When turning 29 years old I noticed something extremely freaky was going on with my life, but it took me years to understand and comprehend the dynamics of what was being done to me. To understand peoples covert psychological warfare behaviors. Which go way beyond any type of Passive Aggressive tactics, but they are passive aggressive, subliminal, and meant to harm, mame, and kill with mass world wide all day and night endless attacks.

Their coverup scam? It’s because they say I am passive aggressive. Thus, being just one out of 1000’s of these labels given to the world to rile them against me.

At first, All I can recall was something was very wrong. And I could not pin point it. Various strange incidents my entire life, I can recall at one point thinking. My life is very strange that nothing ever works out, and each person in it, is some huge dramatic ordial for the simplest things.

Sort of watching peoples behaviors I didn’t really realize were fully directed at me until I realized that they weren’t ISOLATED incidents, and they were all connected (a CONSPIRACY), but people my entire life had been networked togethor and told to do things to me.

To either try to set me up, frame me, get information to use against me, people would come in my life analyzing me, people would come in my life trying to get confessions, people would come in my life to try to prove theories. Thing after thing after thing. To give to the world to create enough Chaos to get me to kill myself, put me in a mental institution, or jail.

Until the point I realized, something wasn’t right.

So, where and more importantly, WHY did my family at a young age label me as a passive aggressive person who was full of anger and rage with the police and govenment. And a danger to himself or others? Well, with everything I found out, it is obvious, that this is one of the endless lies started and put on me as a label and given to the world as just another TACTIC from people with psychology degrees, trying to control and manipulate the situation, of what they want, with Ulterior Motives, Hidden Agendas, with a pedastole to the world since 10 years old to say whatever lie they please with absolutely no accountability.

It’s kind of like our family English sheep dog, they kept in a cage most of it’s life when it could have been roaming the back yard, or my fathers Rhodisian Ridgeback where my father felt that shock collars can control the dog instead of love and communication.

I clearly choose the opposite path in life, especially after my endless torture and abuse, if I have a cat that actually wants to take walks with me outside every night. And comes up to me meowing until I walk her.

WHY did my family with the police and government do this? My guess is, basically Pre Crime, profiling. Trust. I was flagged at a young age to be removed from society. And that is pretty much it. While I have spent my life being the kindest, generous, warmest, friendliest person known to man. Non of this matters when you have a world wide Witch Hunt to end your life.

Is there anything I’ve done? well, aside from imperfection and normal mistakes in life, absolutely not! Which finding out you are being HUNTED by a world wide campaign to EXTERMINATE you is very strange. And then knowing that not one person world wide is going to come forward with the truth throwing you under the bus for a horrible life. Basically having the worst punishment known to man thrown on you because at the age 29 you found out, you were being HUNTED for extermination for no reason.

So back to the passive aggressive. The reason, this one TACTIC was used on me to label me is so my family, the police, government could justify data mining my life, and picking each and every insignificant thing apart and using it against me for a terror and torture campaign.

Imagine trying to live your life, and every aspect of it is some kind of criminal accusation. These are actual things I’m being told I have done wrong. Not directly, but by their terror, abuse, punishment, and inuendos.

You bought a trans am, You wonged us

You bought a mustang You wronged us

You bought an Eclipse You wronged us

You bought a jaguar and it’s blue, you wronged us

You didn’t park perfectly straight you wronged us

You parked backwards, you wronged us

You wore a red shirt, you wronged us

You wore a green shirt you hate people in the military or your schitzo and think you in the military, you wronged us

You asked for water, You wronged us

You fixed my computer You wronged us

You put your feed on a chair at a coffee shop, You wronged us

You drew a skull, you wronged us

You said “Hey” in 2001  you wronged us

You said  “Hey You” in 1998, You wronged us

You said “How are You” You wronged us

You said “Take Care” you wronged us

You said “Hows it going” You wronged us

You went to University of Colorado You wronged us

You went to Southern Oregon State, You wronged us

You made a joke “If everyone was like me, this world would be a perfect place” you wronged us

