 10 years old.

So after this, upon, telling my mother who seems to fit the paranoid psychotic, and pathological lying profile of my family, took it as some crime, while telling her I’d sweep the floors to get into the 3D industry and see what it was about.

At this point, She contacted a friend of the family who knew someone in a company called Modern Video Film where I went in for a job. Little did I know, Brian Longbotham, my Boss there was told to take part in a mass campaign to remove me from society since 10 years old.

While I didn’t really realize the things Brian was involved in, in Modern Video Film, such as telling I believe it was a Artist who did a lot of Rotoscope name Rick to move to another computer in another room because this one had 3D studio on it. And then telling the world I am trying to get rid of people and make them move.

Which seems strange to me, because for whatever reason, when the Boss tells you where to sit, you do. And that is his decision.

But what is odd about this, is people like Lorena Escobar, Connie Reya, in the Medical Office I work at now, have this insignificant information and are HUNTING me down with lame excuses like you think you are the boss, and trying to get rid of people.

Yet, the lengths they will go to disseminate this defamation, slander to the world as I am attacked all day and night 24/7 for things that people normally would look at someone else and say “Who Cares”

Showing the true motive which is they can’t seem to set me up, and get me to do what they want to give to the world so they have to resort to the only things they can collect to use against me.

Mike Huntley “We are using the system against you”

So, after doing some Interns at Modern Video Film, apparently Brian Longbotham was fired over some issue with credits, and he said their was some Breach of contract and sued them.

I was offered a poisiton at Modern Video Film for not much money, and most importantly, they didn’t want to invest in SGI equipment, and software which I felt was needed to move forward if I wanted to do what everyone was doing in the mainstream industry, instead of working on 3D Studio in Dos. And because this was a large company, I felt that if they were serious about me and them that they would want to use whatever everyone else was using.

While, this may sound a little picky, maybe it is, maybe it is not. But it is a decision I made, and I can’t imagine being hunted for a simple decision about ones future by world wide groups. It really does not make sense because people every day, make decisions whether then want to take, or not take jobs. And it is nothing anyone could remotely care about.

But of course, I am not sure if this was really true, I believe the fired,andsued was just staged to try to profile me somehow, because at this point, we became friends because I saw someone who had vision, and I had vision, and we became friends, although he was more my mentor. I figured we could both learn from each other. But he seemed more involved with destroying my life, and my guess is that, getting fired, and sueing them was all about getting close to me, to rid me of the world.

Unfortunately, he was sent after me, and I had no concept that this person wanted to remove me from society with the rest of this mass groups.

While Brian was involved in tons of elaborate frame jobs, and setup attempts, I will try to stick to the Rick Caruso one, and not talk about the paranoid schitzofrenia tactics he was using with TV Pilots, and Businesses he wanted to start.

At one point, After sueing Modern Video Film for a million as he said, moved to Thousand Oaks. On a street called Flaming Star. And my guess is that because they use streets to try tocreate mental illness, as well as go after me for every street I lived on, saying I am somehow doing something to people. I have a feeling this was somehow directed at me with all the other endless mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society.

After Brian Moved to Thousand Oaks, california, he approached me telling me that he was working with the city of thousand oaks, and the civic center and wanted to Bring in a demo $500,000 SGI Onyx into the center and mess around with some VR environments for the city. Kind of a, we get to mess around with technology, and they get the opportunity to see what we could do for them.

Obviously playing off my passions to reel me in, try to set me up and frame me. While in the end, the SGI, was too big of an investment for a non profit organization which ironically what can be done now on a $500.00 computer. Because this was before Nvidia came into the game.

One of Brians Scams was about a VR Environment about walking through the city of Thousand Oaks, which was a cool idea. Although, to have modeling build Thousand Oaks in 3D, and the hardware would not be viable, for a non profit.

As they flat out said, and that was it. While I was more interested in my future, And just wanted to learn, I believe, I might have said something stupid to one of the employees about it, but I can’t imagine a world wide murder campaign over it.

Brian I belieave was really working the ANGLE of walking through city’s because he wanted to try to frame me or give information to the world to try to make me look crazy, and this was just another one of their STREET THEATER, confession tactics.

While one of their big scams is that I somehow went after my brother by transferring to the same college after he graduated, and walked around the small town and to classes was somehow a crimes. As if going to the same school as someone and walking to classes is somehow crazy,  weird, out of control, etc. And not a packaged conspiracy to figure out ways to turn the world against me.

Hence sending Victoria WALKER and Micheal Bialys after me, obviously using the names for paranoid schitzo tactics. But that is for another blog

At one point with our VR demos, They had Mike HUNTLEY’s Brother come in pretending he did not know, and it was supposedly a coincidence. Most likely to get me thinking about Colorado. for that confession. Which does’t make any sense. But what does make sense is the amount of people my brother introduced me too, in Colorado, involved in trying to set me up or frame me. Showing this was a coverup. and a way to try to scare me quiet about their operations since 10 years old.

Can you imagine, Investing that kind of time, energy, diverting your life to end some young kids, like a child molester, targeting some young kid trying to make a future for himself.

Upon leaving the Thousand Oaks, Civic center realizing that the solution was not viable because they didn’t want to invest that kind of money, Which I do not blame them, I cannot imagine what Brian was pinning on me to cover it up.

But at this time while in Thousand Oaks, Brian was working on some ANGLE with Rick Caruso. A billionaire who owns properties all over. Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Encino. I have no clue how many I have been on because they are all over.,d.cGw

This is one of the frame jobs, I have not connected the dots, and pieced togethor. But I know enough about Brian, his endless setups, and frame jobs to turn the world against me and remove me from society with the rest of this masses since 10 years old. Especially with what I know about his endless things he is involved in doing to my life.

So at one point, for no reason, Brian wanted to go around talking about Rick Caruso’s Properties, and there is no doubt at the same time Rick Caruso was contacted saying something about me, like they have always done working both sides of the fence.

Because last week in Westlake, in a coffee shop one of the people was trying to press, intimadate, and scare me about Rick Caruso. So my guess is that Brian, like he did in the entertainment industry, adult industry, and Realestate. If focusing on contacting people with lots of money, and then turning them against me somehow with endless lies and smears. Like has been done to me since 10 years old.

Mike Huntley “We are using the system against you”

You know, piss everyone off,and turn them against me until I am dead or have to kill myself or check into a mental instition just like my brother said.

“We made a teacher mentally ill, and put her in a mental instition” “We have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do”

So while I have no clue what was said to this Billionaire with lots of money about me, what I do know if that on his properties, as well as other properties. But his seem to be more relevant because the amount of abuse with the security guards knowing me for some reason.

Which seems to stem from my early childhood and my brother and friends, going on on their RUNS, which he seems to be mad at me for being healthy and running.

But his version of RUNS is, provoking people into chasing him, then retaliating on them. And then pinning it on me.

So one of the things they were doing was getting security guards to chase them. So oddly enough, for the last 30 years, security guards have been hunting me down, and of course, then will call me BRO, as an Innuendo, that I am my brother. But what is strange about this, is that if they know my brother is the one doing these things, then why are they coming after me?

Doesn’t make any sense, because what they are doing is Targeting me, then trying to make me think I am like my brother with some lame Schitzo tactic. Basically saying, we know you didn’t do anything, but we are hunting you anyways. A common tactic done to me by the masses my entire life to try to make me mentally ill and remove me from society.

Obviously having security guards, as well as everyone else, follow me from place to place trying to intimidate me since 10 years old, isn’t about anything but a COVER UP, and figuring out ways to intimidate me quiet about what I found out is going on. And the, I am doing this or that, like usual, is to get people help them keep me quiet.

Especially since the notion of, not HUNTING me with these terror operations since 10 years old, seems to be not part of their equation, showing their TRUE INTENTIONS!

These types of things are done to me all day and night, and then more people come after me to punish me for being attacked.

Hence, the Jen Hess’s, Julia Sophia’s, then endless people like this for 35 years, saying I somehow did this to them. Even though they are pretending anyways. Which is irrelevant to the entire situation needless to say.

So while Brian is taking me to Rick Caruso Properties, as well as sending security guards after me world wide to befriend me, try to destroy me, terrorize me, or try to intimidate me quiet. I can’t really put the pieces togethor on what is about.

My guess is it might actually have to do with my step father being into real estate, and then them saying I am somehow competing or going after Rick Caruso. Which is absurd because their is no relation at all. I mean I don’t have billions in real estate and and trying to take over his business. And everyone world wide knows this. Also, using the GUILT like I did something to Rick in Modern Video Film, by Brian telling Rick to change desks because only one computer had 3D Studio.

But also, the Fact that Lorena Escobar, Connie Reya, and others in our office seem to ask me to move, even though I didn’t care, but in such was to try to guilt me or get confessions hinting about Modern Video film. Maybe it’s just them trying to create obsession and create mental illness. Then say I have baggage, and need help, or am too sensitive. Because they’ve tried those tactics endlessly on me as well.

And if they didn’t all they have to do is look up my background, and any rational person can see who I am.

I have a feeling, Brian was probably trying to make me Paranoid, have me wander his properties, working with security. Like the VR city walkthroughs, typa thing, and then try to figure out ways to make me look crazy and remove me from society since it wasn’t just this one thing. It was endless things like working with Tia Lione, and Martin Sheen in Paparazzi setups to remove me from society.

Their is no doubt, that Brian probably also pinned bullshit on my that the reason he left, or got fired from Modern Video film was somehow my fault. But as far as I am concerned. I was hired, I did what I was told, and I moved on with my life to try to do bigger and better things.

And this is pretty insignificant, and now knowing Brian was working with Mike Huntley, with my brothers endless attempts to remove me from society. As well as doing the same types of things BRIAN weaver was told to do to me at 16 years old, is even stranger!

The endless setup attempts. frame jobs, mental illness tactics, Profiling, Exposing me to the world with endless lies, and then the “It is a public shaming” of things that aren’t even true, in what they call their LAUNDRY LIST.

Last month, one security guard tried to scare me out of the country saying that “3 Property owners are looking for me and I had better leave the country” “We are watching everything you are doing”

and this leave the country tactic has been used on me my entire life. From my mothers hints at 29 I had better leave the country.

To Adriana Olivarez telling me her brother go paranoid, and left the country, to Connie Reya saying her brother is too logical, and left the country, to Mike Huntley saying

“You are out of control for California”

And my guess is that they are trying to get me to leave the country so they can say, I flipped out, got paranoid, and am crazy to get rid of me.

Just like what my brother and family have endlessly been dong to me since 10 years old.

“We have a bug in your room, and are listening to everything you are doing”

Of course, it will always be turned around how this is somehow my fault. Because you know, being attracted to Christy Reynolds in middle school, and not being able to take my eyes off her is the exact same thing right? ya, ok sure!

I can tell you now, weather I couldn’t stop looking and being attracted at Christy Reynolds, or it never happened. This EXTERMINATION campaign was always going to take place.

Which is really, once you step back, all about EXTERMINATION! and nothing even has to really do with me, other then a fictional profile given to the world to turn against me and end my existance any way shape or form possible. In such a way that they can kill someone and get away with it. Just like the Melendez Book, I think Steven Ainbinder, my fathers X partners son was somehow associated with.

For more information on this campaign and targeting to remove me from society with world wide support since 10 years old.

Around the age of 29, Trying to understand remotely what was going on. I heard a lot of disinformation about CONTROL, for CONTROL purposes.

I heard things like, From my mother, “You can’t control the surroundings around you”

From Tom Farley, “You can’t control people”

Things that I could not comprehend where they were coming from. But the more I found out what was going on, the more I realized that they were babbling so much about control, because they wanted to control me.

I totally agree with things like, You can’t control people, or you can’t control your surroundings.

Example, If I meet someone, and I didn’t relate, or feel like investing my time with them, I just move on to ones that are compatible. Unfortunately, in my life, people are given terror tactics to do to me, and it just goes from one to the next since 10 years old until they can try to make me look like a bad person to give to the world in secret and use against me so they can say things like. He has the option to choose people or places that are non abusive, but he goes back to them. Which is not true. For example, I will go  from person to person, and each one at the end of abusing me as I say I don’t need any part of this will say, suggestively, from one to the next “Translation, Have a good one” meaning that. They are just going to do this my entire life over and over to try to get me angrier and angrier, which has gone on, from every person I’ve associated with since 10 years old, in some covert subliminal, psychological warfare tactic or another showing their real INTENTIONS of endlessly trying to set me up and remove me from society.

And as far as things like society, public opinion, etc, that is all within reason and the reality of the context and if that context is legit. For example, I am an artist, and this will apply to all artists. I think I’ve only sold one of my photos. And I love creating art. And I would love to make money with my art.

But the reality is, People can see my Art on my websites or where I post them. And so, they have already seen my art, or they could just download it off my website. Of course, I watermark it so that if passed around, they know who created it. And my name. Accepting that, we have to deal with how things are.

This also applies to things like Music, Media, etc. How many times has your friend bought a CD, or MP3’s then shared them with their friends. This happens every day of our lives. And if people in the entertainment industry were hacking into these peoples computers saying you committed a crime. it would be them committing the crimes. Especially with the internet, and all the endless sites which download and stream, media. Tons of copyrighted material on Youtube, and endless other sites. And there is no way to control that type of thing and make the world a perfect place. Which is why Artists accept this reality, and deal with how it is. Making money with it, but also realizing, that they cannot control the world and make things absolute. Unless they are insane.

The reality is that in this CONTEXT, or situation, when it comes to creating art for the world to see, sell, or given out to the world, Some will buy it, and some will end up seeing it for free. And their is no way to control this in a perfect fashion.

And anyone getting into the content creation arena, and giving it out to the world will be in this situation and have to accept that, that is how it is. And honestly, pretty much everyone knows this before even getting into it, so anyone that can’t understand this is pretty much a nut job, or a sue happy loony that doesn’t want to work for a living. And I having the same problems as everyone else when trying to make money with my work.

And yes, these are situations which cannot be controlled, and people have to accept situations like this, just as I always have.

But lets talk about my situation and how it is being INTENTIONALLY twisted, contorted with disinformation to me, and trying to make me think that I have to accept what is being done to my life, and I am somehow a bad person.

Around the age of 29, Tom Farley, A person who was told to befriend me, I am guessing, at around the age of 8 or something, and worked on me my entire life to remove me from society started spouting to me around the age of 29, “You can’t control people” This is a person who followed me from place to place making up every lie known to man, as well as setup attempts. He followed me to Yankee Doodles Pool Hall, telling the waitresses, I harass women. At one point, they even had a girl come in and flirt with me. And when I asked her out. She said she wasn’t interested. Tom then told me I should harass her, which sounded strange. And she came in again flirting with me. Of course, I did not harass her, like usual. But when this type of person is hunting you. They will do whatever it takes to try to destroy you. And so to cover up their lies and setups, they would say I harassed her. Like the endless women my entire life working the same angles.

Rodie Morales, another person working with Mike Huntley, involved in endless set up attempts and frame jobs also started telling me I am like John Nash, in a Beautiful mind.

Talking how about everything was an equation to me or something. It was very strange because the more I begin to find out, the more I was finding that my family and friends were doing whatever it took to control me and dictate my life. And when they didn’t get their way, Or I began to find things out, it wasn’t about their controlling, manipulating, covert secret dictatorship, it was turned around on me that I can’t control people for starting to find out things weren’t right or being done to me, and wondering, or even thinking about what the hell was going on with my life.

You need to move on and not think about it, OR ELSE!

My mother would start using her psychology degree saying things like, You started to get paranoid, and you need to do this or that. One of course was medication, but the problem was. That while I was finding things out, and completely freaked out. It wasn’t normal circumstances where, someone gets sick, and does what it takes to get better. The sicker they made me. The more they worked on me with world wide support. And then of course tried to convince me that it was me who had a problem in some kind of brainwashing scheme.

Not only that, but all the psychologists, and Psychiatrists were working on me with every tactic known to man. And when trying to tell them what was going on, they would work with the communities to try to thug or terrorize me quiet. Which is strange, because I thought they wanted me to be healthy and have a good life?

I noticed mass groups were following me all day and night world wide, or knew me, wherever I was attacking me. Example, Whatever city I was in Worldwide, people who saw me would start whistling. Basically suggesting I was a whistle blower for finding out I was a target and being hunted with world wide support. When I would tell someone what was going on, the person next to me or behind me would, and still does, start whistling as if I’ve done something wrong for finding out what is going on, which is very odd.

If I go to any coffeeshop in the world, and started to pull my eyebrows, which I have trichotillomania(hair pulling habit) some random stranger would start whistling.

Then of course, I would be told I was imagining, these all day and night things world wide from something like 70% of the population. Of course to help me right? ya ok, sure. To help me have paranoia, and put me into the ground which is obvious!

At the same time, we have Mike Huntley my 6 year business partner, who had befriended me around the age 14, around the time I said “Fuck You, who cares what people think” to my mother. My one and only argument with her from the age 0 – 29.

And I was confused, in a paranoid state watching these freaky enraged behaviors by millions. As well as realizing things from my past that I had never noticed because most people aren’t looking for the friends they trust trying to set them up or frame them. Especially over and over endlessly from one person to the next. And he was spouting things like.

“We are using the system against you”

“I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

“You had better life a careful life”

“You are too out of control for California”

Walking around the office singing “World of paranoia”

Putting papers on my desk about South Korean government making people mentally ill to control them

And while completely confused. Because it’s like the person who spent their lives traveling the world and helping give to 3rd world countries (I won’t say I was that giving, but you get the emotion) is then being called a ruthless murderer and hunted with world wide support.

So, the guy who befriends me for 25 years to HUNT me down and dictate my life, with all my other friends, family, police, and government, is then saying with this group “You can’t control people”

But isn’t the act of befriending me, investing their entire lives on me, Mike Huntley 25 years, Tom Farley, 30 years, Paul Humphrey 20 years, all the others, to tell me what I can and can’t do. And we are not talking legal, or illegal. We are talking, what they want. Example, You committed a crime, You play pool, and pool is shady. Or you got into Adult websites, and that is unacceptable, that is a crime. You asked out a stripper that is a crime, you had a triangle relationship because you were friends with a girl who was married, you committed a crime, You need to be punished with these terror tactics. TO CLEAN YOU UP! You were building a car with a big engine, We need to stop it before something happens. Pre-Crime, we need to clean you up.


Basically a secret TYRANT dictatorship, built around a person in secret with world wide support to violate every constitutional right, and torture with convert mental illness terror tactics when they disapprove of whatever they want or are in a bad mood with emotional level shocks. Pretty much like being put in a small cage and zapped with a cattle prod every 10 minutes of your life. While one of your office manager Elsie Sandovel, who was just the next girl making up a lie I hit her saying. “It is what it is” in a suggestive manor towards me. But on a mental level. For the crimes of, We don’t like your lifestyle, or we don’t approve of this or that, even though it is perfectly legal.

So, to sum it up, your jailers since 10 years old who have put you in a mental cage, and sabotaged every aspect of your life for 45 years. From friends, relationships, jobs, hobbies, telling you how long you can be at a public place. How much food you can eat. Are then telling you that you cannot control people.

Also, it should be noted that I have met several people trying to play the card of, I knew that these people were coming after me and accepted them to cover up what they were doing. I mean, that is pretty damn hard to swallow. That I like people hunting me down trying to kill me. And this hole thing is my fault for not noticing covert psychological warfare on the level of subtle hidden messages from movie to movie or people trying to reenact movies and flip me out. Cars parked in patterns at my house, or hidden messages on websites and such directed at me. Or even lookalikes coming into coffee shops. These are things that you not only would conceive is possible, but people world wide working togethor to do.

SOUND STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is because it is!

Also, these people have put me in the position where I have to document what is going on weather it be writing about their mental illness tactics, or taking pictures to prove it. Because their campaign to remove me from society is to do things to try to make me look crazy. For example, on my street alone, cars have been parked in patterns for 15 years almost every single day. So I am forced to take pictures to show the world, I am not crazy. Which now makes sense why they got so mad at me for simply taking a photography class in college. You wouldn’t want someone like me with a camera and being able to document mass mental illness tactics being done to end my life now would someone involved!

dsc02994 dsc03001 dsc03011 p1200129

Of course, then it’s. You took pictures of my car! right? so, not only is it a mental illness tactic by the masses, but then coverups, that I am doing this or that. How dare I! but like usual. What I am doing is legal, and what they are doing is not. Not only that. But I wouldn’t have to defend myself if they weren’t HUNTING me. And really, their is no excuse to justify hunting anyone down, especially in mass world wide groups.

