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Around the age of 29, Trying to understand remotely what was going on. I heard a lot of disinformation about CONTROL, for CONTROL purposes.

I heard things like, From my mother, “You can’t control the surroundings around you”

From Tom Farley, “You can’t control people”

Things that I could not comprehend where they were coming from. But the more I found out what was going on, the more I realized that they were babbling so much about control, because they wanted to control me.

I totally agree with things like, You can’t control people, or you can’t control your surroundings.

Example, If I meet someone, and I didn’t relate, or feel like investing my time with them, I just move on to ones that are compatible. Unfortunately, in my life, people are given terror tactics to do to me, and it just goes from one to the next since 10 years old until they can try to make me look like a bad person to give to the world in secret and use against me so they can say things like. He has the option to choose people or places that are non abusive, but he goes back to them. Which is not true. For example, I will go  from person to person, and each one at the end of abusing me as I say I don’t need any part of this will say, suggestively, from one to the next “Translation, Have a good one” meaning that. They are just going to do this my entire life over and over to try to get me angrier and angrier, which has gone on, from every person I’ve associated with since 10 years old, in some covert subliminal, psychological warfare tactic or another showing their real INTENTIONS of endlessly trying to set me up and remove me from society.

And as far as things like society, public opinion, etc, that is all within reason and the reality of the context and if that context is legit. For example, I am an artist, and this will apply to all artists. I think I’ve only sold one of my photos. And I love creating art. And I would love to make money with my art.

But the reality is, People can see my Art on my websites or where I post them. And so, they have already seen my art, or they could just download it off my website. Of course, I watermark it so that if passed around, they know who created it. And my name. Accepting that, we have to deal with how things are.

This also applies to things like Music, Media, etc. How many times has your friend bought a CD, or MP3’s then shared them with their friends. This happens every day of our lives. And if people in the entertainment industry were hacking into these peoples computers saying you committed a crime. it would be them committing the crimes. Especially with the internet, and all the endless sites which download and stream, media. Tons of copyrighted material on Youtube, and endless other sites. And there is no way to control that type of thing and make the world a perfect place. Which is why Artists accept this reality, and deal with how it is. Making money with it, but also realizing, that they cannot control the world and make things absolute. Unless they are insane.

The reality is that in this CONTEXT, or situation, when it comes to creating art for the world to see, sell, or given out to the world, Some will buy it, and some will end up seeing it for free. And their is no way to control this in a perfect fashion.

And anyone getting into the content creation arena, and giving it out to the world will be in this situation and have to accept that, that is how it is. And honestly, pretty much everyone knows this before even getting into it, so anyone that can’t understand this is pretty much a nut job, or a sue happy loony that doesn’t want to work for a living. And I having the same problems as everyone else when trying to make money with my work.

And yes, these are situations which cannot be controlled, and people have to accept situations like this, just as I always have.

But lets talk about my situation and how it is being INTENTIONALLY twisted, contorted with disinformation to me, and trying to make me think that I have to accept what is being done to my life, and I am somehow a bad person.

Around the age of 29, Tom Farley, A person who was told to befriend me, I am guessing, at around the age of 8 or something, and worked on me my entire life to remove me from society started spouting to me around the age of 29, “You can’t control people” This is a person who followed me from place to place making up every lie known to man, as well as setup attempts. He followed me to Yankee Doodles Pool Hall, telling the waitresses, I harass women. At one point, they even had a girl come in and flirt with me. And when I asked her out. She said she wasn’t interested. Tom then told me I should harass her, which sounded strange. And she came in again flirting with me. Of course, I did not harass her, like usual. But when this type of person is hunting you. They will do whatever it takes to try to destroy you. And so to cover up their lies and setups, they would say I harassed her. Like the endless women my entire life working the same angles.

Rodie Morales, another person working with Mike Huntley, involved in endless set up attempts and frame jobs also started telling me I am like John Nash, in a Beautiful mind.

Talking how about everything was an equation to me or something. It was very strange because the more I begin to find out, the more I was finding that my family and friends were doing whatever it took to control me and dictate my life. And when they didn’t get their way, Or I began to find things out, it wasn’t about their controlling, manipulating, covert secret dictatorship, it was turned around on me that I can’t control people for starting to find out things weren’t right or being done to me, and wondering, or even thinking about what the hell was going on with my life.

