The Family, government, police, world SPACE tactic to remove me from society and Julia Sophia Reynoso

Posted: January 7, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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Since a young kid, probably about 10 years old, Which I never realized what was going on or the types of people that surrounded me. Which are not normal BEHAVIORS is an elaborate tactics, just one of endless tactics to give to the world to rile them against me to remove me from society is their SPACE tactic.

While not understanding that my family, friends, especially brother are like TERRITORIAL dogs, that piss in a corner, claim it theirs, then hunt you down and try to kill you for it, saying you somehow violated them has been an all day and night tactic since 10 years old.

While my motto is Everyone in this world should all work togethor and get along. They don’t want this side of me known like most people who want you dead and give endless lies to the world.

So, Growing up, my family moved me back a grade in what they called T1, I believe before middle school some time. Putting me in an awckward position. What this meant is that I was 1 year older then everyone else in this grade. Well, you so no big deal right? Well that is what I thought, and honestly it wasn’t until finding out what was being done to my life.

Now, My brother is 2 years older then me. So, you can imagine, I had my friends, and being that I am a very friendly person, I was semi friendly and hung out a lot with my brothers friends. And while nothing was said that we don’t want you around. I did not think I was doing anything wrong. Nor was I from the stand point of not crossing boundaries is nothing is said.

For those who need it spelled out. If you are friends with someone and they make you think it is ok, but have a problem with it and hunt you down for it. You have done nothing wrong but be friendly.

Now I have been in countless situations in my life which were obvious setups or frame jobs to try to make it look like I was somehow violating peoples boundaries and I have obviously never violated anyones boundaries. But I have endless people playing the SPACE card,  saying I am doing something wrong for the sole purpose to figure out how to remove me from society.

While now knowing that my Brother was hunting me for simply being a friendly person who is around him, or his friends, and will say whatever it takes to rid me of the world, everything he has told the world is a blatent lie.

Especially someone who tells you at around 13 that he made a teacher mentally ill, and has a bug in my room and is listening to everything I do to try to create paranoia. Then having people like Paul Humphry, Mike Huntley, Paul Schauffer setting me up with Paul Humphry In High School.

For example, after my brother sent these people after me, Paul Humphry, Joe Humphries younger brother who was in my brothers grade befriended me after my brother starting his mental illness campaign.

I will give you a couple of their frame jobs. While Mike Huntley had a friend who was a stripper named Melody, he asked me to bounce for her a couple of times because she needed someone with her at some bachlear parties. After this, Melodie gave me her business cards and told me to pass them out. And I passed a few out. I can recall this one incident Paul Schauffer he didn’t like me and would Bully me in high school taking the card, and putting it in my math teachers drawer. Obviously to frame me or set me up with them.

Also, in my Spanish Class, Paul Schauffer would set the alarm on his watch, and put in under Ms Garcia’s desk. And I believe he was doing this to frame me, because I always fell asleep in her class.

After this I was in my English Class with Mr Quigley, who saw Paul Schauffer pushing my desk over and then told me to Punch Paul in front of everyone. Of course I refused to punch Paul. Which is strange that the people who keep beating people up, and pinning it on me, still are made at me for not punching him, showing that my ACTIONS are true and honest. Which makes my PREDATORS angrier.

Now, imagine your brother before this is telling you that he made a teacher mentally ill and put them in a mental instition, then people come after you to endlessly frame you. Then in order to coverup these crimes for the next 30 years are hunting you world wide saying that you did this. And when you say, this is all a frame job, even though for some ODD reason they won’t address the issue and tell you what it is about WORLD WIDE. Which is UNHEARD of.

Then they try to use the scam that it is all your fault that it is genetics and you are just like them, to coverup their crimes. Even though their is nothing you’ve done wrong. Trying to use some lame LABEL scam,  to justify murder and removing me from society.

As well as Jason Baum, Mike Wexler, Mike Huntley again contacting me and wanted to start a company with him for 6 years to rid me of the world, etc

Now, I am sure, a PSYCHOTIC like my brother will use the SPACE scam that I violated his space to try to justify his actions.