This also happened because I went out for walks to try to be healthy. Followed to the park by mass groups every single time I was ever there for over 10 years. With clear and obvious intent to create mental illness and end my life. So their MOTIVE is clear. Especially now knowing it has gone on all day and night since 10 years old.

So call it what you will. I am being forced in a position where I have to defend myself. And their is no other option. And my defending myself is really very passive. But these people have left me no choice. They will not address the big picture and why they are doing what they are doing. And that is because they know, nothing they can say will justify their actions. So they will try to figure out any way possible to turn it around, and make me look like the problem. Which was well thought out the day they launched this campaign at 10 years old of how to cover it up, and keep it going.

This has to be one of the biggest CRIMES in the history of the world, once you understand all the specifics of all day and night terror operations since 10 years old.

Because this type of person will say and do whatever it takes to keep you controlled. And so saying I am controlling helps them get supporters with their campaign. Although, if someone came to me with this pitch to go after someone, I’d say get the hell away from me. But the reality of the situation is that they are controlling ones, and always have been controlling people in this world and this have never happened in the history of the world.

Especially where their is a world wide conspiracy with Internet based tool and world wide groups built around one person in SECRET. Probably even NSA resources used to give to the world. But since I am in the dark, and one seems concerned with this level of demented activities. They are only concerned if their is some kind of reaction to use against me. Showing their true MOTIVES.

So is their argument that I am soooooooo CONTROLLING that, I have the ability to take over the world? I mean with what weapon? Will I use my mental powers to control everyone’s mind world wide or squash their brains? Is it my elite hacking powers I am going to take over the world with. Despite the fact that even if I was an amazing hacker, I would think my claim to fame might be hacking into the pentagon or something, but it really couldn’t go much further then that. Plus I’d be arrested for it. Or maybe my artwork is so powerful that when people see it, they just loose all self control and turn into monsters with horns and it’s somehow my fault, lol.

So their very argument is ABSURD to begin with. Their really is no reason but to torture and rid of the world and say whatever needs to be said to accomplish this.

So the “Kevin is controlling” argument is really about stopping a defensive reaction to their campaign to rid me of the world. To have mass groups work on me all day and night until they can accomplish removing me from society, then say. Kevin is controlling, Kevin is too sensitive, Kevin is causing problems if he reacts and needs to be hunted more.

So they are trying to leverage themselves in a position where I can’t defend myself. Even if I pass cards out explaining my side of the story. They say I am causing problems and starting fires. But I can assure you, I waited from 29 – 38 to even pass out any cards, and I can assure you they kept hunting me and would not stop. And Guess what, after being FORCED to put up websites and pass out cards because no buddy is going to help me for some odd reason. Back to them saying, I am CONTROLLING and Causing problems. So now, the new one is, well, he’s passing out cards, he’s creating problems, obviously changing from excuse to excuse, everything but leave Kevin alone especially after desttroying 35 years of my life. He is controlling, and just be positive. But of course, I only pass out cards when I see their mass groups working on me. From the people waiting for me leaving their lights on, saying we are watching you. To the endless world wide cars parked backwards or crooked directed at me. It is usually me defending myself, and them now saying. Well, we don’t like you passing out cards.

They even go so far, people like Elsie Sandoval, one of our office managers, finding out I am passing out cards explaining what is going on. And her saying I am trying to Jam peoples windows with my cards. Because you know. Common sense doesn’t say that, someone being hunted by mass groups wants them to stop or them being told that non of what they have been told is true. Instead, I simply fabricated fictional stories about my life, and am pissing the world off for attention? ya, ok, sure! that makes sense! Especially when I am known world wide for some reason, and these people refuse to be honest, and address what is really going on, showing that they are the CONTROLLING ones, and I am simply wondering what the hell is going on since 29 years old.

Or maybe I am doing this to meet women? ya ok sure. Giving women cards that say, you are being hunted with a world wide campaign for extermination gets all the dates! lol. Because you know, women want to date guys being hunted by world wide campaigns in secret! Which is by any means absurd that I, or anyone would think that would somehow get women. Showing these people will say whatever they need to, to cover up the damages to what they did to my life. Showing how CONTROLLING, and demented they really are.

Any truthful, honest, Non controlling person would address the issues. And by issues, I mean the big picture and the whole ball of wax, and not try to collect reactions to use to say. “Look what you are doing” especially with 45 years of We are watching you, and you better be a perfect robot, or we will torture and kill you.

But of course, like my entire life, If I wasn’t being HUNTED and TARGETED with these covert terror tactics, I’d just be out living my life. And so I am being FORCED into a position. And then they try to silence me with every lie and terror tactic known to man.

Even at the age 29, after finding out what was going on, completely confused, and saying to myself, I am going to start my life over. I have some business Ideas, I am going to go to a Starbucks and right down my business plan outline. People started showing up attacking me because they thought I was taking notes of what they were doing.

But let me tell you, if you are being stalked by mass groups of people, and they have a problem with you taking notes about being hunted. Well, that is beyond any level of DEMENTED and CONTROLLING! why wouldn’t I be allowed to defend myself, even though I was focusing on starting over. But that gives you an Idea of what these people are doing. And how controlling they are, and showing you how it’s turned around on me.

You know. Shut up, take your meds, and do what we say, was the message these people gave me.

So lets talk a little about me, and my controlling childhood.

Around 16,  I got my license, and all the kids and Calabasas High were getting like brand new BMW’s and things like this. But I didn’t want a new car. I wanted a used car I could work on after reading a lot of Hot Rod magazines. And so I got an older used 85 Trans am, when I could have gotten a new car.

I did a lot of work on that, but at one point, I bought a Clunker, $300 69 firebird. And put an engine in it and drove it. This thing was a complete pile of shit, non restored, in a school in a rich area.

I drove this thing to school, and my friends jokingly called me Kid Taco!. Now, I want to talk about controlling personalities, because this should be pretty damn obvious to the HONEST. If I was controlling, I am sure I would have killed, or dissociated from the friends who called me Kid Taco. Yet I accepted them, just like I think Bucky, Brian Smith, accepted us for calling him Bucky. Yet he disappeared to Oregon and people seem to be mad at me about something about him, but yet won’t tell me what. Because we never had anything between us that I know of. Unless people are saying, well you called him Bucky, you are a horrible monster and need to be removed from society. And in my life, that unbelievably, is not so far off as hard as is to believe.

And if you are saying the nicknames are the end all, be all of cruelty, then Being called Kid Taco, is just as bad. But it really didn’t bother me, and I found it kind of funny.

Also, the act of driving around in a $300.00 firebird, with a red headliner, no carpet, bondo, and barely any paint shows that I am not concerned with wearing the perfect clothing to try to impress people, tell them I am a perfect person, and try to con anyone into anything.

So the notion that I am controlling seems to be the opposite of who I am. Which is strange why a label like that would be given to the world. Of course, then probably some lame crap that I am spitting at rich people next knowing my so called friends who need to just figure out what they can give to the world to use against me in secret.

Of course while  my brother was spying on me with his friends and telling me he had a bug in my room and listening to everything I do. As well as him and his friends wearing all black and spying on houses, his car license plates, you name it seems to be pinned on me for some reason.

Now what’s weird to me is that I was born with Learning disabilities. And while my brother would go out with his friends in High School, or parties in college and get all A’s without studying much. All I did was study and get a C average.

And for me, when I have to learn things, it takes longer then the normal person. But I always ACCEPTED that, which shows I am not controlling, I was not angry at the world, and pushed past it, with heart, drive, and passion. Coming up with new ideas and wanting the people around me involved. Showing I wasn’t who they say I was. And that these people had Ulterior Motives.

One Bullshit hint was that they are trying to center me. But I find this hard to believe, since it never stops and they have sabotaged my life on every level known to man so that I can’t really have anything in life.

And what is odd, is that Tom Farley, then makes up some lie about me given to the world. Which is odd, because this type of thing is said all the time, and no one cares. But in my case, it is used as some kind of psychological weapon, that I said “People are stupid”

Around the age of maybe 30 he said that I said this. I told him, no I didn’t and he said. Yes I did while world wide people play stupid while the endless masses try to EXTERMINATE me. As if it is somehow ok, and they are playing stupid and giving disinformation.

So after 29, Tom Telling me “You can’t control people” decides, he is going to pretend he needs a place to live. While, supposedly being kicked out of his family, and supposedly a speed addict with 2 hit n runs. But I have a feeling, like everything else, this was a scam to get me to feel bad for him and give him a place to stay. Because you, know, controlling people lend their friends hands like this for no money for maybe 4 months. My guess, he wanted to get in my house, and try to get some kind of dirt on me, or maybe figure out ways to sabotage my life get me to move, like the rest of them. Like what was done to me in Colorado with the squatter, then my family conveniently have Noah Schiller there to spy on me when needing a roommate.

the 2nd person I had done this for in my life. Daryl Oon in Colorado.

Also, Another controlling aspect of my personality, was when Tom was about to get canned from his fathers company, so I built him a SQL based web shopping cart because he was making a html page for every product. And so I saved him a huge amount of time by making it a database for him. And because he was my friend. The one who went around telling all his friends I was a tool, for giving him a place to stay and helping him out, for absolutely free, because we were supposedly friends.

But of course, when Tom is blasting to the world on their secret internet tools about what a horrible monster I am, these aspects of who I really am are completely left out to make it look like I am a scammer and con Artist. So of course, him running around with my family and friends saying I am building adult websites to meet women as well as my studio photography instead of the facts and truth because they wanted to CONTROL and dictate my life.

So, from the age 29 – 45 I have watched endless all day and night, 24/7 world wide all day and night mental illness attacks!

Every place I go in, in the world, mass groups come in provoking me. People wait outside my house trying to intimidate me in rotation, all day and night 24/7 and I have watched it for 16 years.

People waiting for me from place to place with covert mental illness tactics. Upwards of 10o,00 mental illness attacks per day. With world wide cars parked backwards, Crooked, hidden messages world wide in text on the Internet.

Blogs, Professional websites, social networks, etc. 80% of the people out there are putting in hidden messages directed at me to create mental illness.

Then of course, “You can’t control your environment” you need to accept it! Well, I can tell you that, Mass torture, psychological warfare campaigns to EXTERMINATE you, need to be STOPPED!

Especially started at the age 10 – 45. That is like saying, the Jews need to accept Adolf Hitler killing them. After all, you can’t control people right?

And the fact that every aspect of my life is now destroyed, and it just keeps getting worse and worse, and I need to accept people making my crazy and putting me in a mental institution like my brother seems to want around the age 13 when he said to me.

We made one of our teachers mentally ill, and have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you are doing to try to turn me into a paranoid schizophrenic, and rid me of the world is ok somehow and I should accept it right?

Some poeple, and my family tried the medication scam. Like I should have taken the blue pill and accepted my circumstances as some kind of blackmail pill tactic. But that is a movie, and I can assure you that their is no pill for a world wide murder campaign. Unless I am a drooling zombie and feel and do nothing. But then, of course, it’s not about me having a good life now is it.

So obviously saying things like you can’t control your surroundings in the context of a world wide terror operation is kind of like disinformation that Adolf Hitler would give to the Jews saying that going to the showers is to keep them clean so they can have a good life. And just accept it!
So obviously saying things like you can’t control your surroundings in the context of a world wide terror operation is kind of like disinformation that Adolf Hitler would give to the Jews saying that going to the showers is to keep them clean so they can have a good life.
For more information on the specifics of what is being done to my life to remove me from society you can go to:

When Lorena Escobar hired me to work at Golden State, she obviously had plans for me. The same plans she had been working on with the rest of this mass group to remove me from society, with these endless frame jobs she was working on with these mass groups since early childhood, and my brothers friends as well.

While after this, telling everyone that I was copying Mike Huntley, because he did the more technical computer networking and IT at our company. Where now giving me a job where I basically did what he did, then using the Schitzo, crazy tactic, or he is somehow mocking Mike Huntley, despite the fact that she came to me knowing that I need money to eat, using this as another way of turning people against me in their smear operations.

One of the tactics was hiring me and of course, like most people who came in my life working on the, he’s hacking people and trying to make them mentally ill tactic. With other tactics of sending someone Named Debbie Groveman after me to have her call me, hire me to fix her sons computer, then sit me down telling me I should take over my fathers company, get rid of Lorena. STRANGE!

Obviously just another endless setup attempt to put me in a bad light. Well of course, my response to Debbie Groveman was, Why would I even want to pursue some company I have no future with. And not only would I do that to someone, but I have bigger and better plans for making money on my own projects with a future.

What would I get for taking control of a medical office for a doctor? once my father croaks, their is no more doctor. So what future would I have? and the fact they contacted everyone I tried to work with for my projects world wide sabotaging my ability to make a living is even stranger. So it’s we don’t want you here, or anywhere else as well. We want you dead and starving in the streets or out of society.

Apparently, like usual, the CORRECT response didn’t sit well with them. And so Lorena went around SMEARING my name to the world with more lies. Kevin thinks he’s the BOSS and is trying to take over the company. Hence why every where I go, people keep calling me BOSS angrily over and over with innuendos, but like usual, won’t address the issues, and I am imagining it. Just one of 1000’s of these lies to turn the world against me and EXTERMINATE me, with Lorena telling her employee Victoria “I am trying to Protect the company” Ummmmm yea right! Two weeks after Victoria told me this, she quit or was fired.

I am trying to Protect the company TRANSLATION: we don’t like Kevin, and we are going to EXTERMINATE him. People don’t protect companies with world wide psychological warfare campaigns to torture and kill someone since 10 years old. Also known as CRIMINAL DEFAMATION (basically the INTENT to rile the masses to kill someone). However they want to package what they are doing. And being around people who associated with the Menendez who blew away their parents, who wrote a book called, “How to kill someone and get away with it”,28804,1900368_1900369_1900305,00.html

Possibly why they put a bullet hole in my fathers 300e mercedes and pinned it on me, and told the world I tried to kill or scare my father. And of course, telling the world I am schitzo and conforming to others.

But whats even stranger about all these things being done to me, the world doesn’t want me speaking out about it! NOW THAT IS WEIRD! and shows MOTIVE and is a mass CONSPIRACY!

Not only that, but because at around the age 12 years old, I kissed a black girl and my family immediately started working on me with the paranoid schizophrenia tactics doing such things like bringing an old band called Devo in and playing “Whip it good” at sunny skies school, where I kissed her. Obviously hinting about Slavery which why when were were a little older bought us Bull Whips. They were trying to figure out ways to send me hidden messages to do things to her in hopes they could turn me into a paranoid schitzo, by sending me hidden messages. And hoping they could get me to do things so they could say I was crazy. Hence why people keep following me around singing and humming over and over, but won’t say anything direct, like usual.

After this, black communities hunted me my entire life, because the world was told I hate black people. But Ironically they were also told I am a racist, hate every race, and women as well which is strange and like usual, showing that my accusers, just keep jumping from lie to lie because they just want to end my existence. But makes sense when it is about turning a world against you in secret to remove me from society any way shape and form in such a way that looks like I was too sensitive to life and just couldn’t take it, and supposedly turned into a monster. Yaaaa Sure, okay then? Monster based on what? Where’s the factual evidence or even a direct accusation? hrmmmm. I’m such a bad guy, and people are afraid of me, so they can’t tell me my actual crime that justifies a secret world wide murder campaign.INTERESTING? yaaaaaaaa, these people aren’t as they called me SHADY? no, not at all. That is the pot calling the kettle black.

And what were Lorena’s words to me “Oh Kevin, You are just too sensative” you know, because psychological warfare campaign with mass groups following you from place to place trying to set you up, frame you, endlessly provoke you with passive aggressive terror tactics, all day and night 24/7, on every person you are in contact with, in secret world wide, is supposedly NORMAL? ummm, RIIIGHT!

Why are they doing this? my guess is that they don’t like the fact that I am open minded. Was born jewish, and have no problem mixing with all races, and different people from different cultures or social classes, and they want their Jewish boy to be with a nice Jewish girl who can control me with them. Dictate my life.

While I was born Jewish, I am more agnostic, because I believe that if someone wants to believe in a religion, they should really believe in it, rather then use it as a label and not believe in it or be forced to believe it. While for me, which religion is the right one? why is Judaism better then Christianity, or any other when their is no factual data and people can bicker over things with no factual references doesn’t make sense to me. Sure, I am jewish because I am born jewish. But I don’t follow the religion, showing that it is just a label or something I was born into. I don’t actually read or believe in the scriptures. Which I think one should do if they say they really do believe in it.

That’s like taking psychology 101, then claiming you are a psychologist.

I’d rather be with people who accept everyone and don’t alienate over things that really don’t matter. I am not saying religion, tradition or history or roots are not important. But what I am saying is that, in this era, I think especially in the U.S. where it was once coined “The melting pot” where all cultures and religions can get togethor, in an age where the world is now connected, that it is about all coming togethor with reality, factual data, and things that matter for the future. And world wide growing togethor united for the future of humanity, solving problems, and accomplishing things. Not obsessing on what once was. Or insignificant things that don’t matter.

Example, I think you are a sociopath who has never committed a crime, so we are going to kill you. Which is one of my family, police and government tactics used against me. Despite the fact I am far from a sociopath, it doesn’t really matter is no crime has been committed. Also, who goes around labeling and killing people for no reason? PSYCHOTICS!

But you know, if this was the world, then it wouldn’t last very long as the Human race would quickly go into extinction.

I guess my family is not about that. Instead to them it is about clicks,and power circles to control, and saying and doing whatever they need to, to get whatever they want. No matter what the cost, or even human life. And then Telling you who you have to be to be a  good person things like this.

For me, when it comes to my social environments, or the women I date, I don’t care what nationality, race, culture the women is. I base my relationship on things that matter like I always have.

Am I attracted to her?

Do I relate to her?

Can I trust her?

is she good for me?

Does she have the best intentions for me?

things like this that matter.

So, While growing up, my brother was out collecting my music and trying to take fragments of lyrics and band names out of context to give to the world as labels which I am sure I could go through someones music alone and every band or lyrics apply out of context in a lie and give it to the world. Why? just another psychological warfare tactic they came up with since my family is all about psychology. Weather it’s a primary or secondary degree. So they can control.

So now you understand how these people who target me work. They will take each insignificant detail that doesn’t matter, turn it into an elaborate crime. Example, girl on IRC. Kevin, can you send me your picture? me, Sure.”You sent me a virus”

WORLD! he sent me a virus we need to remove him from society, he’s a sociopath. Any rational person knows you cannot put a virus in a .jpg. But not only is it odd, the WORLD is told these things, But the actual facts are left out and a fictional story is created.

Why? probably because my family didn’t approve of me talking on IRC saying people are shady on the internet as a lame excuse for embracing the forefront of technology which now everyone known to man has a social network account, or a linked in account for business for things like this.

Was it wrong then but ok now? of course not! So the argument how I did something wrong doesn’t even apply especially when no one else in the early 90’s is having this problem. Especially like people named PARANOID, befriending me online and trying to make me paranoid. Especially with all  the psychopaths I met. Which are good people, but the target is the bad person. And of course then they will try to use one of my nicknames which I have had many from IRC, ICQ, CB Radios, and I am sure they have an elaborate, lie scam on each and every one. Just like every car I’ev bought, or Street I’ve lived on, etc.  But one seems to be Vertigo262. And they will say it is because I am somehow doing something because they just made up fiction about a screen name like every other insignificant aspect of my life. Of course obsessing on the Vertigo as well as the 262. Making up every lie and theory known to man. Then saying this is my fault because the world doesn’t know if they can trust me? well people generally don’t trust people they don’t know, or at least are have no reason to trust or distrust,, and I don’t see how the excuse of, We have a world wide SPY operation, We don’t trust you, and we have the Right to exterminate you, applies to any type of reality. And Never before in History, other then me has this happened on  this magnitude!

I don’t see why I have to be a trustable person, except to those who want to get to know me, and show they are trying to take part in my life, see who I am, and get to know who I am. And those who don’t trust me, have the freedoms to stay away from me, and live their own lives, which these people refuse to do.

It has happened in History such as people being accused of being witches and killed. Stoned to death, etc. But those are small towns.

To the point where Tom Farley pretends he has Vertigo and my father gives him a fake medication prescription to try to scare me into a confession with covert mental illness tactics and schitzofrenia tactic. (Also known as Street Theater) . Just another lie smear tactic to give to the world with no factual evidence of anything. But people that want me dead making up lies. Or telling me I have to confess to one of these endless accusations with false confessions.

