The Elita Golden State employee frame job

Posted: January 20, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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When Lorena Escobar hired me to work at Golden State, she obviously had plans for me. The same plans she had been working on with the rest of this mass group to remove me from society, with these endless frame jobs she was working on with these mass groups since early childhood, and my brothers friends as well.

While after this, telling everyone that I was copying Mike Huntley, because he did the more technical computer networking and IT at our company. Where now giving me a job where I basically did what he did, then using the Schitzo, crazy tactic, or he is somehow mocking Mike Huntley, despite the fact that she came to me knowing that I need money to eat, using this as another way of turning people against me in their smear operations.

One of the tactics was hiring me and of course, like most people who came in my life working on the, he’s hacking people and trying to make them mentally ill tactic. With other tactics of sending someone Named Debbie Groveman after me to have her call me, hire me to fix her sons computer, then sit me down telling me I should take over my fathers company, get rid of Lorena. STRANGE!

Obviously just another endless setup attempt to put me in a bad light. Well of course, my response to Debbie Groveman was, Why would I even want to pursue some company I have no future with. And not only would I do that to someone, but I have bigger and better plans for making money on my own projects with a future.

What would I get for taking control of a medical office for a doctor? once my father croaks, their is no more doctor. So what future would I have? and the fact they contacted everyone I tried to work with for my projects world wide sabotaging my ability to make a living is even stranger. So it’s we don’t want you here, or anywhere else as well. We want you dead and starving in the streets or out of society.

Apparently, like usual, the CORRECT response didn’t sit well with them. And so Lorena went around SMEARING my name to the world with more lies. Kevin thinks he’s the BOSS and is trying to take over the company. Hence why every where I go, people keep calling me BOSS angrily over and over with innuendos, but like usual, won’t address the issues, and I am imagining it. Just one of 1000’s of these lies to turn the world against me and EXTERMINATE me, with Lorena telling her employee Victoria “I am trying to Protect the company” Ummmmm yea right! Two weeks after Victoria told me this, she quit or was fired.

I am trying to Protect the company TRANSLATION: we don’t like Kevin, and we are going to EXTERMINATE him. People don’t protect companies with world wide psychological warfare campaigns to torture and kill someone since 10 years old. Also known as CRIMINAL DEFAMATION (basically the INTENT to rile the masses to kill someone). However they want to package what they are doing. And being around people who associated with the Menendez who blew away their parents, who wrote a book called, “How to kill someone and get away with it”,28804,1900368_1900369_1900305,00.html

Possibly why they put a bullet hole in my fathers 300e mercedes and pinned it on me, and told the world I tried to kill or scare my father. And of course, telling the world I am schitzo and conforming to others.

But whats even stranger about all these things being done to me, the world doesn’t want me speaking out about it! NOW THAT IS WEIRD! and shows MOTIVE and is a mass CONSPIRACY!

Not only that, but because at around the age 12 years old, I kissed a black girl and my family immediately started working on me with the paranoid schizophrenia tactics doing such things like bringing an old band called Devo in and playing “Whip it good” at sunny skies school, where I kissed her. Obviously hinting about Slavery which why when were were a little older bought us Bull Whips. They were trying to figure out ways to send me hidden messages to do things to her in hopes they could turn me into a paranoid schitzo, by sending me hidden messages. And hoping they could get me to do things so they could say I was crazy. Hence why people keep following me around singing and humming over and over, but won’t say anything direct, like usual.

After this, black communities hunted me my entire life, because the world was told I hate black people. But Ironically they were also told I am a racist, hate every race, and women as well which is strange and like usual, showing that my accusers, just keep jumping from lie to lie because they just want to end my existence. But makes sense when it is about turning a world against you in secret to remove me from society any way shape and form in such a way that looks like I was too sensitive to life and just couldn’t take it, and supposedly turned into a monster. Yaaaa Sure, okay then? Monster based on what? Where’s the factual evidence or even a direct accusation? hrmmmm. I’m such a bad guy, and people are afraid of me, so they can’t tell me my actual crime that justifies a secret world wide murder campaign.INTERESTING? yaaaaaaaa, these people aren’t as they called me SHADY? no, not at all. That is the pot calling the kettle black.

And what were Lorena’s words to me “Oh Kevin, You are just too sensative” you know, because psychological warfare campaign with mass groups following you from place to place trying to set you up, frame you, endlessly provoke you with passive aggressive terror tactics, all day and night 24/7, on every person you are in contact with, in secret world wide, is supposedly NORMAL? ummm, RIIIGHT!