Another one of their SPACE boundaries frame job was a Girl in High School they sent after me named Kelly Hatch. Obviously using the name because when I was very young in school, a teacher cracked open an egg and a bloody chicken came out. Then Having Tom Farley Go on his Grunion Runs, egging Eric Johnson, hitting him and pinning it on me. And then My Brother going on his Runs of Rod rage, getting people to chase him and pinning it on me. Obviously connected.

But Kelly Went to Calabasas High, and so did I. I was never friends with Kelly, Spoke to her in High School, was any part of her Click. Zero contact. Apparently Kelly Transfered  from Calabasas High and moved to San Francisco two years into High School. I had no clue of this until college. But My guess is they were telling the world I had got rid of her and made her move.

Not only this, but when I was around 16, my brother and his friends were singing a song. “Because her name is Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly, K   E    L     L     Y” I never thought anything of it back then because I was not friends nor had any contact with Kelly. I put this togethor maybe around 35 years old. But you can see how they were all working togethor to end my life.  But things get deeper! why did they choose Kelly? I don’t know but I have my suspinsions that it might have to do with a Porn Star I am not really familiar with named Angel Kelly.

Which also explains their tactics with Angels over the years and trying to make me look crazy. And other Porn Stars like Raven BAY, (Bay Area like Kelly, at least hints) her angel wing Tattoos, and similarities like stright long black hair down to her butt. Who says things like “I’m a Diamond” probably hinting about Diamond Hall. And has all sorts of other Tattoes based around my life. Like after me saying on twitter “Your all Blessed” she seemed to have a tattoo about that put on. And a good majority of her movies have things based around my life on it. Which is most likely done of out this world wide REVENGE for their lies that I am somehow competing with Kelly Hatch, and Somehow did all these horrible things to her which isn’t true. This tactic Isn’t done with Just Kelly, it’s done with Almost everyone that’s been in my life and sent after me to create obsession and try to make me look crazy.

The problem isn’t that I am like them, Demand perfection and say crimes are being committed. The problem is that these people are doing these things WORLD WIDE, telling me I am imagining it for the sole purpose to create mental illness. Because if they were legit, the world would admit I am known, take part in my life showing that they have ULTERIOR MOTIVES. Because I, unlike them, have no problem with people being inspired from me, or getting ideas from me, provided it is within reason, and people are admitting who I am and what is going on. Showing that I get something out of life as well and not a WORLD WIDE Extermination conspiracy, telling me I am imaging it. And when comparing me vs them, we are talking Apples and Oranges.

Because in 12th grade my family took me to some college counselers. Which now seems a little odd because I never heard of such a thing. But not sure on that one. But they gave me a few suggestions for colleges and one was out of state in OREGON! So after visiting the Colleges, I made the smart decision. Then decision they wanted me to make, that I think probably most would make is to leave california and experience the world. not that Oregon is very far away, but you get what I mean. EXPLORING which my family does not want me out of their clutches.

In Oregon, Kelly was put in our same dorm Emerald Diamond, INTENTIONALLY, as I noticed a familiar person and asked if I knew her. She told me she went to Calabasas High, and I recognized her and we I guess became friends. While I am not going to lie to you about Kelly, I was a little weird and exerting some odd behaviors looking back, but nothing MEAN was done to Kelly, and it was just a probably a couple of odd things and the rest were collected and turned around on me because this was not a NORMAL situation. And if it was, Kelly would have said, Kevin is weird, I don’t want anything to do with him, I move on with my life. And that is that.

Kelly came in with her White Jeep Cherekee and the REASON she had a white jeep Chereokee was to send me hidden messages about Migrating Indians, as the SPACE tactic. Hence while she told the world I stole her car and moved it down to the city and left the keys in it. Which is very STRANGE and CONSISTENT behavior with my families.

While things like your friend telling you that they went sky diving and you thought that was cool so you did it is not wrong and a normal thing. Hence information being collected and used against me and put with the very few weird things. Also, their scams of me COMPETING with Kelly was a blatant lie as we all know because I got into 3D animation a little after because she told me about ILM as I was trying to find myself, and asked my brother to ask Darrin Moiselle a writer who has been stalking me about 3D software. Of course Kelly doesn’t do 3D animation, she did theater set design and they are not even closely related showing that the COMPETING tactic is just the next LIE.