Why do I need to give a false confession or they will never stop? so they can put me in jail for no reason? most likely, or just make me go crazy. I’m sure it’s just any way possible to rid me of the world.

So, after kissing this girl at Sunny Skies around the age of 12, and who knows what tactic is being used because the school was called “Sunny Skies” because they do this to me with all names. With obvious intent to create mental illness.

Just off the top of my head, there was the black girl told to practice with me on the wrestling team in High School at around 16, who quit, which the world was then told I did something to her. Maybe I beat her up? Maybe I am competing with her? Maybe it’s about winning? who knows. Because like usual, I am not allowed to know what is going on. But like usual, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED out of the norm. Just the next person targeting me, with a world wide campaign.

Then their was my brother going out on their RUNS, getting cars to chase then, then retaliating on them, and then pinning it on me. But while they were doing this, they seemed to be mad at me for going out being healthy, working out, and running. Which I find very strange that someone would be mad at someone for being healthy and active.

When going out on their RUNS, Andy would wear a confederate hat, and drive a mustang he called Norma. I never made the connection that they were trying to send me civil war references until maybe 38 years old.

After this to solidify what they were doing, I was around 14, and he and Darrin Moiselle with my family went on a cruise to the Bahamas, and all they would order was Kamikazes and B52’s to try to send me hidden messages about Pearl Harbor. Or WWII.

And of course, my brother buying me a Kershaw knife for no reason on the cruise and giving it to me, I am sure then telling everyone I am violent crazy and have a knife. Which I was drunk and cut my thumb on. Of course didn’t even need stitches.

So, the world is told I am crazy, racist, hate all races, etc.

Ok, so with this being given to the WORLD. Which is strange. And for no reason apparently. Because what possible reason would justify something like this unless at 10 years old I built a atomic bomb and places it in a football stadium, and killed like 100,000 people.

And I don’t think my Doogie Houser intellect would be capable of doing that, then or now. Especially with my calculus teacher in College telling me I need to retake Algebra to take the course. And so never even taking calculus.

So when Lorena Escobar hired me, they had an Employee named Elita who was black working for them. And she was extremely paranoid, and I was in the state of, I don’t know what is going on, but I am watching this mass group do these things to me, and things coming to light. And it wasn’t paranoia for me in respect to observing these things, but it was paranoia in respect to I have no clue what is going on and for some STRANGE reason, to this day, 16 years later, I am still told I am imaging it with obvious MOTIVE. But of course, watching people faces and reactions towards me was very strange because everyone was and is in an ANGRY RAGE for some reason at me. No matter how nice I was to them, and always have been. It’s weird to find out that, for example Tom Farley, known for 30 years was HUNTING me for 30 years. Paul Humphry, 20 years, Mike Huntley 25 years, Brian Longbotham, 15 years, I can go on and on. THAT IS ODD, STRANGE, DEMENTED! but like usual, I am supposedly the one with the problem for finding out.

Yet they REFUSE to tell me what is going on, or what it is about showing that it isn’t about anything. And if I actually did something, they would address the issues in direct sentences showing their MOTIVE and TRUE INTENTIONS.

And if I did anything this bad, the police have the resources to find out with NSA, and would arrest me and go to trial. But since we all know their is nothing I have done wrong, their is no arrests. Which shows their REAL INTENTIONS, and motive. We flagged you, now we will EXTERMINATE you. Like Pre Crime. We don’t trust you, so your dead or gone.

Afterall, in like 4th grade you softly bit a persons hand who came up behind you and scared you when putting their hand on your shoulder. There was no blood, no damage, not even pain. Just a really soft bite. Which is yes, WEIRD, but not so out there that these things from children don’t happen.

But you know, clearly I am like Caine Wise from Jupiter Ascending. And I tore someone throat out right? That is why they wrote that into his character is it not? or wait, I am not supposed to know that. Or maybe I am, but I am not allowed to say anything to anyone in the world or they will start Whistle at me hinting I am a whistle blower. Like they are somehow doing something for me to make me mentally ill, and keep me in isolation. Obviously started around 10 years old.


By the way, My cousins last name is Wise as well. So why would this been done in 80% of the media out there, then told I am imaging it. Or people saying they are doing this for me, but won’t acknowledge they know me? SIMPLE! to create Paranoid Schizophrenia!

Well, I can tell you that, I don’t trust many people, and you don’t see me doing these things. You see me out living my life and letting people who are good people in who want to be part of my life, better my life, etc, and if they don’t want to be part of my life, then moving on. But this is not how they are going to SMEAR me. Because for example, when I moved on from Julia Sophia Reynoso, and Jen Hess, just two examples, what did they do? The police sent the 4th person after me with the Strip Club Tactic! Rodie Morales, working with the police. “Kevin, Lets go to strip clubs” lets go to this one, lets go to that one. Until I got hooked and wanted to pursue my adult websites I had already started before this as well which they had problems with me building. Showing that this was also about sabotaging that as well. So, then it was the same old. You are HUNTING these people down! INTERESTING.

For more information on people like the Stripper Venice tricking me into going down to Bare Elegance in Downtown L.A. or the Manager of Spearmint Rhino tricking me to go the the L.A. Spearmint Rhino where Alexis amore was working at to make it look like I was stalking them as well, you can read

The SPACE tactic –

Especially with Mike HUNTLEY saying “Kevin, lets watch this motivational workout video” ,”Kevin, Lets go to Golds gym”, “Kevin, this is Rodie, he will sign us up” then Rodie Befriending me working with Mike Huntley! “I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

While Rodie was probably involved in 100’s of frame jobs. The Julia Sophia Reynoso, and Jen Hess, as well as Mila pretending to be a Latin when she is Italian. Saying she is Julia and I am stalking her. And won’t leaver her alone! YA OK!

This happened with Eric Christianson in Oregon 1991, Val Morzov in 1995, Tom Farley, 1999, Rodie Morales 2001.

And then it the old. Well it’s your fault because you went to strip clubs! YA RIGHT! Strip Clubs are LEGAL, and I can guarantee you this isn’t happening to anyone who has been going to strip clubs, or the REGULARS, the chicks want so badly! Yaaaaaaaaaaaa ummmm, OK! Right,

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”


So at the time, I was thinking Elita was being targeted like the office employees were doing to me me. Maybe because they had a problem with black people, and they had a problem with me not having a problem with black people, and even kissing one at 12. I mean who obsesses for 45 years on some guy who kissed a black girl at 12 anyways? INTERESTING! Like it even matters! Or me showing that I would have no problem being with a black girl I was attracted too.

Of course, Tom Farley later on meets a Black Girl named HOPE, for his cover ups saying I am schitzo and copying him. Except he is 32 or something, and I was 12. But you know, it’s important to leave these things out 🙂

But being that there probably have been about 15 women who have claimed I have hacked them and tried to make them mentally ill alone, or 1000’s of women in my life working these same types of ANGLES over the years since 14. It is obvious, Just like Lynn Junkin, Val in our office, Tatiana Dobkins, Patti Googin, Jenn Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Skyler (Stephanie), Victoria Walker, and endless others making up claiming I am trying to “Skull Fuck” them and make them mentally ill. It is blatantly obvious that these women are being told to just cry wolf, just like the endless women since 14 years old to figure out ways to remove me from society for some reason.

And where does this skull fucking come from? my mother mad about her making me draw a tree to analyze over at like 1o years old  or so because she was a Art Therapist! whatever that is. If it’s even legit.



To understand their cry wolf passive aggressive setup tactics with almost everyoen who I have been associated with.

And my joking around with her making a tree without leaves, and I think a skull in the hole or something. As if it’s ok to even Analyze your son. It’s completely UNETHICAL to begin with. And the fact that she can’t take a simple joke or say anything. Yet my other Horrific crimes are one single argument with her in 29 years at the age 14, saying “Fuck you, who cares what people think” which is somehow the end all be all of crimes! Your crazy, Your a sociapath, you think differently, you need to be removed from society. Or maybe even. You said “Fuck You” to me, so she needs to rid me of the world for wronging her.

Non of it even adds up. How many kids a day world wide probably say “Fuck You” to their parents. Probably a shitload. And I can assure you. it’s “Go to your room, don’t speak that way to me”  ok done!

So just like all the other women, Elita was obviously pretending to be paranoid to say that I was doing it to her, and I hate black people. Probably even given a huge juicy raise!

You know

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Black people must be a danger to the company I guess. And who better to pin it on, then Kevin. Like which has been done to me my entire life and put in their so called LAUNDRY LIST of BULLSHIT given to the world in secret.

But not only this, it seem to link back with their psychological warfare tactics that about Lynn Junkin, a 16 year old from IRC claiming, that I am hacking her and trying to make her mentally ill working with my brother friend Mike Wexler who my brother introduced me to, to try to get lock picking and hacking confessions while trying to set me up and give me disinformation saying that 16 year olds are legal in Colorado.

First, to cover my ass, which I really shouldn’t have too, it’s not like I was just talking to 16 year olds. These were group chats, and parties with lots of people getting togethor of all ages at peoples houses. And so, like normal, you associate with all the people in the group. Example, you don’t walk around a party talking to people, and then you see a 16 year old and say “Don’t talk to me, your 16” Your just not going to try to pursue a relationship of sexual nature is all. But of course, that is not how my life is being PACKAGED to the world like usual. Because if this was the case, you would not be allowed to talk to your kids. And like usual, once again WHY IS IT BEING TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT AND PACKAGED TO THE WORLD?

But not only this, when I met Lynn Junkin at an IRC party, she brought the movie Hackers, was working on me about some stolen laptop, and using the movie Hackers to either try to flip me out or a hacking confession. And one of the big things in it was the Hacker saying “You are ELITE” labeling the best Hackers obviously.

Just like my father basically sent his black Limo Driver Dion after me in some angry rage about something. As if I wronged Dion because my father would run around calling him a Criminal, and it is somehow my fault. But, we are talking about someone on payroll!

So, Elita, ElITE. Normally, you would say that is crazy to make a connection like this, and I would agree because finding out that my family, friends government were data mining every aspect of my life, and trying to connect the dots, like in 1999 said “hey you” to someone, and in 2001  I said “Hey” to someone, and so I have a problem because I said Hey too many times. Or keeping track of things like all my conversations and wherever I go or park all seem to be collected and applying this to that saying I have some kind of problem is beyond any level of INSANE! What they call their SPY GAME tactic. To Data Mine my life, and have strangers all day and night send me hidden messages, I know you did this, I know you did that, I know you went here, I know what you are thinking, etc. To have people send me hidden messages all day and night to create mental illness.

but, because they are in an ANGRY RAGE about something at 10 years old. And of course, the more they do these things to me all day and night, it changes my thought process, and they know this. Which means their INTENT is to create mental illness. Especially if they have Psychology degrees. Something I do not have, except a required college 101 course. Of course, after 35 years all day and night, then they try to say. SEE, I TOLD YOU SO! after the fact of INTENTIONALLY creating my problems for me, then trying to punish me for them doing their horrific acts to begin with.

Then they try to do these things to REVENGE me endlessly all day and night saying I can’t see myself as a scam or ANGLE to make it look like removing me from society is somehow ok. Of course then saying I have to change. Which doesn’t make sense because not only can they tell me what the problem is to change, but if I change, I will be a Pathological lying Paranoid Psychotic like them.

And this I refuse, no matter what the cost of my life is. Of course when put in the position I have to defend myself, they will say. “See, told you so” leaving out the big picture in their frame jobs, just like every other detail of my life.

So all I can really recall, is me being attacked from an office the very first minute hired, as well as the world working on me, which was and still is confusing. And Elita playing paranoid, then the WORLD is told I am doing it to her like the endless other people my entire life which is stranger trying to play it off as it’s your personality! YAAAAAAAAAAA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uh huh.

Like Val asking me to fix her home/work computer or login with logmein, then tell the world I have her IP address, so I am clearly doing these things to her for merely doing my job.

Of course they will play every ANGLE. well you blurred the lines, now you are being punished. But of course in REAL LIFE, most lines are blurred. Unless your an Anal Retentive square who accomplishing nothing in life.

Of course, any rational person knows, that an IP address is equivalent to your house address. And if I give you my house address to send me a letter, clearly you didn’t break down the door and enter the house.

Meaning, if you have someones IP address. You still would have to get passed the router, or firewall. The door “IS NOT OPEN” as they tried to use this tactic on me. To justify their mental illness tactics to end my life and turn the world against me. With my brother sending Mike Wexler after me in Colorado.

And of course George Escobar will spew bullshit with them that by knowing an IP address is a crime. Ok, so my firewall logs every IP that touches my network. Work, or home. So am I HACKING all these people? have I committed crimes against them all for knowing their IP’s touched my network? There is no doubt they will probably say this is the case.

At any point you hack past that, it would then be considered a violation. But of course, I am this ELITE hacker right? because in college, I made a choice to get back into computers from my childhood, which I learned on my brothers computer which he was the Nerd, and I was more the jock car guy. with his WARRIORS CASTLE BBS, and such. OK, wait, Now I am playing schitzo for wronging my brother for having common interests of him or 70% of the world.

Just like Val in the office suggestively claims I wronged her for going to coffee places, because she likes coffee! well guess what! 90% of this world likes and drinks coffee in the morning. So statistically I have wronged 90% of anyone in contact for drinking coffee! and I deserve to be killed! UMMM, YES! this is their RATIONAL! but of course, only applies to me! So I must be stalking Val right? some psycho loony I know absolutly nothing about except she is in our office, and I did my job for her, but, I kinda blurred the lines! How dare I help them be efficient, speed up work flow, and get employees working from home better so the company can make more money. I am clearly crazy and backwards. YUP! that is completely UNPROFESSIONAL!

Or at least in a boat anchor company of Moronic Righteous Murdering Retards

And so in College, Learning HTML, Photoshop, 3D Studio, Web Design, experimented with some simple telnet when that was what the Internet was, and some IRC.

So your telling me I hacked peoples computers with Photoshop and 3D Studio? I didn’t even get into the technical networking aspect until after starting the company Mike Huntley contacted me around 24, him wanting to start for 6 years while he targeted me for EXTERMINATION. And clearly Mikes lies start around 14, so if I am this horrible monster, why did Mike want to start a company with me? Clearly my fault, I think differently for trusting my friends. Of course that’s not what they will tell you to JUSTIFY their actions.

Or was it when I logged into the Southern Oregon State school systems white pages from Colorado, looking up Kelly Hatch’s phone number, and even telling her that is how I got her number! Was this my Elite Hack! Because last I heard, weather you pull out the paper white pages and look up a phone number, or it is the Begining Days of the Internet. pulling up a phone number in a public white pages directory and calling someone. Doesn’t seem so bad to me. But then I am a Crazy Violator YES? How dare I look up a public phone number in a public internet directory and call someone! WHY WOULD THIS EVEN BE GIVEN TO THE WORLD AS A HACKING CRIME, and why would anyone remotely care!

That is basically saying, If you call a girl more then one time in a row, you are a stlking murderer and need to be hunted and killed with world wide support in secret! IT’S ABSURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! showing MOTIVE!

So like usual, their is no actual FACTUAL data for any of this defamation, slander, Intentional Lies given to the world to rile the masses against me in CRIMINAL DEFAMATION.

And the fact that I am told I am  imagining what is going on world wide is even stranger showing that the WORLD doesn’t want the obvious truth out there which shows it is about being HUNTED and EXTERMINATION since 10 years old with World Wide support.

So at one point, I believe Elita came to me and asked me to password protect her word files because the other employees were trying to make her mentally ill and since I knew they were doing it to me, I helped her. Of course then it was problably, look what Kevin did to me right?

Eventually, she quit, and Patti Googin said to me at one point. Elita quit,and she is a much happier person now. But the way she said it, she was basically threatening me.

Basically saying, You had better leave too, or will will never stop, and will kill you. But of course, it is world wide. And so it does not matter where I work or go. It has gone on from place to place, job to job since 10 years old.

16 woodland hills and City

16 years old, STAR auto haus Mercedes

Southern Oregon State College and the City

University of Colorado and the City

1997 Modern Video Film with Brian Longbotham

1999 A thousand oak animation company with Rob Roy Mcgregor

Signet with Mike Huntley

Golden State Sports Medical

All the same psychological warfare and mental illness tactics every state and job.

then in 1994 using the Internet for a WORLD WIDE mental illness operations and world wide torture tools built around me.

The girl who was hired when I was about 16 years old, Patti Googin, I made several drawings for which she was using against me, and music as well I listened too, working every angle and tactic working with them to figure out ways to remove me from society.

This along with my father getting mad at me for building and buying a Blown Hemi Engine, and working my ass off in the file room to make the money to buy it showing that I would work my ass off for my dreams to be rewarded with my father telling the world I stole 10k from him to buy the engine to frame me for something that any decent rational, good moral family would be EXTREMELY PROUD OF! of course with lame excuses that I was out of control to cover up what they were doing,

So while I basically never had any conversations with Elita, I am sure they probably pitched their lies some what like they always do. I flipped out, broke, hate women, and did these horrible things to her like everyone else right? Of course really to dictate my life, and sent Jailers like Adrianna Olivarez to dictate my life. Errrrr, I mean to be my wife and have kids if she wants them. Obviously I have no say in the matter, or the world is told I am a stalker.

Like usual, I was the nicest person to Elita and everyone else in my life, And you can’t count reacting to their attacks as not being a nice person, Although I, like usual was completely professional, basically had no contact with her except password protecting a file which supposedly they were changing things in to make her mentally ill. Which was really just another endless frame job directed at me to give to the world.

But when you are being HUNTED by a world wide campaign trying to kill you, who are you going to tell about Elita being stalked or yourself when no one will help you, tell you what is going on? Can’t tell Lorena, the office manager, hired me to remove me from society who is working on you.

Who did I contact in my situation?

Multiple Private investigators



Everyone Around me who I thought were my friends

Not only would not one be honest and help me, but they all took my money and did whatever it took to cover it up, or try to frame me or set me up more while mentally battering me to death with mental illness tactics.

Can’t really tell the Police, although I tried over and over to be shit on with suggestive messages I better be quiet, they are data mining my life with the government on endless setups, frame jobs, cry wolf tactics with world wide support. Don’t even know who is honest or truthful, because each and every person in your life is working on you and not one person world wide thinks what is going on is wrong. Showing that no matter what happens, the outcome is always going to be the same not matter if you were beyond any level of PERFECT. No matter how kind, generous, giving, caring, honest, do the right thing, I be or do. The outcome, just like the Jews in a concentration camp will be death.

Of course they then will try to pitch that it is me, my fault, I have no morals, it’s how I deal with IMPOSSIBLE situations where no matter what I do, they will always make sure that I am the bad guy, since they have world wide resources, and everyone against me. The ultimate thugging and bullying most likely because my brother wanted to coverup his thugging and bullying from early childhood.

And if you want to analyze the situation and profiles about these types of people. Last time I checked, honest people don’t send people after people to set them up or frame them, especially endlessly, over and over for 35 years. NO MATTER WHAT! if you do that, you are not an HONEST person.

No one in their right mind would INTENTIONALLY do something like this, then say things like my mother said to me “You have a problem too” they are creating the problems. And good people do not create problems for others, they accept them and let them live their lives. And if they don’t accept them, they stay away from them. And of course, then spew BULLSHIT that it is my fault, I can’t see myself.

Of course, after this, My family Hires a black X-ray tech named Brandon  ON PAYROLL, they are working with for the next REVENGE from their all day and night 35 years of Lies, Defamation, Slander World wide to rid me of the world and COVER UPS.

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

And Brandon seems to be working with a lot of Coffee Shop employees like the rest of them, and having Black people follow me into coffee shops, as well as the black employees working on me with these revenge tactics.

Black people following me from place to place, Black groups egging me on the way home from Starbucks on my bike, Black groups tying to LEVERAGE my Tyson Picture as if I have done something wrong. Paranoid schizophrenia Tactics like Everton the Black Boxer with the Asian wife Befriending me at the pool hall to hint about my Tyson Fighting Katana picture and try to make me crazy because they don’t like me playing pool. Because you know, playing pool, and refusing to play for money 99.9% of the time is shady right? ya ok. Maybe if you watch “The Color of money” or something.

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

But the Revenge accusations in what they hinted is their LAUNDRY LIST to clean me up of things I did not do, until I change. TRANSLATION: we will torture you until you are dead for no reason, even though there isn’t a reason to justify it ever.

