Security trying to thug me quiet while writing the last blog about security and Rick Caruso properties

Posted: January 27, 2017 in Community Mobbing
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While simply leaving my house today, of committing a crime of going to a coffee shop and minding my own business.

Like usual, and every day of my life since 10 years old. I was met with about 30 cars in the lot with people just sitting in the lot waiting for me.

Of course their real CONCERN is that I might tell someone what is being done to my life. And that is pretty much it.

One seat left available to try to dictate where I sat. and one when person left from another seat, and I moved. People provoking me for simply making my own life decisions.

At one point, I went to my car to get a cigerette, and the security guy pulls up next to my car thinking he will intimidate me for writing about what is being done to my life with the security guards, working with my brother.

Right before leaving, the one black guy that seems to be sort of homeless, who has been following me from place to place, with Samuri scare tactics. Last week he wanted for me to go out and take walk where he told me, that he owed the government 40,000 for food stamps and wanted to know if I had an old phone for him. After I thought my battery was bad.

And today, came in for a minute pretending to be in a bad mood. Sat to the table to my right, then left. The imeediatly another black guy in Camouflage comes in, sits at same table. Doing their patterns of 2’s tactics to create mental illness and try to make me look crazy if I react. And of course using the scam that once in a while I might wear, green or green or black so therefore I hate people in the military according to my brothers wife, then it changes from I am schitzo and think I am in the military. But even if that were the case, people wouldn’t be following me from place to place all day and night hunting me down. Showing what is really going on.

When leaving the Starbucks, aside from several people coming in to provoke me, their was a security truck parked next to my car so I could not get in the driver door. Of course, it’s a security company as well. Showing that they are trying to scare or thug me like usual. Like since 10 years old. With their, We are watching you, tactics. Which started with my own brother telling me they put a bug in my room and are listening to everything I do, as I’ve been followed from palce to place for 35 years with every detail of my life datamined to use against me to create mental illness with their SPY GAME tactics.

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And of course a Lyft driver was waiting around trying to intimidate me with the rest of this group who waits for me and turns on their lights to try to intimidate me and let me know they are watching since 10 years old. Showing that these are always and have been PROVOKED situations. Especially with the, were watching you tactic, and I had better do what they say.


Now I am sure they will try to use their usual BULLSHIT, and say I am an ASSHOLE, because I didn’t park PERFECT in the spot, and it is a cheeseball parking job.

But the fact, WHICH THEY WILL LEAVE OUT! is that in this parking lot of like 10,000 spots. Like 9900, are available showing that he had 90% of the lot free to park where he wanted, and he choose to try to intimidate me, and thug me quiet for writing the blogs EXPOSING what they are and have been doing to me, all day and night since 10 years old. And of course everyone will LITERALLY get togethor world wide with agreement in SECRET, that Kevin is causing problems. As if anyone remotly could care less if someone didn’t park perfect to begin with in whatever context. Even though for me, it is being taken out of context.

dsc03679 dsc03687

So you can see how many CHOICES he had, before making the thugging one.

Of course it did not stop me from getting in my car and leaving, but you can see how they operate with these world wide groups all working togethor using internet based tools since 1994.

And before that, is was simpler technologies to do this.

Of course, like usual, I am the bad guy for wanting the freedoms everyone else has in this life. And the fact that they can’t even come up with a LEGIT excuse as to why this has been done to my life. Other then that I am speaking out. Which shows their real MOTIVES. To remove me from society, and try to IMMOBILIZE me to accomplish this. So I just die without saying anything.

Aside from that, on the way home, a man was waiting in his car for me, while other cars were turning on their lights when they saw me to provoke me. So when I passed out my cards, he gets out of his car yelling at me and following me. As if anyone gives a shit about things like flyers being passed out, or cards which are done every day of our lives.

He follows me yelling while his friends, pretending to be random people are waiting ahead of me. The one says, “Are you talking to me?” to the man. When the man approaches me, I tell him what I can and can’t do letting him know he had better back off. Then the group started working in on me with him.

Saying it is my fault for passing out cards. Showing that it is more important to not disturb the perfect world, then a man being hunted for extermination by world wide groups for 35 years who refuse to stop. TRANSLATION: We are playing stupid to get what we want. And what we want is Kevin dead or gone from the world.

So like usual, what was tonights crime? the same, watching mass groups hunt me down, with psychological warfare, terror, and mental illness tactics to end my life, then telling people what is going on. The same thing it has always been since 10 years old. The crime of, We are going to kill you, and you had better not say anything.