While in OREGON, Kelly was working on several tactics with my family, the police and government. at one point, my mother sent me a blow dart gun from one of her travels obviously in hopes she could get me mad at her and get me to blow dart her which did not work.

At one point I voiced an opinion to Kelly Hatch that I didn’t like her guy friend, and while I am not going to put a right or wrong on it. These are things that happens in everyones life. It is not the nicest of things. But it is normal. After that, she said her friend later on went to Colnery School. And for the next 25 years I have been attacked world wide at every restuarant I have ever been to so supposedly committing a crime of telling someone what I think bout someone. Which we all know happens millions of times per day in this world. And nobuddy has ever been hunted world wide for it, for their entire lives.

They were also working some ANGLE with the government where she said she had 5 guys wrapped around her finger. And for some strange reason like everything eles, people have been sending me hidden messages about 5’s for the last 25 years as if I committed a crime. Then trying to turn it around saying I am Schitzo with clear and obvious MOTIVE to remove me from society. And this is world wide with corporations, you name it showing this is really about creating mental illness especially when telling me I am imaging it.

I had a roomate Sky Speahar, who moved out of my room. For no reason at all. Nothing was said, and I sure it was another frame job to tell the world I got rid of him.

A friend Tyler the clown I think took a ghetto Blaster up to a door while a girl Sheril was fucking and they pinned it on me. Hence their MUSIC tactics.

A Latin person named Javier Kept saying “If you fuck with the Bull, you get the horns” somehow related to Andy and his Taurus and my brothers Road Rage crimes. And for 30 years now, people have been coming after me because he said it. Which doesn’t make any sense except obviously a tactic to rid me of the world.

Eric Christianson, and Sheri Christianson were told to befriend me at the same time working their 2’s tactic after buying a comical shirt “Lords Gym” which the Christian Store sells itself and we all know is nothing that would start a fire like this and generally people couldn’t give a shit about comical shirts.


And just to show you that this isn’t some RARE shirt that only I have worn so you know, other people around the world have no problem with this. And I have also seen others wearing it.

Eric was sleeping with the girls I liked to try to get me to go after him, Sheri was playing hot cold, I like you. Now your interested, FUCK OFF, type of thing to try to get me mad at her, which did not work.

Now you’d think this is a little STRANGE that it is each and every person working on me. But at the time, I did not pick up on the subtle manipultions all working togther. And I moved to Colorado because I wanted bigger and better things. More prestigeous school, bigger city life, etc. And of course my family with these people stepped in making up more LIES that I was going after my brother, even though he had already gratuated.

But you’d say to yourself, ok, that environment is hostile, why when he moves, is PACKAGED LIES given to the next City and all these new strangers start to work on you with new TACTICS.

My PREDATORS in my life will try to tell me this is somehow normal.

Another one of these SPACE boundaries frame jobs was introducing me to someone Named Micheal Bialyse, and Victoria walker by  man named Brian Longbotham. Who when broke up with Micheal ended up meeting a Trainer at my Gym Matt Von Maliaki, and marrying him. But like usual, I was the nicest person to them and did nothing wrong.

While Victoria would call me over and over trying to set me up. “Kevin I wan’t to do an adult website and have you built it, and call it Lisa Ann’s Corner” working with Lisa Ann to frame me.

And around the same time, Paul Humphrey sending this girl Lisa Marie after me to try to make it look like I was trying to steal her away from him by giving me her number and asking me to call her while she told me she did not like Paul. While of course Paul trying to cover it up calling her a pit viper, and me starting to realize, but not comprehend what was going on.

Obviously probably then saying something Like I am trying to put Lisa in a corner or something. Who really knows when these things happen all day from every person you’ve ever met or known.

Their were other frame jobs with her with a Latin Stripper who followed me to 4-play and Spearamint Rhino, and then framing me by calling me on the phone asking me to update her profile on some Partypop website with classifieds. Little did I know they were hacking my computer and collecting my websurfing to frame me to the world trying to make it look like I was violating peoples SPACE. So they conveniently placed a stephanie add, next to hers, so when I saw it making it look like I was following her around.