You need to move on and not think about it, OR ELSE!

My mother would start using her psychology degree saying things like, You started to get paranoid, and you need to do this or that. One of course was medication, but the problem was. That while I was finding things out, and completely freaked out. It wasn’t normal circumstances where, someone gets sick, and does what it takes to get better. The sicker they made me. The more they worked on me with world wide support. And then of course tried to convince me that it was me who had a problem in some kind of brainwashing scheme.

Not only that, but all the psychologists, and Psychiatrists were working on me with every tactic known to man. And when trying to tell them what was going on, they would work with the communities to try to thug or terrorize me quiet. Which is strange, because I thought they wanted me to be healthy and have a good life?

I noticed mass groups were following me all day and night world wide, or knew me, wherever I was attacking me. Example, Whatever city I was in Worldwide, people who saw me would start whistling. Basically suggesting I was a whistle blower for finding out I was a target and being hunted with world wide support. When I would tell someone what was going on, the person next to me or behind me would, and still does, start whistling as if I’ve done something wrong for finding out what is going on, which is very odd.

If I go to any coffeeshop in the world, and started to pull my eyebrows, which I have trichotillomania(hair pulling habit) some random stranger would start whistling.

Then of course, I would be told I was imagining, these all day and night things world wide from something like 70% of the population. Of course to help me right? ya ok, sure. To help me have paranoia, and put me into the ground which is obvious!

At the same time, we have Mike Huntley my 6 year business partner, who had befriended me around the age 14, around the time I said “Fuck You, who cares what people think” to my mother. My one and only argument with her from the age 0 – 29.

And I was confused, in a paranoid state watching these freaky enraged behaviors by millions. As well as realizing things from my past that I had never noticed because most people aren’t looking for the friends they trust trying to set them up or frame them. Especially over and over endlessly from one person to the next. And he was spouting things like.

“We are using the system against you”

“I have given you enough rope to hang yourself with”

“You had better life a careful life”

“You are too out of control for California”

Walking around the office singing “World of paranoia”

Putting papers on my desk about South Korean government making people mentally ill to control them

And while completely confused. Because it’s like the person who spent their lives traveling the world and helping give to 3rd world countries (I won’t say I was that giving, but you get the emotion) is then being called a ruthless murderer and hunted with world wide support.

So, the guy who befriends me for 25 years to HUNT me down and dictate my life, with all my other friends, family, police, and government, is then saying with this group “You can’t control people”

But isn’t the act of befriending me, investing their entire lives on me, Mike Huntley 25 years, Tom Farley, 30 years, Paul Humphrey 20 years, all the others, to tell me what I can and can’t do. And we are not talking legal, or illegal. We are talking, what they want. Example, You committed a crime, You play pool, and pool is shady. Or you got into Adult websites, and that is unacceptable, that is a crime. You asked out a stripper that is a crime, you had a triangle relationship because you were friends with a girl who was married, you committed a crime, You need to be punished with these terror tactics. TO CLEAN YOU UP! You were building a car with a big engine, We need to stop it before something happens. Pre-Crime, we need to clean you up.


Basically a secret TYRANT dictatorship, built around a person in secret with world wide support to violate every constitutional right, and torture with convert mental illness terror tactics when they disapprove of whatever they want or are in a bad mood with emotional level shocks. Pretty much like being put in a small cage and zapped with a cattle prod every 10 minutes of your life. While one of your office manager Elsie Sandovel, who was just the next girl making up a lie I hit her saying. “It is what it is” in a suggestive manor towards me. But on a mental level. For the crimes of, We don’t like your lifestyle, or we don’t approve of this or that, even though it is perfectly legal.

So, to sum it up, your jailers since 10 years old who have put you in a mental cage, and sabotaged every aspect of your life for 45 years. From friends, relationships, jobs, hobbies, telling you how long you can be at a public place. How much food you can eat. Are then telling you that you cannot control people.

Also, it should be noted that I have met several people trying to play the card of, I knew that these people were coming after me and accepted them to cover up what they were doing. I mean, that is pretty damn hard to swallow. That I like people hunting me down trying to kill me. And this hole thing is my fault for not noticing covert psychological warfare on the level of subtle hidden messages from movie to movie or people trying to reenact movies and flip me out. Cars parked in patterns at my house, or hidden messages on websites and such directed at me. Or even lookalikes coming into coffee shops. These are things that you not only would conceive is possible, but people world wide working togethor to do.