You bought a shirt that someone could take offense of  You wronged us

You asked out a girl someone might not approve of You wronged us

You made a picture with blue and yellow blocks You wronged us

You made a picture of a black girl on a chess board You wronged us

You met a girl and you were too chumpy, You wronged us

You went out jogging, You wronged us

You went to the Gym, You wronged us

You tapped your foot, You wronged us

You were polite and thank people, You wronged us

You are leaving your city or going places, You wrong us

You drink coffee and it’s black, You wronged us

You had an opinion, You wronged us

You said something bad about someone, You wronged us

Ok, you get the Idea, not only did I just list about .001% of some of the ACCUSATIONS against me. THEY ARE ABSURD!!!!!!!!!!!!

This not only is from one person who thinks they know me and are my friend, they are from random strangers I have never even spoke too, showing that this is a CRY WOLF campaign to rid me of the world.

So lets back up to the younger years and what was being done to me. While the world is trying to paint me as some kid who never got out, lived under and rock and has no concept of reality, I was the opposite.

Growing up, my brother was very abusive towards me. While I never held on to any baggage of that, accepted him. We got into our little tiff’s and it wasn’t a big deal to me other then the point I had to passively stop him by scaring him off me. And that is pretty much it. I could go into specifics, but I don’t think that is relevant. Why my brother spent 44 years telling the world endless lies about me to rid me of the world with the rest of my family is a mistery to me.

I never even had anything against my brother maybe until 36 starting to figure out what he was doing to my life and his INTENTIONS.

My childhood was mixed with my frenamies, and some of his frenamies, little did I know their motives. Driving around on small motorcycles around the neighborhood at 14 with my friends, where my family is enraged about for no reason, especially after buying me one. being social with my friends. High school we had parties. I had some parties at my fathers house a few times when he was away. Aways social with my friends, always outgoing. Cruise the town in those days. etc. Kid crap.

At the age of 16, buying hotrod magazines, and then wanted to learn how to build cars, and buying how to books, and building cars, which I was ok at, considering I never had anyone teach me, I was just figuring it out on my own.

Getting into our car click which basically they were following my lead since I was 1 year older then them which meant I was driving at the end of 9th grade I think.

At that point Brian Weaver was sent after me to copy what I was doing, and work with the Mechanics to try to set me up and make me look like a bad seed. As well as loading a paint gun of his when I saw me shooting the empty paint gun at Shane Weeks, and setting me up when I accidentally almost took his eye out. Then of course with all his other setups and frame jobs, calling his crimes, a public shaming to the world. Even though it was all his doings.

Didn’t have things like agoraphobia of crowds, or agoraphobia, had no problem with music or noise as these loonies are trying to pitch.

However, because no one is perfect, I have to admit, I was always shy and timid with the women, and public speaking. And as I got older, less shy, but breaking the ice with random women was very difficult for me. And I think that is pretty much it. Now forget it! my family has put me in a impossible situation out of their anger and rage for me. Where no one is going to admit this world wide situation going on. Leaving me isolated. Especially if for some odd reason, people world wide don’t want to be honest with WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON!

If you ask me if I am fearless and could just walk the earth without money and live from day to day, I am sure, like everyone I have tons of fear about things like this. Which I think is normal, and drives us to decent lives. Which I was robbed of, and everything I have tried to accomplish in live has been sabotaged, For CONTROL over me.

Ok, so my families scams of me being weird, different, crazy, out of touch with reality, I’m too logical, I think differently, I’m a robot, etc as a scam, for the sole purpose to rile the masses against me to remove me from society by creating Chaos in my life.

I would have to say aside from maybe a little fear, absent minded, and some social phobia, oh, and not having the ability to quickly sense psychotics like Hannibal Elector, which I don’t think many people do, I was probably very well centered. And of course, then to coverup what they did, they will say I am just acting on all the horrible things I did that don’t exist. I always tried to be friendly  to everyone. Get people togethor. Make money, and help others make money at the same time showing I am not greedy. And am about people working togethor. And everyone being happy. DESPITE WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT ME, with obvious MOTIVE.