Also, at one point, Matt came up to me at the Gym, and told me that one of the Model girls there wanted a website, which obviously I build websites. And gave me her number, and so I called her and left a message. Never heard back, and that was fine. Who knows what lies Matt was dishing out probably saying I somehow got her number in some freaky manor.

And then starts saying weird things like. That is is a this or that after in hopes I would say something showing Anger so he could tell the world I was too sensative and harassing women. or hate women. The usual Lies about me since 10 yrs old.

So after this, they go back to their SPACE tactic, and then Victoria Walker starts telling everyone I love her, won’t leave her alone, and am Violating their boundaries. Even though it was never me calling Victoria, it was always her calling me for something.

But of course, then these people with my Psychotic family tried to pitch it as, I am Violating their SPACE and Boundaries. Of course if I walk up and ask anyone in this world if they have a friend who is the opposite sex and is single. I think almost every person world wide will say yes. Showing that this is a perfectly normal situation and the things like saying SPACE and BOUNDARIES are being violated are somehow my problem.

Then, after this, they are not done with  me so they send Julia Sophia Reynoso after me, which I believe was probably Rodie Morales, because not only in our online conversations did she refuse to refuse to divulge anything showing that she is a legit person. A picture, a phone conversation. Anything that shows she is legit. While of course encountering ENDLESS scam artists over the years on IRC and SETUP artists, and FRAME job artists, etc

But what really seemed to set Julia Sophia Reynoso off, which coincidentally was the same name as a cute girl Julia in Colorado, and my FATHERS realestate agent finding me a place to live on JULIANNA PL, was when I told her that I didn’t know who she was, she could even be a gay guy, obviously not saying anything bad about gay people, and I don’t know who she was. Basically meaning she could be anyone.

At this point Julia Sophia would tell me that her friends called her SPACE CASE, obviously working their paranoid schizophrenia tactics. To try to tell me I am a SPACE case, and violating peoples space.

Just like they sent Cia Ngyatang after me, doing demented things to me and saying “See how you are” on IRC when I lived in Colorado. Just one of ENDLESS of these IRC people sent after me to rid me of the world.

So obviously, Julia Sophia was trying to get just one of many false confessions from me to give to the world being that this should have been simply two people talking and things just not working out.

At one point, While Julia Sophia never says she’s a stripper, she knows some people who are, and the reason she is said it is because she knew I was getting into building adult websites which clearly my family does not approve in SECRET, especially with wht was said to me by an Employee Victoria (Different Victoria) that “Lorena is just trying to protect the company” two weeks later, Victoria Quit and I never saw her again.

Hence, Mike Huntley asking me to go to the Gym with Him, where I Met Rodie Morales as another setup to rid me of the world. Then of course with their SPACE tactics

Now, Rodie was involved with endless frame jobs to make it look like I was following women, violating their SPACE, etc. Just one of the top of my mind is that was weird where there was a cute Redhead girl at our Gym, never spoke to her, never said anything. No DEATH STARES as my mother calls them. for checking out a chick. maybe a little too much at some times, which has to do with shyness. or was shy at least.

So what do they do? they have her pretend I did something to her. I do not know what was said and she joins 24 hr fitness. But of course, then, Rodie who befriended me. Says to me, “I have a friend and he will give you a free membership to 24 hr fitness” so, I mean who is going to deny that right? so I go down, and he says to me, You can give our Gym a try, and I do, but then it turns out to be a bait and swtich, and he gives me a price and I never go back. Now in working out there, once again, there was that Red head,  and of course like usual, nothing was said to her, nothing was done to her, in any way shape form. Just basically noticed her there. Which is like saying if you see someone you’ve seen before you’ve committed some kind of crime.

So of course, we go to lots of Strip Clubs, and then I start going by myself because I enjoy the environment, where millions of other setups and frame jobs were being worked on me. And of course, Rodie knows I am doing some Adult websites and tells me he knows some girls that want some, but of course it’s dangle the carrot so I start to take the initiative which of course they then start working more and more lies, smear, setup attempts you name it. To destroy my name and credibility that they have been doing all day and night since 10 yrs old to turn the world against me.