Why are they doing this? my guess is that they don’t like the fact that I am open minded. Was born jewish, and have no problem mixing with all races, and different people from different cultures or social classes, and they want their Jewish boy to be with a nice Jewish girl who can control me with them. Dictate my life.

While I was born Jewish, I am more agnostic, because I believe that if someone wants to believe in a religion, they should really believe in it, rather then use it as a label and not believe in it or be forced to believe it. While for me, which religion is the right one? why is Judaism better then Christianity, or any other when their is no factual data and people can bicker over things with no factual references doesn’t make sense to me. Sure, I am jewish because I am born jewish. But I don’t follow the religion, showing that it is just a label or something I was born into. I don’t actually read or believe in the scriptures. Which I think one should do if they say they really do believe in it.

That’s like taking psychology 101, then claiming you are a psychologist.

I’d rather be with people who accept everyone and don’t alienate over things that really don’t matter. I am not saying religion, tradition or history or roots are not important. But what I am saying is that, in this era, I think especially in the U.S. where it was once coined “The melting pot” where all cultures and religions can get togethor, in an age where the world is now connected, that it is about all coming togethor with reality, factual data, and things that matter for the future. And world wide growing togethor united for the future of humanity, solving problems, and accomplishing things. Not obsessing on what once was. Or insignificant things that don’t matter.

Example, I think you are a sociopath who has never committed a crime, so we are going to kill you. Which is one of my family, police and government tactics used against me. Despite the fact I am far from a sociopath, it doesn’t really matter is no crime has been committed. Also, who goes around labeling and killing people for no reason? PSYCHOTICS!

But you know, if this was the world, then it wouldn’t last very long as the Human race would quickly go into extinction.

I guess my family is not about that. Instead to them it is about clicks,and power circles to control, and saying and doing whatever they need to, to get whatever they want. No matter what the cost, or even human life. And then Telling you who you have to be to be a  good person things like this.

For me, when it comes to my social environments, or the women I date, I don’t care what nationality, race, culture the women is. I base my relationship on things that matter like I always have.

Am I attracted to her?

Do I relate to her?

Can I trust her?

is she good for me?

Does she have the best intentions for me?

things like this that matter.

So, While growing up, my brother was out collecting my music and trying to take fragments of lyrics and band names out of context to give to the world as labels which I am sure I could go through someones music alone and every band or lyrics apply out of context in a lie and give it to the world. Why? just another psychological warfare tactic they came up with since my family is all about psychology. Weather it’s a primary or secondary degree. So they can control.

So now you understand how these people who target me work. They will take each insignificant detail that doesn’t matter, turn it into an elaborate crime. Example, girl on IRC. Kevin, can you send me your picture? me, Sure.”You sent me a virus”

WORLD! he sent me a virus we need to remove him from society, he’s a sociopath. Any rational person knows you cannot put a virus in a .jpg. But not only is it odd, the WORLD is told these things, But the actual facts are left out and a fictional story is created.

Why? probably because my family didn’t approve of me talking on IRC saying people are shady on the internet as a lame excuse for embracing the forefront of technology which now everyone known to man has a social network account, or a linked in account for business for things like this.

Was it wrong then but ok now? of course not! So the argument how I did something wrong doesn’t even apply especially when no one else in the early 90’s is having this problem. Especially like people named PARANOID, befriending me online and trying to make me paranoid. Especially with all  the psychopaths I met. Which are good people, but the target is the bad person. And of course then they will try to use one of my nicknames which I have had many from IRC, ICQ, CB Radios, and I am sure they have an elaborate, lie scam on each and every one. Just like every car I’ev bought, or Street I’ve lived on, etc.  But one seems to be Vertigo262. And they will say it is because I am somehow doing something because they just made up fiction about a screen name like every other insignificant aspect of my life. Of course obsessing on the Vertigo as well as the 262. Making up every lie and theory known to man. Then saying this is my fault because the world doesn’t know if they can trust me? well people generally don’t trust people they don’t know, or at least are have no reason to trust or distrust,, and I don’t see how the excuse of, We have a world wide SPY operation, We don’t trust you, and we have the Right to exterminate you, applies to any type of reality. And Never before in History, other then me has this happened on  this magnitude!