Ok, so, lets talk about the passive aggressive tactics.

I don’t exactly know when my family started in on me, but I will start around the age 14 with as we all know, Christy Reynolds. Well, like I said, I had some social phobia with the women, and so I was attracted to Christy, and could not keep my eyes off her. So instantly, My family, with the government tries to play it off that guys don’t check out women. Ok, maybe a little too much, but still. So they try to play it off with their DEATH STARE tactics. Of course, why my family refuses to address these insecurities then and now shows their true colors, and their MOTIVE. Because they had every opportunity to ask me any questions for 44 yeasrs now! and choose to just make up lies instead. Saying weird things to me like “Well, People can lie”

oh wait, there is a girl at 12 who was black who I kissed, and that was some how a passive aggressive crime which I have been hunted by black communities since then. And I am completely confused how kissing someone is passive aggressive, It is pretty much a sign of affection, which shows their arguments make absolutely no sense, and it is really about something else. Maybe they don’t like black people so they have to sabotage my life, like every other aspect.

Anyways, back to crhisty, After this, Tom Farley was told to unleash, not only passive aggressive tactics on me for the next 20 years and remove me from society, but he was involved in covert mental illness activities which I am sure he will try to pawn off as passive aggressive. At one point he was working with a girl named Traci Peekos, to send me hidden messages about PEEKING. Another point he said he wanted to go skiing with me at Mountain High, and while skiing, they had someone loosen the water pump hose, and when he hopped in the car he says as we start driving, “Thank god nothing ever goes wrong with this car” as a few minutes later the overheating starts. Obviously I did not connect the dots until the mid 30’s once I noticed these things have been done to me all day and night for 35 years.

Also, one guy in front of my slide his Honda Motorcyle in the rain where my brother went around telling the world I am heartless because I did not pull over. Yet the guy got right back up and was ok. Also, after this they pretended my wrestling coach had a motorcycle accident, trying to get me to say something to someone to get some kind of dirt to use against me that I like to watch people die or something most likely. since no ones thinks what is being done to my life is wrong which is very strange, calculated, and well thought out beforehand to stop me from ever being able to defend myself.

And after this a lady waiting in front of the Honda Dealer, basically threw her car perpendicular in the road in front of me, Waiting on the side. And after she caused the accident SCREAMED, “HE TRIED TO KILL ME” which is very strange behavior. Not only this but the insurance company with them told me that is was part my fault and part hers. And when I explained that I am driving straight in the fast lane and someone launches their car at me, that, It is clearly her fault. They then agreed. But clearly working on some kind of frame job, or setup

So we are not just talking about passive aggressive, we are talking about covert psychological warfare tactics for EXTERMINATION.

so after this, I had a crush on a girl named Cory Bixbie, and I can recall around this time, I was extremely healthy, loved to work out. Loved to run, was on the wrestling team, felt really good being healthy, like most people that work out and do it more and more because they feel great. I was proud of my little muscler hairy body 🙂  And would flaunt it a little at times. Take off my shirt running. Doesn’t seem like a big deal to me, especially in High School. I can even recall my brother getting mad in colorado because I wanted him to take a picture with my shirt off. As well as his weird judgements that my SLR lens is big because I need big lenses, and not because the OBVIOUS, that SLR’s at the time have big lenses and it’s about quality. Instead of a tiny non lensed camera that creates crap. And if your into Photography, you know where I am coming from. Although a lot has changed now with size.

And so at that point I am pretty sure my family and friends worked on the, I’m trying to be a tough guy and thug people. Yet this is not based on any actual thugging. Because I was the nicest person imaginable. Now they might try to chalk it up as people who don’t know you might come to that assumption. But it is extremely rare someone who doesn’t do anything to anyone is called a thug, just like the 1000’s and 1000’s of lies made up about me and given to the world based on thin air. This is not NORMAL! Nor is the millions invested to give it to the world NORMAL! and shows MOTIVE! and ill INTENT!