And then, after this, Matt and Victoria set up this frame job with my mother and step father Arnold, Who says life is like a game of manopoly, as my mother Kindly sends me a cool Arnold Schwarznegger T-shirt of A guerialla standing on the earth Bench pressing for a Simon Wiesenthal thing. And so Victoria and Matt start  doing Dinners at a restaurant owned by Arnold Schwarzengger in Venice called Shatzi’s.

You’d think this was enough right? well no, then Rodie comes to me and says “Let’s go to strip clubs” setting me up. This is not an Isolated incident as Eric Christianson, in Oregon, Val Morazov in Colorado, Tom Farley, in California, and then Rodia Morales again. And of course these people and my family will try to pitch their DISINFORMATION that it is my fault for going to STRIP CLUBS, which their is absolutly nothing wrong with, nor is it ILLEGAL But they will try to make it look like it is my fault and I have done something wrong. Which is really about a Family who wants to DICTATE someones life. Because most likely, they don’t want their son associating with certain types of people, and then will ask me. “What do I stand for” as if I have to choose some side of good or evil. and then label the other side. When the reality is, that Strippers, Porn Stars, Priests, Lawyers, Docters, etc can all be either bad or good people. And it has nothing to do with Religion, Nationality, race.

While who knows how many scams, frame jobs, mental illness tactics were being worked on me after being invited to go out to Shatzi’s with them and also probably hinting about my family trying to get their confessions by putting a bullet hole in my fathers 300e mercedes and telling the world I tried to kill or scare him.

But the one thing I do remember is that Red Head turned out to be Frank the Zippers wife, a well known weight lifter at our gym, and when he came to out table he gave me a mean look and I think left. Once again, another one of the SPACE, BOUNDARY frame jobs.

Obviously in all these events I have listed, NOTHING out of the norm has happened for anyone to even say anything bad about me, unless their INTENT it to make up lies and give it to the world.

Now upon creating some Art Work for Julia Sophia, with Space Case in it, that as well was INTENTIONLLY used that I was somehow doing something to her. When as we all know, Any model or hot chick on the web gets tons of art from their fans and even posts all of it on their accounts. And NOBUDDY ever has a problem with it, Except Kevin Perelman.

Who every piece of artwork I have ever created I have been HUNTED for. From Black girls on chess boards, to pictures with Mike Tyson, to Pictures with Blue and Yellow blocks in it, to a picture of a dungeon and dragons devil, etc.

Of course in order for these people to COVERUP their endless campaign to rid me of the world since 10 yrs old they then start giving out a new lie to the WORLD in their SECRET online terror networks. As I am told nobuddy knows me world wide and when any person world wide does not like me, or is mad, they have the power to give the world whatever lie they want to coverup whatever their setups attempts or frame jobs are. Showing that this is really about EXTERMINATION.

At this point trying ONCE AGAIN! to say that I am now doing these things back to Julia Sophia just like my brother was doing with the school teachers. Showing that this is a PACKAGED tactic.

Also, not only are these TACTICS being used with women following me to college, classes, moving above me from my classes, you name it, but Also from women following me to Public places like coffee shops or other places, then CLAIMING I am following them. Women will follow me into Coffee shops, endlessly provoke me, try to get a reaction then say I won’t leave them alone.

Also, one of their tactics might be to have someone from Fox news says “This is my twitter Account” or if I add someone who is Famous to a social network, they will then say I have somehow violated their space. Not just one, each and every one. And we all know that if Fox news people or random people in the world create these accounts, then ask people to follow them and join their social environments that you are not doing anything wrong. And by them making up CLAIMS, I am violating their space, especially for the sole purpose to justify removing me from society is obnoxious, and we all know it’s not true to begin with.

My brother hints he is going to make me mentally ill, then to get people to help, he sends Paul Humphry, Mike Huntley, Paul Schauffer after me to frame me, saying look at what I am doing to teacher, to get more people mad at me. Well this and probably every other tactic all day and night for 35  years seem to be the same types of operations.

And then of course my PREDATORS try to turn it around saying that this art is not normal, I am causing problems, And I am a horrible person, and I am too sensitive, and this is the way the world works. With their Disinformation campaign to try to make me thing It is my fault I am being HUNTED.