So this is just one of and endless women and people sent after me to end my life, but this will help you understand what is going on and being done to me to end my life any way shape or form possible.

For more information about this mass allday and night world wide targeting since 10 years old, you can go to

I can recall, maybe about 10 years ago,

my father working some of his ANGLES, as I sat there for maybe 6 years wondering why I was being HUNTED all day and night, and no buddy saying a thing. As here we are 16 years later finding out at 29, that I have pretty much been targeted for EXTERMINATION since 10 years old. While hunted by one person sequentially after the next since 10 years old.

My father telling me that people are afraid of me. Of course, like usual with their catch  22 scams of using vagueness as labels, they cannot SPECIFICALLY address one issue of any of their endless lies, smears, scams, defamation, slander, you name it.

Makes it very convenient for the world to have a packaged saying to leave someone in the dark, create mental illness, have them go crazy, and rid them of the world. Since we are not talking about one demented person, we are talking about everyone told to do the same things world wide, using internet based communication systems in stealth. Most likely even NSA support and tools working with the world wide population.

But of course, you know, their is a world wide Gag Order, for people not to say anything to me about it. Ya right. Meaning, the world has choose to kill me when any one person can come forward if they wanted too. Which is beyond any level of freaky, demented, and organized crime with the, “This is for the greater good” scam. With people saying things like “I can’t tell you” I think they mean, they made a choice to be a low life douschebag scum, and not tell me. Showing who they really are.

And of course they will make up their usual BULLSHIT, that this is because I am out of control, or it’s my behavior, I have no self control, I can’t see myself, or things like this to justify their actions. When the reality is that they are out of control, and it is their behavior, projecting on to me with their delusions, judgements, and in ability to have any self control.

The We are aafraid of you seems to entail, because we are afraid of you, we cannot tell you what you’ver done. You know, because, we are afraid of you. Ok, ya right, sure. Just like the other lame excuse from my father. You don’t tell people what they’ve done wrong, because they can be liars.

So why are people afraid of me? My art is too powerful for them? ya right. Did I hug someone wrong? did I do an imperfect fart?

Or was it that horrible act of saying “FUCK YOU, who cares what people think” to my mother at the age 14. The only argument I had ever been in with my mother for 29 years until finding out. Was that FUCK YOU! Sooooooooooo threatening that I need to be killed! is saying FUCK YOU! a capital offense? Should people be afraid and kill people for saying FUCK YOU, who cares what people think!

Or was it Tom Farly’s lies that I said People are stupid! Even though I didn’t. People say things like that all the time, and I have never heard of anyone remotely caring about something so insignificant.

Like all the BULLSHIT thrown at me my entire life. None of it adds up. Accept, we will rid Kevin of the world and stop at nothing to accomplish this.

My father also tried to cover up their terror operations by telling me I think differently. But ironically, I do think differently then paranoid psychotic murderers like my family. Which I can proudly say, THANK GOD FOR THAT!

At one point, trying to put me in a position to label me saying “What do you stand for” as If I have to label and pick some kind of side. Who knows, maybe if you take off your clothes and swing around a pole, you are a bad person, and if you are a doctor, with a psychology degree you are a good person. But to me, both are legal, and both are good people until they do something wrong!

And I mean wrong in the sense of actually doing something wrong, and not hear say.

Or the, Kevin is like a shark TACTIC, which is really a world wide group trying to make it look like I am a shark by not allowing me to have a normal life and hunting me all day and night.

So this LEVERAGE tactic of people are afraid of you is just another one of their many psychological control tactics to try to make me think I am a bad person and this is all my fault.

The DISINFORMATION like Adolf Hitler telling jews he wants them to have a good life, and be clean and that is why he is sending them to the showers. Make no mistake, that is EXACTLY what is and has been done to me since 10 years old.

So lets talk REALITY and about these world wide BEHAVIORS! If people actually thought that I was going to harm them, then they would not be following me in mass groups since 10 years old trying to passive aggressively, and subliminal provoke me all day and night 24/7 every single day of my life with pschological warfare tactics.

For example, if I see someone scary walking down the street who I think is a danger to me, I don’t run up to him punching in the face endlessly until he kills me. So saying that people are afraid of me, doesn’t make sense when they are actively HUNTING me all day and night since 10 years old trying to rid me of the world any way shape or form possible, with never ending psychological terror tactics.

One man tonight, like usual, first PRETENDED he did not know me or the situation, and of course looking for an ANGLE to CONTROL me, used the. It’s you passing out cards to people tactic. Saying he is even afraid to look at the website! Of couse, their BEHAVIORS have been the same, for the 28 years before passing out any cards! and the 8 years from the age 29 – 38, not doing a thing but asking everyone in my life what was going on, with endless lies about me getting sick, and CONVENIENTLY ignoring what was being done to me by each and every one of them, while taking part in it.

Also, interesting enough. At the age 29, when confused and freaked out about what the hell was going on, I was told to go see a shrink by my mother, and told “TELL THEM EVERYTHING” with a dominant tone to try to get false confessions to give to the world and use against me. But once I could comprehend what the hell was going on, and the things being done to me, NO BUDDY, especially anyone in the PSYCHOLOGY community wanted the TRUTH, or the BIG PICTURE!

And of course, nothing was asked of me abous their insecurities showing that this was not about anything I had ever done. This was about ridding me of the world any way possible, not allowing me to defend myself, any truth coming out. Just an EXTERMINATION campaign.

This is all UNHEARD of! with my father trying to give me disinformation, that why would you ask people about things, because they could be liars. To try to make me think that what is going on is somehow NORMAL, it is my fault, and I am just too sensative! YA RIGHT!

But if you read of Gang Stalking, Community harassment groups, Cause Stalking, Whistle Blowers, it is all about making their targets hypersensative, to do horrific things to them to kill them and make it look like it was a suicide. So this is no murder investigation.

Which makes me wonder about people Like Mike Huntley and My Brother and friends who seemed like they were influenced by the Menendez Murders and the Book they wrote which seemed to be close to my fathers old business partners son, “How to murder someone and get away with it” which Mike Huntley might have even been in their grade. Because They went to Calabasas and so did we. Although Mike said he didn’t go to Calabasas. But who knows, being that he invested 25 years in trying to kill me with this world wide campaign starting at 10.

Ummmm, yeaaaaa right! sure ok! TRANSLATION: we are going to kill you and will ignore the obvious facts. Which they know are TRIGGER mechanisms to provoke me more by letting me know they know me, then saying they don’t and provoking me. Obviously crafted like the rest of these psychological warfare tactics from people like my family and their psychology degrees working with the police and government since 10 years old to figure out ways to remove me from society.

And ways to try to make me look crazy and end my life. Created by these types of people, PACKAGED and given to the world to do to me all day and night to end my life since 10 years since every person in the world are told to do the same tactics over and over until they can accomplish their HIDDEN AGENDA. And not one person being honest about the entire situation which is not NORMAL showing it is a world wide conspiracy to end my life.

As freaky as it is, we all know it’s going on.

So, the ACTIONS of mass groups terrorizing, torturing, Bullying, Thugging, trying to set someone up endlessly, trying to frame someone endlessly, and giving the world endless lies about them is not the ACTIONS of someone who is afraid does. As a matter of fact, that is like the Terrorists saying that they were afraid of the Twin Towers before flying planes into it.

But what is this about? who knows, because my family has wanted me dead since 10 years old and clearly will stop at nothing to do so with world wide support, police and government.

Was Mike Huntley afraid for me at 14 years old, so he befriended me for 25 years? And was Mike Huntley so afraid of me that he called me in Colorado, and told me if I come home, we could start an Internet company togethor. Which I did for 6 years while he used it as a tool to try to make me mentally ill and kill me with the clients who signed up, as well as Bob Sandler, and some guy named HTML Bum? That doesn’t sound to me like someone who is afraid of me, while he plotted to kill me with world wide support and all my brothers other friends.

So, I am confused. Am I to believe that the world is so afraid of me that if they be honest, that I will use my super powers to crush their skulls with telepathy? ya, sure ok. But that is the level control that these mass groups will use to try to coverup their endless 35 year murder campaign to kill me. All using Internet based murder tools developed around me since around 1994 when the internet came around. And has not stopped since on that aspect alone.

ok, so every piece of artwork I have ever created has been used against me as if I have someone committed a crime by creating artwork. And I am sure I have created 1000’s of pictures. And each and every one is picked apart to use against me.

But what I am confused about, is that if my artwork is such a threat, when why aren’t people with art anywhere in the world being hunted and murdered like me. For example, What about George Lucas and Star Wars? I am sure someone out their might be afraid of one of his creatures and therefore he should be hunted and killed, because people are afraid of him right?

Or what about someone like Stephen King, or the endless other horror books and movies with graphic details? Of course non of them are. INTERESTING?

So the “People are afraid of you” doesn’t really seem to be a viable excuse to hunt down and kill someone. Because last I checked, if poor little Mike Huntley, the victim for targeting me my entire life with all my brothers other friends were afraid of me. Then why didn’t he go his own way saying Kevin is crazy? Or the poor little ol VICTIM Lorena Escobar finishing the job with Mike Huntley approaching me, telling me she wanted me to work their and do IT for them,  hiring me, and then saying Kevin is crazy and is trying to take over the company, we have to kill him. STRANGE! why not just not seek me out and hire me then if I am crazy and a danger to them?

ok, so lets talk about my ACTIONS!

Despite the endless setups which I have pretty much passed 99% and then endless frame jobs, and lies,

I have a brother who is clearly a psychotic. Telling me around 13 that they made a teacher mentally ill, put her in a mental institution, and then started telling me that they have a bug in my room, and are listening to everything I do to try to turn me into a paranoid schizophrenic.

The same brother who went after my friend Greg Waugh with a crow bar because when he left for college, supposedly his girlfriend Jen Yang started dating Greg and cheated on him. Then broke up. And when I stopped my brother and jumped in the way so he could not bash Gregs Skull in, he had a talk with me saying “Blood is thicker then water” and I need to support him. Also wanting me to keep tabs on Greg. So, is it my fault Jen broke up with my broher? since Jen’s have been hunting me since then?

So are these people saying they are AFRAID of me, for not wanting harm to come to people, and making sure that does not happen? and I did the wrong thing? And I should have supported my brother with his psychotic behaviors?

Of course then these mass groups try to cover it up by saying things like being psychotic is genetics, and I am the same as him, when every ACTION my entire life shows that I am a very good person and have been to everyone in my life. Except maybe being an ASSHOLE to those who want me dead and are taking part in a world wide MURDER campaign. Of course, then it’s the ASSHOLE label, packaged and given to the world.

But we all know, all people are ASSHOLES from time to time, and that is just another LEVERAGE tactic, to try to label and control. With world wide support.

Not only that, but the real ASSHOLES, aren’t hunted by world wide campaigns either!

I could understand them being AFRAID of what I know. But it doesn’t really make sense that the world is against me for knowing their is a world wide campaign to just red flag, hunt down and kill me starting at the age 10. And not even for any reason. Even though, it wouldn’t matter what the reason is, because that is why we have privacy, and a judicial system to prove guilt, and then punish humanly is PROVED guilty by a jury of ones peers.

And I’d think that most people would be on my side. Unless they are once again saying some ABSURD, like I built a nuclear bomb and blew up a stadium of people. So any way you cut it. It’s all BULLSHIT!

the AFRAID, is just an excuse to kill. And most MURDERS will say whatever they need to, to justify their actions.

Obviously, because I have lived a very clean life, and have no criminal record, I clearly haven’t done anything wrong, and that is why they have to try to COLLECT insignificant things to try to use against me to rile the world against me, that doesn’t matter, which they try to take out of context and turn into some kind of crime.

Lorena Escobar tried one of her ANGLES hinting, it is what I am doing at home? well ok? what am I doing at home that is so bad? The police and NSA have the resources for that, and if I actually did something wrong, I’d be arrested and gone to trial. So, I mean, am I building algorithms to shut down the world or something? Although with the resources being used on me, I am sure they know I was horrible at computer science, and so I did a split major with art for computer animation. And their is no doubt everyone knows that I was in my professors office struggling with FORTRAN while everyone else went through it with no problem or couldn’t even stay in a calculus class after the first day because the professor said I have to take Algebra over. So, knowing that they know this, and they are still blasting the lies is very STRANGE!

or was it because I took a Criminology class in Southern Organ state college! HOW DARE IT! Now I think I am a cop!

I know ABSURD BULLSHIT! with obvious MOTIVE to rid me of the world by using every aspect of my life against me and given to the world.

Just what Mike Huntley said “We are using the system against you”

For example, they will go through every minuet, insignificant detail of my life out of context and turn each and everything into a crime and give it to the world. Like today at the office with the Spanish inquisition about an Ethernet cable plugged into a fax/printer. Working every angle known to man to turn it into some kind of crime. And to try to get some elaborate confession for a character attack. On something so insignificant no sane person would even think about then disseminate their lies world wide to literally turn the world against me in secret to mentally batter me to death.

Or George coming up to me today saying he has 1500 viruses on his computer and asking me to reinstall windows. When not only does he have 0 viruses. He had 6 apps. like weatherbug, driverupdater, etc. which he will then call viruses and try to tell the world I somehow did it to him. And then he starts working on the, theirs a virus on his Memory Stick, of course, my fault somehow. As I scan it in front of him showing their are no viruses. But he tries to say these things in front of everyone else to get them mad at me. But like usual, the part where millions are invested to give to the world, just you know. Doesn’t quite seem to add up on the. This is NORMAL information flow part, where random people in every other country wants me dead because some guy says their is a virus on his memory stick. And of course no one world wide thinks this is ODD! it is somehow normal, and I am too sensitive, according to Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager.

That’s just an example of how every single day I am accused of crime after crime based on complete insignificance to try to make me look crazy while the masses world wide attack me in an endless RAGE over nothing at all, showing that they really have MOTIVE and ill intent.

You didn’t park straight, you committed a crime. You wore a green shirt, you committed a crime, You broke up with a girl, you are guilty of something, etc.

So what is it they are afraid of? well, we’ve all seen the SCHITZO scam. You think you are Mike Tyson, You think you are the devil, you think you are yellow and blue blocks, going through every work of art I’ve even made with a new accusation to the world. But not only do their stories change like the wind, then it goes to paranoia, then obsession, then stalker, then thief, then hacker, then think differently, etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc

And the Billions of art created daily world wide, from body mutilations, fantasy, characters, political statements, you name it. This is UNHEARD OF! Nobuddy world wide is having this problem from their artwork, or every insignificant details of their life being used against them.

ok, so wait? I mean which one is it? sound a little ABSURD yet?

Bottom line, like all their endless ACCUSATIONS, and labeling, it still does not JUSTIFY their ACTIONS. If someone is schitzo, it still does not justify a murder campaign! And Schitzo’s aren’t normally hunted, unless they are some fictional character in a movie who is a schitzo murderer.

And most schitzo’s are harmless anyways. Even though I am not a schitzo and maybe my family, police and government have to try to turn me into a schitzo say they can cover up their ENDLESS crimes against me and say “See, we told you so”

Which shows that it’s just a lame EXCUSE to justify their actions. I am sure their are tons of schitzo’s or people with mental illness and they are not hunted by the world! I mean how many people have I seen walking down the street talking to themselves in my life, and I have never seen one hunted by world wide campaigns with people saying “WE ARE AFRAID OF HIM”

But of course, no one is afraid of my brother who bashes people in the skull with crow bars, and tells you blood is thicker then water. Who goes on his RUNS with his road rage issues, or sends about 5 of his friends to befriend his little brother to rid him of the world. Says, You went to the same school as me, I will kill you for crimes of having similar likes. That is very STRANGE to me, that he has done nothing wrong. But the guy who his entire life shows that he is a pretty damn good person over and over is being hunted by a world wide campaign.

So AFRAID? well, just the next tactic in a long list of ways to rid me of the world, and make me look like I am a problem.

For more details on this endless, all day and night world wide murder operation to figure out how to remove me from society any way possible, go to

Living a life of being the nicest person known to man to each and everyone in my life. Except maybe the few people that cam in it and were extremely abusive towards me in reactions, or imperfections in life. Because it would be impossible to live a life of PERFECTION like I am told I have too.

Basically, everyone is an asshole, or mean, has lied, has been depressed, at moments in their life, and it is how you are most of the time that defines who you are and not imperfection.

For example, While my mothers conquest that I hate her, and I guess maybe she is claiming I have done horrible things to her, her entire life, because she is an art therapist, MADE me draw a tree for her to analyze, and I jokingly drew  dead tree with I think a skull or something in it. In the from the age 0 – 29, we only had one single argument ever at the age 13, which I have been HUNTED my entire life. Saying “Fuck You, who cares what people think” other then that, in my mind, I thought I had the best family known to man, and loved them. So if something is being said about a rocky horrible relationship, it is based on one single imperfect moment, and 29 years of a great relationship, from at least me. But this gives you an idea of where I come from, and the amount of PERFECTION that you have to achieve, or you have a world wide campaign to EXTERMINATE you.

Another example is Aubrey FISHER who was sent after me. In our entire friendship, was just fine from my end, but that one time when she didn’t like me tapping my foot, for 6 years world wide groups were told anywhere in the world to tap if they saw me. Showing that this isn’t me with the problem, but an organized CONSPIRACY to remove me from society starting at 10 years old. As people don’t take part in these things normally. Even if I was an asshole to Aubrey, she could have stopped calling me, and these are normal situations, and somehow approaching the world in a murder campaign, is not something the world NORMALLY takes part in. Showing that this isn’t about anything they say I have ever done. But just a campaign to EXTERMINATE me.


Around the age of 29 years old, I found out something was going on in my life that was not normal. I found out that their was a campaign since 10 years old to smear my name with every lie known to man world wide for the sole intent to remove me from society. They even tried the manic depression label on me.

Literally almost every person in my life, or I was in contact with world wide was told to make up lies about me to give to the world, try to set me up, try to frame me, and not only that, but all day and night covert psychological warfare and mental illness tactics to create mental illness and remove me from society, any way shape or form possible.

Black people will tell black communities I am racist to rile black communities against me, Persians will do the same thing, Asians will do the same thing, Gays will do the same thing, Women will do the same thing, etc. But non of this is based on anything I have ever done to anyone which is strange. Not only that people are INTENTIONALLY creating world wide hate groups against me, but that it isn’t based on anything, which is unheard of. And also doesn’t make any sense that no buddy thinks this is wrong. And of course, Why would I be hunted my entire life until I have no choice but the give a FALSE CONFESSION or CONFESSIONS?

The very ACTION says that this is about figuring out ways to remove me from society starting at 10 years old.

My brother and friends were out doing all sorts of things and pinning them on me. So were my friends.

Now these tactics to turn the world against me start around 10 years old and around the time my own brother told me that he and his friends made one of their teachers mentally ill and put them in a mental institution, and then started to work on me telling me that he had a bug in my room and they were listening to everything I was doing to try to create paranoid schizophrenia, and every other mental illness known to man.

While going through life for 29 years trying to pursue a life of friends, relationships, possibly a family if got to that point with the right person, and a successful career to make money, around the age of 29, I found out that none of that was possible because I had a world wide EXTERMINATION campaign since 10 years old to remove me from society any way shape or form, and cover it up to make it look like I had a problem. And of course ignoring that every aspect of my life was perfectly normal, while taking each and every insignificant detail out of context and giving it to the world to turn people against me.

While spending 16 years trying to address issues with over 30 therapists, family, friend, who basically in so many words told me I was not allowed to talk about it, and had to do what they said working with the communities, I realized what this was really about.

The only thing that was really said to me, was by my 6 year business partner, Mike Huntley, who had been HUNTING me down for 25 years, who orignally was my brothers friend. And it is no coincidence, that Mike HUNTLEY was HUNTING me down because that is one of their schizophrenia tactics. Along with using media, and such to try to make me mentally ill, by reenacting things out of movies and music with people to try to freak me out, over and over. Or take things I’ve said to people in person or on social networks and put them in countless movies, then telling me I am imaging it.

