The Media TACTIC to create mental illness and remove me from society

Posted: January 9, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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Since I was a young child, probably around 10 years old, my family, with the police, government and masses decided for some strange reason that they were going to remove me from society. But obviously you cannot just randomly remove someone you do not like or trust from society.

So they have devoted my entire lifetime to trying to make it look like their is a reason, by endlessly trying to set me up, frame me, smear my name with lies to the world and rile the masses against me in SECRET to try to get reactions to rile up larger and larger groups world wide and try to make me look crazy and too sensitive. Until they can get the reaction they want working with the police, government to accomplish this.

I had no clue any of this was going on until I was around 29, and really started to put the pieces togethor around 38 years old, after years and years of all day and night 24/7 psychological terror tactics with world wide support.

Just 0ne of their Tactics, in the thousands,  is and was to use the Media to try to make me look crazy. Like a paranoid schitzo. They have done this in several ways. In the beginning,  it seemed to be about showing me movies, music, internet, etc, introducing me to music, and taking the things I would watch and listen too, and look for an ANGLE to try to make the world think I am schitzo and conform to them, and doing horrible things to people. My brother and friends would show me lots of horror movies to try to make it look like I would conform to them and was violent and crazy.

They would do this in several different ways. Sometimes, they would just go through my large Music Collections and selectively pick the things they wanted, songs, or band names, and just make up fiction from what they collected applying it to my life and giving it to the world to try to make me look crazy, telling them that I get messages from the movies or music and do things from them, or the are shaping my life.

You can only imagine what happens if I like a song and sing it, what will be inflicted on me by mass groups world saying I have committed a crime. Then telling me I am not allowed to listen to music, watch movies, or even go places. Of course this is not done in direct message, because I could say something. So instead they endlessly thug me with mass groups with covert passive aggressive attacks and psychological warfare tactics to try to shock me so to speak into what they want. Kind of like when my father bought a shock collar for his dog, Rhoda when I was a kid. Thinking that, that was wrong, and telling some of my friends which didn’t seem to go well for me.  Obviously not directly said, but mentally battered to death until people say weird things to me like “It isn’t healthy for you here” after being attacked and being that this is every place in the world, meaning, BREATHING. But that is just a lame excuse for these psychotics to try to dictate my life continually saying, it is not healthy for you here after endlessly attacking me.

Then of course they will work the label that I have no friends, am a recluse, or crazy, things like this to cover up what they have been doing all my life. One of their elaborate tactics is at the age 29, finding out what was being done to me, but not really clear what it was. Then telling the world I snapped. Thus to coverup what they have been planning to do to my my entire life. They knew exactly what they were going to do to me when I found out something was wrong. Their cover ups were even planned from childhood.

I can recall growing up, my brother and his friends liked to rent Horror movies and I would watch them with them, which isn’t a big deal, And people watch horror movies all the time or they would not make them if it was wrong. But little did I know they are telling the world I was Violent, enraged murderer, and then saying I had a problem watching Horror movies, when they were the ones renting them, and we all watched them.

Of course like usual, no buddy has any problem with them watching them, only me. Showing that they are just making up elaborate lame excuses to justify their actions from things that don’t matter because I am a good person and they don’t have the dirt they want on me to get what they want so they have to resort to using insignificant things that don’t matter in desperation.

So they would do things like, have me watch Texas Chainsaw Massacre, then tell me weird things like my brother telling me that his friend Jeff Allen’s (Who supposedly went out and stole mustangs, Which I have no doubt they were telling the world I was a car thief as well,  but probably really an attempt to try to manipulate me into stealing cars) mother chainsawed down his door. Probably to try to get me to tell people about that, and then them look at me like I conform to the movies and am crazy.

When I was in maybe 6th grade, there was a girl named Christy Reynolds which I was attracted too, and I could not keep my eyes off her. She at one point asked me why I kept looking at her, but I was extremely shy and didn’t tell her I liked her. My mother calls this a DEATH STARE. Which any rational person knows, if a man can’t keep his eyes off a girl, it is most of the time because of ATTRACTION.

After this, a person who was told to befriend me, named Tom Farley was told to help remove me from society. He instantly became friends with a girl named Traci PEEKOS, to send me hidden messages using her name.

