The “What happened to you” tactic and scam to remove me from society

Posted: January 18, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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Living a life of being the nicest person known to man to each and everyone in my life. Except maybe the few people that cam in it and were extremely abusive towards me in reactions, or imperfections in life. Because it would be impossible to live a life of PERFECTION like I am told I have too.

Basically, everyone is an asshole, or mean, has lied, has been depressed, at moments in their life, and it is how you are most of the time that defines who you are and not imperfection.

For example, While my mothers conquest that I hate her, and I guess maybe she is claiming I have done horrible things to her, her entire life, because she is an art therapist, MADE me draw a tree for her to analyze, and I jokingly drew  dead tree with I think a skull or something in it. In the from the age 0 – 29, we only had one single argument ever at the age 13, which I have been HUNTED my entire life. Saying “Fuck You, who cares what people think” other then that, in my mind, I thought I had the best family known to man, and loved them. So if something is being said about a rocky horrible relationship, it is based on one single imperfect moment, and 29 years of a great relationship, from at least me. But this gives you an idea of where I come from, and the amount of PERFECTION that you have to achieve, or you have a world wide campaign to EXTERMINATE you.

Another example is Aubrey FISHER who was sent after me. In our entire friendship, was just fine from my end, but that one time when she didn’t like me tapping my foot, for 6 years world wide groups were told anywhere in the world to tap if they saw me. Showing that this isn’t me with the problem, but an organized CONSPIRACY to remove me from society starting at 10 years old. As people don’t take part in these things normally. Even if I was an asshole to Aubrey, she could have stopped calling me, and these are normal situations, and somehow approaching the world in a murder campaign, is not something the world NORMALLY takes part in. Showing that this isn’t about anything they say I have ever done. But just a campaign to EXTERMINATE me.


Around the age of 29 years old, I found out something was going on in my life that was not normal. I found out that their was a campaign since 10 years old to smear my name with every lie known to man world wide for the sole intent to remove me from society. They even tried the manic depression label on me.

Literally almost every person in my life, or I was in contact with world wide was told to make up lies about me to give to the world, try to set me up, try to frame me, and not only that, but all day and night covert psychological warfare and mental illness tactics to create mental illness and remove me from society, any way shape or form possible.

Black people will tell black communities I am racist to rile black communities against me, Persians will do the same thing, Asians will do the same thing, Gays will do the same thing, Women will do the same thing, etc. But non of this is based on anything I have ever done to anyone which is strange. Not only that people are INTENTIONALLY creating world wide hate groups against me, but that it isn’t based on anything, which is unheard of. And also doesn’t make any sense that no buddy thinks this is wrong. And of course, Why would I be hunted my entire life until I have no choice but the give a FALSE CONFESSION or CONFESSIONS?

The very ACTION says that this is about figuring out ways to remove me from society starting at 10 years old.

My brother and friends were out doing all sorts of things and pinning them on me. So were my friends.

Now these tactics to turn the world against me start around 10 years old and around the time my own brother told me that he and his friends made one of their teachers mentally ill and put them in a mental institution, and then started to work on me telling me that he had a bug in my room and they were listening to everything I was doing to try to create paranoid schizophrenia, and every other mental illness known to man.

While going through life for 29 years trying to pursue a life of friends, relationships, possibly a family if got to that point with the right person, and a successful career to make money, around the age of 29, I found out that none of that was possible because I had a world wide EXTERMINATION campaign since 10 years old to remove me from society any way shape or form, and cover it up to make it look like I had a problem. And of course ignoring that every aspect of my life was perfectly normal, while taking each and every insignificant detail out of context and giving it to the world to turn people against me.

While spending 16 years trying to address issues with over 30 therapists, family, friend, who basically in so many words told me I was not allowed to talk about it, and had to do what they said working with the communities, I realized what this was really about.

The only thing that was really said to me, was by my 6 year business partner, Mike Huntley, who had been HUNTING me down for 25 years, who orignally was my brothers friend. And it is no coincidence, that Mike HUNTLEY was HUNTING me down because that is one of their schizophrenia tactics. Along with using media, and such to try to make me mentally ill, by reenacting things out of movies and music with people to try to freak me out, over and over. Or take things I’ve said to people in person or on social networks and put them in countless movies, then telling me I am imaging it.