I don’t see why I have to be a trustable person, except to those who want to get to know me, and show they are trying to take part in my life, see who I am, and get to know who I am. And those who don’t trust me, have the freedoms to stay away from me, and live their own lives, which these people refuse to do.

It has happened in History such as people being accused of being witches and killed. Stoned to death, etc. But those are small towns.

To the point where Tom Farley pretends he has Vertigo and my father gives him a fake medication prescription to try to scare me into a confession with covert mental illness tactics and schitzofrenia tactic. (Also known as Street Theater) . Just another lie smear tactic to give to the world with no factual evidence of anything. But people that want me dead making up lies. Or telling me I have to confess to one of these endless accusations with false confessions.

Why do I need to give a false confession or they will never stop? so they can put me in jail for no reason? most likely, or just make me go crazy. I’m sure it’s just any way possible to rid me of the world.

So, after kissing this girl at Sunny Skies around the age of 12, and who knows what tactic is being used because the school was called “Sunny Skies” because they do this to me with all names. With obvious intent to create mental illness.

Just off the top of my head, there was the black girl told to practice with me on the wrestling team in High School at around 16, who quit, which the world was then told I did something to her. Maybe I beat her up? Maybe I am competing with her? Maybe it’s about winning? who knows. Because like usual, I am not allowed to know what is going on. But like usual, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED out of the norm. Just the next person targeting me, with a world wide campaign.

Then their was my brother going out on their RUNS, getting cars to chase then, then retaliating on them, and then pinning it on me. But while they were doing this, they seemed to be mad at me for going out being healthy, working out, and running. Which I find very strange that someone would be mad at someone for being healthy and active.

When going out on their RUNS, Andy would wear a confederate hat, and drive a mustang he called Norma. I never made the connection that they were trying to send me civil war references until maybe 38 years old.

After this to solidify what they were doing, I was around 14, and he and Darrin Moiselle with my family went on a cruise to the Bahamas, and all they would order was Kamikazes and B52’s to try to send me hidden messages about Pearl Harbor. Or WWII.

And of course, my brother buying me a Kershaw knife for no reason on the cruise and giving it to me, I am sure then telling everyone I am violent crazy and have a knife. Which I was drunk and cut my thumb on. Of course didn’t even need stitches.

So, the world is told I am crazy, racist, hate all races, etc.

Ok, so with this being given to the WORLD. Which is strange. And for no reason apparently. Because what possible reason would justify something like this unless at 10 years old I built a atomic bomb and places it in a football stadium, and killed like 100,000 people.

And I don’t think my Doogie Houser intellect would be capable of doing that, then or now. Especially with my calculus teacher in College telling me I need to retake Algebra to take the course. And so never even taking calculus.

So when Lorena Escobar hired me, they had an Employee named Elita who was black working for them. And she was extremely paranoid, and I was in the state of, I don’t know what is going on, but I am watching this mass group do these things to me, and things coming to light. And it wasn’t paranoia for me in respect to observing these things, but it was paranoia in respect to I have no clue what is going on and for some STRANGE reason, to this day, 16 years later, I am still told I am imaging it with obvious MOTIVE. But of course, watching people faces and reactions towards me was very strange because everyone was and is in an ANGRY RAGE for some reason at me. No matter how nice I was to them, and always have been. It’s weird to find out that, for example Tom Farley, known for 30 years was HUNTING me for 30 years. Paul Humphry, 20 years, Mike Huntley 25 years, Brian Longbotham, 15 years, I can go on and on. THAT IS ODD, STRANGE, DEMENTED! but like usual, I am supposedly the one with the problem for finding out.

Yet they REFUSE to tell me what is going on, or what it is about showing that it isn’t about anything. And if I actually did something, they would address the issues in direct sentences showing their MOTIVE and TRUE INTENTIONS.

And if I did anything this bad, the police have the resources to find out with NSA, and would arrest me and go to trial. But since we all know their is nothing I have done wrong, their is no arrests. Which shows their REAL INTENTIONS, and motive. We flagged you, now we will EXTERMINATE you. Like Pre Crime. We don’t trust you, so your dead or gone.

Afterall, in like 4th grade you softly bit a persons hand who came up behind you and scared you when putting their hand on your shoulder. There was no blood, no damage, not even pain. Just a really soft bite. Which is yes, WEIRD, but not so out there that these things from children don’t happen.