Not only this, after watching the movie Creepshow (1982), they decided to try to REENACT scenes out of the movie to try to make me look crazy. To give you an idea, there is a short scene in it, with a man with OCD named Upson Pratt, who talks to a Carl REYNOLDS, in Orlando Florida on the phone, and he Cockroaches keep coming in his house, and he keeps killing them. And of course he is an Asshole, which my family has tried to label me to the world. And the more he kills, more come in. Until finally, So many come in, he has a heart attack and dies. Finally, the Cockroaches consume his body, until they start crawling out of him.

Their is also a Parallel in the movie of a Lady who calls him several times because he pushed her husband to suicide, and being that people have come in my life trying to make it look like I tried to push them to suicide trying to set me up and frame me seems a little coincidental as well that random people would do this to me on multiple occasions along with the endless other things.



Upson Pratt

After watching this movie, My mother tells me that Jason, my brother, woke up, went downstairs to the Kitchen and that the kitchen was infested with Roaches all over the floor. I didn’t make any connection then, although it didn’t sound very realistic to me. But I didn’t put much weight on it at the time. Because it’s not one of those things you don’t really analyze, nor could you really ask if they were lying. Maybe a “Seriously?” but they would never admit it.

And oddly enough, people have been trying to passive aggressively, provoke terrorize, or you could say “BUG” me, all day and night since around 10 years old and now and am 44 years old and nothing has changed showing what they have been doing to me all my life, and trying to make me look crazy to cover it up. Or at least an EXTERMINATION campaign with world wide support to end my existence and tell me I am imagining what is being done to me and my life since 10.

And of course these mass groups seem to be doing what the roaches did to Mr Reynolds, to me for the last 35 years, but of course then they take things out of others movies as well and do them endlessly. Most likely, my family, and these groups of people are saying weird things, like I am like Mr Pratt, and then telling everyone world wide I am schitzo. Which is the type of thing that is done to me all the time to figure out ways to get the masses to remove me from society.

At one point, one corrupt psychiatrist Susan Doner told me that people that I was schitzo, but I didn’t know how to process the information because I was so confused and could not comprehend what the hell was going on while being attacked world wide and wondering what was going on. But of course, like usual, nothing was laid out and explained to me. It was all about getting the information they wanted, and not explaining the situation so that it could be talked about. At that point she started working with Mike Huntley and Tom Farley saying that I was harassing waitresses, especially at Yankee Doodles pool hall. But of course taking private confidential session information, taking it out of context and giving it to the world which is highly illegal.

Another piece of Media they were using on me I believe is a Movie Called Wizards 1977, I was about 5 years old. I have vague visions of my family taking me to the Theater. But it is a really good movie non the less.


But the parallels to this movie and my life which don’t make any sense is what is so Strange. The movie is about a Good Wizard Brother vs an Evil Twin Wizard Brother. And the Evil brothers way of taking over the World is to project Nazi movie footage with suggestive messages to control the masses.

But what is odd in my life is that around the age 14 my brother started working on me telling the world I am a Racist. Saying I hate Black people, Asians, Persians, etc? why would he do this, and give it to the world in secret launching his terror campaign riling the world against me while listening to Roger Waters RADIO Chaos and such?

And of course around the age 13, telling me that he and his friends put one of their teachers in a mental institution, then telling me that they had a bug in my room and were listening to me in the RADIO.

Him doing things like when I was 14, we went on a Carribean Cruise with him and Darrian Moiselle, who all they kept ordering was Kamikazies, and B52’s. If you don’t make the connection, we are on a ship in the middle of the Ocean and they keep ordering drinks about Pearl Harbor. or WWII. also, they do things with names. So for example Mike HUNTLEY, my brothers friend spent 25 years HUNTING me down. And Aubrey FISHER was sent after me to try to get any information to use against me. So most likely they were saying something about Kevin PERELman, maybe trying to send me messages about PEARL harbor.

Which is why people would send me hidden messages over the years about WWII but I could not figure out what anyone’s problem is or was.

Of course they go from movie to movie, song to song, showing that they aren’t honest and have ulterior motives. It’s not about any concern which they try to pitch to the world. They are INTENTIONALLY trying to create the problems to create the mental illness with an AGENDA to remove me from society, and then turn it around on me like they always have. Which means it’s really about something they are mad at me about, at around the age of 10 years old. Showing that these are really TACTICS, and not something they are concerned about since it has gone on world wide for 35 years.