So, at this point, Cory was told to try to set me up or frame me and asks me for a ride home. And I am shy, but happy about it, and I drive her home. No big deal. Nothing happened at all negative, mean, in any way shape or form to any sane rational person. After this, my car broke down. I was always working on my car. I needed a ride, and I might have even intentionally not used one of my families cars, in hopes she would return the favor and maybe see where things go. And when I say “GO” to the psychotics, I mean it like most people in this world do, in the context of that sentence. See if it works out.

So when I asked her, she was mad for some reason, and saying don’t you have other cars, or something and she walked away in anger. Which was very strange to me at the time, and I didn’t really question it, I was shy, did not know her, and sort of left it at that. In hind site, sure, I probably should have asked. But in my life, there are no mistakes.

Well guess what, at the age maybe 35, after finding out my family was trying to guilt me to death, after my fathers mother died and we went to the funeral. Upon leaving, my father was kind of gassing the gas pedal like I did 20 years prior trying to guilt me about something of insignificance. And probably hinting about death since it was a funeral and they like to send me hidden messages all day and night that I did this or that to try to force me into false confessions. I think it was even by a VW Bug.

Then connecting the dots that she might have been mad that I had pushed the gas pedal a few times to speed up the car quickly. Ok, now taking information out of context and giving it to the world like this might sound like a weird BEHAVIOR yes? ok, lets talk about reality. You have a kid who builds cars. He bought a 1985 Trans Am. Pulled the engine out, rebuilt the engine, souped up the car, takes it to Los Angeles Country Raceway Drag Strip once in a while. And so, it is not weird that someone who has a powerful engine in their car, like to feel the acceleration and the tires on the road. And I am sure anyone who has a fast car with a powerful engine would tell you the same thing. You like to feel the pull from the engine on the road.

So what is going on here? we are talking insignificance. We are talking, I am walking down the street with a girl and the wind blows, she will say I hit her. These are not normal, uncommon behaviors within context. And this is not anything any SANE person would care about. Some kid revs his engine likes his car, etc. WHO CARES? right?

How many kids have I seen peal out in their cars? I can’t count! are they being hunted by world wide campaigns! NO! no buddy could care less.

unless something highly demented it going on.

So you can imagine my family working their TACTICS how I am thugging and trying to scare her. After this I can vaguely recall an encounter with a girl in High School named Brooke Wisbarthe, playing hot/cold, but I didn’t think much of it.

So around this time I had a person named Paul Schaiffer doing things like taking my Melanie Stripper cards from Melonie, who I think later on Mike was working on an obsession tactic, and might even have told the world I cut her brake lines, not sure on that one , and putting them in my math teachers drawer as well as setting his watch and putting it under my spanish teachers, Ms Garcia, desk as I always fell asleep her her class. Once again, more frame jobs.

As my PE/English teach my quigley told me to punch him and I refused. And telling some people years later about Mr Quigley, they turned it around on me, saying he wasn’t the bad person, I am for not telling someone. Which is clearly a coverup when realizing what was going on years later. Telling someone. Then they say it’s your fault for not telling someone then. Once again, the Mathematical equation bullshit of how you have to react like a robot would.

Now, the question of why these people are saying I am passive aggressive seems to most likely stem from my brother wanting to cover up him childhood abuse against me. I didn’t really think it was a big deal, but apparently he did since he wants to cover up what he was involved in.

So after this, they started in on me with my brother and friends making COMBUSTION Burgers. The idea was to cook a Hamburger and try to get it to explode by putting in Vodka, or Whisky or whatever. Of course then eat it.

At the same time, Oddly enough not making the connection, My friends wanted to go to Kevin’s Burger’s where all the Hot Rodders went and we could show off our cars, then to to the Street Races. Not realizing their hidden message tactics.

Now this all seemed to happen after I wrote a simple paper in English class relating cars curves to women. Obviously the car and it’s curves synonymous with women. Ok, so no big deal right? I don’t see a big deal. Seems creative to me. And anyone saying that is passive aggressive is a loony.