Said to me

“We are using the system against you”

“I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

“You are too out of control for California”

“You had better life a careful life”

Quoting a line from Crocodile Dundee ”

No. Back there, if you got a problem, you tell Wally. And he tells everyone in town, brings it out in the open, no more problem”

Singing while walking around my desk “World of Paranoia”

Dropping papers on my desk about South Korea making people mentally ill to control them

Showing that I was being hunted my entire life with their tactics to turn the world against me and remove me from society. Of course when I tell people about Mike Huntley, they get even madder at me for speaking out about what is going on, which is STRANGE behavior. And they don’t want me talking about what is being done to my life, especially with Mike Huntley’s involvement in ridding me of the world. And trying to get anything possible to use to give to the world to remove me from society. Taking every aspect of my life out of context, or just making up blatant lies to try to achieve their motives.

They were also using things from the movie Crocidile Dundee as well as countless other movies to try to make me look crazy. And if I would say anything that could have been in any movie in the last 35 years they would try to use that to try to make me look Schitzo or screwing around with people to coverup what they were doing to me.For example, People have been hunting me for years because I said “No Worries” once to someone. And I didn’t make the connection until about a week ago, that Crocodile Dundee says “No Worries” a lot. with all the other things in the movie they were doing to me.

And I never would have made this connection until I noticed it went from movie to movies with these tactics.

Example, Mike Huntley having me watch the movie “The Game” with him, then telling everyone I am an Asshole, and doing the same type of mental illness tactics they did in that movie to me. Except they’d been doing them since 10 years old. Trying to make me think I am in a movie or something. Then people after that movie telling me I am an Asshole over and over.

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On a few occasions, some people have approached me with the scams of trying to provoke me into fights with passive aggressive TACTICS, which they use on me all day and night for the majority of my life, and then ask me “What happened to you” to try to turn around, and coverup their real Motives in removing me from society or trying to get me to kill myself.

Of course, not only are endless cards passed out explaining it which they CONVENIENTLY avoid the obvious or truth. But once handed to them, Especially in a room full of people provoking me with the same TACTICS they are doing, which I’ve watch all day and night for 16 years, going on 35 years. They then snap at me with COVERUP insults, that I am then homeless, and want their money, or things like this that don’t make sense.

Sitting in a room dressed normal, with an expensive camera, laptop, car, etc. Showing that they will do and say whatever it takes to try to remove me from society.

So why have endless groups follow me from place to place, Play stupid, then ask me “What happened to me” when they are endlessly attacking me all day and night to try to get reactions to make me look angry or like a problem?

And then ask what happened, when they are doing what happened, and refuse to stop. Especially if I tell them what is going on and they come after me with larger and larger groups for speaking out? saying I am causing problems by speaking out, because they created this situation, starting at the age 10 years old, refuse to stop hunting me, now going on 35 years. Then say, I am the problem for telling people that non of what is being said is true?

Because they don’t want the truth. Because this isn’t about me having a problem. This is about people like Adolf Hitler working every angle and tactic known to man to EXTERMINATE me, then try to cover it up by saying I have a problem, or “What happened to you” as if they actually care.

Because last I checked, if someone wanted to know about a specific situation, they would ask specifically about it. And not make up labels based on trivial things like. You threatened a black man because you didn’t sit perfectly straight, and now we have to kill you with world wide support. And these trivial accusations are probably in the 10,000’s by now.

You didn’t sit straight, you scratched your head wrong, You didn’t park perfectly straight, you called a girl a bitch, etc. This would seem ironic and funny to most that people would be made at someone for things like this and try to hunt them and kill them. But it actually is going on and has since 10 years old showing that these people can’t set me up, and since they have no real dirt on me, have to say things like this to try to justify their actions.

So asking me, “What happened to you” is just a trigger method to start a fight or set me up, because they already know what they are involved in. And refuse to ask any specific questions about what they have insecurities about telling me I am imaging it, nothing is going on, yet they want information to use against me. And if I tell them, it’s not me, it’s them causing the problem, they then have more people come after me to try to keep me quiet. So it’s really about getting information to use against me and give it to the world to remove me from society

This gives you an idea of what has been going on since 10 years old. While this is just one out of endless tactics like this, it lets you know the types of people that have been hunting me my entire life and trying to remove me from society.

More at

When turning 29 years old I noticed something extremely freaky was going on with my life, but it took me years to understand and comprehend the dynamics of what was being done to me. To understand peoples covert psychological warfare behaviors. Which go way beyond any type of Passive Aggressive tactics, but they are passive aggressive, subliminal, and meant to harm, mame, and kill with mass world wide all day and night endless attacks.

Their coverup scam? It’s because they say I am passive aggressive. Thus, being just one out of 1000’s of these labels given to the world to rile them against me.

At first, All I can recall was something was very wrong. And I could not pin point it. Various strange incidents my entire life, I can recall at one point thinking. My life is very strange that nothing ever works out, and each person in it, is some huge dramatic ordial for the simplest things.

Sort of watching peoples behaviors I didn’t really realize were fully directed at me until I realized that they weren’t ISOLATED incidents, and they were all connected (a CONSPIRACY), but people my entire life had been networked togethor and told to do things to me.

To either try to set me up, frame me, get information to use against me, people would come in my life analyzing me, people would come in my life trying to get confessions, people would come in my life to try to prove theories. Thing after thing after thing. To give to the world to create enough Chaos to get me to kill myself, put me in a mental institution, or jail.

Until the point I realized, something wasn’t right.

So, where and more importantly, WHY did my family at a young age label me as a passive aggressive person who was full of anger and rage with the police and govenment. And a danger to himself or others? Well, with everything I found out, it is obvious, that this is one of the endless lies started and put on me as a label and given to the world as just another TACTIC from people with psychology degrees, trying to control and manipulate the situation, of what they want, with Ulterior Motives, Hidden Agendas, with a pedastole to the world since 10 years old to say whatever lie they please with absolutely no accountability.

It’s kind of like our family English sheep dog, they kept in a cage most of it’s life when it could have been roaming the back yard, or my fathers Rhodisian Ridgeback where my father felt that shock collars can control the dog instead of love and communication.

I clearly choose the opposite path in life, especially after my endless torture and abuse, if I have a cat that actually wants to take walks with me outside every night. And comes up to me meowing until I walk her.

WHY did my family with the police and government do this? My guess is, basically Pre Crime, profiling. Trust. I was flagged at a young age to be removed from society. And that is pretty much it. While I have spent my life being the kindest, generous, warmest, friendliest person known to man. Non of this matters when you have a world wide Witch Hunt to end your life.

Is there anything I’ve done? well, aside from imperfection and normal mistakes in life, absolutely not! Which finding out you are being HUNTED by a world wide campaign to EXTERMINATE you is very strange. And then knowing that not one person world wide is going to come forward with the truth throwing you under the bus for a horrible life. Basically having the worst punishment known to man thrown on you because at the age 29 you found out, you were being HUNTED for extermination for no reason.

So back to the passive aggressive. The reason, this one TACTIC was used on me to label me is so my family, the police, government could justify data mining my life, and picking each and every insignificant thing apart and using it against me for a terror and torture campaign.

Imagine trying to live your life, and every aspect of it is some kind of criminal accusation. These are actual things I’m being told I have done wrong. Not directly, but by their terror, abuse, punishment, and inuendos.

You bought a trans am, You wonged us

You bought a mustang You wronged us

You bought an Eclipse You wronged us

You bought a jaguar and it’s blue, you wronged us

You didn’t park perfectly straight you wronged us

You parked backwards, you wronged us

You wore a red shirt, you wronged us

You wore a green shirt you hate people in the military or your schitzo and think you in the military, you wronged us

You asked for water, You wronged us

You fixed my computer You wronged us

You put your feed on a chair at a coffee shop, You wronged us

You drew a skull, you wronged us

You said “Hey” in 2001  you wronged us

You said  “Hey You” in 1998, You wronged us

You said “How are You” You wronged us

You said “Take Care” you wronged us

You said “Hows it going” You wronged us

You went to University of Colorado You wronged us

You went to Southern Oregon State, You wronged us

You made a joke “If everyone was like me, this world would be a perfect place” you wronged us

You bought a shirt that someone could take offense of  You wronged us

You asked out a girl someone might not approve of You wronged us

You made a picture with blue and yellow blocks You wronged us

You made a picture of a black girl on a chess board You wronged us

You met a girl and you were too chumpy, You wronged us

You went out jogging, You wronged us

You went to the Gym, You wronged us

You tapped your foot, You wronged us

You were polite and thank people, You wronged us

You are leaving your city or going places, You wrong us

You drink coffee and it’s black, You wronged us

You had an opinion, You wronged us

You said something bad about someone, You wronged us

Ok, you get the Idea, not only did I just list about .001% of some of the ACCUSATIONS against me. THEY ARE ABSURD!!!!!!!!!!!!

This not only is from one person who thinks they know me and are my friend, they are from random strangers I have never even spoke too, showing that this is a CRY WOLF campaign to rid me of the world.

So lets back up to the younger years and what was being done to me. While the world is trying to paint me as some kid who never got out, lived under and rock and has no concept of reality, I was the opposite.

Growing up, my brother was very abusive towards me. While I never held on to any baggage of that, accepted him. We got into our little tiff’s and it wasn’t a big deal to me other then the point I had to passively stop him by scaring him off me. And that is pretty much it. I could go into specifics, but I don’t think that is relevant. Why my brother spent 44 years telling the world endless lies about me to rid me of the world with the rest of my family is a mistery to me.

I never even had anything against my brother maybe until 36 starting to figure out what he was doing to my life and his INTENTIONS.

My childhood was mixed with my frenamies, and some of his frenamies, little did I know their motives. Driving around on small motorcycles around the neighborhood at 14 with my friends, where my family is enraged about for no reason, especially after buying me one. being social with my friends. High school we had parties. I had some parties at my fathers house a few times when he was away. Aways social with my friends, always outgoing. Cruise the town in those days. etc. Kid crap.

At the age of 16, buying hotrod magazines, and then wanted to learn how to build cars, and buying how to books, and building cars, which I was ok at, considering I never had anyone teach me, I was just figuring it out on my own.

Getting into our car click which basically they were following my lead since I was 1 year older then them which meant I was driving at the end of 9th grade I think.

At that point Brian Weaver was sent after me to copy what I was doing, and work with the Mechanics to try to set me up and make me look like a bad seed. As well as loading a paint gun of his when I saw me shooting the empty paint gun at Shane Weeks, and setting me up when I accidentally almost took his eye out. Then of course with all his other setups and frame jobs, calling his crimes, a public shaming to the world. Even though it was all his doings.

Didn’t have things like agoraphobia of crowds, or agoraphobia, had no problem with music or noise as these loonies are trying to pitch.

However, because no one is perfect, I have to admit, I was always shy and timid with the women, and public speaking. And as I got older, less shy, but breaking the ice with random women was very difficult for me. And I think that is pretty much it. Now forget it! my family has put me in a impossible situation out of their anger and rage for me. Where no one is going to admit this world wide situation going on. Leaving me isolated. Especially if for some odd reason, people world wide don’t want to be honest with WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!

If you ask me if I am fearless and could just walk the earth without money and live from day to day, I am sure, like everyone I have tons of fear about things like this. Which I think is normal, and drives us to decent lives. Which I was robbed of, and everything I have tried to accomplish in live has been sabotaged, For CONTROL over me.

Ok, so my families scams of me being weird, different, crazy, out of touch with reality, I’m too logical, I think differently, I’m a robot, etc as a scam, for the sole purpose to rile the masses against me to remove me from society by creating Chaos in my life.

I would have to say aside from maybe a little fear, absent minded, and some social phobia, oh, and not having the ability to quickly sense psychotics like Hannibal Elector, which I don’t think many people do, I was probably very well centered. And of course, then to coverup what they did, they will say I am just acting on all the horrible things I did that don’t exist. I always tried to be friendly  to everyone. Get people togethor. Make money, and help others make money at the same time showing I am not greedy. And am about people working togethor. And everyone being happy. DESPITE WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT ME, with obvious MOTIVE.

Ok, so, lets talk about the passive aggressive tactics.

I don’t exactly know when my family started in on me, but I will start around the age 14 with as we all know, Christy Reynolds. Well, like I said, I had some social phobia with the women, and so I was attracted to Christy, and could not keep my eyes off her. So instantly, My family, with the government tries to play it off that guys don’t check out women. Ok, maybe a little too much, but still. So they try to play it off with their DEATH STARE tactics. Of course, why my family refuses to address these insecurities then and now shows their true colors, and their MOTIVE. Because they had every opportunity to ask me any questions for 44 yeasrs now! and choose to just make up lies instead. Saying weird things to me like “Well, People can lie”

oh wait, there is a girl at 12 who was black who I kissed, and that was some how a passive aggressive crime which I have been hunted by black communities since then. And I am completely confused how kissing someone is passive aggressive, It is pretty much a sign of affection, which shows their arguments make absolutely no sense, and it is really about something else. Maybe they don’t like black people so they have to sabotage my life, like every other aspect.

Anyways, back to crhisty, After this, Tom Farley was told to unleash, not only passive aggressive tactics on me for the next 20 years and remove me from society, but he was involved in covert mental illness activities which I am sure he will try to pawn off as passive aggressive. At one point he was working with a girl named Traci Peekos, to send me hidden messages about PEEKING. Another point he said he wanted to go skiing with me at Mountain High, and while skiing, they had someone loosen the water pump hose, and when he hopped in the car he says as we start driving, “Thank god nothing ever goes wrong with this car” as a few minutes later the overheating starts. Obviously I did not connect the dots until the mid 30’s once I noticed these things have been done to me all day and night for 35 years.

Also, one guy in front of my slide his Honda Motorcyle in the rain where my brother went around telling the world I am heartless because I did not pull over. Yet the guy got right back up and was ok. Also, after this they pretended my wrestling coach had a motorcycle accident, trying to get me to say something to someone to get some kind of dirt to use against me that I like to watch people die or something most likely. since no ones thinks what is being done to my life is wrong which is very strange, calculated, and well thought out beforehand to stop me from ever being able to defend myself.

And after this a lady waiting in front of the Honda Dealer, basically threw her car perpendicular in the road in front of me, Waiting on the side. And after she caused the accident SCREAMED, “HE TRIED TO KILL ME” which is very strange behavior. Not only this but the insurance company with them told me that is was part my fault and part hers. And when I explained that I am driving straight in the fast lane and someone launches their car at me, that, It is clearly her fault. They then agreed. But clearly working on some kind of frame job, or setup

So we are not just talking about passive aggressive, we are talking about covert psychological warfare tactics for EXTERMINATION.

so after this, I had a crush on a girl named Cory Bixbie, and I can recall around this time, I was extremely healthy, loved to work out. Loved to run, was on the wrestling team, felt really good being healthy, like most people that work out and do it more and more because they feel great. I was proud of my little muscler hairy body 🙂  And would flaunt it a little at times. Take off my shirt running. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, especially in High School. I can even recall my brother getting mad in colorado because I wanted him to take a picture with my shirt off. As well as his weird judgements that my SLR lens is big because I need big lenses, and not because the OBVIOUS, that SLR’s at the time have big lenses and it’s about quality. Instead of a tiny non lensed camera that creates crap. And if your into Photography, you know where I am coming from. Although a lot has changed now with size.

And so at that point I am pretty sure my family and friends worked on the, I’m trying to be a tough guy and thug people. Yet this is not based on any actual thugging. Because I was the nicest person imaginable. Now they might try to chalk it up as people who don’t know you might come to that assumption. But it is extremely rare someone who doesn’t do anything to anyone is called a thug, just like the 1000’s and 1000’s of lies made up about me and given to the world based on thin air. This is not NORMAL! Nor is the millions invested to give it to the world NORMAL! and shows MOTIVE! and ill INTENT!

So, at this point, Cory was told to try to set me up or frame me and asks me for a ride home. And I am shy, but happy about it, and I drive her home. No big deal. Nothing happened at all negative, mean, in any way shape or form to any sane rational person. After this, my car broke down. I was always working on my car. I needed a ride, and I might have even intentionally not used one of my families cars, in hopes she would return the favor and maybe see where things go. And when I say “GO” to the psychotics, I mean it like most people in this world do, in the context of that sentence. See if it works out.

So when I asked her, she was mad for some reason, and saying don’t you have other cars, or something and she walked away in anger. Which was very strange to me at the time, and I didn’t really question it, I was shy, did not know her, and sort of left it at that. In hind site, sure, I probably should have asked. But in my life, there are no mistakes.

Well guess what, at the age maybe 35, after finding out my family was trying to guilt me to death, after my fathers mother died and we went to the funeral. Upon leaving, my father was kind of gassing the gas pedal like I did 20 years prior trying to guilt me about something of insignificance. And probably hinting about death since it was a funeral and they like to send me hidden messages all day and night that I did this or that to try to force me into false confessions. I think it was even by a VW Bug.

Then connecting the dots that she might have been mad that I had pushed the gas pedal a few times to speed up the car quickly. Ok, now taking information out of context and giving it to the world like this might sound like a weird BEHAVIOR yes? ok, lets talk about reality. You have a kid who builds cars. He bought a 1985 Trans Am. Pulled the engine out, rebuilt the engine, souped up the car, takes it to Los Angeles Country Raceway Drag Strip once in a while. And so, it is not weird that someone who has a powerful engine in their car, like to feel the acceleration and the tires on the road. And I am sure anyone who has a fast car with a powerful engine would tell you the same thing. You like to feel the pull from the engine on the road.

So what is going on here? we are talking insignificance. We are talking, I am walking down the street with a girl and the wind blows, she will say I hit her. These are not normal, uncommon behaviors within context. And this is not anything any SANE person would care about. Some kid revs his engine likes his car, etc. WHO CARES? right?

How many kids have I seen peal out in their cars? I can’t count! are they being hunted by world wide campaigns! NO! no buddy could care less.

unless something highly demented it going on.

So you can imagine my family working their TACTICS how I am thugging and trying to scare her. After this I can vaguely recall an encounter with a girl in High School named Brooke Wisbarthe, playing hot/cold, but I didn’t think much of it.

So around this time I had a person named Paul Schaiffer doing things like taking my Melanie Stripper cards from Melonie, who I think later on Mike was working on an obsession tactic, and might even have told the world I cut her brake lines, not sure on that one , and putting them in my math teachers drawer as well as setting his watch and putting it under my spanish teachers, Ms Garcia, desk as I always fell asleep her her class. Once again, more frame jobs.

As my PE/English teach my quigley told me to punch him and I refused. And telling some people years later about Mr Quigley, they turned it around on me, saying he wasn’t the bad person, I am for not telling someone. Which is clearly a coverup when realizing what was going on years later. Telling someone. Then they say it’s your fault for not telling someone then. Once again, the Mathematical equation bullshit of how you have to react like a robot would.

Now, the question of why these people are saying I am passive aggressive seems to most likely stem from my brother wanting to cover up him childhood abuse against me. I didn’t really think it was a big deal, but apparently he did since he wants to cover up what he was involved in.

So after this, they started in on me with my brother and friends making COMBUSTION Burgers. The idea was to cook a Hamburger and try to get it to explode by putting in Vodka, or Whisky or whatever. Of course then eat it.

At the same time, Oddly enough not making the connection, My friends wanted to go to Kevin’s Burger’s where all the Hot Rodders went and we could show off our cars, then to to the Street Races. Not realizing their hidden message tactics.

Now this all seemed to happen after I wrote a simple paper in English class relating cars curves to women. Obviously the car and it’s curves synonymous with women. Ok, so no big deal right? I don’t see a big deal. Seems creative to me. And anyone saying that is passive aggressive is a loony.

So, now knowing that Kevin’s Burgers was a setup to create mental illness and schitzofrenia, and them using cars, and Hamburgers and hints they are sending to me that, I am trying to EXPLODE women. Kevin is trying to get women angry BLOWUP and go ballistic is the message the world is being told!

ok, so, if we break this down factually and logically. They are saying, that a simple gas pedal press in a hot rodded car = Trying to get a girl to to ballistic and blow up, or push them to suicide doesn’t make any sense to me, nor would it to any rational person above the age of 1o years old.


So, also, my brother seems to be trying to coverup the fact that he was a bully trying to say, that I passive aggressively made him do it! Like it even matters, but that seems to be the label he is giving to the world.

Although, he also claims I tried to kill him with a knife, because I was holding a steak knife when he came up behind me and hit me in the back of the head, over and over, or flicked my ear, and dropped it to the ground on a fake throw. So he is probably trying to cover up the mess he created. Especially after working with the Police, Eric Christianson, a girl named Cat, and Jen to reenact the situation to try to scare me into a false confession. So he keeps getting deeper and deeper into his crimes against me by trying to cover up each new one.