But you know, clearly I am like Caine Wise from Jupiter Ascending. And I tore someone throat out right? That is why they wrote that into his character is it not? or wait, I am not supposed to know that. Or maybe I am, but I am not allowed to say anything to anyone in the world or they will start Whistle at me hinting I am a whistle blower. Like they are somehow doing something for me to make me mentally ill, and keep me in isolation. Obviously started around 10 years old.


By the way, My cousins last name is Wise as well. So why would this been done in 80% of the media out there, then told I am imaging it. Or people saying they are doing this for me, but won’t acknowledge they know me? SIMPLE! to create Paranoid Schizophrenia!

Well, I can tell you that, I don’t trust many people, and you don’t see me doing these things. You see me out living my life and letting people who are good people in who want to be part of my life, better my life, etc, and if they don’t want to be part of my life, then moving on. But this is not how they are going to SMEAR me. Because for example, when I moved on from Julia Sophia Reynoso, and Jen Hess, just two examples, what did they do? The police sent the 4th person after me with the Strip Club Tactic! Rodie Morales, working with the police. “Kevin, Lets go to strip clubs” lets go to this one, lets go to that one. Until I got hooked and wanted to pursue my adult websites I had already started before this as well which they had problems with me building. Showing that this was also about sabotaging that as well. So, then it was the same old. You are HUNTING these people down! INTERESTING.

For more information on people like the Stripper Venice tricking me into going down to Bare Elegance in Downtown L.A. or the Manager of Spearmint Rhino tricking me to go the the L.A. Spearmint Rhino where Alexis amore was working at to make it look like I was stalking them as well, you can read

The SPACE tactic –

Especially with Mike HUNTLEY saying “Kevin, lets watch this motivational workout video” ,”Kevin, Lets go to Golds gym”, “Kevin, this is Rodie, he will sign us up” then Rodie Befriending me working with Mike Huntley! “I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

While Rodie was probably involved in 100’s of frame jobs. The Julia Sophia Reynoso, and Jen Hess, as well as Mila pretending to be a Latin when she is Italian. Saying she is Julia and I am stalking her. And won’t leaver her alone! YA OK!

This happened with Eric Christianson in Oregon 1991, Val Morzov in 1995, Tom Farley, 1999, Rodie Morales 2001.

And then it the old. Well it’s your fault because you went to strip clubs! YA RIGHT! Strip Clubs are LEGAL, and I can guarantee you this isn’t happening to anyone who has been going to strip clubs, or the REGULARS, the chicks want so badly! Yaaaaaaaaaaaa ummmm, OK! Right,

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”


So at the time, I was thinking Elita was being targeted like the office employees were doing to me me. Maybe because they had a problem with black people, and they had a problem with me not having a problem with black people, and even kissing one at 12. I mean who obsesses for 45 years on some guy who kissed a black girl at 12 anyways? INTERESTING! Like it even matters! Or me showing that I would have no problem being with a black girl I was attracted too.

Of course, Tom Farley later on meets a Black Girl named HOPE, for his cover ups saying I am schitzo and copying him. Except he is 32 or something, and I was 12. But you know, it’s important to leave these things out 🙂

But being that there probably have been about 15 women who have claimed I have hacked them and tried to make them mentally ill alone, or 1000’s of women in my life working these same types of ANGLES over the years since 14. It is obvious, Just like Lynn Junkin, Val in our office, Tatiana Dobkins, Patti Googin, Jenn Hess, Julia Sophia Reynoso, Skyler (Stephanie), Victoria Walker, and endless others making up claiming I am trying to “Skull Fuck” them and make them mentally ill. It is blatantly obvious that these women are being told to just cry wolf, just like the endless women since 14 years old to figure out ways to remove me from society for some reason.

And where does this skull fucking come from? my mother mad about her making me draw a tree to analyze over at like 1o years old  or so because she was a Art Therapist! whatever that is. If it’s even legit.



To understand their cry wolf passive aggressive setup tactics with almost everyoen who I have been associated with.

And my joking around with her making a tree without leaves, and I think a skull in the hole or something. As if it’s ok to even Analyze your son. It’s completely UNETHICAL to begin with. And the fact that she can’t take a simple joke or say anything. Yet my other Horrific crimes are one single argument with her in 29 years at the age 14, saying “Fuck you, who cares what people think” which is somehow the end all be all of crimes! Your crazy, Your a sociapath, you think differently, you need to be removed from society. Or maybe even. You said “Fuck You” to me, so she needs to rid me of the world for wronging her.