So, now knowing that Kevin’s Burgers was a setup to create mental illness and schitzofrenia, and them using cars, and Hamburgers and hints they are sending to me that, I am trying to EXPLODE women. Kevin is trying to get women angry BLOWUP and go ballistic is the message the world is being told!

ok, so, if we break this down factually and logically. They are saying, that a simple gas pedal press in a hot rodded car = Trying to get a girl to to ballistic and blow up, or push them to suicide doesn’t make any sense to me, nor would it to any rational person above the age of 1o years old.


So, also, my brother seems to be trying to coverup the fact that he was a bully trying to say, that I passive aggressively made him do it! Like it even matters, but that seems to be the label he is giving to the world.

Although, he also claims I tried to kill him with a knife, because I was holding a steak knife when he came up behind me and hit me in the back of the head, over and over, or flicked my ear, and dropped it to the ground on a fake throw. So he is probably trying to cover up the mess he created. Especially after working with the Police, Eric Christianson, a girl named Cat, and Jen to reenact the situation to try to scare me into a false confession. So he keeps getting deeper and deeper into his crimes against me by trying to cover up each new one.

They guy who goes after my friend with a crow bar to smash his head in, and I have to jump in the way and stop him, who then gives me some lame speech, blood is thicker then water, and I have to support him in keeping tabs on greg or hurting him and I say no. Isn’t any problem. Because Jason’s girlfriend broke up with him when he went to college and started dating my friend Greg.  It’s just the guy who pushes the gas pedal imperfectly is the problem.

So after this, or around the same time, we have Paul Humphry, Joe Humphry’s little brother, in my brothers grade, and my brothers other friend, Mike Huntley sent after me to befriend me.

Paul is working with Carissa Brands who I guess supposedly said she tried to commit suicide, had to check into a mental institution, and found god. Of course, somehow, all this is being pinned on me, and I somehow did this. In my few brief times around Carissa when Paul was around. As if I had her number and we were always togethor, and I pushed her to suicide. Ummmmmm, not even possible!

Also around this time, which their is my brother telling the world I am racist, and hate black people because I kissed a black girl at 12, They send in a black girl on the wrestling team. And of course they say, Practice with Kevin. And I do, and she eventually quits. And I can only imagine what was said. Who knows. I am sure she made up every lie in the book how I abused her and got rid of her. Because why are black communities hunting me since 12 years old?

Along with my mother working on me, because I jokingly ditched Carissa in my car for a few miles because she knew where she was going to my house as a joking prank with a fast car. Which I am sorry, if not something that someone is going to kill themselves over unless, they are so on edge already, that a fart would do it. Especially when 10 minutes later, she catches up, and we are all at the same place.

But now you get the idea of information collection, and data mining of things that don’t remotely matter taken out of context being used as an information weapon to give to the world to rile the masses against me to mentally batter me to death in anger.

Of course, because my family has issues with Skulls, or Jokes when demanding you draw a tree for them and you joke around because the idea is absurd to begin with a dead tree with a skull or witch in it or something. That is added to the lunacy of a INSANELY Neuritic family incapable of any imperfection or jokes, or the ability to communicate with you with sentances or anything out of their PERCEPTION in their anal retentive world of the norm.

God forbid you make a joke to your mother you want to be a drug dealer when you grow up! You can only imagine in my family. AND I DID! and coffee shop employees world wide keep asking “What do you do?” pretending like they don’t know me and what I do, as if making a joke is a crime! and in my life, IT PRETTY MUCH IS!

So, with their obsession, they are applying this with that, and that with this, which is NOT normal, instead of seeing life how it is, mostly random events. Sometimes things work out, and sometimes not. But to them, Life is a mathematical equation, and it needs to be followed how they perceive it or you are crazy.

Ok, so, obviously, out of their hate, rage jealousy, or just the want to figure out ways to remove me from society, for no actual reason. You can see how they are telling the world I snapped and are trying to get women to EXPLODE in anger. or push them to suicide.