They guy who goes after my friend with a crow bar to smash his head in, and I have to jump in the way and stop him, who then gives me some lame speech, blood is thicker then water, and I have to support him in keeping tabs on greg or hurting him and I say no. Isn’t any problem. Because Jason’s girlfriend broke up with him when he went to college and started dating my friend Greg.  It’s just the guy who pushes the gas pedal imperfectly is the problem.

So after this, or around the same time, we have Paul Humphry, Joe Humphry’s little brother, in my brothers grade, and my brothers other friend, Mike Huntley sent after me to befriend me.

Paul is working with Carissa Brands who I guess supposedly said she tried to commit suicide, had to check into a mental institution, and found god. Of course, somehow, all this is being pinned on me, and I somehow did this. In my few brief times around Carissa when Paul was around. As if I had her number and we were always togethor, and I pushed her to suicide. Ummmmmm, not even possible!

Also around this time, which their is my brother telling the world I am racist, and hate black people because I kissed a black girl at 12, They send in a black girl on the wrestling team. And of course they say, Practice with Kevin. And I do, and she eventually quits. And I can only imagine what was said. Who knows. I am sure she made up every lie in the book how I abused her and got rid of her. Because why are black communities hunting me since 12 years old?

Along with my mother working on me, because I jokingly ditched Carissa in my car for a few miles because she knew where she was going to my house as a joking prank with a fast car. Which I am sorry, if not something that someone is going to kill themselves over unless, they are so on edge already, that a fart would do it. Especially when 10 minutes later, she catches up, and we are all at the same place.

But now you get the idea of information collection, and data mining of things that don’t remotely matter taken out of context being used as an information weapon to give to the world to rile the masses against me to mentally batter me to death in anger.

Of course, because my family has issues with Skulls, or Jokes when demanding you draw a tree for them and you joke around because the idea is absurd to begin with a dead tree with a skull or witch in it or something. That is added to the lunacy of a INSANELY Neuritic family incapable of any imperfection or jokes, or the ability to communicate with you with sentances or anything out of their PERCEPTION in their anal retentive world of the norm.

God forbid you make a joke to your mother you want to be a drug dealer when you grow up! You can only imagine in my family. AND I DID! and coffee shop employees world wide keep asking “What do you do?” pretending like they don’t know me and what I do, as if making a joke is a crime! and in my life, IT PRETTY MUCH IS!

So, with their obsession, they are applying this with that, and that with this, which is NOT normal, instead of seeing life how it is, mostly random events. Sometimes things work out, and sometimes not. But to them, Life is a mathematical equation, and it needs to be followed how they perceive it or you are crazy.

Ok, so, obviously, out of their hate, rage jealousy, or just the want to figure out ways to remove me from society, for no actual reason. You can see how they are telling the world I snapped and are trying to get women to EXPLODE in anger. or push them to suicide.

After this, my guess is they just spent the next 30 years datamining, collecting each and every insignificant detail, and taking each and every one out of context and giving it to the world as crimes to turn the world against me to end my life.

BUT IT GETS A LOT WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after this, each girl would come in my life, one sequentially after the next trying to set me up, frame me, cry wolf and give it to the world. I will just list a few situations off the top of my head.

At one point, in Colorado, a friend of Noa Schiller who after my family and the police sending a squater into my house to try to set me up with my brothers friend to manipulate me into a situation, did not work and forced me out of the house, my mother MAGICALLY had a friend of the family going to the same school. And told me he needed a roomate. I didn’t realize that it was about my family getting me close to finish the job, and so he was a spy for them and have him work more tactics on me.

Our football team cheerleader sitting at the same table as me, lying saying she doesn’t go to our school to try to get me mad and go after her.

So Noa, introduced me to this gorgeous girl and she asks me if I’d help her move, and she’d buy me dinner. So being a nice person and obviously attracted I said yes, and after she blows me off in hopes to get me angry.

Another girl through Mike Wexler, another one of my brothers friends he introduced me too, introduces me to a red head at a party, and she says she wants to go out. But never commits, and I give up and move on, but her intentions were obvious. Not that I was thinking that way back then.


Cia Ngiatang, following me around, trying to create mental illness, then saying “See how you are”

A girl from Nebraska coming to Colorado to meet me, with her friend, Staging the “This guy is a stalker and we are going to prove it” trying to get me involved. Then the girl sleeping with my friend in my bathroom, in hopes she could get me to go after her.

Lynn Junkin, working with Mike Wexler trying to set me up to trick me into statutory rape by telling me, 16 yr olds are legal in colorado, and her working with these mass groups telling them I hacked her and am trying to make her mentally ill, with Mike wexler showing me his lock pick set, and Lynn Junkin hinting about stolen Laptops and Having us watch the movie HACKERS directed at me.

Tatiana Dobkins, hacking into my computer spying on me and doing demented things to try to create paranoia.

A guy with the handle “Paranoia” working on me trying to make me paranoid

Val Morozov, a Russian Exchange student, who I met at the pool hall, trying to get me to sell Adult Content on CD’s I wasn’t interested in. Then my family someone knowing about it and trying to force me into false confessions about it. Not that anyone would give a shit anyways. Val Also taking me to strip clubs and working the, Kevin Is Stalking strippers tactic, one out of four people. Val also wanted to start a web design company where he wanted me to do all the work. And I think when something was mentioned about that, he kind of disapeared.

Some Pool player I was joking around and made a Mom Joke, and somehow it was the end of the world. He disappeared and showed up a year later and seemed mad.

Girl who was in my astronomy class who I was too shy to talk to, moves above me, tells the world I moved below her. And does the Kelly hatch setup by leaving her keys in her car door in hopes I’d take her car or enter her house.

Girl on IRC telling me she drives a Jeep like Kelly Hatch, and tries to set me up for breaking and entering in a black guys house

Stephanie (Skyler) pretending she is Julia Hayes to try to make me look crazy, Using my art as some kind of crime for making her a picture, working with the police to try to set me up and frame me. For example, After me making jokes on the Internet, Saying “why is the sky blue?” to see how people would answer, Skyler created the name “Skyler” and then turned it around, I am trying to make her blue. Then, When I am in Florida, she wants to meet me. She is like an hr late, INTENTIONALLY to try to create anxiety, and takes me to her house. She gives me a blowjob. Then she ways she has to go to the Airport. I say to her “I wish you could stay” and she says to me “Sure you do” and on the way to drop me off, the police INTENTIONALLY pull her over to try to scare some kind of confession out of me.

After this, Skyler says to me “If you want to be my friend, I am going to treat you like Shit” so I say to her “Never contact me again in any way shape or form” of course, then this being used against me by my own family for standing up for myself to not tolerate someone telling I have to do what they say. Turning it all around on me somehow. Most likely about dictating my life and having control.

My sister in law Jen, trying to get confessions that I don’t like my mother, or that because once in a while I wear green or green and black I hate people in the military or think I am in the military. And having people wearing green and black following me all day for years to guilt me into confessions. As well as shrinks following me trying to force me into confessions.

Lorena Escobar, Hiring me, and then Hiring a Black Girl named Elita who, who knows how much they paid her to say I am hacking her and trying to make her mentally ill, and probably using the name to Hint about the movie HACKERS, which Lynn Junkin was working on.

Girl Val at the office told to work the same ANGLE who asked me to fix her home computer which she does work for the office on, then claims I am making her mentally ill and ruining her life. Then tries to punish me hinting about boundaries  as if life is black and white. and this is somehow normal and it is my fault.

Girl Gwen Sauzo making the same claims as she is following me around trying to get dirt on me and make their lies look true, who is friends with a girl named Patty Googin who worked here when I was young HUNTING me because she doesn’t like my harmless art, I am sure saying maybe my art is a threat to her because one is a skull and a gun. Who knows. As well as her going through the music I listen too as if it’s somehow a crime to like Queensryche, or Guns N Roses, which I listen to all different bands so I am sure they have an ANGLE on every one.

Shanna Briantseva in our office, sending hints about Lynn Junkin, and Jen Hess, and Brian Weaver using her name, Password, etc, to try to guilt, terrorize into false confessions as well as following me to coffee shop after coffee shop working with them to terrorize and create mental illness to cover up their crimes.

Also, in retaliation for me finding out I have been TARGETED with an EXTERMINATION campaign since 10 and they are involved, they have gone through every aspect of every piece of art created saying how each one is some how some kind of crime

Example, My picture with Mike Tyson Boxing a game Character Katana for a simple private college project my Professor Jim Johnson was setting me up, on something that doesn’t make sense. Is somehow an expression that I think I am black and hit women. While it was on the web for a few people, it could not have gone world wide without millions invested.

My simple DND Devil picture in shows that I have no morals and think I am the devil.

My black girl on a chess board shows I play games with black girls lives

My picture of Lorena Escobar clothing patterns matching the wall, says that I make people mentally ill with patterns.

DOES THIS SOUND ABSURD YET???????????????????

But what makes it so obvious, is that these aren’t just opinions, I AM BEING FOLLOWED, HUNTED, by mass world wide groups in ANGER! you are passive aggressive and we LITERALLY have 100,000 world wide attaacks per day from Internet mimic tactics, to world wide cars being parked backwards, the the Kevin perelman MEME tactics. To mass groups subtweeting instead of talking to me. Then saying it is somehow my fault. these terror tactics in the 1000’s with world wide support.

ok, so your probably asking, which is it right? Am I passive aggressive, Schitzo, Paranoid, Obsessed, Enraged, Think Differently, a murderer, Rage, Hit Women, A Hacker trying to make people mentally ill, A car thief, Trying to get women to blow up, he’s a robot, committed the end all and be all crime of parking my car backwards once, etc? You get the idea, your accusers usually have one ACCUSATION, not LITETALLY, 100,000 and funded to the world in secret with world wide terror operations.

Anyways, I think you get the point. Because this isn’t even close to the tip of the iceberg. I listed just a few incidents, and You could have conversations with me for months strait and I’d list like 10 an hr of people who befriended me with tactics to rid me of the world.

But, for each of these PREDATORS since 10 years old hunting me. Not only do they all have COVER UP stories. But they are all being given lies WORLD WIDE, to destroy my name, reputation, my life, and turn the WORLD against me in secret. Telling me I am a bad person, a horrible monster, Have no self control, YOU NAME IT! Then of course, hinted that I have to change. MEANING? I have to become a psycho like them I guess it what they are saying, or trying to do.

Oh ya, also, their is the BIG predators, Jen Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Pretending they are crazy and telling the world I did it to them. Then the scams of I didn’t leave them alone, and that is what did it to them. Because you know. I called Jen Hess 5 times in a row and that ruined her life. Or driving down to see what the fuck was up with the Baby of mine she said she had in an attempt to lock me in on some scam, and wanted to know what the fuck was going on.

YES, according to them the WORLD has to MAGICALLY know I ruined their lives right? but not only this? Jen Hess has told the world I hit her with a mask on. Clearly in some sue happy low life trying to work an ANGLE.

She was most likely paid to try to set me up and frame me.  One example is since they (family, police, government most likely) had spyware on my computer, she called me on the phone asking me to check her email for her giving me her login and password. Of course, framing me to the people she was working with, making it look like I was hacking her. Then when they sent Rodie Morales after me. He did the same thing, to try to reinforce their frame jobs.

Another person sent after me with my family, police, government to endlessly try to set me up or frame me.

But what gets weirder is you family knows you are being HUNTED, and Elsie Sandoval the office manager makes up the same Lie saying I hit her and tells the police.

So, it’s odd that my family is on the side of the PREDATORS hunting me with planned out COVER UPS. Who basically threw me under the bus saying. I don’t know what is going on. With a brother who basically learned from their psychotic behaviors. Who is now playing the Kevin Conformed to Jason and is doing the same things Cover Up card. With elaborate, it’s somehow genetics, it’s my fault. But don’t want to look at my ACTIONS of being a good person, and ignoring the obvious.

Ok, so, basically, growing up, I really can’t think of any passive aggressive behaviors I’ve had. Quiet, Shy, yes. But passive aggressive, not even close. Who knows, in the world of imperfection, I am sure their is probably a few. Which they’d be happy to put in their LAUNDRY LIST to clean me up as they called or hinted about.

Some other of their scams. At one point I flirted with a girl at the gym, and around that time decided my body needed a rest and took about two weeks off. After that she INTENTIONALLY quit saying whatever she said. I am playing games, I am showing guilt, Who knows So what I am being told is I should be afraid to just take Gym breaks or psychopaths will start throwing out random accusations, and it’s my fault and this is NORMAL? obviously, they are in the wrong. And if she thinks too much, it wouldn’t go beyond a couple of people.

So,  if you want to analyze behavior, and I am no psychologist, I’d say it is perfectly normal for people to take gym breaks. And not be a perfect robot, have random reactions. Sometimes be happy, sometimes be sad, sometimes be motivated, sometimes be inspired, sometimes be depressed. And these people with their world wide neighborhood watch groups, Information Collection, Datamining, Mental illness Terror Campaign, endless labels to the world, ENDLESS lies to the world. ENDLESS setup attempts, ENDLESS, frame jobs, ENDLESS Accusations, ENDLESS all day and night attack 24/7 all day and night.

Is pretty much all an EXTERMINATION campaign, for basically no reason at all.

And their scams that I have SNAPPED and it is my fault, even if that was the case wouldn’t warrent world wide neighborhood watch groups. Thus showing, they are completely full of shit. And the SNAPPED excuse is just a TACTIC to do what they want and make it look justified. Violating every constitutional right, Privacy known to man.

If I ask these people what any of this is all about. THEY CANNOT ANSWER! Even if they were to admit what they have done to my life. Showing that, it is just an EXTERMINATION campaign, like Adolf Hitler did to the Jews. I guess maybe I showed weakness or inferiority as a child. And maybe that was it. I am the inferior being. I don’t know.

But what I can tell you is the PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE tactic, is like the SPACE tactic, like all the other 1000’s of TACTICS. And I can assure you, this isn’t because someone thinks I am an Asshole. Because there are a million Assholes in this world, and there are millions of people who don’t trust other people, and their are millions of people who even HATE other people. And what is being done to my life is UNHEARD OF! People are assholes, people hate, people don’t trust. Hell, I don’t trust anymore. But you don’t see me hunting down trying to kill people with lame excuses. We all know, Emotions and ACTIONS are two different things. Showing who these types of thought police and fear mongers are.

For more details on the other endless lies, smears, tactics, setup attempts, Torture campaign, You can go to

Since I was a young child, probably around 10 years old, my family, with the police, government and masses decided for some strange reason that they were going to remove me from society. But obviously you cannot just randomly remove someone you do not like or trust from society.

So they have devoted my entire lifetime to trying to make it look like their is a reason, by endlessly trying to set me up, frame me, smear my name with lies to the world and rile the masses against me in SECRET to try to get reactions to rile up larger and larger groups world wide and try to make me look crazy and too sensitive. Until they can get the reaction they want working with the police, government to accomplish this.

I had no clue any of this was going on until I was around 29, and really started to put the pieces togethor around 38 years old, after years and years of all day and night 24/7 psychological terror tactics with world wide support.

Just 0ne of their Tactics, in the thousands,  is and was to use the Media to try to make me look crazy. Like a paranoid schitzo. They have done this in several ways. In the beginning,  it seemed to be about showing me movies, music, internet, etc, introducing me to music, and taking the things I would watch and listen too, and look for an ANGLE to try to make the world think I am schitzo and conform to them, and doing horrible things to people. My brother and friends would show me lots of horror movies to try to make it look like I would conform to them and was violent and crazy.

They would do this in several different ways. Sometimes, they would just go through my large Music Collections and selectively pick the things they wanted, songs, or band names, and just make up fiction from what they collected applying it to my life and giving it to the world to try to make me look crazy, telling them that I get messages from the movies or music and do things from them, or the are shaping my life.

You can only imagine what happens if I like a song and sing it, what will be inflicted on me by mass groups world saying I have committed a crime. Then telling me I am not allowed to listen to music, watch movies, or even go places. Of course this is not done in direct message, because I could say something. So instead they endlessly thug me with mass groups with covert passive aggressive attacks and psychological warfare tactics to try to shock me so to speak into what they want. Kind of like when my father bought a shock collar for his dog, Rhoda when I was a kid. Thinking that, that was wrong, and telling some of my friends which didn’t seem to go well for me.  Obviously not directly said, but mentally battered to death until people say weird things to me like “It isn’t healthy for you here” after being attacked and being that this is every place in the world, meaning, BREATHING. But that is just a lame excuse for these psychotics to try to dictate my life continually saying, it is not healthy for you here after endlessly attacking me.

Then of course they will work the label that I have no friends, am a recluse, or crazy, things like this to cover up what they have been doing all my life. One of their elaborate tactics is at the age 29, finding out what was being done to me, but not really clear what it was. Then telling the world I snapped. Thus to coverup what they have been planning to do to my my entire life. They knew exactly what they were going to do to me when I found out something was wrong. Their cover ups were even planned from childhood.

I can recall growing up, my brother and his friends liked to rent Horror movies and I would watch them with them, which isn’t a big deal, And people watch horror movies all the time or they would not make them if it was wrong. But little did I know they are telling the world I was Violent, enraged murderer, and then saying I had a problem watching Horror movies, when they were the ones renting them, and we all watched them.

Of course like usual, no buddy has any problem with them watching them, only me. Showing that they are just making up elaborate lame excuses to justify their actions from things that don’t matter because I am a good person and they don’t have the dirt they want on me to get what they want so they have to resort to using insignificant things that don’t matter in desperation.

So they would do things like, have me watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then tell me weird things like my brother telling me that his friend Jeff Allen’s (Who supposedly went out and stole mustangs, Which I have no doubt they were telling the world I was a car thief as well,  but probably really an attempt to try to manipulate me into stealing cars) mother chainsawed down his door. Probably to try to get me to tell people about that, and then them look at me like I conform to the movies and am crazy.

When I was in maybe 6th grade, there was a girl named Christy Reynolds which I was attracted too, and I could not keep my eyes off her. She at one point asked me why I kept looking at her, but I was extremely shy and didn’t tell her I liked her. My mother calls this a DEATH STARE. Which any rational person knows, if a man can’t keep his eyes off a girl, it is most of the time because of ATTRACTION.

After this, a person who was told to befriend me, named Tom Farley was told to help remove me from society. He instantly became friends with a girl named Traci PEEKOS, to send me hidden messages using her name.

Not only this, after watching the movie Creepshow (1982), they decided to try to REENACT scenes out of the movie to try to make me look crazy. To give you an idea, there is a short scene in it, with a man with OCD named Upson Pratt, who talks to a Carl REYNOLDS, in Orlando Florida on the phone, and he Cockroaches keep coming in his house, and he keeps killing them. And of course he is an Asshole, which my family has tried to label me to the world. And the more he kills, more come in. Until finally, So many come in, he has a heart attack and dies. Finally, the Cockroaches consume his body, until they start crawling out of him.

Their is also a Parallel in the movie of a Lady who calls him several times because he pushed her husband to suicide, and being that people have come in my life trying to make it look like I tried to push them to suicide trying to set me up and frame me seems a little coincidental as well that random people would do this to me on multiple occasions along with the endless other things.



Upson Pratt

After watching this movie, My mother tells me that Jason, my brother, woke up, went downstairs to the Kitchen and that the kitchen was infested with Roaches all over the floor. I didn’t make any connection then, although it didn’t sound very realistic to me. But I didn’t put much weight on it at the time. Because it’s not one of those things you don’t really analyze, nor could you really ask if they were lying. Maybe a “Seriously?” but they would never admit it.

And oddly enough, people have been trying to passive aggressively, provoke terrorize, or you could say “BUG” me, all day and night since around 10 years old and now and am 44 years old and nothing has changed showing what they have been doing to me all my life, and trying to make me look crazy to cover it up. Or at least an EXTERMINATION campaign with world wide support to end my existence and tell me I am imagining what is being done to me and my life since 10.

And of course these mass groups seem to be doing what the roaches did to Mr Reynolds, to me for the last 35 years, but of course then they take things out of others movies as well and do them endlessly. Most likely, my family, and these groups of people are saying weird things, like I am like Mr Pratt, and then telling everyone world wide I am schitzo. Which is the type of thing that is done to me all the time to figure out ways to get the masses to remove me from society.