For example, if I am a schitzo, and someone says I have 100,000 personalities. Does that sound realistic? or a lame excuse to justify their actions or campaign against me.

Not only that, but when he went on his RUNS (Getting people to chase them in cars, the retaliating on them), with his friends he pinned on me, he was working the Civil War tactics with Andy and his confederate Hat driving a Mustang. And of course, the world was told I am racist and hate black people. Which all seemed to start after kissing a black girl at the age 12, and once again they got mad at me for showing affection, and warmth. Because my family was pitching their bullshit that I am full of anger and rage, and a danger to myself or others because they didn’t like me.

Once you start to establish the pattern of BEHAVIOR over and over aimed at me, eventually you start to understand. No matter how spooky, demented, and unbelievable it is. Although what I cannot figure out is why no one thinks it is wrong, and everyone world wide is taking part.

I have given you a few examples but this was done from movie to movie.

War Games, Tron, Against all odds, Carlitos way, Crocodile Dundee, Blame it on rio, the list is endless growing up from what people were told to do.

My guess is that my family has done what they always have done, which is do these things to me, and give the world lies telling them it is because I am doing it to them or other people. And of course when I ask what is going on, tell me I am imagining it. So I cannot defend myself or speak out about it because who would have any sort of clue what the hell is going on. Just like when I turned 29, was freaked out, confused, and shocked. And didn’t know what to make of anything. At first. I thought maybe my friends were doing some kind of demented joke on me. I had no clue what the hell was going on. It was very strange you are friends with someone for 25 years and find out he is in a rage with you, and doing things like calling you up to start 6 year businesses with you to end your life.

And then finding out, it was all your friends investing a lifetime on me to rid me of the world, with world wide support.

A person who started a business with me for 6 years who I’d known for 25 years and thought was my friend Mike HUNTLEY, originally my brothers friend. Saying weird things to me.

“We are using the system against you”

“I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

Singing “World of paranoia” while walking around my desk. And dropping papers on my desk about South Korea control tactics by making people mentally ill.

“Have a good life now”

“You had better live a careful life”

Little did I know that they were doing these types of things from movie to movie. And song to song. and every other psychological warfare tactic as well, including every aspect of the Internet.

At one point Nikki Six from Motley Crew moved two houses down from me. And their is a pattern of people world wide doing things in patterns of 3’s so I am guessing their TACTIC was to have him move there, and then say that I like women because of the song Girls Girls Girls.


Other things that were strange that happened with Nikki Six is when I was working on my car, and he drives past his house in his Black Bronco and swerves at me jokingly. while I just took it as some random playful joke, little did I know that they were working some Schitzo Campaign because my brother had a license plate frame on the back of his car that said “I swerve and hit people at random” and I have watched people call me Brother and Bro for the last 16 years over and over to try to hint that I am like, conforming to him. To try to cover up what they have been doing my hole life. And knowing them, they might even have been using the word FRAME, which would explain why the endless frame jobs on me my whole life.

At one point, when I lived in Oregon, a person named Eric Christianson was sent after me to remove me from society of course with the entire city (Cities aren’t usually notified to remove people from society, that is not NORMAL). One of his frame jobs was to show me a band named Cherry Poppin Daddies. Which is a really good band by the way.


With one of the songs called Drunk Daddy, about an abusive father. Very dark song, but a good song. If you don’t think literally and can comprehend that it’s just a song.

I don’t know what exactly was said to the world, All I know is people have been doing things like trying to prove that I like illegally young girls, as well as either am abusive or trying to cry out for help with it or something. But you get the jist, of giving media to someone, then telling the world whatever they need to say about it to turn the world against me in secret. Known as Smear Operations. Because people listen to all sorts of music weather it’s Rap with dark lyrics, or soft happy music, and I can tell you that no one in the world cares about things like this NORMALLY.

Unless your the father is something out of the movie Footloose or something, INSANE like this.

Now this is just a few example, but you can imagine it has gone from thing to thing my entire life, from Some Crime from listening to Pink Floyd, Queensryche, Don Mclean, you name it, it just goes from thing to thing to figure out ways to turn the world against me and remove me from society in secret. And if I ask what is going on, I am told I am imagining it, and more people come after me, for questioning it or speaking out which is even stranger.