Said to me

“We are using the system against you”

“I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

“You are too out of control for California”

“You had better life a careful life”

Quoting a line from Crocodile Dundee ”

No. Back there, if you got a problem, you tell Wally. And he tells everyone in town, brings it out in the open, no more problem”

Singing while walking around my desk “World of Paranoia”

Dropping papers on my desk about South Korea making people mentally ill to control them

Showing that I was being hunted my entire life with their tactics to turn the world against me and remove me from society. Of course when I tell people about Mike Huntley, they get even madder at me for speaking out about what is going on, which is STRANGE behavior. And they don’t want me talking about what is being done to my life, especially with Mike Huntley’s involvement in ridding me of the world. And trying to get anything possible to use to give to the world to remove me from society. Taking every aspect of my life out of context, or just making up blatant lies to try to achieve their motives.

They were also using things from the movie Crocidile Dundee as well as countless other movies to try to make me look crazy. And if I would say anything that could have been in any movie in the last 35 years they would try to use that to try to make me look Schitzo or screwing around with people to coverup what they were doing to me.For example, People have been hunting me for years because I said “No Worries” once to someone. And I didn’t make the connection until about a week ago, that Crocodile Dundee says “No Worries” a lot. with all the other things in the movie they were doing to me.

And I never would have made this connection until I noticed it went from movie to movies with these tactics.

Example, Mike Huntley having me watch the movie “The Game” with him, then telling everyone I am an Asshole, and doing the same type of mental illness tactics they did in that movie to me. Except they’d been doing them since 10 years old. Trying to make me think I am in a movie or something. Then people after that movie telling me I am an Asshole over and over.

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On a few occasions, some people have approached me with the scams of trying to provoke me into fights with passive aggressive TACTICS, which they use on me all day and night for the majority of my life, and then ask me “What happened to you” to try to turn around, and coverup their real Motives in removing me from society or trying to get me to kill myself.

Of course, not only are endless cards passed out explaining it which they CONVENIENTLY avoid the obvious or truth. But once handed to them, Especially in a room full of people provoking me with the same TACTICS they are doing, which I’ve watch all day and night for 16 years, going on 35 years. They then snap at me with COVERUP insults, that I am then homeless, and want their money, or things like this that don’t make sense.

Sitting in a room dressed normal, with an expensive camera, laptop, car, etc. Showing that they will do and say whatever it takes to try to remove me from society.

So why have endless groups follow me from place to place, Play stupid, then ask me “What happened to me” when they are endlessly attacking me all day and night to try to get reactions to make me look angry or like a problem?

And then ask what happened, when they are doing what happened, and refuse to stop. Especially if I tell them what is going on and they come after me with larger and larger groups for speaking out? saying I am causing problems by speaking out, because they created this situation, starting at the age 10 years old, refuse to stop hunting me, now going on 35 years. Then say, I am the problem for telling people that non of what is being said is true?

Because they don’t want the truth. Because this isn’t about me having a problem. This is about people like Adolf Hitler working every angle and tactic known to man to EXTERMINATE me, then try to cover it up by saying I have a problem, or “What happened to you” as if they actually care.

Because last I checked, if someone wanted to know about a specific situation, they would ask specifically about it. And not make up labels based on trivial things like. You threatened a black man because you didn’t sit perfectly straight, and now we have to kill you with world wide support. And these trivial accusations are probably in the 10,000’s by now.

You didn’t sit straight, you scratched your head wrong, You didn’t park perfectly straight, you called a girl a bitch, etc. This would seem ironic and funny to most that people would be made at someone for things like this and try to hunt them and kill them. But it actually is going on and has since 10 years old showing that these people can’t set me up, and since they have no real dirt on me, have to say things like this to try to justify their actions.

So asking me, “What happened to you” is just a trigger method to start a fight or set me up, because they already know what they are involved in. And refuse to ask any specific questions about what they have insecurities about telling me I am imaging it, nothing is going on, yet they want information to use against me. And if I tell them, it’s not me, it’s them causing the problem, they then have more people come after me to try to keep me quiet. So it’s really about getting information to use against me and give it to the world to remove me from society

This gives you an idea of what has been going on since 10 years old. While this is just one out of endless tactics like this, it lets you know the types of people that have been hunting me my entire life and trying to remove me from society.

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