I can recall, maybe about 10 years ago,

my father working some of his ANGLES, as I sat there for maybe 6 years wondering why I was being HUNTED all day and night, and no buddy saying a thing. As here we are 16 years later finding out at 29, that I have pretty much been targeted for EXTERMINATION since 10 years old. While hunted by one person sequentially after the next since 10 years old.

My father telling me that people are afraid of me. Of course, like usual with their catch  22 scams of using vagueness as labels, they cannot SPECIFICALLY address one issue of any of their endless lies, smears, scams, defamation, slander, you name it.

Makes it very convenient for the world to have a packaged saying to leave someone in the dark, create mental illness, have them go crazy, and rid them of the world. Since we are not talking about one demented person, we are talking about everyone told to do the same things world wide, using internet based communication systems in stealth. Most likely even NSA support and tools working with the world wide population.

But of course, you know, their is a world wide Gag Order, for people not to say anything to me about it. Ya right. Meaning, the world has choose to kill me when any one person can come forward if they wanted too. Which is beyond any level of freaky, demented, and organized crime with the, “This is for the greater good” scam. With people saying things like “I can’t tell you” I think they mean, they made a choice to be a low life douschebag scum, and not tell me. Showing who they really are.

And of course they will make up their usual BULLSHIT, that this is because I am out of control, or it’s my behavior, I have no self control, I can’t see myself, or things like this to justify their actions. When the reality is that they are out of control, and it is their behavior, projecting on to me with their delusions, judgements, and in ability to have any self control.

The We are aafraid of you seems to entail, because we are afraid of you, we cannot tell you what you’ver done. You know, because, we are afraid of you. Ok, ya right, sure. Just like the other lame excuse from my father. You don’t tell people what they’ve done wrong, because they can be liars.

So why are people afraid of me? My art is too powerful for them? ya right. Did I hug someone wrong? did I do an imperfect fart?

Or was it that horrible act of saying “FUCK YOU, who cares what people think” to my mother at the age 14. The only argument I had ever been in with my mother for 29 years until finding out. Was that FUCK YOU! Sooooooooooo threatening that I need to be killed! is saying FUCK YOU! a capital offense? Should people be afraid and kill people for saying FUCK YOU, who cares what people think!

Or was it Tom Farly’s lies that I said People are stupid! Even though I didn’t. People say things like that all the time, and I have never heard of anyone remotely caring about something so insignificant.

Like all the BULLSHIT thrown at me my entire life. None of it adds up. Accept, we will rid Kevin of the world and stop at nothing to accomplish this.

My father also tried to cover up their terror operations by telling me I think differently. But ironically, I do think differently then paranoid psychotic murderers like my family. Which I can proudly say, THANK GOD FOR THAT!

At one point, trying to put me in a position to label me saying “What do you stand for” as If I have to label and pick some kind of side. Who knows, maybe if you take off your clothes and swing around a pole, you are a bad person, and if you are a doctor, with a psychology degree you are a good person. But to me, both are legal, and both are good people until they do something wrong!

And I mean wrong in the sense of actually doing something wrong, and not hear say.

Or the, Kevin is like a shark TACTIC, which is really a world wide group trying to make it look like I am a shark by not allowing me to have a normal life and hunting me all day and night.

So this LEVERAGE tactic of people are afraid of you is just another one of their many psychological control tactics to try to make me think I am a bad person and this is all my fault.

The DISINFORMATION like Adolf Hitler telling jews he wants them to have a good life, and be clean and that is why he is sending them to the showers. Make no mistake, that is EXACTLY what is and has been done to me since 10 years old.

So lets talk REALITY and about these world wide BEHAVIORS! If people actually thought that I was going to harm them, then they would not be following me in mass groups since 10 years old trying to passive aggressively, and subliminal provoke me all day and night 24/7 every single day of my life with pschological warfare tactics.

For example, if I see someone scary walking down the street who I think is a danger to me, I don’t run up to him punching in the face endlessly until he kills me. So saying that people are afraid of me, doesn’t make sense when they are actively HUNTING me all day and night since 10 years old trying to rid me of the world any way shape or form possible, with never ending psychological terror tactics.