One girl sent after me by my family and Lorena Escobar named Adriana Olivarez, the first date she wanted to go on was skating. I wasn’t in the the mindset they were trying to put me in back then, so I did not make the connection between, she wanted to go skating, and the song I would sing, with many others, “If you should go skating on the thin ice of my life” from Pink Floyd.

It wasn’t until people started following me from place to place wearing pink and humming and singing over and over for the crime of listening and singing music, until I started to make these connections of what they had been doing to me my whole life, and their agenda to create mental illness and then try to turn it around saying I am crazy.

Some people have actually tried to give me DISINFORMATION of subtweets, that by singing song lyrics you are somehow plagiarizing, in order to try to make me think I am at fault. As they work this type of disinformation tactic on most of the things they do to me.

And what is interesting to me is that not ONE person world wide will address any of these issues in a direct sentence. Not even the 35 or so psychologists, psychiatrists over a 44 year period can ask one single direct question. Even when I endlessly asked what was going on. Nothing was said to this day showing peoples real MOTIVES. “Maybe some day you will know”

Some shrinks tried to trick me into checking into mental institutions to try to cover up their crimes, most worked with the mass public to try to thug me quiet to not speak out about it.

You can imagine, when you have a world wide campaign doing these types of things to you all day and night 24/7, especially for the sole purpose to create mental illness and remove you from society, how bad things are.

Their is a point, that things switched from them, reenacting movie scenes to try to make me look crazy, to actually putting things in every type of media known to man world wide to finish the job. Working with world wide Music, Entertainment, Adult, Internet, Youtubes, websites, you name it based around me, to create every mental illness known to man and say I am imaging it. obviously this was well thought out from early childhood what they were going to do once I found out something was wrong to try to cover it up.

But In doing some research I think I traced some of their tactic of putting hidden messages directed at me in movies all the way back to the early 90’s but it is difficult to know because the world has left me in the dark. Which is beyond any level of DEMENTED known to man.

When I am around Famous Actors, they will do things like Whistle at me, telling me I am a whistle Blower, as If I even know what is going on, and them doing this to my life is somehow my fault when I am told, No Buddy knows me world wide and I am imagining it. Showing the true intentions to try to create things like Paranoid Schizophrenia. Maybe they have some lame excuse, you watch my movie and said a line from it, you committed a crime. But any rational sane person would say. Some person who chooses a career to give media to the world, and gets paid millions as well for each one, knows what he is getting into. And getting mad at one person doing the same thing as the rest of the world doesn’t make any rational sense other then a mental illness or terror campaign with Ulterior Motives and world wide support.

Nowadays, I’d say 80% of media has something to do with me. From Charlie Sheens Two and a half men, after Brian Longbotham, did his Paverazzi frame job on me with Martin Sheen, to websites putting guilt’s in them directed at me, from links, to music, to movies, to tv shows, hidden messages to almost all text world wide in blogs, websites directed at me you name it.

Not only this, but almost any person in the world I have any type of interaction with World Wide mimics parts of my conversations, gestures,  back to me to create mental illness showing that this is really about ending someone life with a mental illness campaign and world wide support.

While not one person world wide thinks this is wrong. They will say weird things to me like, Well, you have a INTERESTING life, that is why, while belittling me, terrorizing me, and refusing to admit they even know of me. On some occasions, people will try to use things that don’t make sense on me like, well did you buy that album? as if things in the entertainment industry aren’t passed around for free, and always has been to try to give me disinformation and make me think this is my fault. One person in our office George Escobar would try to intimdate me saying “Downloading off the internet is illegal” of course every aspect of your web browser downloads. And people download crap all day and night. Trying to turn around Distribution vs Downloading. Obviously distributing is different then downloading. But of course, George was playing stupid like we all know when HUNTING me down with the rest. And my guess is GEORGE was working on ANGLE with GEORGE in the Creeep Show movie to work on their Paranoid Schitzo tactic as well. While my family asking “Who is doing this?” and knowing it was all of them, with world wide support. As if I am suppose to say, George is sending People Roaches after me to try to make me look crazy.

Of course, in order to cover up their crimes against me, they will go through all my artwork, and then say I am doing this to people. But the argument itself doesn’t make any sense because it’s apples to oranges. So even if I did put a hidden message in something to someone. That would one be one time, maybe subliminal joke. And a world wide campaign doing it to me all day and night for 35 years isn’t the same thing.