Non of it even adds up. How many kids a day world wide probably say “Fuck You” to their parents. Probably a shitload. And I can assure you. it’s “Go to your room, don’t speak that way to me”  ok done!

So just like all the other women, Elita was obviously pretending to be paranoid to say that I was doing it to her, and I hate black people. Probably even given a huge juicy raise!

You know

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

Black people must be a danger to the company I guess. And who better to pin it on, then Kevin. Like which has been done to me my entire life and put in their so called LAUNDRY LIST of BULLSHIT given to the world in secret.

But not only this, it seem to link back with their psychological warfare tactics that about Lynn Junkin, a 16 year old from IRC claiming, that I am hacking her and trying to make her mentally ill working with my brother friend Mike Wexler who my brother introduced me to, to try to get lock picking and hacking confessions while trying to set me up and give me disinformation saying that 16 year olds are legal in Colorado.

First, to cover my ass, which I really shouldn’t have too, it’s not like I was just talking to 16 year olds. These were group chats, and parties with lots of people getting togethor of all ages at peoples houses. And so, like normal, you associate with all the people in the group. Example, you don’t walk around a party talking to people, and then you see a 16 year old and say “Don’t talk to me, your 16” Your just not going to try to pursue a relationship of sexual nature is all. But of course, that is not how my life is being PACKAGED to the world like usual. Because if this was the case, you would not be allowed to talk to your kids. And like usual, once again WHY IS IT BEING TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT AND PACKAGED TO THE WORLD?

But not only this, when I met Lynn Junkin at an IRC party, she brought the movie Hackers, was working on me about some stolen laptop, and using the movie Hackers to either try to flip me out or a hacking confession. And one of the big things in it was the Hacker saying “You are ELITE” labeling the best Hackers obviously.

Just like my father basically sent his black Limo Driver Dion after me in some angry rage about something. As if I wronged Dion because my father would run around calling him a Criminal, and it is somehow my fault. But, we are talking about someone on payroll!

So, Elita, ElITE. Normally, you would say that is crazy to make a connection like this, and I would agree because finding out that my family, friends government were data mining every aspect of my life, and trying to connect the dots, like in 1999 said “hey you” to someone, and in 2001  I said “Hey” to someone, and so I have a problem because I said Hey too many times. Or keeping track of things like all my conversations and wherever I go or park all seem to be collected and applying this to that saying I have some kind of problem is beyond any level of INSANE! What they call their SPY GAME tactic. To Data Mine my life, and have strangers all day and night send me hidden messages, I know you did this, I know you did that, I know you went here, I know what you are thinking, etc. To have people send me hidden messages all day and night to create mental illness.

but, because they are in an ANGRY RAGE about something at 10 years old. And of course, the more they do these things to me all day and night, it changes my thought process, and they know this. Which means their INTENT is to create mental illness. Especially if they have Psychology degrees. Something I do not have, except a required college 101 course. Of course, after 35 years all day and night, then they try to say. SEE, I TOLD YOU SO! after the fact of INTENTIONALLY creating my problems for me, then trying to punish me for them doing their horrific acts to begin with.

Then they try to do these things to REVENGE me endlessly all day and night saying I can’t see myself as a scam or ANGLE to make it look like removing me from society is somehow ok. Of course then saying I have to change. Which doesn’t make sense because not only can they tell me what the problem is to change, but if I change, I will be a Pathological lying Paranoid Psychotic like them.

And this I refuse, no matter what the cost of my life is. Of course when put in the position I have to defend myself, they will say. “See, told you so” leaving out the big picture in their frame jobs, just like every other detail of my life.

So all I can really recall, is me being attacked from an office the very first minute hired, as well as the world working on me, which was and still is confusing. And Elita playing paranoid, then the WORLD is told I am doing it to her like the endless other people my entire life which is stranger trying to play it off as it’s your personality! YAAAAAAAAAAA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uh huh.

Like Val asking me to fix her home/work computer or login with logmein, then tell the world I have her IP address, so I am clearly doing these things to her for merely doing my job.

Of course they will play every ANGLE. well you blurred the lines, now you are being punished. But of course in REAL LIFE, most lines are blurred. Unless your an Anal Retentive square who accomplishing nothing in life.

Of course, any rational person knows, that an IP address is equivalent to your house address. And if I give you my house address to send me a letter, clearly you didn’t break down the door and enter the house.