One man tonight, like usual, first PRETENDED he did not know me or the situation, and of course looking for an ANGLE to CONTROL me, used the. It’s you passing out cards to people tactic. Saying he is even afraid to look at the website! Of couse, their BEHAVIORS have been the same, for the 28 years before passing out any cards! and the 8 years from the age 29 – 38, not doing a thing but asking everyone in my life what was going on, with endless lies about me getting sick, and CONVENIENTLY ignoring what was being done to me by each and every one of them, while taking part in it.

Also, interesting enough. At the age 29, when confused and freaked out about what the hell was going on, I was told to go see a shrink by my mother, and told “TELL THEM EVERYTHING” with a dominant tone to try to get false confessions to give to the world and use against me. But once I could comprehend what the hell was going on, and the things being done to me, NO BUDDY, especially anyone in the PSYCHOLOGY community wanted the TRUTH, or the BIG PICTURE!

And of course, nothing was asked of me abous their insecurities showing that this was not about anything I had ever done. This was about ridding me of the world any way possible, not allowing me to defend myself, any truth coming out. Just an EXTERMINATION campaign.

This is all UNHEARD of! with my father trying to give me disinformation, that why would you ask people about things, because they could be liars. To try to make me think that what is going on is somehow NORMAL, it is my fault, and I am just too sensative! YA RIGHT!

But if you read of Gang Stalking, Community harassment groups, Cause Stalking, Whistle Blowers, it is all about making their targets hypersensative, to do horrific things to them to kill them and make it look like it was a suicide. So this is no murder investigation.

Which makes me wonder about people Like Mike Huntley and My Brother and friends who seemed like they were influenced by the Menendez Murders and the Book they wrote which seemed to be close to my fathers old business partners son, “How to murder someone and get away with it” which Mike Huntley might have even been in their grade. Because They went to Calabasas and so did we. Although Mike said he didn’t go to Calabasas. But who knows, being that he invested 25 years in trying to kill me with this world wide campaign starting at 10.

Ummmm, yeaaaaa right! sure ok! TRANSLATION: we are going to kill you and will ignore the obvious facts. Which they know are TRIGGER mechanisms to provoke me more by letting me know they know me, then saying they don’t and provoking me. Obviously crafted like the rest of these psychological warfare tactics from people like my family and their psychology degrees working with the police and government since 10 years old to figure out ways to remove me from society.

And ways to try to make me look crazy and end my life. Created by these types of people, PACKAGED and given to the world to do to me all day and night to end my life since 10 years since every person in the world are told to do the same tactics over and over until they can accomplish their HIDDEN AGENDA. And not one person being honest about the entire situation which is not NORMAL showing it is a world wide conspiracy to end my life.

As freaky as it is, we all know it’s going on.

So, the ACTIONS of mass groups terrorizing, torturing, Bullying, Thugging, trying to set someone up endlessly, trying to frame someone endlessly, and giving the world endless lies about them is not the ACTIONS of someone who is afraid does. As a matter of fact, that is like the Terrorists saying that they were afraid of the Twin Towers before flying planes into it.

But what is this about? who knows, because my family has wanted me dead since 10 years old and clearly will stop at nothing to do so with world wide support, police and government.

Was Mike Huntley afraid for me at 14 years old, so he befriended me for 25 years? And was Mike Huntley so afraid of me that he called me in Colorado, and told me if I come home, we could start an Internet company togethor. Which I did for 6 years while he used it as a tool to try to make me mentally ill and kill me with the clients who signed up, as well as Bob Sandler, and some guy named HTML Bum? That doesn’t sound to me like someone who is afraid of me, while he plotted to kill me with world wide support and all my brothers other friends.

So, I am confused. Am I to believe that the world is so afraid of me that if they be honest, that I will use my super powers to crush their skulls with telepathy? ya, sure ok. But that is the level control that these mass groups will use to try to coverup their endless 35 year murder campaign to kill me. All using Internet based murder tools developed around me since around 1994 when the internet came around. And has not stopped since on that aspect alone.

ok, so every piece of artwork I have ever created has been used against me as if I have someone committed a crime by creating artwork. And I am sure I have created 1000’s of pictures. And each and every one is picked apart to use against me.