That was the point I should them that they did not scare me, and I will do what I have to, to get the truth out. And I don’t care if their were about 5 of them. They will never shut me up for what they are involved in and have done to my life. And will stop at nothing to COVER UP, and make it look like I am a problem.

A lot more happened tonight, like usual, but their is always too much to write about, and no one thinks this is wrong for some reason. So I am put into Isolation, and can only write so much.


today at around 2/11/2017 while talking a walk, the security guards, once again were waiting for me to take a walk to try to harass me, set me up, and try to dictate my life. They had one car parked on the sidewalk with a security guard in it watching me. Who notified the other oens when to come out of the gate by me when I was walking around the culdasac.

Whith their, if one foot touches the community driveway where people walk to go visit people. they will start harassing and provoking and threatening me. While at the same time, having cars parked backwards or crooked to try to get me on this community/ sort of private property. So not only will they follow me out every single day of my life. But if a foot goes an inch on this property they will start thratening me and provoking me.

which the act of waiting for me, over and over, following me every day, and having people park cars in such a way every day of my life to try to figure out how to set me up for some kind of breaking and entering scam which they have been working on me for childhood to set me up.

Because why would the security world wide care that some random guy just stepped out to take a walk, and this has gone on every day, with these corrupt security companies for 25 years trying to set me up with my brother.

While the one mexican person with a thin beard who thinks he can scare me quiet keeps calling me bitch. In his ANGER that the world is starting to know what is really going on with these people, especially these security companies HUNTING me since 9 years old who will make up any lame excuse to justify their actions.

Tonight realized that he could not SCARE me quiet about what they have done to my life. And finally broke as he actually tried to Mace me. Unfortunatly, I do not have his picture, as it would be here. For illegal activities, and trying to set people up because they cannot live in the same world as people they do not like. And will get security jobs to try to leverage themselves into HUNTING down the people they hate.

Their is also a girl at this complex, along with tons of other people, but this one young spoiled brat, princess girl who also just wants to control a man, working with these security guards, using her pickup to park backwards and crooked, along with her friends using their pickups with her.

She and her friends have threatened me several times because she does not want me living my life, or speaking about what has been done to it. The other day, sat around waiting for me to take a walk, started to tell me what I can and cannot do. Trying to thug, intimidate me, and set me up. And of course, when she didn’t get her way, y starting thit over and over.

She tried to call the police, crying like a little baby. What were some of her words to the police? “He was rude to me”

YES! I am rude to low life trash who targets me, tries to set me up, then tries to tell me what I can and can’t do. Especially when I try to tell her the problem. And she lies to my face, trying to leverage me into the position she wants me to be in. Instead of just living her own life, and destroying mine.

YES! that kind of trash does not deserve my respect, even though I am always the one giving it first, until you show me who you are. if I don’t like you, I will walk away. But if people like this start HUNTING me, because I am better then that, and they are low life moreless trash who want me dead and gone. Will, sure I will be rude!

But the fact that this low life trash princess girl tried calling the cops, especially after these mass groups to set me up. And all I really did wrong was pass out cards telling people, because they will not stop or leave me alone. now going on all day and night for 35 years with world wide support.

But whats even stranger about this SECURITY COMPANY at the METRO complex is the fact that they don’t wait inside the Metro complex waiting for something to happen and do their job. They go outside the complex going after people like me in the public out living my life. So each time they come after me. It’s not like I am breaking into their complex. I am out in public, living my life. And they come out saying, we are watching you, and you better not come in here. Showing that, they are not concerned with anything wrong happening. They are going after people like me out living their lives on public property and trying to get them to go into their properties.

But from the question of security? these people shouldn’t be policing the public streets. And using the EXCUSE, you might come in here as an excuse. He isn’t even on the property he’s suppose to be on, while they all keep driving around the public sidewalks in the golf carts trying to feel important by going after good people trying to live their lives.


They will probably try to make up some lame excuse to justify their actions, that I some how think I am a cop, by leaving my house and going places, taking walks, or living my life. But even if that was the case, it still would not justify their crimes of hunting me and destroying my name and life.

But the reality of the situation is that, this isn’t about princess brats, it’s about keeping me QUIET about what I know! And they will try to INTIMIDATE me to silance me.

The security guard who is targeting me, with others there works at the

Metro Complex

5500 Owensmouth Avenue
Woodland Hills, California 9136


For more information on this world wide extermination campaign since 10 years old you can go to:

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