After this, my guess is they just spent the next 30 years datamining, collecting each and every insignificant detail, and taking each and every one out of context and giving it to the world as crimes to turn the world against me to end my life.

BUT IT GETS A LOT WORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after this, each girl would come in my life, one sequentially after the next trying to set me up, frame me, cry wolf and give it to the world. I will just list a few situations off the top of my head.

At one point, in Colorado, a friend of Noa Schiller who after my family and the police sending a squater into my house to try to set me up with my brothers friend to manipulate me into a situation, did not work and forced me out of the house, my mother MAGICALLY had a friend of the family going to the same school. And told me he needed a roomate. I didn’t realize that it was about my family getting me close to finish the job, and so he was a spy for them and have him work more tactics on me.

Our football team cheerleader sitting at the same table as me, lying saying she doesn’t go to our school to try to get me mad and go after her.

So Noa, introduced me to this gorgeous girl and she asks me if I’d help her move, and she’d buy me dinner. So being a nice person and obviously attracted I said yes, and after she blows me off in hopes to get me angry.

Another girl through Mike Wexler, another one of my brothers friends he introduced me too, introduces me to a red head at a party, and she says she wants to go out. But never commits, and I give up and move on, but her intentions were obvious. Not that I was thinking that way back then.


Cia Ngiatang, following me around, trying to create mental illness, then saying “See how you are”

A girl from Nebraska coming to Colorado to meet me, with her friend, Staging the “This guy is a stalker and we are going to prove it” trying to get me involved. Then the girl sleeping with my friend in my bathroom, in hopes she could get me to go after her.

Lynn Junkin, working with Mike Wexler trying to set me up to trick me into statutory rape by telling me, 16 yr olds are legal in colorado, and her working with these mass groups telling them I hacked her and am trying to make her mentally ill, with Mike wexler showing me his lock pick set, and Lynn Junkin hinting about stolen Laptops and Having us watch the movie HACKERS directed at me.

Tatiana Dobkins, hacking into my computer spying on me and doing demented things to try to create paranoia.

A guy with the handle “Paranoia” working on me trying to make me paranoid

Val Morozov, a Russian Exchange student, who I met at the pool hall, trying to get me to sell Adult Content on CD’s I wasn’t interested in. Then my family someone knowing about it and trying to force me into false confessions about it. Not that anyone would give a shit anyways. Val Also taking me to strip clubs and working the, Kevin Is Stalking strippers tactic, one out of four people. Val also wanted to start a web design company where he wanted me to do all the work. And I think when something was mentioned about that, he kind of disapeared.

Some Pool player I was joking around and made a Mom Joke, and somehow it was the end of the world. He disappeared and showed up a year later and seemed mad.

Girl who was in my astronomy class who I was too shy to talk to, moves above me, tells the world I moved below her. And does the Kelly hatch setup by leaving her keys in her car door in hopes I’d take her car or enter her house.

Girl on IRC telling me she drives a Jeep like Kelly Hatch, and tries to set me up for breaking and entering in a black guys house

Stephanie (Skyler) pretending she is Julia Hayes to try to make me look crazy, Using my art as some kind of crime for making her a picture, working with the police to try to set me up and frame me. For example, After me making jokes on the Internet, Saying “why is the sky blue?” to see how people would answer, Skyler created the name “Skyler” and then turned it around, I am trying to make her blue. Then, When I am in Florida, she wants to meet me. She is like an hr late, INTENTIONALLY to try to create anxiety, and takes me to her house. She gives me a blowjob. Then she ways she has to go to the Airport. I say to her “I wish you could stay” and she says to me “Sure you do” and on the way to drop me off, the police INTENTIONALLY pull her over to try to scare some kind of confession out of me.

After this, Skyler says to me “If you want to be my friend, I am going to treat you like Shit” so I say to her “Never contact me again in any way shape or form” of course, then this being used against me by my own family for standing up for myself to not tolerate someone telling I have to do what they say. Turning it all around on me somehow. Most likely about dictating my life and having control.