Meaning, if you have someones IP address. You still would have to get passed the router, or firewall. The door “IS NOT OPEN” as they tried to use this tactic on me. To justify their mental illness tactics to end my life and turn the world against me. With my brother sending Mike Wexler after me in Colorado.

And of course George Escobar will spew bullshit with them that by knowing an IP address is a crime. Ok, so my firewall logs every IP that touches my network. Work, or home. So am I HACKING all these people? have I committed crimes against them all for knowing their IP’s touched my network? There is no doubt they will probably say this is the case.

At any point you hack past that, it would then be considered a violation. But of course, I am this ELITE hacker right? because in college, I made a choice to get back into computers from my childhood, which I learned on my brothers computer which he was the Nerd, and I was more the jock car guy. with his WARRIORS CASTLE BBS, and such. OK, wait, Now I am playing schitzo for wronging my brother for having common interests of him or 70% of the world.

Just like Val in the office suggestively claims I wronged her for going to coffee places, because she likes coffee! well guess what! 90% of this world likes and drinks coffee in the morning. So statistically I have wronged 90% of anyone in contact for drinking coffee! and I deserve to be killed! UMMM, YES! this is their RATIONAL! but of course, only applies to me! So I must be stalking Val right? some psycho loony I know absolutly nothing about except she is in our office, and I did my job for her, but, I kinda blurred the lines! How dare I help them be efficient, speed up work flow, and get employees working from home better so the company can make more money. I am clearly crazy and backwards. YUP! that is completely UNPROFESSIONAL!

Or at least in a boat anchor company of Moronic Righteous Murdering Retards

And so in College, Learning HTML, Photoshop, 3D Studio, Web Design, experimented with some simple telnet when that was what the Internet was, and some IRC.

So your telling me I hacked peoples computers with Photoshop and 3D Studio? I didn’t even get into the technical networking aspect until after starting the company Mike Huntley contacted me around 24, him wanting to start for 6 years while he targeted me for EXTERMINATION. And clearly Mikes lies start around 14, so if I am this horrible monster, why did Mike want to start a company with me? Clearly my fault, I think differently for trusting my friends. Of course that’s not what they will tell you to JUSTIFY their actions.

Or was it when I logged into the Southern Oregon State school systems white pages from Colorado, looking up Kelly Hatch’s phone number, and even telling her that is how I got her number! Was this my Elite Hack! Because last I heard, weather you pull out the paper white pages and look up a phone number, or it is the Begining Days of the Internet. pulling up a phone number in a public white pages directory and calling someone. Doesn’t seem so bad to me. But then I am a Crazy Violator YES? How dare I look up a public phone number in a public internet directory and call someone! WHY WOULD THIS EVEN BE GIVEN TO THE WORLD AS A HACKING CRIME, and why would anyone remotely care!

That is basically saying, If you call a girl more then one time in a row, you are a stlking murderer and need to be hunted and killed with world wide support in secret! IT’S ABSURD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! showing MOTIVE!

So like usual, their is no actual FACTUAL data for any of this defamation, slander, Intentional Lies given to the world to rile the masses against me in CRIMINAL DEFAMATION.

And the fact that I am told I am  imagining what is going on world wide is even stranger showing that the WORLD doesn’t want the obvious truth out there which shows it is about being HUNTED and EXTERMINATION since 10 years old with World Wide support.

So at one point, I believe Elita came to me and asked me to password protect her word files because the other employees were trying to make her mentally ill and since I knew they were doing it to me, I helped her. Of course then it was problably, look what Kevin did to me right?

Eventually, she quit, and Patti Googin said to me at one point. Elita quit,and she is a much happier person now. But the way she said it, she was basically threatening me.

Basically saying, You had better leave too, or will will never stop, and will kill you. But of course, it is world wide. And so it does not matter where I work or go. It has gone on from place to place, job to job since 10 years old.

16 woodland hills and City

16 years old, STAR auto haus Mercedes

Southern Oregon State College and the City

University of Colorado and the City

1997 Modern Video Film with Brian Longbotham

1999 A thousand oak animation company with Rob Roy Mcgregor

Signet with Mike Huntley

Golden State Sports Medical

All the same psychological warfare and mental illness tactics every state and job.

then in 1994 using the Internet for a WORLD WIDE mental illness operations and world wide torture tools built around me.