SOUND STRANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is because it is!

Also, these people have put me in the position where I have to document what is going on weather it be writing about their mental illness tactics, or taking pictures to prove it. Because their campaign to remove me from society is to do things to try to make me look crazy. For example, on my street alone, cars have been parked in patterns for 15 years almost every single day. So I am forced to take pictures to show the world, I am not crazy. Which now makes sense why they got so mad at me for simply taking a photography class in college. You wouldn’t want someone like me with a camera and being able to document mass mental illness tactics being done to end my life now would someone involved!

dsc02994 dsc03001 dsc03011 p1200129

Of course, then it’s. You took pictures of my car! right? so, not only is it a mental illness tactic by the masses, but then coverups, that I am doing this or that. How dare I! but like usual. What I am doing is legal, and what they are doing is not. Not only that. But I wouldn’t have to defend myself if they weren’t HUNTING me. And really, their is no excuse to justify hunting anyone down, especially in mass world wide groups.

This also happened because I went out for walks to try to be healthy. Followed to the park by mass groups every single time I was ever there for over 10 years. With clear and obvious intent to create mental illness and end my life. So their MOTIVE is clear. Especially now knowing it has gone on all day and night since 10 years old.

So call it what you will. I am being forced in a position where I have to defend myself. And their is no other option. And my defending myself is really very passive. But these people have left me no choice. They will not address the big picture and why they are doing what they are doing. And that is because they know, nothing they can say will justify their actions. So they will try to figure out any way possible to turn it around, and make me look like the problem. Which was well thought out the day they launched this campaign at 10 years old of how to cover it up, and keep it going.

This has to be one of the biggest CRIMES in the history of the world, once you understand all the specifics of all day and night terror operations since 10 years old.

Because this type of person will say and do whatever it takes to keep you controlled. And so saying I am controlling helps them get supporters with their campaign. Although, if someone came to me with this pitch to go after someone, I’d say get the hell away from me. But the reality of the situation is that they are controlling ones, and always have been controlling people in this world and this have never happened in the history of the world.

Especially where their is a world wide conspiracy with Internet based tool and world wide groups built around one person in SECRET. Probably even NSA resources used to give to the world. But since I am in the dark, and one seems concerned with this level of demented activities. They are only concerned if their is some kind of reaction to use against me. Showing their true MOTIVES.

So is their argument that I am soooooooo CONTROLLING that, I have the ability to take over the world? I mean with what weapon? Will I use my mental powers to control everyone’s mind world wide or squash their brains? Is it my elite hacking powers I am going to take over the world with. Despite the fact that even if I was an amazing hacker, I would think my claim to fame might be hacking into the pentagon or something, but it really couldn’t go much further then that. Plus I’d be arrested for it. Or maybe my artwork is so powerful that when people see it, they just loose all self control and turn into monsters with horns and it’s somehow my fault, lol.

So their very argument is ABSURD to begin with. Their really is no reason but to torture and rid of the world and say whatever needs to be said to accomplish this.

So the “Kevin is controlling” argument is really about stopping a defensive reaction to their campaign to rid me of the world. To have mass groups work on me all day and night until they can accomplish removing me from society, then say. Kevin is controlling, Kevin is too sensitive, Kevin is causing problems if he reacts and needs to be hunted more.

So they are trying to leverage themselves in a position where I can’t defend myself. Even if I pass cards out explaining my side of the story. They say I am causing problems and starting fires. But I can assure you, I waited from 29 – 38 to even pass out any cards, and I can assure you they kept hunting me and would not stop. And Guess what, after being FORCED to put up websites and pass out cards because no buddy is going to help me for some odd reason. Back to them saying, I am CONTROLLING and Causing problems. So now, the new one is, well, he’s passing out cards, he’s creating problems, obviously changing from excuse to excuse, everything but leave Kevin alone especially after desttroying 35 years of my life. He is controlling, and just be positive. But of course, I only pass out cards when I see their mass groups working on me. From the people waiting for me leaving their lights on, saying we are watching you. To the endless world wide cars parked backwards or crooked directed at me. It is usually me defending myself, and them now saying. Well, we don’t like you passing out cards.