But what I am confused about, is that if my artwork is such a threat, when why aren’t people with art anywhere in the world being hunted and murdered like me. For example, What about George Lucas and Star Wars? I am sure someone out their might be afraid of one of his creatures and therefore he should be hunted and killed, because people are afraid of him right?

Or what about someone like Stephen King, or the endless other horror books and movies with graphic details? Of course non of them are. INTERESTING?

So the “People are afraid of you” doesn’t really seem to be a viable excuse to hunt down and kill someone. Because last I checked, if poor little Mike Huntley, the victim for targeting me my entire life with all my brothers other friends were afraid of me. Then why didn’t he go his own way saying Kevin is crazy? Or the poor little ol VICTIM Lorena Escobar finishing the job with Mike Huntley approaching me, telling me she wanted me to work their and do IT for them,  hiring me, and then saying Kevin is crazy and is trying to take over the company, we have to kill him. STRANGE! why not just not seek me out and hire me then if I am crazy and a danger to them?

ok, so lets talk about my ACTIONS!

Despite the endless setups which I have pretty much passed 99% and then endless frame jobs, and lies,

I have a brother who is clearly a psychotic. Telling me around 13 that they made a teacher mentally ill, put her in a mental institution, and then started telling me that they have a bug in my room, and are listening to everything I do to try to turn me into a paranoid schizophrenic.

The same brother who went after my friend Greg Waugh with a crow bar because when he left for college, supposedly his girlfriend Jen Yang started dating Greg and cheated on him. Then broke up. And when I stopped my brother and jumped in the way so he could not bash Gregs Skull in, he had a talk with me saying “Blood is thicker then water” and I need to support him. Also wanting me to keep tabs on Greg. So, is it my fault Jen broke up with my broher? since Jen’s have been hunting me since then?

So are these people saying they are AFRAID of me, for not wanting harm to come to people, and making sure that does not happen? and I did the wrong thing? And I should have supported my brother with his psychotic behaviors?

Of course then these mass groups try to cover it up by saying things like being psychotic is genetics, and I am the same as him, when every ACTION my entire life shows that I am a very good person and have been to everyone in my life. Except maybe being an ASSHOLE to those who want me dead and are taking part in a world wide MURDER campaign. Of course, then it’s the ASSHOLE label, packaged and given to the world.

But we all know, all people are ASSHOLES from time to time, and that is just another LEVERAGE tactic, to try to label and control. With world wide support.

Not only that, but the real ASSHOLES, aren’t hunted by world wide campaigns either!

I could understand them being AFRAID of what I know. But it doesn’t really make sense that the world is against me for knowing their is a world wide campaign to just red flag, hunt down and kill me starting at the age 10. And not even for any reason. Even though, it wouldn’t matter what the reason is, because that is why we have privacy, and a judicial system to prove guilt, and then punish humanly is PROVED guilty by a jury of ones peers.

And I’d think that most people would be on my side. Unless they are once again saying some ABSURD, like I built a nuclear bomb and blew up a stadium of people. So any way you cut it. It’s all BULLSHIT!

the AFRAID, is just an excuse to kill. And most MURDERS will say whatever they need to, to justify their actions.

Obviously, because I have lived a very clean life, and have no criminal record, I clearly haven’t done anything wrong, and that is why they have to try to COLLECT insignificant things to try to use against me to rile the world against me, that doesn’t matter, which they try to take out of context and turn into some kind of crime.

Lorena Escobar tried one of her ANGLES hinting, it is what I am doing at home? well ok? what am I doing at home that is so bad? The police and NSA have the resources for that, and if I actually did something wrong, I’d be arrested and gone to trial. So, I mean, am I building algorithms to shut down the world or something? Although with the resources being used on me, I am sure they know I was horrible at computer science, and so I did a split major with art for computer animation. And their is no doubt everyone knows that I was in my professors office struggling with FORTRAN while everyone else went through it with no problem or couldn’t even stay in a calculus class after the first day because the professor said I have to take Algebra over. So, knowing that they know this, and they are still blasting the lies is very STRANGE!

or was it because I took a Criminology class in Southern Organ state college! HOW DARE IT! Now I think I am a cop!