My sister in law Jen, trying to get confessions that I don’t like my mother, or that because once in a while I wear green or green and black I hate people in the military or think I am in the military. And having people wearing green and black following me all day for years to guilt me into confessions. As well as shrinks following me trying to force me into confessions.

Lorena Escobar, Hiring me, and then Hiring a Black Girl named Elita who, who knows how much they paid her to say I am hacking her and trying to make her mentally ill, and probably using the name to Hint about the movie HACKERS, which Lynn Junkin was working on.

Girl Val at the office told to work the same ANGLE who asked me to fix her home computer which she does work for the office on, then claims I am making her mentally ill and ruining her life. Then tries to punish me hinting about boundaries  as if life is black and white. and this is somehow normal and it is my fault.

Girl Gwen Sauzo making the same claims as she is following me around trying to get dirt on me and make their lies look true, who is friends with a girl named Patty Googin who worked here when I was young HUNTING me because she doesn’t like my harmless art, I am sure saying maybe my art is a threat to her because one is a skull and a gun. Who knows. As well as her going through the music I listen too as if it’s somehow a crime to like Queensryche, or Guns N Roses, which I listen to all different bands so I am sure they have an ANGLE on every one.

Shanna Briantseva in our office, sending hints about Lynn Junkin, and Jen Hess, and Brian Weaver using her name, Password, etc, to try to guilt, terrorize into false confessions as well as following me to coffee shop after coffee shop working with them to terrorize and create mental illness to cover up their crimes.

Also, in retaliation for me finding out I have been TARGETED with an EXTERMINATION campaign since 10 and they are involved, they have gone through every aspect of every piece of art created saying how each one is some how some kind of crime

Example, My picture with Mike Tyson Boxing a game Character Katana for a simple private college project my Professor Jim Johnson was setting me up, on something that doesn’t make sense. Is somehow an expression that I think I am black and hit women. While it was on the web for a few people, it could not have gone world wide without millions invested.

My simple DND Devil picture in shows that I have no morals and think I am the devil.

My black girl on a chess board shows I play games with black girls lives

My picture of Lorena Escobar clothing patterns matching the wall, says that I make people mentally ill with patterns.

DOES THIS SOUND ABSURD YET???????????????????

But what makes it so obvious, is that these aren’t just opinions, I AM BEING FOLLOWED, HUNTED, by mass world wide groups in ANGER! you are passive aggressive and we LITERALLY have 100,000 world wide attaacks per day from Internet mimic tactics, to world wide cars being parked backwards, the the Kevin perelman MEME tactics. To mass groups subtweeting instead of talking to me. Then saying it is somehow my fault. these terror tactics in the 1000’s with world wide support.

ok, so your probably asking, which is it right? Am I passive aggressive, Schitzo, Paranoid, Obsessed, Enraged, Think Differently, a murderer, Rage, Hit Women, A Hacker trying to make people mentally ill, A car thief, Trying to get women to blow up, he’s a robot, committed the end all and be all crime of parking my car backwards once, etc? You get the idea, your accusers usually have one ACCUSATION, not LITETALLY, 100,000 and funded to the world in secret with world wide terror operations.

Anyways, I think you get the point. Because this isn’t even close to the tip of the iceberg. I listed just a few incidents, and You could have conversations with me for months strait and I’d list like 10 an hr of people who befriended me with tactics to rid me of the world.

But, for each of these PREDATORS since 10 years old hunting me. Not only do they all have COVER UP stories. But they are all being given lies WORLD WIDE, to destroy my name, reputation, my life, and turn the WORLD against me in secret. Telling me I am a bad person, a horrible monster, Have no self control, YOU NAME IT! Then of course, hinted that I have to change. MEANING? I have to become a psycho like them I guess it what they are saying, or trying to do.

Oh ya, also, their is the BIG predators, Jen Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Pretending they are crazy and telling the world I did it to them. Then the scams of I didn’t leave them alone, and that is what did it to them. Because you know. I called Jen Hess 5 times in a row and that ruined her life. Or driving down to see what the fuck was up with the Baby of mine she said she had in an attempt to lock me in on some scam, and wanted to know what the fuck was going on.

