Brian Longbotham and Rick Caruso frame job

Posted: January 27, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While in College, and was getting into 3D animation and working on my BFA with a combination of computer science/fine arts.

One of the people sent after me was a man named Brian Longbotham. While these seems to stem from my family, police, governments inability to think like rational people.

Somehow Kelly Hatch telling me she was at Industrial Light and Magic and saw how the Terminator was made, equates to me stalking or competing with her. Especially when she was taking classes for theater set design, which really has no relevance to anything with computers and art.

But in my life, things with absolotly no connection, merit, facts, or even close to drama are collected, taken out of contect, turned into complete fiction, and given to the world to turn against me in a secret world wide mobbing to remove me from society since 10 years old.

So after this, upon, telling my mother who seems to fit the paranoid psychotic, and pathological lying profile of my family, took it as some crime, while telling her I’d sweep the floors to get into the 3D industry and see what it was about.

At this point, She contacted a friend of the family who knew someone in a company called Modern Video Film where I went in for a job. Little did I know, Brian Longbotham, my Boss there was told to take part in a mass campaign to remove me from society since 10 years old.

While I didn’t really realize the things Brian was involved in, in Modern Video Film, such as telling I believe it was a Artist who did a lot of Rotoscope name Rick to move to another computer in another room because this one had 3D studio on it. And then telling the world I am trying to get rid of people and make them move.

Which seems strange to me, because for whatever reason, when the Boss tells you where to sit, you do. And that is his decision.

But what is odd about this, is people like Lorena Escobar, Connie Reya, in the Medical Office I work at now, have this insignificant information and are HUNTING me down with lame excuses like you think you are the boss, and trying to get rid of people.

Yet, the lengths they will go to disseminate this defamation, slander to the world as I am attacked all day and night 24/7 for things that people normally would look at someone else and say “Who Cares”

Showing the true motive which is they can’t seem to set me up, and get me to do what they want to give to the world so they have to resort to the only things they can collect to use against me.

Mike Huntley “We are using the system against you”

So, after doing some Interns at Modern Video Film, apparently Brian Longbotham was fired over some issue with credits, and he said their was some Breach of contract and sued them.

I was offered a poisiton at Modern Video Film for not much money, and most importantly, they didn’t want to invest in SGI equipment, and software which I felt was needed to move forward if I wanted to do what everyone was doing in the mainstream industry, instead of working on 3D Studio in Dos. And because this was a large company, I felt that if they were serious about me and them that they would want to use whatever everyone else was using.

While, this may sound a little picky, maybe it is, maybe it is not. But it is a decision I made, and I can’t imagine being hunted for a simple decision about ones future by world wide groups. It really does not make sense because people every day, make decisions whether then want to take, or not take jobs. And it is nothing anyone could remotely care about.

But of course, I am not sure if this was really true, I believe the fired,andsued was just staged to try to profile me somehow, because at this point, we became friends because I saw someone who had vision, and I had vision, and we became friends, although he was more my mentor. I figured we could both learn from each other. But he seemed more involved with destroying my life, and my guess is that, getting fired, and sueing them was all about getting close to me, to rid me of the world.

Unfortunately, he was sent after me, and I had no concept that this person wanted to remove me from society with the rest of this mass groups.

While Brian was involved in tons of elaborate frame jobs, and setup attempts, I will try to stick to the Rick Caruso one, and not talk about the paranoid schitzofrenia tactics he was using with TV Pilots, and Businesses he wanted to start.

At one point, After sueing Modern Video Film for a million as he said, moved to Thousand Oaks. On a street called Flaming Star. And my guess is that because they use streets to try tocreate mental illness, as well as go after me for every street I lived on, saying I am somehow doing something to people. I have a feeling this was somehow directed at me with all the other endless mental illness tactics to try to make me look crazy and remove me from society.

After Brian Moved to Thousand Oaks, california, he approached me telling me that he was working with the city of thousand oaks, and the civic center and wanted to Bring in a demo $500,000 SGI Onyx into the center and mess around with some VR environments for the city. Kind of a, we get to mess around with technology, and they get the opportunity to see what we could do for them.