I know ABSURD BULLSHIT! with obvious MOTIVE to rid me of the world by using every aspect of my life against me and given to the world.

Just what Mike Huntley said “We are using the system against you”

For example, they will go through every minuet, insignificant detail of my life out of context and turn each and everything into a crime and give it to the world. Like today at the office with the Spanish inquisition about an Ethernet cable plugged into a fax/printer. Working every angle known to man to turn it into some kind of crime. And to try to get some elaborate confession for a character attack. On something so insignificant no sane person would even think about then disseminate their lies world wide to literally turn the world against me in secret to mentally batter me to death.

Or George coming up to me today saying he has 1500 viruses on his computer and asking me to reinstall windows. When not only does he have 0 viruses. He had 6 apps. like weatherbug, driverupdater, etc. which he will then call viruses and try to tell the world I somehow did it to him. And then he starts working on the, theirs a virus on his Memory Stick, of course, my fault somehow. As I scan it in front of him showing their are no viruses. But he tries to say these things in front of everyone else to get them mad at me. But like usual, the part where millions are invested to give to the world, just you know. Doesn’t quite seem to add up on the. This is NORMAL information flow part, where random people in every other country wants me dead because some guy says their is a virus on his memory stick. And of course no one world wide thinks this is ODD! it is somehow normal, and I am too sensitive, according to Lorena Escobar, my fathers office manager.

That’s just an example of how every single day I am accused of crime after crime based on complete insignificance to try to make me look crazy while the masses world wide attack me in an endless RAGE over nothing at all, showing that they really have MOTIVE and ill intent.

You didn’t park straight, you committed a crime. You wore a green shirt, you committed a crime, You broke up with a girl, you are guilty of something, etc.

So what is it they are afraid of? well, we’ve all seen the SCHITZO scam. You think you are Mike Tyson, You think you are the devil, you think you are yellow and blue blocks, going through every work of art I’ve even made with a new accusation to the world. But not only do their stories change like the wind, then it goes to paranoia, then obsession, then stalker, then thief, then hacker, then think differently, etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc etc,etc,etc

And the Billions of art created daily world wide, from body mutilations, fantasy, characters, political statements, you name it. This is UNHEARD OF! Nobuddy world wide is having this problem from their artwork, or every insignificant details of their life being used against them.

ok, so wait? I mean which one is it? sound a little ABSURD yet?

Bottom line, like all their endless ACCUSATIONS, and labeling, it still does not JUSTIFY their ACTIONS. If someone is schitzo, it still does not justify a murder campaign! And Schitzo’s aren’t normally hunted, unless they are some fictional character in a movie who is a schitzo murderer.

And most schitzo’s are harmless anyways. Even though I am not a schitzo and maybe my family, police and government have to try to turn me into a schitzo say they can cover up their ENDLESS crimes against me and say “See, we told you so”

Which shows that it’s just a lame EXCUSE to justify their actions. I am sure their are tons of schitzo’s or people with mental illness and they are not hunted by the world! I mean how many people have I seen walking down the street talking to themselves in my life, and I have never seen one hunted by world wide campaigns with people saying “WE ARE AFRAID OF HIM”

But of course, no one is afraid of my brother who bashes people in the skull with crow bars, and tells you blood is thicker then water. Who goes on his RUNS with his road rage issues, or sends about 5 of his friends to befriend his little brother to rid him of the world. Says, You went to the same school as me, I will kill you for crimes of having similar likes. That is very STRANGE to me, that he has done nothing wrong. But the guy who his entire life shows that he is a pretty damn good person over and over is being hunted by a world wide campaign.

So AFRAID? well, just the next tactic in a long list of ways to rid me of the world, and make me look like I am a problem.

For more details on this endless, all day and night world wide murder operation to figure out how to remove me from society any way possible, go to



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