YES, according to them the WORLD has to MAGICALLY know I ruined their lives right? but not only this? Jen Hess has told the world I hit her with a mask on. Clearly in some sue happy low life trying to work an ANGLE.

She was most likely paid to try to set me up and frame me.  One example is since they (family, police, government most likely) had spyware on my computer, she called me on the phone asking me to check her email for her giving me her login and password. Of course, framing me to the people she was working with, making it look like I was hacking her. Then when they sent Rodie Morales after me. He did the same thing, to try to reinforce their frame jobs.

Another person sent after me with my family, police, government to endlessly try to set me up or frame me.

But what gets weirder is you family knows you are being HUNTED, and Elsie Sandoval the office manager makes up the same Lie saying I hit her and tells the police.

So, it’s odd that my family is on the side of the PREDATORS hunting me with planned out COVER UPS. Who basically threw me under the bus saying. I don’t know what is going on. With a brother who basically learned from their psychotic behaviors. Who is now playing the Kevin Conformed to Jason and is doing the same things Cover Up card. With elaborate, it’s somehow genetics, it’s my fault. But don’t want to look at my ACTIONS of being a good person, and ignoring the obvious.

Ok, so, basically, growing up, I really can’t think of any passive aggressive behaviors I’ve had. Quiet, Shy, yes. But passive aggressive, not even close. Who knows, in the world of imperfection, I am sure their is probably a few. Which they’d be happy to put in their LAUNDRY LIST to clean me up as they called or hinted about.

Some other of their scams. At one point I flirted with a girl at the gym, and around that time decided my body needed a rest and took about two weeks off. After that she INTENTIONALLY quit saying whatever she said. I am playing games, I am showing guilt, Who knows So what I am being told is I should be afraid to just take Gym breaks or psychopaths will start throwing out random accusations, and it’s my fault and this is NORMAL? obviously, they are in the wrong. And if she thinks too much, it wouldn’t go beyond a couple of people.

So,  if you want to analyze behavior, and I am no psychologist, I’d say it is perfectly normal for people to take gym breaks. And not be a perfect robot, have random reactions. Sometimes be happy, sometimes be sad, sometimes be motivated, sometimes be inspired, sometimes be depressed. And these people with their world wide neighborhood watch groups, Information Collection, Datamining, Mental illness Terror Campaign, endless labels to the world, ENDLESS lies to the world. ENDLESS setup attempts, ENDLESS, frame jobs, ENDLESS Accusations, ENDLESS all day and night attack 24/7 all day and night.

Is pretty much all an EXTERMINATION campaign, for basically no reason at all.

And their scams that I have SNAPPED and it is my fault, even if that was the case wouldn’t warrent world wide neighborhood watch groups. Thus showing, they are completely full of shit. And the SNAPPED excuse is just a TACTIC to do what they want and make it look justified. Violating every constitutional right, Privacy known to man.

If I ask these people what any of this is all about. THEY CANNOT ANSWER! Even if they were to admit what they have done to my life. Showing that, it is just an EXTERMINATION campaign, like Adolf Hitler did to the Jews. I guess maybe I showed weakness or inferiority as a child. And maybe that was it. I am the inferior being. I don’t know.

But what I can tell you is the PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE tactic, is like the SPACE tactic, like all the other 1000’s of TACTICS. And I can assure you, this isn’t because someone thinks I am an Asshole. Because there are a million Assholes in this world, and there are millions of people who don’t trust other people, and their are millions of people who even HATE other people. And what is being done to my life is UNHEARD OF! People are assholes, people hate, people don’t trust. Hell, I don’t trust anymore. But you don’t see me hunting down trying to kill people with lame excuses. We all know, Emotions and ACTIONS are two different things. Showing who these types of thought police and fear mongers are.

For more details on the other endless lies, smears, tactics, setup attempts, Torture campaign, You can go to



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