Of course, then, working with the theropists, and psychologists. Which My mother, Brother and Father all have psychology Degrees they say I am crazy, a paranoid schitzo, suffer from obsessional looping, you name it to try to lock me away. Which is even STRANGER.

This post gives you just a TASTE of their all day and night operations since 10 yrs old which have no stopped and is done by almost every person in the world I have any type of contact with. all day and night. As well as they mass terror operations with 100,000’s of hidden message tactics per day being directed at me world wide on and off the internet from their so called “MEME’s” created after me trying to say I’ve done something. millions of cars parked backwards because I parked backwards once, Millions of people tapping when they see me because Aubry Fisher doesn’t like foot tapping. You name it.

Of course, then My family, or So called Psychotic Jailer friends will say things like to give me disinformation. “You are just too sensitive” “You think differently from everyone else” or course I do think differently then crazies, that is or sure “People are afraid of you” and any lame bullshit answer to dance around the obvious and truth that the whole this is a campaign to remove me from society with world wide support since 10 years old and try to make it look like it’s somehow my fault.

And if I am in contact with anyone in the world it will be some lame hidden message excuse how it’s my personality, they are going to endless attack me with abuse violating behaviors from hacking, mental illness tactics, mimic tactics (Of course the abuse ones aren’t mine),  you name it to justify their real MOTIVES and INTENTIONS, especially when I have asked for 16 years what this is about and with their ENDLESS lies to the world, not one person, even my family, refuse to give  an answer about anything SPECIFIC, because they already know that everything ever said about me and given to the world in SECRET is BLATANT LIES.

And also, Now that I found out about this all day and night passive aggressive tactics to provoke me, set me up, frame me since 10 years old world wide, upwards of the last 16 years of 100,000 attacks per day. If I say or do anything defend myself, they will say, that it is because I am terroritorial and trying to take over their SPACE or whatever. From Lorena Escobars lies about me trying to take over the company. IRC lies of OPS launching channel takeovers and pinning it on the random websurfer which isn’t really a crime. to you name it with obvious INTENT to say whatever they can since 10 yrs old to rid me of the world.

And if course if their is any imperfection in my life. For example, being the nicest person to Aubrey Fisher known to man, and her not liking foot tapping. And because she asked me to stop and I wasn’t paying attention is not a criminal act, and if that PERFECTION in her mind was broken. Then she has no right, and is commiting a crime, by having world wide groups if they see me all day and night for 6 years start tapping. Showing that, she had the OPTION to not call me and try to set me up and frame me during our entire relationship and walk away is she thought I was a bad person. Thus showing she, like everyone else is completley full of shit, trying to make her crimes look justified. And if if I was an Asshole to her. She just should have stopped calling me. But I think we all know this is much Larger, then your an asshole and the world is going to Hunt you down and kill you. Because that is absurd to begin with.

Lets talk about the Psychology behind this which my family tries to preach about with their Hannibal Elector lies. I am no psychologist. Taken a single required psychology 101 course unlike the rest of my family. But I know enough to know a family that has world wide random strangers doing these things to someone all day and night for 44 years so far has motive and agenda to rid me of the world. Also, from the age up to 29 I had no clue what was going on. Was the nicest person to everyone in my life minus imperfection, and passed all of their TESTS. Yet they still keep coming all day and night. As a matter of fact, I don’t think I really reacted in any type of defense, maybe until 36 – 38. So anything they try to pitch is a latent lie.

So what they are doing is trying to covertly, with world wide support create every psychological terror, trauma, tactic known to man. Paranoia, Schitzofrenia, Psychotic looping, watching world wide groups provoke you all day and night 24/7 and get that reaction to say. “See I told you so, he is a danger to himself or others” and of course at the same time, make up lies that I am doing this to get them to take part. Them thinking they are Revenging me, when really they are just HUNTING me with world wide support for no reason other then a WITCH HUNT.

And of course then send me hidden messages all day telling me that they are doing this because I can’t see who I am. Just for the sole purpse to end my life with a psychological warfare campaign and tell the world it is my fault.

For details on this campaign to rid me of the worlds since 10 years old you can go to


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