At one point, one corrupt psychiatrist Susan Doner told me that people that I was schitzo, but I didn’t know how to process the information because I was so confused and could not comprehend what the hell was going on while being attacked world wide and wondering what was going on. But of course, like usual, nothing was laid out and explained to me. It was all about getting the information they wanted, and not explaining the situation so that it could be talked about. At that point she started working with Mike Huntley and Tom Farley saying that I was harassing waitresses, especially at Yankee Doodles pool hall. But of course taking private confidential session information, taking it out of context and giving it to the world which is highly illegal.

Another piece of Media they were using on me I believe is a Movie Called Wizards 1977, I was about 5 years old. I have vague visions of my family taking me to the Theater. But it is a really good movie non the less.


But the parallels to this movie and my life which don’t make any sense is what is so Strange. The movie is about a Good Wizard Brother vs an Evil Twin Wizard Brother. And the Evil brothers way of taking over the World is to project Nazi movie footage with suggestive messages to control the masses.

But what is odd in my life is that around the age 14 my brother started working on me telling the world I am a Racist. Saying I hate Black people, Asians, Persians, etc? why would he do this, and give it to the world in secret launching his terror campaign riling the world against me while listening to Roger Waters RADIO Chaos and such?

And of course around the age 13, telling me that he and his friends put one of their teachers in a mental institution, then telling me that they had a bug in my room and were listening to me in the RADIO.

Him doing things like when I was 14, we went on a Carribean Cruise with him and Darrian Moiselle, who all they kept ordering was Kamikazies, and B52’s. If you don’t make the connection, we are on a ship in the middle of the Ocean and they keep ordering drinks about Pearl Harbor. or WWII. also, they do things with names. So for example Mike HUNTLEY, my brothers friend spent 25 years HUNTING me down. And Aubrey FISHER was sent after me to try to get any information to use against me. So most likely they were saying something about Kevin PERELman, maybe trying to send me messages about PEARL harbor.

Which is why people would send me hidden messages over the years about WWII but I could not figure out what anyone’s problem is or was.

Of course they go from movie to movie, song to song, showing that they aren’t honest and have ulterior motives. It’s not about any concern which they try to pitch to the world. They are INTENTIONALLY trying to create the problems to create the mental illness with an AGENDA to remove me from society, and then turn it around on me like they always have. Which means it’s really about something they are mad at me about, at around the age of 10 years old. Showing that these are really TACTICS, and not something they are concerned about since it has gone on world wide for 35 years.

For example, if I am a schitzo, and someone says I have 100,000 personalities. Does that sound realistic? or a lame excuse to justify their actions or campaign against me.

Not only that, but when he went on his RUNS (Getting people to chase them in cars, the retaliating on them), with his friends he pinned on me, he was working the Civil War tactics with Andy and his confederate Hat driving a Mustang. And of course, the world was told I am racist and hate black people. Which all seemed to start after kissing a black girl at the age 12, and once again they got mad at me for showing affection, and warmth. Because my family was pitching their bullshit that I am full of anger and rage, and a danger to myself or others because they didn’t like me.

Once you start to establish the pattern of BEHAVIOR over and over aimed at me, eventually you start to understand. No matter how spooky, demented, and unbelievable it is. Although what I cannot figure out is why no one thinks it is wrong, and everyone world wide is taking part.

I have given you a few examples but this was done from movie to movie.

War Games, Tron, Against all odds, Carlitos way, Crocodile Dundee, Blame it on rio, the list is endless growing up from what people were told to do.

My guess is that my family has done what they always have done, which is do these things to me, and give the world lies telling them it is because I am doing it to them or other people. And of course when I ask what is going on, tell me I am imagining it. So I cannot defend myself or speak out about it because who would have any sort of clue what the hell is going on. Just like when I turned 29, was freaked out, confused, and shocked. And didn’t know what to make of anything. At first. I thought maybe my friends were doing some kind of demented joke on me. I had no clue what the hell was going on. It was very strange you are friends with someone for 25 years and find out he is in a rage with you, and doing things like calling you up to start 6 year businesses with you to end your life.

And then finding out, it was all your friends investing a lifetime on me to rid me of the world, with world wide support.

A person who started a business with me for 6 years who I’d known for 25 years and thought was my friend Mike HUNTLEY, originally my brothers friend. Saying weird things to me.

“We are using the system against you”

“I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

Singing “World of paranoia” while walking around my desk. And dropping papers on my desk about South Korea control tactics by making people mentally ill.

“Have a good life now”

“You had better live a careful life”

Little did I know that they were doing these types of things from movie to movie. And song to song. and every other psychological warfare tactic as well, including every aspect of the Internet.

At one point Nikki Six from Motley Crew moved two houses down from me. And their is a pattern of people world wide doing things in patterns of 3’s so I am guessing their TACTIC was to have him move there, and then say that I like women because of the song Girls Girls Girls.


Other things that were strange that happened with Nikki Six is when I was working on my car, and he drives past his house in his Black Bronco and swerves at me jokingly. while I just took it as some random playful joke, little did I know that they were working some Schitzo Campaign because my brother had a license plate frame on the back of his car that said “I swerve and hit people at random” and I have watched people call me Brother and Bro for the last 16 years over and over to try to hint that I am like, conforming to him. To try to cover up what they have been doing my hole life. And knowing them, they might even have been using the word FRAME, which would explain why the endless frame jobs on me my whole life.

At one point, when I lived in Oregon, a person named Eric Christianson was sent after me to remove me from society of course with the entire city (Cities aren’t usually notified to remove people from society, that is not NORMAL). One of his frame jobs was to show me a band named Cherry Poppin Daddies. Which is a really good band by the way.


With one of the songs called Drunk Daddy, about an abusive father. Very dark song, but a good song. If you don’t think literally and can comprehend that it’s just a song.

I don’t know what exactly was said to the world, All I know is people have been doing things like trying to prove that I like illegally young girls, as well as either am abusive or trying to cry out for help with it or something. But you get the jist, of giving media to someone, then telling the world whatever they need to say about it to turn the world against me in secret. Known as Smear Operations. Because people listen to all sorts of music weather it’s Rap with dark lyrics, or soft happy music, and I can tell you that no one in the world cares about things like this NORMALLY.

Unless your the father is something out of the movie Footloose or something, INSANE like this.

Now this is just a few example, but you can imagine it has gone from thing to thing my entire life, from Some Crime from listening to Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Don Mclean, you name it, it just goes from thing to thing to figure out ways to turn the world against me and remove me from society in secret. And if I ask what is going on, I am told I am imagining it, and more people come after me, for questioning it or speaking out which is even stranger.

One girl sent after me by my family and Lorena Escobar named Adriana Olivarez, the first date she wanted to go on was skating. I wasn’t in the the mindset they were trying to put me in back then, so I did not make the connection between, she wanted to go skating, and the song I would sing, with many others, “If you should go skating on the thin ice of my life” from Pink Floyd.

It wasn’t until people started following me from place to place wearing pink and humming and singing over and over for the crime of listening and singing music, until I started to make these connections of what they had been doing to me my whole life, and their agenda to create mental illness and then try to turn it around saying I am crazy.

Some people have actually tried to give me DISINFORMATION of subtweets, that by singing song lyrics you are somehow plagiarizing, in order to try to make me think I am at fault. As they work this type of disinformation tactic on most of the things they do to me.

And what is interesting to me is that not ONE person world wide will address any of these issues in a direct sentence. Not even the 35 or so psychologists, psychiatrists over a 44 year period can ask one single direct question. Even when I endlessly asked what was going on. Nothing was said to this day showing peoples real MOTIVES. “Maybe some day you will know”

Some shrinks tried to trick me into checking into mental institutions to try to cover up their crimes, most worked with the mass public to try to thug me quiet to not speak out about it.

You can imagine, when you have a world wide campaign doing these types of things to you all day and night 24/7, especially for the sole purpose to create mental illness and remove you from society, how bad things are.

Their is a point, that things switched from them, reenacting movie scenes to try to make me look crazy, to actually putting things in every type of media known to man world wide to finish the job. Working with world wide Music, Entertainment, Adult, Internet, Youtubes, websites, you name it based around me, to create every mental illness known to man and say I am imaging it. obviously this was well thought out from early childhood what they were going to do once I found out something was wrong to try to cover it up.

But In doing some research I think I traced some of their tactic of putting hidden messages directed at me in movies all the way back to the early 90’s but it is difficult to know because the world has left me in the dark. Which is beyond any level of DEMENTED known to man.

When I am around Famous Actors, they will do things like Whistle at me, telling me I am a whistle Blower, as If I even know what is going on, and them doing this to my life is somehow my fault when I am told, No Buddy knows me world wide and I am imagining it. Showing the true intentions to try to create things like Paranoid Schizophrenia. Maybe they have some lame excuse, you watch my movie and said a line from it, you committed a crime. But any rational sane person would say. Some person who chooses a career to give media to the world, and gets paid millions as well for each one, knows what he is getting into. And getting mad at one person doing the same thing as the rest of the world doesn’t make any rational sense other then a mental illness or terror campaign with Ulterior Motives and world wide support.

Nowadays, I’d say 80% of media has something to do with me. From Charlie Sheens Two and a half men, after Brian Longbotham, did his Paverazzi frame job on me with Martin Sheen, to websites putting guilt’s in them directed at me, from links, to music, to movies, to tv shows, hidden messages to almost all text world wide in blogs, websites directed at me you name it.

Not only this, but almost any person in the world I have any type of interaction with World Wide mimics parts of my conversations, gestures,  back to me to create mental illness showing that this is really about ending someone life with a mental illness campaign and world wide support.

While not one person world wide thinks this is wrong. They will say weird things to me like, Well, you have a INTERESTING life, that is why, while belittling me, terrorizing me, and refusing to admit they even know of me. On some occasions, people will try to use things that don’t make sense on me like, well did you buy that album? as if things in the entertainment industry aren’t passed around for free, and always has been to try to give me disinformation and make me think this is my fault. One person in our office George Escobar would try to intimdate me saying “Downloading off the internet is illegal” of course every aspect of your web browser downloads. And people download crap all day and night. Trying to turn around Distribution vs Downloading. Obviously distributing is different then downloading. But of course, George was playing stupid like we all know when HUNTING me down with the rest. And my guess is GEORGE was working on ANGLE with GEORGE in the Creeep Show movie to work on their Paranoid Schitzo tactic as well. While my family asking “Who is doing this?” and knowing it was all of them, with world wide support. As if I am suppose to say, George is sending People Roaches after me to try to make me look crazy.

Of course, in order to cover up their crimes against me, they will go through all my artwork, and then say I am doing this to people. But the argument itself doesn’t make any sense because it’s apples to oranges. So even if I did put a hidden message in something to someone. That would one be one time, maybe subliminal joke. And a world wide campaign doing it to me all day and night for 35 years isn’t the same thing.

Just like Aubrey Fisher didn’t like me tapping my foot, so people were sent after me world wide that if they saw me, to tap whereever I go in the world. That is a crime, and Aubrey could have said. I don’t like Kevin, I will stop calling him and getting him close to me, or I mean, calling him inviting hin to do thing, or help her.

But of course, I haven’t put any hidden messages into anything, just created art. And nothing even really controversial or out of the norm like I have seen being done all day and night my entire life which no one remotely thinks is a big deal. My photography alone. Girls would want to work with me, they would choose their own clothing, I would do something to work with them. And then of course, somehow each one of my photography pictures as well as every other art ever created, is somehow a crime to people which doesn’t make sense.

That is like saying, I went to see Star Wars, I got offended by the color of the space ships, I launched a campaign to hunt down and kill George Lucas, and it’s all his fault for committing the crime against the world, of making the movie. IT’S ABSURD. TRANSLATION: we are hunting you down and we need some lame excuses.

Rational people usually look at art, say I like it or I don’t like it. Maybe this is why, and move on.

So you can imagine, every piece of artwork I create is somehow a new crime, which are things that no one normally would care about. For example, people are actually following me to public locations because this picture has blue and yellow blocks in it. And somehow that is a crime and they want a confession.


One picture has a gun in it, one picture has leopard shoes, one picture has windows, one picture has a chessboard, one picture has an angel in it. So for example, the type of person that says that their are blue and yellow blocks in this picture and I have committed a crime to the world are also the same types of people that will walk outside, see a rock on the ground and try to kill the rock saying that the rock attacked them. So you get the idea of these people CRY WOLF tactics.

Now if a million people put rocks at that persons house all day and night since 10 years old, that is what they are doing to me, showing Who they are, and the types of people they are.

Now I can see one bonkers person out there that is crazy, but mass groups working togethor saying this picture alone is a crime is obviously a group of people making up lame excuses to justify a terror campaign, working on me all day and night world wide since 10 years old. Well that is an EXTERMINATION campaign.

They have not only gone through this picture alone, but every work of art since 10 years old showing their true motive.

Kind of like the, You made an illegal U-turn so the world is going to hunt you and kill you excuse, and it’s in SECRET, with no arrest, Trial, Jury, or Judgement.. Although surfing the net is a freedom. And websites like and Youtube, and billions of others distribute everyone’s media. And anyone who creates art for the world knows what they are getting into beforehand. ESPECIALLY the adult industry on the million of sites out there like Pornhub com. Which distributes everyones content. And I don’t see the adult industry mad at any of these sites which actually distribute the content.

it’s not really about any type of media, from me, or anyone else, it’s about figuring out ways to make me crazy and remove me from society since 10 years old any way shape or form with endless world wide resources and world wide support. For no reason at all. Basically a Witch HUNT.

Just like around the age of 14 when my brother said to me. “Me and my friends made our teacher mentally ill and put her in a mental institution” and then said to me “We have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do on the Radio” to obviously try to create paranoia.

But because these tactics actually start around 10 years old, that is just another excuse thrown in the pile of bullshit for psychopaths to get away with the crime. Because no matter what their excuses are, Attempted Murder or ridding someone of the world is not Justified in any way shape or form.

All the things being  done to me have been thought out and well crafted by people with psychology degrees since a young age and, especially the turn around and cover up tactics to try to keep me quiet, and finish the job.

With people like Tom Farley walking up to me saying “Kevin, you said people are stupid” and then the world playing stupid. trying to work some weird scam that, I said something, and the world is retaliating is Absurd. Even though I did not say that. Even if I did, it is something people say all the time. And I’ve never heard of world wide murder campaigns over things like that. So you understand what is really going on.

Of course, when asking my Father, what this is about like the rest of my family, they will say weird things like “You think different” “You think the world is against you” then refuse to address any type of specifics the saying I am imagining it. to try to give disinformation, and try to cover up what they are doing with the CRAZY label. Or try to turn it around and get confessions to give to the world instead of addressing the issues, trying to leverage me quiet.

While I can give Endless examples across the last 35 years of using media to create mental illness, I think you get the idea. These is just some examples, and these things are endless all day and night lies, smears, accusations, frame jobs, attempted setups to try to give the world. And if they can’t set me up, they will make up the lies to coverup the setup attempts so they don’t look guilty.

For more details and other tactics to remove me from society you can go to

Since a young kid, probably about 10 years old, Which I never realized what was going on or the types of people that surrounded me. Which are not normal BEHAVIORS is an elaborate tactics, just one of endless tactics to give to the world to rile them against me to remove me from society is their SPACE tactic.

While not understanding that my family, friends, especially brother are like TERRITORIAL dogs, that piss in a corner, claim it theirs, then hunt you down and try to kill you for it, saying you somehow violated them has been an all day and night tactic since 10 years old.

While my motto is Everyone in this world should all work togethor and get along. They don’t want this side of me known like most people who want you dead and give endless lies to the world.

So, Growing up, my family moved me back a grade in what they called T1, I believe before middle school some time. Putting me in an awckward position. What this meant is that I was 1 year older then everyone else in this grade. Well, you so no big deal right? Well that is what I thought, and honestly it wasn’t until finding out what was being done to my life.

Now, My brother is 2 years older then me. So, you can imagine, I had my friends, and being that I am a very friendly person, I was semi friendly and hung out a lot with my brothers friends. And while nothing was said that we don’t want you around. I did not think I was doing anything wrong. Nor was I from the stand point of not crossing boundaries is nothing is said.

For those who need it spelled out. If you are friends with someone and they make you think it is ok, but have a problem with it and hunt you down for it. You have done nothing wrong but be friendly.

Now I have been in countless situations in my life which were obvious setups or frame jobs to try to make it look like I was somehow violating peoples boundaries and I have obviously never violated anyones boundaries. But I have endless people playing the SPACE card,  saying I am doing something wrong for the sole purpose to figure out how to remove me from society.

While now knowing that my Brother was hunting me for simply being a friendly person who is around him, or his friends, and will say whatever it takes to rid me of the world, everything he has told the world is a blatent lie.

Especially someone who tells you at around 13 that he made a teacher mentally ill, and has a bug in my room and is listening to everything I do to try to create paranoia. Then having people like Paul Humphry, Mike Huntley, Paul Schauffer setting me up with Paul Humphry In High School.

For example, after my brother sent these people after me, Paul Humphry, Joe Humphries younger brother who was in my brothers grade befriended me after my brother starting his mental illness campaign.

I will give you a couple of their frame jobs. While Mike Huntley had a friend who was a stripper named Melody, he asked me to bounce for her a couple of times because she needed someone with her at some bachlear parties. After this, Melodie gave me her business cards and told me to pass them out. And I passed a few out. I can recall this one incident Paul Schauffer he didn’t like me and would Bully me in high school taking the card, and putting it in my math teachers drawer. Obviously to frame me or set me up with them.

Also, in my Spanish Class, Paul Schauffer would set the alarm on his watch, and put in under Ms Garcia’s desk. And I believe he was doing this to frame me, because I always fell asleep in her class.

After this I was in my English Class with Mr Quigley, who saw Paul Schauffer pushing my desk over and then told me to Punch Paul in front of everyone. Of course I refused to punch Paul. Which is strange that the people who keep beating people up, and pinning it on me, still are made at me for not punching him, showing that my ACTIONS are true and honest. Which makes my PREDATORS angrier.

Now, imagine your brother before this is telling you that he made a teacher mentally ill and put them in a mental instition, then people come after you to endlessly frame you. Then in order to coverup these crimes for the next 30 years are hunting you world wide saying that you did this. And when you say, this is all a frame job, even though for some ODD reason they won’t address the issue and tell you what it is about WORLD WIDE. Which is UNHEARD of.

Then they try to use the scam that it is all your fault that it is genetics and you are just like them, to coverup their crimes. Even though their is nothing you’ve done wrong. Trying to use some lame LABEL scam,  to justify murder and removing me from society.

As well as Jason Baum, Mike Wexler, Mike Huntley again contacting me and wanted to start a company with him for 6 years to rid me of the world, etc

Now, I am sure, a PSYCHOTIC like my brother will use the SPACE scam that I violated his space to try to justify his actions.

Another one of their SPACE boundaries frame job was a Girl in High School they sent after me named Kelly Hatch. Obviously using the name because when I was very young in school, a teacher cracked open an egg and a bloody chicken came out. Then Having Tom Farley Go on his Grunion Runs, egging Eric Johnson, hitting him and pinning it on me. And then My Brother going on his Runs of Rod rage, getting people to chase him and pinning it on me. Obviously connected.

But Kelly Went to Calabasas High, and so did I. I was never friends with Kelly, Spoke to her in High School, was any part of her Click. Zero contact. Apparently Kelly Transfered  from Calabasas High and moved to San Francisco two years into High School. I had no clue of this until college. But My guess is they were telling the world I had got rid of her and made her move.

Not only this, but when I was around 16, my brother and his friends were singing a song. “Because her name is Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly, K   E    L     L     Y” I never thought anything of it back then because I was not friends nor had any contact with Kelly. I put this togethor maybe around 35 years old. But you can see how they were all working togethor to end my life.  But things get deeper! why did they choose Kelly? I don’t know but I have my suspinsions that it might have to do with a Porn Star I am not really familiar with named Angel Kelly.

Which also explains their tactics with Angels over the years and trying to make me look crazy. And other Porn Stars like Raven BAY, (Bay Area like Kelly, at least hints) her angel wing Tattoos, and similarities like stright long black hair down to her butt. Who says things like “I’m a Diamond” probably hinting about Diamond Hall. And has all sorts of other Tattoes based around my life. Like after me saying on twitter “Your all Blessed” she seemed to have a tattoo about that put on. And a good majority of her movies have things based around my life on it. Which is most likely done of out this world wide REVENGE for their lies that I am somehow competing with Kelly Hatch, and Somehow did all these horrible things to her which isn’t true. This tactic Isn’t done with Just Kelly, it’s done with Almost everyone that’s been in my life and sent after me to create obsession and try to make me look crazy.