They even go so far, people like Elsie Sandoval, one of our office managers, finding out I am passing out cards explaining what is going on. And her saying I am trying to Jam peoples windows with my cards. Because you know. Common sense doesn’t say that, someone being hunted by mass groups wants them to stop or them being told that non of what they have been told is true. Instead, I simply fabricated fictional stories about my life, and am pissing the world off for attention? ya, ok, sure! that makes sense! Especially when I am known world wide for some reason, and these people refuse to be honest, and address what is really going on, showing that they are the CONTROLLING ones, and I am simply wondering what the hell is going on since 29 years old.

Or maybe I am doing this to meet women? ya ok sure. Giving women cards that say, you are being hunted with a world wide campaign for extermination gets all the dates! lol. Because you know, women want to date guys being hunted by world wide campaigns in secret! Which is by any means absurd that I, or anyone would think that would somehow get women. Showing these people will say whatever they need to, to cover up the damages to what they did to my life. Showing how CONTROLLING, and demented they really are.

Any truthful, honest, Non controlling person would address the issues. And by issues, I mean the big picture and the whole ball of wax, and not try to collect reactions to use to say. “Look what you are doing” especially with 45 years of We are watching you, and you better be a perfect robot, or we will torture and kill you.

But of course, like my entire life, If I wasn’t being HUNTED and TARGETED with these covert terror tactics, I’d just be out living my life. And so I am being FORCED into a position. And then they try to silence me with every lie and terror tactic known to man.

Even at the age 29, after finding out what was going on, completely confused, and saying to myself, I am going to start my life over. I have some business Ideas, I am going to go to a Starbucks and right down my business plan outline. People started showing up attacking me because they thought I was taking notes of what they were doing.

But let me tell you, if you are being stalked by mass groups of people, and they have a problem with you taking notes about being hunted. Well, that is beyond any level of DEMENTED and CONTROLLING! why wouldn’t I be allowed to defend myself, even though I was focusing on starting over. But that gives you an Idea of what these people are doing. And how controlling they are, and showing you how it’s turned around on me.

You know. Shut up, take your meds, and do what we say, was the message these people gave me.

So lets talk a little about me, and my controlling childhood.

Around 16,  I got my license, and all the kids and Calabasas High were getting like brand new BMW’s and things like this. But I didn’t want a new car. I wanted a used car I could work on after reading a lot of Hot Rod magazines. And so I got an older used 85 Trans am, when I could have gotten a new car.

I did a lot of work on that, but at one point, I bought a Clunker, $300 69 firebird. And put an engine in it and drove it. This thing was a complete pile of shit, non restored, in a school in a rich area.

I drove this thing to school, and my friends jokingly called me Kid Taco!. Now, I want to talk about controlling personalities, because this should be pretty damn obvious to the HONEST. If I was controlling, I am sure I would have killed, or dissociated from the friends who called me Kid Taco. Yet I accepted them, just like I think Bucky, Brian Smith, accepted us for calling him Bucky. Yet he disappeared to Oregon and people seem to be mad at me about something about him, but yet won’t tell me what. Because we never had anything between us that I know of. Unless people are saying, well you called him Bucky, you are a horrible monster and need to be removed from society. And in my life, that unbelievably, is not so far off as hard as is to believe.

And if you are saying the nicknames are the end all, be all of cruelty, then Being called Kid Taco, is just as bad. But it really didn’t bother me, and I found it kind of funny.

Also, the act of driving around in a $300.00 firebird, with a red headliner, no carpet, bondo, and barely any paint shows that I am not concerned with wearing the perfect clothing to try to impress people, tell them I am a perfect person, and try to con anyone into anything.

So the notion that I am controlling seems to be the opposite of who I am. Which is strange why a label like that would be given to the world. Of course, then probably some lame crap that I am spitting at rich people next knowing my so called friends who need to just figure out what they can give to the world to use against me in secret.

Of course while  my brother was spying on me with his friends and telling me he had a bug in my room and listening to everything I do. As well as him and his friends wearing all black and spying on houses, his car license plates, you name it seems to be pinned on me for some reason.

Now what’s weird to me is that I was born with Learning disabilities. And while my brother would go out with his friends in High School, or parties in college and get all A’s without studying much. All I did was study and get a C average.