Obviously playing off my passions to reel me in, try to set me up and frame me. While in the end, the SGI, was too big of an investment for a non profit organization which ironically what can be done now on a $500.00 computer. Because this was before Nvidia came into the game.

One of Brians Scams was about a VR Environment about walking through the city of Thousand Oaks, which was a cool idea. Although, to have modeling build Thousand Oaks in 3D, and the hardware would not be viable, for a non profit.

As they flat out said, and that was it. While I was more interested in my future, And just wanted to learn, I believe, I might have said something stupid to one of the employees about it, but I can’t imagine a world wide murder campaign over it.

Brian I belieave was really working the ANGLE of walking through city’s because he wanted to try to frame me or give information to the world to try to make me look crazy, and this was just another one of their STREET THEATER, confession tactics.

While one of their big scams is that I somehow went after my brother by transferring to the same college after he graduated, and walked around the small town and to classes was somehow a crimes. As if going to the same school as someone and walking to classes is somehow crazy,  weird, out of control, etc. And not a packaged conspiracy to figure out ways to turn the world against me.

Hence sending Victoria WALKER and Micheal Bialys after me, obviously using the names for paranoid schitzo tactics. But that is for another blog

At one point with our VR demos, They had Mike HUNTLEY’s Brother come in pretending he did not know, and it was supposedly a coincidence. Most likely to get me thinking about Colorado. for that confession. Which does’t make any sense. But what does make sense is the amount of people my brother introduced me too, in Colorado, involved in trying to set me up or frame me. Showing this was a coverup. and a way to try to scare me quiet about their operations since 10 years old.

Can you imagine, Investing that kind of time, energy, diverting your life to end some young kids, like a child molester, targeting some young kid trying to make a future for himself.

Upon leaving the Thousand Oaks, Civic center realizing that the solution was not viable because they didn’t want to invest that kind of money, Which I do not blame them, I cannot imagine what Brian was pinning on me to cover it up.

But at this time while in Thousand Oaks, Brian was working on some ANGLE with Rick Caruso. A billionaire who owns properties all over. Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Encino. I have no clue how many I have been on because they are all over.,d.cGw

This is one of the frame jobs, I have not connected the dots, and pieced togethor. But I know enough about Brian, his endless setups, and frame jobs to turn the world against me and remove me from society with the rest of this masses since 10 years old. Especially with what I know about his endless things he is involved in doing to my life.

So at one point, for no reason, Brian wanted to go around talking about Rick Caruso’s Properties, and there is no doubt at the same time Rick Caruso was contacted saying something about me, like they have always done working both sides of the fence.

Because last week in Westlake, in a coffee shop one of the people was trying to press, intimadate, and scare me about Rick Caruso. So my guess is that Brian, like he did in the entertainment industry, adult industry, and Realestate. If focusing on contacting people with lots of money, and then turning them against me somehow with endless lies and smears. Like has been done to me since 10 years old.

Mike Huntley “We are using the system against you”

You know, piss everyone off,and turn them against me until I am dead or have to kill myself or check into a mental instition just like my brother said.

“We made a teacher mentally ill, and put her in a mental instition” “We have a bug in your room and are listening to everything you do”

So while I have no clue what was said to this Billionaire with lots of money about me, what I do know if that on his properties, as well as other properties. But his seem to be more relevant because the amount of abuse with the security guards knowing me for some reason.

Which seems to stem from my early childhood and my brother and friends, going on on their RUNS, which he seems to be mad at me for being healthy and running.

But his version of RUNS is, provoking people into chasing him, then retaliating on them. And then pinning it on me.

So one of the things they were doing was getting security guards to chase them. So oddly enough, for the last 30 years, security guards have been hunting me down, and of course, then will call me BRO, as an Innuendo, that I am my brother. But what is strange about this, is that if they know my brother is the one doing these things, then why are they coming after me?

Doesn’t make any sense, because what they are doing is Targeting me, then trying to make me think I am like my brother with some lame Schitzo tactic. Basically saying, we know you didn’t do anything, but we are hunting you anyways. A common tactic done to me by the masses my entire life to try to make me mentally ill and remove me from society.