The problem isn’t that I am like them, Demand perfection and say crimes are being committed. The problem is that these people are doing these things WORLD WIDE, telling me I am imagining it for the sole purpose to create mental illness. Because if they were legit, the world would admit I am known, take part in my life showing that they have ULTERIOR MOTIVES. Because I, unlike them, have no problem with people being inspired from me, or getting ideas from me, provided it is within reason, and people are admitting who I am and what is going on. Showing that I get something out of life as well and not a WORLD WIDE Extermination conspiracy, telling me I am imaging it. And when comparing me vs them, we are talking Apples and Oranges.

Because in 12th grade my family took me to some college counselers. Which now seems a little odd because I never heard of such a thing. But not sure on that one. But they gave me a few suggestions for colleges and one was out of state in OREGON! So after visiting the Colleges, I made the smart decision. Then decision they wanted me to make, that I think probably most would make is to leave california and experience the world. not that Oregon is very far away, but you get what I mean. EXPLORING which my family does not want me out of their clutches.

In Oregon, Kelly was put in our same dorm Emerald Diamond, INTENTIONALLY, as I noticed a familiar person and asked if I knew her. She told me she went to Calabasas High, and I recognized her and we I guess became friends. While I am not going to lie to you about Kelly, I was a little weird and exerting some odd behaviors looking back, but nothing MEAN was done to Kelly, and it was just a probably a couple of odd things and the rest were collected and turned around on me because this was not a NORMAL situation. And if it was, Kelly would have said, Kevin is weird, I don’t want anything to do with him, I move on with my life. And that is that.

Kelly came in with her White Jeep Cherekee and the REASON she had a white jeep Chereokee was to send me hidden messages about Migrating Indians, as the SPACE tactic. Hence while she told the world I stole her car and moved it down to the city and left the keys in it. Which is very STRANGE and CONSISTENT behavior with my families.

While things like your friend telling you that they went sky diving and you thought that was cool so you did it is not wrong and a normal thing. Hence information being collected and used against me and put with the very few weird things. Also, their scams of me COMPETING with Kelly was a blatant lie as we all know because I got into 3D animation a little after because she told me about ILM as I was trying to find myself, and asked my brother to ask Darrin Moiselle a writer who has been stalking me about 3D software. Of course Kelly doesn’t do 3D animation, she did theater set design and they are not even closely related showing that the COMPETING tactic is just the next LIE.

While in OREGON, Kelly was working on several tactics with my family, the police and government. at one point, my mother sent me a blow dart gun from one of her travels obviously in hopes she could get me mad at her and get me to blow dart her which did not work.

At one point I voiced an opinion to Kelly Hatch that I didn’t like her guy friend, and while I am not going to put a right or wrong on it. These are things that happens in everyones life. It is not the nicest of things. But it is normal. After that, she said her friend later on went to Colnery School. And for the next 25 years I have been attacked world wide at every restuarant I have ever been to so supposedly committing a crime of telling someone what I think bout someone. Which we all know happens millions of times per day in this world. And nobuddy has ever been hunted world wide for it, for their entire lives.

They were also working some ANGLE with the government where she said she had 5 guys wrapped around her finger. And for some strange reason like everything eles, people have been sending me hidden messages about 5’s for the last 25 years as if I committed a crime. Then trying to turn it around saying I am Schitzo with clear and obvious MOTIVE to remove me from society. And this is world wide with corporations, you name it showing this is really about creating mental illness especially when telling me I am imaging it.

I had a roomate Sky Speahar, who moved out of my room. For no reason at all. Nothing was said, and I sure it was another frame job to tell the world I got rid of him.

A friend Tyler the clown I think took a ghetto Blaster up to a door while a girl Sheril was fucking and they pinned it on me. Hence their MUSIC tactics.

A Latin person named Javier Kept saying “If you fuck with the Bull, you get the horns” somehow related to Andy and his Taurus and my brothers Road Rage crimes. And for 30 years now, people have been coming after me because he said it. Which doesn’t make any sense except obviously a tactic to rid me of the world.

Eric Christianson, and Sheri Christianson were told to befriend me at the same time working their 2’s tactic after buying a comical shirt “Lords Gym” which the Christian Store sells itself and we all know is nothing that would start a fire like this and generally people couldn’t give a shit about comical shirts.


And just to show you that this isn’t some RARE shirt that only I have worn so you know, other people around the world have no problem with this. And I have also seen others wearing it.

Eric was sleeping with the girls I liked to try to get me to go after him, Sheri was playing hot cold, I like you. Now your interested, FUCK OFF, type of thing to try to get me mad at her, which did not work.

Now you’d think this is a little STRANGE that it is each and every person working on me. But at the time, I did not pick up on the subtle manipultions all working togther. And I moved to Colorado because I wanted bigger and better things. More prestigeous school, bigger city life, etc. And of course my family with these people stepped in making up more LIES that I was going after my brother, even though he had already gratuated.

But you’d say to yourself, ok, that environment is hostile, why when he moves, is PACKAGED LIES given to the next City and all these new strangers start to work on you with new TACTICS.

My PREDATORS in my life will try to tell me this is somehow normal.

Another one of these SPACE boundaries frame jobs was introducing me to someone Named Micheal Bialyse, and Victoria walker by  man named Brian Longbotham. Who when broke up with Micheal ended up meeting a Trainer at my Gym Matt Von Maliaki, and marrying him. But like usual, I was the nicest person to them and did nothing wrong.

While Victoria would call me over and over trying to set me up. “Kevin I wan’t to do an adult website and have you built it, and call it Lisa Ann’s Corner” working with Lisa Ann to frame me.

And around the same time, Paul Humphrey sending this girl Lisa Marie after me to try to make it look like I was trying to steal her away from him by giving me her number and asking me to call her while she told me she did not like Paul. While of course Paul trying to cover it up calling her a pit viper, and me starting to realize, but not comprehend what was going on.

Obviously probably then saying something Like I am trying to put Lisa in a corner or something. Who really knows when these things happen all day from every person you’ve ever met or known.

Their were other frame jobs with her with a Latin Stripper who followed me to 4-play and Spearamint Rhino, and then framing me by calling me on the phone asking me to update her profile on some Partypop website with classifieds. Little did I know they were hacking my computer and collecting my websurfing to frame me to the world trying to make it look like I was violating peoples SPACE. So they conveniently placed a stephanie add, next to hers, so when I saw it making it look like I was following her around.

Also, at one point, Matt came up to me at the Gym, and told me that one of the Model girls there wanted a website, which obviously I build websites. And gave me her number, and so I called her and left a message. Never heard back, and that was fine. Who knows what lies Matt was dishing out probably saying I somehow got her number in some freaky manor.

And then starts saying weird things like. That is is a this or that after in hopes I would say something showing Anger so he could tell the world I was too sensative and harassing women. or hate women. The usual Lies about me since 10 yrs old.

So after this, they go back to their SPACE tactic, and then Victoria Walker starts telling everyone I love her, won’t leave her alone, and am Violating their boundaries. Even though it was never me calling Victoria, it was always her calling me for something.

But of course, then these people with my Psychotic family tried to pitch it as, I am Violating their SPACE and Boundaries. Of course if I walk up and ask anyone in this world if they have a friend who is the opposite sex and is single. I think almost every person world wide will say yes. Showing that this is a perfectly normal situation and the things like saying SPACE and BOUNDARIES are being violated are somehow my problem.

Then, after this, they are not done with  me so they send Julia Sophia Reynoso after me, which I believe was probably Rodie Morales, because not only in our online conversations did she refuse to refuse to divulge anything showing that she is a legit person. A picture, a phone conversation. Anything that shows she is legit. While of course encountering ENDLESS scam artists over the years on IRC and SETUP artists, and FRAME job artists, etc

But what really seemed to set Julia Sophia Reynoso off, which coincidentally was the same name as a cute girl Julia in Colorado, and my FATHERS realestate agent finding me a place to live on JULIANNA PL, was when I told her that I didn’t know who she was, she could even be a gay guy, obviously not saying anything bad about gay people, and I don’t know who she was. Basically meaning she could be anyone.

At this point Julia Sophia would tell me that her friends called her SPACE CASE, obviously working their paranoid schizophrenia tactics. To try to tell me I am a SPACE case, and violating peoples space.

Just like they sent Cia Ngyatang after me, doing demented things to me and saying “See how you are” on IRC when I lived in Colorado. Just one of ENDLESS of these IRC people sent after me to rid me of the world.

So obviously, Julia Sophia was trying to get just one of many false confessions from me to give to the world being that this should have been simply two people talking and things just not working out.

At one point, While Julia Sophia never says she’s a stripper, she knows some people who are, and the reason she is said it is because she knew I was getting into building adult websites which clearly my family does not approve in SECRET, especially with wht was said to me by an Employee Victoria (Different Victoria) that “Lorena is just trying to protect the company” two weeks later, Victoria Quit and I never saw her again.

Hence, Mike Huntley asking me to go to the Gym with Him, where I Met Rodie Morales as another setup to rid me of the world. Then of course with their SPACE tactics

Now, Rodie was involved with endless frame jobs to make it look like I was following women, violating their SPACE, etc. Just one of the top of my mind is that was weird where there was a cute Redhead girl at our Gym, never spoke to her, never said anything. No DEATH STARES as my mother calls them. for checking out a chick. maybe a little too much at some times, which has to do with shyness. or was shy at least.

So what do they do? they have her pretend I did something to her. I do not know what was said and she joins 24 hr fitness. But of course, then, Rodie who befriended me. Says to me, “I have a friend and he will give you a free membership to 24 hr fitness” so, I mean who is going to deny that right? so I go down, and he says to me, You can give our Gym a try, and I do, but then it turns out to be a bait and swtich, and he gives me a price and I never go back. Now in working out there, once again, there was that Red head,  and of course like usual, nothing was said to her, nothing was done to her, in any way shape form. Just basically noticed her there. Which is like saying if you see someone you’ve seen before you’ve committed some kind of crime.

So of course, we go to lots of Strip Clubs, and then I start going by myself because I enjoy the environment, where millions of other setups and frame jobs were being worked on me. And of course, Rodie knows I am doing some Adult websites and tells me he knows some girls that want some, but of course it’s dangle the carrot so I start to take the initiative which of course they then start working more and more lies, smear, setup attempts you name it. To destroy my name and credibility that they have been doing all day and night since 10 yrs old to turn the world against me.

And then, after this, Matt and Victoria set up this frame job with my mother and step father Arnold, Who says life is like a game of manopoly, as my mother Kindly sends me a cool Arnold Schwarznegger T-shirt of A guerialla standing on the earth Bench pressing for a Simon Wiesenthal thing. And so Victoria and Matt start  doing Dinners at a restaurant owned by Arnold Schwarzengger in Venice called Shatzi’s.

You’d think this was enough right? well no, then Rodie comes to me and says “Let’s go to strip clubs” setting me up. This is not an Isolated incident as Eric Christianson, in Oregon, Val Morazov in Colorado, Tom Farley, in California, and then Rodia Morales again. And of course these people and my family will try to pitch their DISINFORMATION that it is my fault for going to STRIP CLUBS, which their is absolutly nothing wrong with, nor is it ILLEGAL But they will try to make it look like it is my fault and I have done something wrong. Which is really about a Family who wants to DICTATE someones life. Because most likely, they don’t want their son associating with certain types of people, and then will ask me. “What do I stand for” as if I have to choose some side of good or evil. and then label the other side. When the reality is, that Strippers, Porn Stars, Priests, Lawyers, Docters, etc can all be either bad or good people. And it has nothing to do with Religion, Nationality, race.

While who knows how many scams, frame jobs, mental illness tactics were being worked on me after being invited to go out to Shatzi’s with them and also probably hinting about my family trying to get their confessions by putting a bullet hole in my fathers 300e mercedes and telling the world I tried to kill or scare him.

But the one thing I do remember is that Red Head turned out to be Frank the Zippers wife, a well known weight lifter at our gym, and when he came to out table he gave me a mean look and I think left. Once again, another one of the SPACE, BOUNDARY frame jobs.

Obviously in all these events I have listed, NOTHING out of the norm has happened for anyone to even say anything bad about me, unless their INTENT it to make up lies and give it to the world.

Now upon creating some Art Work for Julia Sophia, with Space Case in it, that as well was INTENTIONLLY used that I was somehow doing something to her. When as we all know, Any model or hot chick on the web gets tons of art from their fans and even posts all of it on their accounts. And NOBUDDY ever has a problem with it, Except Kevin Perelman.

Who every piece of artwork I have ever created I have been HUNTED for. From Black girls on chess boards, to pictures with Mike Tyson, to Pictures with Blue and Yellow blocks in it, to a picture of a dungeon and dragons devil, etc.

Of course in order for these people to COVERUP their endless campaign to rid me of the world since 10 yrs old they then start giving out a new lie to the WORLD in their SECRET online terror networks. As I am told nobuddy knows me world wide and when any person world wide does not like me, or is mad, they have the power to give the world whatever lie they want to coverup whatever their setups attempts or frame jobs are. Showing that this is really about EXTERMINATION.

At this point trying ONCE AGAIN! to say that I am now doing these things back to Julia Sophia just like my brother was doing with the school teachers. Showing that this is a PACKAGED tactic.

Also, not only are these TACTICS being used with women following me to college, classes, moving above me from my classes, you name it, but Also from women following me to Public places like coffee shops or other places, then CLAIMING I am following them. Women will follow me into Coffee shops, endlessly provoke me, try to get a reaction then say I won’t leave them alone.

Also, one of their tactics might be to have someone from Fox news says “This is my twitter Account” or if I add someone who is Famous to a social network, they will then say I have somehow violated their space. Not just one, each and every one. And we all know that if Fox news people or random people in the world create these accounts, then ask people to follow them and join their social environments that you are not doing anything wrong. And by them making up CLAIMS, I am violating their space, especially for the sole purpose to justify removing me from society is obnoxious, and we all know it’s not true to begin with.

My brother hints he is going to make me mentally ill, then to get people to help, he sends Paul Humphry, Mike Huntley, Paul Schauffer after me to frame me, saying look at what I am doing to teacher, to get more people mad at me. Well this and probably every other tactic all day and night for 35  years seem to be the same types of operations.

And then of course my PREDATORS try to turn it around saying that this art is not normal, I am causing problems, And I am a horrible person, and I am too sensitive, and this is the way the world works. With their Disinformation campaign to try to make me thing It is my fault I am being HUNTED.

Of course, then, working with the theropists, and psychologists. Which My mother, Brother and Father all have psychology Degrees they say I am crazy, a paranoid schitzo, suffer from obsessional looping, you name it to try to lock me away. Which is even STRANGER.

This post gives you just a TASTE of their all day and night operations since 10 yrs old which have no stopped and is done by almost every person in the world I have any type of contact with. all day and night. As well as they mass terror operations with 100,000’s of hidden message tactics per day being directed at me world wide on and off the internet from their so called “MEME’s” created after me trying to say I’ve done something. millions of cars parked backwards because I parked backwards once, Millions of people tapping when they see me because Aubry Fisher doesn’t like foot tapping. You name it.

Of course, then My family, or So called Psychotic Jailer friends will say things like to give me disinformation. “You are just too sensitive” “You think differently from everyone else” or course I do think differently then crazies, that is or sure “People are afraid of you” and any lame bullshit answer to dance around the obvious and truth that the whole this is a campaign to remove me from society with world wide support since 10 years old and try to make it look like it’s somehow my fault.

And if I am in contact with anyone in the world it will be some lame hidden message excuse how it’s my personality, they are going to endless attack me with abuse violating behaviors from hacking, mental illness tactics, mimic tactics (Of course the abuse ones aren’t mine),  you name it to justify their real MOTIVES and INTENTIONS, especially when I have asked for 16 years what this is about and with their ENDLESS lies to the world, not one person, even my family, refuse to give  an answer about anything SPECIFIC, because they already know that everything ever said about me and given to the world in SECRET is BLATANT LIES.

And also, Now that I found out about this all day and night passive aggressive tactics to provoke me, set me up, frame me since 10 years old world wide, upwards of the last 16 years of 100,000 attacks per day. If I say or do anything defend myself, they will say, that it is because I am terroritorial and trying to take over their SPACE or whatever. From Lorena Escobars lies about me trying to take over the company. IRC lies of OPS launching channel takeovers and pinning it on the random websurfer which isn’t really a crime. to you name it with obvious INTENT to say whatever they can since 10 yrs old to rid me of the world.

And if course if their is any imperfection in my life. For example, being the nicest person to Aubrey Fisher known to man, and her not liking foot tapping. And because she asked me to stop and I wasn’t paying attention is not a criminal act, and if that PERFECTION in her mind was broken. Then she has no right, and is commiting a crime, by having world wide groups if they see me all day and night for 6 years start tapping. Showing that, she had the OPTION to not call me and try to set me up and frame me during our entire relationship and walk away is she thought I was a bad person. Thus showing she, like everyone else is completley full of shit, trying to make her crimes look justified. And if if I was an Asshole to her. She just should have stopped calling me. But I think we all know this is much Larger, then your an asshole and the world is going to Hunt you down and kill you. Because that is absurd to begin with.

Lets talk about the Psychology behind this which my family tries to preach about with their Hannibal Elector lies. I am no psychologist. Taken a single required psychology 101 course unlike the rest of my family. But I know enough to know a family that has world wide random strangers doing these things to someone all day and night for 44 years so far has motive and agenda to rid me of the world. Also, from the age up to 29 I had no clue what was going on. Was the nicest person to everyone in my life minus imperfection, and passed all of their TESTS. Yet they still keep coming all day and night. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I really reacted in any type of defense, maybe until 36 – 38. So anything they try to pitch is a latent lie.

So what they are doing is trying to covertly, with world wide support create every psychological terror, trauma, tactic known to man. Paranoia, Schitzofrenia, Psychotic looping, watching world wide groups provoke you all day and night 24/7 and get that reaction to say. “See I told you so, he is a danger to himself or others” and of course at the same time, make up lies that I am doing this to get them to take part. Them thinking they are Revenging me, when really they are just HUNTING me with world wide support for no reason other then a WITCH HUNT.

And of course then send me hidden messages all day telling me that they are doing this because I can’t see who I am. Just for the sole purpse to end my life with a psychological warfare campaign and tell the world it is my fault.

For details on this campaign to rid me of the worlds since 10 years old you can go to

Jut one of the endless tactics used on me is the JUDGEMENT label. While it is very rare that people walk around saying. Someone made a judgement we are going to

kill them is odd. These people try to actually use this as disinformation or a weapon. For example, despite the fact that I have always been open minded, friendly, non judgmental, and have accepted everyone. Maybe not liked, or related to some people and didn’t want to be part of their lives because it doesn’t feel right.

But the point I am getting at, which is COMMON SENSE, which we all know is that everyone in this makes judgements all day and night. For example, if I am driving and it’s a yellow light, I will make a judgement weather to go through it, or not.

Maybe  I go out on a date, and I don’t like the girl, so I just made a judgement, and I don’t call her again.

My point is, that everyone makes judgements over and over and it is not the judgement that can be a problem, but how ones ACTIONS are based on the judgement.

So, if you go out on a date with someone, and they say, you made a judgement, you don’t like me, you committed a crime and she is going to kill you or make you mentally ill. She not only just made her own Judgement, but she is now your judge, jury, sentence, and executioner. Which really has nothing to do with the judgement other then her justification to commit the crime.

Now, in my life, for the last 35 years oddly enough I have had endless people come in my life saying. You are a bad person, You made a JUDGEMENT, you need ave it done to you world wide until you change, and not make judgements.

While this is a strange BEHAVIOR, it is obvious that with all the other endless things like this being done to me, then telling me it’s my fault and I think differently. I have never seen what is being done to anyone else, even with those who do make nasty judgements, and actually do messed up things because of it.

But this TACTIC, LABEL, to Defame my reputation has been done to me my entire life since 10 years old. But one you see someone coming at you saying. You made a JUDGEMENT, will are going to rid you of the world.

It is obvious that it has nothing to do with JUDGEMENTS in any way shape or form, and it really has to do with just PACKAGING, and excuse to justify their ACTIONS, in getting what they want since targeting me since 10 years old to remove me from society.

I have never in my life seen any other person in this world be hunted by a world wide campaign saying “You made a judgement”

For more information on these endless other types of tactics, scams, Ulterior motives to remove me from society,

You can go to