Just like Aubrey Fisher didn’t like me tapping my foot, so people were sent after me world wide that if they saw me, to tap whereever I go in the world. That is a crime, and Aubrey could have said. I don’t like Kevin, I will stop calling him and getting him close to me, or I mean, calling him inviting hin to do thing, or help her.

But of course, I haven’t put any hidden messages into anything, just created art. And nothing even really controversial or out of the norm like I have seen being done all day and night my entire life which no one remotely thinks is a big deal. My photography alone. Girls would want to work with me, they would choose their own clothing, I would do something to work with them. And then of course, somehow each one of my photography pictures as well as every other art ever created, is somehow a crime to people which doesn’t make sense.

That is like saying, I went to see Star Wars, I got offended by the color of the space ships, I launched a campaign to hunt down and kill George Lucas, and it’s all his fault for committing the crime against the world, of making the movie. IT’S ABSURD. TRANSLATION: we are hunting you down and we need some lame excuses.

Rational people usually look at art, say I like it or I don’t like it. Maybe this is why, and move on.

So you can imagine, every piece of artwork I create is somehow a new crime, which are things that no one normally would care about. For example, people are actually following me to public locations because this picture has blue and yellow blocks in it. And somehow that is a crime and they want a confession.


One picture has a gun in it, one picture has leopard shoes, one picture has windows, one picture has a chessboard, one picture has an angel in it. So for example, the type of person that says that their are blue and yellow blocks in this picture and I have committed a crime to the world are also the same types of people that will walk outside, see a rock on the ground and try to kill the rock saying that the rock attacked them. So you get the idea of these people CRY WOLF tactics.

Now if a million people put rocks at that persons house all day and night since 10 years old, that is what they are doing to me, showing Who they are, and the types of people they are.

Now I can see one bonkers person out there that is crazy, but mass groups working togethor saying this picture alone is a crime is obviously a group of people making up lame excuses to justify a terror campaign, working on me all day and night world wide since 10 years old. Well that is an EXTERMINATION campaign.

They have not only gone through this picture alone, but every work of art since 10 years old showing their true motive.

Kind of like the, You made an illegal U-turn so the world is going to hunt you and kill you excuse, and it’s in SECRET, with no arrest, Trial, Jury, or Judgement.. Although surfing the net is a freedom. And websites like and Youtube, and billions of others distribute everyone’s media. And anyone who creates art for the world knows what they are getting into beforehand. ESPECIALLY the adult industry on the million of sites out there like Pornhub com. Which distributes everyones content. And I don’t see the adult industry mad at any of these sites which actually distribute the content.

it’s not really about any type of media, from me, or anyone else, it’s about figuring out ways to make me crazy and remove me from society since 10 years old any way shape or form with endless world wide resources and world wide support. For no reason at all. Basically a Witch HUNT.

Just like around the age of 14 when my brother said to me. “Me and my friends made our teacher mentally ill and put her in a mental institution” and then said to me “We have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do on the Radio” to obviously try to create paranoia.

But because these tactics actually start around 10 years old, that is just another excuse thrown in the pile of bullshit for psychopaths to get away with the crime. Because no matter what their excuses are, Attempted Murder or ridding someone of the world is not Justified in any way shape or form.

All the things being  done to me have been thought out and well crafted by people with psychology degrees since a young age and, especially the turn around and cover up tactics to try to keep me quiet, and finish the job.

With people like Tom Farley walking up to me saying “Kevin, you said people are stupid” and then the world playing stupid. trying to work some weird scam that, I said something, and the world is retaliating is Absurd. Even though I did not say that. Even if I did, it is something people say all the time. And I’ve never heard of world wide murder campaigns over things like that. So you understand what is really going on.

Of course, when asking my Father, what this is about like the rest of my family, they will say weird things like “You think different” “You think the world is against you” then refuse to address any type of specifics the saying I am imagining it. to try to give disinformation, and try to cover up what they are doing with the CRAZY label. Or try to turn it around and get confessions to give to the world instead of addressing the issues, trying to leverage me quiet.

While I can give Endless examples across the last 35 years of using media to create mental illness, I think you get the idea. These is just some examples, and these things are endless all day and night lies, smears, accusations, frame jobs, attempted setups to try to give the world. And if they can’t set me up, they will make up the lies to coverup the setup attempts so they don’t look guilty.

For more details and other tactics to remove me from society you can go to

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