The girl who was hired when I was about 16 years old, Patti Googin, I made several drawings for which she was using against me, and music as well I listened too, working every angle and tactic working with them to figure out ways to remove me from society.

This along with my father getting mad at me for building and buying a Blown Hemi Engine, and working my ass off in the file room to make the money to buy it showing that I would work my ass off for my dreams to be rewarded with my father telling the world I stole 10k from him to buy the engine to frame me for something that any decent rational, good moral family would be EXTREMELY PROUD OF! of course with lame excuses that I was out of control to cover up what they were doing,

So while I basically never had any conversations with Elita, I am sure they probably pitched their lies some what like they always do. I flipped out, broke, hate women, and did these horrible things to her like everyone else right? Of course really to dictate my life, and sent Jailers like Adrianna Olivarez to dictate my life. Errrrr, I mean to be my wife and have kids if she wants them. Obviously I have no say in the matter, or the world is told I am a stalker.

Like usual, I was the nicest person to Elita and everyone else in my life, And you can’t count reacting to their attacks as not being a nice person, Although I, like usual was completely professional, basically had no contact with her except password protecting a file which supposedly they were changing things in to make her mentally ill. Which was really just another endless frame job directed at me to give to the world.

But when you are being HUNTED by a world wide campaign trying to kill you, who are you going to tell about Elita being stalked or yourself when no one will help you, tell you what is going on? Can’t tell Lorena, the office manager, hired me to remove me from society who is working on you.

Who did I contact in my situation?

Multiple Private investigators



Everyone Around me who I thought were my friends

Not only would not one be honest and help me, but they all took my money and did whatever it took to cover it up, or try to frame me or set me up more while mentally battering me to death with mental illness tactics.

Can’t really tell the Police, although I tried over and over to be shit on with suggestive messages I better be quiet, they are data mining my life with the government on endless setups, frame jobs, cry wolf tactics with world wide support. Don’t even know who is honest or truthful, because each and every person in your life is working on you and not one person world wide thinks what is going on is wrong. Showing that no matter what happens, the outcome is always going to be the same not matter if you were beyond any level of PERFECT. No matter how kind, generous, giving, caring, honest, do the right thing, I be or do. The outcome, just like the Jews in a concentration camp will be death.

Of course they then will try to pitch that it is me, my fault, I have no morals, it’s how I deal with IMPOSSIBLE situations where no matter what I do, they will always make sure that I am the bad guy, since they have world wide resources, and everyone against me. The ultimate thugging and bullying most likely because my brother wanted to coverup his thugging and bullying from early childhood.

And if you want to analyze the situation and profiles about these types of people. Last time I checked, honest people don’t send people after people to set them up or frame them, especially endlessly, over and over for 35 years. NO MATTER WHAT! if you do that, you are not an HONEST person.

No one in their right mind would INTENTIONALLY do something like this, then say things like my mother said to me “You have a problem too” they are creating the problems. And good people do not create problems for others, they accept them and let them live their lives. And if they don’t accept them, they stay away from them. And of course, then spew BULLSHIT that it is my fault, I can’t see myself.

Of course, after this, My family Hires a black X-ray tech named Brandon  ON PAYROLL, they are working with for the next REVENGE from their all day and night 35 years of Lies, Defamation, Slander World wide to rid me of the world and COVER UPS.

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

And Brandon seems to be working with a lot of Coffee Shop employees like the rest of them, and having Black people follow me into coffee shops, as well as the black employees working on me with these revenge tactics.

Black people following me from place to place, Black groups egging me on the way home from Starbucks on my bike, Black groups tying to LEVERAGE my Tyson Picture as if I have done something wrong. Paranoid schizophrenia Tactics like Everton the Black Boxer with the Asian wife Befriending me at the pool hall to hint about my Tyson Fighting Katana picture and try to make me crazy because they don’t like me playing pool. Because you know, playing pool, and refusing to play for money 99.9% of the time is shady right? ya ok. Maybe if you watch “The Color of money” or something.

Lorena Escobar “I am trying to protect the company”

But the Revenge accusations in what they hinted is their LAUNDRY LIST to clean me up of things I did not do, until I change. TRANSLATION: we will torture you until you are dead for no reason, even though there isn’t a reason to justify it ever.

So this is just one of and endless women and people sent after me to end my life, but this will help you understand what is going on and being done to me to end my life any way shape or form possible.

For more information about this mass allday and night world wide targeting since 10 years old, you can go to


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