And for me, when I have to learn things, it takes longer then the normal person. But I always ACCEPTED that, which shows I am not controlling, I was not angry at the world, and pushed past it, with heart, drive, and passion. Coming up with new ideas and wanting the people around me involved. Showing I wasn’t who they say I was. And that these people had Ulterior Motives.

One Bullshit hint was that they are trying to center me. But I find this hard to believe, since it never stops and they have sabotaged my life on every level known to man so that I can’t really have anything in life.

And what is odd, is that Tom Farley, then makes up some lie about me given to the world. Which is odd, because this type of thing is said all the time, and no one cares. But in my case, it is used as some kind of psychological weapon, that I said “People are stupid”

Around the age of maybe 30 he said that I said this. I told him, no I didn’t and he said. Yes I did while world wide people play stupid while the endless masses try to EXTERMINATE me. As if it is somehow ok, and they are playing stupid and giving disinformation.

So after 29, Tom Telling me “You can’t control people” decides, he is going to pretend he needs a place to live. While, supposedly being kicked out of his family, and supposedly a speed addict with 2 hit n runs. But I have a feeling, like everything else, this was a scam to get me to feel bad for him and give him a place to stay. Because you, know, controlling people lend their friends hands like this for no money for maybe 4 months. My guess, he wanted to get in my house, and try to get some kind of dirt on me, or maybe figure out ways to sabotage my life get me to move, like the rest of them. Like what was done to me in Colorado with the squatter, then my family conveniently have Noah Schiller there to spy on me when needing a roommate.

the 2nd person I had done this for in my life. Daryl Oon in Colorado.

Also, Another controlling aspect of my personality, was when Tom was about to get canned from his fathers company, so I built him a SQL based web shopping cart because he was making a html page for every product. And so I saved him a huge amount of time by making it a database for him. And because he was my friend. The one who went around telling all his friends I was a tool, for giving him a place to stay and helping him out, for absolutely free, because we were supposedly friends.

But of course, when Tom is blasting to the world on their secret internet tools about what a horrible monster I am, these aspects of who I really am are completely left out to make it look like I am a scammer and con Artist. So of course, him running around with my family and friends saying I am building adult websites to meet women as well as my studio photography instead of the facts and truth because they wanted to CONTROL and dictate my life.

So, from the age 29 – 45 I have watched endless all day and night, 24/7 world wide all day and night mental illness attacks!

Every place I go in, in the world, mass groups come in provoking me. People wait outside my house trying to intimidate me in rotation, all day and night 24/7 and I have watched it for 16 years.

People waiting for me from place to place with covert mental illness tactics. Upwards of 10o,00 mental illness attacks per day. With world wide cars parked backwards, Crooked, hidden messages world wide in text on the Internet.

Blogs, Professional websites, social networks, etc. 80% of the people out there are putting in hidden messages directed at me to create mental illness.

Then of course, “You can’t control your environment” you need to accept it! Well, I can tell you that, Mass torture, psychological warfare campaigns to EXTERMINATE you, need to be STOPPED!

Especially started at the age 10 – 45. That is like saying, the Jews need to accept Adolf Hitler killing them. After all, you can’t control people right?

And the fact that every aspect of my life is now destroyed, and it just keeps getting worse and worse, and I need to accept people making my crazy and putting me in a mental institution like my brother seems to want around the age 13 when he said to me.

We made one of our teachers mentally ill, and have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you are doing to try to turn me into a paranoid schizophrenic, and rid me of the world is ok somehow and I should accept it right?

Some poeple, and my family tried the medication scam. Like I should have taken the blue pill and accepted my circumstances as some kind of blackmail pill tactic. But that is a movie, and I can assure you that their is no pill for a world wide murder campaign. Unless I am a drooling zombie and feel and do nothing. But then, of course, it’s not about me having a good life now is it.

So obviously saying things like you can’t control your surroundings in the context of a world wide terror operation is kind of like disinformation that Adolf Hitler would give to the Jews saying that going to the showers is to keep them clean so they can have a good life. And just accept it!
So obviously saying things like you can’t control your surroundings in the context of a world wide terror operation is kind of like disinformation that Adolf Hitler would give to the Jews saying that going to the showers is to keep them clean so they can have a good life.
For more information on the specifics of what is being done to my life to remove me from society you can go to:


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