Obviously having security guards, as well as everyone else, follow me from place to place trying to intimidate me since 10 years old, isn’t about anything but a COVER UP, and figuring out ways to intimidate me quiet about what I found out is going on. And the, I am doing this or that, like usual, is to get people help them keep me quiet.

Especially since the notion of, not HUNTING me with these terror operations since 10 years old, seems to be not part of their equation, showing their TRUE INTENTIONS!

These types of things are done to me all day and night, and then more people come after me to punish me for being attacked.

Hence, the Jen Hess’s, Julia Sophia’s, then endless people like this for 35 years, saying I somehow did this to them. Even though they are pretending anyways. Which is irrelevant to the entire situation needless to say.

So while Brian is taking me to Rick Caruso Properties, as well as sending security guards after me world wide to befriend me, try to destroy me, terrorize me, or try to intimidate me quiet. I can’t really put the pieces togethor on what is about.

My guess is it might actually have to do with my step father being into real estate, and then them saying I am somehow competing or going after Rick Caruso. Which is absurd because their is no relation at all. I mean I don’t have billions in real estate and and trying to take over his business. And everyone world wide knows this. Also, using the GUILT like I did something to Rick in Modern Video Film, by Brian telling Rick to change desks because only one computer had 3D Studio.

But also, the Fact that Lorena Escobar, Connie Reya, and others in our office seem to ask me to move, even though I didn’t care, but in such was to try to guilt me or get confessions hinting about Modern Video film. Maybe it’s just them trying to create obsession and create mental illness. Then say I have baggage, and need help, or am too sensitive. Because they’ve tried those tactics endlessly on me as well.

And if they didn’t all they have to do is look up my background, and any rational person can see who I am.

I have a feeling, Brian was probably trying to make me Paranoid, have me wander his properties, working with security. Like the VR city walkthroughs, typa thing, and then try to figure out ways to make me look crazy and remove me from society since it wasn’t just this one thing. It was endless things like working with Tia Lione, and Martin Sheen in Paparazzi setups to remove me from society.

Their is no doubt, that Brian probably also pinned bullshit on my that the reason he left, or got fired from Modern Video film was somehow my fault. But as far as I am concerned. I was hired, I did what I was told, and I moved on with my life to try to do bigger and better things.

And this is pretty insignificant, and now knowing Brian was working with Mike Huntley, with my brothers endless attempts to remove me from society. As well as doing the same types of things BRIAN weaver was told to do to me at 16 years old, is even stranger!

The endless setup attempts. frame jobs, mental illness tactics, Profiling, Exposing me to the world with endless lies, and then the “It is a public shaming” of things that aren’t even true, in what they call their LAUNDRY LIST.

Last month, one security guard tried to scare me out of the country saying that “3 Property owners are looking for me and I had better leave the country” “We are watching everything you are doing”

and this leave the country tactic has been used on me my entire life. From my mothers hints at 29 I had better leave the country.

To Adriana Olivarez telling me her brother go paranoid, and left the country, to Connie Reya saying her brother is too logical, and left the country, to Mike Huntley saying

“You are out of control for California”

And my guess is that they are trying to get me to leave the country so they can say, I flipped out, got paranoid, and am crazy to get rid of me.

Just like what my brother and family have endlessly been dong to me since 10 years old.

“We have a bug in your room, and are listening to everything you are doing”

Of course, it will always be turned around how this is somehow my fault. Because you know, being attracted to Christy Reynolds in middle school, and not being able to take my eyes off her is the exact same thing right? ya, ok sure!

I can tell you now, weather I couldn’t stop looking and being attracted at Christy Reynolds, or it never happened. This EXTERMINATION campaign was always going to take place.

Which is really, once you step back, all about EXTERMINATION! and nothing even has to really do with me, other then a fictional profile given to the world to turn against me and end my existance any way shape or form possible. In such a way that they can kill someone and get away with it. Just like the Melendez Book, I think Steven Ainbinder, my fathers X partners son was somehow associated with.

For more information on this campaign and targeting to remove me from society with world wide support since 10 years old.
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